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Strikes, Gambit, Crucible — all these game modes can be done solo, but they truly shine with a full fireteam. So where does this leave the solo Destiny 2 player?

Thankfully, Destiny 2 has an activity for all you maverick renegades that cant be tied down by other Guardians. And best of all, theyre all over the place! Every destination in Destiny 2 has Lost Sectors, some of which contain Legend or Master variants that you can farm for Exotic armor. Not all Lost Sectors are created equal, however.

Well tell you which Legendary Lost Sectors you should be farming, and which ones you should be leaving well enough alone.

Updated August 1st, 2021, by Charles Burgar: Legend and Master Lost Sectors have given this forgotten activity type a new purpose in Year 4. With a dozen Lost Sectors to farm and more on the way, solo players that want to obtain some high-stat Exotic armor now have the perfect farm. Weve updated this guide with some more recent Lost Sector additions over Destiny 2s fourth year that you should either farm or avoid.

Lost Sectors To Farm

As of writing, there are 13 Lost Sectors that are eligible for Legend of Master difficulty. Two are chosen on a set rotation every day, one Legend and the other Master. Out of the 12 available as of Season 15, there are five noteworthy Lost Sectors that youll want to farm whenever theyre available.

Cosmodrome: Veles Labyrinth

Veles Labyrinth is the fastest Legendary Lost Sector to farm in Destiny 2. With the right loadout and some practice, you can clear this mission in two minutes or less on Legend—three to four minutes on Master.

Lament is an excellent Exotic for this Lost Sector, allowing you to counter Barrier Knights and the final boss without much trouble. Equip any weapon that can stun Unstoppables, bring something that can spawn Warmind Cells, then have fun speed-clearing this Lost Sector. You dont even need to kill all of the enemies; you can ignore everything but the Champions and boss for this mission with ease.

Europa: Bunker E15

If youve never attempted a Legend or Master Lost Sector before, youll want to give Europas Bunker E15 Lost Sector a try.

Bunker E15 is great for farming Exotic Armor pieces and enhancement cores for two very important reasons.

  1. There’s only one shield type to worry about (Void).
  2. You have allies in this Lost Sector, even if youre playing solo.

There’s an entire army of old Braytech Frames being held captive by the Vex in Bunker E15, and if you free them, they become YOUR army. And best of all, they’re entirely unkillable. They don’t do a whole lot of damage, but because they can’t die, they can dish out a surprising amount of damage to Bunker E15s final boss. Focus on the Champions, and these small Braytech Frames are more than capable of lowering the Hydras HP by 33% or more on their own.

And for those looking to speedrun this Lost Sector, you can bring Erianas Vow to bypass the final boss shields, drastically reducing your time spent in the final encounter. Or you can bring Deathbringer to annihilate the jail cell section. Whichever loadout you decide to rock, this Lost Sectors friendly AI makes it one of the easiest Lost Sectors for newer players.

Tangled Shore: The Empty Tank

Theres really nothing particularly noteworthy about this Lost Sector, at least when discussing gameplay. Its not short, its not long, it doesnt have great rewards, and theres not a particularly great number of enemies to kill here either. I just like the vibe of the place. Who knew the Fallen had such great taste in music?

The Empty Tank is a Fallen nightclub situated just north of Spiders hideout, meaning you could exchange a few materials for Glimmer before dropping in on a Fallen dance party. Its not particularly difficult on Legend or Master, either, although it is far from the most efficient Lost Sector for farming. But if you care more about having fun than raw efficiency, give The Empty Tank a chance. Clearing a Fallen nightclub that houses a presumably illegal fighting ring is nothing short of memorable.

Moon: K1 Revelation

Its the farming spot for repeatable bounties in Destiny 2. Even if you arent running Legend or Master variants of K1 Revelation, youll want to stop by this place just because it has so many enemies, making it a perfect place for completing Eris daily and repeatable bounties.

As for its Legendary variants, K1 Revelation is one of the easier Lost Sectors in Destiny 2. There isnt much cover, but the arenas are so small that Warmind Cells and Grenade Launchers are highly effective. A single Warmind Cell can clear most of the final arena for you. Focus on stunning the Unstoppable Ogres when you can, and be mindful of your positioning when the final boss spawns. If you can manage those two things, youll have a great time farming K1 Revelation.

Europa: Perdition

Europas Perdition Lost Sector is one of the most fun Lost Sectors you can farm. It isnt too long, has quite a few enemies, and the arenas are fairly small. You can speedrun this Lost Sector in two or three minutes on Legend, and its fairly easy on Master once you learn enemy spawn patterns.

There is a Hydra at the very beginning thatll give you trouble, although a Lament or Anarchy should fix that. Two Wyverns also spawn about halfway through the Lost Sector, so youll want to bring Heavy weapons that deal good burst DPS like Rocket Launchers. But through crafty use of Stasis, you can easily stunlock the tougher opponents in this mission and carve through the fodder Vex like butter. The final boss is also trivial. Once you have a solution to the Hydra and Wyverns, the Perdition is a breeze to farm.

Lost Sectors To Avoid

While every Legend and Master Lost Sector is worth farming for Exotic armor, there are a few that are arguably too difficult or annoying to warrant farming over extended periods of time. If you plan to spend an entire play session farming for Exotic armor, we recommend you avoid these five Lost Sectors if you can help it.

Moon: K1 Crew Quarters

If theres one Lost Sector you should avoid, its the Moons K1 Crew Quarters. This Lost Sector is brutal on Master difficulty, pitting you against dozens of Sniper Shanks that can one-shot under-leveled players and overlapping Champions.

You have to take Crew Quarters slow, utilizing more defensive subclasses and weapons to take out targets from a distance. Speedrunning this mission is suicide unless you have a very clear idea of where to go. Even then, the presence of Attrition makes every mistake much harder to recover from—especially with how many long sightlines the enemies have. Only farm this Lost Sector if you have to.

EDZ: Excavation Site XII

Excavation Site XII is a meat grinder of a Lost Sector. One mistake is enough to kill you here. This is mostly due to the second encounter where multiple Barrier Champions and half a dozen Cabal are guarding a bridge. Overextending just a little is certain death.

This Lost Sector demands patience and long-range gunfights. Unless youre a Devour Warlock thats at or over-leveled for this mission, pushing straight ahead with a Sword is suicide. Weapons like Erianas Vow and Solar Rocket Launchers work best here, although youll need to bring something that can break Void shields. Avoid this Lost Sector if you can.

Cosmodrome: Exodus Garden 2A

Exodus Garden 2A isnt hard so much as its annoying. This Lost Sector shows just how unfun Barrier Servitors are to fight. Each encounter—excluding the final boss—is in a claustrophobic space with practically no flanking routes. This wouldnt be an issue if Barrier Servitors didnt make enemies invulnerable through walls.

Once a Servitor deploys its immunity tethers, youre forced to damage the Servitor, break its barrier, then face the now-vulnerable Fallen. If you dont youll end up getting two-shot by over a dozen invulnerable Fallen shooting you simultaneously. Beyond the Barrier Servitors, this Lost Sector is actually pretty easy to clear. You can even cheese the last boss somewhat by staying in the storage room and never pushing forward, giving you plenty of time to dodge the boss attacks. Yet the presence of Barrier Servitors in such a small environment makes this Lost Sector tough to recommend farming.

The Moon: K1 Logistics

Were only mentioning K1 Logistics for its opening encounter. Its downright brutal if youre underleveled, pitting you against an Overload Captain thats supported by Vandals and a Barrier Servitor near the back of the room. If you fail to kill the Barrier Servitor, itll retreat to the next room and make the second encounter much harder.

Past the opening, this Lost Sector isnt too hard. Just dont get hit by the boss attacks, as the Servitors Void blasts deal 50% more damage due to the singe.

EDZ: Scavengers Den

This Lost Sector is incredibly difficult if you dont use Warmind Cells. Its somewhat long, Overload Captains deal 50% more damage due to the singe, enemy trip mines have much more range than what youd expect, and the final boss encounter is complete chaos. Barrier Servitors make most of the boss minions immune while every enemy focuses you down in an arena that doesnt provide much cover or flanking routes.

You can farm this one with moderate success once you get the hang of it, but there are definitely easier Lost Sectors you could be farming instead.

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