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Lying close to the border of Karnataka, Solapur is a state in Maharashtra. The city is strategically positioned which is connected by key rail routes and a highway that interlinks Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, and Hyderabad. It is said that 16 villages were merged to form the Solapur Municipal Corporation. Solapur is the hotbed of hand loom, power loom and its cotton mills. An indigenous towel called ‘Solapuri Chadar’ received the first GI tag in Maharashtra. The city’s economy is majorly throttled by pomegranate farming. Solapur locals and small businesses look for clever investment options constantly and gold is the most popular choice. Be it gold coins, biscuits or jewellery, gold retailers never run out of business here which is why gold rate in Solapur is displayed by all the gold shops in the city. Some places of interest in Solapur are Kambar Talav, Bhui-Kot Fort, and Mahatma Gandhi National Zoo.

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