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How to Start The Revenge of the Morningstar

To begin The Revenge of the Morningstar Tall Tale, head to the Dagger Tooth Outpost.

Look for Sandra, the dock master, whose shop can be found on the main ship dock of the outpost. Theyre the person that sells new ship wheels, masts, and more. To the right of her is The Revenge of the Morningstar Tall Tale journal.

Here, youll learn more of the Morningstar, specifically, where the Morningstar is located.


It turns out that the Morningstars shipwreck can be found on Boulder Cay. Lets head there, matey!

Where to Find the Morningstar Shipwreck

As we mentioned above, and as we learned in the journal, the Morningstar can be found at Boulder Cay. Head there and anchor your ship on the southeastern side of the island.

Head into the water and you should spot a shipwreck.

What youre looking for is the gleaming glint of treasure — when you see this on the ground near the shipwreck, swim to it. Youll find the Morningstars Ship Log here.

It turns out, this is one of three ship logs to find so swim around now and find the other two. Again, look for the gleaming glint of treasure to discover them.

With all three ship logs, head back onto dry land and look at your journal. Youll learn of a treasure chest on Boulder Cay. Its on the southwest beach of the island and buried next to a large, cliff-like boulder.

Dig the chest up and open it to discover a Morningstar Uniform. Youll also find some additional pages for your Tall Tale journal here too.

Put this uniform on — its in your clothing chest. The uniform is actually a number of different pieces so put on a hat, a shirt, some gloves, the pants, and the belt to transfer into a true Morningstar crew member.

Where to Go Once the Uniform is Equipped

With the Morningstar uniform fully equipped, head to Sanctuary Outpost.

Once here, speak to Tracy at the outposts tavern. When talking to them while wearing the Morningstar uniform, youll see some new dialogue options regarding Captain Slate and someone named Jaspar. Select these options to learn more about your mission.

  • Youll learn of a certain Tyler at the Trinket Shop on Sanctuary Outpost.
  • Youll also learn that the Graymarrow crew is hiding on Cannon Cove.

After this, head to the Trinket Shop and speak to Tyler. Run through all of the dialogue options with them and hell tell you that Jaspar is located on Sinking Grove, which is actually Sunken Grove. Perhaps Tyler has had a bit too much grog.

Weve learned all we can on Sanctuary Outpost so lets head to Cannon Cove. You can head to Sunken Grove if youd like, but Cannon Cove is closer so we recommend heading there first.

Once you arrive to Cannon Cove, youre looking for Captain Gripper, someone we learned about in our discussions back on Sanctuary Outpost. He can spawn anywhere on the island so take a tour around and keep an ear to the ground as youll hear him talking to some crew members before you actually see him.

Fight Captain Gripper as you would any other Captain enemy and theyll drop Graymarrows Orders.

What to Do With Graymarrows Orders

After acquiring Graymarrows Orders, youll find that your Tall Tale journal has a couple of new pages in it. It will be a couple of pages of a bunch of strange symbols with words underneath.

You could get any number of orders that tell you what youre looking for and these orders change every time you run this mission so unfortunately, we cant give you an exact solution.

We can, however, help you solve the riddle on your own:

  • The top line is just two symbols: ignore it — it translates to Captain Skull and thats what were looking for.
  • The next four lines will tell you where to look — look at the page that tells you what each symbol means and then use that as reference to read each line.
  • An example of a line you might get is From Kraken Rock Face North East. This indicates that you must find a rock with a Kraken on it and face Northeast. Walk forward until you reach whatever the next line of your riddle is — follow these instructions line-by-line until you reach the spot to dig. Dig at this location and youll find the Skull of Captain Douglas.

After this, head to Sunken Grove, which is the other island Tyler mentioned back on Sanctuary Outpost.

Like with Cannon Cove, walk around the island until you hear or see Captain Shaw.

Defeat them to obtain a set of Graymarrows Orders.

Use the orders to decipher the riddle just like we did on Cannon Cove and youll end up somewhere on the island digging. You should dig up the Chalice of Resurrection.

With both the Skull of Captain Douglas and the Chalice of Resurrection in tow, its time to resurrect Lord Graymarrow. If you look at the journal pages youve acquired so far, Graymarrows Orders will speak of a resting place.

The Cannon Cove orders will show a single letter near the bottom of the letter that starts with Gripper. It will say something like O shall be my resting place. This letter corresponds to one of the quadrants on your map. The Sunken Grove orders will show a single number at the end of the first paragraph. It will say something like I shall take my rest at 11. This corresponds to a quadrant on your map. Put the single letter and the single number together to learn of the exact quadrant you should travel to. Our O11 took us to The Crooked Masts, as you can see below.

Once you arrive to whatever island those orders direct you to, walk around and look for a small wooden altar. Heres what it looks like:

Place the Skull of Captain Douglas on the altar and then place the Chalice of Resurrection on the altar to resurrect Lord Graymarrow. Time for a fight.

How to Defeat Lord Graymarrow

Lord Graymarrow is a formidable foe. He has a lot of health and he hits hard. These are the attacks to watch out for:

  • Lord Graymarrow can, of course, attack with his sword and it only takes a couple of sword swipes to bring you down. Deflect those.
  • For the majority of the fight, Graymarrow will be shooting at you while summoning other skeletons to fight. Dodge his gun attacks as you would any other gun fire — we recommend letting a large group of skeletons build up in front of you and in between yourself and Graymarrow. That way, when he shoots, itll hit the skeletons and not you.
  • Occasionally, youll see Graymarrow fall backwards and fall into the ground. This is his way of teleporting. Follow his voice to find where he goes.
  • If you see Graymarrow pick up a chest, run — hes about to throw it at you and this does some serious damage.

Attack Graymarrow as much as you can in between his attacks listed above and hell eventually go down.

After defeating Lord Graymarrow, hell drop one of the coveted Shroudbreaker Stones weve been after.

What to Do With the Shroudbreaker Stone

With the Shroudbreaker Stone in hand, return to Dagger Tooth Outpost and talk to Sandra (the dock master) again. Give them the Shroudbreaker Stone to complete The Revenge of the Morningstar!

Congrats! Its finally time to head to the Shores of Gold.

Head to the next page of this guide — The Shores of Gold — to continue this walkthrough: The Shores of Gold.

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