Bloomberg Trade Order Management Solutions (TOMS) provides fixed income sell-side firms the capabilities to efficiently manage inventory, risk, P&L, compliance and straight-through processing. The enterprise suite of solutions includes electronic trading tools and market connectivity to help firms synchronize their front office risk and trading with middle-office, operations and enterprise applications in real-time.

TOMS is a premium service that is fully integrated with the Bloomberg Terminal so you can take advantage of Bloomberg news, data and analytics. Delivered on a hosted platform, TOMS eliminates the need to have dedicated workstations or servers on your premises, so you can lower your total cost of ownership.  We take on the development inherent with changing markets, instruments and technologies, such as infrastructure build-outs, version upgrades, data sourcing, continual tuning and system maintenance.

Optimize workflow

  • Multi-asset coverage with workflows for trading and sales
  • Trade processing solutions and management of regulatory connections
  • Integration with third-party back offices and downstream systems

Increase Global Distribution to Markets

  • Largest network of buy-side and sell-side investors
  • Connectivity to a variety of cash (D2D or D2C) markets and electronic platforms
  • Support for electronic and voice trades via Bloomberg Fixed Income Electronic Trading platform

Manage Risk and Compliance

  • Real-time P&L and sophisticated risk management tools and analytics, including an aggregate view of enterprise risk
  • Global regulatory reporting to TRACE, MSRB, LSE and others
  • Real-time monitoring capabilities that show the status of all reportable trades
  • Trading violations captured in a live blotter to enable compliance to research and approve or reject violations
  • Automatically reports trades directly to the appropriate authority as part of the normal ticket flow operation

Engage the Electronic Fixed Income Markets

  • Connectivity to electronic trading venues in the US and Europe
  • Aggregated market liquidity and order execution tools for price taking.
  • Real-time price generation tools for market making

Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Integration with third-party providers for best-of-breed solutions
  • Automated trading system feeds, both inbound and outbound
  • Buy-side matching, confirmation and allocation

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