CNBCs Jim Cramer on Wednesday offered investors a basket of stocks he believes can continue to succeed irrespective of Federal Reserve policy.

Forget the big picture stuff. There are two things you need to keep track of when youre picking stocks right now: The sector and the company, which includes the people running it, the Mad Money host said.

The bottom line, Cramer said, is investors have two choices. The first is listening to the Fed-obsessed experts, he said. The second is to forget about the money supply or the central bank and just run with the bulls. Its not like theyre hard to find in this fabulous market.


A sign is posted in front of the NVIDIA headquarters on May 10, 2018 in Santa Clara, California.

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Cramer said he believes the entire chip industry is in bull-market mode with a number of companies doing well, such as NXP Semiconductors, Marvell Technology and Qualcomm.

But I prefer AMD and Nvidia because they make incredible products and they have fabulous leadership, Cramer said, noting that AMD, under CEO Lisa Sus direction, is looking to finalize an acquisition for Xilinx.

Nvidia, similarly, is trying to complete a deal for Arm Holdings, Cramer noted. If it clears the necessary regulatory hurdles, Cramer said Nvidia will become the most important semiconductor company of our time.


Many of the countrys largest banks offer investors the greatest bargains relative to the rest of the stock market, Cramer said. Thats especially true when considering they could be just a few months away from a new rate hike cycle, Cramer said. Banks benefit from higher rates.

Cramer said his favorites right now are Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo.

Stock picks and investing trends from CNBC Pro:

Morgan Stanleys not a bank anymore: Its a wealth advisory service that happens to do some investment banking on the side. That means its bank light. I like that, Cramer said.

Wells Fargo, on the other hand, offers a turnaround story after scandal-ridden years, Cramer said, adding he believes in CEO Charlie Scharf to keep delivering improvements.

One day I expect Wells Fargo to return to the high $50s [per share], where it was when all hell broke loose. Until then, just stay the course, Cramer said.


A medical worker wears a protective face mask outside Best Buy in Union Square in New York City.

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Cramer said he believes its not too late to purchase shares of Best Buy and Bed Bath & Beyond. The formers digital transformation and tech membership program should allow for additional success, Cramer said, while the latter is another example of a turnaround story.

They have all the tech you need in terms of shopping and buying, Cramer said of Bed Bath & Beyond. But what they really have is something I like to call whimsy, something that you could only really find at Costco until recently. I think CEO Mark Tritton will take Bed Bath for a multi-year run.


Cramer said the most unknown bull market out there is agriculture.

Ive long been a fan of AGCO, but that Deere conference call last week [was] magnificent, Cramer said. I scoffed at Cathie Wood, the best money manager of 2020, when she said she was buying Deere for its tech — I owe her an apology. I apologize. She nailed it. The technology Deere talked about is truly revolutionary; it will save farmers billions of dollars in wages because everything is pretty autonomous. Deeres still a buy.

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