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Technology. It’s all around us. Everyday. Everywhere.
It’s in our homes, when we wake up and when we go to bed.
It’s an integral part of our jobs and it defines the way we work.

Yet every day new inventions see the light of day. They enhance our existing technologies. They make our lives easier or make us more productive.
But do they? 

At Solutions 30 we make sure they do!
Our 11,000 engineers are here to help you adopt new technologies and ready to step in when they let you down.
We make things work.
We make sure new technologies work for our customers.

We provide our customers with solutions for new technologies…


Services for high-speed internet connections & telecommunications networks


Installation and support for IT hardware, software, infrastructure & processes


Technical support for security and safety installations, systems & equipment


Services for smart meters, smart grids & smart buildings


Expertise for the installation and maintenance of payment terminals (POS) & cash machines

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