Artisanal Culinary

In 2015 the seeds of Rare Stock were planted. Two years later our journey is truly beginning with our first product, a twist on a hot sauce recipe that we consider more of an ingredient than a condiment. Use it in the traditional way on tacos, pizza, eggs and more, or as an ingredient in your own sauces and marinades. However you choose, we can promise it will enhance the flavor of your dishes, not overtake them. We have many products in the works, some that will also come in a bottle and some that will not. Either way we promise you the quality, attention to detail and positive intent will always remain the same. For now, we hope you enjoy our first offering, appropriately called Rare Stock Revival Hot Sauce.

Only the Finest

Fresh tomatoes, chilies, lemons and Hawaiian sea salt are some of the ingredients that go into our sauces. We want to give you a little heat with a lot of flavor and this is the only way to do it. Our sauces and products are meant to expand your palate and most importantly encourage and enhance a healthy diet. One of the key reasons we began was a desire to spice up our healthy meals and it will always remain at the heart of what we do. We will always choose the finest ingredients that are fresh, good for you and chosen from our local suppliers.

We Are Rare Stock

California native John Alvino began working with Hawaii native, Jeremy Dinneen in 2009 as partners in the design agency, PLY. John grew up working in his fathers restaurant, surrounded by flavors and recipes handed down over generations. Jeremy grew up BBQing with his family, often on the beach and has maintained a passion for cooking his entire life. In 2015, the two founders met chef Freddie Damo and the Rare Stock story began. Freddie, also a Hawaii Native, has an unrivaled passion and talent for cooking and perfectly embodies the Aloha spirit. At their first chance meeting, Freddie arrived with fresh cooked food, beer and a few hot sauces he was working on. It was then that our journey began, and though it took some time to bring to market, it was well worth the wait. We believe with all things, especially cooking, patience is key. Our first sauce is just the beginning and we hope you join us by enjoying our Revival as well as the future it holds.

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