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Our open API system means we work with you. We don’t compete against you.

Apex is an open system. A platform built on the simple premise that custody is meant to serve. Not control. So we designed the Apex platform to facilitate the relationship between you and your customer – not dictate it. We don’t force pre-packaged solutions or off-the-shelf solves. Instead we provide customizable tools and technology that enable your customers to save, spend and invest their assets in a completely original model of your design.
Your vision. Our platform.



Closed platforms are interested in building their business, not yours.

Closed systems attempt to own the end customer and control the intermediary. They dictate versus facilitate, with legacy systems built on legacy technology driven by legacy thinking.
These systems are built on process and requirements and are antithetical to speed and innovation. They sell pre-packaged products for highly structured fees and retain through friction and obstruction. Closed systems sell instead of serve.


Future-Proofing Finance

Technical and business solutions for the digital world.

width=80Clearing & Custody

Our clearing and custody engine is a modern, enterprise-grade platform with a full complement of industry networking and tooling integrations to support a wide range of financial instruments, account types and financing solutions

width=80Apex Technical Solutions

We offer a robust suite of APIs – with an enhanced developer portal – to facilitate the complete trading and investing lifecycle from account opening through regulatory support and everything in between


width=80Apex Extend

This full-stack business solution connects the front, middle and back office environments to streamline your internal processes and deliver a robust investor experience


width=80Integration Partners

Choose from an open architecture ecosystem of pre-integrated turnkey platforms and specific services to customize your wealth management CX and leverage Apex’s core technology

width=16 Your technology partner ought to have an opinion.

Apex gives Forbes the ‘Crucial Quote’ on the benefits of fractional share trading


CNN discusses the role of financial well-being solutions in a zero-commissions world with Apex


The WSJ features Apex’s data in their analysis of Millennials’ interests in ESG investing


We enable a more versatile Stash

With dedication to affordability and simplicity, STASH brings together banking, investing, and education into one seamless platform. Today, STASH and Apex work together to deliver a diversified investing experience for millions of Americans.


We see eye-to-eye with SoFi

What’s the encore performance after revolutionizing the student loan market? Offering a broader range of services to help members take control of their finances. Today, SoFi and Apex work together to provide frictionless access to investment opportunities to more than 900,000 individuals with the speed and efficiency they expect from a world class fintech app.


We keep Firstrade in the lead

As one of the original commission-free trading platforms, Firstrade saw an opportunity to serve self-directed investors with a full suite of products and research tools before it became an industry trend. Today, Firstrade and Apex work together to power an award-winning online trading experience with lightning fast execution for serious investors.


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