A dramatic investigation leads into mind numbing twists.

David Finchers Gone Girl (2014) is a stylized thriller with chilling surprises. Gillian Flynns story is disturbing and creative with a fresh perspective on the crime thriller. Finchers direction complements her writing with his sleek, smooth camera shots of clear violence and open sexuality.

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross score is more subdued than his work on The Social Network or The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

Ben Affleck is a snooze of a lead unfortunately. I never liked him as a person, nor I have ever been convinced by his acting. He is just so lazy and mundane looking. His glazed over expression carries over for most of the film. He does capture the essence of a terrible husband, unsympathetic loser, and a strange decision maker. At least, you are not supposed to like his character as he is a jerk, but Affleck pulls off unlikable with ease.

Rosamund Pike is the real star of Gone Girl. Her character constantly gets talked about, but once you start following her perspective, the whole film changes lens and meaning. She is chilling, yet charming. Pike deserved all the acclaim she received for Gone Girl as she is subtle and unnerving throughout Gone Girl!

Carrie Coon is fantastic, likable, and sympathetic as Afflecks sister. She is very genuine and funny, while adding a dramatic depth to Afflecks side as you care about her. She gives the emotional performance he cannot.

I was impressed by the dramatic turn from both comedic actors Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris. They felt completely believable as their respective characters in Gone Girl. I hope they continue down a more serious film path, but who knows.

Also, Kim Dickens is hilarious as the hard boiled detective with a witty arsenal of comebacks and remarks.

Lastly, I suppose I should mention supermodel Emily Ratajkowskis acting is pretty good. She out acts Affleck in her introductory scene, then proceeds to get two more memorable moments. She did alright.

Everyone else is forgettable or passable in their minor roles.

In all, Im not sure that I like Gone Girl so much as I appreciate. Its a great story told beautifully. The acting is mostly solid with a few standout roles like Rosamund Pike. I think Ben Afflecks lack of charisma or energy is what will always hold Gone Girl back for me. Id honestly rank this as my least favorite David Fincher film, but its still a decent film.

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