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Collaborative Lab

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What is Collaborative Lab?

Our clients are working on innovative solutions that unlock the value of one of the biggest opportunities of our time - the collaborative economy. Collaborative Lab provides the thought leadership, disruptive thinking and tools to help them succeed.

  • - We provide global stimulus to help companies and governments clearly understand what is driving the collaborative economy and what is happening across sectors.
  • - We offer strategic advice to investors, entrepreneurs, business and governments who want to understand the viability of business models, the market landscape and specific challenges including regulation.
  • - We work with cities to develop integrated collaborative economy solutions into initiatives that can boost local entrepreneurship, increase resource efficiency and improve the life of residents.
  • - We identify ways for companies to deliver products, services and experiences that meet the growing needs in this space.

Our approach centers on the research and frameworks developed by Rachel Botsman, a world-renowned thought leader on the collaborative economy, and a global network of curators and industry experts across 30 countries.

Collaborative Lab's team combines deep expertise + creative thinking = bold, informed solutions.

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