• HURRICANE IDA directly impacts our operations.  How you can help:

    As many of you know, we run day-to-day operations out of a modest home office located just across the river from New Orleans in Marrero, LA. Over the weekend our area was severely impacted by Hurricane Ida. The entire metro area is currently without power & projected to remain so for at least 3 weeks, if not longer.  While our servers are housed in a secure facility in Atlanta, with plenty of redundancy, we continue to provide administrative & customer support from the impact zone and are only able to do so thanks to a portable generator, a private wifi hot spot and plenty of sweat, elbow grease and long hours, juggling unique business and personal challenges presented by the aftermath of this monster storm. 

    CLICK HERE to contribute whatever you feel is appropriate to support our ongoing efforts to provide a service we truly believe in  

    Your generosity at this critical & unprecedented time is greatly appreciated!


  • Link to New Board for those interested: Hurricane Ida Self-Help

    With several million people in Idas impact zone, we thought it would be a good idea to set up a self-help discussion board where affected residents can help each other by sharing practical information as well as personal stories from their own experience in dealing with Ida and its aftermath. 

  • In the aftermath of Hurricane Ida, Investor Village needs your help more than ever before. CLICK HERE to give what you can. Thanks in advance!

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