The Scottish Government’s First Home Fund is a shared equity scheme that helps first-time home buyers purchase a property that meets their needs and is located in the area they want to live.

The scheme will provide you with up to £25,000 towards the purchase of a home and can be used for both new build and existing properties.

As this is a shared equity scheme, both you and the Scottish Government will hold an equity share in the property under a shared equity agreement.

The First Home Fund budget for 2021-22 is now fully committed and applications are closed.

Any applications in progress but not yet submitted at point of closure are unable to be processed.  As long as your application was submitted prior to the scheme closing and meets the scheme criteria this will be processed.

The LIFT and Help to Buy Shared Equity Schemes remain open, details of which are at and Shared equity Scotland | Link Group (

All pending applications have been assessed and we are now working on cases that require more information for all dates.

Actual settlement dates will be based on the published timescales subject to accurate information being submitted on time by your solicitor after approval.

We will do everything possible to ensure the smooth settlement of transactions.

The Scottish Government continues to support homebuyers and the housebuilding sector through existing schemes including Help to Buy (Scotland) and the Low-cost Initiative for First Time Buyers (LIFT).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply for the First Home Fund 2021-22 funding before the scheme re-opens?
I have decided against buying the property I was approved to buy with support from the First Home Fund: can I change the property or do I need to re-apply?
Will there be changes to scheme criteria for 2021-22 applications?
Can I apply to the First Home Fund after conclusion of missives?
What if conclusion of missives is delayed for my 2021-22 application?

Information for buyers 

The following lenders offer mortgages for the First Home Fund: 

  • Bank of Scotland 
  • Barclays 
  • Capital Credit Union 
  • Glasgow Credit Union 
  • Halifax 
  • Leeds Building Society 
  • The Mansfield Building Society 
  • Nationwide 
  • Scotwest Credit Union 
  • Scottish Building Society 
  • TSB 
  • Vida Homeloans 
  • Skipton 

Information for homebuying professionals 

After sales 

Link’s After Sales team provides a range of services and transactions for buyers who purchased their home through one of the Scottish Government’s shared equity schemes. Find out more.

More Information

More information on the First Home Fund and the eligibility requirements can be found on the Scottish Government website.

Contact the First Home Fund team on or 0330 303 0555.

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