Skin-tight bike shorts have taken gyms by storm – now a daring version of the $52 Lycra pants that make the wearer look “naked” have emerged.

    It’s the skin-tight fashion trend that has taken gyms by storm.

    But now there’s a new twist on the figure-hugging shorts women are sporting to complete their workouts – and it’s definitely not for the faint hearted.

    A nude version of the Lycra bike shorts that have been cropping up all over Instagram has recently been released and at first glance it looks as if the wearer isn’t wearing anything at all.

    The risque design from Australian activewear brand Echt cost $52, come in a range of nude tones.

    But when worn by individuals with a matching or similar skin colour, it make them look completely “naked”.

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    A Brisbane model recently posed in flesh-coloured shorts and its matching bra, prompting several people on to point out it looked suspiciously like she was in the buff.

    “I had to take a second glance,” one wrote.

    “Honestly thought you were naked for a second,” another added.

    The daring outfit choice – which is designed to give the wearer a “stylish silhouette” according to the brand’s website – hasn’t just been spotted on models, with everyday women wearing them for a sweat sessions.

    One woman from the US turned heads after taking a mirror selfie at the gym in a “Cedar” pair of the “Scrunch Shorts” while another had a similar effect in the “Taupe” pair.

    There’s also full length leggings available in the “naked” colours, causing an equal amount of double takes.

    The shorts, which also feature a ruching detail on the bottom to enhance the body’s natural shape, have soared in popularity and caused a stir at some gyms.

    Sydney woman Gabi Goddard recently hit the headlines after revealing she was “asked to leave” her Hornsby gym when wearing a pair of the grey Echt shorts for her workout.

    She later realised she had the booty enhancing shorts on inside out, meaning people had mistakingly believed she was wearing a G-string on top of her pants – but remained firm the gym was in the wrong for telling her to go home and “change”.

    A Sydney couple however have benefited from the surge in popularity in the bike shorts, earning $250,000 in 30 minutes with a collection of the Lycra pants.

    STAX creator Don Robertson and partner Matilda Murray said the risque trend – which has been made popular by Hollywood’s elite and festivalgoers – are here to stay.

    “It’s officially (almost) bike short season, which go perfectly with an over-size tee or crop top,” Ms Murray told, adding they also chose to focus on making a range of celebrity-style shorts as they were “proving to be extremely popular, both inside and outside the gym”.

    “We’ve even seen a few boys rocking them so we’re working on making them a mens item too.”

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