YLG Group

is a manufacturer and exporter of authentic gold jewelry and gems. The company is well-known and recognized internationally. Currently, we are expanding into 4 companies which are leaders in various investment fields throughout the Asia Pacific region.

GOLD BAR 99.99% & 96.5%

YLG Bullion International provides a seamless and secure online trading platform available via mobile phone or internet system for both buyers and sellers to come together for buying and selling of 96.5% gold bullion and 99.99% LBMA gold bars.

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Gold Jewelry

YLG PRECIOUS is a trading center of 99.99%, 96.5% gold bullion and gold ornaments. Presently, the company provides customers with more convenient channels via online marketing platform on www.ylgprecious.co.th

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YLG Bullion and Futures provides gold futures brokerage services for the Thailand Futures Exchange Market (TFEX). Presently, and presently offers a wide range of products such as Gold Futures, Gold Online Futures, Gold D, SET 50 Index Futures, Currency Futures and Single Stock Futures.

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Import & Export

YLG Bullion Singapore operates as a broker dealer of 99.99% gold bullion and physical silver in Asia. To capitalize the opportunities and the vibrancy of Southeast Asia in precious metal activities, the company has become a well-known international bullion trading company in Asia.

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One hour approval

24 hrs online trading

Providing Information by Analyst

Investment advisory service

Can start to build an investment portfolio everywhere

Buying gold for all brands

Other Services

YLGs platform

YLG Online Application

YLG provides 24 hours gold trading and investment advice to support the demand of gold investment around the world by YLG Online Application via App Store.

YLG Gold Saving

YLG created the online platform for gold investment which gives more flexibility. Accordingly, Investors can invest in gold starting from 100 Baht per transaction via www.ylggoldsaving.com

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