Silver is a precious metal. Before purchasing Silver, it is very important for an individual to check the prevailing rate. Even a tiny variation in the rate of Silver can lead to a big loss. The rate of Silver is running at an all-time high since the last 10 years. Therefore, it is important to check the current price/rate of Silver in Ahmedabad. You can also visit multiple jewellers before buying.

How to buy Silver after checking Silver price in Ahmedabad?

You can buy Silver from any of the certified and established jewellers who sell hallmark jewellery. To name a few, Amidhara Jewellers, Alite Ornatto, Chokshi Hiralal Maganlal Jewellers, Ashirwad Jewellers, Manibhadra Jewellers, SP Jewellers and Patel Jewellers, Silver Emporium, Raj Jewellers, Malabar Gold and Diamonds, Kantilal Shivali Zaveri, Chandi Khazana, Al-Haq Jewellers, etc. are known traders of silver

What is BIS Hallmarked Silver Rate in Ahmedabad?

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is the primary hallmarking agency. It is the national Standards body of India who authenticates the purity of Silver in India. Hallmarking is the process which records and determines the metal content in Gold/Silver articles. A hallmarked Silver will contain the following information:

  • BIS Mark
  • Purity Grade (ranging from 999.9 to 999 for fine silver and for Silver alloys, jewellery and artifacts, the Silver purity grade is 970, 925, 900, 835, 800).
  • Hallmarking Centres Identification Number
  • Jewellers identification Mark
  • Year of marking - denoted by a code letter (e.g. R for year 2013).

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