Nashville, the capitol of Tennessee, is nicknamed “Music City” for its role as a center of the music industry. Nashville is home to the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry, to name just a few of its music-related attractions. The city also boasts a large number of coin dealers. Whether you are interested in adding an elusive coin to your rare coin collection or buying gold bars for investment purposes, there are a number of Nashville coin dealers who can meet your needs.

Bullion Sales Tax in Nashville, TN

For sales tax information related to precious metals sales in Tennessee, please refer to our analysis located here.

Local Gold and Silver Dealers in Nashville, TN

Here are some of the top coin shops in Nashville:

Nashville Gold Market

Nashville Gold Market deals in gold, silver, jewelry, and coins. Their selection of coins focuses on gold and silver, including numismatic collectibles, as well as bullion. They buy and sell silver dollars, American Eagles, gold bars, and scrap gold, among other precious metal products. Nashville Gold Market is known for reasonable pricing whether buying or selling. They have been in business in the same location for more than three decades, and their showroom offers an expansive and ever-changing selection of precious metals.

(615) 352-2393
6304 Charlotte Pike
Nashville, TN 37209

First Cash TN

First Cash is a gold and silver dealer founded in 1999. This locally-owned dealer has 6 locations throughout the greater Nashville area. They deal in precious metals, such as gold and silver rounds, bars, and coins. First Cash is primarily interested in coins made of precious metals, rather than numismatic collectibles. They buy and sell Morgan and Peace silver dollars, both historic and modern gold and silver coins from around the world, and 90% silver pre-1964 U.S. coinage. Each transaction is calculated based on up-to-the-minute spot prices, reflecting the quickly changing market for precious metals. They also provide payday loans and bullion brokerage services.

(615) 208-5802
2548 Lebanon Pike
Nashville, TN 37209

Cashville Gold & Silver Buyers

Cashville Gold & Silver Buyers is a family-owned and operated gold and silver dealer with more than four decades of experience serving Nashville-area residents. They buy all forms of gold and silver, including jewelry, coins, bullion, flatware, and scrap gold. The coins they purchase are those with a gold, silver, or platinum content, rather than numismatic collectibles. Cashville is known for offering some of the highest prices in the Nashville area on bullion and precious metal coins. However, note that they do not sell coins or bullion through a retail storefront. As a Nashville institution, they regularly run a Treasure Hunt, giving out clues that lead to a ½ ounce gold coin hidden somewhere in the city.

(615) 297-1600
2500 8th Ave S
Nashville TN 37204

Nashville Coin Gallery

Nashville Coin Gallery specializes in gold and silver coins such as 40% and 90% silver US coinage, Silver Eagles, Morgan and Peace silver dollars, Gold Maple Leafs, and privately minted gold bars. Nashville Coin Gallery also buys coins, paper currency, historical memorabilia, scrap gold, and other collectibles.

Many of their products can be purchased directly from their website. They also offer automatic price alerts and an automated buying system. Customers paying via bank wire receive a 2% discount; those buying more than 50 ounces of the same product receive a price break.

500 Wilson Pike Circle, Ste. 227
Brentwood, TN 37027
(615) 764-0331

Thank you for reading our guide to gold and silver buying in Nashville, TN. If you know of any other coin shops or precious metal dealers in the Nashville area, please contact us so we can update our directory.

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