Workshop(Complete Intraday Trader Program)

Delhi-6th and 7th March (Seats full)

Pune-13th and 14th March (Seats full)

Bangalore-20th and 21st March (Seats full)

Mumbai-3rd and 4th April(Seats full)

Bhubaneswar-10th and 11th April(Postponed)

Indore-17th and 18th April(Postponed)


Our Expert- Subasish Pani BE-CS(CEO)

As the CEO at ‘Power of Stocks’ Subasish oversees the business, and overall development. He also handles strategic planning, marketing, finance management, and digital growth. 
Prior to his entrepreneurial debut, he was an equity research analyst and an active trader covering all aspects of market, in his previous role. 


Simple way to understand the market

A way to understand the stock market is to get a glimpse of why it exists, who it serves and how it works and we made it easy for you.


Email support for students

Students can write an email to us with there detailed queries.


Hand hold learning

Taking a course is a huge investment, So our goal is to make sure you get as much value out of that investment as you can.


Demat account for benefits

Open an account and get free trading ideas and discount to join our upcoming training sessions.


Live Trading

Live tarding session for students so that they can get better understanding of the market.


Mentoring Community

Mentoring Community is a powerful platform to share knowledge with others, learn from old & new students, and grow together.


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