a place you go to thats so well furnished you know your getn your skeet on

example: hotel roompimped out dormroom

Founded by Eddie Eurphy in the movie Life

im taken your mom to my boom boom room

im taking your mom to the boom boom room to get a lil brother

by JGTBSOC September 27, 2004

Man at out our family reunion we had 2 Boom Boom Rooms one in 668 for the adults then the kids was in 406!

This room is best known as a college dorm room or if two people share a small living space. This really hits home if you eat, sleep, & boom for FERDA.

Ty: Damn I miss our Boom Boom Room in IL bro! That shit was BOOMING. The entire room had a stained aroma of extra salty tuna on flatbread. FERDA AF bro

Brian: Fuck ya bud, those were the days. We were metro booming those shotries.

A less than par gentlemens entertainment destination located in Tahoka, Texas. This small establishment just south of Lubbock, Texas, houses some of the dirtiest females within a 300 mile radius. Many of them have had Cesarian Sections and bear the scars as such, or are lactating from their most recent child birth. If you are not careful, you will catch your death at Boom Boom Room.

Dude, lets go to Boom Boom Room.

Nah man, Im cool.

No seriously lets go to Boom Boom, my buddy said he saw a hot girl there the other night.

You are so full of shit.

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