Recently, players have taken to social media to complain about their Fortnite gold disappearing without warning. This bug has taken over Season 6 and is ruining the experience for several players.

Following the recent v16.30 update in Fortnite, loopers were enjoying an easy patch of gaming with improved game-play. However, the good times were cut short due to a recent bug in the game.

This bug has been interfering with players accounts and is accountable for the mysterious disappearance of Fortnite gold. Whenever gamers landed on the BR map, they experienced their gold bar meter show no gold at all.

Fortnite gold disappeared: Season 6 hit with bug attack

Glitches and bugs are part and parcel of the gaming world. Some of these glitches provide a funny and humorous aspect to the games. However, some glitches and bugs result in receiving severe backlash from players. The bug due to which Fortnite gold disappeared has created a lot of chaos among gamers.

The recent bug in Fortnite has caused players to lose all their Fortnite gold from their account. Players are trying to find out why their Fortnite gold disappeared. While some are lucky to retain a few of their Fortnite gold, others have completely lost the entire lot.

Watched my 5000 gold in fortnite just vanish into thin air

— Fluffu (@FluffuNin) May 6, 2021

It was even pointed out that Fortnite keeps crashing on Xbox One X. It is not known whether this issue is related to the bug due to which Fortnite gold disappeared.

@FortniteGame fortnite keeps crashing on my Xbox One X and all my gold is gone at the beginning of every match. I grind for what!!!??

— Wade Zak (@sonic_zak) May 5, 2021

The bug that caused Fortnite gold to disappear is not new to the game. Previously, the same problem was faced by players who complained that their Fortnite gold disappeared when they entered the game.

@FortniteGame hello idk why but when I was playing fortnite I had around 5k gold but the next day it just disappeared this happened a couple weeks ago

— Karimhdez07 (@karimhdez07) December 31, 2020

It seems the same problem has come back to the game once again. Players expected the bug to be completely out of the game after Epic intervened and rectified it last time. However, the recent attack has shown that there exist multiple loops in the game due to which it can resurface and create unrest among players.

Epic Games has not yet released a statement addressing the issue. It seems that they are currently working on locating the bug to rectify it. Loopers can expect an official announcement soon.

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