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Page  [unnumbered] Abstract Numbering The Conference Record includes all 6,000 accepted abstracts. These comprise abstracts presented as posters (including those presented orally), and 1,000 printed-only abstracts. Poster Numbers The 6,000 abstracts have been given reference numbers of five digits. First Digit = Day of Poster Presentation 1 = Monday, 2 = Tuesday, 3 = Wednesday, 4 = Thursday 6 = Printed Only 12345 Second Digit = Track 1 = Track A, 2 = Track B, 3 = Track C, 4 = Track D Last Three Digits = Position in Exhibition Tracks * Track A: Basic Science Track A covers basic or laboratory research topics such as virology, animal models, vaccine research, immunology and microbiology. * Track B: Clinical Science and Care Track B focuses on clinical research and care including antiretrovirals, gene therapy, preventive measures for opportunistic infections (Ols), treatments for Ols and cancers, nursing and palliative care. * Track C: Epidemiology, Prevention and Public Health Track C covers research about HIV incidence, prevalence and natural history; the demographics and determinants of HIV transmission and risk factors; technological and behavioural prevention interventions; and public health strategies. * Track D: Social and Behavioural Science Track D includes research from a broad range of social and behavioural sciences such as economics, political studies, law and ethics, human rights, development studies, human sexuality, anthropology, psychology and sociology. Oral Sessions Posters that are being presented orally have a second number, which is marked with an asterisk (*) for clarity. These numbers will help you locate a particular abstract within the oral abstract sessions in the Conference Workbook. Examples: 115*/311771 355*/435601 Index Both the subject index and the author index give the poster number and the oral presentation number for ease of reference. A decision was made not to include those words with over 150 entries (such as HIV, AIDS, drug and infected) in the subject index. This decision was taken in order to save space, and because it was felt that readers would be likely to locate particular abstracts by looking for more specific key words. Electronic Version Please note that the Conference Record is published also in electronic form (CD-ROM). Produced by Marathon Multimedia, in conjunction with Cicero

Page  i 12th World AIDS Conference Geneva June 28-July 3 1998 Index Volume CONTENTS Subject Index Author Index 201

Page  ii SCORING AND SELECTION OF ABSTRACTS More than 7,000 abstracts were received by the deadline. The Geneva Secretariat developed procedures to ensure fair, objective and regionally balanced selection. A reviewer file was established by writing to experts who had reviewed abstracts for the previous conference. To this list were added first and last authors of articles published in the journal AIDS during 1997 and 1998, and names based on recommendations of members of the scientific and community programme committees. Potential reviewers were contacted in October 1997 and asked to indicate their subjects of expertise. The final file comprised 930 names. Abstracts were classified according to subject. Each abstract was sent to five reviewers with expertise in the relevant area. Authors names and affiliations were removed. Reviewers scored each abstract as to design and methods, presentation and interpretation, and importance to the Conference. The scores were read by machine, and collated and averaged by computer. Double weight was accorded to grade three (importance). The abstracts were classified according to their region of origin: Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and all other countries. The percentage originating from each region was determined. All selections were done in such a way that abstracts from each region had an equal chance of acceptance. This means that the cut-off grades were different in each region, i.e. higher in the rest-of-the-world countries than in developing countries. From the total number of abstracts received, 5,000 were accepted as posters, and an additional 1,000 were accepted for printing only in the Conference Record. Of the 800 selected as candidates for oral presentation, roughly 400 were finally chosen during a three-day meeting in March. During May and June, poster no-shows were replaced by print-only abstracts or rejected abstracts where the low grade was considered controversial. Continuing Medical Education Accreditation (AMA) The American Medical Association (AMA) has approved the scientific programme of this Conference for up to 26 hours of category 1 credit towards the AMA Physicians Recognition Award. On-site verification of attendance is required. Each physician should claim only those hours of credit that he/she actually spent in the educational activity. Disclaimer In an effort to improve legibility and uniformity of the information presented at the 12th World AIDS Conference and to facilitate conversion to electronic formats, all the abstracts included in this volume were re-typed. Every effort was made to reproduce faithfully the abstracts as submitted. However, due to the volume of material re-typed (over 6,000 abstracts) and to the lack of legibility of certain texts, some mistakes were probably unavoidable. No responsibility is assumed by the organisers for any injury and/or damage to persons or property as a matter of product liability, negligence or otherwise, or from any use or operation of any methods, products, instructions or ideas contained in the material herein. Because of potential inaccuracies on the part of authors or typists and because of the rapid advances in the medical sciences, we recommend independent verification of all data, diagnoses, and drug dosages.

Page  iii CONFERENCE SUPPORTERS We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following organisations without whom this Conference would not be possible: PRINCIPAL SPONSORS B Abbott Laboratories 77. Bristol-Myers Squibb Company GlaxoWellcome Agourxon. Phim cwuticals Inck. DU PONT PHARMA [E] HEWLETi Exandin PACKARD ( Expanding Possibilties j Boehringer/j Ingelheim 4 GILEAD S (: I E N C E S 1 MERCK SHARP& DOHME S Pharmacia &Upjohn Roche MAJOR SPONSORS BTG Pharmaceuticals Chiron Diagnostics Genentech Inc. Immune Response Corporation Interferon Ortho Biotech PE Applied Biosystems Schering-Plough Triangle Pharmaceuticals Inc. Official Conference Airline 0 9 swissairf Official Conference Condom Official Conference Courier UPSe CONFERENCE DONORS SSwiss Federal Office of Public Health Canton de Geneve European Commission Norwegian Government Swiss AIDS Research Commission US National Institutes of Health (NIH) SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME DONORS Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) US National Institutes of Health (NIH) SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME SUPPORTERS Abbott AG (Schweiz) Glaxo Wellcome (Schweiz) and Positive Action Glaxo Wellcome and BioChem Pharma (Canada) Hoffman-La Roche (Canada) Merck Frosst Inc. (Canada) COMMUNITY AND CULTURAL PROGRAMME SUPPORTERS Centre International de Glion City of Geneva Fondation du Present, HivNet.CH Fondation SidAide Loterie Romande Sida Info Doc Switzerland University of Geneva

Page  iv INTERNATIONAL ABSTRACT REVIEW COMMITTEE Q Abdool Karim, Republic of South Africa AS Abdullah, Hong Kong I Abeyewickreme, Sri Lanka J Abrams, USA DI Abrams, USA EJ Abrams, USA D Adam, Germany M Agosto, USA F Aiuti, Italy P Akarasewi, Thailand PO Alawuru, Nigeria A Alban, Switzerland J Albert, Sweden H Albrecht, USA A Aldovini, USA M Alexander, Thailand P Alexander, USA R Allard, Canada FL Altice, USA DP Altman, Australia A Ammann, USA M Anderson, USA R Anderson, UK S Anderson, Republic of South Africa M Ankrah, Uganda I Anthonsen, Denmark CMF Antunes, Brazil F Antunes, Portugal F Aoki, Canada SO Aral, USA C Archibald, Canada H Ardila, Colombia F Arnalich, Spain E Asamoah-Odei, Zimbabwe MS Ascher, USA K Asiedu, USA L Astarloa, Argentina R Auckenthaler, Switzerland J Auerbach, USA D Austin, USA B Autran, France K Awusabo-Asare, Australia M Baba, Japan P Bacchetti, USA R Badaro, Brazil R Baggaley, Switzerland M Baggiolini, Switzerland C Baker, USA A Ball, Switzerland JA Ballard, Australia DH Balmer, Kenya C Balotta, Italy G Bammer, Australia JS Banyai, USA R Barbosa, Brazil FR Barin, Switzerland T Barnett, UK J Barnett, Canada D Barr, USA F I Bastos, Brazil M Battegay, Switzerland G Bauer, USA R Bayer, USA MP Beery, USA PC Bellman, USA R Bennison, Australia CU Benson, Zambia M Berer, UK S Berkley, USA B Berkout, Netherlands E Bernasconi, Switzerland S Bertozzi, Switzerland E Beth-Giraldo, Italy S Bharat, India GG Bhave, India MB Bianco, Argentina G Biberfeld, Sweden J Bille, Switzerland D Blackbourn, USA S Blanche, France WA Blattner, USA F Bloom, USA M Bochow, Germany JR Bogner, Germany M-C Boily, Canada MG Boland, USA RC Bollinger, USA LS Bond, USA V Bongertz, Brazil EJ Bowen-Simpkins, Hong Kong CB Boyer, USA SA Bozzette, USA CJ Brabazon, Canada R Brackbill, USA P Braitstein, Canada JD Bray, USA JW Bremer, USA BJ Brew, Australia PM Bronfman, Mexico S Broor, India L Brown, USA T Brown, USA J-B Brunet, France FF Brun-Vezinet, France M de Bruyn, Netherlands Y Bryson, USA C Burr, USA DR Burton, USA A Buve, Belgium PE Cahn, Argentina L Calzavara, Canada B Camara, USA W Cameron, Canada SA Campbell-Forrester, USA M Carael, Switzerland M Carballo, Switzerland J Carey, Australia C Carpenter, USA JD Cartledge, UK J Casabona, Spain EA de Castillio, Brazil IA Castro, Spain L Ceccherini-Nelli, Italy S Ceesay, Gambia A Cerny, Switzerland P Chaisilwattana, Thailand R E Chaisson, USA A Chamratrithirong, Thailand R Chan, Singapore SH Cheeseman, USA P Chen, USA G Chene, France H Cheng, China C Cheng-Mayer, USA P Chequer, Brazil MA Chesney, USA J Chew, Malaysia F Chiganze, Zimbabwe R Child, Chile J Chin, USA D Chipanta, Zambia N Chow, Hong Kong A Chung, Vietnam P Cinque, Italy ML Clements, USA M Clerici, Italy B Clotet, Spain N Clumeck, Belgium TJ Coates, USA A Cochrane, Canada CJ Cockerell, USA S le Coeur, France J M Coffin, USA R Colebunders, Belgium O Coll, Spain AC Collier, USA JL Collins, USA AM Coll-Seck, Switzerland RW Cone, Switzerland R Connor, USA B Conway, Canada KD Cook, USA D Cook, Canada EL Cooney, USA DA Cooper, Australia EC Cooper, USA H Coovadia, Republic of South Africa KF Copeland, Canada L Corey, USA IB Corless, USA A Cossarizza, Italy D Cotton, USA RA Coutinho, Netherlands SG Cowal, Switzerland F Crabbe, Kampuchea C Craig, UK N Crofts, Australia S Crowe, Australia C Crumpacker, USA B Cullen, USA T Cunningham, Australia S Cunningham-Rundles, USA L Curran, UK J Curran, USA H Curtis, UK L Czamiecki, USA C J Da Rocha Carvalheiro, Brazil F Dabis, France AG Dalgleish, UK G Dallabetta, USA M Dannecker, Germany SA Danner, Netherlands JH Darbyshire, UK J-L Darlix, France WW Darrow, USA PM Davies, UK RC Deiparine, Philippines M Delaney, USA PR Delay, USA M della Negra, Brazil TN Denny, USA CMF Desgranges, France F Dianzani, Italy B Dickens, Canada G Dickinson, USA CW Dieffenbach, USA DT Dieterich, USA U Dietrich, Germany K Dietz, Germany SE Dietz, USA C Dixon, UK GJ Djaelani, Indonesia S Djauzi, Indonesia Z Djoerban, Indonesia JM Dobmeyer, Germany KK Dodt, Denmark K Dolan, Australia TJ Dondero, USA GJ Dore, Australia M Dorrucci, Italy M Dosso, COte dIvoire DL Douglas, Indonesia J Downie, Australia GW Dowsett, Australia J du Guerny, Italy F Dubois-Arber, Switzerland M Duckett, Switzerland AC Duerr, USA P Dumronggittigule, Thailand V Dunand, Canada MT Dunne, Ireland JM Dwyer, Australia PP Easterbrook, UK J Eberle, Germany MC Eggermont, Belgium

Page  v 12th World AIDS Conference C Eggers, Germany AA Ehrhardt, USA M Ekstrand, USA CJ Elias, Thailand JE Embree, Canada M Emerman, USA EA Emini, USA S Erastov, Russia L Ercoli, Italy V Erfle, Germany JJ Eron, USA HS Eshan, Australia J Esparza, Switzerland R Esposito, Italy M Essex, USA J Eugen-Olsen, Denmark BG Evans, UK IP Everall, UK JL Fahey, USA M Faigle, USA G Famularo, Italy P Farmer, USA C Farthing, USA M Feinberg, USA EM Fenyo, Sweden A Ferrari-Figueroa, USA SJ Fidler, UK JR Fiore, Italy MA Fischl, USA WA Fisher, Canada H-D Flad, Germany TP Flanigan, USA B Fleckenstein, Germany M Flepp, Switzerland J Fleras, Philippines S Folkman, USA F Fontenay, France MB Fontes, Brazil JC Forbes, Canada RL Forehand, USA S Forsythe, USA G Foster, Zimbabwe JP Fowler, USA G Franchini, USA P Francioli, Switzerland DP Francis, USA I Frank, USA L Fransen, Belgium J-Y Frappier, Canada GH Friedland, USA SR Friedman, USA AE Friedman-Kien, USA RE Fullilove, USA PN Fultz, USA E Fung, Hong Kong H Furrer, Switzerland G Fust, Hungary D Futterman, USA K Fylkesnes, Norway D Gabuzda, USA H Gaines, Sweden S Gallant, Switzerland RC Gallo, USA J Galvao, Brazil W-Y Gao, USA F Garcia, Spain R Garcia, Dominican Republic International Abstract Review Committee V PM Garcia, USA S Gartner, USA J Gatell, Spain BG Gazzard, UK KL Geney, USA D Genne, Switzerland A Gerbase, Switzerland JL Gerberding, USA M Gersak, Australia A Gervaix, Switzerland J-P, Gervasoni, Switzerland PD Ghys, C6te dIvoire C Giaquinto, Italy D Gibb, UK RB Giducos, Philippines IS Gilada, India CF Gilks, UK J Gill, Canada N Gill, UK BL Gilliam, USA J Giorgi, USA G Giraldo, Italy P-M Girard, France P Godfrey-Faussett, Switzerland SP Goff, USA RS Gold, Australia G Goldbaum, USA IL Goldstone, Canada A Gomez, Chile C Gomez, USA GG Goodwin, UK C Gore, Australia S Gore, UK R Gorna, Switzerland J Goudsmit, Netherlands RR de Graaf, Netherlands BS Graham, USA J Gray, Australia GE Gray, South Africa T Greacen, France AE Greenberg, USA RM Greenblatt, USA W Greene, USA S Gregson, UK G Gresenguet, Central African Republic SFJ le Grice, USA A Gromyko, Denmark S Grubman, USA E Guerrero, Dominican Republic S Gunawan, Indonesia GR Gupta, USA LG Gurtler, Germany BH Hahn, USA RG Hall, New Zealand SM Hammer, USA GW Hammond, Canada O Hamouda, Germany CA Hankins, Canada S Hanucharumkul, Thailand T Harding, Switzerland AO Harrison, USA PI Hartsock, USA D Hausser, Switzerland M Hawken, Kenya D Hawkins, UK M Hayashi, Japan N Hearst, USA W Heckmann, Germany J Heikel, Morocco F Hellinger, USA R Hemmer, Luxembourg K Hench, USA GM Herek, USA P Hermans, Belgium JJ Hernandez, Mexico PNR Heseltine, USA NA Hessol, USA F Hickson, UK S Hillier, USA H Himmich, Morocco S Hira, India M Hirsch, USA J Hiscott, Canada PJ Hitchcock, USA M Hogan, Tanzania S Holmberg, USA M Holodniy, USA DR Holtgrave, USA WL Holzemer, USA DR Hoover, USA RC Hornik, USA R Horsburgh, USA ML Horton, UK JL Hourcade Bellocq, Argentina F Houyez, France J Howard, Australia MR Howard, UK L Hue, Jamaica AM Hughes, USA B de Hulsters, Belgium J Hunter, USA H Hussein, Malaysia J Icovica, USA R Ismail, Malaysia RH Imperial, Philippines E Inglesi, Brazil Dr Irwanto, Indonesia R Isingo, Philippines R Ismail, Malaysia A Iten, Switzerland V Ivasiuk, Ukraine JJ Izopet, France H Jackson, Zimbabwe MA Jacobson, USA S Jana, India D des Jarlais, USA K-T Jeang, USA JF Jedlicka, Czech Republic C Jenkins, Bangladesh E Jensen, USA I-M Jensen, Denmark AM Johnson, Australia RP Johnson, USA VA Johnson, USA MI Johnston, USA J Joly, Canada C Jones, Australia S Jones, USA J Jost, Switzerland FN Judson, USA REF Jurgens, Canada JM Kagan, USA J Kahn, USA L Kaiser, Switzerland JM Kaldor, Australia A Kalichman, Brazil O Kaluwa, Malawi JN Kalyebara, Uganda M Kamakura, Japan MC Kamenga, USA A Kamuragiye, Madagascar PJ Kanki, USA U Kanungsukkasem, Thailand L Kaptue, Cameroon RA Kaslow, USA C Katlama, France D Katzenstein, USA P Keiser, USA JA Kelly, USA HA Kessler, USA CC Khamboonruang, Thailand S Kibuka, Uganda RG Kiefer, USA N Kiiti, USA VN Kimani, Kenya CC Kind, Switzerland E King, UK S Kippax, Australia D Kitayaporn, Thailand J Kittelsen, Norway NB Kiviat, USA I Klavs, Slovenia D Kleiber, Germany G Klein, Australia SA Klein, Germany T Klimkait, Switzerland BA Koblin, USA S Koenig, USA J Konde-Lule, Uganda S Kongsin, UK J Kosmidis, Greece JA Kovacs, USA K-H Krause, Switzerland JK Kreiss, USA L Kuhn, USA C Kunanusont, Thailand P Kurasha, Zimbabwe T Kurimura, Japan DR Kuritzkes, USA AE Kurth, USA R Kurth, Germany J Labeeuw, Kenya A Lafeuillade, France S Laffely, Switzerland M Laga, Belgium M Lallemant, Thailand F Lamothe, Canada P Lamptey, USA MP Landini, Italy J Lange, Netherlands ND Lapointe, Canada B Larder, Uk FR Lashley, USA S Lawless, Australia R Lavoie, Canada JM Leedom, USA C Lennings, Australia JL Lennox, USA

Page  vi Vi International Abstract Review Committee I Leon, Ecuador MT Leshabari, Tanzania A Lever, UK D Lew, Switzerland AM Levine, USA B Levine, USA SY Lewis, USA LC Leviton, USA J Levy, Belgium JA Levy, USA S-S Liao, China J Lieberman, USA AR Lifson, USA W Lindberg, New Zealand S Linn, Israel NL Linsk, USA J Llados, Switzerland KJ Logue, Canada M Lopez-Holmberg, Sweden N Low, UK C Loveday, UK JD Lundgren, Denmark PG Lurie, USA P Lusso, Italy R Luthy, Switzerland NW Lutz, France M Lyons, USA M MacDonald, Australia IB Macauley, Cameroon KS MacDonald., Canada A MacGowan, USA L Machala, Czech Republic B Mackie, Australia R Macklin, USA A Madden, Australia D Maher, Switzerland N Maina, USA CJ Major, Canada A Malcolm, Australia RP Malinverni, Switzerland P Mane, Switzerland J Maniar, India JM Mann, USA MP Mannuccio, Italy S Manson Singer, Canada U Marcus, Germany JB Margolick, USA MH Markowitz, USA CM Marra, USA A Martin, USA D Martin, Republic of South Africa C Martin, Spain JD Martin, Canada M Martin, USA M Martinez, Spain L Martinez-Peralta, Argentina PA Marx, USA TD Mastro, Thailand H Masur, USA L Matter, Switzerland T Matthews, USA P Mauclere, France MT Mbizvo, Switzerland S Mboup, Senegal CM McClure, Canada JM McCune, USA H McDade, UK J McElrath, USA K McIntosh, USA JA McIntyre, Republic of South Africa N McKeganey, UK G McSherry, USA S Mehrotra, USA JW Mellors, USA S Mellors, Netherlands S Melnick, USA HA Mendel, USA TC Merigan, USA P Meylan, Switzerland JL Meynard, France FS Mhalu, Tanzania M Mhloyi, Zimbabwe P-A Michaud, Switzerland A-L Middelthon, Norway F Miedema, Netherlands D Mildvan, USA D Miller, USA D Miller, UK R Miller, UK S Mills, Thailand JJ Mills, Australia P Millson, Canada QV Minh, Vietnam M Mintz, USA H Miramontes, USA H Mitsuya, USA RT Mitsuyasu, USA A Mocroft, UK LM Mofenson, USA J Mok, UK JSG Montaner, Canada D Montefiori, USA RC Moody, USA JP Moore, USA RD Moore, USA C Morrow, USA VA Moss, UK AR Moss, USA N Motlhabane, Botswana G Moyle, UK S Mphuka, Zambia W Msuya, Tanzania GR Muchinik, Argentina M Muesing, USA E Muhondwa, Tanzania F Mulcahy, Ireland T Munakata, Japan GK Munishi, Tanzania A Munoz, USA RL Murphy, USA R Musonda, Zambia C Mussini, Italy N Muurahainen, USA M Myers, USA T Myers, Canada D Nadal, Switzerland JP Narain, India A Nasmith, USA L Nath, India A Nath, USA J-Y Nau, France J Ndinya-Achola, Kenya I Ndoye, Senegal PM Ndumbe, Cameroon JD Neaton, USA G Neilsen, Republic of South Africa KE Nelson, USA S Nesselroth, USA RA Neurath, USA M-L Newell, Great Britain V-K Nguyen, Canada K Nichols, USA J Nicholson, USA JO Nielsen, Denmark K Nishioka, Japan J Noble, USA E Noehrensberg, Switzerland L Noel, Canada KM Nokes, USA P Nunn, Switzerland P Nwashili, Nigeria TR OBrien, USA MA ODowd, USA D Oetomo, Indonesia M OGrady, USA RC Okou Richard, Uganda A OLeary, USA M Opravil, Switzerland K OReilly, Switzerland JM Orenstein, USA CM Osborne, Zambia MV OShaughnessy, Canada S Osmanov, Switzerland M OSullivan, USA J Otis, Canada J Overbaugh, USA C Overs, UK FE Page, USA S Pahwa, USA V Paiva, Brazil JW Pape, USA MF Para, USA RG Parker, USA R Parry, UK N Partridge, UK H Parzadegan, USA WE Paul, USA G Pauli, Germany G Pavlakis, USA KM Pavri, India S Paxton, Australia CS Peckham, UK MF Peeters, France H Peng, Australia JL Perez, Cuba J Perriens, Switzerland L Perrin, Switzerland A Peryshkina, Russia MB Peterlin, USA T Peterman, USA L Petersen, Germany K Peterson, USA T Peto, UK P Pezzotti, Italy JP Phair, USA M Phillips, Australia AN Phillips, UK S Phongphit, Thailand 12th World AIDS Conference W Phoolcharoen, Thailand S Pick, Mexico M-C Pierre-Louis, USA SD Pinkerton, USA PA Pizzo, USA N-K Plange, Fiji A Plettenberg, Germany JM Pluda, USA FA Plummer, Canada A Poggi, Italy VV Pokrovsky, Russia G Poli, Italy H Pollack, USA B Polsky, USA RJ Pomerantz, USA W Poolcharoen, Thailand P Portegies, Netherlands JC Pottage Jr., USA JJ Potterat, USA G Poumerol, Philippines WG Powderly, USA L Power, UK C Power, Canada G Pozzi, Italy RJ Pratt, UK GP Prestage, Australia M Quigley, UK TC Quinn, USA JM Rabout, Canada AR Rachlis, Canada KT Racz, Germany P Racz, Germany F Raffi, France S Rasheed, USA MC Raviglione, Switzerland S Ray, UK SE Read, Canada C Regamey, Switzerland M Reidy, Canada P Reiss, Netherlands RS Remis, Canada G Rezza, Italy L Rice, USA DD Richman, USA L Richter, Republic of South Africa MN Ricketts, Canada C del Rio, USA J Rockstroh, Germany H Rodriguez-Trias, USA K Roebuck, USA M Rogers, USA AE Rollock, USA A Roongpisuthipong, Thailand ME Ropka, USA R Rosenbrock, Germany DA Rosenthal, Australia KL Rosenthal, Canada MJ Rotheram-Borus, USA CM Roy, Canada E Roy, Canada RM Rubaramira, Uganda H Rubsamen-Waigmann, Germany D Rugg, USA RM Ruprecht, USA

Page  vii 12th World AIDS Conference HJ Ruskin, Ireland GW Rutherford, USA MS Saag, USA AJ Saah, USA CA Sabin, UK S Safrin, USA J Sahai, Canada JW Said, USA AG Saimot, France Z Salisbury, USA I Salit, Canada R Salter Goldie, Canada SR Salunke, India S Samper, Spain J Sanchez-Fernandez, Peru EG Sandstrom, Sweden MG Sangiwa, Tanzania K Sangkard, Thailand K Sanhadji, France ET Santos Filho, Brazil S Saragosti, France S Sarkar, Bangladesh L Sarmati, Italy M Sassan-Morokro, C6te dIvoire SK Sathpathy, India G Satten, USA P Sawanpanyalert, Thailand P Scarpellini, Italy A Schaffner, Switzerland RE Schmidt, Germany H Schmitz, Germany J Schodelin, Switzerland A Schultz, USA SK Schwarcz, USA B Schwartlander, Switzerland DH Schwartz, USA S Schwartz, Sweden GB Scott, USA MG Seligmann, France P Selwyn, USA RD Semba, USA H Senay, Canada E Senturias, Philippines J Sepulveda, Mexico D Serwadda, Uganda JNC Sescon, Philippines PM Sestak, Canada SD Shafran, Canada Y Shao, China P Shapshak, USA Z Shatri, Albania GM Shaw, USA WT Shearer, USA CH Sherlock, Canada A Sherr UK L Sherr, UK International Abstract Review Committee VII P Shimazaki, USA C-A Siegrist, Switzerland RF Siliciano, USA NP Simbulan, Philippines RJ Simonds, USA D Simpson, USA R Sims, UK J Singer, Canada A Singhanetra-Renard, Thailand T Sirisanthana, Thailand W Sittitrai, Switzerland L Sloan, USA J Slootbeck, Netherlands C Smith, UK A Smith, Australia D Smith, Australia K Soda, Japan N Soderland, Republic of South Africa S Solomon, India SA Spector, USA B Spencer, Switzerland KE Squires, USA R St. John, Canada K Stanecki Delay, USA J Stansell, USA S Starr, USA S Staszewski, Germany M Steffen, France D Stein, USA Z Stein, USA CL Steinberg, USA R Steketee, USA H-J Stellbrink, Germany R Stephen, Republic of South Africa M Stevenson, USA GV Stimson, UK P Stoffles, Belgium RL Stoneburner, Switzerland D Storm, USA J Stover, USA SA Strathdee, Canada BA Styrt, USA JS Sullivan, Australia JL Sullivan, USA X Sun, China S Supawitkul, Thailand D Sutherland, Australia DW Sutherland, Canada R Swanstrom, USA FM Tadiar, Philippines Y Takebe, Japan C Tamalet, France ML Tapper, USA D Tarantola, USA PR Teixeira, Brazil A Telenti, Switzerland G Tembo, Kenya M Temmerman, Belgium LR Temoshok, USA V Terto, Brazil M Thompson, USA P Thongcharoen, Thailand R Thorstenson, Sweden F Tilokskulachai, Thailand U Tirelli, Italy I Tita-Gwenjeng, Cameroon J Todd, Tanzania G Torres, USA N Tran Hien, Vietnam CS Treston, USA D Trono, Switzerland CM Tsoukas, Canada G Tudor-Williams, UK P Ungavarski, USA K Ungchusak, Thailand M Uplekar, India M Urassa, Tanzania PE Uribe-Zuniga, Mexico B Utomo, Indonesia M Vaccarezza, USA L Vago, Italy JL Valdespino, Mexico R Valdiserri, USA FT Valentine, USA MG Vallada, Brazil I van Beek, Australia J van Dam, USA R van Dyke, USA J van Harmelen, Republic of South Africa AJ van den Hoek, Netherlands J van Lunzen, Germany P van de Perre, Burkina Faso E van Praag, Switzerland P van de Ven, Australia S Vella, Italy P Verani, Italy S Vermund, USA PL Vernazza, Switzerland N Vetter, Austria C Vidal, Spain P Viens, Canada N Vincent, Australia DQ Vinh, Vietnam V Vithayasai, Thailand D Vlahov, USA PA Volberding, USA J von Overbeck, Switzerland EMM de Vroome, Netherlands B Vuylsteke, Belgium R Wabitsch, Switzerland V Wahn, Germany MA Wainberg, Canada S Wain-Hobson, France BD Walker, USA CM Walker, USA SL Walmsley, Canada D Wara, USA J Ward, USA BE Warren, USA DL Warren, USA IFM Warwick, UK C Wasi, Thailand J Wasserheit, USA S Watney, UK R Watson, Australia M Waugh, UK PO Way, USA P Weatherburn, UK J Weber, UK K Weinhold, USA I Weller, UK BN Were, Uganda G West, USA C Whalen, USA D Whitby, UK A Whiteside, Republic of South Africa B Whittaker, Australia L Wience, USA D Wilkinson, Republic of South Africa AB Williams, USA S Williams, USA C Williamson, Republic of South Africa H Winter, USA S de Wit, Belgium A Wiznia, USA AD Wodak, Australia SM Wolinsky, USA F Wong-Staal, USA R Wood, Republic of South Africa T Yamamoto, Japan R Yarchoan, USA FH Yong, USA M Youle, UK I Yust, Israel L Zekeng, Cameroon J Zeller, USA E Zemp, Switzerland D Zewdie, USA JP Zhang, China X Zheng, China T Zhuwau, Zimbabwe MR Zocchi, Italy SB Zolla-Pazner, USA I de Zoysa, India

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Page  3 1592*abuse 3 12th World AIDS Conference Keyword Abstract-- Keyword Abstract encephalitis/Abacavir Combination abacavir ( ts/Activity of abacavir ( py regimens/Abacavir ( and activity of abacavir ( and safety of abacavir ( d tolerance of abacavir ( cacy of abacavir (ABC, d response to abacavir ( onse to abacavir (ABC, herapy with abacavir ( nhibitors/The entry of cokinetics of abacavir ( ma profiles of abacavir ( acavir (1592, ABC) with 1592, ABC) prevents spread of HIV-1 in br 556*/11233 ABC)/amprenavir (141W94) therapy 286*/12204 SABC) combined with protease inhibit 12210 SABC) in protocol CNAB 2002, provid 12212 SABC) with 3TC/ZDV in antiretroviral 127*/12230 SABC) with 3TC/ZDV in therapy-expe 128*/12255 SABC) alone and in combination thera 12353 ) in AIDS dementia complex (Study C 561*/32192,ABC) in vivo/Phenotypic HIV resista 231*/32289 ) in an AIDS dementia complex trial (C 32293 ), amprenavir, and CombivirTM in subje 32328 (abacavir) into the guinea-pig brain: 41192 U89) in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) usin 42271,ABC) in renal failure/Single-dose pla 42278 3TC/ZDV in antiretroviral naive subjects/S 127*/12230 rs associated with child in HIV infected mothers/Factors eir future/Prevention of abandonment children affected or infecte O immunoassay on the Abbott ArchitectTM i2000 analyzer/Perform 44218 60548 41115 halitis/Abacavir (1592, nation abacavir (1592, ivity of abacavir (1592, mens/Abacavir (1592, ations during abacavir ( tivity of abacavir (1592, 3TC/ZDV +/- abacavir ( afety of abacavir (1592, ance of abacavir (1592, nd efficacy of abacavir ( onse to abacavir (1592, d response to abacavir ( ofiles of abacavir (1592, ABC ) prevents spread of HIV-1 in brain tiss 556*/11233 )/amprenavir (141W94) therapy in HI 286*/12204 ) combined with protease inhibitors (P 12210 ) in protocol CNAB 2002, provides eff 12212 ) and PI therapy/Early and sustained 12213 ) with 3TC/ZDV in antiretroviral naive 127*/12230 ) reduces CSF viral load in HIV-infecte 12252 )with 3TC/ZDV in therapy-experience 128*/12255 ) alone and in combination therapy of 12353,1592) in AIDS dementia complex (St 561*/32192 )in vivo/Phenotypic HIV resistance in 231*/32289 1592) in an AIDS dementia complex 32293 )in renal failure/Single-dose plasma 42278 d children (CNA 3006)/ +/- abacavir (ABC) reduces CS 12252 acavir (1592, ABC) with in therapy-experienced children/ 128*/12255 Is (AZT + ddl vs. AZT + 3TC + indinavir) on T-cell function and apo 12200 t HIV infection with d4T/ /hydroxyurea/Salvage of multi-drug re 288*/12205 Retrovir (ZDV) + Epivir ( )/lnterim analysis of plasma viral burd 129*/12219 ombivirTM (lamivudine ( ) 150 mg/zidovudine (ZDV) 300 mg) gi 12220 parative study of d4T + + IDV versus ZDV + 3TC + IDV in treat 12223 (d4T) and lamivudine ( ) in HIV patients/Long-term compariso 12224 ddl + IDV versus ZDV + + IDV in treatment naive HIV-infected 12225 e therapy (ZDV/d4T + ) vs triple therapy (d4T + 3TC + indinav 12238 mbination with AZT and in antiretroviral-naive HIV-1 infected p 12301 (ZDV) and lamivudine ( ) in treatment-naive patients with >500 12311 quinavir combined with and AZT/Disease progression and su 12317 ination with zidovudine/ /Phase 2 study of amprenavir, a novel 12321 IDV) and lamivudine ( ) in HIV-1 infected individuals/An open 12357 cy of nevirapine (NVP)+ +ZDV in nucleoside-experienced patie 12369 ine (ZDV)-lamivudine ( ), and stavudine (d4T)-didanosine (ddl 12374 ZDV) with lamivudine ( ) at 36 weeks [DMP 266-005]/A phase 22334 e (ZDV) + lamivudine ( ), versus IDV + ZDV + 3TC at 24 weeks 22336 (IDV), and lamivudine ( )/Sequence analysis of HIV before an 22337 ZDV) plus lamivudine ( ) or ZDV plus 3TC plus indinavir (IND)/ 22339 ZDV) and lamivudine ( ) in HIV-1 infected patients [DMP 266- 22340 89 copies/ml)/Double ( + d4T) vs triple (3TC + d4T + saquinav 22344 ne (ZDV), lamivudine ( ), and stavudine (d4T) in therapy naive 22371 C/Virologic efficacy of + d4T vs. 3TC + d4T + SQV in HIV-1 in 22376 I during HAART (AZT,, Ind)/Quantitation of HIV biomolecula 22383 daily therapy (NVP/ddl/ ) for the IVDU HIV-1 infected populatio 22398 mbination with AZT and for greater than two years/Variable su 22400 00 CD4/mm3/AZT + + indinavir vs d4T + 3TC + indinavir for 22403 ed clinical trial of d4T + + SQV + NFV with or without interleuki 22414 children under AZT and therapy/Genotypic and phenotypic re 32298 NRTI cross resistance/ resistance is associated with better HI 32299 erapeutic failure to d4T/ combination/M184V mutation is not p 32310 er 12 months/d4T plus or AZT plus 3TC - Viral load suppressi 32321 ne (DDI) + lamivudine ( ) - First experience with a once-daily d 32393 sistance to lamivudine ( ) and nevirapine (NVP) by direct analy 41209 /HIV-1 expressing the -associated M184V mutation in revers 41214 4T in combination with and indinavir in the context of a popula 42169 esistance to AZT and after combination treatment with indin 42197 ne (ZDV) + lamivudine ( ) in HIV-1 infected people in Bulgaria/ 60238 f antiretrovirals (AZT + vs. AZT + ddl) on cytokine production 60657 cy and safety of ddl and both once daily plus indinavir bid/Sho 60678 or (PI) regimens (d4T+ +IDV vs. d4T+RTV+SQV) in pre-treate 60791 ceiving AZT and either, ddl or ddC using LiPA HIV-1 RT assa 60854 ents treated with d4T + + indinavir (IDV)/Long-term follow-up 60875 dine (d4T), lamivudine ( ) and saquinavir/Fatal lactic acidosis f 60998 with HIV-1 encephalitis/ Abacavir (1592, ABC) prevents spread of 556*/11233 iple therapy regimens/ (1592, ABC) in protocol CNAB 2 12212 opies/ml/Combination abacavir (1592, ABC)/amprenavir (141W9 286*/12204 aive patients/Activity of (1592, ABC) combined with prote 12210 sub-populations during (ABC) and PI therapy/Early and 12213 s/Safety and activity of (1592, ABC) with 3TC/ZDV in ant 127*/12230 A 3006)/3TC/ZDV +/- (ABC) reduces CSF viral load in 12252 ral activity and safety of (1592, ABC) with 3TC/ZDV in the 128*/12255 Safety and tolerance of (1592, ABC) alone and in combin 12353 /Safety and efficacy of (ABC, 1592) in AIDS dementia c 561*/32192 e and clinical efficacy of in a phase III pediatric study/Corr 232*/32283 h viral load response to (1592, ABC) in vivo/Phenotypic 231*/32289 d viral load response to (ABC, 1592) in an AIDS dementi 32293 quadruple therapy with (1592), amprenavir, and Combivi 32328 ors/The entry of 1592 ( ) into the guinea-pig brain: Comp 41192 clinical HIV-1 isolates to /Susceptibility profile (Antivirogra 41226 s/Pharmacokinetics of (1592 U89) in cerebrospinal fluid 42271 dose plasma profiles of (1592, ABC) in renal failure/Singl 42278 hierarchy?/Do women abandon condoms after exposure to a saf 33276 atients with AIDS and abdominal surgery/Prospective evaluatio cal and autopsy data in Abidjan, C6te dlvoire/Clinical manifestati uberculosis patients in, C6te dlvoire/HIV-1 RNA plasma HIV-1/HIV-2 infections,, C6te dlvoire/HIV-1 plasma viral I d tuberculosis patients,, C6te dlvoire/HIV-1 plasma viral I e dlvoire, 430 km from /Prevention of SIDS and AIDS in s Female sex workers in, C6te dlvoire: Determinants of en cer and HIV infection in, C6te dlvoire/Case-control study ansmission of HIV-1 in, C6te dlvoire/Study drug adhere e female sex workers in, Cbte dlvoire/Presence of anti-HI 30 patients from USAC, /The Rorschach test and AIDS: St rica: The experience of, C6te dlvoire/The impact of AIDS emale sex workers in, C6te dlvoire/Immune activation e sex workers (FSW) in, Cote dlvoire/Trends in condom alth care? A study from, C6te dlvoire/Where do female s port for AIDS orphans in /Community care and program su with HIV-1 subtype A in, C6te dlvoire/Field evaluation of t ed out-patient clinics in, C6te dlvoire/Assessment of eligi fectious disease unit in, C6te dlvoire/Out-patient hospita emale sex workers in, C6te dlvoire, 1992-1997/Declin om the health sector in, C6te dlvoire? An assessment of usion Center (NBTC) in /Psychosocial care and support di panies, the example of (C6te dlvoire)/Model of simulatio 41172 12146 h lactobacillus species, abnormal vaginal flora, and risk of HIV-1 in ms and immunological abnormalities predict perinatal HIV infecti eart, lung, and immune and high viral burden in rapi ae and treatment/Lipid associated with use of prot coma tumours/Genetic in Kaposis sarcoma tumou n of chest radiographic in HIV+ patients with Pneu sociated with hormonal in otherwise healthy adult H alliative care/ Aboriginal palliative care/ care to multi-diagnosed people in the downtown Eastsi nomic impact of HIV on people in Canada/The econo Legal issues relating to people and HIV/AIDS: Discrimi in concern/HIV among aboriginal people in Canada: Injection dru /AIDS/North American two-spirited sexual identity and and research/Involving communities in HIV/AIDS surv tions to system failures: Abort, retry, ignore?/Solutions to system f gimens: The reasons of absence of initial virological response/Pro egative subjects and of increase in ALT values and HC creative solutions in the of drugs/Finding creative solutio rative study of rifabutin absorption and disposition in HIV-infected arrier permeability and properties compared to other associated with sexual abstinence in the Chicago Womens Inter anda youth/Promoting for AIDS control in the Uganda s/Epidemiology of drug abuse-related HIV in Russia; Related rese slum of Karachi/Sexual abuse of children at workplace in a slum of 13271 13328 13329 13557 14198 622*/22305 31*/23280 23515 24156 24346 31147 33101 33245 34300 41127 445*/42291 42445 182*/43236 43515 60220 60694 33148 174*/12169 12171 12319 22284 60601 60648 24251 24267 32413 44167 23514 34196 44269 60131 12334 32111 34165 32171 60086 14315 60848 23184 13435 ty, STD, AIDS and drug DS prevention and drug nt of the US substance ction/Childhood sexual with physical and sexual isk taking/Child sexual g young females/Drug en/Physical and sexual tors of sexual and drug, HIV/AIDS, substance The effects of childhood IV/AIDS, drugs/alcohol covery from substance equences of substance ances in HIV/substance ms, recovery from drug g adolescents with drug /Young children need to know about 13522 at urban schools in Rio de Janeiro/ 13526 treatment system and efforts to impr 13586 and risk behaviors among women a 14160 among HIV-infected women/Psych 14185 and HIV positive and negative wom 23422 and sexual behaviour of young mal 23465 as co-factors for HIV transmission i 23467 behaviors/Implicit sexual cognition 24152 and mental health services in non-g 32410 on negotiating HIV risk reduction/R 238*/33382 among early adolescents of copper 33565 among HIV-infected women/Satisf 42214 treatment on demand can be accom 44314 treatment: Bridging the gap for clien 60072,and appointment adherence are as 60408 /HIV related risk factors and HIV tes 60572

Page  4 4 abuse * action 12th World AIDS Conference - Keyword Abstract f- Keyword Abstract Idren who are sexually abused for commercial purposes/HIV and amongst the substance abusers in Delhi/Prevention of HIV/AIDS ongst intravenous drug in Kathmandu/Prevalence of HIV African-American crack /HIV risk and alcohol use in out-of ong women substance in the southeast United States?/ om/Women substance concerns about and experiences g out-of-treatment drug /Peer-oriented interventions redu s to engage substance in treatment/Preventing HIV/AID ors in HIV-infected drug /Methadone and protease inhibito g out-of-treatment drug with and without psychiatric como sessing HIV risk in drug /Comparison of two instruments f h HIV/AIDS/Other drug abuses by young Camerounians living wit ours among substance abusing youth in Shitta community/HIV/AI tudents from the Police Academy in Rosario/Sexual activity and k s in Childhood, Medical of Warsaw/Antiretroviral treatm s in Childhood, Medical of Warsaw/Vertical transmissio igh school and a police academy in Rosario/Comparing sexual be me after haart initiation/ Accelerated opportunistic infection/neopl pharmacokinetics in an accelerated clinical trial design/Selection mission of HIV in Africa/ Acceptability of voluntary HIV counselling D infections in Uganda/ e device - A pilot study/ es in Zimbabwe is high/ en drug users in Brazil/ sex for drugs or money/ omen and men speak/ uct trials in three cities/ ulu Natal, South Africa/ cal trial/Tolerance and acceptability of male circumcision as a str of female condom (FC) as a of vaginal microbicides in Zi of the female condom amon of the female condom amon of a phase I safety and acce of formulations and applicati of a vaginal microbicide am of vaginal cleansing with be 24303 23207 23246 23421 23446 33135 33555 33604 41202 60380 60650 32436 23424 60096 60304 60305 43399 60999 12208 23310 23355 33127 33134 33136 33139 33147 33150 33151 12209 13487 23344 33130 33147 33152 33154 33282 43120 43132 60028 60126 43251 13468 43142 23509 34167 43261 60393 14141 22333 23315 24139 34270 42287 42301 42302 42305 42316 44102 uation of STD services in the general population in AIDS enlightenment on of male condom use among thwestern Uganda/An study of female controlled m f a phase I safety and vaginal microbicide trial in fo y to vaginal microbicide /Real experience: The key to cities/Factors affecting of vaginal microbicides amo VCT) improves overall among prenatal women in Z natal care: Uptake and in Edinburgh, Scotland/Co n of HIV: Feasibility and among those at risk/Home s men)/Female condom in a group of volunteers (me AIDS enlightenment on of condom use among sex w City, 1995/A culturally acceptable educational approach to reach (PLWAs) at work place/ Acceptance of people living with AIDS (PL k City, and Connecticut/ of HIV testing among women D testing and treatment acceptance and factors associated with sy n Thailand/Community and support for people with HI sively for women is well accepted by female injection drug users in ammed cell death and markers of disease progression tive chronic drug users/ Access to health services for HIV positive atment of HIV infection/ to combination antiretroviral thera nant women in Canada: and outcome, 1995-1996/Antiretr ical activism in Mexico/ to anti-retrovirals: The role of politi in sub-Saharan Africa/ to treatments and psychosocial su ce Programs (ADAPs)/ to antiretroviral therapies: Update V+ medicaid recipients/ and barriers to care among HIV+ al security system void/ to treatment/care in Venezuelas s mens: Is it equal for all?/ to treatment with protease inhibito HIV/AIDS in Colombia/ to treatment for people living with ity based legal support/ to treatment through community b onstitutional challenge/ to treatment: AIDS affected popul ts: The case of Mexico/ to treatment a human rights: The c ces using legal means/ to AIDS treatment and care servic s: VLAP (the Viral Load Project) and Working Group/Com d treatment: Increased access at low cost in Burkina Faso/Care a ress towards improved GARBTTP) to facilitate opulations/Providing w/lncreasing electronic cal principles to assure ost saving strategies for onse to the dilemmas of munity actions/Improve munity actions/Improve o 27, and can influence /Community facilitated ring mobile populations in the developing countries/Adapt to AIDS prophylactics in developin to HIV-research opportunities for d to instruments/literature on HIV-rel to HIV treatments: Recommendati to pharmaceuticals by women and to treatment in resource poor count to treatment and prevention by me to treatment and prevention by me and adherence/Poor experiences to free viral load assays: VLAP (the to information about HIV/AIDS in th alawi/Factors affecting accessibility to drugs and care in Chiringa addressing the issue of of a mail order pharmacy spe: Treatment availability,, distribution and compliance ronic mail/International to HIV/AIDS information via s. network sampling for accessing injection drug users/Targeted n/Reducing barriers to HIV/AIDS information for urban e of opinion/Barriers to treatments for women living wit cted minorities patients medical care: An archival revie 94/1997/An analysis of accident of health care workers during yea I/Surveillance of HIV-1 accidental contamination among health c a population-based HIV exposure program/Pharmace assessment of the HIV exposure prophylaxis program conversion rates/Work accidents:Epidemiological analysis and s nfectious occupational in the health care group/Harm p with protease inhibitors/ Accumulation of gag-pol polyprotein inter esponse to megestrol acetate therapy in AIDS-associated wastin secondary to megestrol therapy in HIV-infected children/A to high dose megestrol therapy/Severe cortisol deficiency uasi-species and amino acid signatures of HIV-1 envelope sequen mprovement of nucleic vaccination against HIV-1 toward stro ity of oral 9-cis-retinoic in AIDS related Kaposis sarcoma: Al /Topical 9-cis-Retinoic (PanretinT) gel as treatment of cutane otease inhibitors to a-1 glycoprotein/A fluorescence quenchi ting/Effect of an amino mixture containing P-hydroxy-p-meth s due to indinavir/Urine acidification and the risk of nephrolithiasis T/The steatosis-lactic acidosis syndrome (SLAS) in early stage aquinavir/Fatal lactic following HAART containing stav ty of the V3-loop amino acids of HIV-1 group O strains in Camerou /Mycobacterial nucleic in tissues of patients with HIV infecti ption by actinomycin D ( Act D): A potential approach for AIDS ther mmunicable Diseases on the high-risk behaviour of HIV-infect US Ryan White CARE /Emerging care/treatment issues and t s in Ryan White CARE AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADA V by Ryan White CARE health care providers over a 30-month e by Ryan White CARE Title I eligible metropolitan areas/Resp logy of AIDS activism in Up-Paris/Sociology of AIDS activism i study in India/Modified ACTG-076 protocol and its initial results in t n+ Adults (CPCRA004/ ACTG177 /CDC/PAHO)/A randomized tria case-cohort study of ACTG 175/HIV serum RNA, CD4 cell num 42308 42320 42358 44122 44125 44253 44268 44274 44280 60308 60699 60927 12430 42297 43558 60297 24174 34111 42313 43239 60618 23337 33191 60162 23334 23346 41184 32165 32445 60367 21122 21205 22276 618*/22277 42268 42330 12328 60611 60998 11171 41157 376*/11124 14268 34380 42287 42402 42415 44294 12408 447*/22126 507*/12124 125*/12203 13565 32401 32450 460*/42210 42323 60272 60279 11120 376*/11124 34105 13465 14298 23412 34185 43134 43488 13182 13341 14225 24232 32188 33533 43171 43193 43273 29*/43367 43484 43536 experienced subjects/ y (WITS): Pre and post e, Brazil/Adherence to ion?/ls incomplete 076 ders awareness of the HIV-1 infected persons/ egnancy/Knowledge of n HIV-infected persons/ ion by HIV-1 envelope/ Actin 364: Virologic efficacy of nelfinavir ( 076 results/Reproductive choices i 076 regimen in a developing countr protocol useful in reducing vertical H 076 findings and their adherence to 285: G-CSF (Filgrastim) for mobiliza 076 increases willingness to take A 853: Effects of treatment for MAC inf dependent dual receptor HIV-1 infec 536*/44104 ting individuals to have m and efforts to improve armacy-based syringe se/The PCP index: An al minorities/Improving nrichment/An adapted xual men can influence to improve gay youths her scheme to improve s particularly womens e prevention and better ations/Investigations of rations/Investigation of e patient and caregiver ors/Ensuring equitable with worldwide internet n Jamaica/Increasing to STD care and treatment at Gove to primary and secondary HIV prev /Attitudes of participants of a van-b and quality of care indicator for HIV to care for language/cultural/racial to health care for the deaf: A neces to antiretroviral therapy/Disclosur to HIV/STD services in Latin Ameri to health services for female sex w to STD treatment in Nepal/Integrat 44108 44272 60699 75*/12405 13482 13586 23173 24185 32422 32424 32428 32433 33228 83*/33237 everse transcription by actinomycin D (Act D): A potential approa actice and participatory action-research /Territorializing AIDS pre hop on STD/HIV/AIDS/ Action planning strategies on the preventi - European Concerted Study/Recently diagnosed HIV-inf eet children in Calcutta/ research on understanding sexualit or Solidarity and Social ) in Bouake/Economic support to p y for the EU Concerted on Multinational AIDS Scenarios/H y for the EU Concerted on Multinational AIDS Scenarios/E dy for the EU concerted action on multinational AIDS scenarios (B rent practice and future /Psychoactive substance use amon a tool for effective social programs/Research as a tool for eff health/A framework for: HIV and mental health/A framewor etabolic mechanism of /Energy balance studies during gro system/European joint plan on AIDS peer education to rea eer-led gay community /Stop AIDS London: Five years of p piricism and community: Competitors or collaborators?/Em mpala slums: A youth in approach/HIV/AIDS prevention an xperiment in planned /HIV-prevention for clients of male s:European Union (EU) on multinational AIDS scenarios/In or self-assessment and by health districts/Getting things do to care/HIV infection impact amon 105*/34101 to HIV-related treatments in Asia th 34104 to HIV-related treatments in Asia th 199*/34141 to HIV Internet information/Housto 34320 to protease inhibitors/Ensuring eq 42226 /US Public Health Service Expert P 42292 to medications in Jamaica/Increas 42299

Page  5 12th World AIDS Conference action * activities 5 -Keyword Abstract - Keyword Abstract s a reasonable mode of in prevention of HIV vertical transmi ation of programmes of and promotion in human rights and DS epidemic/The HIV initiative: A collaborative model for c strategy for community in STD/AIDS prevention and care of d settings: Bridging gap of SWAA-BURUNDI/Medical care f he welfare and social department to fight against AIDS in n the streets where the is/On the streets where the the theory of reasoned:Research agenda for explaining HI people living in France: Actions and survey to promote prevention he needs for preventive actions against STD/HIV/AIDS among Fili cation and constructive inside of the penitentiary/Continu orkers/The institutional and level of commitment as percei outcomes with present: Predicting the sexual risk-taking o by means of community /Improve access to treatment and by means of community /Improve access to treatment and outcomes with present: Predicting the sexual risk-taking o c changes in naive and activated T cells in blood and lymph nodes om chronically immune individuals/Increased susceptib onsible for lymphocyte activation-induced cell death in primary a n of T-cell homeostasis: Activation-mediated negative selection/ non-escalating immune activation and uses multiple co-receptors i 43571 44144 44222 44297 60111 60418 60527 60976 105*/34101 13445 24281 34166 42396 44274 44280 60553 269*/21112 21156 21161 21117 11210 11230 12147 12293 21105 21137 21163 21166 21212 22290 24152 31147 213*/31166 31184 506*/32167 41193 42181 42190 42262 60406 nd phospholipase A2 ogic analyses/Immune ent CD8+ T lymphocyte esult in similar immune zation and ice-protease with decrease in T cell condrial damage or Fas nuclear factor kappa-B s associated with B cell cit sexual cognition and C6te dlvoire/Immune are markers of immune ace markers of immune cell count, and immune ocyte functionality and ators/Plasma immune inal study of CD8 T cell urea in vitro/Enhanced 7.2 but not B7.1 during - Results over 2 years/ adiological evaluation/ the female genital tract/ irs in patients on highly ction/Impact of a highly and response to highly ne: A convenient highly nants of failure of highly er introduction of highly unction/Effect of highly ns or death after highly ions in the era of highly asing?/lmpact of highly ization related to highly 996, when use of highly rance/Impact of highly d effectiveness of highly ks) where Sero Zero is atients receiving highly e cell level during highly um tuberculosis during arithromycin and highly nated MAC and highly fter initiating of highly we/Low prevalence of AIDS patients on highly ma (KS)/Effect of highly herapy (CT) and highly women receiving highly atients receiving highly 8+ T cell counts/Highly atients receiving highly are/The effect of highly hs/The impact of highly d HIV disease on highly Home care in the highly ome-made drugs as an ers/The association of IV) infection in sexually esponses during highly in cynomolgus monkey lympho in HIV-infected African individu despite prolonged protease inhi,progression and response to tr /HIV-Induced apoptosis of renal markers/Therapy induced redu mediate apoptosis in HIV-gpl2 and cytokine production in prim /The emergence of AIDS-assoc in HIV risk: Predictors of sexual markers and chemokine recept and disease progression in HIV in dual infection with HIV and M markers predict HIV-related wa markers expression before and marker levels compare favorabl and viral load in HIV-infected pa of nucleoside analogues in the have an increased ability to sup ted patients after highly antiretroviral treatment (HAART)/S 111*/31142 atients receiving highly combination therapy/Down regulati 110*/31165 ithin 6 months of highly antiretroviral therapy/Partial immun 31174 n HIV patients receiving antiretroviral therapy/Depressed re 31175 ected patients on highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART)/Im 338*/31186 are improved by highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART)/He 32139 d persons taking highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART)/The 32199 zation of PML by highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART) and 32209 n responders to highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART)/Tra 32241 in responders to highly antiretroviral therapy/Uneventful int 32242 cal responses to highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART)/Viro 32286 e inhibitor-based highly antiretroviral therapy/The clinical ut 32305 a+ t-helper cells/Highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART) lead 32317 ise adherence to highly antiretroviral treatment/Strategies t 388*/32322 ve adherence to highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART)/Edu 32333 h center (CHC)/Highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in th 32334 (SHCS)/Why is highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART) not p 446*/32335 herapeutics/Increasing drug users adherence to HIV thera 393*/32336 Patient choice of highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART): impl 32356 + patients failing highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART)/Me 32357 m/Adherence to highly antiretroviral treatments (HAART): I 32367 al responses to highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in pa 32380 in the efficacy of highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART) amo 32385 sful response to highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART)/The 32388 ty/Adherence to highly antiretroviral therapy among HIV-inf 32389 ts adherence to highly anti-retroviral therapy (HAART) for 32397 APS): The use of highly antiretroviral therapy/Geriatric AID 32417 ng unmarried sexually women - Data from a national (US) 33106 eening and selection of anti-HIV agents for the developmen 33144 rdam/A comparison of injection drug users attending needl 33385 Iternative for sexually, substance-using youth/Harm redu 33415 e the outcome of highly antiretroviral therapy/HIV people: S 34251 hort treated with highly antiretroviral therapies at advanced 41179 NFV), and the nelfinavir metabolite M8 (AG1402)/Steady-st 42265 tion in the era of highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART)/A s 42412 ners are homosexually /Working with women whose male p 237*/43256 ing the impact of highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART) on th 43525 ly treatment with highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART) is co 44243 th adult heterosexually men/A review of HIV interventions 254*/44303 count/Changing highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART) and i 60178 e first 6 months of highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART)/Evo 60180 disease in patients with CMV disease/Predictive value of C 60191 erence among sexually men-who-have-sex-with-men/Fact 60192 en/The effect of highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART) on c 60289 atitis B flare after highly antiretroviral treatment (HAART)/H 60323 atients declining highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART): Wh 60336 on adherence to highly antiretroviral therapy/A cross sectio 60465 s index/Effect of highly antiretroviral therapy on patient wei 60509 ss the difficulty to highly antiretroviral treatments (HAART) a 60535 herapy (DOT) of highly antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in pa 60582 IV infection/Chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis are cruci 60675 rals: The role of political activism in Mexico/Access to anti-retrovir 24139 Active surveillance of sexual behaviour a 14118 mycobacterium tuberculosis infecti 22148 production of HIV-1 in the female g 23442 active antiretroviral therapy: Implications f 273*/11150 antiretroviral therapy (HAART) on vi 11155 anti-retroviral therapy (HAART)/Nai 12190 triple combination for first line antiret 12239 antiretroviral therapy (HAART)/Det 12271 antiretroviral therapy (HAART)/Hep 12288 antiretroviral treatment (HAART) on 12322 antiretroviral treatment/Changes in 12331 antiretroviral treatment (HAART) in 12345 antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in Fr 13202 antiretroviral therapy (HAART)/Dec 13239 antiviral therapy (HAART) became 13307 antiretroviral therapy (HAART) on C 13318 antiretroviral therapy/Long-term su 187*/13349?/Who are the men who are seldom 13413 antiretroviral therapy (HAART)/Dyn 269*/21112 antiretroviral therapy (HAART)/Patt 221*/21176 pulmonary tuberculosis infection/R 21189 antiretroviral therapy (HAART)/Bac 22114 antiretroviral therapy (HAART)/Ski 22171 antiretroviral therapy (HAART)/Ma 22172 syphilis in a population with high pre 22197 antirretroviral treatment (HAART)/ 22271 antiretroviral treatment (HAART) in 617*/22275 antiretroviral therapy (HAART) in pa 22289 antiretroviral treatments (HAART)/ 22312 antiretroviral therapy (HAART)/Sus 22342 antiretroviral therapy (HAART) incr 22345 antiretroviral therapy (HAART)/Ris 22351 antiretroviral therapy (HAART) and 22365 antiretroviral therapy on HIV-associ 22373 anti-retroviral therapy (HAART)/Ch 345*/22412 antiretroviral therapy (HAART) era/ 22449 factor of HIV transmission in Russia 23186 hepatitis B and C (HBV and HCV) in 23378 Ghanaian women/Trends in human 23593 antiretroviral therapy (HAART)/Fun 113*/31134 rts of the death of AIDS have been greatly exaggerated/ /Treatment education, and advocacy for parents of HIV+ rough judicial and NGO /Blood safety in India through judi mmunity based political in the battle against AIDS/Comm ample of how treatment can improve the patient place in t bisexual men/Cultural and community mobilization: Ret n Israel: A case study in /Influencing government policy in aris/Sociology of AIDS in Act Up-Paris/Sociology of AID nges between northern activists and southern HIV+ people/Favo natal HIV transmission: Activities within the Health Resources an are/Client satisfaction activities and Ryan White CARE act: Invol opinion and prevention d control: Integration of - HIV/AIDS - Profitable s/Role of development have high neutralizing n overview of out reach s HIV/AIDS prevention ventive culture/Sexual d HIV/AIDS prevention ect/Income generating rsonal testimonies and odeficiency virus type 1 sion of the process and stration/United States uman rights networking et analysis of HIV/AIDS ponse to HIV and AIDS in the workplace in Thailand: Re /Womens health promotion - S /Prostitution - HIV/AIDS - Profit in the programme of education a with respect to the infection of pri for flat based sex workers (wom aimed at a youth population in Li of young people: The making of /Empowerment of community ba amongst PLWH/A on the Pilly Lu of people living with HIV/AIDS to of proteins from 17 species of pl associated with the developmen to reduce perinatal HIV transmis:Towards the integration of legal /A tool for budget analysis of HIV in Kabarole, Uganda/A three-ye 24142 32441 33205 34334 42236 43178 104*/44257 44294 44291 43186 12451 13440 234*/23451 23584 24118 31105 33345 33346 33578 34128 34278 34303 41203 42225 43186 44149 44251 60240

Page  6 6 activities * adherence 12th World AIDS Conference -Keyword Abstract -Keyword Abstract ess over 6 years on the -seropositive persons/ Activity therapy naive patients/ with protease inhibitors/ uced pro-inflammatory activity ted viral transcriptional ics, safety and anti-HIV ve subjects/Safety and hildren/Antiretroviral -1 protease/Anti-HIV-1 suggests residual viral m/Synergistic anti-HIV s (PIs)/In vitro antiviral able clinical anti-HIV-1 DS is low/Early sexual d patients/Telomerase Serum HIV neutralizing n CD45 phosphatase potent HIV-suppressing Study 002/Anti-tumour ma tumour/Anti-tumour sess the antiretroviral pare the antiretroviral bility and antiretroviral cs, tolerability, anti-viral correlation with antiviral ase by the macrophage )/HIV-AIDS prevention se and high-risk sexual A review of six years of on of the HIV-inhibitory HIV specific neutralizing ction and levels of CTL xic T lymphocyte (CTL) i HIV function: RANTES, on HIV-1 specific CTL c cytotoxic T-cell (CTL) ytolytic T lymphocyte cytosis and germicidal i men/Testosterone, HIV ompatible with enzyme ne mediated HIV killing i odel systems/Anti-viral n (PHE) outreach/Daily f ine (D-D4FC)/Anti-HIV CR4 receptor/Anti-HIV ns and AZT/Anti-HIV-1 < eparation and anti-HIV odeficiency virus type 1 odeficiency virus (HIV) a reverse transcriptase / r of HIV disease/CD45 i asing thymidine kinase cokinetics and antiviral i e basis of their antiviral / parameters of hospital ces/Womens HIV risk emy in Rosario/Sexual ral treatment, 1. In vitro / d impact of early sexual nfected cells/Apoptotic c in Dakar/Experimental c e/Anticytomegaloviral fect of natural killer cell i tion Krilija/Anti-AIDS ( fected patients/Lack of ancial support on AIDS f of NGO worked with HIV/AIDS in 60851 of soft gelatin capsule formulation 12145 of abacavir (1592, ABC) combine 12210 of TaxotereTM (docetaxel) as thera 60934 /Generation of recombinant analo 11101 and the level of seminal chemokin 279*/11151 /Oral PMPA pro-drug: Relationshi 12211 of abacavir (1592, ABC) with 3TC/ 127*/12230 and safety of abacavir (1592, ABC 128*/12255 of and HIV-1 resistance profiles ag /Persistent CD8+ T lymphocyte ac of ritonavir and other protease inhi and pharmacokinetic (PK) profiles (72 weeks) and tolerability for efavi is common among teenagers in th impairment in hematopoietic prog and IgA in exposed seronegative ( /The effect of HIV-1 infection on C in acutely infected-reservoir cells/ of oral 9-cis-retinoic acid in AIDS r of interleukin-4 toxin in nude mice i and safety of efavirenz (EFV, SUS and tolerability of efavirenz (EFV) of efavirenz (EFV, SustivaTM DMP and preliminary viral resistance/C Pharmacokinetic interaction betw immunomodulator WF10 (A phase among intravenous opioids users i among STD clinic patients/Cocain of a reference center in Rome/HIV of seven human mucosal fluids/Ev (NA) of HIV infected patients recei are in equilibrium with viral burden n HIV-1-infected Ugandan adults/ via CCR3 is required for specific TEffect of the Thl and Th2 stimulat against HIV-1 proteins is not assoc using frozen PBMC and correlatio in originating neutrophils and mon and nutritional status in HIV-infect Combination of the multidrug resi nduced by Echinacea angustifolia of microbicides in model systems/ orm as monitory tool for peer healt biochemistry, and pharmacokineti of AMD3465, a novel antagonist of of combinations and covalent conj of enantiomeric oxaselenolane nu Structure/function relationship of t of NARL-1, an polycassine extrac Rapid phenotypic detection of HI n T cells: A new surrogate marker versus reduction of thymidine mon n phase 1/11 trials/Relationships b Case reports of potential combina confirms effectiveness of new ther as a route to greater security: The and knowledge on AIDS: Investiga Multiple herbal therapy: A new ap among adolescents in relation to S )f nitric oxide in HIV-1 -infected cell )f reconversion among prostitutes and toxicity studies of (-)-2-(S)-di n AIDS patients/Interleukin (IL-2 of the St. Petersburg Gay and Les of the protease inhibitors on the H or NGOs in Thailand in 1995/Fina 12270 12293 12315 12339 12359 14109 21118 21124 21151 21185 22276 22279 22334 22336 22340 22352 22404 22417 407*/23220 23414 570*/23534 31106 31108 598*/31130 31139 31148 31153 31155 31156 31187 32163 32300 32309 33149 33591 557*/41174 41183 41188 41200 41206 41207 41209 42183 42264 42266 42388 42437 60060 60096 60205 60225 60255 60265 60291 60325 60595 60598 60600 33153 24270 60211 60453 12192 22228 24239 60882 11222 11224 11225 12189 12190 therapy in patients with /primary HIV infection/Double nude ina/Clinical features of retroviral syndrome in La Plata, Arge ed cell death in primary infection/Expression of molecules r pneumonia (PCP) and respiratory failure (ARF)/Validation pneumonia (PCP) and respiratory failure (ARF)/Potential r ved cellular immunity in HIV-1 infection following antiretrovir suppressed rats during PCP/Extrapulmonary dissemination V+ patients/Etiology of renal failure in HIV+ patients/Etiolog are not associated with pelvic inflammatory disease in HIV-i mbivirTM in subjects with and chronic HIV-1 infection/Adhere asibility for diagnosis of primary HIV infection and estimation nges in viral load during respiratory infections in HIV infectio xide synthesis during SIVmac251 infection of Macaques/ ces HIV-1 replication in acutely infected primary Th2 cells and cell -suppressing activity in infected-reservoir cells/Human rlL CD4+ cells naturally or infected by HIV/CD28 costimulati eatment with foscarnet/ Acyclovir-resistant herpes zoster in 18 HI I therapy (HAART) and acyclovir therapy/Regression or stabilizat ly developed polymeric adamantane analogue/Inhibition of HIV-1 ual behavior of persons addicted to narcotics/Sexual behavior of p and syphilis among the prisoners/The simultanity of HIV groups of HIV +ve drug patients/Evaluation of effectiven program/Reduction of addictive and risk taking behaviour during me strategy among drug addicts in Yugoslavia/Developing prevent drug users/Recovering role in AIDS prevention for incarc tics of HIV positive drug in FR Yugoslavia/Characteristics erized medical record ( ADDIS ~)/Improving patients enrollment i ameters by HIV stage in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia/Clinical/Viro/Immu ther anti-HIV agents/ Adefovir (PMEA) and PMPA show synergi HIV infection/Safety of adefovir dipivoxil in the treatment of HIV in ed open label study of dipivoxil (PreveonT, ADV) in com ncreased sensitivity to and PMPA as well as decreased r elop during PreveonTM ( dipivoxil) therapy do not decrease herapy with PreveonTM ( dipivoxil) added to existing regim sponses in Macaques/ Adenovirus-SIV env priming and boosting Incrementazione della Adesione Necessaria alle Cure Erogate in 12198 12202 21161 22188 22436 115*/31177 31220 32127 32135 32328 42105 42161 60686 21153 21185 60407 32269 32209 41205 23242 60835 60868 43302 23251 43401 60884 42207 12135 41195 12386 22371 41214 41218 60706 11241 32386 12298 viral therapy (HEART)/ at the JCRC in Uganda/ ncy HIV Study (WIHS)/ ng HIV positive women/ larithromycin regimen/ Itisite interview project/ hronic HIV-1 infection/ owledge as predictors/ ncy HIV Study (WIHS)/ V+ women and nurses/ nd protease inhibitors/ stions to improve them/ ng HIV-positive women/ with guidelines for care/ nd a clinical trials unit/ atients of the inner city/ n HIV-infected patients/ Ministry of Health policy/ y - Porto Alegre, Brazil/ ments in a day-nursery/ es in the United States/ attenuating measures/ ur country comparison/ vs. clinical care setting/: Qualitative approach/ itors/Factors related to vey (HTSS) to improve wards childbearing and ) Course on medication ease/Measurement of herapy: Key factors for te dlvoire/Study drug ychological factors and t-team model/Ensuring s/Counselling PWAs on /Strategies to optimise -based HIV medication e on antiretroviral (AR) nwide protease inhibitor n/Antretroviral use and s and age are related to HIV (PLWH) to improve asing active drug users ed adults/Self-reported Adherence to proteinase inhibitor based hi and compliance in tuberculosi 448*/22129 with colposcopy among wome 22320 to gynecologic examinations a 32132 patterns in patients with sympt 32324 to currently prescribed antiretr 392*/32326 to quadruple therapy with aba 32328 to protease inhibitor (PI) thera 32337 to antiretroviral therapy (ART) 32347 barriers to complex antiretrovir 65*/32352 re-framed in the big picture: A 32365 to highly active antiretroviral tr 32367 to antiretroviral therapy amon 32374 to antiretroviral medications in 32378 and antiretroviral responses to 32380 to highly active antiretroviral th 32389 to antiretroviral therapy in HIV- 32392 to antiretroviral therapy: The F 32396 to ACTG 076 regimen in a dev 32401 to treatments in a day-nursery 34325 to opportunistic infections (Ols 42212 of patients with AIDS to treatm 42442 to anti-retroviral therapy: A fou 60129 to HAART in clinical trials vs. cl 60356 evaluation of antiretroviral (AR 60843 adherence (ADH) with protease inhibitors 12400 and quality of out-patient care/ 12445 to safer sex rules in a cohort of 14111 - A pilot study/Impact of THE ( 14271 to clinical guidelines and patie 22379 period/Nursing interventions f 22471 and tolerance within a randomi 31*/23280 to combination therapies: A pil 24282: A patient-team model/Ensuri 24286 issues/Counselling PWAs on 24330 to highly active antiretroviral tr 388*/32322 referral clinic/Interventions an 390*/32323 among HIV-infected out-patien 32325 program/Nationwide protease 32327 in a cohort of 696 HIV+ pregna 32329 to combination therapy in HIV- 32331 to highly active antiretroviral th 32333 to HIV therapeutics/Increasing 393*/32336 to combination antiretroviral m 32338 on and more protected acts with a choice of methods: The women n HIV infected inmates/ Acupuncture /an alternative to acting out o evated transaminases/ treatment in people with HC icacy of a standardized acupuncture regimen for neuropathic pai I): A cohort description/ Acute primary HIV infection (APHI): A coh a in a patient with AIDS/ disseminated histoplasmosis and P agnosed HIV+ women/ stress disorder assessment and inte n HIV-infected women/ pelvic inflammatory disease associ mmunodeficiency virus acute infection and CCR5, CCR1, IFNy, R cell dysfunctions during infection of SIVmac251 infected Ma nd non-pathogenic SIV infections/t-Chemokine responses + T-cell differentiation in viral and chronic HIV-1 infection: Per ve T cell subsets during infection (Al) with HIV and response

Page  7 adherence *adopted 7 12th World AIDS Conference Keyword Abstra ender differences in HIV k/Safety, tolerance and rminants of medication ad are associated with t/Antiretroviral therapy ons/Social support and s prescribed: a study of o enhance medication s/Virological failure and aluation of predictors of viders support and HIV aviors and therapeutic AART): implications for y (HAART)/Medication cal practice/Treatment Multiple reasons for non y results/Self-reported reatment compliance ( ement tools to increase History of drug use and gical well-being and HIV ide/Increasing patient 5o Paulo, Brazil/Low apies/Predictors of non ylaxis/Poor medication troviral therapy/Patient Self reported treatment tion Partners (MATEP) h for the assessment of ry models for treatment /Cognition and HIV e of early parameters of isation and medication d persons can influence h to maximize patients nd their relation to drug /Obstacles in treatment ic cohort with effective Factors which influence ly housed (H/M): Good ssues in HIV treatment s/Monitoring treatment ople: The discourse of ssing and implementing G 076 findings and their ce aimed at supporting ng medication profiles, nal practices on patient eeping/HIV out-patient o protease inhibitor (PI) n influence access and iders/The challenge of onse/Protease inhibitor buse, and appointment to improve medication patients advises about nt HIV care/Medication al treatments (HAART) pact of interventions on azil/Evaluation of users duals/CD80 and CD86 adhesion ne receptor 5 and focal lasma levels of soluble patients/Expression of?/Are there gender differences of late oral ZDV to reduce perin in HIV+ women: A pilot investig to anti-retroviral therapy/Impro in Brazil: An alternative metho in HIV+ persons/Social suppor behaviours in people taking an /Support intervention to enhan to antiretroviral therapy in HIV-i in HIV-infected patients receivi /Perceived health care provide /Adult social identity is part of c /compliance/Patient choice of enhancement after viral genot: Assessment of healthcare pro to antiretroviral medications in to ritonavir/saquinavir (RTV/S )and drug resistance: A model f in a controlled trial of quadrupl in HIV+ persons/History of dru /Psychological well-being and: Experience with the HIV medi in antiretroviral users at Soo P to HIV combination therapies/ extends to opportunistic infecti to antiretroviral therapy/Patien and drug/alcohol use are asso initiative: Rationale and goals/ to therapy/Towards a new app to combination antiretroviral th /Cognition and HIV in predicting successful respon /Protease inhibitors and recrea to HIV antiretroviral therapy/T to highly active anti-retroviral t /A survey evaluating pharmacy: Patient reasons/Obstacles in and desired clinical results in p to the use of protease inhibitor ict 32339 32341 32342 32343 32344 32346 32348 32349 32350 32351 32354 32355 32356 32357 32358 32360 32362 32363 32364 391*/32366 32368 32369 32370 32375 32376 32377 32379 32381 32382 32383 32387 32388 32391 32395 32397 32398 32400 32403 32404 - Keyi gram in Hollywood, CA/ ction and HIV status in adolescent erto Rican mothers and of sexual education for eaching AIDS for rural onal analysis of female ers to safer sex among V risk behaviors among CA/HIV prevention for sky sexual practices of ed risk factors for young fects in an HIV-infected nity, Nigeria/Integrated e start of NEP among /Awareness among the munication and reduce on to protect homeless bserved in the adult and ary 1994 to April 1997)/ District of Bangladesh/ The need for advocacy/ nhibitor in children and word AbstractIDUs patterns of utilization of 60545 girls: The Reaching for Excelle 13283 daughters/Setting the stage f 235*/13404 scholars of the city of Santa Cr 13552 girls/Reproductive health teac 13571 sexual risk: Comparative resul 14124 female university students/Lo 14234 and young adult recently initiat 23191 IDUs at a storefront needle ex 23204 female hawkers in bus and tru 23439 mothers/Longitudinal study of 23499 with failure-to-thrive and wasti 32179 reproductive health for out of s 33370 and young adults who recently 33394 in schools/IESC/Awareness a 33596 sexual risk behavior in a low-in 34175 CSW and single homeless mo 43343 spectrum of disease project/T 60923 Adolescents and HIV/AIDS in Benin City, and AIDS: A study of awaren living with HIV and the child adolescents with advanced HIV infection/ but rarely prescribed/Protease 389*/32406 /Prisons and public health: Em 501*/32408 in pediatric HIV: Identifying the 32438 /Do people fail drugs, or do dr 638*/34212 understanding/Collaborative 34258 to government guidelines to re 460*/42210 /compliance for PLWHA/Gettin 42235,and surrogate markers in real t 42419 to anti-retroviral treatments/B 42438: Relation of disease status to a 42453 among sexually active men-wh 60192 /Poor experiences of health ca 60308: An educational model for non- 60362 and HIV-1 RNA response/Prot 60363 are associated with quality of lif 60408 to highly active antiretroviral th 60465 to antiviral therapies/Compari 60481 issues in patients requiring in-p 60490 /Visual analogue scale (VAS) t 60535 rates/Impact of interventions o 60588 in ambulatorial services of HIV/ 60614 molecules on circulating T cells 21125 kinase in CD4+ T cells by macro 55*/21135 molecules during primary HIV-1 21173 molecules in recurrent aphthous 32250 ention among Mexican /Knowledge of HIV transmiss n HIV incidence among and young adults in the Unite prevention program for /Sex education and HIV/STD evention programs for at schools: La comunidad pr ality amongst in- school /The use of participatory com n among corpus-based /Barriers to effective STD/AI ex and sexuality among /A healthy perspective towar e rural health project for and youths/Introducing parti d reproductive health of and youth/Comparative stud exual behavior of risk in at Lambayeque, Peru/Knowl mong young people and /The importance of life skills i risk among low-income /Substance use and HIV risk d vulnerability in female from Argentina/Risk percepti DS, risk perception and in Lima, Peru/HIV/AIDS, risk nd condom use among during summer vacations/Ri ts of sexual behavior of in a slum of New Delhi, India/ he sexual behaviour of /Peer presure, mass media a usual characteristics of and youths attending a new s ant and never pregnant /AIDS risk among inner city p cted children becoming: A descriptive study of older c he HIV epidemic upon and young adults at the local and coping among HIV+ /Life stress, anxiety, depressi e needs of HIV positive and young adults/A survey o es of HIV+ children and /Learning to live together - multi-grieved adults and in a poor AIDS stricken area/ vention among Nigerian /STD treatment and preventi cational programme for on self-efficacy in AIDS prev for condom use among: Evidence from Cameroon/I unselling and testing to: contributions of social mark condom promotions to: Success examples from the ts saying, and are their listening?/Analysis of family s of condom use among: The impact of maternal-adol ntervention in training as peer educators in Argenti hol abuse among early of copper mining towns/Prev TD/HIV/AIDS among through peer education/Prev V positive and high-risk and young adults/Training in k-taking among female /The association between vie ents with AIDS and their /Improving adjustment amon ge among seropositive with hemophilia/Sexual beh substance-dependent /A randomized clinical trial of areness among school Ugandan experience/Effecti S cases among female /Epidemiological features an e pieces: Caregivers of bereaved by parental AIDS/ unication programs for through phone surveys/Roo of HIV/AIDS among the (cultural and religious)/Com ychiatrically diagnosed /HIV-related risk variables an y sexual activity among in relation to STDs/HIV/AIDS AIDS epidemics among in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazi V testing levels among with drug abuse/HIV related pecific for youths and in developing countries/Setti and Chlamydia among aged 15-19 years in rural M he students, youth and at Makerere University in Ug ion of HIV/AIDS among in Uganda/Risk perception o olicy factors influencing decisions to be HIV tested/F eases among Nigerian /Assessment of services for t V infected adults and /In an era of constant chang oductive health among in rural Tanzania: Design of i ountered and solutions adopted in counselling clients while giving 13399 43353 44287 12262 13172 13222 36*/13498 13528 13529 13537 13540 13561 13573 14134 14181 14186 14196 152*/14210 153*/14264 14317 14332 22203 23408 23529 23546 24224 24230 24235 24246 33244 33353 33428 33434 33456 33463 33465 33539 33565 33590 34146 34226 43238 43286 43294 43361 43455 47*/44215 44312 60011 60163 60225 60284 60572 60643 60682 60719 60762 60778 60906 60922 60993 43115 cal fat pads and truncal adiposity with serostim (recombinant hum ondoms? A survey in Adjumani and Moyo Districts, northern Ug g Sudanese refugees in District, northern Uganda/AIDS ection of an appropriate adjuvant for vaccination with HIV-1 derive n incomplete freunds (Remune) in HIV-1 seropositive virus envelope derived /Studies with an autogenous HIV gh the use of molecular adjuvants /Development of rationally desi tope polypeptide TAB9 with montanide ISA720 is highl he disadvantaged rural adolescence in northern Uganda/The exp infected with HIV in her /An autobiography of a youn ching for Excellence in Adolescent Care and Health (REACH) pr oon: The case of Bafia/ s health reproduction in Came ection in Mumbai, India/ sexuality and vulnerability to s and policy in practice/ consent for HIV testing: Discr role of family variables/ sexual behavior in two ethnic ude towards HIV/AIDS/ employed children in Chandig 32164 33120 43339 33224 41237 60312 21208 21216 43181 43333 13283 13574 14321 44111 44217 60041

Page  8 8 adopted * Africa 12th World AIDS Conference --Keyword Abstr cy to planning a future: Adopting the identity of a chronically ill per g political commitment: a national AIDS policy framewor awian youth/Barriers to adopting HIV risk-reduction behaviours in or HIV/AIDS prevention enter-education strategies/Yout ith CMV retinitis after of 1996 IAS-USA recommendati n HIV-infected children/ Adrenal insufficiency secondary to meges herapeutic adherence/ Adult social identity is part of culturally co ral therapy naive Thai adult population with CD4 counts 150-350 ulation/7-year trends in 1996/Characteristics of ce of focus groups with eceptor expression in pects of tuberculosis in P. carinii and T. gondii in inst in HIV seropositive rienced HIV-1 infected nfection among young adolescent and young cal reference ranges for sitive and HIV-negative cio-economic impact of f HIV interventions with al pressure in Ugandan DDC (Retrovir-Hivid) in lized African-American razil/AIDS mortality in es in otherwise healthy women observed in the HIV-1 prevalence, incidence and mo HIV-infected female tuberculosis pati men and women on sexuality in Paki Simian astrocytes cultures/Chemota AIDS patients in Rio de Janeiro, Braz HIV-1 infected individuals with stable patients/Immunogenicity of hepatitis patients/Same antiretroviral combin recently initiated injection drug users recently initiated injection drug users HIV Ethiopians: Effects of HIV-1 infe patients in Kenyatta National Hospita mortality and morbidity on household act 24263 43570 14195 33559 12158 32445 32355 12241 13106 13250 14241 21144 22142 22179 22327 22382 23168 23191 31183 42446 44206 ulgarian seropositives/ Advanced stage of HIV infection among n 42136 m Korean patients with advanced AIDS/Determination of genetic 11201 a cohort of patients with HIV infection, in Lima-Peru/Epi 12122 nical manifestations of HIV disease using hospital surv 12146 view of the patients with HIV disease in Bulgaria/Clinical 12150 uential therapy in naive HIV patients: The MASTER Stu 12243 ediatric patients with HIV disease/Combinations of di 12253 n and adolescents with HIV infection/Combination ther 12262 V-infected patients with immunodeficiency started on pr 440*/12266 n as salvage therapy in HIV disease/Combined nelfina 12303 naive patients with very disease (trial ISS 047)/Correlati 12363 naive patients with very disease/Quality of life before an 12444 umonia in patients with HIV disease/High prevalence o 22117 disease in patients with AIDS is decreased among thos 22145 node morphology after AIDS following antiretroviral trip 22389 conomic aspects of the HIV infection/Effect of the new 22392 herapy in patients with HIV disease on highly active ant 345*/22412 ers and patients about directives (AD) in a teaching ho 22430 ansmission of HIV-1 in HIV disease and advanced peri 23401 V-1 CTLm responses in infection/Prolonged suppressio 112*/31124 ance of skin allografts in HIV infected patients/Toleranc 31182 cal disturbances during HIV-1 infection/Antigen p24 HI 32222 erapy in a US inner city, AIDS population. Will viral rebo 32405 asma RNA changes in patients after 6 months of triple t 41140 tiretroviral therapies at stages of HIV disease/Dynamic 41179 ndrosterone (DHEA) in HIV-infected patients/Double bl / 42326 udy (1997)/The recent treatment of AIDS terminal case 42383 Is in AIDS patients with HIV disease from the CPCRA 0 60508 and d4T in patients with HIV disease/Saquinavir (SQV) i 60714 agement: What is real?/ Advances in HIV management: What is re 44250 ging the gap for clients/ in HIV/substance abuse treatm 60072 en in the UK/Treatment advances,risk taking and HIV testing histo 14159 al men/AIDS treatment and perceived need to maintain 23403 3 year analysis/Recent in antiviral therapy (ARV) for HI 24136 s to condom use - New in condom technology/Overco 33112 f HIV/AIDS treatment on community based AIDS servi 34310 the future in the light of in combination drug treatment/ 34315 reas/Responding to in HIV treatment: Planned chan 42415 -Keyword Abstract-- heterosexually active men/A review 254*/44303 AIDS patients with cryptococcal men HIV(+)/AIDS naive patients/CD4 ma patients with HIV disease/The do n patients in the last 3 years: Decreasi HIV-1 infected individuals/Chronic u and adolescent spectrum of disease 60231 60235 60287 60580 60648 60923 447*/22126 12143 s in HIV+;, Tuberculin+ Adults (CPCRA004/ACTG177/CDC/PAH cohort of HIV-1 infected adults in Uganda/Outcome and cause of d iral naive, HIV-infected tomatic HIV-1 infected nversion among young adolescents and young pulmonary tuberculous IV-infected Ugandan nergic and non-anergic mong youths and young life issues among older DS education for young isk behaviour among of seriously mentally ill tion program for young cobacteremia in febrile CAP) among Ugandan IV-1 infected Ugandan dicator disease among ohort of HIV-1 infected al population of 15,000 practice of HIV-infected of HIV risk behaviors in IV risk behavior among dolescents and young adolescents and young I profile of HIV-infected ement for multi-grieved IV-1-infected Ugandan matic HIV-infected Thai s in HIV-1 seropositive ea among HIV infected bel use of thalidomide in sample of HIV-infected arginally housed (H/M) dolescent and young adolescents and young mples from Tanzanian stable anti-HIV drug, in, and viral load in HIV+ al health of HIV infected y quality in HIV infected dy mass in HIV-infected n HIV testing among US V testing history among ds assessment of older oster virus infection in on among HIV-infected ocyte subsets for HIV+ antibody in HIV-infected agents in HIV infected /Hydroxyurea in combination regim 287*/12235 in Nairobi, Kenya/Evaluation of the 12407 in the US Army, 1985-1996: Curren 518*/13212 in the United States/Trends in HIV i 13222,1993-1997, Kampala, Uganda/Tre 610*/13273 /Impact of pulmonary tuberculosis ( 13315 from a voluntary counselling and te 13324 /The epidemiological background f 13392 affected by HIV/Addressing extend 13398 in rural China: Operations research 13414 aged 18-25 years/Evaluation of a b 40*/14253 /Outcome of a cognitive-behavioral 14279 in Brazil/Why the prevention works 14290 admitted to Mulago hospital in Kam 22109: Impact of HIV-infection/Diagnosis 22116 /Ethambutol (EMB) in the continuati 454*/22140 in California/Gender-specific risk of 22185 in Entebbe, Uganda/Falciparum m 130*/22236 in southwest Uganda/Risk factors f 23356 in Australia/Treatments, intimacy a 641*/23402 with serious mental illness/Psychia 23531 living with a severe and persistent 23544 at the local level/Communities at ris 23546 /A survey of the mental health care 24230 in Montreal, 1990-1997/Retrospec 24233 and adolescents in a poor AIDS stri 24246 /Cross-clade HIV-1 specific cytotoxi 31139 with CD4+ T lymphocyte >500 cells 31158 in Kenya/Clinical evaluation of an a 31208 in Rwanda/Case-control etiological 32105 with HIV-associated wasting (Proto 32170 /Self-reported adherence to combin 32338 /Protease inhibitors (PI) are associa 32390 who recently initiated injection drug 33394 /Training increases service provide 34146 /Evaluation of an experimental Amp 41155 with symptomatic HIV infection/Th 42263 with CD4+ counts 200-499/mm3/E 42328 /The effect of protease inhibitors on 42346 /Ecological and attitudinal influence 42348 using progressive resistance trainin 42357 1993 to 1996/Trends in HIV testing 43127 in the United States/HIV testing hist 43140 in caring for persons living with AID 44219 in the large city/Varicella zoster viru 60267 in care with indications for antiretrov 60394 /Comparison between flow cytomet 60416 /Anti-GM2 mediated cytotoxic antib 60458 and adolescents/In an era of const 60922 As to improve care in an advancing pandemic: Theta speakers bur ease inhibitors therapy/ Adverse reactions during protease inhibito inical progression and adverse events in a cohort of HIV-infected cife, Brazil/Tolerance, reactions and compliance of child eporting scheme/HIV drug reaction (ADR) reporting sch sages/Using television advertisements for social marketing of Al ationwide public service advertising on STD syndromes/Developi ine/Effects of different strategies for enhancing referr ects of gender, medical advice and beliefs about efficacy and toxici hysicians and patients advises about adherence to antiviral thera e New York State AIDS Advisory Council/Ethical principles to ass he National Community Board of the Womens Interagen he National Community Board of the Womens Interagen exploitation of PLWHA/ Advocacy against exploitation of PLWHA/ 22479 60658 440*/12266 12333 12385 33488 588*/33450 33494 32318 60481 44125 44264 44278 34287 with HIV/AIDS in Peru/ workshops: Creating effective 34306 and improved survival/ for poverty alleviation as an alte 44228 ducation, activism and advocacy for parents of HIV+ children: Th 32441 perspective/Treatment for people with HIV/AIDS: A Hon 34279 oking ahead: A national coalition explores its future/Loo 34378 policy development and: A Kenya AIDS NGOs consortiu 43566 atemala/Human rights:Ensuring HIV/AIDS prevention 404*/44146 e system: The need for /Adolescents living with HIV and 44287 Women, HIV/AIDS and: Setting priorities/Women, HIV/ 60081 ncy culture/Peer group and the dependency culture/P 60420 ncy culture/Peer group and the dependency culture/P 60885 e Canadian Treatment Advocates Council/Swimming with the sh 42238 0-499/mm3/Effects of aerobic and resistive exercise training on 42328 tient with HIV infection/ Aerococcus viridans as a causative agent 32263 iral therapy/The role of aerosolized pentamidine prophylaxis in th 22182 nia in HIV disease/The aetiology and natural history of neutropeni 32152 kers need to know/The affordability of antiretroviral therapy in de 481*/44245 pportunistic infections/ Affordable medical care for HIV/AIDS pati 69*/42425 AIDS diagnoses, and is affordable /Expansion of US Medicaid sys 482*/44241 pes in West and Central Africa /Molecular epidemiology of HIV-1 g 430*/11163 n untreated infants from /Viral load studies in untreated infan 12154 ospital (CHBH), South /The impact of HIV infection on in-h 172*/12166 urban hospital in South /The effect of HIV on gastro-enteritis 12174 n of HIV-1 and HIV-2 in: The role of unsterile injections in th 13107 ape provinces of South /Molecular epidemiology of HIV-1 in 13125 people in sub-Saharan /Cost-effectiveness of isoniazid pre 450*/13278 V-2 in the Gambia, West /A comparison of survival between 13294 ir dipivoxil (Preveon, ADV ) in combinations with indinavir (IDV), 22371 ditions in distinct South patient populations/Incidence and c 13381

Page  9 12th World AIDS Conference Africa * aged 9 Keyword Abstract - -Keyword Abstract-- I chools in subsaharean S care and prevention in S and the rural elderly in low pathogenicity from ons in the community in rus (HPV) infections in nt women in rural South ransmission of HIV in f HIV in Soweto, South g sex workers in South S rapid transmission in esearch on HIV/AIDS in of AIDS policy in South ct of HIV on mortality in pact of HIV on fertility in men living with AIDS in t of AIDS counselling in us type 8 in the US and n Kwazulu Natal, South Lack of PWA network in IV-1 subtypes in South tervention trial in South e move in sub-Saharan /Video letters between n AIDS interventions in ce of HIV/AIDS in South DS control programm in care and prevention in ttle choice of survival in V/AIDS in sub-Saharan al reformers in Western NGOS Network in East health centres, in West e State region of South lish standard of care in s of C6te dlvoire, West waZulu-Natal, South support groups in West emics in sub-Saharan military recruits in South f eastern and southern nsfusion in sub-Saharan ment and openness in sease in Durban, South: A mobile library/Kit for ral load in Ghana (West y in Cape Town, South atal midlands, South rcerated populations in: Horizon 2000 - The situation in C6t 13390: HOPE worldwide examples/Combi 13485 /One life time, twice orphan: AIDS a 14348 compared to the US-Europe-Austr 22177 /The impact of cryptococcal disease 22223 /Short term course of cervical squa 22319: cost-effectiveness and capacity/A 23297 /Acceptability of voluntary HIV coun 23310 /The feasibility of short-course antir 23322: Implications for microbicide use/Int 23419: The case of compasory circumcisio 23473 /A multi-disciplinary approach to de 24113 /No content without process: factors 24141: Evidence from national surveys an 24189 /Evidence of the impact of HIV on fe 24196 related to the knowledge by their pa 24320: The experience of Abidjan, C6te dl 24346 /Comparative prevalence of infectio 31189 /Acceptability of a vaginal microbici 33151 /Lack of PWA network in 33198 and the construction of a gp120 DN 33218 s goldmining industry/An interventi 33536 /A critical assessment of HIV/AIDS 240*/34103 and Europe against AIDS/HIV/Vide /Translating perceived costs of volu /Faces - The face of HIV/AIDS in: A successfull case study in Senega: The experience of a collective of Al /Young HIV/AIDS widowed girls hav /Access to treatments and psychos?/Self-help groups of people with Al (ANNEA) experience/Establishing /A community-based study of HIV-2 /Normal values for T-cell subsets in /Placebo control trials of short-cours /Care service delivery in peripheric /Impact of the HIV epidemic on dem /The supervision of income - Gener. Example of the GTZ Regional AIDS /HIV seroincidence and willingness /Enhancing training capacities throu /Training for Safe blood transfusio /Human rights protection, developm /Increasing incidence of genital ulce: A mobile library/Kit for ): No HIV-2 interference/HIV-1 viral I /Methodological issues when resea /Prevalence of sexually transmitted:The C6te dlvoire experience/Dete h-risk HIV behaviors of African-American, drug dependent wome lishing trust/Recruiting mothers and teens for /AIDS prevention sites/ churches as HIV/AIDS e for 15- to 22-year-old men who have sex with pies among a sample of drug users/Complianc use in out-of-treatment crack abusers/HIV risk HIV risk factors among women seen at Califor ntions and decisions of women living with AID /Life transformations of HIV-positive women/Li f the female condom by and Hispanic women/ ama/HIV prevention in teenagers through radi evention for low-income women/AIDS preventi xuality, and HIV/AIDS in churches/Teaching rel y intervention targeting women/An innovative SDN): HIV prevention in heterosexual women/ s learned from the CDC initiative: Keeping pace e status of hospitalized adult patients with HIV ial model for services to African-Americans /A psycho-social mod hort of Caucasians and /MHC genotype predi HIV-1 infections among African-born HIV infected persons in the M303 mutation in South African populations/The prevalence of the 34118 34147 34152 34161 34176 34207 34270 34283 34353 165*/41135 42185 35*/42201 42424 42431 43212 43224 43385 359*/43391 43567 44132 60030 60604 60773 60832 60860 60986 13402 13420 13585 23120 23123 23421 23440 24195 24264 33131 33432 33532 34192 43231 43232 43279 60287 34204 60870 13103 11122 11173 11176 11186 11217 12147 12209 12427 13122 13169 611*/13246 in a cohort of Southern gold miners with a high prevalence pective cohort study of patients/The impact of HIV infecti E erculosis (TB) in a rural population cohort with known HIV STD patients in Central Republic/Bacterial vaginosis and nteract in sub-Saharan pregnant women/HIV and malaria mong mid-life and older American women living in low-inco diverse group of South lesbians/Men, morals and misinfo of quality of life (QOL) of Americans with HIV/AIDS/An ass xposition among West people where HIV infection is prev IV transmission/The street barber: Is he/she a risk in HI ed diseases in a South male population/Sexual behaviou IV transmission in an prison/A longitudinal study of the r IV in an urban South setting/Breast or bottle? A cost-eff ences in European and HIV-positive women/Psychosocia pidemic: Evidence from community based studies/Mortalit nds in family structure in populations affected by HIV/Tren ing for HIV in two South hospitals/Inadequate pre- and po ric comorbidity in South HIV/AIDS patients/A high rate of p ms are not popular with men/Why male condoms are not p approach in three West countries using surveillance data/ V risk perception among immigrants living in New York City HIV knowledge among immigrants living in New York City on AIDS from a popular television series AIDS in the City Contribution of the pan- AIDS documentation centres netw ucation and support for PWAs living in England/Peer educ n impact among North people living in France: Actions an e programme (QAP) for settings/CD4 T cells phenotyping f HIV-1-infected South patients/Ability of the total lympho f HIV and AIDS in the sub-continent-situation analysis/P ducation by peers in the prison system: The example of the for HIV prevention with communities/Statutory and volunt s and disclosures in the community/Overcoming cultural b s of HIV/AIDS control in prisons/Problems of HIV/AIDS co t attendance at a South HIV clinic/Characterizing an epide g individuals from North attending a HIV reference center i he gap with immigrant communities in developed countri isia - High and low risk regions for HIV infection/Seroepid ity and susceptibility of women to HIV infection/Cultural fa hlamydial infection in women with or without HIV infectio cond-generation North immigrants/Conducts logics faced DS treatment amongst Refugee community in UK/Comm Kaposis sarcoma in an KS endemic area/Immune status ve effect of HLA-A28 in Africans exists also in Caucasians: Analys gn educates 1,200,000 /HOPE worldwide world AIDS da viral therapies on black living in Britain/The impact of anti HIV-AIDS infection/The Afro-Brazilian religions and the reduction r active metabolite M8 ( AG 1402)/Steady-state pharmacokinetic in of lymphocytes and Fas Ag expression in early phase of SIVmac inf neous detection of p24, HIV-1 and HIV-2 antibodies/Evaluatio atment in six US cities/ Age-specific trends in seroprevalence of od donors in Tanzania/ Age specific change of serotype prevalenc nts in the United States/ of initiation of sexual intercourse amo e related to gender and age at diagnosis among California AIDS ca sex practices based on /The importance of social and family n and White young men, 18 to 25 years, 1986-1995/HIV risk re nic, and White women, 18-25 years, 1986-1995/Reducing H all and for populations, groups, and settings/Effects of US-ba and White US women, 18 to 25 years, 1986-1995/Changes i sexual behaviour in the of AIDS: A study among college youth i children <36 months of /Effect of antiretroviral therapy on viral ation between younger and HIV risk in gay/bisexual men in the ams target women over fifty/HIV transmission/prevention prog I profile of women over 15 at risk or infected with HIV in Belo H women of childbearing from population-based seroprevalenc Idren over five years of: Influence of CCR5 genotype and antir gay men/Attitudes and are related to adherence to combinatio survey of reproductive women/Consistency of condom use fo ted tuberculosis/Race,, gender, and risk-group difference in r cation targeting 15-49 groups through personal testimonies, enarios/Incorporating effects and case definition change into ected patients over the of 50/The use of protease inhibitors (P galovirus retinitis in the of HAART/Community screening prog n should begin at school (6-10 years)/HIV prevention should b s of relationships in the of HIV/The Lazarus dilemma: Shifting d Tuberculosis Patients Aged 20-49 years diagnosed in correction among male individuals aged 17, in Brazil/Knowledge about the HI HIV/AIDS among youth 12-14 in Jamaica/Knowledge, attitu S in Brazil?/Do middle- people care about HIV/AIDS in Brazil ehaviour among adults 18-25 years/Evaluation of a brief ge dia among adolescents 15-19 years in rural Mwanza region, 13254 613*/13259 13267 13284 13298 14192 14238 14361 22143 23338 23415 23589 316*/24124 594*/24150 24192 24211 24340 32258 33122 33233 33333 33336 33448 33493 33543 105*/34101 42182 42187 43102 43412 44276 60006 60036 60246 60257 60592 60723 60846 60909 60943 60959 60970 21202 33362 60957 106*/14215 42265 11227 60402 13224 13113 14329 13387 14177 14212 14219 14283 14330 14331 22364 24*/23349 23452 23483 23490 31138 32331 33106 42215 42251 43484 60388 60550 60836 60925 13265 13159 13527 13587 40*/14253 60682 n of HIV-1 subtype A in /Neutralization of South h sequencing of 4 East ad and tissue tropism in ctivation in HIV-infected chloride in HIV-infected e experience of a South workers on three South ahia, Brazil: A state with among staff in a South children presenting with a rapid or HIV-1 isolates/Neutralization of S HIV-1 reveals 2 recombinants and green monkeys/Natural host resis individuals: Immunologic, phenoty pregnant women, 1996-1998: AN NGO initiative/Community-based gold mines/Genotypic and phenot socio-demographic characteristic hospital: Impact of the HIV epidem

Page  10 10 aged * Amplicor 12th World AIDS Conference --Keyword Abstr Catholic Social Service Agencies /Strengthening HIV prevention e kshop at governmental agencies in Mexico City/HIV/AIDS preven ountries, implementing and local communities/Effective uilding of implementing in the AIDSCAP Brazil project/E earned for international /Promoting GO-NGO-CBO-PHA based research in AIDS agency programming: An emerging model eveloping countries: An agenda for clinical research/Care of HIV-i orkplace/Setting the for promoting a non-discriminatory hildren and families/An for a more effective response to th oned action: Research for explaining HIV/AIDS in Nepal a e GM2 as an anti-HIV-1 agent /Human IgM monoclonal antibody to viridans as a causative of pleural empyema in a patient with mpact on anti-infective use/Utilisation of colony stimulating ucleoside antiretroviral agents in HIV-infected children/Combinati ion leaders as change in adapting HIV interventions with c eiro/Training of health on STD/AIDS prevention and drug s in Santos/The health experience with sex workers in San nti-pneumocystis carinii /Conformationally constrained pen ection of active anti-HIV for the development of vaginal micr act - 34191 33541 34370 43503 43509 44293 12416 13434 44279 60976 31112 32263 42436 12260 13507 13526 23578 31212 33144 erability of antiretroviral macology of the antiviral eins/Targeting anti-HIV tion with other anti-HIV he use of antiretroviral epression in children ages uebecers between the estimation of the mean itive gay men in youth, bset counts at different used by health-care workers (HCW PMPA and PMEA in vitro and in viv to nucleocapsid protein zinc knuckl /Adefovir (PMEA) and PMPA show in HIV infected adults and adolesce 9-12 with HIV infection/Exploration o of 14 and 25/Youth information and a of the vertically infected HIV survivor 18 to 27, and can influence access an among HIV-1 perinatally and post-na 246*/33171 cally produced particle agglutination assay for detection of antibo rleukin (IL-2 deficiency aggravates the defect of natural killer cell Antiretroviral Therapy)/ Aggressive vs sequential therapy in exper Antiretroviral Therapy)/ vs sequential therapy in naive atients/Effect of highly aggressive antiretroviral therapy on the in is/The impact of highly antiretroviral therapy (HAAT) ppression in patients on antiretroviral therapy/Evaluati ted knowledge of more nutrition therapies for HIV+ pat DS patients treated with combination antiretroviral ther n New York City (NYC)/ Aging cohort of perinatally HIV-infected ch ngst the sex workers of Agra /Behavioural aspects of HIV infection d hemostatic inhibitors ( AHI) in patients with AIDS/Acquired hemo during acute infection ( Al ) with HIV and response to highly active DS Information Centre ( AIC ) in Kampala, Uganda/HIV discordant r patterns of Remedios hotlines clients availing STD syndromi live with HIV on Mutual Aid Group (GAM)/lntegration program of p ainability beyond donor aid /Sustainability beyond donor es/The evaluation of a AIDSCAP (AIDS Control and Prevention) menting agencies in the Brazil project/EVALUATING ca V/AIDS prevention: The AIDSMark program/Research and evalua planned efficacy trials/ AIDSVAX B/B and AIDSVAX B/E: Likely to n Gesundheit at Zurich airport (second phase 1996/1997)/AIDS p and ploidy in epidemic ( AKS ), endemic (EKS), and classical (CKS) n Chad/The polyvalent AI-Nadjma (the star) center: A great advan (HCV) load and serum alamine aminotransferase (s-alt) in patient ere, how, and why not?/ Alaskan drug users use of pharmacies for d AZT/3TC vs d4T/ddl/ ALBI (ANRS 070): A randomized controlle tudy (WIHS)/Serum albumin as a predictor of survival in HIV inf s of negatively charged albumins and AZT/Anti-HIV-1 activity of c subgroups of drug and alcohol-involved men who have sex with V in slum communities/ Alcohol dependence and HIV in slum com eelings of attachment, alcohol and drug use in safe and unsafe s k abusers/HIV risk and use in out-of-treatment African-A nt adherence and drug/ use are associated with virologic o ion of HIV/AIDS, drugs/ abuse among early adolescents of /Sexual behaviors and use among college students/Sexu ction/Use of cigarettes,, and currently illegal drugs in wom revent HIV/AIDS/Dry days during festivals to prevent HI on/Chad consumers of alcoholic drinks in drinking establishment n among illiterate male alcoholics in Machakos District/Communi egnant women in Porto Alegre, RS State, Brazil/Seroreactivity to able drug users in Porto - An experience report/Harm redu eloping country - Porto, Brazil/Adherence to ACTG 076 re program segment/Red alert: Stop AIDS. A radio program segmen g injection drug users in Alexandria, Egypt/Sentinel surveillance f O clinical management algorithm for respiratory tract infection am nce/A simple, effective for the diagnosis of pulmonary t Clinical evaluation of an for treatment of respiratory cond e of a rapid HIV testing for same day results at the AIDS cells/Anti-inflammatory alkaloid cepharanthine inhibits HIV-1 repli ncy of the A32 deletion allele of CCR5 coreceptor gene in HIV infe 554*/41175 41187 41195 60922 14269 33468 43485 60308 60790 41105 60325 12232 12243 22103 31217 42166 42341 60576 175*/13363 23549 32143 12190 23166 60759 60216 645*/44220 43386 43503 14275 33223 60470 620*/22282 60424 22252 60277 12227 13309 41188 14158 23247 14179 23421 32379 33565 60047 60516 60767 34182 60155 11202 23230 32401 34220 13124 12407 22146 31208 135*/43109 60049 11108 SKeyword Abstract equency of CKR5-gene mutants in Mexican population: Its re 13331 ge and CCR5 defective in mother-to-child transmission/HIV- 60834 e-binding lectin variant alleles on HIV-1 disease progression in 42 13320 se-binding lectin (MBL) associated with slower progression 13321 -A28 antigen encoding by sequence based typing (SBT)/H 21202 s I antigens and class II in Brazilian AIDS patients with cyto 22272 rs as lending to poverty alleviation /Rehabilitation of commercial s 34260 hould include poverty interventions/HIV/AIDS care p 44226 /Advocacy for poverty as an alternative tool to fight HI 44228 plan for prevention and of HIV/AIDS 1998-2001/An an 60410 eau for positive people/ Alliance bureau for positive people/ 24370 of Russian Civil-Military to combat HIV and AIDS (RCMA) 34346 of experience/A global alliance helping school personnel address 44288 men in prostitution and allied groups in Salem, Tamil Nadu, India/ 33250 by HIV-peptide pulsed, allogeneic dendritic cells/Generation of H 31150 ceiving autologous and allogenic transfusions/Incidence of post-t 42464 ients/Tolerance of skin allografts in advanced HIV infected patien 31182 eption and practises of allopathic general practitioners in the prov 33243 h: Can the media be an ally in altering the image of AIDS?/Trends 591*/34215 ) in patients with AIDS/ Alpha-interferon (IFN) therapy combined 60963 patients enrolled in the alpha ddl trial/Immunologic and virologic 12234 mboembolic events and erythropoietin use/A retrospective c 60894 unities of older people/ Alphabetisation as a powerful way to prev 33367 rlem/The impact of the ALRTM alarm device on antiretroviral (AR) a 32325 lacebo-controlled trial ( ALRT 1057-503)/Topical 9-cis-Retinoic ac 618*/22277 capsules (LGD1057, 1057) for AIDS-related Kaposis sarc 22278 nretin T gel (LGD1057, 1057) for cutaneous AIDS-related K 619*/22283 absence of increase in ALT values and HCV-RNA by use of protea 32111 s and mice injected with alvac-HIV (vCP205)/Kinetics and persiste 11242 ng canarypox vectors ( ALVAC ) encoding multiple HIV gene produ 495*/21192 B/TNF-a production by alveolar macrophages from HIV-seroposit 21179 infection of astrocytes/ Amantidine and other endocytic pathway 32212 mong sex workers in the Amazon region/NGOs network/working t 34359 n in remote areas of the amazon region in Brazil/AIDS education in 23581 people at the oil zones: Amazonian zone/Prevention program car 60112 atment for tuberculosis/ Ambulatory nursing care for HIV positive 60*/22467 AIDS care expenditures/ care vs. hospitalisation/AIDS 24137 ptor/Anti-HIV activity of AMD 3465, a novel antagonist of the CXCR 41183 Is in Honduras, Central America, 1996/HIV subtyping and prevale 22206 he gap between South and North America for HIV+ moth 24293 V/STD services in Latin /Behavioral and health services r 32433 tion measures in South /Criminal laws and their impact o 33397 supportive care for rural /Partners in caring: A model for s 34193 ults from 8 cases, North, 1995-1997/HIV seronegativity i 42103 he armed forces of Latin confront an expanding epidemic/ 43384 rol approaches in Latin and the Caribbean/Glimmers of 43528 e in Honduras, Central /The construction of a legal frame 44121 estern United States of /HIV prevention/strategies amon 60280 cal cooperation in Latin and the Caribbean/HIV/AIDS hor 60613 or surveillance in Latin and the Caribbean (LAC)/HIV/AI 60641 ol in Honduras, Central /Construction of local networks fo 60973 g to inner cities in Latin American countries? A study of the case o 13168 ducation in native North communities: Assessing geogr 13410 d-life and older African women living in low-income hou 14192 aposis sarcoma/North phase 3 study (Protocol L1057T 619*/22283 h men (MSMs) in major cities/A method for taking a hou 24172 ion of HIV 1-infection in women/Reduced fertility and d 24198 ng blood safety in Latin and the Caribbean (LAC): A cos 33204 ention among the Latin immigrant community in Genev 34190 ty and HIV/AIDS/North aboriginal two-spirited sexual id 34196 mong drug users/Latin Harm Reduction Network: Prev 34357 ion model to train Latin immigrants to educate extende 43185 cent Central and South immigrants in the Washington D 43413 ues to train recent Latin immigrants with low literacy lev 60531 y of life (QOL) of African Americans with HIV/AIDS/An assessmen 14361 ng HLA disparate North and Thais/Cross-clade cytoto 602*/31128 ssional to professional, in Vietnam/Peer education: Pr 33542 HIV disease/Liposomal amikacin (LA) for the treatment of non-tub ction?/ls a response to therapy predictive of MAC infecti ariability of the V3-loop amino acids of HIV-1 group O strains in Ca onal quasi-species and acid signatures of HIV-1 envelope s ed wasting/Effect of an acid mixture containing /-hydroxyproliferation/Efficacy of aminooxypentane (AOP)-RANTES as inh ad and serum alamine aminotransferase (s-alt) in patients with H ght year analysis of the Ammor street youth cohort: Growing older pie/Are high-frequency amphetamine injectors at elevated risk for yptococcal meningitis/ Amphotericin combined with itraconazole evaluation of the HIV-1 Amplicor Monitor and NucliSens quantitat parative evaluation of HIV-1 Monitor with added primer I load measurement by HIV-1 Monitor: Analysis of within 22170 22173 11171 21122 42330 59*/41231 22252 13233 60254 22226 41127 41128 41134

Page  11 Amplicor, anti-HIV 11 12th World AIDS Conference --Keyword Abstract - of three versions of the HIV-1 monitor test with new gag /Linear range of Roche HIV-1 Monitor assay using ultra tion of an experimental DNA PCR assay for the detectio he ultra sensitive Roche HIV-1 MonitorT assay/Multi-cen V) DNA detection using CMV test in a cohort of HIV-posit hly sensitive method for amplification of HIV-2 DNA/Highly sensiti bacavir (1592, ABC)/ amprenavir (141W94) therapy in HIV-1 inf /3TC/Phase 2 study of ic drug interactions with y with abacavir (1592), g injecting drug users in progression to AIDS?/ tis B vaccine cohorts in esidual injecting risk in among ethnic groups in d non-deprived areas in ms in Vancouver versus dinal analyses from the mass in HIV+ patients/, a novel protease inhibitor, in /Pharmacokinetic drug interac, and Combivir in subjects wit Amsterdam: Cumulative incidence, deter cohort study: Presence of the,New York and San Francisco is often deliberate and preven,The Netherlands/HIV preval /Drug users and HIV-infected /A comparison of active injecti cohort/T-cell renewal capacit Anabolic steroids, resistance exercise an 2 mone produces striking anabolic effects in an HIV-infected adoles r among gay men using steroids in central London gyms/ ctable indicator of BCM anabolism or catabolism/Viral load respo gos, Nigeria/Sickle cell anaemia and the risk of HIV infection in La mething that isnt there/ Anal intercourse without ejaculation as a s atterns of unprotected anal intercourse (UAI) among men having nonymous unprotected intercourse in Londons gay backroo ncidence of high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions amo veness of screening for squamous intraepithelial lesions in HI e in UAIC (unprotected intercourse with casual partners) amo on the natural history of human papillomavirus infection/Effec ng rates of unprotected intercourse among San Francisco ga ndon, UK/Unprotected intercourse among gay men and their unprotected receptive intercourse for 15- to 22-year-old Afric unprotected receptive intercourse for 15- to 22-year-old men se to HIV?/Changes in sexual practice among Australian gay on rules for unprotected sex/Gay mens strategic use of bathh f Reality~ condoms for sex by HIV-seronegative US gay/bise the female condom for sex/Experiences of 100 men who hav roblem of unprotected intercourse (UAI) among men who ha nd a second nucleoside analog during pregnancy/Combination th ion/Double nucleoside therapy in patients with acute/prim on with new nucleoside analogs in nucleoside experienced subjec both wild-type and new of HIV-1 protease/A resistance s eceiving nucleoside analogue (NRTI) therapy at 24 weeks [Stu py naive or nucleoside experienced HIV-1 infected pati oth the multinucleoside resistance mutation Q151M and polymeric adamantane /Inhibition of HIV-1 replication by detection of nucleoside resistance in a HIV-infected pae I guanine phosphonate /Anticytomegaloviral activity and RT) adherence/Visual scale (VAS) to assess the difficu eration of recombinant analogues of the C-C chemokine RANTE vir, with two nucleoside /Efficacy and safety of the com activation of nucleoside in the presence of hydroxyurea ation of two nucleoside as initial antiretroviral therapy: vir plus two nucleoside in the treatment HIV infection in ng/Long-term effects of androgen administration in men with AIDS HIV-infectioninchildren/ Anemia associated with HIV-infection in c in in AIDS patients with anemia and MAC infection/The efficacy of fe in AIDS patients with and MAC infection/Hematocrit, sy y HIV-infected skin-test anergic and non-anergic adults from a vol I RNA copies in sera of patients with HIV disease/Compa SIV-infected monkeys/ Anergy and dysfunction of CD4+ and Vy2 y in the diagnosis of TB/ testing: Questionable utility in the n/Lack of usefulness of anergy panel and PPD to diagnose tuberc /Stability of cutaneous in women with or at risk for HIV infe k independent factor for in HIV infection/Viral load: Risk ind hysiologic monitoring in aneurysm and surgery/Intraoperative neu apy (HAART)/Bacillary angiomatosis in the setting of clarithromy e conjunctiva/Bacillary of the conjunctiva/Bacillary clinical study/Bacillary in HIV-infected patients - A mass (BCM) and phase angle after discontinuation of human growt ring 1996 and 1997: An Anglo-French comparison/Uptake of com wellbeing in Latina and Anglo AIDS caregivers/Stress and wellbei olgus Macaques as an animal model to evaluate vaginal microbici r JE-2147 (KNI-764) in animals /Pharmacokinetics and oral bioav alence and follow-up of anogenital oncogenic human papillomavir /Characterization of the anonimous testing center users/Characte ackrooms and saunas/ Anonymous unprotected anal intercourse r HIV/AIDS in Thailand/ counselling and testing clinic ervice at the Awanama ( ) Clinic/Pre 2nd post test cou 41145 41146 41155 42143 60622 41158 286*/12204 12321 12389 32328 12291 13321 13357 23193 23518 32431 33385 60796 32185 32179 60811 60517 33207 14313 14204 14218 22302 22307 23109 23114 23116 23119 23120 23139 23413 23520 33128 33133 33303 463*/12152 12198 125*/12203 555*/41212 22343 22386 32296 41205 41220 60291 60535 11101 12336 42262 60411 60671 32176 32161 32141 60149 13324 60721 31169 60632 13257 31209 60816 60016 22114 22123 42256 32182 42289 24306 33156 42273 22314 34179 14218 33290 43149 SKeyword Abstr smitted disease (STD)/ anonymous HIV testing and counselling cl in Germany - Unlinked testing of newborns 1993-19 s in Slovenia/Unlinked HIV prevalence monitoring in eterosexuals attending test sites in Switzerland/Fact s in women undergoing HIV counseling in Brazil/Gen ted women seeking an counselling/testing service in A decade ofeducating about HIV/AIDS: Lessons le nt centers for HIV/AIDS testing (CTA) - Alternative ap em (IVRS)/Unlinked & counselling to the general pu ngary/Evaluation of an HIV screening and counsellin ulation that is seen on a testing site/Comparison of th suits from the unlinked neonatal surveys through 19 on in French centers of and free detection/Motivation act - nd HIV-1 shedding from anorectal women attending urban antenatal g HIV testing in a British or syphilis screening of d opt-out HIV testing in re/A national survey of or HIV antibodies in an mucosa/Antiretroviral therapy a clinics in C6te dlvoire, 1997/Pr setting/Reasons for declining HI and STD clinic attenders in Guy care: Uptake and acceptability i HIV screening policy and practic clinic in the southern China/Chi 1 e relative importance of antepartum antiretroviral therapy versus i son concept and AIDS: Anthropological analysis of bioethics in m nts/Anti-cardiolipin and anti-/ 2 glycoprotein I in HIV positive patie ve work of the Estonian Anti-AIDS Association during 7 years/Pre an Association Krilija/ activity of the St. Petersburg Ga rmenia/Peculiarities of anti-AIDS program aimed at teenagers in munity perception/HIV anti-body test, a community perception/H nhibitors have a direct anti-Candida effect by inhibition of Candid acterial biopolymers for anti-candidiasis vaccines construction/U n HIV positive patients/ Anti-cardiolipin and anti-/2 glycoprotein I HIV-1-infected patients/ Anti-chemokine antibodies in sera of HIVT despite termination of anti-CMV therapy/Containment of CMV re neventful interruption of maintenance therapy in respond nalyzed with 3 different anti-CXCR-4 monoclonal antibodies/Role ubjects: Inhibition by anti-Fas antibodies and type-1 cytokines I y in HIV-infected adults/ Anti-GM 2 mediated cytotoxic antibody in immunotherapy using anti-gp 41 human monoclonal antibody del bitor of HIV-1 protease/ Anti-HIV-1 activity of and HIV-1 resistance ged albumins and AZT/ activity of combinations and co e multimeric ribozymes/ gene therapy using packageabl /The new Cobas Core /2 EIA DAGS II: A highly sensitiv ort IV]/Durable clinical anti-HIV-1 activity (72 weeks) and tolerabili ganglioside GM2 as an agent/Human IgM monoclonal mplete enhancement of CTLm responses in advanced i ns/Induction of specific IgY produced in species pathog etection of antibodies /2: Capillus HIV-1/HIV-2/Rapid STD prevention/In vitro and HIV-2 virucidal properties o elopment of VLP-based vaccine/Biomolecular and phyl HIV-2 lentivirusdelivery/ Anti-HIV chemokines: Domain mapping a uorocytidine (D-D4FC)/ activity, biochemistry, and pharm of the CXCR4 receptor/ activity of AMD3465, a novel anta new type I interferon/ and immunomodulatory effects o acokinetics, safety and anti-HIV activity/Oral PMPA pro-drug: Rel Double or triple therapy:A Brazilian dillema/Double or trip man serum/Synergistic activity of ritonavir and other prote anolide A/Combination interactions and resistance profile up of people asking for antibody testing for preventive re hesis/Impact of potent therapy on T helper cell homeosta ents treated with potent therapies/Early up-regulation of te dlvoire/Presence of antibodies in cervicovaginal fluid mediated by a CD8+ cell response/Protection of HIV-expo T-cell cytotoxicity/New function: RANTES activity via CC lamivudine-containing regimen/HBs seroconversion of ourage compliance with treatments/The development of e nd selection of active agents for the development of vag aneously submitted to testing at an AIDS unit (Casa da A 120: Potential pitfalls of ELISA using saliva/Interactions o r: Combined testing for and HIVAg within 18 minutes/HIV ger proteins/Targeting agents to nucleocapsid protein zi combination with other agents/Adefovir (PMEA) and PM Characterization of the properties, resistance profile and d characterization of an substance from Perilla frutescens s, chiral separation and activity of enantiomeric oxaselen x HIV recombinant and -2 assays to distinguish between der for quality control of test/Evaluation of microplate ELI ononuclear cells during therapies/The change of HIV-1 pr gs/Cost and efficacy of drugs/Cost and efficacy of ddA), a uniquely stable drug, in adults with symptomatic arrier/Brain delivery of drugs: Rapid screening using an i rived antibody against /Parametric and non-parametric e 1 13152 13187 13189 23359 23464 33275 33295 33322 139*/33473 43150 60095 60549 60769 23393 13111 23472 33241 43120 43136 60897 23292 60463 60761 60001 60595 33554 43148 31211 31219 60761 31161 22260 32242 60161 21160 60458 41243 12270 41188 41247 42108 12359 31112 112*/31124 41239 42113 60370 60715 11104 557*/41174 41183 41186 12211 12245 12315 12366 13472 219*/21169 21180 23515 31143 31148 32118 32394 33144 33278 162*/41101 163*/41102 41187 41195 41196 41197 41200 42121 42132 42174 42254 42263 42270 43485

Page  12 12 anti-HIV * antimicrobial 12th World AIDS Conference -Keyword Abstract-- -Keyword Abstract-- maximally suppressive therapy/Attempt at maximally su /Characteristics of IgA antibodies in plasma and saliva fr m 17 species of plants/ Anti-human immunodeficiency virus type, Indocalamus, in vitro/ immunodeficiency virus (HIV) trichosanthin (TCS) on anti-human immunodeficiency virus type odalities and impact on anti-infective agent use/Utilisation of colo hronically infected cells/ Anti-inflammatory alkaloid cepharanthin al load in AIDS patients/ Anti-lymphocyte antibodies and viral load s/Decreasing levels of anti-Nef antibody correlate with increasing tamidine congeners as anti-pneumocystis carinii agents/Confor icrobial, antifungal and anti-protozoal medicines in Bangladesh/ sponse to highly active anti-retroviral therapy (HAART)/Naive T of HIV-1 genome/Novel compounds that inhibit nucl ocial support groups in treatment effectiveness/Th he era of combination therapy/The role of aerosol 60428 60587 41203 41207 41206 42436 60049 31162 42186 31212 22207 12190 12370 12454 22182 ted patients with potent therapy/Immune restoratio 340*/22323 mbai, India/Scenario of therapy (ART) in 25,000 HI 22406 isease on highly active therapy (HAART)/Change 345*/22412 ukoencephalopaty with triple therapy including indi 32221 mpanying combination therapy/Cognitive function 32255 ated with adherence to therapy/Improvement in se 32343 aviours in people taking medications/Take as presc 32348 s receiving combination therapy/Evaluation of predi 32351 ors are not predictive of non-adherence in HIV+ you 32372 nce on combination HIV therapies/Patient complian 32384 herence to highly active therapy (HAART) for HIV inf 32397 persons on commercial therapies in two selected ho 33281 ession before and after in HIV-1-infected subjects: 41193 A to qualify and monitor therapy trials in patients wit 42118 Uptake of combination therapy during 1996 and 19 42289 on patient adherence to treatments/Bearing of prof 42438 nd impact of combined therapy/AIDS mortality in t 43512 gement of medications in provincial hospitals from 43541 mparison/Adherence to therapy: A four country com 60129 rugs/Tolerability of drugs/Tolerability of 60479 n Britain/The impact of therapies on black Africans 60957 m in Mexico/Access to anti-retrovirals: The role of political activis 24139 counts before and after anti-tuberculosis therapy in HIV-infected 13271 with TB/Re-introducing (TB) medication after St 32267 omes/The value of HIV anti-vilification laws: Test case outcomes 44115 cides in model systems/ Anti-viral activity of microbicides in model 33149 acokinetics, tolerability, anti-viral activity, and preliminary viral resi 22352 with HIV/The impact of treatment combinations on the s 34241 Consortium Study 002/ Anti -tumour activity of oral 9-cis-retinoic ac 22276 posis sarcoma tumour/ -tumour activity of interleukin-4 toxin in 22279 hat should be done?/ HIV1/2 mass testing, what should be 41119 ession during combined anti HIV-1 IL-2 therapy/Chemokines and c 22416 on Vidas/Screening of p24 monoclonal antibodies and their u 42111 aluation of a combined HIV/p24 antigen assay, Vidas HIV DU 60607 on (WPRO)/lncreasing antibiotic resistance in gonococci in the W 84*/33231 and systemic or topical antibiotics, antimicrobial, antifungal and a 22207 ntial protective effect of antibodies to P66 during the course of HIV 11128 with human monoclonal to HIV-1/Immunologically-defi 11164: Inhibition by anti-Fas and type-1 cytokines IL-2 and I 21160 nd induces neutralizing in macaques/Multi-epitope pol 21216 e/Presence of anti-HIV in cervicovaginal fluid of HIV-s 23515 e impact of neutralizing on the course of established inf 330*/31103 dividuals/Neutralizing against HIV-1 primary isolates 31109 eutralization by specific /Mechanism(s) of HIV neutraliz 31118 rived HIV-1 specific IgA /Characterization of salivary d 31119 atients/Anti-chemokine in sera of HIV-1-infected patien 31161 tients/Anti-lymphocyte and viral load in AIDS patients/ 31162 iland/Detection of IgG to HHV-8 in HIV-1 positive indi 31192 men/Presence of HHV8 correlates with sexual behavio 31194 tients in Russia/HHV-8 in AIDS-related Kaposis sarco 31198 ects/Antiphospholipid (APL) and neuropsychologic te 32218 ry assays/Detection of to HIV-1 group 0 by eight scre 33200 elhi/Prevalence of HIV in replacement blood donors in 33202 n assay for detection of to HIV-1/Evaluation of a locally 41105 e and specific assay for to HIV-1/M, HIV-1/O and HIV-2 41106 p immunoassay for HIV, useful in developing countries 41120 or confirmation of HIV in saliva and urine specimens/ 41165 ously screened for HIV /The use of filter paper blood s 42102 -negative children/IgG binding to CD4+ T-cells are a s 42110 of anti p24 monoclonal and their use in a sensitive HIV 42111 ation for the detection of anti-HIV-1/2: Capillus HIV-1/HI 42113 se inhibition associated that related to disease progres 42115 d confirmation of HIV-1 in Honduras/Alternative strate 42123 associating antigen and detection during HIV-primary i 42126 Brazil/Detection of HIV in saliva usina a fast screening 60114 ti-CXCR-4 monoclonal /Role of T-tropic HIV-1 V3 loop 24 Ag, HIV-1 and HIV-2 /Evaluation of Vidas HIV DUO f revalence study of HIV in patients with non-Hodgkins I teristics of IgA anti-HIV in plasma and saliva from patie ence of HTLV 1 and 11 in a high risk group for HIV infe ess to be tested for HIV in an antenatal clinic in the sout ultaneous detection of HIV 1/2 and p24 antigen/Evalu st factors and vaccine/ Antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity roconvertors by PCR in antibody-negative pooled sera/Detection chimeric receptors with antibody-type specificity for the CD4 bindi viour in rural Tanzania/ Antibody to Herpes simplex virus type 2 a -3 and BCP-1 cell lines/ response against HHV-8 by imm ople asking for anti-HIV antibody testing for preventive reasons/S Complement-mediated -dependent enhancement of HIV evalence of hepatitis C and hepatitis B surface antigene hailand/Neutralizing, plasma and cervical viral burden erythrocyte bound HIV and plasma viral load in HIV infec rather than virions/The response in HIV-1 infection is dir V+ women/HIV-specific in serum and cervicovaginal lava Human IgM monoclonal to ganglioside GM2 as an anti-HI /Simple method for HIV detection in whole unstimulated n/CTL and neutralizing responses with a combination HI AXSYM automate/HIV avidity measurement: How to dis ciated epitope inducing responsible for the non-progress loov tube/In vitro HIV-1 induction: Testing of the Shiloov t HIV-1) subtype on HIV detection in Burkina Faso/Impac envelope by its catalytic /Destruction of gp41 of HIV-1 en 41 human monoclonal delivered by gene transfer: in viv ombined HIV ELISA ( plus p24 antigen) increases the d asing levels of anti-Nef correlate with increasing viral loa Francisco/Repeat HIV testing among men who have hig and self-reports of HIV testing in a predominantly rural U the maternally derived against anti-HIV/Parametric and combined HIV antigen/ screening assay reduces signific d its implications in HIV testing/Window period and its im y and direct fluorescent test in umbilical cords/Congenit GM2 mediated cytotoxic in HIV-infected adults/Anti-GM2 60161 60402 60581 60587 60745 60897 60945 31152 42107 41233 14117 31195 13472 21132 22263 23290 31102 331 */31104 31111 31112 32249 33221 41110 41111 41112 41173 41190 41243 42109 42186 43107 43118 43485 60167 60185 60443 60458 ect of processing delay, anticoagulant and assay (bDNA, RT-PCR 42144 hosphonate analogue/ Anticytomegaloviral activity and toxicity s 60291 fection in MAIDS mice/ Antifungal effects of lanoconazole on Cry 11235 tibiotics, antimicrobial, antifungal and anti-protozoal medicines in 22207 /National attitudes and utilization practices of US physi 22222 AIDS patients to seven drugs in Brazil/The susceptibili 31213 T patients/Follow-up of antigen-specific CD4 cell function in HAA 12341 vanced HIV-1 infection/ Antigen p24 HIV-1 in cerebrospinal fluid in 32222 1 nuclear import: matrix antigen and Vpr are the key regulators/Mo 381*/11144 used with HBV surface in rhesus macaques: Role of HIV s 11240 nalysis of the HLA-A28 encoding alleles by sequence bas 21202 n of HIV infection/HBS in children with suspicion of HIV in 22274 s of f-chemokines and specific T-cell proliferation in HIV- 605*/31133 opositive subjects/P24 stimulated immune responses aft 31151 n the expression of Fas in patients with HIV1 infection/Eff 31178 d/Heat-denatured p24 testing compared to PCR for diagn 32442 mbined with SF2 gp120 in healthy volunteers/Clinical resp 33220 ISA (antibody plus p24 ) increases the detection rate of pri 42109 r use in a sensitive HIV assay on Vidas/Screening of anti 42111 ative study of PCR, p24 and HIV-lgA for early diagnosis of 42114 mplex-dissociated p24 in the diagnosis of HIV vertically e 42117 eration test associating and antibodies detection during HI 42126 n/A new combined HIV /antibody screening assay reduce 60167 Differences in HIV-1 p24 production - A phenotypic variatio 60344 ropositive individuals is processing-dependent/Inhibition 60414 combined anti HIV/p24 assay, Vidas HIV DUO, that narro 60607 bodies HIV 1/2 and p24 /Evaluation of a new automated sc 60945 and hepatitis B surface antigenemia in a large urban HIV clinic/S ad, CD4 count and p24 in HIV-infected patients/Plas redictive value of CMV for retinitis versus visceral di ay/Mapping conserved antigenic epitopes shared by HIV-1 virion neuronal cells/Shared epitopes on the V3 loop of HIV-1 t vaccinia virus system/ Antigenicity of HIV-1-like Gag-V3 chimeri mliki forest virus vector/ of HIV-1 envelope glycoprote 1 cells specific for HIV-1 antigens are associated with long-term no onse to hepatitis C virus /HIV-infection alters T cell immun s (CMV-R)/HLA class I and class II alleles in Brazilian Al onses to mycobacterial in HIV patients receiving active a sion of CD69 and CD28 in T lymphocytes of HIV-1 (+) indi onses to mycobacterial observed in pulmonary and extra on correctly folded HIV /The new Cobas Core Anti-HIV-1 on of HIV infection/HLA associated with long-term non pr e/Clinical correlation of antimicrobial susceptibilities for Mycobac 22263 42180 60191 11178 32217 21204 21207 21126 21182 22272 31175 31181 31206 42108 60249 22169.I.I.- I.V......... I...........I....I ý WW I ý

Page  13 antimicrobial * areas 13 12th World AIDS Conference SKeyword Abstract Keyword Abstract ic or topical antibiotics,, antifungal and anti-protozo 22207 tiretroviral therapy and antineoplastic chemotherapy (CT) in AID 60487 d patients in Argentina/ Antioxidants enzymes level in human blo 42368 users/Dietary intake of antioxidants and body composition in a co 42345 c HIV positive subjects/ Antiphospholipid antibodies (APL) and n 32218 mbination therapy with antiprotease inhibitors among HIV-infecte 32359 s in HIV patients under therapy/Comparison of a P 42192 with HAART including 6 months after the end of che 60510 ected patients receiving antiretrovial therapy: DDI/delaviridine (DL 31108 AQ) salvage therapy in antiretroviral-experienced patients/Rito 12310 on with AZT and 3TC in antiretroviral-naive HIV-1 infected patient 12301 4 and RNA response in patients with very adv 12363 tiretroviral treatment in patients with very adv 12444 n a US military cohort of recent seroconvertor 13215 vir as a triple therapy in patients: Results at 7 22401 minal HIV-1 viral load in Brazilian subjects/Hi 23399 -1 to a recently infected man: The UCSF optio 32288 gauge effectiveness of antiretrovirals /HIV-RNA and CD4+ declin 12127 ferent combinations of (AZT + ddl vs. AZT + 3TC + 12200 f people with HIV/AIDS therapies naives/Patient p 12452 ssai Cinq-a-Zero): Five combined during 6 months 41194 compared to other HIV /Nevirapine has excellent b 60086 ferent combinations of (AZT + 3TC vs. AZT + ddl) 60657 atients on highly active antirretroviral treatment (HAART)/Nonpr 22271 mary HIV-1 isolates by antisera induced upon immunization with 550*/21194 etreated HIV-patients: Antiviral effect and safety in an ongoing st 12226 s: The Quadri-96 Trial/ effect of a four-drug combination i 22397 with both HIV and HCV/ effect of interferon a-2a (IFNa) in 32103 opulation-based study/ effect of AZT versus d4T in combi 42169 onate release nelfinavir/ benefits of compassionate releas 60427 ance of prophylaxis and antiviral treatment/HIV patients survival i 12111 patients receiving triple therapy/Suppression of viremia a 12191 onavir may have better efficacy than either ritonavir or ind 126*/12221 ficacy of combination therapy with ZDV 200 mg TID plu 12240 patients with extensive experience/Effect of nelfinavir/in 12329 inhibitors (PIs)/In vitro activity and pharmacokinetic (PK) 12339 antiretroviral and other therapies on the incidence of Kap 13241 hen use of highly active therapy (HAART) became preval 13307 s may have synergistic effects in patients - Based on in vi 22350 ction/Effect of the new therapy in the quality of life, psych 22392 avir and correlation with activity/Pharmacokinetic interacti 22404 nce/Impact of the new therapies in persons with AIDS an 22445 ies/Sustained release implants for the prevention of mat 23267 ve mothers undergoing therapy/The trophoblastic epithel 23286 nfectivity: The effect of treatment on the shedding of cell- 23392 is/Recent advances in therapy (ARV) for HIV can result i 24136 after 18 months of new therapy: The Parisian experience 24154 ypic drug resistance to nucleoside inhibitors in short-time 233*/32282 genotypic predictors of response to saquinavir (SQV)/rito 229*/32287 pretreated with multiple drugs/Protease inhibitor therapy i 32440 S cities/Prevalence of medication use in a probability sa 33169 ar pharmacology of the agents PMPA and PMEA in vitro 554*/41175 CD38 stimulation exerts effects and modulates CXCR-4 e 41234 gene therapy based on properties of IFN-/: Efficiency in t 41248 sfert/In vitro and in vivo effect of human interferon-P indu 41250 harmacokinetics and activity in phase I/11 trials/Relatio 42266 portive supplement with drugs/L-carnitine and magnesiu 42384 ted on the basis of their activity/Case reports of potential 42388 t: Consequence of new strategies/Changing patterns of 42440 vir (NFV) in patients on combination therapy with a HIV-1 60181 y: A new approach into treatment, 1. In vitro activity/Multi 60205 storation in associated treatment ZDV-DDC (Retrovir-Hi 60235 y/Preliminary results of effect of double and triple drug co 60252 ses about adherence to therapies/Comparison between 60481 plasma viremia despite discontinuation for 14 months/Lo 61000 r/Susceptibility profile ( AntivirogramTM ) of 945 clinical HIV-1 isolat 41226 V positive patients with antral gastritis/Helicobacter pylori infectio 32122 HIV+ pregnant women/ Antretroviral use and adherence in a coho 32329 the University Hospital Antwerp: Compliance with universal preca 62*/22459 the University Hospital, Belgium/Direct nursing time wit 22463 the University Hospital, Belgium/Degree of satisfaction 42219 dolescents/Life stress, anxiety, depression, and coping among HI 24224 home test kits/HIV test: Public health vs. home test kits/H 60343 anism of HIV infectivity/ AOP-RANTES inhibits CCR5 recycling -A 58*/11102 y of aminooxypentane ( AOP )-RANTES as inhibitor of HIV-1 infecti 59*/41231 al hyper-pigmentation ( ) in HIV +ve patients: A prominent, fre 60125 of epidemic of AIDS on AP-HP, a large hospital organisation/Impa 43565 Omega and Polyatomic Apheresis (WDDS treatment)/Ethics in HI 474*/44140 e primary HIV infection ( APHI ): A cohort description/Acute primary 12192 n molecules in recurrent aphthous ulcers in HIV-1 (+) and HIV-1 (-) 32250 yte subsets in recurrent ulcers in HIV-1+ and HIV-1 - pat 60502 line for the treatment of aphtous ulcers in HIV patients/Pentoxifylli 60371 associated pure red cell aplasia (PRCA)/Lamivudine-associated p 32142 s violations in Asia: The APN + human rights initiative/Training HIV 535*/44133 homa/Proliferation and apoptosis-related gene expression in exp 11216 se of SIVmac infection/ Apoptosis of lymphocytes and Fas Ag exp 11227 enic for HIV-1 Vpr/T cell apoptosis in mice transgenic for HIV-1 Vpr 11142 in induces CD4+ T-cell through functional upregulation 11145 leukin-2 synthesis and in fresh or cultured lymphocyte 12180 ) on T-cell function and in early HIV infection/Effect of d 12200 activation/HIV-Induced of renal tubular epithelial cells i 21137 protein p53 and inhibits /HIV-1 Nef associates with the t 21148 nce of interleukin-15 on and proliferation of T lymphocyt 280*/21162 ecrease in lymphocyte in association with decrease in 21163 number/Fas mediated of CD4 T cells from HIV+ patien 21165 Fas activation mediate in HIV-gpl20-treated CD4+ T c 21166 )/HHV-8, proliferation, and ploidy in epidemic (AKS), e 620*/22282 cted individuals induce of primary neurons/Inflammato 32200 therapy/Modification of during combination therapy/M 42184 ytokine production and in asymptomatic HIV infection/ 60657 etween spontaneous and plasmatic viremia in HIV inf 60975 n HIV-1-infected cells/ Apoptotic activity of nitric oxide in HIV-1-in 60255 nd the percentage of apoptotic cells in HIV infected patients/Int 41235 ol of neuropathy, loss of appetite,skin infection in HIV/AIDS patient 60259 tion of disease status to appointment-keeping /HIV out-patient ad 42453 y from drug abuse, and appointment adherence are associated w 60408 dividuals at workplace/ Apprehension to care HIV infected individ 24308 ress and hair dressers apprentices on sexually transmissible dis 60756 n HIV infected patients, Aquitaine (France), 1988-97/Influence of 22360 efining diagnosis in the cohort, France, 1985-1997/Pre 42342 r AIDS diagnosis in the cohort, France, 1985-1997/We 42360 -acquired HIV infection: (France), 1985-1997/Tempora 60400 y blood donors in Saudi Arabia (1985-1997)/Incidence of HIV infe 42120 sian recruiters to Saudi /Seroepidemiological prevalence o 42139 V transmission among Arabian prisoners of northern Italy using p 33560 th HIV/AIDS in Mexico, Arbol de la Vida Enfermos en Superaci6n, 34335 cases/Treat AIDS and ARC with Chinese traditional medicine ext 41238 unoassay on the Abbott ArchitectTM i2000 analyzer/Performance o 41115 viral load and lymphoid architecture /Rectal sno-strips and biopsi 42147 ssing medical care: An archival review/Substance use profiles of i 43239 ashington metropolitan area /Use of zidovudine to reduce the risk o IDS in poverty stricken /Playing again: Psychology and affect ality in a urban and rural of Togo (Lome and Kpele-adeta)/Sec ers in the Manila harbor /Implementing an STD/AIDS educatio umbai Metros redlight /A comprehensive health care deliver ucation in metropolitan and inner cities in Rio de Janeiro Stat on low HIV prevalence: A pilot study/An HIV and sexual healt miology of HIV in a rural /A pilot study of the epidemiology of H ur in CSWs in Red Ligh, Multan/Change of sex behaviour in in a poor AIDS stricken /Dear Mr. Death: Community berea ophiliacs with HIV in an with low infection rate in IDUs and sex he Tokyo Metropolitan /Potential for an HIV epidemic and pre rogram in highway rural of Nepal/AIDS prevention program in mong SWs in a red light /STD intervention among SWs in a re ntion in a Ugandan rural /Interference of traditional customs wi g interventions in a rural /Community counselling interventions ug treatment in Seattle drug injectors/The association betwe IV/High transmission intervention project in northern Tanza ledge of AIDS in a rural of Bangladesh/Effects of AIDS aware pie in an inner London /Community intervention program of s or female orphans in an with high HIV seroprevalence/A resid ical perspective of Bay young positives/The changing needs nal healers in an urban of Cameroon/Management of STD a urban marginal precary of Guatemala/The STD/HIV/AIDS cli nities; rural vs. sanitary /Model development on community a n the Washington DC /Changes in knowledge and attitudes ct of HIV/AIDS in a rural /An intergrated approach to reduce th nd prostitutes in Madrid (1986-1998)/Evolution of HIV seropr service in metropolitan of Rome/Characteristics of AIDS pati nant women in the Paris, France/HIV screening practices tow n the Washington, DC /Techniques to train recent Latin Ame nfection in Hiroshima,Japan/Isolation and analysis of viral n rates of testing in an of low prevalence/Screening for HIV i infection control/Facial infection control/Facial regnant women in rural and urban area/Comparison of preval om a low HIV incidence of Spain/Seroprevalence of HIV infec an African KS endemic /Immune status of HIV-infected patien mothers leaving in rural against STD/AIDS in Cameroon/Mob ome women from slum areas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/Evaluating th men in seven urban, USA/Prevalence and predictors of 12157 13377 13395 13441 13491 23127 23522 23559 23570 24246 32437 33109 33117 33249 33311 33314 33387 33423 33477 33531 34143 34246 42372 43202 43207 43413 60075 60315 60439 60500 60531 60586 60596 60664 60874 60944 60970 60989 13425 23139

Page  14 14 areas* assay 12th World AIDS Conference SKeyword Abstract ishments in depressed of Tondo community/Establishment 23548 DS education in remote of the amazon region in Brazil/AIDS 23581 rived and non-deprived in Amsterdam/Drug users and HIV-i 32431 hree US metropolitan /Acquisition of sterile needles amon 33197 ex with men in cruising in downtown Guatemala City/Inform 33365 of condoms at red-light (RLAs) through community participa 33426 wo high HIV prevalence /Collaborative networks of CDC-fun 34338 e I eligible metropolitan /Responding to advances in HIV trea 42415 ce delivery in peripheric of C6te dlvoire, West Africa/Care s 42424 ng movements: Border HIV/AIDS prevention project/Mekon 530*/43237 ng women in peri-urban of Entebbe, Uganda/Promoting HIV 60046 er sex practices in slum: Do women have a choice?/Women 60056 m for sex workers in rural /Educational program for sex worker 60143 ngkok and surrounding /AIDS education program for illegal 60625 oung people in isolated /A neglected population: Young peo 60665 n informal sector mine /Knowledge, attitudes and beliefs ab 60877 ht against AIDS in rural /Implication of administrative official 60936 /Military units - A male arena for the prevention of HIV/STD/Milita 43389 al syndrome in La Plata, Argentina /Clinical features of acute retrov 12202 pes circulate in Rosario, ciated histoplasmosis in h AIDS in Buenos Aires, ol from Venado Tuerto, male adolescents from nts with HIV infection in men sexual behavior in s starting on week 24 in n living in Buenos Aires, he States of Santa Fe, ghborhood of Rosario, of HIV/AIDS infection in nts as peer educators in of drug naive patients in HIV infected patients in (Province of Santa Fe, e US to inform efforts in people in Buenos Aires, pitals from Rosario City, posal in Buenos Aires, ts and dual infections in e HIV AIDS infection in eatment from Rosario, /At least four HIV-1 genotypes c /Characteristics of HIV-associat /Disease patterns and survival i /Consumption of illegal drugs a /Risk perception and vulnerabili /Quality of life assessment in pa, related to HIV/AIDS prevention /Zidovudine (ZDV) for perinatal /Analysis of HIV/AIDS infection /HIV/AIDS in prisoners of the St /HIV testing and counselling at /Information and education thro /Evaluation of an intervention in /First study on resistance profile /Antioxidants enzymes level in )/Drug users at the emergency r /Planning to change and changi /HIV counselling and testing for /Systematization of the manage /Comprehensive care of HIV+ w /Identification of HIV-1 subtype: Managers of opinion?/Mass m /Correlation between viral load tion: Experience on an Argentinean population/The use of recom ges/Peer education on ARH in secondary training colleges/Peer e TD prevention in a rural Arizona Indian tribe/HIV/AIDS and STD pr n among Cameroonian Armed Forces/The evaluation of a AIDSC in the Moroccan Royal Forces/Interpersonal IEC as a long on and care services in armed conflict situation/Strategies for pro panding epidemic/The forces of Latin America confront an he demobilization in the forces the socio-economic dimensi g best practices, as the forces and other uniformed service m aimed at teenagers in Armenia /Peculiarities of anti-AIDS progra demic in the Republic of /Current situation and recent tren young adults in the US Army, 1985-1996: Current trends in an ev g men in the Royal Thai /Evaluation of a cohort study of HIVy corps of the Nigerian /Comparison of knowledge, attitudes evention in the Brazilian /STD and AIDS prevention in the Bra /The contribution of the army department to the fight against AIDS AIDS and soldiers in the in Senegal/STD/AIDS and soldiers i e fight against AIDS/O ARPAO: Communication and participation on to the religious tribal ARs decision maker on the gross root level ntiretroviral therapy ( ART-IC )/Long-term efficacy and toxicity of aining triple regimen in ART-naive HIV+ patients?/d4T/ddl plus hy months of treatment in HIV+ patients/HAART is not ha f antiretroviral therapy ( ART) use from 1988-1998 in a cohort of 12 f antiretroviral therapy ( ) in a prospective clinic cohort/Predict antiretroviral therapy ( ) and clinical outcome. A prospective nti-retroviral therapy ( ) in 25,000 HIV/AIDS individuals in Mu d antiretroviral therapy ( ) use among women in the HIV Epide o antiretroviral therapy ( ) among women in the HIV Epidemiolo tive study in Germany ( 96)/Comparison of three commercial ment through creativity: Art therapy as an approach to self care/W ve intervention/ALIVE: of AIDS/positive intervention/ALIVE: revention of HIV/AIDS/ and education in the prevention of HIV/ o understand AIDS/ to understand AIDS/ e, long-term, 72 week, art for patients on triple therapy regimens/ s network/The state of of AIDS prevention programs in Brazilia ing HIV health through /Producing HIV health through Express yourself... the as a therapy workshop for people affect DS/Beyond words: The of living with AIDS/Beyond words: The 13175 13243 13375 13544 14196 14341 23163 23299 23504 32434 33330 33509 33539 41227 42368 42458 43177 43415 43541 60327 60727 60978 60991 60150 13554 43162 43386 43398 22452 43384 60035 60577 33554 60239 518*/13212 43382 43388 43392 60417 60841 60747 60005 12312 32315 32319 22355 22363 22368 22406 32314 32347 60504 24314 34205 43376 60154 12212 13539 34130 42397 60270 - Keyword Abstract -,CA/A harm reduction program for gay and bisexual male drug 60482 and prevention related articles - 1987-1997/AIDS in scientific lit 24187 mmunity planning/The articulation of community in AIDS public p 24104 iven rule-based expert artificial intelligence computer system in tr 32297 f freedom through the arts /The conquest of freedom through the 24371 en trial of antiretroviral ( ARV ) therapy/Factors associated with suc 12318 he role of viral load and therapies in the progression of cervic 22321 Efficacy of antiretroviral ( ) therapy in Mumbai/Efficacy of antiret 22399 ces in antiviral therapy ( ) for HIV can result in lower total costs 24136 tiretroviral medication ( ) regimens in a community-based sam 32338 HIV RNA antiretroviral ( ) monitoring/Self reported treatment a 32379 ive use of antiretroviral ( ) therapy in developing countries/Tow 42306 ccesses/Antiretroviral ( ) use in general practice in urban Zam 42318 s of antiretroviral drugs ( ) in developing countries/Benefit and I 60184 ations for antiretroviral ( ) therapy: Results from a representativ 60394 gimens in antiretroviral ( )-naive patients with CD4 counts of 20 60397 luation of antiretroviral ( ) treatment in Santos: Qualitative appr 60843 E vaccine designed for Asia /Neutralizaion of macrophage and T c 21214 nd care for PWAs in the Pacific region - A PWA perspective/ 22487 ulnerability in southeast /Fishermen and HIV/AIDS vulnerabilit 23573 V-related treatments in through NGO collaborations/Investig 34104 V-related treatments in through NGO collaborations/Investig 199*/34141 vention programmes in /Using participatory community asses 43157 man rights violations in: The APN+ human rights initiative/Tr 535*/44133 pidemics in South East?/Is migration a co-factor for the HIV e 44199 e mainland South-East /Trans-national population movement 44202 reduction strategies by Asian, Black, Hispanic, and White young 14212 orted strategies among, Black, Hispanic, and White women, 14219 havior patterns among, Black, Hispanic, and White US wo 14330 behavior among young men who have sex with men/HIV pr 23112 n on the Internet in East languages - Chinese, Japanese an 33484 of HIV in Southeastern and South Asian recruiters to Saudi 42139 gh risk, low prevalence nations: Bangladesh, Pakistan, and 43523 reduction among south asian men who have sex with men at Toro 60709 V risk behaviors among Asians in San Francisco/Drug use and HI 14222 actice safer sex among in New York City/HIV knowledge, 14265 ngdom/HIV infection in resident in the United Kingdom/HI 60497 ervice organisations ( ASO ) on the Greek society/The impact of 34313 on drug treatment/UK programme to enable people living wi 34315 tments climate by a UK /Adaptation of services to a new treat 34322 ogramme between UK and NGOs in India, Caribbean, Roma 34331 unch/Front line pioneer s crusade despite resource crunch/F 44256 Experience of an NGO ( ) on orphans support/Experience of a 60838 S service organization ( ) by PHAs with a heterosexual perspe 60955 inimal cost: A guide for ASOs based on experience/Setting up a q 33474 ervice organizations ( )/HIV prevention education and sup 43325 p: US-based NGOs and and the global epidemic/Bridging th 44273 er in community-based /Volunteers as stakeholders: Appro 60431 by inhibition of Candida aspartyl proteinase/HIV protease inhibitor 31211 ulness of bone marrow aspirate in the evaluation of fever of undet 22329 agnosis by fine-needle aspiration (FNA)/Lymph node enlargeme 60073 c utility of bone marrow and biopsy in HIV-infected pati 60915 her viral STDs in sexual assault suspects and survivors/The serop 32416 ith HAART after sexual /Post-sexual exposure prophylaxi 250*/33174 y a new virus-binding assay /Mapping conserved antigenic epito 11178 of heteroduplex mobility (HMA) for HIV-1 subtyping/Genetic 13110 y heteroduplex mobility (HMA)/Characterization of HIV-1 su 13112 ytokine and chemokine s for IL-2, IFNy, TNFa, and RANTE 21184 y/Cell fusion infectivity in patients receiving retroviral thera 22407 y immunofluorescence (IFA) using BC-3 and BCP-1 cell line 31195 by the Gen-Probe TMA, predicts neurocognitive outcomes 32195 d particle agglutination for detection of antibodies to HIV-1/ 41105 y sensitive and specific for antibodies to HIV-1/M, HIV-1/O a 41106 ation of HIV-diagnostic: Results of the evaluation of the Enz 41113 tative HIV-1 RNA PCR in persons infected with HIV-1 subty 41127 antiplex v2.0 HIV RNA and the nuclisens for quantitation of 41128 rains/High throughput for sensitive detection of HIV-1 RNA 343*/41129 d reverse transcriptase /Quantitation of HIV-1 virus load by 41137 Amplicor HIV-1 Monitor using ultra sensitive sample prepara 41146 A multiplex nested PCR for the detection of six clinically impo 41151 tal Amplicor DNA PCR for the detection of HIV-1 DNA in blo 41155 g lygase chain reaction (LCR)/Diagnosis of Mycobacterium 41162 5 suitable for infectivity of T- and M-tropic HIV-1, and its app 41163 linked immunosorbent for HIV in persons with autoimmune 41168 a reverse hybridisation (LiPA) for the detection of mutations 41216 n HIV-1 RT/Line Probe compared with clonal and populatio 41219 ment of the Line Probe in the detection of nucleoside analo 41220 1 RT mutation detection /Novel clinical applications of the Li 41223 genetics Lipa HIV-1 RT /Semi-quantitative HIV-1 mutation a 41225 GS II: A highly sensitive based entirely on correctly folded HI 42108

Page  15 assay * attitudes 15 12th World AIDS Conference Keyword Abstract - a sensitive HIV antigen on Vidas/Screening of anti p24 mon lus HIV-1/HIV-2/Rapid evaluation for the detection of antibo e-Linked ImmunoSpot) /Detection and enumeration of HIVmplicor HIV-1 Monitorm /Multi-center evaluation of the ultra s elay, anticoagulant and (bDNA, RT-PCR) on plasma HIV R s/The contributions of variation and biological variation to t sensitivity, quantitative for HIV-1 RNA using branched DNA arison of a PCR-based and the MT2 coculture method forth rray based GeneChip~ for HIV genotyping/Development of uorescence quenching for determining the binding affinity (k en/antibody screening reduces significantly the window per ed anti HIV/p24 antigen, Vidas HIV DUO, that narrows the s w NASBA ultrasensitive (Nuclisens) for quantifying HIV-1 pla C using LiPA HIV-1 RT /Analysis of the HIV RT resistance p ytokine and chemokine assays for IL-2, IFNy, TNFo, and RANTE e/A comparison of four for CMV viremia in patients with Al g and four confirmatory /Detection of antibodies to HIV-1 gr mbinant and anti-HIV-2 to distinguish between HIV-1 and valuation of HIV-1 RNA for diagnosis and quantitation of pe linical trials/Viral load and HIV-1 subtypes in European cl eration HIV-1 viral load with improved lower detection limit lopment of quantitative using the 5 nuclease technology/ ens and Roche Monitor for HIV-1 RNA quantitation/Comp uantitative PCR RNA in HIV-1 infected children/Correlat A and other commercial /Plasma HIV-1 RNA quantification: nd Quantiplex HIV RNA for quantification of HIV-1 in cerebr ection; a comparison of related to programmed cell death a tudy using 3 virologic /Early diagnosis of HIV-1 and HIVaccess to free viral load: VLAP (the Viral Load Access Proj V-1 on infectious virion assembly /The impact of interactions betw nce required for particle /Identification of a minimum HIV e training techniques to assist in HIV/AIDS education forthe comm TASO) drama group to in the formation of a blood donor clu nd support networks to parents in disclosing HIV status/Mo ncy HIV Study (WIHS)/ Association of vitamin A deficiency with c IV-1 in western Kenya/ between placental malaria inf he female genital tract: with HIV-1 in peripheral blood n HIV infected persons/ of parasitic infections and Sal ong HIV-infected men/ of body composition, measur g incarcerated women/ between mental illness and H ment: The Nigerian Bar (NBA) annual dinner experie the Estonian Anti-AIDS during 7 years/Preventive w sburg Gay and Lesbian Krilija/Anti-AIDS activity of t vity of infected women: with HIV-1 in peripheral blood 1 RNA viral burden/The association between Plasmodium falcipar r-child separation/The of substance use and HIV infe of phosphorylation and of CC chemokine receptor 5 a mphocyte apoptosis in with decrease in T cell activati monas and the potential with lower levels of education: ciparum malaria and its with immune status in a cohor ors partially explain the between younger age and HI r female partners/The of active hepatitis B and C (H ith HIV infection and its with autonomic neuropathy a tive study to assess the /HIV-1 infection and miscarria rea drug injectors/The between syringe exchange, d male adolescents/The between viewing sexually exp vention of HIV/AIDS: An of support for PLWAS and the US southern state/The of perceived risk for HIV infect o implementation of an of people living with HIV: The a tarda: A controversial with HIV infection/Porphyria ry seroconverters/The of epidemiologic risk factors a elf-support group to an s structure: Managing, structu 42111 42113 42131 42143 42144 42163 42168 42192 42196 42268 60167 60607 60679 60854 21184 22246 33200 42121 42124 42155 42158 42160 42162 42171 42175 42177 60393 60667 60699 379*/11131 11134 13415 23260 60847 621*/22301 461*/23268 23488 32121 42354 43406 44153 60001 60595 60608 13297 14193 55*/21135 21163 22211 130*/22236 24*/23349 23378 32125 32231 33387 34226 34384 43118 60234 60883 60908 60982 SKeyword Abstract - e in a symptomatic and HIV infected population in 22366 inal (CV) secretions of (ASX) HIV + women with a 23450 otoxic T lymphocytes in HIV-infected Thai adults wi 31158 y neurological deficit in HIV positive subjects/Anti 32218 rean section (LSCS) in HIV-1 infection in Mulago h 32229 vices in the detection of sexually transmitted infecti 33247 male sex workers with STD using a risk scoring sy 33254 on for the HIV-positive, population/The future inte 34327 bset composition during HIV-infection/Triple combi 339*/41178 n in lymphoid tissues of HIV-1 infected patients/Eff 41228 sychological aspects of long-term survivors in Swit 60449 uction and apoptosis in HIV infection/Effect of two 60657 mong STD patients and family planning clients in G 60783 ed by HIV infected and at-risk women at three time periods/Patter 23404 led by HIV infected and women/Barriers to condom use ide 23420 esting behavior among populations: Why do persons seek, 136*/43103 among youth with, and for HIV/Models of service utilization 43478 tem for youth with, and for HIV in six US cities/Infrastructur 60777 primary care settings in Atlanta, Georgia/Viral load and CD4+ out 32291 anagement guidelines ( ATMMGs ) of pediatric HIV infection/Antire 32439 n: Promoting a positive atmosphere in marginal communities to pr 13432 acokinetic interactions/ Atovaquone suspension and indinavir hav 12384 n safety and efficacy/ suspension (ATQ) for prophy 22178 inavir-associated facial atrophy in HIV positive patients/Indinavir- 12391 d analysis/Feelings of attachment, alcohol and drug use in safe a 14179 kers to reduce reported attack rate of STDs/Social economic emp 43253 eterologous challenge/ Attenuated SIV vaccines: Safety and effic 546*/11238 Cohort infected with an attenuated quasi species of HIV-1: Long-t 13350 ressive HIV-1 Infection: Attenuating sequences/Long-term non-p 21127 ated and proposition of attenuating measures/Adherence of patie 42442 and quantitation of virus /Sydney blood bank cohort vir 11143 n Littoral, Cameroon/ Attitude of physicians towards the seropo 22200 ties AIDS Task Force/ change through soap opera for Al 34211 V infected IDU patients/ of French GPs towards care for HI 60338 eath of an AIDS patient/ of families towards the death of a 60566 s in Harlem/Changes in attitude regarding antiretroviral (AR) thera 12446 HIV related knowledge, and risk behaviors among high sc 13513 /AIDS/Knowledge and of freshmen students of Liceo de 13536 aluation of knowledge, and behavior related to HIV amon 14120 A survey of knowledge,, beliefs and practices (KABP) abo 14132 HIV testing, results and of society: Results of a study in Bo 14188 ong Kong/Knowledge, and risk-taking behaviours toward 14194 in Nigeria/Knowledge, and practice related to HIV/AIDS a 23433 workers/A knowledge,,behavior and perception (KABP) 23583 ssessing of knowledge, and belief (KAB) on AIDS: An Irani 24184 ussia/Knowlege and to HIV-infection in journalists in Ru 33478 ial welfare personnels towards AIDS/Professionalizatio 34121 tudy of awareness and concerning HIV and AIDS in the M 43353 a: Their knowledge and towards HIV/AIDS/Adolescent e 60041 h Chennai/Knowledge,,practise and behavior of CSWs in 60071 na/Professional mens and risk perception of HIV in Ghan 60712 ammes on knowledge, and practice on HIV/AIDS in the c 60736 tudy about knowledge, and practice/STD/AIDS in workpl 60772 nd condom promotion/ Attitudes and practices of French obstetri 13568 of HIV infected women/ towards childbearing and adher 14111 -based syringe access/ of participants of a van-based sy 23173 HIV-1 positive gay men/ and age are related to adherenc 32331 o prevent HIV infection: and interest among high risk HIV 33193 GO in the Cote dlvoire/ of PWAs to counselling: The exp 33300 safer sex: What a mix!/ towards the new triple-therapies 34277 ams, Sao Paulo, Brazil/ of staff at juvenile detention facili 43262 /HIV/AIDS knowledge, attitudes and practices of community-bas 12107 ENTA I trial/Parents to their HIV infected childrens pa 12261 alth workers views and towards improving traditional he 12414 viors, knowledge, and in a population-based probability 13116 avior, knowledge, and in a population-based probability 13165 olombia/Knowledges, and practices related to HIV/AID 13174 ective tool for changing towards HIV. Experiences of the 13489 ndom - Knowledge and of students/AIDS and condom - 13495 n Jamaica/Knowledge,, beliefs and practices (KABP) ab 13527 ct, Kenya/Knowledge, and practices regarding STI amo 13546 Georgia/Knowledge, and practices (KAP) about HIV/A 14116 S risk in Vietnam/Deep and behaviors affecting HIV/AID 14125 male couples/HAART,,and risk behavior among serodi 643*/14136 impact on subsequent and lifestyles/Exploring ethnicity 14224 DS related knowledge, and practices (KAPs) on the Cari 14280 IV population/National and antifungal utilization practice 22222 s/helpers/Knowledge, and sexual practices of taxi drive 23341 iral loads/Perceptions,, and sexual risk among HIV-posi 23389 elopment/Knowledge,, practices and behavioral chang 23432 I transmission of HIV-1: Associations with bacterial vaginosis (BV 527*/23347 on of Medical Students /Together we can make a dif 60700 n children with HIV/The associations between production of chem 21190 mplication of rural youth in the fight against STDs/AI 33585 pport through womens /Psychosocial and economi 34274 A (Studio Italiano Delle Associazioni - Ricerca su Terapie compl 42378 uman colonic cells and astrocytes /The common molecular deter 11118 pression in adult Simian cultures/Chemotactic cytokine 21144 s inhibit HIV infection of /Amantidine and other endocyt 32212 ions of asymptomatic ( ASX ) HIV + women with and without genita 23450 ngitis in 2 HIV+ patients/ Asymptomatic cryptococcal meningitis in 60452 y HIV infection (PHI) vs asymptomatic,established infection (AEI) 12193 ype prevalence among pregnant women & blood d 13113 demiology of long-term HIV infection in Australia/T 13348 ors in a Swiss cohort of long-term survivors/Clinic 13355 age in a Swiss cohort of long-term survivors/Socio- 13358 and plasma HIV RNA in patients with HIV infection/ 22214 reening for detection of CMV retinitis/Routine opht 22249

Page  16 16 attitudes * AZT 12th World AIDS Conference Keyword Abstract-- Keyword Abstract-- ents to treatments/The of patients to treatments/The lation/Knowledge and regarding protease inhibitors am ness of demographics, and knowledge as predictors/Ad urvey of pan-European to HIV/Survey of pan-European rotation/Pilot study on and knowledge about HIV/AIDS f udy of condom use and in Moscow and San Francisco/A nd Zimbabwe/Mens toward a potential vaginal microb icians experiences and about non-occupational post-ex n Morocco/Improving and communication aspects duri measures/Knowledge,, belief and practice related to HI measures/Knowledge,, belief and practice related to HI /HIV/AIDS preventive and behaviour of French and Swi da/Traditional healers towards condom use and implica h men/Knowledge and about new HIV drug treatments a xico/Level knowledge, and resources about HIV/AIDS i s to change prevailing:A lesson from the field/The chall erapies on knowledge,,and behaviors among Chicago STD clinic/Knowledge and safe sex regarding AIDS am mparison of knowledge, and practices on HIV/AIDS amo ng people/Knowledge,,sexual behaviours and public inf ulation/Knowledge and towards treatment for Pneumocy nges in knowledge and about HIV and AIDS among rece ents/Creating positive towards persons living with HIV/ dents/Knowledge and towards sexually transmitted dis sk factors/Knowledge, and practices of housegirls on HI iagnosis/HIV-related and behaviors and psychiatric di mmunity health nurses toward various HIV/AIDS related IDS/Medical doctors towards selected ethical aspects e study/Knowledge and about HIV-AIDS: A comparative ne areas/Knowledge, and beliefs about HIV infection a survey in Rosario about toward HIV/AIDS infections/Pop d for HIV/AIDS workers/ Attitudinal training: A need for HIV/AIDS d adults/Ecological and attitudinal influences on dietary quality in se, selection bias, and attrition in HIV prevention studies/Using g /An analysis of subject in a longitudinal study of HIV/AID omen: What influences?/HIV research and women: What al therapeutic vaccine ( ATV) using a sendai virus envelope derive 1+ patients/Infection by atypical mycobacteria (AM) in HIV-1+ pati ponsiveness of (target audience) the hard-to-reach grassroot co h the largest possible for the presentation of the guide perience from Uganda/ Audio-visual communication as an interve IV risk behaviors using audio computer self-interviewing among g port/Is Staphylococcus aureus colonization related to the clinical p cquired HIV infection in Australia, 1991-1997/HIV disease progre tomatic HIV infection in /The molecular epidemiology of I ng gay men in Sydney,: The normative role of drug use i red to the US-Europe- /Molecular and clinical evidence m a HIV unit in Sydney,, 1993-1995/A description of die osexual men in Sydney, /Risk factors for HIV infection in e and AIDS incidence in,1992-1996/Birthplace and AID 24164 32316 32337 32345 32447 33111 33141 248*/33192 33305 33457 33475 642*/34107 34108 34116 43208 43235 43260 43358 43388 43390 43409 43413 44169 60004 60103 60164 60319 60585 60764 60877 60928 43539 42348 23217 24210 42202 60312 31210 60644 60922 33472 43545 60575 13313 13348 14180 22177 22469 23124 23377 641*/23402 32318 92*/34186 188*/43477 60134 60473 13312 23413 34134 42235 43250 44282 33411 60312 41168 11243 31105 42321 42464 60771 41110 163*/41102 41118 41145 42168 60945 60717 61005 12146 32227 DS prevalence among autorickshaw drivers in Delhi - A pilot stu pair and regain of hope/ Autosupport group: Only bridge between on of chemiotherapics/ Auxiliary cabinet like a substitution of the I sion: a validation of the AVERT computer model/Estimating progr ecutive HIV-1 DNA and avipox vaccine regimen/Protective T-cell unselling service at the Awanama (Anonymous) Clinic/Pre 2nd po s a base to grow/Being aware is a base to grow/Being cuador/Moving beyond awareness-raising by linking prevention a ary schools population/ Awareness of AIDS prevention among sec IV-discordant couples/ of PEP and viral suppressive t drug users in Vietnam/ and risk behaviours related to ulanda community site/ in Mulanda community site/ pies Republic of China/ of HIV/AIDS among pregnant f HIV infected partners/ over sexual intercourses amo ommercial sex workers/ and rehabilitation of commerci pie in Calabar, Nigeria/ creation and education for HIV n out of school children/ among urban out of school chil escent in schools/IESC/ among the adolescent in scho ndividuals in Uganda/,perceptions and inhibiting iss nts workers at shipyard/ amongst migrants workers at 23436 60024 22478 60637 549*/21198 43149 60752 34115 13538 14146 23213 23434 23445 24344 33279 33377 33549 33596 43344 60097 of HIV-infected adults in Antiretroviral uptake in DS health promotion in ts on AIDS incidence in m a HIV unit in Sydney, of the AIDS epidemic in A32/Evidence from the sexual practice among ng control-PLWHAs and our HIV treatments: An n Graphic AIDS project/ ponse to HIV/AIDS: An /Treatments, intimacy and disclo: The effects of gender, medical a /Constructs of community in HI /Estimating the effect of treatme, to community nurses, 1993-19 /Assessing the current incidence Australian Ashkenazi Jewish population s gay men 1986-1997: A rational AIDS community-based organi treatments resource aimed at s responses to the epidemic: The perspective/The international r police and penitentiary authorities in the AIDS prevention among juvant/Studies with an autogenous HIV cellular/viral therapeutic or HIV in persons with autoimmune diseases and macroglobulin ntravenous injection of autologous PBMCs ex vivo infected with a ary macrophages with virus isolates/Sera from early fficking/Co-infusion of HIV-1 specific gene-modified V) in patients receiving and allogenic transfusions/In usion of cryropreserved lymphocytes can improve im est adapted to AXSYM automate /HIV antibody avidity measurem ening with the Elecsys~ automated analyser: Combined testing for ening with the Elecsys~ analyser: Testing for HIVAg wit imers, and a prototype version to quantitate HIV-1 RN y/Performance a semi-,high sensitivity, quantitative a en/Evaluation of a new screening test for the simultan vors with perinatal HIV/ Autopsy findings in long-term survivors wit gs in women with AIDS/ findings in women with AIDS/ urveillance, clinical and autopsy data in Abidjan, C6te dlvoire/Clin h HIV/Cerebrovascular autoregulation in patients with HIV/Cereb q 1 ers - Promoting AIDS awareness among social welfare personn 13580 elated to condoms and of AIDS among married wome 14162 TD, HIV/AIDS/AIDS among migrant workers at bor 23365 Nepal/Peer education/ among commercial sex worker 183*/23508 m of South India/Health and health seeking behaviour 23566 ondoms and HIV/AIDS among long distance truck driv 24115 n (personal and social) of minor girl children who are s 24303 Nadu, India/HIV/AIDS and intervention among wome 33250 trol through creation of by motivating and mobilizing r 107*/33256 counselling on HIV risk and practices amongst sexuall 33283 t of AIDS education and programme/Impact of AIDS e 33294 nselling/Extent of AIDS among female undergraduate 33309 n/AIDS/HIV prevention among villagers of Punjab, Pa 33352 State/HIV/AIDS/STDs campaign among passengers i 33354 AIDS intervention cum among intercity truckers in a p 33422 e rural approach/AIDS program - The rural approach 33436 /Youth information and campaign based on the input o 33468 adesh/Effects of AIDS campaigns on knowledge of Al 33477 s/HIV/AIDS preventive/ through popular drama in seco 33481 ew tool for intervention/ among young people/A new to 33496 ular publications/Media through regular publications/ 33500 rnalists role in creating among the vulnerable and tho 33513 reates effective AIDS /Multi cultural peer group proje 38*/33517 ons learnt from the HIV programme through peer educ 33575 n Uganda/Intervention/ and involvement of the elite in 33599 of HIV/AIDS/Efficacy of programmes for prevention an 34160 e silence rules/National campaign in a country where si 103*/34217 91-1997) and peoples of risk/Four HIV/AIDS campai 34227 Health care providers of the ACTG 076 findings and t 460*/42210 al networking and AIDS program at the workplace: The 544*/43230 ietnam/Intervention/ among long-distance lorry driv 43281 mental attempt to create on STD/HIV and AIDS among 43313 rkers/Sex workers/self among sex workers/Sex work 43315 D and HIV intervention/ of commercial sex workers (C 43322 ts and AIDS: A study of and attitude concerning HIV a 43353 in enhacing HIV/AIDS among school adolescents Ug 43361 of Sri Lanka/HIV/AIDS in the military of Sri Lanka/HIV 43395 V/AIDS prevention and intervention in Lira, Uganda/H 43496 fecting youths on AIDS program/Legal frame work an 44131 ul weapon in HIV/AIDS and prevention for the youth/ 60043 a/Promoting HIV/AIDS among women in peri-urban ar 60046 s a tool in creating mass /Training is a tool in creating m 60089 ommunity cites/AIDS in the community cites/AIDS 60124 ng barriers in HIV/AIDS and complementing governme 60140 s/Counselling/creating about HIV/AIDS amongst male 60328 mbales/STD, HIV/AIDS and educational program in ex 60539 DS wasting syndrome ( AWS )/The effects of oxandrolone (OX) plu 42335 LISA test adapted to AXSYM automate/HIV antibody avidity me 41110 ement of HIV disease - Ayurvedic approach/Comprehensive ma 42386 DS response analysis in Azerbaijan: Obstacles and lessons learne 43223 nd HIV/AIDS services in /Difficulties in integration of ST 60074 osphorylation rate of 3- azidothymidine in maternal and fetal peri 508*/42258 ne stops neuro-AIDS in AZT-non-responders /Stavudine stops ne 564*/32207 e transcriptase to detect AZT-resistant mutations/Genotyping HIV- 41143 ethod to decrease of the AZT-treatment cost/Method to decrease o 12438 e efficacy and safety of AZT/3TC vs alternating d4T/ddl and AZT/3 12227 patients switching from or AZT/ddC to other double NRTI 32281 ontinuous intravenous AZT therapy in oral AZT treated children wi 12177 tions of antiretrovirals ( + ddl vs. AZT + 3TC + indinavir) on T-c 12200 GC) in combination with and 3TC in antiretroviral-naive HIV-1 i 12301

Page  17 AZT * barriers 17 12th World AIDS Conference - Keyword Abstract-- - Keyword Abstract-- ombined with 3TC and /Disease progression and survival on t e in treatment-naive or - Experienced HIV-1 infected adult pa ies ml during HAART (, 3TC, Ind)/Quantitation of HIV biomol avir in combination with and 3TC for greater than two years/V ss than 200 CD4/mm3/ + 3TC + indinavir vs d4T + 3TC + indin o a high viral load under treatment/Mother-to-child transmissi r discontinuation of oral given to pregnant Ugandan women/C DDI/delaviridine (DLV), /DLV, DDI/AZT or DDI/AZT/DLV/Parti e relationship between therapy and dementia free survival in patients switching from /3TC or AZT/ddC to other double NRTI utation Q151M and the resistance mutation T215Y/F carry th infected children under and 3TC therapy/Genotypic and phen ation Q151M/L and the resistance mutation T215Y/F in the sa onths/d4T plus 3TC or plus 3TC - Viral load suppression afte harged albumins and /Anti-HIV-1 activity of combinations a C, PEG, CIV IL2 with + ddl/IL2 in HIV patients: A randomiz tudy/Antiviral effect of versus d4T in combination with 3TC a ated with resistance to and 3TC after combination treatment iveness trial comparing /ddl to AZT/ddC in Thailand/An effecti n children undergoing treatment/Evolution of the skin lesion fficacy and tolerance of and lamivudine in South Indian HIV-1 i ases willingness to take during pregnancy/Knowledge of ACT tions of antiretrovirals ( + 3TC vs. AZT + ddl) on cytokine prod le of patients receiving and either 3TC, ddl or ddC using LiPA ro, Brazil/Feasibility of use to reduce HIV vertical transmissio asurements of specific B-group vitamins in a cohort of HIV positiv sexually than subtype B-Thai /HIV-1 subtype RNA levels in seme stfeeding in a cohort of babies not infected at enrollment/HIV infe nda/Motives for having as an HIV-infected woman in easte V-1 and HIV-2 infected in relation to the mode of mother-to viral therapy (HAART)/ Bacillary angiomatosis in the setting of cla tosis of the conjunctiva/ angiomatosis of the conjunctiva/ gical and clinical study/ angiomatosis in HIV-infected pat ect evidence through a back-calculation model/The modification nto empirical Bayesian (EBBC): European Unio e of empirical Bayesian and Mover-Stayer mode in Israeli AIDS patients/ Bacteremia in Israeli AIDS patients/ apy on the incidence of bacteremia in HIV+ patients/Effect of high atheters (CVC)-related in HIV+ subjects: 3 years pros a/Community acquired and mycobacteremia in febrile s/Community-acquired in HIV infected patients/Com comes/Gram negative in HIV-infected patients; micro avium complex (MAC) /A placebo-controlled trial of rif almonella cholerauis in HIV infected persons/Asso dy of non-mycobacterial in HIV-infected patients/A pro entral African Republic/ Bacterial vaginosis and HIV infection amo osis in Dakar (Senegal)/ vaginosis in Dakar (Senegal)/ n HIV-infected patients/ pneumonia in HIV-infected patie nce and risk factors for bacterial pneumonia among HIV infected merging gram-negative pathogens in the setting of HIV di in community acquired pneumonia in patients with adva ents/Non-opportunistic infections in HIV-hospitalized pat rome/Neutropenia and infection in acquired immunodefi IV-1: Associations with vaginosis (BV)/Heterosexual an arbohydrate-containing biopolymers for anti-candidiasis diarrhea?/Small bowel overgrowth: A cause of chronic H /Community-acquired and fungal infections in HIV-posit biopolymers (CCBs) of and lymphoid cells/HIV infection he HIV-1 gag gene in a Baculovirus system/Production and char arbers on STD/AIDS in Bafoussam, Cameroon/Sensitisation of b of Mathammas, Joginis, Bagiselis and Devadasis/Rehabilitation o tics/HIV-1 subtyping in Bahia, Brazil: A state with African socio-de svestites sex workers in, Brazil/The prevention of HIV-STD logy of HIV and AIDS in Bahrain /Epidemiology of HIV and AIDS in nd prisoners in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico/Persons who injec g female sex workers in Bali, Indonesia/AIDS/STD knowledge, pre s among sex workers in, Indonesia/Sensitivity and specificity n youth at high risk in, Indonesia/Implementation of pre and f female sex workers in, Indonesia/AIDS/STD knowledge, pre nverters from Italy and Baltimore, MD, USA/Direct comparison of ringes given out by the Needle Exchange Program/Fro mong participants in the Syringe Exchange Program/T syringes turned in at the Needle Exchange Program/Ph atients receiving care at Bamrasnaradura Hospital, Thailand/Sati or children in sex work - Bangalore, India/Medical care and HIV/AI ernment STD clinics in - An NGOs experience in the I among youth hostels in, India/HIV/AIDS education pro nts at NGO, OPD clinic,, India/Out patient managemen patients at a hospital in Bangkok /Clinical and immunologic spectr ng drug users (IDUs) in, Thailand/HIV-1 incidence, subt 12317 22382 22383 22400 22403 23308 23391 31108 32254 32281 32296 32298 32300 32321 41188 41229 42169 42197 131*/42244 60080 60189 60272 60657 60854 61002 42352 23395 457*/23270 24201 41147 22114 22123 42256 43480 43484 43487 60800 22103 22106 22109 22110 22118 22176 32121 60322 13284 13285 32262 22104 22107 22117 22119 22121 527*/23347 31219 32104 41170 41204 11136 33582 23423 13169 44174 13154 23218 23523 79*/33235 43538 60168 13332 23170 23229 23241 60599 32420 33260 33579 60054 12144 13127 g injecting drug users in ng drug users (IDUs) in ng drug users (IDUs) in Use and Resistant M.tb, V-1 subtypes B and E, V-1 subtype E infection, ople living with AIDS in f injecting drug users in g injecting drug users in g female sex workers in natal HIV transmission, r optimal patient care in ng drug users (IDUs) in g injecting drug users in ese migrant workers in ties of homosexuality in,Thailand/The long-term course,Thailand/Genetic characterizati, Thailand/Similar risk factors for, Thailand/HIV Infection and TB /Viral load and CD4 cell count in i,Thailand/Clinical outcome and - Involving families and optimisi, Thailand/Sexual risk behaviors /Incarceration as a continuing HI, Thailand/STD testing and treat /Safety, tolerance and adherenc,Thailand/An HIV/AIDS ambulat, Thailand/Willingness to particip,Thailand/New injectors in the HI and surrounding areas/AIDS ed Bangladesh: Implications for HIV preventi 13129 13133 13144 616*/13264 191 */13302 13366 67*/22442 23154 23209 23509 32341 42447 43548 60570 60625 155*/14312 protozoal medicines in /Management of different ST 22207 nvironment in Dhaka of /Risky sexual practices amon 23144 nvironment in Dhaka of /Risky sexual amongst MSM i 23148 ting drug use in Dhaka,: Potential for ignitable HIV ep 23215 ontext of HIV/AIDS in /Safety issues in blood handli 23258 for sex work across the /India border/Empowering yo 23557 health care services in /Development of national gui 33251 oots womens groups in /Disseminating knowledge o 33348 obilisation with IDUs on /India border/Harm reduction 408*/33386 f AIDS in a rural area of /Effects of AIDS awareness c 33477 rs in brothel settings in for prevention of HIV/Effectiv 532*/33521 ps in the print media of:Can the media be an ally in a 591*/34215 he Manikganj District of /Adolescents and AIDS: A stu 43353 valence Asian nations:, Pakistan, and Mongolia/HIV 43523 al mystery/HIV/AIDS in -An epidemiological mystery 43568? A behavioral study on migrant workers/Do all high ri 60268 sia/HIV vulnerability of o HIV/AIDS/Forum of ion/The Sydney Blood cies/AIDS Malignancy Experience of Condom low income population/ enuation/Sydney blood ence of an HIV positive ropositivity at the blood es in Sao Paulo, Brazil/ ortality at Chris Hani sion/The African street meroon/Sensitisation of rvention for cantineras ( netrates the blood-brain hrough the blood-brain trophoblastic epithelial f knowledge remains a a woman/Oral sex and -controlled methods of rebrospinal fluid (CSF) ropriate language as a as excellent blood brain ventions and womens n of human blood-brain us-based adolescents/ ours in Malawian youth/ ted and at-risk women/ IV counseling services/ h insurance coverage/ A difference of opinion/ ion HIV tests in the US: ra, Nepal/Overcoming Malawi/Cultural beliefs; ove, romance and other educing gender-related n through epithelial cell and nurses/Adherence ptions of HIV(+) IDUs as chnology/Overcoming g institutional and social V/Strong youth, strong ollaboration/Reducing recipients/Access and /Reaching around the d practice: Overcoming ty/Overcoming cultural prevention/Addressing Bangladeshi migrant workers in Malaysia 23545 overseas migrant workers: A 44286 Bank Cohort infected with an attenuated q 13350: A source for tissue and biological flui 22292 on the National Highway/Experienc 33102 of Condoms: Guarantee of preventio 34137 bank cohort virus evolution and quantitatio 11143 employee/Coping with HIV/AIDS as 13467 in Jodhpur, India/Incidence of HIV se 23259 BAR&ONG project: A model for poor unde 33430 Baragwanath Hospital (CHBH), South Afri 172*/12166 barber: Is he/she a risk in HIV transmissio 23338 barbers on STD/AIDS in Bafoussam, Cam 33582 Barmaids )/Health intervention for cantine 33331 barrier /Stavudine penetrates the blood-br 12354 during HIV-1 encephalitis/Microgli 21138 is not infected in full-term placenta 23286 to HIV testing among high risk preg 23298 use among HIV infected and at risk 23411 contraceptives among young wom 33126 /Brain delivery of anti-HIV drugs: R 42270 to health education: Its possible im 43569 permeability and absorption proper 60086 methods for reducing risk of STD/H 60673 endothelial cell receptors by HIV/M 60794 Barriers to effective STD/AIDS education 13537 to adopting HIV risk-reduction be 14195 to condom use identified by HIV in 23420 towards the implementation/utiliz 24339 to HIV antiretroviral therapy amon 500*/42285 to accessing treatments for wome 42313 and solutions/The use of home c 43133 barriers: Talking about SID/AIDS and sex 13525 to sex discussion among married 205*/14213 to safer sex among adolescent fe 14234 in HIV prevention efforts: Findings 203*/14262 /Mechanisms of HIV transmission 278*/32124 to complex antiretroviral regimen: 65*/32352 to treatment/Physician perceptio 32412 to condom use - New advances in 33112 /Harm reduction - defeating instit 33401 to HIV/Strong youth, strong 33561 to accessing HIV/AIDS informatio 34111 to care among HIV+ medicaid reci 42301 - Sustainable HIV/AIDS educati 43168 to community-based research/Po 44235 and disclosures in the African co 60006 in HIV/AIDS awareness and com 60140

Page  18 18 barriers * behaviors 12th World AIDS Conference - Keyword Abstract advocacy: Negotiating related to homophobia and hetero act with the gay scene ( bars,saunas, parks) where Sero Zero is ac decline in HIV infection/ Bartonella henselae serostatus is not corr s/Correlation between basal HIV-1 viral load and CD4+ T cell sub hort of patients from the Basque country (Spain)/Impact of HAART viours changes among Country injecting drug users (IDU y mens strategic use of bathhouse communication rules for unpro e better than others/US bathhouses do HIV prevention: Some bett sex with men at Toronto /Harm reduction among sout n change into empirical Bayesian back-calculation (EBBC): Europ /Joint use of empirical back-calculation and Mover-Sta mmunication strategy ( BCC ) in the prevention of STDs/AIDS amo h mycobacterium bovis BCG-induced disease in SIV-infected mo rization of recombinant BCG-vectored vaccine against HIV-1 clad ction with HIV infection/ BCG vaccine effectiveness in preventing t mothers fail to develop a scar/HIV negative infants born to HIV among those with prior vaccination or prior tuberculosis/Risk allenge/A recombinant vaccine for HIV-1 protects cynomolg to detect disseminated among hospitalized children with HIV ay (IFA) using BC-3 and BCP-1 cell lines/Antibody response again nticoagulant and assay ( bDNA, RT-PCR) on plasma HIV RNA deca yzes of HIV-1 viral load ( ) in plasma samples in pediatric case ummer 97, Espiguette beach in southern France: A personalised communities along the beaches of Lake Victoria, Nyanza Provinc e-poor countries/Soya bean milk- An effective body building alter lass movie houses and beauty parlors/Sexual practices of gay me Philippines/Health and salon: A strategy for promoting hea WAs and NAP+ leaders behave, and why?/How do the PWAs and ion for factory workers/ Behavior change and living with AIDS thro ng and decision making behavior among HIV positive persons and n/The role of same-sex in the HIV epidemic among north revalence of sexual risk in Japanese cities/The prevalen VHCTS)/Sexual risk, knowledge, and attitudes in a po V and other STDs, risk,and potential for spread of infect ersity students/Sexual,individual STD prevention, and gram: Impact on sexual and condom use/Evaluation of a o Paulo City/Protective among men in S.o Paulo City/Pr How reliable are sexual self-reports? Instrument format a gh drug use and sexual in the US population/HIV risk thr elf-reported sexual risk with STD incident rates: Results f uths treatment seeking for STD: Targets for intervention nowledge, attitude and related to HIV among students, p o-occurrence of sexual and substance use/Improving m ressers & mens sexual in this group/AIDS prevention pr t STD/AIDS and sexual of risk in adolescents at Lambay y decreases sexual risk and increases psychological hea ART, attitudes, and risk among serodiscordant male cou oviral drugs and sexual in gay and bisexual men: When o /Continued sexual risk among HIV-seropositive Latino tie effect on sexual risk in heterosexual HIV-discordant c ndom use intention and among women of different ethnic nants of HIV preventive among black women in Washing h mood and sexual risk in HIV positive patients/Coping s nd anger on sexual risk /The relationships between socia V risk?/Does measured change reflect change in STD/HI hina/The results of the risk factors and community envir ban setting/Measuring change among clients of commu bout sexuality to enable change among the youth in rural determinants of sexual of adolescents in a slum of New rminants of safe sexual among female partners of HIV inf 95/Changes in sexual patterns among Asian, Black, Hi 1997/Changing sexual in men who have sex with men s azil/Trends in high risk in an open cohort of 600 men wh fluences to reduce risk among young Asian men who ha -1998/Increasing risk has not led to higher HIV inciden tors of high-risk sexual in a sample of HIV-positive men safe sex intentions and in gay men/Differential effects of bstance use and sexual among HIV-seropositive gay me Men and women sexual in Argentina, related to HIV/AIDS: Post-intervention risk changes/Risky injection practice ted to narcotics/Sexual of persons addicted to narcotics/ DUS mens sexual risk contributing for increase the spre nitoring knowledge and of travellers and temporary empl nvironments/Sexual among HIV seropositive men-wh ortheast Italy/Sexual among gay men attending sauna h promoting and sexual in the aspect of HIV/AIDS in Pola jamena, Chad/Sexual, knowledge of HIV transmission nship between HIV risk and partner violence among wo The health care seeking of STD cases in Brazil/The healt Sdo Paulo, Brazil/Risk for AIDS among street children in 60743 13413 32189 60122 12276 23224 23520 60385 60709 43484 43487 43161 31169 21206 13263 21210 22145 33213 60311 31195 42144 42178 43175 33593 42362 23145 60990 33483 33544 12456 13136 13142 13165 13452 13500 13505 13564 14102 14103 14107 14115 14120 14122 14131 14134 154*/14135 643*/14136 14137 14145 14146 14163 14167 14173 14183 257*/14252 14260 14285 14316 14317 14326 14330 23102 23111 23112 23115 23122 27*/23132 23137 23163 23206 23242 23249 23339 23405 23426 23427 23437 23455 23532 23540 /Prevalence of HIV risk phic profile and HIV risk etnam/High risk sexua /A knowledge, attitude n HIV/AIDS preventive ssociated with HIV risk Ith care workers sexua na/The health seeking ndom use intention anc e to acting out or violent e of serostatus and risk s correlates with sexua isodic high-risk sexual and testing reduce risk ing (VCT) reduces risk A belief model of sexual ducing HIV risk-related duction in injection risk azil/Changes in sexual adolescent sexual risk ed States?/HIV testing umstances and sexual ameroon/The limits of n/HIV infection and risk FPs) in Japan/HIV risk with hemophilia/Sexual aulo, Brazil/HIV risk ys for HIV and STD risk /Preliminary findings of les/Adolescent sexual determinants of sexual e, attitude, practise and we City, Zambia/Sexual nality disorder and HIV ter and overall HIV risk s on the job/Upgrading munity/Health seeking ames Parish, Jamaica/ ral population surveys/ vices in Latin America/ I in Goalanda, Rajbari/ on among crack users/ volution of HIV-1 within en HIV/STD prevention rtments/Incorporating men/Psychosocial and pation in the conduct of rg/Study of dangerous I cognitive mediators of first round of HIV/AIDS mpliance-adherence to ns and implications for ttitudes, practices and s/Emotional needs and al risks: Implications for onal enhancement and a culturally appropriate ior HIV testing from the nformation-motivations come from abroad? A o be HIV tested/Family, V prevention research: VHCTS)/Sexual risk ce for HIV and high risk nila/The health seeking changing high-risk HIV he health care seeking ledge, attitude and risk t-year trends in HIV risk or the study of HIV risk am/Deep attitudes and il/Assessing the health d sexual abuse and risk d predictors of HIV risk /Drug use and HIV risk ender relations and risk erventions on safer sex s to understand sexual aphic aspects and risky ve: To characterize risk SKeyword Abstract among adults living with a severe 23544 among female drug users in Sha 23576 related to HIV infection among w 23582 and perception (KABP) of first ti 23583 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/Impact 23587 among young men who have sex 24105 and risk of acquiring STDs/HIV/A 24117 of STD patients in unlicensed pri 24167:A cross-sectional and prospecti 24171 in HIV infected inmates/Acupun 24270:Results from the Voluntary HIV 593*/24323 in young homosexual men/Pres 31194 by men who have sex with men ( 576*/33183 with each other but not with extra 33268 in developing countries: Results 133*/33269 of HIV-1 seropositive Brazilian w 33320 /Recruiting out-of-treatment inje 33398 among users of the Seattle syrin 33400 and condom use among MWM in 33548 in a low-income Puerto Rican co 34175 among at-risk populations: Why 136*/43103 change among persons likely to 43146 change communication strategy 43161 among urban female sex worker 43269 intervention trial in foreign femal 43270 change among seropositive adol 43286 and a socio-cultural study amon 43327 /Use of condoms at last sexual in 43427 sentinel surveillance for HIV risk 43456 in two ethnic minority samples: T 44217 in rural youth at risk for heterosex 60061 of CSWs in North Chennai/Kno 60071 and condom use among the yout 60228 risk in drug users/Antisocial pers 60278 involvement among drug injector 60349 change intervention skills on the j 60638 patterns of Remedios AID hotlin 60759 Behavioral explanations for elevated prev 14171 surveillance surveys (BSS) on 14256 and health services research t 32433 risk assessment and serology 33248 beliefs and situational factors i 60741 behavioral risk groups in San Francisco 1 13217 intervention: The VOICESNO 13470 science into HIV prevention pla 14154 factors associated with physic 14185 research in Eastern Shan Stat 14232 patterns in teenage boy sex wo 28*/14258 intervention effects on HIV/ST 14267 sentinel surveillance in two site 14296 and therapeutic regimens usin 14309 interventions/A typology of inj 23227 changes in men who have sex 23432 problems in uninfected childre 24147 prevention interventions/Post- 33184 skills training/Reducing HIV ris 33274 prevention intervention for Spa 33553 risk factor survey in Rhode Isla 43145 skills model to HIV prevention/ 43319 study on Bangladesh migrant 60268,and policy factors influencing 60778 Behaviors of serodiscordant heterosexual 258*/24169 behaviors, knowledge, and attitudes in a p 13116 among injection drug users in A 13124 of selected populations in Metro 13344 of African-American, drug depe 13402 of selected populations in Metro 13405 among high school students in 13513 among US youth/Eight-year tre 14110 among street sex workers?/Ho 14113 affecting HIV/AIDS risk in Vietn 14125 of medical students in Rio de Ja 14130 among women at high risk for H 14160 among mid-life and older Africa 14192 among Asians in San Francisco 14222 /Women and AIDS: Gender rela 14236 of drug users/A meta-analysis 253*/14250 and practices of men and wome 14304 among university students of S 14325 associated with incident HIV inf 23101

Page  19 behaviors * Bela 19 12th World AIDS Conference -Keyword Abstract-- Keyword Abstract ave sex with men/Risk k, Thailand/Sexual risk HIV prevalence and risk s and Patients - Risk hange use and HIV risk ce as predictors of risk 97/High rate of HIV risk HIV and assessing risk tion of HIV/Drug using ear follow-up of HIV risk Program/Reducing risk treal/Correlates of risk nt of risk related sexual fferences in sexual risk e sex with women/Risk women/Continuing risk ey of HIV, STD and risk ductive health and risk isk US cohort/HIV risk y of HIV incidence and as predictors of HIV risk sexual and drug abuse d affects care-seeking n HIV+ youth/High risk ntion intervention/Risk ho have performed risk and treatment seeking entions reduce HIV-risk owledge, attitudes, and system for HIV/STD risk surveillance for HIV risk Assessment of HIV risk ollege students/Sexual IV-related attitudes and e and HIV-related risky workers/Do all high risk for HIV infection among men w of injecting drug users in Bangk among new initiates into injectio among IDUs who give injection among adolescent and young a in a multi-site sample of injectio among drug users in Prague, C among injecting drug users (ID of young and recent initiate inje among participants in the Balti among injecting drug users in th among young and older men w and serology for syphilis and HI associated with crack cocaine u of women who have sex with w of HIV positive women/Continu among young women in Califor among female sex workers in R among women who have sex wi in young men having sex with m in adults with serious mental illn /Implicit sexual cognition and ac and therapeutic adherence/Ad are not predictive of anti-retrovir reported by newly infected men /Psychology of callers who hav among rural men in Gujarat, Ind among out-of-treatment drug a among Chicago gay men/The i /Toward an integrated surveilla - 1997/Preliminary findings of using audio computer self-inter and alcohol use among college and psychiatric diagnosis/HIVchanging among young gay an come from abroad? A behavior 23103 23154 23176 23189 23191 23194 23197 23208 23228 23229 23236 23409 23410 23425 23428 23457 23458 23497 23500 23525 23531 24152 32355 32372 33180 33321 33342 33555 43260 43423 43456 43545 60047 60164 60206 60268 out by peer educators/ Behaviour change among sex workers an 33540 cial change through risk behaviour mapping/Mobilization of comm 372*/13408 ological study of sexual in the group of people asking fo 13472 ation/Survey on sexual of teenagers in Japan obtained 13509 innovative approach to change/Life skills+ an innovati 13548 or better health seeking /Comprehensive reproductive 13575 hing an HIV-related risk surveillance system/Establishi 14101 alth/STD clinic/Sexual patterns and profiles of male S 14104 aneiro, Brazil/Sexual and perception of vulnerability t 14106 marker of sexual risk in rural Tanzania/Antibody to H 14117 e surveillance of sexual amongst homosexual men in L 14118 ne and AIDS: Trends in among patients receiving prote 14119 d sexuality and high risk patterns in Hosur, Tirupur and 14123 n indicators and sexual of the general population of Slo 14126 IV status/Sexual risk: Relationship between sexual o 14128 atterns in casual sexual,recreational drug use, and gay 14144 of Delhi/Patterns of risk among street children of Delhi/ 14166 eterminants of high risk amongst groups at heightened 14199 effect and sustainable change/Vulnerability of women 14202 ndamental obstacles to change in prevention of HIV/AI 14207 determinants of sexual: A case study of Mwingi and Ho 14211 men abroad/The sexual of Swedish men abroad/The se 14230 sion as a determinant of among the Tonga of Southern 14248 ansmitted disease) risk among adults aged 18-25 year 40*/14253 paration/HIV/AIDS risk assessment, education and co 14254 ses Act on the high-risk of HIV-infected individuals/Effe 14268 men/Social and sexual intervention against STD/AIDS 14292 sessing HIV related risk /Methodological issues in reduc 14300 ogy to study the sexual of a rural population in India/De 14301 nterviewed on a sexual and AIDS prevention survey in 14303 astern of Brazil/Sexual and AIDS transmission among 14311 bai/Risk taking sexual in the age of AIDS: A study amo 14331 s influencing the sexual of adolescents/Peer presure, 14332 outh sexuality study for change interventions for AIDS/ 14333 ndia/A study on sexual and HIV prevalence in patients 22201 or HIV and sexual risk among gay men in London, UK 644*/23106 HIV prevalence and risk among male transvestites in Ja 23131 omparative study of risk among male attendees to a ST 23151 ore at risk?/HIV-risk and prevention for injecting dru 23239 nfection/Travel, sexual and risk to HIV infection/Travel 23358 ection in a different risk groups in Latvia/Prevalence of 23379 ng sexuality and sexual of street children in Calcutta/Ac 23412 ale population/Sexual, condom use and knowledge of 23415 d response/Sexual risk and substance use in developin 23417 AIDS: A study of sexual Drug abuse and sexual o Paulo, Brazil/Sexual njection and sexual risk ence in spite of high risk ess and health seeking de Janeiro, Brazil/Risk ultan/Change of sex ck drivers in India/Risk al background and risk nyan village/Changing p/Identifying gaps in an cers to reduce high risk munication channels for As in promoting positive n HIV/AIDS to carry out mmunity based sexual nt/Reducing risk taking eventive attitudes and sion makers in effecting ddictive and risk taking nuch festival/High risk rio/Comparing sexual racteristics and sexual tive study of sexual risk taxi drivers/Risk taking IV infection and related moting AIDS preventive or HIV and sexual risk London gyms/Injecting /Social determinants of omoting health seeking ention policy in Russia/ k factors within the UK/ he sex workers of Agra/ ted Kenyan prostitutes: IDUs of Calcutta, India/ users in Manipur, India/ tzerland: A pilot study/ epidemic using sentinel n/A comparison of HIV rventions for promoting p/Identifying gaps in an s, unit costs, coverage, of knowledge and safer ed trial of a small-group atabase/A European x you want: A cognitive homatis infections and ndom intervention as a campaign/HIV-related ers (IDUs): 1992-1996/ deo exhibition in Paris/ bia/HIV epidemics and attitude and risk-taking pting HIV risk-reduction actors leading to risky HIV prevalence and risk m/Awareness and risk BV and HCV and risk rs in Montreal/Injection drens perception of risk y/HIV/AIDS risk related ro-prevalence and risk ntion in Prison/HIV risk d: a study of adherence ng individuals with risky nces with HIV/AIDS on ment on HIV-related risk nity/Treatment seeking edge, attitudes, sexual AIDS perceptions and mitted diseases and risk kills & health seeking practices and emerging population with risky of youth (12-25 years) in broke of young males: A risk factor of and reproductive decisions am and HIV, HBV and HCV inside in nine Swedish prisons/Low H of commercial sex workers in a, perception and seropositivity i in CSWs in Red Ligh area, Mult, use of condoms and HIV/AIDS related to HIV/AIDS and STD/ of family members of PWAs thr al intervention program for redu among street children in Calcut change/Linking communicatio change/Role of PWAs in prom change communication: Jisim intervention in southwest Ugan in the field of HIV/AIDS among of French and Swiss gay men in 6 change through infotainment/I during participation in a medica of eunuchs and innovative STD and students knowledge of Al of inmates in a French prison: A /A comparative study of sexual of Delhi taxi drivers/Risk taking among Columbian female, mal for single mothers in Nairobi ur among people seeking an HIV t among gay men using anabolic /Indian society has some of the among commercial sex worker Behavioural studies and HIV/AIDS preven factors associated with heter aspects of HIV infection amo and immunologic correlates/ modification through outreac change communication throu risk factors for hepatitis B (H behavioural surveillance/To evaluate the risk factors for young gay me changes on HIV/AIDS/STDs intervention program for redu impact and biomedical impac intentions/Peer education in intervention with high risk gay database/A European group for gay men/Getting t patterns among STD patients preventive strategy for HIV/AI risk prevalence in Japan: 5-y Behaviours changes among Basque Cou and practices of heterosexual behaviours: Evidence of favourable chan towards HIV/AIDS of marginal in Malawian youth/Barriers to among the Giso community/E /HIV prevalence and risk related to HIV infection among in a semi-rural community in C in HIV seroconversion among in the community/School child among substance abusing yo among women soldiers, wives and HIV seroprevalence amo in people taking anti-retroviral with a negative HIV test result and HIV testing/The impact of among HIV-infected drug user in rural community/Treatment and public information in Vene for the formulation of policies i: A comparative study of two ru among the women in prostituti /Sexuality in the era of HIV/AI: Harm reduction experience of 23431 23465 23480 23528 23552 23566 23568 23570 24115 24161 24338 33297 33359 33452 33464 33482 33498 33529 342*/34107 43301 43302 43352 43399 43402 60119 60127 60258 60456 60809 60811 60912 60990 14191 23374 23549 600*/31123 33338 33349 43411 14127 14174 14287 33297 33519 33534 43311 43317 60353 60783 60905 60933 23224 60467 14108 14194 14195 14206 14308 23213 23219 23221 23385 23424 23471 23527 32348 33285 33375 33413 42428 43390 44236 60138 60455 60687 60867 13519 13521 60745 23140 ear medical students in Beijing and Shanghai/Knowledge of and n ear medical students in and Shanghai/Knowledge of and n roup for HIV infection in Belem, North Brazil/Prevalence of HTLV 1 x with men (MSM): The Bela Vista Cohort Study, Sdo Paulo, Brazil

Page  20 20 Bela Blood 12th World AIDS Conference - Keyword Abstract - Sao Paulo, Brazil: The Vista Cohort Study/Prevalence and i n HIV vaccines/Cohort Vista: Feasibility of efficacy trials on H ave sex with men: The Vista cohort, SAo Paulo, Brazil/Hepat ogorsk, Gomel region, Belarus /Sentinel surveillance conducted vention among IDUs in /Mobilization of organizations, inst evention among IDUs in /HIV/AIDS prevention among IDU rsity Hospital Antwerp, Belgium /Direct nursing time with AIDS an dy system in Flanders - /Buddy system in Flanders - rsity Hospital Antwerp, /Degree of satisfaction of patients e HIV/AIDS epidemic in in the era of new treatments/Mon ed day men in Flanders, /Tailoring for the margins: HIV pr nd risk factors for HIV in Belgrade (how much women differ)/Gend nowledge, attitude and belief (KAB) on AIDS: An Iranian survey/A ive Brazilian women/A model of sexual behavior of HIV-1 s /Knowledge, attitudes, and practice related to HIV/AIDS am /Knowledge, attitudes, and practice related to HIV/AIDS am ommunity/A change in from witchcraft to HIV/AIDS is requ ping world/The health model and the theory of reasoned ac /Knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices (KABP) about HIV/AI of knowledge, attitude, and practices (KABP) about AIDS tion in Malawi/Cultural;barriers to sex discussion among in the Philippines/Folk and womens reproductive health p azil/Impact of religious on HIV/AIDS preventive behavior i der, medical advice and about efficacy and toxicity/Antiretr gn to debunk traditional about male sexuality/Developing a stigma and HIV-related in the United States: Results from a /Modifying knowledge,,and safe sex practices in battered crack users/Behavioral and situational factors influencing owledge, attitudes and about HIV infection and AIDS amo ntion/AIDS prevention and practices among urban worker ople/Are you going to believe some nutty professor or a kid on th n out-patient clinic in Belo Horizonte - June 1995 to July 1996/ V-infected individuals in Horizonte, Brazil: A case-control stud n out-patient clinic in Horizonte, Brazil, July 95 June 97/Pr accine clinical trials in Horizonte, Brazil/Increasing the risks k or infected with HIV in Horizonte, Brazil - January-Decemb homo/bisexual men in Horizonte, Brazil - 3-year report of th cally exposed infants in Horizonte, Brazil/The utility of immun nosis of HIV infection in Horizonte, Brazil/Circumstances of d with HIV-1 evaluated in Horizonte, Brazil - July-November 1 nario in Calcutta, West Bengal /Care and management of people I es of HIV/AIDS in West (Calcutta)/Some socio economic ent perspectives, West,India/Spectrum of HIV infection in entions: A case of West, India/Addressing gender issues i al health project in West, India/Young peoples sexual heal A case study from West /Developing cross sectoral networ g blood donors in West /Increasing trends in the prevalenc nity in Sundarban, West, India/Sexual health management ups: 1987-1996, West, India/Changing pattern of HIV inf ocytes in HIV infection/ Benign monoclonal expansion of CD8 lym r in HIV-1 patients/The benign cystic lymphoepithelial lesion (BLL deficiency syndrome in Benin City, Nigeria/Clinico-epidemiologic scents and HIV/AIDS in City, Nigeria (January 1994 to April f vaginal cleansing with benzalkonium chloride in HIV-infected Afr regivers of adolescents bereaved by parental AIDS/Picking up the IV+ and at risk women/ Bereavement support group intervention f n intervention in times of bereavement /HIV positive women interve Mr. Death: Community for multi-grieved adults and ce cell proliferation and beta-chemokine production/NSI and not a in vivo/Evidence that beta-chemokines stimulate rather than su used in HIV-infection: A bibliographic search/The clinical researc potent inhibitors of HIV/ Bicyclams are selective antagonists of the e (ZDV) 300 mg) given BID plus a protease inhibitor (PI) compare ng-term comparison of and TID dosing Viracept (nelfinavir) in nhibitor treatment in a regimen as salvage therapy in advanc ortovaseTM (SQV) SGC regimens in combination with 2 nucleo s/Safety and efficacy of dosing of ViraceptT (nelfinavir mesylat nce daily plus indinavir bid /Short-term efficacy and safety of ddl a ent of Enterocytozoon bieneusi infections in patients with AIDS ( ypes of enterocytozoon strains isolated from patients wit munities of Quangninh, Binhdinh and Cantho provinces - Prevent munities of Quangninh, and Cantho provinces - Prevent evention in Costa Rica/ Bio-psychology and social care for comm 23367 43551 60753 43467 44261 44299 22463 34250 42219 43450 60826 23468 24184 33320 33457 33475 43203 60976 13527 14132 205*/14213 14246 23587 32318 34221 416*/44173 60042 60741 60877 60896 44260 22139 22141 22156 23448 23483 33225 42117 414*/42228 60941 12418 13232 22152 23503 33491 34374 42137 43297 43491 32148 32137 13177 13399 12209 47*/44215 32256 13396 24246 21175 21120 42393 57*/11107 12220 12224 12303 12314 60631 60678 22232 22235 33457 33475 43368 42257 42263 42273 42352 557*/41174 24236 42354 - Keyword Abstract -- hropological analysis of bioethics in medical care/Person concept 60463 omposition for electrical bioimpedance /Load viral and body comp 42367 al V3 loop/Genetic and biological characterization of Russian HIV 11204 m survivors/Clinical and factors in a Swiss cohort of asy 13355 omplex/Molecular and characteristics of HIV-1 strains f 21110 A source for tissue and fluids of HIV-related malignanci 22292 n Yaounde/Clinical and study of superficial mycoses in 31218 f assay variation and variation to the variability of HIV 42163 h divergent HIV strains/ Biology and molecular biology of HIV co-in 11162 amydia screening as a biomedical outcome marker for a commu 14261 /The psychosocial and factors contributing to the vuln 23543 behavioural impact and impact/A peer education proje 33519 ens bodies in HIV/AIDS research/Recentering wom 34292 sed anti-HIV-1 vaccine/ Biomolecular and phylogenetic characteri 60715 d)/Quantitation of HIV biomolecular parameters in plasma and P 22383 ate-containing bacterial biopolymers for anti-candidiasis vaccines 31219 arbohydrate-containing (CCBs) of bacterial and lymp 41204 /Rectal sno-strips and biopsies: A simple method to assess recta 42147 h HIV infection/Cervical biopsy analysis in women with HIV infectio 60893 arrow aspiration and in HIV-infected patients/Diagnosti 60915 /A global AIDS related biotechnology transfer protocol (GARBT 42320 tal fluid/Genotypic and biotypic characterization of HIV-1 subtype 21157 w York State medicaid/ Birth defects and zidovudine use in HIV+ 12376 ates, by world region of birth /Prevalence of tuberculosis among p 13249 of HIV-1 RNA load from to school-age in perinatally HIV-1 infe 13361 e among women giving in a US city/Explaining the decrease i 13386 men/Prenatal care and outcomes of HIV positive pregnant w 23327 orrelation between the of HIV-infected child and relation a m 60247 n Australia, 1992-1996/ Birthplace and AIDS incidence in Australi 23377 ubstance use on infant birthweight and weight gain during pregn 42334 riculum for gay/lesbian/ bisexual youth/Evaluation of a researcher 13418 ual behavior in gay and men: When optimism enhances r 14137 ther stories by gay and men: Results from the MARS proj 14153 e sexual encounters of men in Ontario, Canada: An even 14179 sexual relationships by men in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/Co 23107 age and HIV risk in gay/ men in the US/Social-normative f 24*/23349 actices among gay and men/AIDS treatment advances a 23403 r HIV infection among men in a cohort for incidence and 23448 riences of HIV-positive men can influence access to antir 32428 V-seronegative US gay/ men at increased risk of HIV infec 33128 dence cohort of homo/ men in Belo Horizonte, Brazil -3- 33225 al risk-taking of gay and men/Connecting future outcome 42396 revention for gay and men/Cultural activism and comm 43178 migrant Latino gay and men in New York City/HIV preve 43252 om use among gay and men in a predominantly rural sout 43320 n to young gay men and men/Delivering HIV prevention i 43329 nce in the homosexual/ group in England and Wales/A si 43469 g among young gay and men in Taiwan, Kaohsiung City, 1 60206 ug users, homosexual/ males and prostitutes in Madrid a 60315 art program for gay and male drug users in Hollywood, C 60482 al risk-taking of gay and men/Connecting future outcome 60553 ainst AIDS: Organising bisexuals of Calcutta/Networks against Al 43345,2-kinase/fructose-2,6- bisphosphatase /HIV infection affects the 32175 ine tropic viruses by a bivalenet subtype B/E vaccine designed f 21214 on strategies by Asian, Black, Hispanic, and White young men, ag 14212 rategies among Asian,,Hispanic, and White women, age 1 14219 patterns among Asian,,Hispanic, and White US women, ag 14330 mong NYC Latino and young men who have sex with men/ 34116 AIDS incidence among black persons - United States, 1990-1996 13230 entive behavior among women in Washington DC/Psychos 14167 ctices targeting young people in an inner London area/Co 33531 entations at historically college and university campuses 19 60511 vention of AIDS among women living in slums: A Latin-Ameri 60735 -retroviral therapies on Africans living in Britain/The impact 60957 ietnam/ls Confucius to blame? - HIV/AIDS and women in Vietna 60245 a/Inmates opinions on bleach and needle distribution in correctio 43400 of prisoners: Condoms,, needles, methadone and care in pr 537*/44191 /A randomised double blind trial of the addition of lamivudine to c 12249 ected patients/Double placebo controlled trial of oral dehydr 42326 e of the HIV-1 subtype/ Blinded comparison between two commer 11175 hase III randomized, blinded study of single-dose intrapartum/n 23281 g gay or what? Gender blinding among Filipino commercial sex w 401*/14233 upational exposures to blood-borne pathogens/Efficacy of an out 33181 avudine penetrates the blood-brain barrier/Stavudine penetrates 12354 e migration through the barrier during HIV-1 encephal 21138 V/Modulation of human barrier endothelial cell recept 60794 n in vitro model of the blood-cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) barrier/ 42270 r HIV screening among blood-donors /Cost-effectiveness of pooli 33201 ogression/The Sydney Blood Bank Cohort infected with an attenu 13350 cial and NGO activism/ safety in India through judicial and N 33205 saquinavir (SQV-HGC) bioavailability: A PK study in healthy volu rmacokinetics and oral of lodenosine (F-ddA), a un rmacokinetics and oral of a novel HIV protease inhi ve injection drug users/ Biochemical measurements of specific B4FC)/Anti-HIV activity, biochemistry, and pharmacokinetics of /caregivers/Living with biodiversity - Capacity building and psyc omposition, measured bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), n I

Page  21 Blood eborder 21 12th World AIDS Conference Keyword Abstract - SKeyword Abstract esponse: HIV-T Group ( + donors at the National od in cardiac surgery - sequency codificator in blood us attenuation/Sydney drug naive HIV-positive HXBc2 following whole 8- lymphocytes in the bitors/HIV RNA load in the levels of peripheral atic pregnant women & revalence among male V-1 serotypes in French cell count in peripheral ased on the analysis of ound in the peripheral and activated T cells in ence for proliferation in 1 infection of peripheral subtype E isolated from RANTES, using whole monokines in peripheral megalovirus (HCMV) in ytomegalovirus (CMV) a RNA (SP-RNA) and nfections among family donors: Implications for y virus/Risk factors for Seroprevalence among adesh/Safety issues in HIV seropositivity at the sist in the formation of a ed blood/Formation of aluation and monitoring used thalassemics and ansmitted by repeated upational exposures to rom HIV positive male men/HIV-1 viral load in ompared to peripheral with HIV-1 in peripheral upational exposures to ic HIV-1BaL/Peripheral elomerase analysis in individuals and normal ) infection of peripheral etection rate of HGV in JC virus (JCV) DNA in g labor, Thailand/Cord dried plasma and whole prevention program for effectiveness of pooling ibodies in replacement tive strategy/Ensuring ence of HIV-1 and other marches towards safer HIV-prevalence among ational programmes on cational material on the nt for HIV counselling of odel for developing a on among professional om plasma, peripheral d and CD4/CD8 ratio in tection of HIV-1 DNA in nd change in peripheral hoid tissue (MALT) and detected in plasma and n of PBMC from healthy -1 subtypes using dried /The use of filter paper expansion of HIV safe ong apparently healthy h a special reference to f HIV in 740 Brazilian of HIV infection among tious load in peripheral nal and fetal peripheral t-patients/Decrease in nzymes level in human Transfused)/Canadas blood trage 44281 Transfusion Center (NBTC) in Abidj 60220 transfusion/Clinical relevance of wi 60921 donors in Sao Paulo City (Brazil)/Pr 11123 bank cohort virus evolution and qua 11143 donors in Sao Paulo/Brazil/Prevale 11168 passage in Macaca nemestrina/En 11218 of SIVmac251 infected macaques c 11220 and seminal plasma of patients rece 12284 CD34+ CFU-Cs in HIV-infected indi 12323 donors in Tanzania/Age specific ch 13113 donors in northern Thailand from 19 13139 donors (1985-1996)/Increasing div 13204 /HPV DNA in cervical secretion in w 13293 traces on their used syringes/The v 14114 of HIV infected individuals/HIV infec 21111 and lymph nodes in patients receivin 269*/21112 CD4+ T cells during HIV infection an 21121 mononuclear cells from chronically i 21156 and genital fluid/Genotypic and biot 21157 are equivalent to the PBMC-based a 21184 mononuclear cells of the patients inf 21188 of AIDS patients following HAART/ 14*/22237 dissemination in HIV-infected patien 22248 plasma RNA (BP-RNA), in HIV+ me 22339 donors in Karachi, Pakistan/Preval 23253 safety and donor deferral in Kenya/ 23254 donors with serological markers for t 23256 donors in Cameroon from 1990 to 1 23257 handling and transfusion in the cont 23258 bank in Jodhpur, India/Incidence of 23259 donor club/Co-operation with the Al 23260 donor clubs in order to maintain a re 23261 supply to hospitals/The use of statis 23262 donors during window period in M 23263 transfusions among thalassemic chi 23264 and body fluids among health care w 23332 donors to their regular female partne 23378 and semen of subtype E infected Th 23390 levels in women with HIV/AIDS/HIV 23477 /Detection of HIV-1 in the female ge 23488 and body fluids on health care worke 24307 mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from HI 31154 and lymphnodes provide no evidenc 271*/31168 donors from USA, India, Jamaica, M 31192 cells (PBMCs) in HIV+ women and 31196 plasma, but not seminal fluid plasma 32101 cell sub-populations and plasma of 32210 ZDV concentration after intermittent 33165 spots/Multicenter evaluation of HIV- 33166 and body fluid occupational exposur 33187 samples for HIV screening among bl 33201 donors in Delhi/Prevalence of HIV a 33202 safety in Latin American and the Car 33204 borne diseases among blood donor 33206 transfusion!/India marches towards 33208 donors at the CNTS of Bujumbura in 33209 safety/The effect of HIV educational 33210 donors knowledge about AIDS/The 33211 donors/Need assessment for HIV c 33267 donor counselling programme/Cost 33271 donors with Western Blot indetermin 41109 mononuclear cells and lymphoid tiss 41133 and lymph nodes in patients treated 289*/41142 samples from Tanzanian adults/Ev 41155 T-cell subset composition during as 339*/41178 /Effects of HAART on HIV viral load 41185 mononuclear cells/Comparison of p 41217 donors and PBMC from HIV-Infecte 41249 spots (DBS) and V3 peptide serotypi 161*/42101 spots as an external quality control f 42102 supply system and changes in blood 42119 donors in Saudi Arabia (1985-1997) 42120 donors/Prevalence of HIV-2 infectio 42130 donors by multi-target reverse trans 42134 donors in West Bengal/Increasing tr 42137: Evaluation and relationship with RN 42176 mononuclear cells at term/Phospho 508*/42258 mangenese concentrations in HIV-1 42343 mononuclear cells from HIV infected 42368 /Establishing a national transfusion service the Zambian exp 43217 Africa/Training forSafe transfusion in sub-Saharan Africa/ 43567 n/Implicit valuation of a exclusion decision/Implicit valuatio 484*/44244 Transfused)/Canadas tragedy, a community response: HI 44281 evirapine has excellent brain barrier permeability and absor 60086 e of HIV-1 in saliva and /Cell tropism, subtype, nucleotide di 60171 Zambia/Mycobacterial cultures to detect disseminated BC 60311 arning material on safe and blood products/Training using t 60485 n/HIV infection through transfusion administrated in Japan/ 60584 with HIV-1 in peripheral and the genital tract/Detection of HI 60608 of viral quasi-species in and cervical secretions of HIV-1 and 60652 production by lung and cells from HIV-seropositive patients 60787 nfected with HIV-1 via transfusion: Health status, 13 to 16 y 60789 T lymphocytes/Whole Capcellia~ CD4/CD8 immunoassay 60818 unodeficiency virus/A Bloodless cesarean section and perinata 23274 spital stay/Nosocomial bloodstream infections in HIV+ patients: A 22102 using the criteria of the BMJ Economic Evaluation Working Group 43220 V in pregnant women in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso/Co-infecti 22259 alysis of prostitution in Dioulasso, Burkina Faso and vulner 531*/43290 ural production of AIDS bodies /Mediated homophobia? The cultur 34223 Recentering womens in HIV/AIDS biomedical research/ 34292 6-1997 (CPCRA 038)/ Body composition in HIV-infected men an 32169 PCRA) in 1996-1997/ cell mass (BCM) in HIV-infected (HI 42333 or therapy/Changes in body habitus in HIV(+) women after initiati 177*/12373 exposures to blood and fluids among health care workers in 23332 e when I want to/Its my and Ill die when I want to/Its my 24248 exposures to blood and fluids on health care workers (HCW) i 24307 d women/Alterations in fat distribution in HIV-infected men a 336*/32173 e inhibitor treatment on composition and prevalence of main 32177 nd DXA scans/Altered fat distribution in HIV infection: Regio 32181 reservation of restored cell mass (BCM) and phase angle aft 32182 apy/Lack of change in weight and body composition in HIV+ 32183 mentation effect on lean mass in HIV+ patients/Anabolic ster 32185 ervations of weight and composition changes in HIV+ patient 32186 rogram for blood and fluid occupational exposure in Rio de 33187 networking/Work your,work that network - Learning the ins 34350 ve exercise training on composition, immune markers, and v 42328 nal intervention/Whole protein turnover in HIV-infected patie 42332 ogen Balance (N BAL), composition and strength in men with 42335 tation promotes gain in cell mass in HIV patients with weight I 42336 take is associated with cell mass in weight-stable HIV+ men 42339 fect of smoking on total weight (TBW) and body cell mass (B 42340 weight loss > 10% and mass index on AIDS defining diagno 42342 ake of antioxidants and composition in a cohort of HIV positiv 42345 ycerides: Effects upon weight and composition in HIV-infect 42347 ects of oxandrolone on weight and composition in patients wi 42351 ed men/Association of composition, measured bioelectrical 42354 bility of increasing lean mass in HIV-infected adults using pr 42357 Weight loss >10% and mass index as predictors of survival 42360 ean milk - An effective building alternative for people living 42362 utritional statement and composition of Mexican children with 42364 pedance/Load viral and composition for electrical bioimpeda 42367 hormone/Increases in cell mass of patients with HIV associ 60489 y on patient weight and mass index/Effect of highly active an 60509 mulation of a normative on HIV/AIDS in Honduras/Formulati 60555 ance/Talking about the: Small-group interventions and wom 60673 ntion among women in Bogota, Colombia/Social, sexual, and rep 14149 pact evaluation study in, Colombia/Casual sex and condo 14295 e project for gay men in,Colombia/Project Lambda: HIV/A 43312 /AIDS in sex workers in, Colombia/Prevention of STD/HIV 43340 DS in young gay men in, Colombia/Prevention of STD/HIV 43370 s/AIDS Centre of West Bohemia and its goals in the prevention an 60194 fected individuals from Bolivia reveals presence of two distinct ge 12178 roups in Cochabamba, /Prevalence of HIV among differen 13166 ersones with AIDS in /The consequences of the violation 44158 ficacious prevention in: Transform the discriminatory acto 44180 ehensive AIDS clinic in Bombay, India/Clinical profile of 1800 HIV 71*/12409 mong married women in, India/Perceptions and practices 14162 with friends or family in, India/Are married women talkin 33446 s for AIDS prevention in, India/Developing strong and co 43174 ansmission in Mumbai ( ), India/Risk factors associated wi 60457 patients/Usefulness of bone marrow aspirate in the evaluation of f 22329 Is and monocytes from marrow cells cultures of AIDS patient 31187 of CD34+ cells from the marrow of HIV-1 infected persons/A 42323 nts/Diagnostic utility of marrow aspiration and biopsy in HIV- 60915 t study of 626 patients ( Bordeaux, France, 1992-1997)/Combina 60411 t/Mekong movements: Border areas HIV/AIDS prevention project 530*/43237 states - A comparison/ crossing HIV/AIDS prevention in di 243*/44308 s the Bangladesh/India border /Empowering young women being t 23557 ) along the US-Mexico /The role of migration in the transmi 24103

Page  22 22 border* Brazil 12th World AIDS Conference - Keyword Abstract-- ng the menace of cross prostitution in the spread of HIV/AI 33355 Us on Bangladesh/India /Harm reduction and community m 408*/33386 Mexico border/A trans- case management and client follow 34209 e United States-Mexico /When worlds collide- North meets 34369 ong migrant workers at borderpoint and situational pattern or ST 23365 genital CMV in children born to HIV-infected women/Prevalence o 12161 of hepatitis C in children to HIV-infected mothers/Vertical tran 12168 emiology of the children to HIV-infected mothers in Valencia ( 13372 ar/HIV negative infants to HIV-1 but not HIV-2 positive mothe 21210 men and their children in 1993 through 1996 in New Jersey/ 23287 s in uninfected children of HIV-seropositive mothers/Emotio 24147 ty of uninfected infants to HIV-positive mothers/Strong cytot 31157 oprevalence in children to mothers with HIV infection/Human 31191 arly diagnosis of infants to HIV-infected mothers, Thailand/R 166*/42106 otal IgE levels in infants from HIV infected mothers/Total IgE I 42112 IV-2 infection in infants to seropositive mothers: A prospectiv 60667 sex workers (CSWs) in Borno State, Nigeria/Impact of HIV/AIDS 23344 pread of HIV/AIDS in State of Nigeria/Curbing the menac 33355 mong sex workers in State, Nigeria: An intervention trial/ 60126 HIV/AIDS: The case of Bosnia and Herzegovina/lmplications of 244*/14139 conditions: The case of and Herzegovina/lmplications of 44236 conditions: The case of and Herzegovina/Surveillance of 60910 system of Metropolitan Boston /Evaluating the impact of highly act 43525 mbination therapy using botanical substances, selected on the bas 42388 A shared responsibility Botswana experience/AIDS orphans - A 24202 mong urban workers in: Implications for prevention/Al 60896 rican setting/Breast or bottle? A cost-effectiveness evaluation off 316*/24124 ty: Results of a study in Bouake /HIV testing, results and attitude of 14188 /Sex working profiles in, C6te dlvoire/Sex working profile 23577 ty and Social Action) in /Economic support to people livin 34185 gative diarrhea?/Small bowel bacterial overgrowth: A cause of chr 32104 ral patterns in teenage boy sex workers and their clients in St. Pet 28*/14258 V-positive people teach boys and girls/School project: HIV-positiv 13496 nd blood plasma RNA ( BP-RNA), in HIV+ men who receive either 22339 inal fluid (CSF) barrier/ Brain delivery of anti-HIV drugs: Rapid scr 42270 ents spread of HIV-1 in brain tissue of SCID mice with HIV-1 ence 556*/11233 pe sequences in human /Regional quasi-species and amino 21122 n AIDS/Distribution of HIV load in AIDS/Distribution of 32203 ton MRS studies of HIV injury and HIV dementia/In vivo prot 32204 atency of event-related potential P3a is associated with cogn 32211 avir) into the guinea-pig: Comparison with other reverse tran 41192 ine has excellent blood barrier permeability and absorption p 60086 ay for HIV-1 RNA using branched DNA technology/Performance 42168 btypes by a PCR and a DNA technique/Quantitative de 60230 role of the University of Brasilia in coping with the AIDS epidemic i 13484 f health and sexuality in /The nucleus of health and sexuali 13578 nors in Sao Paulo City ( Brazil )/Prevalence of deletion in the 3-che 11123 od donors in Sao Paulo/ /Prevalence of mutations that confer 11168 1 subtype D infection in: Molecular identification and clinical 11192 Porto Alegre, RS State, /Seroreactivity to HIV-1 peptides in 11202 ent of AIDS patients, in /Safety and efficacy of reduced dose 12114 ouse in Rio de Janeiro, /Analysis of vitamin A and E plasma 12121 MIPs hospital, Recife, /Tolerance, adverse reactions and c 12333 care covered by SUS in, 1995-1996/The profile of AIDS in- 12429 students of Sao Paulo, /Correlation between demographic 13153 t of the HIV epidemic in /HIV-1 dual infections and recombin 13156 hildren from Sao Paulo, /HIV-1 subtypes Band F circulating i 13157 e individuals aged 17, in /Knowledge about the HIV transmis 13159 circulating in Sao Paulo, /HIV-1 subtypes circulating in Sao P 434*/13162 V-1 subtyping in Bahia,: A state with African socio-demogra 13169 in the AIDS epidemic in /New trends in the AIDS epidemic in 13170 ged youth of Sao Paulo, /HIV infection among disadvantage 13171 spital in Rio de Janeiro, /Decline in AIDS-related deaths at a 13176 1987-1994, Sao Paulo, /Mother-to-child transmission: Survi 13378 eirao Preto, Sao Paulo, /Detection of HIV-1 infection in indivi 13394 areas in Rio de Janeiro, /Evaluating a training model for STD 13425 port workers in Santos, /An effective model AIDS prevention 13438 ection/Truck drivers in: Prevalence of HIV and other STDs, 13452 n the Federal District- /The role of the University of Brasilia 13484 n in Rio de Janeiro city, /Evaluation of a program for preventi 13579 care about HIV/AIDS in?/Do middle-aged people care abou 13587 nce in Rio de Janeiro, /Sexual behaviour and perception of 14106 University of M. Gerais, /Evaluation of knowledge, attitude a 14120 dents in Rio de Janeiro, /Assessing the health behaviors of 14130 mission in northeastern /The role of cultural and social world 14239 ram for young adults in /Why the prevention works differentl 14290 om the northeastern of /Sexual behaviour and AIDS transm 14311 students of Sao Paulo, /Demographic aspects and risky be 14325 s of HIV infected men in /Determinants of safe sexual behavi 14326 en from Rio de Janeiro, /Social-behaviour profile of HIV infe 14355 ients in Rio de Janeiro, duals in Belo Horizonte, ients in Rio de Janeiro, ulosis in Rio de Janeiro, linic in Belo Horizonte, ence in Rio de Janeiro, smissible pathogens in ng home health care on ents: A pioneer work in TDA to AIDS patients in k in the day care unit in en in Rio de Janeiro, with men in Sao Paulo, n Rio de Janeiro State, hort Study, Sao Paulo, sers, in Rio de Janeiro, V infection in northeast IDUs in Rio de Janeiro, smission in Malawi and ) in the City of Guaruja, vertical transmission in ection from Sao Paulo, ssion in Rio de Janeiro, s in Rio de Janeiro City, eir.o Preto, Sao Paulo, n (MSM) in Sao Paulo, + women in Sao Paulo, methods option, Santos, als in Belo Horizonte, tory study in Sao Paulomous HIV counseling in + women in Sao Paulo, HIV in Belo Horizonte, leza, Ceara, northeast n prevention in Santos, ehavior of STD cases in t children in Sao Paulo, rated women in Vit6ria, n the city of Sao Paulo, stem of Rio de Janeiro, stem of Rio de Janeiro, ong female prisoners in of the amazon region in avior in Rio de Janeiro, the State of Sao Paulo, stem of Rio de Janeiro, ector in Rio de Janeiro, 1995/AIDS mortality in S cases among IDUs in e women in Sao Paulo, en orphaned by AIDS in op for prison workers in ers in a day-care unit in ven antifungal drugs in al therapy adherence in iral users at Sao Paulo, + women in Sao Paulo, country - Porto Alegre, ng women drug users in onitoring is available in ospital in southeastern e HIV/AIDS vaccines in men in Belo Horizonte, g service in Sao Paulo, study in Rio de Janeiro, AIDS in the northeast of users in Rio de Janeiro, users in Rio de Janeiro, nd program in northeast mmunities in Sao Paulo, DS in Ceara, northeast om use among MWM in e women in Sao Paulo, ants in Belo Horizonte, ction in Belo Horizonte, pality of Rio de Janeiro, nagement - Sao Paulo, DS-related infections in al center in Sao Paulo, AIDS of Rio de Janeiro, Keyword Abstrs /Risk factors for tuberculosis (TB) in: A case-control study, 1986-1995/ /Clinical aspects of tuberculosis in a /HIV screening in patients with tuber, July 95 June 97/Profile of HIV patie /Drug-resistant Mycobacterium tube /Prevalence of co-infection by HIV-1 /Neurologic diseases impact in peo /Oral health in the home care for HIV /The role of projects of therapeutical /Inhalatory pentamidine: handling al /Condom usage by homosexual and /Trends in high risk behavior in an o /AIDS & education in metropolitan ar /Sexually transmitted diseases (ST /Higher frequency of commercial se: Differences for male and female intr /Prevalence of HIV-1 subtypes and /Comparative importance of obstetri /Assessment of the Programme of S /The challenge to reduce HIV vertica /No evidence of vertical transmissio /Main difficulties in the reduction of /Profile of occupational exposures t /Surveillance of HIV-1 accidental co: The Bela Vista Cohort Study/Preva /Risk perception and counselling: HI /Seropositive women and contracep /Increasing the risks for the female p /Female condom: Exploratory study /Genital tract diseases in women un /Sexual behaviour and reproductive - January-December 1996/Epide /Profile of the women with AIDS and /Intervention strategies for HIV verti /The health care seeking behavior of /Risk behavior for AIDS among stre /Correlates of HIV infection among i /Syphilis, hepatitis and HIV prevalen - 1997/Prevalence of HIV infection i /Risk behaviour, perception and ser /Seroprevalence of HIV, HTLV-1, H /AIDS education in remote areas of t /Impact of religious beliefs on HIV/AI /Prevention of STD/HIV/AIDS trans /STDs, HIV/AIDS and illegal drug co /Identities and social organisation: A, 1980-1995/AIDS mortality in /The AIDS cases among IDUs in /Motivations to continue fighting and /Preventing displacement of childre /Death: A sensitization workshop for: A qualitative study/Assistential and /The susceptibility of 23 strains of Cr: An alternative methodological appr /Low adherence in antiretroviral use /Compliance with reverse transcript /Adherence to ACTG 076 regimen in /Acceptability of the female condom /Antiretroviral efficacy and viral resis /Assistance to health care workers e /Feasibility of clinical trials with cand - 3-year report of the project Horizo /CD4+ T lymphocytes counts of HIV /Willingness to participate in a vacci /Sex workers: An experience of prev /The relevance of the harm reductio /Reducing HIV risk among cocaine u /A condom revolving fund program i /BAR&ONG project: A model for poo /Street theater against AIDS in Cear /Changes in sexual behavior and co /Disclosure of diagnosis, social sup /The utility of immune-complex-diss /Circumstances of diagnosis of HIV i, during 1997/The use of protease in /AIDS drugs logistics management /Impact of the use of protease inhibit /Important reduction in the number o /Partnership between NGO and GO act22132 22141 22142 22149 22156 22163 22195 22444 22453 22455 22474 23107 23111 23127 23140 23212 23231 23248 23285 23289 23295 23307 23311 23332 23337 23367 23430 23438 23448 23460 23464 23480 23483 23498 23505 23532 23540 23551 23554 23563 23568 23574 23581 23587 23588 23592 24102 24193 24216 24217 421*/24220 24253 24310 31213 32344 32370 32399 32401 33136 33167 33195 33217 33225 33275 33337 33376 33399 33407 33429 33430 33461 33548 34194 42117 414*/42228 42300 42304 42317 42319 43201

Page  23 12th World AIDS Conference Brazil* burden 23 Keyword Abstract Keyword Abstract uropean commission in ay campaign in Santos, IV/AIDS prevention, h prevention program in he City of Sao Paulo - d women in Sao Paulo, n programs, Sao Paulo, detection in Sao Paulo, mmunity in Sao Paulo, orkers in Joao Pessoa, evention in northeast of aboratories located in e, Rio de Janeiro State, encies in the AIDSCAP n the city of Sao Paulo, DS care programmes in /HIV/AIDS policy in mination in HIV/AIDS in s sex workers in Bahia, nary analysis of costs in cal and social context in ng a fast screening kit in eam on day care unit in DS hospital day-unit in in Rio de Janeiro State, work with sex workers in esearch on HIV/AIDS in seminated infections in in Rio de Janeiro State, erapy in Rio de Janeiro, ults of a work - Santos, munity, Rio de Janeiro, (IIER), Sao Paulo, SP,: A follow-up study from ervices of HIV/AIDS, in he HIV transmission in tion to AIDS patients in rence center in Vitoria, fection in Belem, North ista cohort, Sao Paulo, al center in Sao Paulo, AIDS - Rio de Janeiro, oners of Rio de Janeiro, men in Rio de Janeiro - ated in Belo Horizonte, the State of Sao Paulo, omen in Rio de Janeiro, ssion in Rio de Janeiro, of HIV/AIDS in southern men in Rio de Janeiro, erinatal HIV infection in -up/Pediatric AIDS in a iple therapy anti-HIV: A ated knowledge among S education?/What do tipliers of information in prevention programs in ribution in isolates from ns and class II alleles in s all around the country/ d in antiretroviral-naive nce of first AIDS case in ercultural context: The ral immune response in periodontal disease in a or of HIV-1 seropositive arketing on pricing/The erinatal HIV infection in Screening of HIV in 740 V infected patients in an d AIDS prevention in the prevention programs in IDS (1994-1996)/The The construction of the assistance (TDA) of the p of universities with the male sex workers in six: A EU initiative to support key preve /Results and experiences of the Wor /Solving the problems in finance and: Searching for consensus/A multi-in /P6 no Breque - Prevention of STD/: Better services are needed/Reprod /Attitudes of staff at juvenile detentio /AIDS risk among juvenile delinquen /HIV risk behavior and a socio-cultur /Participative interventions among c /Sexual workers capability to partici /Quality assurance program for plas,1995-2000/Estimates and projecti project/EVALUATING capacity bull: trend and impact of combined anti-r /Implementation strategies of AIDS /HIV/AIDS policy in /Net of human rights: A government /The prevention of HIV-STD with tra /One day clinic (ODC) service to AID /Antiretroviral therapy and its politic /Detection of HIV antibodies in saliv, through the problem resolution fra: Evaluation of an instrument to data /AIDS epidemics among adolescent /The limits of an STD/AIDS preventi, 1983-1997: A comprehensive revi /Preliminary molecular evidence for /AIDS mortality impact in Rio de Jan /Follow-up of homeless and ex-hom /A ten-year work the first results of a /DST/AIDS: Epidemiological profile, /AIDS mortality in adult patients in th /Early cognitive deficits in HIV infecti /Evaluation of users adherence in a /STD care as a strategy for the redu /Therapeutical domicile assistance ( /Profile of heterosexual couples with /Prevalence of HTLV 1 and 11 antib /Hepatitis C prevalence in a cohort a /Evaluation of the utilization of prote /Teenagers living in the slums: A pro /Study on sexuality, STD/AIDS and /High prevalence of HIV infection in I - July-November 1997/Viral load d /AIDS information flow in private hea /Antiretroviral therapy prescription p /Feasibility of AZT use to reduce HI /Molecular epidemiology of HIV/AID /STD and other gynecological manif Brazilian infants?/How often can signs, sy population: 12 years of follow-up dillema/Double or triple therapy youth: Misconceptions or unveile teachers know and think about A high school communities/Forma public schools network/The stat HIV-infected patients and its con AIDS patients with cytomegalovi AIDS program train nurses all ar subjects/High correlation betwe Indian populations/Surveillance experience among indigenous p individuals infected with different population HIV+/AIDS/Prevalen women/A belief model of sexual condom market: Positive effects infants/A comparative study of P blood donors by multi-target reve hospital/Nosocomial infections ( Army/STD and AIDS prevention prisons/HIV prevention program national strategy for community model of harm reduction: From t Ministry of Health/Economic pro AIDS program/Universidaids Pr informal sector mine areas/Kno 43209 43211 43225 43234 43255 43258 43262 43299 43327 43342 43349 43463 43495 43503 43512 43535 355*/43560 44138 44174 44255 44298 60114 60182 60183 60284 60286 60288 60412 60430 60528 60534 60563 60580 60602 60614 60615 60616 60707 60745 60753 60754 60829 60903 60913 60941 60974 61001 61002 61003 61004 174*/12169 12179 12245 13393 13506 13523 13539 22157 22272 22476 23399 23579 24108 31117 32252 33320 33437 42114 42134 42463 43392 43410 44297 60612 60617 60620 60877 33104 23400 AIDS era in Zimbabwe/ feeding in the HIV/AIDS era in Zimb 313*/44266 ng world/Avoidance of breast feeding by HIV infected women: Str 12404 is of HIV ABs in human milk: Implication for breastfeeding p 23325 ive mothers to HIV total breastfeeding impact/Seroconversion in i 12175 nt/HIV infection due to in a cohort of babies not inf 457*/23270 V transmission through /Recommendations from 1 23323 ast milk: Implication for policy and strategies/Withi 23325 ao Paulo - Brazil/Pe no Breque - Prevention of STD/HIV among tr 43255 and support/To build a bridge between traditional and modern he 13492 care/The HIV hormone: Connecting impoverished HIV+ tra 571*/44225 utosupport group: Only between despair and regain of hop 60024 urvive till the gaps are bridged /How to survive till the gaps are 12419 th improvised material/ Bridging the home care gap with improvis 12432 ning in the Philippines/ the gap in STD case manageme 13483 ompassion and care/ the gap between classroom and 13530 education and training/ the gap in multidisciplinary educ 22434 mmunitycareforPWAs/ the gap: Collaboration of nurses 22470 mation and prevention/ the gap between low-income wo 23502 ofessionals and PWAs/ AIDS and assistance - Emotiona 24228 nderground railroad: the gap between South America 24293 or good compliance/ the gap between the world of me 32332 risk scoring system/ the gap between STD managem 33254 on into family planning: the need for an effective respons 34114 LWA and community/ the gap-between PLWA and com 34240 pproaches to CBOs/ the gap between science and ser 43155 ommunity participation: the gaps in HIV/AIDS prevention 43179 n antiretroviral therapy/ the gap: A southern government 44109 nd the global epidemic/ the gap: US-based NGOs and A 44273 ween infected/affected/ the gap between infected/affecte 60014 moeopathic medicines: the AIDS gap/Homoeopathic me 60055 sons in the community/ the gap between PWAs and affe 60067 tance abuse treatment: the gap for clients/Advances in 60072 ce constrained settings: gap action of SWAA-BURUNDI/ 60111 xuality and HIV/AIDS - the gaps/Sex, sexuality and HIV/ 60204 n developed countries/ the gap with immigrant African co 60592 s program in Kentucky/ the gap between need and resou 60654 cted families/Model for bridging the gap: United States, Canada a 44259 n black Africans living in Britain /The impact of anti-retroviral therap 60957 eclining HIV testing in a antenatal setting/Reasons for decli 23472 prophylaxis program in Columbia, Canada/A critical asses 60162 from Perilla frutescens Britton, mint plant/Purification and charac 41197 ted persons/Bordetella bronchiseptica infection in HIV-infected p 13223 d with the HIV infection/ Broncho-pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) as 22165 hemokine responses in bronchoalveolar lavages during pathoge 11225 DNA by nested-PCR in lavage (BAL): Advantag 22184 s/Cytological profile in lavage (BAL) fluid of HIV 60281 M, non-B subtypes in a Bronx, New York community: A sentinel sit 13225 V/AIDS risk factors in a brothel setting: What about the lovers oft 23572 orkers in an isolated in Goalanda, Rajbari/Behavioral ri 33248 e by the sex workers in settings in Bangladesh for preventi 532*/33521 100% condom policy in complexes in Indonesia: Lesson le 43268 ive strategy in Faridpur brothels by Shapla Mahila Samity/Condo 33566 dary school students in Budapest, Hungary/Predictors of consist 23542 ducation programme in, Hungary/Evaluation of an AID 33546 nd counselling centre in, Hungary/Evaluation of an ano 43150 on and care/The role of buddhist monks and communities in HIV/ 34125 ends in HIV epidemic in Buenos Aires: Analysis of 5019 infected p 13178 in children with AIDS in Aires, Argentina/Disease pattern 13375 ho have sex with men in Aires/HIV dissemination among s 14319 carried out at two north Aires neighborhood hospitals/Par 23159 n young women living in Aires, Argentina/Analysis of HIV/ 23504 or convicted people in Aires, Argentina/HIV counselling 43415 a study and proposal in Aires, Argentina/Comprehensive 60327 vel vaginal microbicide/ BufferGel: Results of the first phase I stud 33158 onors at the CNTS of Bujumbura in Burundi between 1993 and 33209 ulation-based studies in Bukoba Urban, Kagera, Tanzania/Decline 13114 orphans due to AIDS in Bulawayo /Children of the cities - A situati 420*/34174 Mpilo Central Hospital,, Zimbabwe/Prevalence of of HI 60282 dvanced HIV disease in Bulgaria /Clinical review of the patients wit 12150 of the AIDS epidemic in /Use of monitored CD4 cell count 60237 HIV-1 infected people in /Effects of antiretroviral therapy 60238 mong newly established Bulgarian seropositives/Advanced stage 42136 me in a phase III trial of buprenorphine-naloxone opiate depend 42325 ment with high dosage buprenorphine /Care of drug users with H 60656 ormalities and high viral burden in rapid pediatric HIV-1 disease/H 12171 analysis of plasma viral reductions and CD4 increases in H 129*/12219 ss and HIV-1 RNA viral /The association between Plasmo 13297 989-1997/Increasing of tuberculosis and high rate of dru 452*/22131 n the rural woman/The of care on the rural woman/The 22456 m distress and self-care among women with late HIV disea 22462 w condom slippage and breakage in a clinical trial/Low condom sli mination of viral load in breakfast and plasma in HIV infected moth outh African setting/ Breast or bottle? A cost-effectiveness eval 316*/24124

Page  24 24 burden * Canada 12th World AIDS Conference -Keyword Abstract - Keyword Abstract - asma and cervical viral in relation to maternal-infant trans n equilibrium with viral /Control of HIV replication requires rment/Socio-economic burdens of HIV/AIDS and womens empo demic: Theta speakers bureau /Bringing together care providers a ositive people/Alliance for positive people/Alliance Sensitisation of health bureaucrats, within city governments, to t ed access at low cost in Burkina Faso/Care and treatment: Increa men in Bobo Dioulasso, Faso/Co-infection with hepatitis of a screening center in Faso: The case of the center Fair ol, situation analysis in Faso/District response initiative ( ation with a program in Faso/The best practices for a co V antibody detection in Faso/Impact of human immunod ion in Bobo Dioulasso, Faso and vulnerability of the sex he case of REVS+ in Faso/Socio-cultural obstacles to i n of HIV-1 in Myanmar ( Burma )/Genetic and serologic characteriz revention in Myanmar ( )/Strategies for change: Condom s ation program for illegal Burmese migrant workers in Bangkok and tress and occupational burnout in AIDS caregivers: Test of a copi edictors of dropout and in volunteers - A longitudinal stud CNTS of Bujumbura in Burundi between 1993 and 1997/Impact ng gap action of SWAA, /Medical care for PLWHA in resou mmaticlessonslearned/ Business responds to AIDS: Programmati g research into practice/ responds to AIDS: Integrating re IDS (GBC)/The Global Council on HIV/AIDS (GBC)/Th ounters/Taking care of business:Womens role in promoting con s in the era of HIV/AIDS: Butagaya sub-county, Uganda/Communit HIV/AIDS counselling in Butego community of Masaka District from munity-based cannabis buyers cooperatives/Patterns of therape binant analogues of the C-C chemokine RANTES with enhanced H basepair deletion in the chemokine receptor 5 (CCR5) gene in e of severe wasting and cachexia in HIV patients early treated with patients included in the Caesar trial/Pharmaco-economics analysi ergency lower segment caesarean section (LSCS) in asymptomati en students of Liceo de Cagayan University towards HIV/AIDS/Kn among young people in Calabar, Nigeria/Awareness creation and ong in-school youths in, Nigeria/HIV/AIDS intervention a ertiary level students in, Nigeria/An HIV/AIDS/STIS prev cokinetics profile of (+)- calanolide A - a naturally occurring NNRT leoside RT inhibitor (+)- A/Combination anti-HIV intera ong high risk groups in Calcutta, India - 10 years study/Spectrum V/AIDS - A scenario in, West Bengal/Care and manage V/AIDS in West Bengal ( )/Some socio economic analysis our of street children in /Action research on understandin ium - A 7-year study in, India/Stool pathogens in diarrhe utreach among IDUs of, India/Behavioural modification t ers (women) in central,for preventive interventions/An mong street children in /Using peer educators & commun shaw pullers of central /Role of peer educators in social nce of HIV-2 infection in (India) with a special reference to et children in the City of /Assessment of sexual health sta mong street children in /An experimental attempt to creat les selling sex (MSS) in /Setting up street-based outreac ex with males (MSM) in /Providing support services to ma Organising bisexuals of /Networks against AIDS: Organis n a maternity hospital in /KAP study among nurses regard mong street children of /Epidemiology and the problem o 6,297 AIDS patients in California before and after protease inhibit DS-defining condition in /Risk of presentation with crypto ge at diagnosis among AIDS cases/Survival difference sease among adults in /Gender-specific risk of pneumo ex with men: Data from test sites/HIV risk factors in you soners in Tijuana, Baja, Mexico/Persons who injecting childbearing women in, USA: 1998 through 1995/Tren merican women seen at test sites/HIV risk factors amon mong young women in, USA/A population-based, door seroprevalence data in /Estimate of HIV incidence in w ale partners in northern diminishes over time/Choice of aining and evaluation at hotline supports volunteer-drive users in San Francisco,, USA, 1997-98/Receipt of prot ant couples in northern is influenced by serostatus/Reli ntion in San Francisco, /HIV prevention indicators provi ations/Performance of calypte HIV-1 urine EIA in three US popula ined for overseas work/ Cambodian housemaids trained for overs ctory garment workers/ female factory garment worke group O co-infections in Cameroon /HIV-1 group M and HIV-1 grou on of HIV-1 subtypes in /Serologic and phylogenetic ch f HIV-1 env variability in /Study of HIV-1 env variability i ve patients in Yaounde, /CD4+, CD8+ cell counts, CD4/ y with health workers in /HIV/AIDS transmission in distr s in the east province in /STDs/AIDS prevention among 23290 598*/31130 42460 22479 24370 44237 75*/12405 22259 33328 34127 34135 41173 531*/43290 60234 13130 33433 60625 24300 34330 33209 60111 13433 13443 646*/44223 43240 13416 13419 60569 11101 12105 32140 24128 32229 13536 33377 33576 60203 12216 12366 12141 12418 13232 23412 31222 33338 33345 33359 33441 42130 43245 43313 43331 43332 43345 60842 60902 441*/12264 13242 13387 22185 23121 23218 23271 23440 23458 23490 33126 33550 42309 43428 43439 41114 33417 34148 432*/11187 11189 11191 12138 13490 13531 s health reproduction in y conducted in Littoral, among blood donors in O infection in Yaounde, pital setting in Yaounde, her HIV/AIDS people in envisaged in Yaounde ( escents: Evidence from against HIV/AIDS/TB in TD/AIDS in Bafoussam, rs (CSW): Results from he center province of quences of HIV/AIDS in lers in an urban area of Ws) and their clients in f U.B.S./The impact in and police personnel in n among sex workers in ans caring in Yaounde, evention of HIV/AIDS in n the grassfield zone of ea against STD/AIDS in: The case of Bafia/Adolescent 13574 /Attitude of physicians towards 22200 from 1990 to 1996/HIV Seropr 23257 /Mother-to-child transmission 23318 /Risk factors for HIV/AIDS tran 23331 /The impact of the involment of 24350 )/Immunological profile of HIV i 31179 /Implications of free and comm 33428 /Experience press service for fi 33499 /Sensitisation of barbers on ST 33582 /Cost effectiveness of a HIV/AI 578*/33592 /Influence of the follow-up of pe 34129?/How do HIV infected women 34271 /Management of STD and AID 42372 /The limits of behavior change 43161 of testimonies from PLW HIV/A 43375 /STDs/AIDS prevention among 43394 /Factors associated with preval 60373 /AIDS orphans assistance: Th 60823 /Hindrances from religion and t 60951 /Practices risking the infection 60953 /Mobilisation of mothers leavin 60989 DS prevention among Cameroonian Armed Forces/The evaluati ation of students at the University on the preventio HIV-1 group O strains in Cameroun /Variability of the V3-loop amin r drug abuses by young Camerounians living with HIV/AIDS/Othe ns/Residential summer camp for children with HIV/AIDS: Benefits dents on AIDS (CASA)/ Campaign among students on AIDS (CAS hai Red Cross donation campaign to prevent mother-to-child trans 43386 60645 11171 32436 44210 13508 23278 AIDS/STDs awareness ridwide world AIDS day ational HIV-prevention pie/STOP AIDS media mation and awareness unication: Jisimamie es/National awareness uality/Developing a TV in Mexico/Mass media antiretroviral treatment alised community AIDS tional STOP AIDS 97 f the World AIDS Day media health promotion ms: An HIV education /AIDS/STIS prevention ormance improvement obilization in HIV/AIDS he 1992 biggest AIDS among passengers in major mo 33354 educates 1,200,000 Africans/H 33362 in Germany/Time-ordered indi 259*/33443 on the theme of solidarity in join 33462 based on the input of young Qu 33468 in Nyanza, Kenya/Circumventi 33482 in a country where silence rules 103*/34217 to debunk traditional beliefs abo 34221 for AIDS prevention among tee 34232 /Integral fitting to antiretroviral tr 34301 /Summer 97, Espiguette beach 43175 in Lithuania/National STOP Al 43204 in Santos, Brazil/Results and e 43211 for young gay/bi men/Victor Va 43263 based on survey data on men in 43282 among tertiary level students in 60203 - New York State Department o 60209 /Turning difficulties into opportu 60538 /HIV-related behavioural risk pr 60933 of three Dutch safer sex campaigns on determinants of safe sex/E ment of effective media to encourage compliance with cts of AIDS awareness on knowledge of AIDS in a rur h/Impact of prevention targetted to overseas populati f risk/Four HIV/AIDS of public communication in Chi by HIV/AIDS to fighting against MST and AIDS?/Wh by HIV/AIDS to fighting against MST and AIDS?/Why ous ethics and struggle against HIV/AIDS/Religious e arget/AIDS prevention on TV: Men as target/AIDS pr cted by AIDS/Vacation camps for children affected and infected b DS infection in refugee in northern Uganda/Vulnerability o D/AIDS and sex among campus students in Pokhara, Nepal/Over k college and university campuses 1995-96/Peer-led presentatio Surveillance of AIDS in Canada - Change to surveillance of HIV in urveillance Program: 1985-1996/The National Perinata ata, 1985-1996/HIV in: National HIV Test Surveillance d pecialty care in Ontario, /Tuberculosis screening and man sexual men in Ontario,: An event-based analysis/Feeling n (MSM) in Vancouver, /Evidence of elevated HIV inciden change programmes in /The SurvUDI surveillance networ n drug users in Toronto, /A decade of HIV prevention amon emi-rural community in /HIV, HBV and HCV and risk beha y in pregnant women in: Access and outcome, 1995-199 ng aboriginal people in: Injection drug use is a main conc ent patterns in Ontario, /An economic evaluation of chang viral therapy in Ontario,: Utilisation and cost/Antiretroviral d HIV/AIDS in Qu6bec,: Sociological explanations of mar revention research in /Concepts, definitions and models lisation and mortality in /Regional and gender differentials AIDS affected children/ s foreign policy with a focus on Al g situations in Ontario, /Elements of the HIV test experien on Aboriginal people in /The economic impact of HIV on A 14284 32394 33477 34213 34227 34345 60088 60187 60766 34268 44209 13525 60511 13220 13221 13228 13270 14179 23118 23172 23190 23219 23315 23514 24129 24131 24160 24179 24191 24208 24334 32413

Page  25 12th World AIDS Conference Canada * catabolism 25 SKeyword Abstract-- SKeyword Abstract with HIV in Vancouver, /Differences in health care resour 32415 ug users in Vancouver, /Harm reduction, not harm produc 33379 rmaceutical industry in working in partnership through the 42238 e staging in Vancouver, /Variations in antiretroviral drug us 42284 se/The development of s largest HIV patient treatment inf 42295 t services in Manitoba, /Impact of HAART on health care 42432 t nations in Vancouver, /Dual epidemics of HIV and injecti 42449 materials in Vancouver, /AIDS education, gender, sexualit 43306 onal centres in Ontario, /Inmates opinions on bleach and 43400 alence and incidence in:Using direct and indirect methods 43475 f HIV care in Ontario,:Is their agreement regarding viral 43529 on of HIV: Evaluation of s investment using a simulation m 44246 the gap: United States, and Mexico develop joint initiative 44259 s and health: Renewing s national AIDS strategy/Politics 44270 up (Blood Transfused)/ s blood tragedy, a community res 44281 ily medicine in Toronto, /HIV primary-care and family medi 60121 am in British Columbia, /A critical assessment of the HIV a 60162 o confront HIV/AIDS in: Models of prevention education p 60377 ginalised in Vancouver, /Functional illiteracy and AIDS ed 60522 ontreal and Vancouver, /Comparison between young men 60524 ected people in Ontario following an initial HIV viral load te 60670 perspective in Toronto, /Triumphs and tribulations of deve 60955 ion in a cohort of native Canadian injection drug users/Determina 23513 HBV and HCV inside a prison/A look behind closed do 23528 Costing HIV/AIDS: The HIV/AIDS economic research in 480*/24122 Giving death: Voices of nurses in AIDS care/Giving dea 24252 artnership through the Treatment Advocates Council/ 42238 nd community health: A experience/A model for correcti 43404 heir families/A national HIV healthline and registry for w 60669 ted with a recombinant canarypox virus/CTL induction in macaqu 11243 oup phase I trials using vectors (ALVAC) encoding mul 495*/21192 ency HIV study (WIHS)/ Cancer occurrence in the Womens Intera 13213 nd the development of cancer /Cleavage of vimentin and the nucl 21150 control study of cervical and HIV infection in Abidjan, C6te 622*/22305 ns in Zimbabwe/Family of AIDS orphans in Zimbabwe/ dinal study of HIV/AIDS /An analysis of subject attrition stance for professional /Living with biodiversity - Ca ational burnout in AIDS: Test of a coping support mode atina and Anglo AIDS /Stress and wellbeing in Latina aspects of AIDS patient in a day-care unit in Brazil: A q ural Zimbabwe/Family of HIV/AIDS patients in rural Zi sitive persons and their in a public-community based in finition/Hospital based support group: A broadened d /Managing a volunteer program: Sustaining empoweri nal booklet to enhance knowledge of HIV/Utilization o kills training course for of persons with HIV/AIDS and t ct of HIV patient care on /Development of a questionnai with HIV/AIDS and their carepartners /Benefits of the home care s kills training for informal carers of persons with HIV/AIDS/Home ca in the English speaking Caribbean /Analysis of the situation on HI practices (KAPs) on the Coast of Nicaragua, 1991-199 apy (HAART) among a cohort of unselected patients/ Latin American and the (LAC): A cost-effective strateg SO and NGOs in India,, Romania, Ukraine and Russia eillance systems in five countries/Evaluation of STD/H n Latin America and the /Glimmers of hope: Selected S n Latin America and the /HIV/AIDS horizontal technical n Latin America and the (LAC)/HIV/AIDS/STD Epi Fact he and Harar, Ethiopia/ Caring and coping strategies of families livi n/Nurses experiences caring for children with HIV infection/Nurs ork with an organization for HIV patients/Needs for voluntee al America/Partners in: A model for supportive care for rur ondition of older people for PLWAs in their family/Pilot proje sment of older adults in for persons living with AIDS/Needs gay health care workers for people with HIV/AIDS/Tissues a tudy of AIDS orphans in Yaounde, Cameroon/AIDS orph nitine and magnesium ( Carnesium ~) as a supportive supplement PCRA 039 trial/Serum carnitine levels in AIDS patients with adva arnival street bands/ Carnival AIDS, AIDS education utilizing c ansmission? The North Carolina experience 1993-1997/Can zido n by enveloped viruses/ Carrageenan based formulations for prev -analysis and thematic cartography of trends in incidence of HIV i patitis C co-infection: A case control study/The correlation betwe s C and HIV infection: A study/Liver histopathology a come, urban women: A study/Factors associated wit Bridging the gap in STD case management utilizing STD syndromi ey of indicators for STD in primary health care nsmitted disease (STD) in Morocco/Evaluatio onal guidelines of STD and integration with th ongo (RDC)/HIV/AIDS: Which perspectives f border/A trans-border and client follow-up m ommunity-based AIDS program to achieve pl clinician education and in the US Department mitted diseases (STD) as an strategy for STD alth care decisions and /Patients and provider vailing STD syndromic at Clinica Remedios in s/Training package for of sexually transmitted s of sexual behaviour: A case study of Mwingi and Homa Bay, Ken rm donation and HIV: A in medical, legal and media et ng men and HIV risk: A of sexual norms of crack-using n and management: A of the Luo community in Kenya ssues raised through a /Discordant heterosexual cou n Africa: A successfull in Senegal/HIV/AIDS control Id coped? - A Nigerian /HIV/AIDS in rural communitie oral networks in India: A from West Bengal/Developing nment policy in Israel: A in activism/Influencing govern prevention indicators: A in India/Evaluation of national ed problem in Kenya: a /Female sex workers (FSWs) esponse to HAART - A presentation/Comprehensive phans assistance: The of AIDS orphans caring in Yao a developing country: A from Uganda/The importance 24207 24210 24236 24300 24306 24310 24319 24354 24369 34262 42242 44208 60345 44208 22440 13164 14280 32385 33204 34331 43451 43528 60613 60641 24212 22457 34177 34193 44211 44219 60472 60823 42384 60508 43182 33162 33155 60033 19*/22255 32114 43158 13483 33229 33232 33251 34178 34209 34237 443*/42429 43530 44175 60759 60881 14211 23161 23418 24168 32425 34161 34170 34374 104*/44257 44317 60116 60518 60823 60954 ounselling in HIV/AIDS/ patients/Palliative care/end of life with non-AIDS-defining cancers among HIV-infected persons in th hospital/Non-Kaposis in HIV infected patients at an urba rrhizin on opportunistic Candida albicans infection in MAIDS mice smitted pathogens and albicans amongst women in Old ngeal colonization with and plasma HIV RNA in asympto bitors have a direct anti- effect by inhibition of Candida as istance among vaginal candida albicans isolates from an HIV+ wo ility of clinical trials with candidate HIV/AIDS vaccines in Brazil/Fe aluation of HIV vaccine candidates /A new pathogenic SHIV-cyno orrelates of outcome/ Candidemia in HIV+ patients: Risk factors sistent or relapsing oral candidiasis as an indicator of HIV disease ology of oropharyngeal (OC) in HIV-infected patients: ence of oropharyngeal in an HIV patient cohort study ents on oropharyngeal in HIV-infected patients - A re ment of HIV-related oral candidosis when fluconazole and itracon on the incidence of oral /The impact of highly aggressi wo community-based cannabis buyers cooperatives/Patterns o angninh, Binhdinh and Cantho provinces - Prevention measures angninh, Binhdinh and provinces - Prevention measures /Health intervention for cantineras (Barmaids)/Health interventio y-acquired pneumonia ( CAP )among Ugandan adults: Impact of HI ey in Costa Rica, 1997/ national AIDS survey in Costa Rica, 1 phocytes/Whole blood Capcellia ~ CD4/CD8 immunoassay for en uteng and the Western Cape provinces of South Africa/Molecular d lesbian community in Town, South Africa/Methodological i antibodies anti-HIV-1/2: Capillus HIV-1/HIV-2/Rapid assay evalua infection/Role of HIV-1 capsid phosphorylation in viral infection/R s/Activity of soft gelatin capsule formulation of saquinavir in combi aquinavir soft gelatin (SQV-SGC) plus nelfinavir (NFV) DO: Saquinavir soft gel (SGC) in combination with d4T/D quinavir; SQV) soft gel (SGC) in combination with AZT an /Saquinavir soft gelatin capsules (SQV-SGC) + nelfinavir (NFV) + h saquinavir soft gelatin plus nucleoside antiretroviral ag L1057-28) of PanretinTM (LGD1057, ALRT1057) for AIDS HIV infection inhibitors: Carbohydrate-containing biopolymers ( n/Use of eubiotics and carbohydrate-containing bacterial biopol n Indian HIV population/ Cardiac involvement in Indian HIV populati ce of window period in cardiac surgery- Blood transfusion/Clinic c findings in HIV-related cardiomyopathy /Immunologic and virolo p/Incidence of dilated and detection of HIV in th I minorities and affects care-seeking behaviors and therapeutic a ng youth living with HIV/ Career development among youth living wi to improve patient and caregiver access to HIV Internet informati /Picking up the pieces: Caregivers of adolescents bereaved by pa atisfaction with informal caregivers among lower class injection dr 60069 13235 60567 11234 22208 22214 31211 31216 33217 11228 22216 12196 22215 22221 42355 22218 31217 60569 33457 33475 33331 22116 23435 60818 13125 60832 42113 11135 12145 290*/12222 12244 12301 12248 12260 22278 41204 31219 32278 60921 60433 60434 32355 33302 34320 47*/44215 24163 r clinical endpoints in a case-cohort study of ACTG 175/HIV seru 507*/12124 bidjan, C6te dlvoire/ Case-control study of cervical cancer and 622*/22305 cted adults in Rwanda/ etiological study of chronic d 32105 syphilis: Results from a case-control study in Mwanza, Tanzania/ 13282 is carinii co-infection: A study in AIDS patients/Strep 22113 elo Horizonte, Brazil: A study, 1986-1995/Risk fact 22141 mme among women in caste-based prostitution of Rajasthan, Ind 43354 y in Bogota, Colombia/ Casual sex and condom use: An impact ev 14295 istent condom use with casual partners among gay men/Relapse- 14142 /Long-term patterns in sexual behaviour, recreational dru 14144 d anal intercourse with partners) among Sydney gay men i 23109 o have sex with men to sex partners who are HIV- or HIV s 60193 or of BCM anabolism or catabolism /Viral load response to HAAR 60517

Page  26 26 catabolism * CD4 12th World AIDS Conference Keyword Abstract -- Keyword Abstract S as a cause of death in Catalonia (Spain): 1985-1995/Changes i 24190 childbearing women in, Spain: Results from the unlinke 60549 of HIV-1 envelope by its catalytic antibody/Destruction of gp41 of 41190 collaborative model for catalyzing and coordinating a community r 44222 e study/Central venous catheter infections in AIDS patients: Resul 22120 with tunneled Groshong /Infective complications in AIDS p 22451 survey/Central venous catheters (CVC)-related bacteremia in HI 22106 ffected by HIV/AIDS/ Catholic AIDS link response to spiritual an 34188 prevention efforts of US Social Service Agencies/Strengt 34191 cted by HIV/AIDS/The parish as welcoming and healing 60175 mong European and Caucasian heterosexuals/Using condom 33157 opulation: Its relation to Caucasians descendance/Frequency of 13331 n Africans exists also in: Analysis of the HLA-A28 anti 21202 oad levels in a cohort of and African-Americans/MHC 60870 ent of HIV/AIDS, hope, caution and options for resource limited co 42315 the changes in the oral cavity and the oesophagus of HIV patients 32123 tion of HIV-1 in the oral of infected women: Association with 60608 ty based organization ( CBO ) in New York City/Patterns of antiretr 22366 marginalised group, a and a regional university/HIV/AIDS a 93*/43380 y-based organisations ( CBOs )/Taking control-PLWHAs and Austr 34134 ty based organization ( ) leaders/A combined AIDS situatio 34184 y-based organizations ( ) for HIV prevention/Building, sustai 34337 vention approaches to /Bridging the gap between science a 43155 e/CCR5-genotype and CC-chemokine levels are not significantly 13380 mmune responses and receptor 5 (CCR5) genoty 31114 romiscuous usage of CC and CXC chemokine coreceptors in viv 8*/21134 tion and association of chemokine receptor 5 and focal adhesi 55*/21135 ontaining biopolymers ( CCBs ) of bacterial and lymphoid cells/HIV 41204 nts/Protective effect of CCR-5A32 deletion on cerebral or extracer 13184 A32 gene deletion and CCR-5 M303 mutation in South African po 11122 rological parameters in homozygote and A32 heterozygote 13351 hild HIV-1 transmission/ genotype may confer resistance to 11*/21107 HIV infection?/Do A32 deletions protect intravenous drug 23180 te infection and CCR5, CCR1, IFNy, RANTES expression in lymp 11222 /Role of CCR5A32 and CCR2-64i heterozygosities in the pathoge 12110 ers/Combined effect of CCR2, CCR5 and SDF1 chemokine varian 13183 T, CCR5/Accr5, and/or -+/641 genotypes/Longitudinal stu 13353 s/Chemokine receptor CCR2b 641 polymorphism and its relation t 13327 es CCR5, CXCR4, and CCR3 expression/Repertoire of chemokin 335*/21109 ssion in lymphoid cells/ stimulation exerts antiviral effects an rm surviving IDUs/The subset of CD8 cells predicts progres herapy/CD45RO+ and CD45RA + cells in HIV-infected children, o HIV-1 strains that infect CD4 + T-cell lines, Molt4 and SupT1/Study 41234 42191 13364 11111 on: RANTES activity via is required for specific T-cell cytotoxi erson homozygous for CCR5A32 /Tropism, characterization, and HIV-1 infection/Role of and CCR2-64i heterozygosities vidence for a role of the deletion mutation on disease pr duals heterozygous for /Increased CD4+ T cell respons /The prevalence of the CCR5- A32 gene deletion and CCR-5 M30 ytes are permissive for, but not for CXCR4-dependent HIV enotypic expressions of A2/A32 homozygosity/Phenotypic ing factor concentrate/ CCR5-genotype and CC-chemokine level nsdominant inhibition of CCR5-mediated HIV-1 infection by ccr5A AOP-RANTES inhibits CCR5 recycling - A novel inhibitory mecha on of HIV-1 infection by antagonists/Modulation of HIV-1 inf e A32 deletion allele of coreceptor gene in HIV infected and okines receptors (A32 ) sequency codificator in blood donor rus acute infection and, CCR1, IFNy, RANTES expression i chemokine receptor 5 ( ) gene in an HIV-1-infected patient/ se progression/Role of chemokine receptor gene in vertical mbined effect of CCR2, and SDF1 chemokine variants on cli ean Ashkenazi origin of -A32A32/Evidence from the Australi NP) carrying either WT, /Accr5, and/or CCR2-+/641 genoty atally-exposed infants/ genotype and HIV-1 infection in peri rogesterone increases, CXCR4, and CCR3 expression/Re mozygous defect in the gene gives a high degree of protecti chemokine receptor 5 ( ) genotype in long-term survivors of ars of age: Influence of genotype and antiretroviral treatme chemokine receptor 5 ( ) genotype in highly exposed but per -Gal stably expressing suitable for infectivity assay of T- an rrelates/Prevalence of heterozygous deletion in long-term 1 coreceptor usage and defective allele in mother-to-child tra iated HIV-1 infection by ccr 5A32/Mechanism of transdominant inh ing either WT, CCR5/A 5, and/or CCR2-+/641 genotypes/Lon h virologic outcomes in CCTG 570: A clinical strategy trial of HIV R eral expansion of CD8+ CD28 - lymphocytes in the blood of SIVma atment/Expression of and CD38 by CD8+ T cells in HIV inf phocytes expression of in HIV-1 infected children: Correlatio xpression of CD69 and antigens in T lymphocytes of HIV-1( onsequences of loss of in HIV infection/Functional consequ acutely infected by HIV/ costimulation increases virus replica new subrogate marker/ /8 Evaluation of a new subrogate mar ren/The expression of and DR are markers of immune activ pression of CD28 and by CD8+ T cells in HIV infection corr 31148 11112 12110 13304 22419 11122 13*/21147 22415 13380 54*/11105 58*/11102 56*/11103 11108 11123 11222 12105 12162 13183 13312 13353 215*/13365 335*/21109 23255 31114 31138 31147 41163 60250 60834 54*/11105 13353 32379 11220 116*/31170 31173 31181 60340 60407 12140 213*/31166 116*/31170 ons of gp120 with both V-1 Nef protein induces caques correlates with s monkey lymphocytes/ the prognostic value of with HIV-1 and HTLV-2/ nversion, 1987 to 1995/ G 175/HIV serum RNA, elation to viral load, and trovirals/HIV-RNA and on to clinical AIDS after n Yaounde, Cameroon/ 9, CD25, HLA-DR and udine-resistant strain/ iral naive subjects with burden reductions and ly treated patients with i adult population with children/Viral load and aive patients with >500 treatment/Changes in w-up of antigen-specific /Correlations between unts as an alternative to IDS: QASI program for th AIDS diagnosis by a A plasma viral load and on to HIV infection and angkok/Viral load and le factory cohort/Serial al therapy (HAART) on n injection drug users/ hism and its relation to 1 plasma viral load and on the role of heroin on sitive patients with <50 HIV-1 infection/Limited on/Perturbations in the reased turnover of both dividuals/HIV infected cosal versus circulating or proliferation in blood n-progression (LT-NP)/ cal adhesion kinase in pe interactions with the ect of HIV-1 infection on CD8 T cells induced by s the major inducer of mediated apoptosis of s in HIV-gpl20-treated gus monkeys with rapid ar cytokine synthesis in V-infected patients with d individuals with stable between HIV viral load, A copies in plasma and f reservoir of HIV-1 in erapy on viral load and s in naive patients with ents with less than 200 apy in patients with low r CCR5A32/Increased DU) after accounting for rsons/Depression and ositively correlate with eceptor expression in evidence for increased ergy and dysfunction of ates with viral load and gression/Alterations of nomic neuropathy and a in AIDS patients with Midlands, UK/Idiopathic udy (MACS)/HIV RNA, mplant/Significance of Georgia/Viral load and and V3 loop binding proteins/The bin 11114 + T-cell apoptosis through functional u 11145 depletion and is associated with T-cell 11220 /GP120mac251 and phospholipase A 11230 cell counts: The EuroSIDA study/Imp 12106 + lymphocyte counts and HIV disease 12113 + response within 6 months after HIV s 12119 cell numbers and risk for clinical endp 507*/12124 + T-cell count/The role of HIV-1 pheno 12126 + decline without therapy: Reference v 12127 + cell count falls below 200/gl/Predicti 12133 +, CD8+ cell counts, CD4/CD8 ratio an 12138 5RO expression, Interleukin-2 synthe 12180 and CD8 response within one year aft 12184 + counts >400 cells//l and viral load 286*/12204 increases in HIV-1 infected patients w 129*/12219 below 50/mm3 (Italian ISS-IP1 Study 132*/12237 counts 150-350/mm3 and predomina 12241 -cell count under a triple-therapy with 12256 cells/mm3/lndinavir (IDV) in combinat 12311 + cell count and the risk of opportunisti 12331 cell function in HAART patients/Folio 12341 and RNA response in antiretroviral-na 12363 counts in resource poor countries/Tot 12426 testing/International program for qual 13101 count of <200 cells/[L/AIDS diagnos 13214 counts before and after anti-tuberculo 13271 + cell count in peripheral blood/HPV D 13293 cell count in injecting drug users (IDU 191*/13302 counts following HIV seroconversion i 13316 lymphocyte counts in France/Impact 13318 cell count and viral load in HTLV-II an 13326 T-cell counts and disease progressio 13327 counts in surviving and non-surviving 13329 + decline in injecting drug users/New 13334 count/Impact of indinavir with zidovud 14339 + T-cell renewal as a mechanism for C 270*/21103 + TCR VI repertoire indicate fast prog 21104 and CD8 T-cells in HIV-1 infection unti 268*/21108 + syncytia are commonly found in the 21111 + T cells in seronegative controls/Incr 21119 + T cells during HIV infection and treat 21121 Thl cells specific for HIV-1 antigens a 21126 + T cells by macrophage-tropic HIV en 55*/21135 /CXCR4 receptor complex/Signal tran 21140 5 phosphatase activity/The effect of H 21151 crosslinking (XL) of CD4 T cells/Indir 274*/21159 + T cell death in HIV-1-infected subjec 21160 T cells from HIV+ patients is proportio 21165 + T cells/Either mithocondrial damage 21166 + lymphopenia/Analysis of Fas/FasL i 21167 + and CD8+ cell subsets during progre 217*/21171 below 50/zl/Tuberculosis (TB) in HIV 22128 cell count above 200//zL/Withdrawal 22179 level and cervicovaginal human papill 22313 counts to human papillomavirus (HPV 22317 cells in infants and children receiving 22358 count in HIV infected children <36 mo 22364 + T cells counts from 200 to 500/zl an 22383 /mm3/AZT + 3TC + indinavir vs d4T + 22403 cell counts/Antiretroviral combination 22408 + T cell response to IL-2 therapy in HIV 22419 + count and viral load in women/HIV-r 23456 cell count as predictors of quality of lif 24223 +T lymphocyte counts and T cell functi 31109 + tetanus toxoid specific T cells/Effect 31141 + T-cell production in HIV-1 infection/ 271*/31168 + and Vy2VA2+ lymphocytes associa 31169 +T cell number at baseline and during 116*/31170 5 isoforms expression in paediatric HI 31176 count/Sexual dysfunction in patients 32125 cells count below 50 treated with com 32149 + T-cell lymphocytopenia (ICL): Experi 32151 + cell count, and immune activation m 506*/32167 cell count and HIV viral load on CMV r 32243 + outcome following genotypic antiretr 32291

Page  27 12th World AIDS Conference CD4 cell 27 Abstract SKeyword Abstract-- Keyword iral therapy normalizes al resistance where no ce in S.o Paulo, Brazil/ o flow cytometry based sment of viral load and Establishment of HeLa/ isease/Dynamics of RT on HIV viral load and -type specificity for the implanted with human ction of primary human G antibodies binding to nfection prior to AIDS/ of plasma HIV RNA on s of HIV RNA levels and ents/Plasma viral load, nd add to viral load and AP) for African settings/ marker of HIV disease/ o accurately predict the a/Correlation between cted patients with >400 ndian HIV population/ quality control study for hod validation for HIV+ specific gene-modified oad in HIV+ adults with t-stable HIV+ men with ted subjects with <100 f life, mood, coping and /Viral detectability and evalent cases based on n plasma viral load and V-infected patients with sal HIV-1 viral load and 1-infected patients with on HIV RNA levels and s on viral load (VL) and ortional inversely to the +)/AIDS naive patients/ garia/Use of monitored /Oral mucosal lesions, 1 patients with 50-250 equences expressed in RV)-naive patients with ases virus replication in mparison of number of mens according to initial Whole blood Capcellia~ s on RNA viral load and between viral load and /CD8 ratio in HIV infected patients/Ear 32320 or RNA monitoring is available in Braz 33167 + T lymphocytes counts of HIV infecte 33275 T-cell enumeration for absolute and p 41116 /CD8 ratio in blood and lymph nodes in 289*/41142 -LTR-~-Gal stably expressing CCR5 s + T cell recovery in a large cohort treat T cells in the mucosa-associated lymp binding site of HIV-1 gpl20/Characte + cells and challenged with HIV1/Pas + T-cells/Effective pseudotyping of ret + T-cells are a sensitive parameter to + cell decline despite maintenance of change and outcome for women in th counts when assessing all-cause mor count and p24 antigenemia in HIV-inf T cells as prognostic indicators/Plas T cells phenotyping by flow cytometry: 5 activity in T cells: A new surrogate m + T-cell count in a group of HIV-1 -infec /CD8 and total lymphocyte cell counts cell count/Longitudinal study of CD8 counts as a surrogate marker in India evaluation in HIV disease/The Italian analysis transported to a central clinic and CD8 T cells leads to improved T c + counts 200-499/mm3/Effects of aer < 200 cells/mm3: CPCRA 038/Protei + lymphocytes/mm3/Nutritional suppl levels/Effects of self-management tra levels in patients receiving protease in numbers at entry, with application to n + lymphocyte count as a response to tr cells < 75/mm3: An updated decision + T cell subset in AIDS patients/Correl + T lymphocytes of 200/mm3/Chemok counts in HIV positive subjects/The ef count/Changing highly active antiretr. Report of 7 cases in a non-governme marker of immune restoration in asso cell counts: Predictions of the AIDS e count, viral load and other covariates i cells/mm3/Subgroup analysis of clinic + cells/Broad spectrum resistance to counts of 20-300/mm3/A randomized + cells naturally or acutely infected by + cells to number of viral RNA copies i count/Virological response to proteas /CD8 immunoassay for enumeration o T cells count/Quadritherapy including count in patients with and without trea 41163 41179 41185 41233 41243 41245 42110 42152 42153 42159 42180 42181 42182 42183 42187 42189 42190 42194 42203 42205 42321 42328 42339 42347 42371 42403 43472 43473 43481 60122 60132 60159 60178 60222 60235 60237 60299 60358 60375 60397 60407 60721 60812 60818 60966 60991 12180 31171 31181 21125 21195 11220 12138 12184 12189 12215 12293 212*/21106 268*/21108 21130 274*/21159 275*/21164 217*/21171 495*/21192 21193 22345 109*/31121 601 */31122 31143 110*/31165 116*/31170 31171 32148 32320 289*/41142 rrelation between CD4/ and total lymphocyte cell counts to op 42189 t/Longitudinal study of T cell activation and viral load in HIV-i 42190 Us/The CD38 subset of cells predicts progression to AIDS in I 42191 ene-modified CD4 and T cells leads to improved T cell surviv 42321 ppress HIV replication/ + cells exposed to B7.2 but not B7.1 d 60406 nt/Inhibition of HIV-1 by + cells from seropositive individuals is 60414 n children/Changes in lymphocyte subset counts at different 60790 blood Capcellia~ CD4/ immunoassay for enumeration of the 60818 CPCRA004/ACTG177/ CDC /PAHO)/A randomized trial of rifampi 447*/22126 Lessons learned at the National AIDS Hotline/A decade of e 33295 Ilaborative networks of -funded community-based organizati 34338 1 RNA levels present in performance evaluation samples/Ev 42142 ssons learned from the African-American initiative: Keeping 43279 he invisible population: s experience in correctional health ca 43408 xpression: High density cDNA analysis of HIV-1 infected cells/HIV- 21152 IV-infected children by length analysis of T cell receptor (T 212*/21106 D) clinics in Fortaleza, Ceara, northeast Brazil/Profile of the wom 23498 theater against AIDS in, northeast Brazil/Street theater agai 33461 V/AIDS/Treatment with cefixime on ideopathic mouth ulcers on pa 22331 V-1 in semen/Seminal cell-associated viral transcriptional activit 279*/11151 ma HIV-1 RNA level?/ls infectious HIV-1 viral load 13308 hedding of cell-free and HIV in semen/Influencing 23392 eudopeptide that binds cell-surface proteins/Specific inhibition of 41182 Vpr-induced cell death/ Cell cycle G2 arrest by HIV-1 Vpr is not res 11141 iving retroviral therapy/ fusion infectivity assay in patients rece 22407 acterium tuberculosis/ surface markers of immune activation 31184 s learned by NGO AIDS /Multiplicity of small interventions: Les 44295 V-1 in saliva and blood/ tropism, subtype, nucleotide diversity 60171 selected by passage in cell culture/Isolation of MIP-la-resistant 11110 ated HIV-1 genomes in culture by CpG methylation/lnactivatio 11127 ssion of HIV-infected T using high density oligonucleotide arra 380*/11139 onsible for Vpr-induced death/Cell cycle G2 arrest by HIV-1 V 11141 nsgenic for HIV-1 Vpr/T apoptosis in mice transgenic for HIV-1 11142 cted Macaques/Early T dysfunctions during acute infection of 11224 rognostic value of CD4 counts: The EuroSIDA study/Impact o 12106 /HIV serum RNA, CD4 numbers and risk for clinical endpoints 507*/12124 inical AIDS after CD4+ count falls below 200/pl/Predictive val 12133 ameroon/CD4+, CD8+ counts, CD4/CD8 ratio and clinical feat 12138 is markers/Endothelial dysfunction in HIV infection: relationsh 12139 apy (HAART)/Naive T subsets during acute infection (Al) with 12190 en/Viral load and CD4- count under a triple-therapy with nelfin 12256 ent/Changes in CD4+ count and the risk of opportunistic infe 12331 of antigen-specific CD4 function in HAART patients/Follow-up 12341 n of HIV replication and proliferation leads to minimal levels of 12371 HIV infection and CD4+ count in peripheral blood/HPV DNA in 13293 ok/Viral load and CD4 count in injecting drug users (IDUs) ne 191*/13302 ection drug users/CD4 count and viral load in HTLV-II and HIV 13326 ctive patterns of CD8 T clonal dominance identified in HIV-infe 212*/21106 ly infected primary Th2 s and cell lines/Triggering of CD30 enh 21153 Relationships between tropism spectrum, cytopathology pecu 21158 echanism of bystander death of CD8 T cells induced by CD4 c 274*/21159 ajor inducer of CD4+ T death in HIV-1-infected subjects: Inhibi 21160 cyte activation-induced death in primary acute infection/Expre 21161 tion with decrease in T activation markers/Therapy induced r 21163 ed apoptosis of CD4 T s from HIV+ patients is proportional to 21165 HIV therapy on T helper homeostasis and type 1 cytokine synth 219*/21169 ease/Alteration of intra ular cytokine synthesis in CD4+ and C 217*/21171 not SI viruses enhance proliferation and beta-chemokine prod 21175 ction analysed at single level during highly active antiretroviral t 221*/21176 s/HIV-infection alters T immune response to hepatitis C virus a 21182 n of macrophage and T line tropic viruses by a bivalenet subty 21214 viduals with stable CD4 count above 200/tL/Withdrawal of pri 22179 cules associated with B activation/The emergence of AIDS-as 22290 mics of mean TRF and T homeostasis during HAART/Dynamic 22341 rculating naive CD8+ T counts/Highly active antiretroviral ther 22345 n patients with low CD4 counts/Antiretroviral combination ther 22408 otic twins: Insight into T dynamics/Immune reconstitution of HI 272*/22411 A32/lncreased CD4+ T response to IL-2 therapy in HIV-1 -infec 22419 s/Depression and CD4 count as predictors of quality of life in H 24223 mphocyte counts and T function in long-term AIDS-free HIV-1 i 31109 d reduction of CD8+ T oligoclonality/Initiation of antiretroviral 109*/31121 Cross-clade cytotoxic T response to HIV-1 proteins among HL 602*/31128 on and HIV-1 specific T responses during highly active antiretr 113*/31134 be mediated by a CD8+ anti-HIV response/Protection of HIV-e 31143 hers/Strong cytotoxic T responses detected in the majority of u 31157 sociated with impaired function/Interleukin-8 receptor down-r 31167 8 and CD38 by CD8+ T s in HIV infection correlates with viral lo 116*/31170 using BC-3 and BCP-1 lines/Antibody response against HHV- 31195 ssion through epithelial barriers/Mechanisms of HIV transmis 278*/32124 ne-associated pure red aplasia (PRCA)/Lamivudine-associat 32142 dren/Different rates of CD69, CD25, HLA-DR and CD45RO expre ted patients/Increased expression in non-stimulated CD8+ duals/Coexpression of and CD28 antigens in T lymphocytes IV infected individuals/ and CD86 adhesion molecules on cir stricted CTL induction/ confers and directs and MHC class I eripheral expansion of CD8 +CD28- lymphocytes in the blood of nde, Cameroon/CD4+, + cell counts, CD4/CD8 ratio and clinic sistant strain/CD4 and response within one year after primar ry populations/Human + T-cell differentiation in acute viral an etroviral therapy lowers counts toward the normal range/Early viral activity/Persistent + T lymphocyte activation despite prol /Distinctive patterns of T cell clonal dominance identified in H mover of both CD4 and T-cells in HIV-1 infection until end sta ndent HIV-1-infection of + T cells in vivo/HHV-6-independent bystander cell death of T cells induced by CD4 crosslinking ( Macrophages-mediated + T-cell killing via CXC-R4/ENV intera synthesis in CD4+ and + cell subsets during progression of HI without subunit boost/ + CTL induced in AIDS vaccine evalu delivery of multiple HIV + cytotoxic T cells epitopes/A polytop eases circulating naive + T cell counts/Highly active antiretrov rtoire and reduction of + T cell oligoclonality/Initiation of antir ag p55 and pol specific + CTL responses early following HIV-1 ars to be mediated by a + cell anti-HIV response/Protection of apy/Down regulation of + T-cell expansions in HIV patients rec of CD28 and CD38 by + T cells in HIV infection correlates wit ssion in non-stimulated + T-cells from HIV infected patients/In onoclonal expansion of lymphocytes in HIV infection/Benign erapy normalizes CD4/ ratio in HIV infected patients/Early init nt of viral load and CD4/ ratio in blood and lymph nodes in pati

Page  28 28 12th World AIDS Conference - Keyword Abstract -Keyword Abstract ACS)/HIV RNA, CD4+ vation of restored body us (JCV) DNA in blood nt/Significance of CD4 n Lagos, Nigeria/Sickle e/Dynamics of CD4+ T 2 on viral kinetics and T 0/Characterization of T 1/Clinical trials of stem on prior to AIDS/CD4+ 8 and total lymphocyte itudinal study of CD8 T odified CD4 and CD8 T A) in 1996-1997/Body n promotes gain in body s associated with body weight (TBW) and body 1 viral load and CD4+ T an HIV patient/Plasma /Use of monitored CD4 ogenic roles of type 2 T e defect of natural killer educing PC12 neuronal elated to programmed one/Increases in body brain barrier endothelial arker for HIV disease/T ng of HIV to permissive cell pism for human colonic keleton of HIV-infected ith CD4+ counts >400 atients with >500 CD4 ulture of HIV-1-infected y a CD4 count of <200 D45RO+ and CD45RA+ n naive and activated T ematopoietic progenitor sus circulating CD4+ T eration in blood CD4+ T lecules on circulating T sion (LT-NP)/CD4 Thl V-1-infection of CD8+ T esion kinase in CD4+ T f renal tubular epithelial alysis of HIV-1 infected ly infected primary Th2 eral blood mononuclear der cell death of CD8 T ed apoptosis of CD4 T gpl20-treated CD4+ T utely infected-reservoir ral blood mononuclear IP1 a) in mononuclear e HIV CD8+ cytotoxic T on in primary human T servoir of HIV-1 in CD4 e patients with CD4+ T lasma and lymph node 1 replication in reservoir etanus toxoid specific T ed, allogeneic dendritic eral blood mononuclear 4+ T lymphocyte >500 8 and CD38 by CD8+ T ytes from bone marrow ion of peripheral blood AIDS patients with CD4 duced by mononuclear V-1 gp120 and neuronal ase of cd45ra+ t-helper Detection of memory T ral blood mononuclear ediates in HIV-infected IV viral load and CD4 T bacterial and lymphoid and blood mononuclear expression in lymphoid ercentage of apoptotic nted with human CD4+ n HIV gpl60-specific T count, and immune activation markers 506*/32167 mass (BCM) and phase angle after dis 32182 sub-populations and plasma of HIV+ in 32210 count and HIV viral load on CMV retinit 32243 anaemia and the risk of HIV infection in 33207 recovery in a large cohort treated with 41179 reconstitution in lymphoid tissues of as 41228 expressed chimeric receptors with anti 41233 gene therapy for HIV-1/Clinical trials o 41241 decline despite maintenance of stable 42152 counts to opportunistic infections in PH 42189 activation and viral load in HIV-infecte 42190 s leads to improved T cell survival and t 42321 mass (BCM) in HIV-infected (HIV+) m 42333 mass in HIV patients with weight loss/ 42336 mass in weight-stable HIV+ men with 42339 mass (BCM)/A retrospective study on 42340 subset in AIDS patients/Correlation be 60122 granuloma presenting as transverse m 60176 counts: Predictions of the AIDS epide 60237 responses on Cryptococcus neoforma 60314 activity in AIDS patients/Interleukin (IL 60325 line viability/A pentapeptide from HIV- 60334 death and accepted markers of diseas 60393 mass of patients with HIV associated 60489 receptors by HIV/Modulation of huma 60794 HLA-DR surface expression as a surro 60864 s is coordinated by interactions of gpl2 11114 and astrocytes/The common molecu 11118 as the transportation system of viral s 11137 //Il and viral load >5000 copies/ml/C 286*/12204 /mm3/Indinavir (IDV) in combination 12311 /Drug combination studies on MKC-4 12362 /gL/AIDS diagnosis by an opportunist 13214 in HIV-infected children, observation 13364 in blood and lymph nodes in patients r 269*/21112 (CD34+) of HIV-1 infected patients/T 21118 in seronegative controls/Increased e 21119 during HIV infection and treatment/N 21121 of HIV infected individuals/CD80 and 21125 specific for HIV-1 antigens are associ 21126 in vivo/HHV-6-independent HIV-1-inf 21130 by macrophage-tropic HIV envelope/ 55*/21135 involving Fas sensitization and ice-pr 21137 /HIV-1 infection induces alterations in 21152 and cell lines/Triggering of CD30 enh 21153 from chronically immune activated in 21156 induced by CD4 crosslinking (XL) of 274*/21159 from HIV+ patients is proportional to 21165 /Either mithocondrial damage or Fas 21166 /Human rlL-16 exerts potent HIV-sup 21185 of the patients infected with human i 21188 by mycobacterium tuberculosis durin 21189 epitopes/A polytope vaccine strategy 21193 /Effect of a gpl20-depleted inactivate 21212 in infants and children receiving HAA 22358 counts from 200 to 500/ttl and plasm 22383: The Quadri-96 Trial/Antiviral effect o 22397 by the safe immunomodulator murab 22424 /Effect of HIV-1 infection on chemoki 31141 /Generation of HIV-epitope-specific 31150 (PBMCs) from HIV-2+ individuals resi 31154 /prL/HIV-specific cytotoxic T lymphoc 31158 in HIV infection correlates with viral lo 116*/31170 cultures of AIDS patients/Enhanced 31187 (PBMCs) in HIV+ women and HIV-co 31196 count below 50 treated with combine 32149 from HIV-1 infected individuals induc 32200 /Shared antigenic epitopes on the V3 32217 /Highly active antiretroviral therapy ( 32317 in HIV+ individuals: Cytokine produci 216*/41103 and lymphoid tissues/Highly sensitiv 41133 treated with protease inhibitors/Accu 41184 in the mucosa-associated lymphoid ti 41185 /HIV infection inhibitors: Carbohydrat 41204 /Comparison of protease mutations i 41217 /CD38 stimulation exerts antiviral effe 41234 in HIV infected patients/lnterleukin-2 41235 and challenged with HIV1/Passive i 41243 from HIV-infected individuals/Immun 41244 tion of HIV-1-producing by ELISPOT (Enzyme-Linked Immun 42131 eripheral mononuclear during anti-HIV therapies/The chang 42174 to viral load and CD4 T as prognostic indicators/Plasma imm 42181 African settings/CD4 T phenotyping by flow cytometry: A qua 42182 ease/CD45 activity in T: A new surrogate marker of HIV disea 42183 he CD38 subset of CD8 predicts progression to AIDS in long-t 42191 ral blood mononuclear at term/Phosphorylation rate of 3-azi 508*/42258 odified CD4 and CD8 T leads to improved T cell survival and t 42321 obilization of CD34+ from the bone marrow of HIV-1 infect 42323 + men with CD4 < 200 /mm3: CPCRA 038/Protein intake is a 42339 an blood mononuclear from HIV infected patients in Argentin 42368 cted patients with CD4 < 75/mm3: An updated decision anal 43481 n in chronically infected /Anti-inflammatory alkaloid cepharan 60049 3 loop in viral entry into analyzed with 3 different anti-CXCR- 60161 oxide in HIV-1-infected /Apoptotic activity of nitric oxide in HI 60255 ents with 50-250 CD4 /mm3/Subgroup analysis of clinical a 60358 ces expressed in CD4+ /Broad spectrum resistance to HIV-1 60375 es/Infection of dendritic with different HIV-1 primary isolates/I 60404 IV replication/CD8+ exposed to B7.2 but not B7.1 during a 60406 rus replication in CD4+ naturally or acutely infected by HIV/C 60407 bition of HIV-1 by CD8+ from seropositive individuals is antige 60414 f HIV in the myocardial in a large population of HIV-positive s 60434 thway in HIV-infected T /The role of the stress-signaling path 60461 us replication in human /Thiosemicarbazone-derivatives inhi 60651 xpression in monocytic /Inhibitory influences of a-MSH pepti 60685 son of number of CD4+ to number of viral RNA copies in sera 60721 ction by lung and blood from HIV-seropositive patients and H 60787 or uninfected lymphoid /Effects of exogenous Nef and Tat pr 60872 NA viral load and CD4 T count/Quadritherapy including RTV/ 60966 nary TB/AIDS patients/ Cellular immune responses to mycobacter 31206 MEA in vitro and in vivo/ pharmacology of the antiviral age 554*/41175 V-1 infected Ugandans/ immune responses in HIV-1 infect 60382 tract/Co-receptors and cellular targets for HIV-1 in the human fem 10*/11106 ges of infection/HIV-1 RNA load arise in late stage of HIV 11158 velope induces strong immune responses in Macaques/ 11241 n induces alterations in gene expression: High density cD 21152 e/Antibody-dependent cytotoxicity (ADCC) in HIV-1 infect 31152 ating mothers/Study of and humoral immune factors in col 31163 viral therapy/Improved immunity in acute HIV-1 infection f 115*/31177 up of PPD skin test and immune response in a high risk gr 31207 uckles without affecting zinc finger proteins/Targeting anti 41187 y without impairment of proliferation/Efficacy of aminooxy 59*/41231 evels in plasma/HIV-1 infectious load in peripheral blood: 42176 with an autogenous HIV /viral therapeutic vaccine (ATV) usi 60312 m national surveys and censuses /The impact of HIV on mortality i 24189 at an urban US Medical Center, 1991-1996/Tuberculosis (TB) in 22135 ital ng Maynila Medical, an HIV/AIDS service center of Ma 22486 Diagnosis and Therapy in Warsaw, Poland/Community-ac 41170 onal Blood Transfusion (NBTC) in Abidjan/Psychosocial c 60220 eterans Affairs Medical /Predictors of resource utilization in 60341 a large, urban medical center who have taken nelfinavir in the pas 12392 HIV patients in a health of low complexity and limited resour 12437 p in an ambulatory care /HIV reactive patients with follow-u 13105 e d Vavoua in the west of C6te dlvoire, 430 km from Abidja 13557 an urban day treatment /Quality of life correlates at an urba 14350 fects of WF10/A single, phase 2 study evaluating the effect 22423 r, an HIV/AIDS service of Manila/Local government respo 22486 f activity of a reference in Rome/HIV infection among trans 570*/23534 t a university medical hospital in a small city/Changing de 24114 R) in a day care health (DCHC)/lntravitreal followed by ora 32244 -city community health (CHC)/Highly active antiretroviral t 32334 ot-line and counselling in Egypt/Experience of the establis 33264 or testing HIV in a social (1988-1996)/Analysis of 5098 dem 33304 mitted Diseases (STD) /Information-education-communica 33310 blematic of a screening in Burkina Faso: The case of the ce 33328 at a primary care health in a poor neighborhood of Rosario, 33330 hop reproductive health in Angeles City/Developing a one-s 33431 ot-line and counselling in Egypt/Lessons learned from the 33459 nducted on 1997 in the province of Cameroon/Influence of 34129 f the anonimous testing users/Characterization of the anoni 34179 Yaounde/Creation of a for AIDS orphans in Yaounde/Crea 34255 1 Monitor~ assay/Multi- evaluation of the ultra sensitive Roc 42143 ents of an AIDS referral in SAo Paulo, Brazil/Important redu 42319 sts at an urban medical during the era of heart/Changes in 442*/42430 stance AIDS/STD pilot for young people/Sanitary strategie 43213 /HIV patients to health level requires health care reform im 43519 ed diseases at a referral of Karachi/Pattern of sexually trans 60243 ending a HIV reference in Rome/HIV infection among indivi 60257 nt AI-Nadjma (the star): A great advantage in social psycho 60424 attending in a reference in Vit6ria, Brazil/Profile of heterose 60707

Page  29 center * chemokines 29 12th World AIDS Conference -Keyword Abstract n a public AIDS referral in Sao Paulo, Brazil/Evaluation of t load mean in the same before and after implementation of t community and migrant centers: Prevention of HIV perinatal trans wo large urban medical /Antiretroviral prophylaxis of occu on STD/AIDS/Itinerant for HIV/AIDS anonymous testing ( on of HIV/AIDS drop-in as an effective service delivery mo AIDS epidemic/Drop-in in Montreal: Adaptation to the AID HIV detection in French of anonymous and free detection/ esources scarcity? A Central-African country experience, Dem d normal population of Central c subtypes in West and berculosis unit, Douala ty sample of North and among STD patients in ars prospective survey/ f a prospective study/ ndividuals in Honduras, an HIV infected patient/ gramme for West and nd AIDS among recent rspective in Honduras, ccal infections at Mpilo DS patients at Wellesley nd control in Honduras, Europe/Frequency of the A32 del Africa/Molecular epidemiology of Hospital/Seroepidemiology of HIV Trinidad, WI: Results from the volu African Republic/Bacterial vagino venous catheters (CVC)-related b venous catheter infections in AIDS America, 1996/HIV subtyping and nervous system infection by protot Africa (German Technical Corpora and South American immigrants in America/The construction of a leg Hospital, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe/Pr Hospital/Chiropractic care for HIV America/Construction of local net sistant tuberculosis in a central Lisbon hospital/Comparing RFLP I he diagnosis of primary nervous system lymphoma (PCNS ent with AIDS/Primary nervous system lymphoma with ne ent/Tuberculosis of the nervous system in HIV infected pat ex workers (women) in Calcutta, for preventive interventio and rickshaw pullers of Calcutta/Role of peer educators in nalysis transported to a clinical trials laboratory/Color met management course for level and mid-level managers/ST s (HIV)/Co-infection of nervous system by gram negative ntion among gay men in London gyms/Recruiting peer edu ing anabolic steroids in London gyms/Injecting behaviour t the AIDS Information Centre (AIC) in Kampala, Uganda/HIV dis lustration with the SAS (for Solidarity and Social Action) in at the AIDS Information, Uganda/Performance of a rapid H V/AIDS patients/AIDS of West Bohemia and its goals in th um (KANCO) Resource using participatory methods/Evalu nding STD Counselling at Government General Hospital ( isiting their local health centre in Lusaka, Zambia?/Why do peopl of the AIDS information, Uganda/Community outreach and SF) in an HIV treatment: CSF initiation modalities and impa cal tertiary HIV referral - Impact on hospital and communit eening and counselling in Budapest, Hungary/Evaluation o nd model counselling - A pilot project/Voluntary HIV testi selling and testing (CT) in Uganda/HIV risk characteristics f ng at an AIDS research in Uganda/Helpline telephone and f sidential Rehabilitation Centres in France, 1993-97/HIV and HCV aternal and child health centres /Impact evaluation of targeted trai 60754 60992 23294 33178 33322 34123 34288 60769 60962 11108 430*/11163 13120 13165 13284 22106 22120 22206 32213 43224 43413 44121 60282 60661 60973 13203 22291 22299 32214 33345 33441 42205 43526 60605 60810 60811 23166 34185 135*/43109 60194 60218 60890 22133 33344 42436 42450 43150 60139 60726 60956 23201 13478 -- Keyword Abstrai ion in patients with HIV/ Cerebrovascular autoregulation in patient D clinics in Pune, India/ Cervical intraepithelial changes and HIV in women in Los Angeles/ dysplasia progression rates over men with HIV infection/ biopsy analysis in women with HI HIV-1 infected women/ neoplasia and condylomata in a c eral blood/HPV DNA in cervical secretion in women in relation to tamin A deficiency with dysplasia in the Womens Interag e/Case-control study of cancer and HIV infection in Abidja E HIV-infected women for intraepithelial neoplasia with seria t following treatment of intraepithelial neoplasia/Local HI RT)/Early regression of lesions in HIV-seropositive wome (HPV) prevalence and dysplasia/Relationship of HIV-1 a/Short term course of squamous intraepithelial lesions ( es in the progression of disease/Trying to know the role of g antibody, plasma and viral burden in relation to maternal rauterine device use on shedding of HIV-1 DNA/Effect of i vera and integrity of the epithelium/Use of the long-acting /AIDS/HIV viral load in, vaginal and menstrual fluids as c logical parameters and intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) in gonococcal/chlamydial infections at a Ugandan STD clini ed women/Incidence of dysplasia among HIV-infected wo al therapy (HAART) on dysplasia and HPV infection amo Mexico/Pre-malignant lesions (PCL) in HIV+ women in a si-species in blood and secretions of HIV-1 and HIV-2 infe Factors associated with chlamydial infection in African wo s and plasma viral load/ Cervicovaginal HIV-1 RNA levels and pla ubtype and shedding of cervicovaginal HIV-1 DNA during pregna 16 and 18 in serum and secretions of HIV-infected ount of HPV 16 DNA in secretions of HIV-infected ral load, CD4 level and human papillomavirus infe A and RNA detection in (CV) secretions of asympt f anti-HIV antibodies in fluid of HIV-seronegative f c antibody in serum and lavage of HIV+ women/HI e E/Infection of human cervix with a primary isolate HIV-1 subtype uptured membranes/ Cesarean section (C/S) is effective in prev ssion following elective cesarean delivery with zidovudine treatme ncy virus/A Bloodless section and perinatal transmissi treatment and elective section reduces the vertical tran eripheral blood CD34+ CFU-Cs in HIV-infected individuals upon c students in NDjamena, Chad /Sexual behavior, knowledge of HIV t ulnerable population/ consumers of alcoholic drinks in drin to fight against AIDS in: A key element for taking care/The c ease of HIV epidemic in from 1986 to 1997/THE increase of ycho-medico support in /The polyvalent AI-Nadjma (the star) ort/Congenital HIV and Chagas disease: Case report/Congenital V patients in Paraguay/ diseases in HIV patients in Parag high school students in Chaing-mai, Thailand/Changes in HIV rel acin for the treatment of chancroid /Randomized, double-blind, pla nt employed children in Chandigarh, North India: Their knowledge roach for PLWHAs with chemical dependency/Role model of nony hood in preparation of chemiotherapics /Auxiliary cabinet like a alitis/Microglia secrete chemoattractants affecting monocyte mig erent genetic subtypes/ Chemokine receptor usage of HIV-1 prima SIV acute infections/f- responses in bronchoalveolar iminary meta-analysis/ receptor genotypes and HIV d V infected individuals/ receptor CCR2b 641 polymorp n vivo by DNA vaccines/ levels modulated in vivo by D mphocytes of200/mm3/, chemokine receptor, cytokin nt analogues of the C-C chemokine RANTES with enhanced HIVctive antagonists of the receptor CXCR4 and potent in pair deletion in the C-C receptor 5 (CCR5) gene in an uence of heterozygous receptor 5 mutation on respon gression/Role of CCR5 receptor gene in vertical HIV-1 CR2, CCR5 and SDF1 variants on clinical and immun pression/Repertoire of receptor expression in the fem ncreased expression of co-receptors on mucosal vers s usage of CC and CXC coreceptors in vivo correlates and association of CC receptor 5 and focal adhesion y HIV-1/Involvement of receptors in the induction of int miquantitation of human mRNAs by reverse transcripti d assay/Cytokine and assays for IL-2, IFNy, TNFa, a rapy/Chemokines and receptors expression during c ansmission/lnduced P/- and cytokine response in preg ect of HIV-1 infection on receptor expression in CD4+ t activation markers and receptor 5 (CCR5) genotype i cyte function/Role of /- s and chemokine receptor on 200/mm3/Chemokine, receptor, cytokine and monoki ontrols/Cytokine and production by lung and blood c anti HIV-1 IL-2 therapy/ Chemokines and chemokine receptors ex virus delivery/Anti-HIV chemokines:Domain mapping and HIV-2 ct---+ 32227 22318 32131 60893 60980 13293 621*/22301 622*/22305 22308 22310 22312 22317 22319 22321 23290 23453 23462 23477 32134 80*/33230 60158 60289 60396 60652 60909 42148 13117 22304 624*/22311 22313 23450 23515 31111 21155 23305 23272 23274 23291 12323 23437 34182 60418 60423 60424 12159 60776 13513 22189 60041 12440 22478 21138 9*/11166 11225 13311 13327 42324 60132 11101 57*/11107 12105 12116 12162 13183 335*/21109 21119 8*/21134 55*/21135 21172 21177 21184 22416 23279 31141 31147 31159 60132 60787 22416 11104 each to private medical:The Nigerian experience/AIDS c 13479 gnosed in urban health in Lusaka, Zambia?/How likely ar 453*/22154 ve primary health care in Nairobi, Kenya, 1993 to 1997/D 22190 n AIDS documentation network to the fight against HIV/AI 33493 ducation in community and at youth groups: Higher level 33534 g people in community and youth clubs in The Netherland 33538 omen attending health, in West Africa/A community-bas 165*/41135 are education in smaller /A collaborative approach to HIV p 42409 tribution in correctional in Ontario, Canada/Inmates opini 43400 i-inflammatory alkaloid cepharanthine inhibits HIV-1 replication in 60049 gh levels of HIV-RNA in cerebral spinal fluid/Neurological sympto 12195 rophylaxis for PCP and toxoplasmosis be safely disconti 12268 CCR-5A32 deletion on or extracerebral toxoplasmosis o 13184 dictive value of primary lymphoma HIV-related: Update/ 22324 enrolled in clinical trials/ Cerebrospinal fluid HIV-1 RNA levels and 32202 neurological diseases/ fluid (CSF) versus plasma 42170 es/Stavudine entry into cerebrospinal fluid of HIV-infected subject 12355 gh prolactin levels in the fluid of HIV-infected patient 21133 onema pallidum DNA in fluid from HIV patients with 22101 egalovirus (CMV) in the fluid (CSF) of AIDS patient 22262 d: Update/EBV-DNA in fluid (CSF) as predictive val 22324 QV/stavudine (d4T) on fluid (CSF) HIV-RNA levels 32197 etween the viral load in fluid (CSF), plasma and CN 32201 n/Antigen p24 HIV-1 in fluid in patients with neurol 32222 ) resistance patterns in fluid (CSF) compartment/E 563*/32284 omplications of HIV and fluid (CSF) polymerase cha 41156 uantification of HIV-1 in fluid/Comparative evaluati 42177 abacavir (1592 U89) in fluid (CSF) using multiple lu 42271 ain reaction (PCR) on fluid (CSF) in patients with 60734

Page  30 30 chemokines * cholerauis 12th World AIDS Conference Keyword Abstract-- Keyword Abstract -- MIP-lp and RANTES /- increase the replication of T-t 11119 nce of deletion in the P- receptors (A32 CCR5) sequ 11123 and the level of seminal in the shedding of HIV-1 in se 279*/11151 of macaques/Role of f- in protective immunity agains 547*/11239 Lack of evidence that f- are involved in the control of 12109 ssion/Production of,- in HIV infection: Levels of MI 13305 of HIV-1 replication by,- /Upregulation of HIV-1 replic 21139 type-2 cytokines and /- in HIV+ patients: Influence of 220*/21170 and levels of cytokines, and soluble factors in the pla 21178 Production of human /- in AIDS-Kaposis sarcoma p 22285 u/Increased levels of /- and antigen specific T-cell pr 605*/31133 cyte function/Role of /- and chemokine receptor on 31159 ns of IL-16, but not of /- change uniformly during tripl 41164 B in HIV/AIDS, Mumbai/ Chemoprophylaxis for TB in HIV/AIDS, M 60907 e a need for secondary chemoprophylaxis?/Multiple tuberculosi 612*/13277 tiretroviral therapy and in HIV+ disease/Mea 22379 e US populations/Oral to prevent HIV infectio 33193 ion and post-exposure in a hospital for infecti 33194 an astrocytes cultures/ Chemotactic cytokines and their receptor 21144 etween production of chemotactic cytokines and immune functi 21190 ction vs. single receptor chemotaxis induction by HIV-1 envelope/ 11120 L)/Concomitant CHOP chemotherapy (CT) and highly active antir 22289 HIV-NHL)/Second-line (CT) with CDE (cyclophos 22297 ance/Evaluation of the for HIV-1 infection by an in 42179 apy and antineoplastic (CT) in AIDS-related non- 60487 months after the end of:First report/Prolonged rec 60510 eneral Hospital (GGH), Chennai /Common factors facilitating indiv 13482 ctions in PHIV/AIDS in (Madras), India/Correlation betw 42189 havior of CSWs in North /Knowledge, attitude, practise an 60071 eneral Hospital (GGH), /Profile of women attending STD 60890 ng harm: The effects of childhood abuse on negotiating HIV risk r 238*/33382 es to their HIV infected childrens participation in a placebo contro 12261 S prevention survey in Chile: The effect of the interviewers sex/I 14303 ublic communication in (1991-1997) and peoples awarenes 34227 g social phenomena in /The organization and coordination o 34365 living with HIV-AIDS, in /Laboral discrimination to persons liv 60751 munodeficiency virus in Chilean women/Transmission ways of hu 23478 the perception of HIV in society/Using the media to chang 34234 group comprised of the Government officials, clinicians, a 60760 services: Corporaci6n de Prevenci6n del SIDA/Consolid 34332 d MT2 tropism of HIV-1 chimeric clones having envelope V3 loop 11113 ty of HIV-1-like Gag-V3 particles expressed by a recombi 21204 tion of T cell expressed receptors with antibody-type spe 41233 s in a naturally infected chimpanzee /Recombination events in en 60552 multiple co-receptors in chimpanzees /SIVcpz-ant causes non-es 11210 ultaneous inoculation of /Dynamics of HIV-1 subtype 11223 IV-1 strains identified in China /Genetic recombination of HIV-1 str 429*/11179 rug users in southern /Emerging HIV infections with two di ology of HIV infection in /Molecular epidemiology of HIV infe entinel surveillance in in 1997/HIV sentinel surveillance in am in southern Yunnan, /Integrating AIDS prevention into fa or young adults in rural: Operations research on program in education for nurses in /Pilot program in experiential HIV/AI vering what schools in are doing to promote health and usi g all college students in /1997: Panic of AIDS among all coil d STD/HIV in 8 cities of /The results of the behavior risk fact of HIV infection in Ruili,, 1992-1997/A cohort study of HIV i ealth clinic in the PR of /Risk of mother to infant transmissio he peoples Republic of /Awareness of HIV/AIDS among pre oadside Inns in Hainan, /Knowledge on reproductive health ensed private clinics in /The health seeking behavior of ST t the AIDS pandemic in /AIDS hotline is an effective means t ural settings in Yunnan, /Promoting condom use among fem nts in Hainan Province, /Evaluation of a pilot STD/HIV preve g highways connecting and Vietnam/Intervention/awarene nts in Hainan Province, /Results of a pilot intervention amon al clinic in the southern /Chinese womens willingness to be on project/A Review of Chinese-Myanmar cross-border drug de (PCP)/Wide pattern of chest radiographic abnormalities in HIV+ p ng sexual workers from Chiapas, Mexico/A strategy for HIV/AIDS ency HIV Study (WIHS) Chicago Consortium/Sources of dissatisf among drug injectors in: 1988-1995/The impact of AIDS exual abstinence in the Womens Interagency HIV Study ounger drug injectors in, 1997-1998/HIV infection amon cy HIV Study (WIHS) - Consortium/Neurocognitive func niversity of Illinois at /Secondary traumatic stress synd,and behaviors among gay men/The impact of new com g HIV-related mortality:,Illinois, USA-1996/Inequalities act on life expectancy in, Illinois, USA/AIDS and the impa Cook County Hospital, /Ritonavir + saquinavir + 2 NRTIs alence of HIV-1 among child-bearing women in upper northern T ds the development of a child-focused HIV/AIDS prevention and c programs and services/ Child-friendly systems/structure for monit ens sexual risk taking/ Child sexual abuse and HIV positive and n ights and HIV/AIDS/ rights and HIV/AIDS/ hers have died of AIDS/ care arrangements of children whos nal HIV-1 and HIV-2 on child survival in Gambia/Influence of mate amme in maternal and health centres/Impact evaluation of t nsive reproductive and health (RCH - RTI/STD/HIV/AIDS) p dees of a maternal and health clinic in the PR of China/Risk ameroon/Mother-to- transmission of HIV-1 group O infecti prevention of mother to transmission of HIV in Soweto, South gy to prevent mother to transmission/Three pronged strateg rget the woman and girl; reduce on the transmission/Target t he world of HIV positive /Communication, the key to understa agnosis to HIV infected /Italian guidelines for disclosure of di morphism and mother to HIV-1 transmission in Kenya/Class I s/Integrating HIV/AIDS counselling in community health serv a community managed survival project/Success of HIV/AID wo months of live of a treated with zidovudine to reduce ver Factors associated with abandon in HIV infected mothers/Fa s living with HIV and the welfare system: The need for advoca d their children/Parent/ contact issues for gay fathers with HI he birth of HIV-infected and relation a mother to high risk gro ment of an HIV infected in the United States/Nutritional asse factors associated with prostitution and HIV transmission in rnal HIV infection in the /Effects of the maternal HIV infection ycosis in a HIV infected /First Cuban record of mucormycosis HIV-seroprevalence in childbearing women in Germany - Unlink of HIV infection among women in Edinburgh 1982-1 men/Attitudes towards and adherence to safer sex r evalence of HIV among women in California, USA: 1 ncidence in women of age from population-based s e of HIV among young women in Catalonia, Spain: uring pregnancy and childbirth /Quality of care - its effect on t gh risk for HIV infection/ Childhood sexual abuse and risk behavior nfectious Diseases in,Medical Academy of Warsaw/ f Infectious Diseases in,Medical Academy of Warsaw/ 60601 43285 12442 13226 14315 23226 24149 24302 43260 94*/43433 60135 60619 13143 43505 44318 23422 44147 44212 214*/12153 13478 13575 23313 23318 23322 23324 23484 24265 24283 210*/31131 32446 33334 42125 44218 44287 60198 60247 60398 60457 60639 60863 13187 13197 14111 23271 23490 60549 42218 14160 60304 60305 monitoring HIV-infected Chinese n HIV/AIDS/Traditional East Asian languages - e AIDS programmes in eat AIDS and ARC with V infected persons with HIV intervention among ma of modernization in DS patients/A study on I research on traditional esions (ARMOL) with n the southern China/ paediatric patients/Maturational medicine increasing in popularity,Japanese and Korean/AIDS pre society: Constraints and prospect traditional medicine extract sprin herbs: A randomized, placebo-co MSM in Hong Kongs gay sauna society: Its consequences in HIV herbal formula XQ-9302 treatme medicine: ZY-II recipe for SAIDS t traditional medicine Extract Spri womens willingness to be tested 13131 13132 13145 360*/13403 13414 13477 13517 14240 14260 23244 23313 23445 23497 24167 33301 184*/33332 33340 43281 44316 60897 43194 13374 22483 33484 34200 41238 42381 403*/43316 44127 60010 60048 60062 60897 12415 24168 41200 12430 60661 60512 22194 22211 23373 60296 60682 14261 80*/33230 60909 12209 33126 12300 13566 32356 33153 34207 42227 60056 60825 37*/14249 13565 23376 34376 60968 32121 me for the terminally ill/ Chinyadza villages: Community home bas /Wife inheritance and Chiracultural impediments in HIV and AID ucleosides/Synthesis, chiral separation and anti-HIV activity of e lity to drugs and care in Chiringa - a rural community in Malawi/F esley Central Hospital/ Chiropractic care for HIV/AIDS patients at ents in a hospital based chiropractic clinic/Symptom and disabilit al men/Gonorrhea and Chlamydia: Lack of co-infection in homose y report/Prevalence of and Trichomonas and the pote f genital infection with trachomatis in Coventry, UK 1 ning for gonorrhea and in an MV primary care populati Prevalence of HIV and among adolescents aged 15-1 n program/Use of urine chlamydia screening as a biomedical outc etection of gonococcal/ chlamydial cervical infections at a Uganda ssociated with cervical infection in African women wit sing with benzalkonium chloride in HIV-infected African pregnant a diminishes over time/ Choice of female-controlled methods of ba guidance for treatment choice strategy/Viral load levels during tre ting policy on universal of HIV testing in pregnancy/Develo ce/compliance/Patient of highly active antiretroviral therap re protected acts with a of methods: The womens risk redu widowed girls have little of survival in Africa/Young HIV/AID g an informed personal about HIV drug treatments/Enablin eas: Do women have a?/Women and safer sex practices i atever way: Promoting for Flemish gay men in steady relati n results from the Safer Choices project: A multi-faceted HIV prev 6 results/Reproductive choices in the Women and Infant Transmi ondom use and partner among male clients attending a p nities to make informed about their health care/US networ seful tool for therapeutic?/Antiretroviral drug resistance de ections and Salmonella cholerauis bacteremia in HIV infected per

Page  31 12th World AIDS Conference cholerauis * city 31 SKeyword Abstract -- f-- Keyword Abstract -- ant increases in serum cholesterol are seen among HIV patients t 12269 HIV clinics in New York (NYC), 1991-97/Impact of tuberculos 13266 bases: A clients right to choose /Public health databases: A client 43557 with tuberculosis in the of Rio de Janeiro/HIV seropositivity a 13272 Iling within the Groupe chretien pour les oeuvres sociales/GCOS 60866 ed children in New York (NYC)/Aging cohort of perinatally HIV 175*/13363 I paediatric mortality at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital (CHBH) 172*/12166 and HIV/AIDS in Benin,Nigeria (January 1994 to April 1997)/ 13399 and STD management/ Christian hospitals in Nigeria provide integ 13474 mong men in Sao Paulo /Protective behavior among men in Sa 13564 ward a comprehensive view of AIDS prevention/Overco 34202 ong Asians in New York /HIV knowledge, condom use self-effi 14265 ients and their families/ psycho-spiritual strategies to ha 60145 nce in women in Mexico /Sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) i 22210 -1 infected individuals/ Chronic use of protease inhibitors is assoc 60648 ion (CBO) in New York /Patterns of antiretroviral use in a sym 22366 vivors of HIV infection/ active hepatitis and liver cirrhosis 60675 urses in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam/Degree of comfort in providi 63*/22464 iation in acute viral and chronic HIV-1 infection: Persistently expa 12189 ne samples in Quebec /HIV-1 infection among drug users att 23182 n the progression of HIV-1 infected patients in very earl 12238 drug users in New York,1991-1996/Decline in avery large HI 584*/23216 itonavir in patients with liver disease/Drug monitoring of s 12378 drug users in New York: A unique opportunity for prevention of 23228 ervices for HIV positive drug users/Access to health servi 14141 mmunities of Fortaleza /AIDS among drug users in the wantin 23252 s on condom use: rural, drug users and their main and oth 14164 Women (PAG+) in the of Guaruja, Brazil/Assessment of the 23289 V-infected patients with hepatitis C/Long-term response t 20*/22242 rkers in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil/Profile of occupational exposu 23332 ron-a-2B treatment for hepatitis in the AIDS spectrum: Co 23146 veillance in Ho Chi Minh (HCMC), Vietnam/HIV sentinel survei 23370 overgrowth: A cause of HIV-associated pathogen-negativ 32104 TD clinic in Guatemala /STD/AIDS perceptions, condom use 23376 ntrol etiological study of diarrhea among HIV infected adult 32105 disease in Ho Chi Minh (HCMC), Vietnam - A report from two 23479 atients with concurrent hepatitis C and HIV infection: A ca 32114 d women in Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), 1996-1997/Epidemiology 23494 (IFN) a-2a treatment in hepatitis C (HCV) in HIV infected p 32116 er children in New York,Los Angeles County, Massachusetts, 23529 nce on natural course of C hepatitis/Evaluation of HIV infe 32120 ent facility in New York, 1993-1997/Increasingly divergent H 23560 ght loss in patients with diarrhea/Stool weight is associate 32184 Male sex work in Mexico /Male sex work in Mexico 23596 subjects with acute and HIV-1 infection/Adherence to qua 32328 ituted women in Davao /The role of peer counselling on HIV/A 24326 on during PHI but not in infection leads to long-term suppr 42164 m Hospital in New York /Characteristics of HIV-infected patien 32418 py in HIV+ patients with diarrhea/Preliminary investigatio 60391 osure in Rio de Janeiro /Implementation of a surveillance and 33187 n HIV(+) IVDU patients/ Chronical co-infections in HIV(+) IVDU pat 32430 undergraduates in Jos, Nigeria: Implications for counselling/ 33309 mononuclear cells from chronically immune activated individuals/ 21156 rants living in New York /Religion and HIV risk perception amo 33333 dopting the identity of a ill person/From survival expec 24263 rants living in New York /Religion and HIV knowledge among 33336 bits HIV-1 replication in infected cells/Anti-inflammato 60049 owntown Guatemala /Informal education for men who have 33365 rm reduction programs/ Church based harm reduction programs/ 33380 nment of Rio de Janeiro /Implementing a harm reduction progr 411*/33390 ng Kong experience/A churchs response to the AIDS epidemic, 34201 duction program in the of Rio De Janeiro and distribution of n 33414 y support project of the of Christ in Thailand AIDS ministry 34256 ealth center in Angeles /Developing a one-stop shop reprodu 33431 /Involving the /Involving the 60068 sion series AIDS in the /Messages on AIDS from a popular A 33448 sites/African-American churches as HIV/AIDS prevention sites/Af 13585 ntal agencies in Mexico /HIV/AIDS preventive information wor 33541 ves of unfaithful men in /STD/AIDS intervention among 23485 hildren in schools of the of Sao Paulo/APTATICOS: Preventio 33564 DS in African-American /Teaching religion, sexuality, an 34192 n of HIV/AIDS in Davao /Capability building of male gay comm 33587 Results of the German Cidofovir Study Group/Clinical practice of 22256 orkshops for Mexico s teenage/Are we doing the right thing 33600 hy (PML) treatment with cidofovir /Progressive multifocal leukoenc 562*/32193 s 1998-2001/New York s strategic plan for HIV/AIDS services 34106 dosing schedules using in patients with CMV retinitis (CM 32239 ment industry in Davao, Philippines: An assessment/HIV/AID 34295 infection/The safety of and ganciclovir combination ther 60195 peraci6n, I.A.P. Mexico,Mexico/Founding of the firs hospice f 34335 ollowing treatment with /Regression of AIDS-related Kap 60324 mitted to the New York (NYC) Department of Health Retroviro 42116 nciclovir/Ineffectivity of in treating AIDS-related CMV reti 60659 of public hospital in the of Rosario (Province of Santa Fe, Arg 42458 th HIV infection/Use of cigarettes, alcohol, and currently illegal dr 60516 are in Miami, New York,and Connecticut/Acceptance of HIV t 43142 m use in France: Putting cinema at the service of prevention/Erotici 60466 unteerism in Olongapo for HIV/AIDS prevention and educatio 43205 to Limas pornographic cinemas /Research on homosexual popul 23141 he street children in the of Calcutta/Assessment of sexual hea 43245 ve-to-None Trial (Essai Cinq-a-Zero): Five antiretrovirals combine 41194 he KAP study, Maputo,1995/A culturally acceptable educati 43251 of erythromycin versus ciprofloxacin for the treatment of chancroi 22189 exual men in New York /HIV prevention/sex education among 43252 a/Acceptability of male circumcision as a strategy to reduce HIV 23355 ong truck drivers in the of Sao Paulo - Brazil/Pe no Breque - 43255 The case of compasory on young girls in Tanzania/ 23473 x workers in New York /Give them what they need, and theyll 43284 rs that promote female and how this predisposes w 60057 population in New York /Project GOAL: Prevention interventio 43326 ctive hepatitis and liver cirrhosis are crucial complication in long-t 60675 treet walkers of Dhaka: STD/HIV risk among street based sex 43347 umour activity of oral 9- cis-retinoic acid in AIDS related Kaposis 22276 ex workers in Kampala /Knowledge and patterns of condom u 43365 reach HIV prevention: Cit6s-Rock in France/The radio medium 43184 hospitals from Rosario, Argentina/Systematization of the ma 43541 k behavior in Japanese cities /The prevalence of sexual risk behav 13142 with HIV in Ho Chi Minh (HCMC), Vietnam: A report from one h 44249 mic expanding to inner in Latin American countries? A study 13168 n in Taiwan, Kaohsiung, 1993-1997/Trends in HIV-1 seropre 60206 nt subtypes in different /HIV-1 sero- and genotyping of HIV/ 13209 mong the youth in Kitwe,Zambia/Sexual behavior and condo 60228 ug treatment in six US /Age-specific trends in seroprevalen 13224 V treatment in New York /Inconsistencies in insurance coverag 60640 e related STD/HIV in 8 of China/The results of the behavior 14260 program in Ho Chi Minh (HCMC), Vietnam/Training of people 60891 ex with men in seven, USA/HIV and predictors of unprote 23120 reening in Ho Chi Minh (HCMC), Vietnam/The use of sexuall 60892 opolitan area and inner in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil/AIDS 23127 gency room of an inner city hospital in Rio de Janeiro/Prevalence 13163 ex workers from two US /Environmental factors in injection-r 23535 men giving birth in a US /Explaining the decrease in HIV seropr 13386 Ms) in major American /A method for taking a household-ba 24172 lescent scholars of the of Santa Cruz/Evaluation of the plan o 13552 of product trials in three /Acceptability of formulations and ap 33150 ssion in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/Evaluation of a program for pre 13579 of focus groups in three /Factors affecting acceptability of va 33154 teaching hospital inner HIV/AIDS clinic/Survey of care provid 22430 tive MSMs in major US /Prevalence of antiviral medication u 33169 roin preparation: A two- comparison of IDUs preparation practi 23196 awayo/Children of the - A situation analysis of urban orpha 420*/34174 scard among IDUs in a with a legal needle exchange program 23200 ration of menfolk to big and Udaipur being tourist city, hoteli 60082 rug use, in New York /Fellatio continues to be associated wit 23407 enue types in two US /Sexual HIV transmission risk amon 60384 /AIDS risk among inner pregnant and never pregnant adolesc 23408 at-risk for HIV in six US /Infrastructure of the service system 60777 udy (GAPS) of an inner population in the United States/Geriat 23526 ve sex with males in 10 /towns of Tamil Nadu/Male sexual h 60821 male sex workers in the of Sao Paulo, Brazil/Syphilis, hepatitis 23554 prevention instrument/ Citizenship as a AIDS assistance and pre 34293 enter hospital in a small /Changing demographics of HIV infecti 24114 n the pocket/Carrying citizenship in the pocket/Carrying 60326 ted patients of the inner /Adherence to highly active antiretrovir 32389 ghts and redeeming the of people with AIDS/Support h 60589 al therapy in a US inner, advanced AIDS population. Will viral r 32405 od donors in Sao Paulo City (Brazil)/Prevalence of deletion in the 11123 ted patients of the inner /Alternative therapy use among HIV-in 42391 physicians in New York /HIV/AIDS knowledge, attitudes and p 12107 V diagnosis at an inner hospital in the United States/Missed o 43131 ents survival in Mexico: The importance of prophylaxis and an 12111 exual health in a young: A community-based intervention on y 39*/43170 DS deaths in New York (NYC)/Protease inhibitors are associ 12280 ce use profiles of inner HIV infected minorities patients acces 43239 ncy syndrome in Benin, Nigeria/Clinico-epidemiological featu 13177 y/AIDS mortality in the of Sao Paulo, Brazil: trend and impact 43512 S mortality in New York (NYC)/Declining AIDS mortality in Ne 13218 alth bureaucrats, within governments, to the problems faced b 44237 V+/AIDS patients in the of Rio de Janeiro/Tuberculosis diagn 13262 d Udaipur being tourist,hoteliers facilitate sex trade/AIDS Out 60082

Page  32 32 city o clinics 12th World AIDS Conference - Keyword Abstract -- ion in adults in the large /Varicella zoster virus infection in adult 60267 ers, sweepers in urban slums/Prevention and living positively 60744 S specialized service in of third world country/AIDS specialize 60746 al comparing SC, PEG, CIV IL2 with AZT + ddl/IL2 in HIV patients: 41229 e main goals of Russian Civil-Military Alliance to combat HIV and 34346 n dignity promotion and civil society building as interventions to pre 44134 e/Restitution of PWAs rights: Bearing on treatment and qualit 44262 c (EKS), and classical ( CKS ) Kaposis sarcoma (KS)/HHV-8, proli 620*/22282 es early following HIV-1 clade-B infection/Cross-clade envelope g 601*/31122 tly infected with HIV-1 clade E/Study HIV-NAT 002: The safety a 12241 southern France/HIV-1 distribution in southern France/HIV- 13193 d vaccine against HIV-1 E strain/Construction and characteri 21206 hree continents/HHV-8 Clades in Kaposis sarcoma lesions: Phylo 31193 rent genetic subtypes ( clades ) by a new virus-binding assay/Map 11178 cognition of various HIV /HIV-specific cytotoxic T lymphocyt 604*/31132 piratory tract infections/ Clarithromycin prophylaxis for MAC in Al 31205 matosis in the setting of clarithromycin and highly active antiretrov 22114 n added to a regimen of and ethambutol in the treat 22176 ion taking a twice-daily regimen/Adherence patte 32324 /MAC prophylaxis with 500 mg daily/MAC prophy 60716 dging the gap between classroom and community: Service-learni 13530 e is shut down/Scoring clean works after a needle exchange is sh 33381 kers/Douching/vaginal cleaning habits among female sex worker 43359 acceptability of vaginal cleansing with benzalkonium chloride in H 12209 d HIV survivorship and the maternally derived antibody 43485 /Circumventing lack of clear cut policies on HIV/AIDS to carry out 33482 evelopment of cancer/ Cleavage of vimentin and the nuclear mitot 21150 2~/Sequence specific cleavage of unspliced HIV-1 gag mRNA by 41246 MSM): Critical issues/ Client-centered counselling and the conti 33303 ports volunteer-driven, client-centered service/Innovative trainin 33550 ming through analyzing client-centred program data/Measuring i 34153 oving systems of care/ Client satisfaction activities and Ryan Whit 12451 d testing - Is it helpful?/ s views on HIV counselling and testi 134*/33265 counselling encourage client disclosure of serostatus and risk beh 593*/24323 -Keyword Abstract counselling and testing on at first visit to an HIV ence/AIDS counselling community health/STD London out-patient HIV on/Legionellosis in the tients in an out-patient sis patients in HIV/AIDS s (TB) in an out-patient TD syndromes among eases attending a STD ing a new special STD smitted disease (STD) tted diseasess (STDs) mia in a large urban HIV ART) in a prospective tal inner city HIV/AIDS ual attendees to a STD ale attendees to a STD smitted disease (STD) ternal and child health attending a public STD ual activity among STD tion adherence referral etween an out-patient dents on their pediatric ing a sexually diseases ons at a Ugandan STD g of antenatal and STD c symptoms at an STD omen/Well womans n at reproductive health other-child research n a community health WOFAK home care and erns of use among HIV cation into HIV care in a ients in hospital based lo/Follow-up in a AIDS t worthwhile for an STD an peers using routine ing a same day testing la/The STD/HIV/AIDS men attending and STD rkers controlled in STD om one hospital-based costs in Brazil/One day atients at NGO, OPD support organisation e at a South African HIV avir discontinuation in a women in a colposcopy pital based chiropractic se and effects in an HIV macist-led antiretroviral ibodies in an antenatal in Kampala, Uganda/Survival of hea 13324 in Madrid, Spain/Influence of the risk 13388 outreach to private medical centres: 13479 /Sexual behaviour patterns and profi 14104 population/Mental health and qualit 14360 of HIV infection/Legionellosis in the 22122 in Belo Horizonte - June 1995 to Jul 22139 G.T. Hospital, Mumbai, India/Compl 22151 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, July 95 Jun 22156 attenders at five primary health care 22190 in north eastern state of India/A stud 22201 for them in Dar es Salaam: A prelimi 22203 in Los Angeles/Urethritis in 606 men 22205 s attenders/Effects of practice of Ra 22209 /Seroprevalence of hepatitis C antib 22263 cohort/Predictors of success of antir 22363 /Survey of care providers and patient 22430 /Construction of a risk profile among 23135 /A comparative study of risk behavio 23151 attendees in southern Vietnam/HIV/ 23158 in the PR of China/Risk of mother to i 23313 in Guatemala City/STD/AIDS perce 23376 patients/Cocaine use and high-risk 23414 /Interventions and patient outcome fr 390*/32323 and a clinical trials unit/Adherence a 32380 rotation/Pilot study on attitudes and 32447 /Condom use in patients attending a 33119 /The value of risk assessment in the 80*/33230 attenders in Guyana/Performance o 33241 in Kenya/High prevalence of urethra 33242 - A model clinic for diagnosis, care a 33255 /STD/AIDS prevention for men at rep 33292 at Mulago hospital/Counselling serv 33308 /Research in the community about th 33324 programme/Results from newly est 33356 patients/Complementary therapy (C 42379 setting/Integration of peer education 42408 providing in/out-patient services in M 42432 at the periphery of Sao Paulo/Follow 42466 /Using risk assessment to target HIV 43108 services: Why?/Young gay men atte 43130 (SDTC) discuss their need for an HI 43144 working successfully in a urban mar 43202: Baseline data/A randomised contro 43311 /Knowledge attitudes and safe sex r 43358 /Sexually transmitted disease (STD) 44249 (ODC) service to AIDS patient: A pre 44255,Bangalore, India/Out patient mana 60054 - TASO Mulago experience/Treatin 60146 /Characterizing an epidemic: 10 yea 60246 population/Low rate of nelfinavir dis 60273 in Guadalajara, Mexico/Pre-maligna 60396 /Symptom and disability profiles of H 60512 /Protease inhibitors: Use and effects 60523 /Maximising the benefits of HAART i 60621 in the southern China/Chinese wom 60897 ase management and follow-up model to link HIV and prim blic health databases: A s right to choose/Public health data rmation needs of SHIP clients /State of HIV treatment information y sex workers and their ehavior change among /Partner notification by fort in providing care to -1995/A description of rkers who care for HIV+ er choices among male d testing study/Cost to periences of managing n and characteristics of virus 8 (HHV-8) among ealth services improve mong sex workers and amony CSWS and their py among HIV-positive ug assistance program rimary health care of nselling on patients and adopted in counselling ontacts to HIV-infected kers (CSWs) and their ia military for HIV/AIDS on of education given to ion/HIV-prevention for HIV/Legal provision for mitted disease (STD) in ent: Bridging the gap for es, 1993-1995/Pain in ients among HIV/AIDS ndom use among male V risk characteristics for Remedios AID hotlines omatic family planning t review of HIV positive in St. Petersburg/Study of dangero of community-based organizations with sexually transmitted diseases with HIV disease: A study of nurses referred to community nurses from /Training needs of the nursing work attending a public STD clinic in Gua and willingness to pay for HIV coun with AIDS dementia complex (ADC counselled for HIV/AIDS between attending sexually transmitted dise particularly womens access to ST can be best brought about by peer: Lessons from a 7-year experience in opiate substitution clinics: The Z /Patterns of utilization of antiretrovi diagnosed with HIV by Ryan White in a Nairobi hospital/The effects of while giving same day HIV test resu by notification assistance program in Cameroon/The limits of behavio /Setting up a home based care pro 34209 43557 12448 28*/14258 14285 14306 63*/22464 22469 22477 23376 24135 24317 24341 31197 83*/33237 33540 33601 42290 42298 42402 42467 43115 43124 43161 43163 of sex workers/Criteria for evaluati 185*/43229 of male sex workers: An experimen 29*/43367 with HIV/Legal provision for 415*/44116 c case management at Clinica Remedios in Tondo community/H y for the detection of six clinically important herpesvirus genomes of improved therapies, clinician education and case managemen nseling by primary care clinicians /Factors affecting provision of s IV prevention/Training in taking a sexual and drug histo ne (PEPLine)/National post-exposure prophylaxis hotli overnment officials,, and members of the National C e in Benin City, Nigeria/ Clinico-epidemiological features of the a es in children with AIDS: Clinicopathological correlations/Pneum patients attending STD Clinics in Pune, India/Shedding of HIV-1 selling, testing and care clinics in India/Success of comprehensiv infected with HIV in Ho Chi Minh Cit /Advances in HIV/substance abuse referred from a HIV unit in Sydney, in a support organisation clinic - TA of female sex workers in Bali, Indon at a HIV counselling and testing (C availing STD syndromic case man in Guyana/Genital N. gonorrhoeae with thromboembolic events and al 44249 60072 60134 60146 60168 60726 60759 60783 60894 34222 34322 43149 60994 12294 12395 71*/12409 61*/13247 13290 dia to improve the social climate - WAD 97/Using the media to imp ces to a new treatments by a UK ASO/Adaptation of servic wanama (Anonymous) Clinic /Pre 2nd post test counselling servic nd sexuality: WOFAK, Kenya/HIV/AIDS and sexuality: W ase inhibitors in an HIV clinic cohort/Virological response to prote a university-based HIV /Evaluation of protease inhibitor-ass y comprehensive AIDS in Bombay, India/Clinical profile of 1 iaison nurse in the HIV /HIV/tuberculosis (TB) liaison nurse i smitted disease (STD) attendees at New Delhi/Epidemiolo ending urban antenatal esting and counselling persons in selected HIV ally transmitted disease women attending STD men attending prenatal mitted diseases (STD) ts in unlicensed private mitted diseases (STD) within government STD counselling and testing ams at four out-patient ts in opiate substitution in Cote dlvoire, 1997/Prevalence in northern Thailand, 1995-1997/ in New York City (NYC), 1991-97/1 in Kuwait, 1996-97/HIV prevalenc in Pune, India/Cervical intraepitheli in the Philippines/STD assessmen in Fortaleza, Ceara, northeast Braz in China/The health seeking behav in the United States, 1996/The ser in Bangalore -An NGOs experien for HIV/AIDS in Thailand/Anonymo -The Zurich Prometheus study/Ne: The ZOrich Prometheus study/Pri 60759 41151 443*/42429 13473 13481 33185 60760 13177 60212 23353 12422 13111 13152 13266 13291 22318 23380 23498 24167 31197 33260 33290 42281 42290

Page  33 12th World AIDS Conference clinics * Cochrane 33 - Keyword Abstract - ng selected out-patient in Abidjan, Cote dlvoire/Assessm 445*/42291 women at public health /Prenatal HIV counseling and testin 43111 rs in opiate substitution:The Zurich Prometheus study/Hig 43135 n in Harlem methadone /High-risk drug use and sex trading 60559 sive counselling at STD /Intensive counselling at STD 60590 untries/Setting up STD specific for youths and adolescents 60643 mophilia B patients after clonal HIV-1 infection/Diversification of ne 11146 e patterns of CD8 T cell dominance identified in HIV-infecte 212*/21106 e assay compared with and population-based sequencing f 41219 V-1 infection/Persisting CTL responses in vertical HIV-1 infe 60383 y infected with an HIV-1 clone /Parallel evolution of env-V3 in six pa 60483 ary fate of a molecularly cloned simian-human immunodeficiency v 11219 pism of HIV-1 chimeric clones having envelope V3 loop of HIV-1 s 11113 n/Infectious molecular with the non-homologous dimer init 11161 TL epitope variation/ Cloning of full-length HIV-1 genomes from 11194 to clinical isolation and cloning of virus/Establishment of HeLa/C 41163 HIV-1 contaminated clotting factor concentrate/CCR5-genoty 13380 DS: The experience of Club des Amis (CDA), RCI/HIV positives 43323 HIV in Russia/Positive - A self help group of people with HIV 60960 D discussions in a sport club /Me and my team-relationships, sex 13581 mation of a blood donor /Co-operation with the AIDS support o 23260 roblems in the post test /Personal experience in managing cli 24342 on through the post test of the AIDS information centre, Ugan 33344 rmation of blood donor clubs in order to maintain a regular supply 23261 y men attending sauna in northeast Italy/Sexual behavior a 23426 nity centres and youth in The Netherlands/Development, c 33538 s/Serum LDH level as a clue to the diagnosis of histoplasmosis/Se 60008 d in an epidemiological cluster in Norway/A unique recombinant 11196 reatment drug users: A analysis of the NIDA AIDS outreac 14276 -65 for the detection of CMV-disease in AIDS-patients in the era o 22241 ementia as a result of CMV-encephaloventriculitis in HIV-infect 32225 HAART)/Evolution of CMV-PCR in the first 6 months of highly act 60180 tomegalovirus retinitis ( CMV-R ) without maintenance therapy in HI 22244 omegalovirus retinitis ( )/HLA class I antigens and class II 22272 omegalovirus retinitis ( ) in a day care health center (DCHC 32244 MV disease status and CMV-specific lymphocyte responses mea 31180 man cytomegalovirus ( CMV )/Long-term observation of normal an 11231 utcome of patients with retinitis after adoption of 1996 IAS-U 12158 revalence of congenital in children born to HIV-infected wome 12161 erapy in the outcome of retinitis treated with oral ganciclovir ( 12347 hibitors/Recurrence of disease in patients with a history of C 16*/22239 mune recovery vitritis in retinitis patients is immune mediated 15*/22240 ue of cytomegalovirus ( )-PCR and pp-65 for the detection of 22241 sen for the treatment of retinitis/Safety profile of low (3.0 mg/ 22245 rison of four assays for viremia in patients with AIDS at risk fo 22246 s with cytomegalovirus ( ) retinitis/Ganciclovir resistance in a p 22247 ase/Cytomegalovirus ( ) blood dissemination in HIV-infected 22248 ection of asymptomatic retinitis/Routine ophthalmologic scre 22249 ole of cytomegalovirus ( )-Antigenemia as predictive and folio 22251 or five times a week as retinitis maintenance therapy/An ope 22254 oup/Clinical practice of retinitis treatment with cidofovir in exp 22256 -up in 30 patients/Low disease progression after initiation of 22257 tease inhibitors/Risk of disease in the era of protease inhibito 22258 herapy/Containment of retinitis under HAART despite termin 22260 ase/Cytomegalovirus ( ) in the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of Al 22262 asma cytomegalovirus ( ) DNA and CMV retinitis in AIDS patie 22265 /Induction treatment of: A comparison between single and tw 22267 ng-lasting remission of retinitis without specific CMV mainten 22268 py of cytomegalovirus ( ) retinitis: Experience from the Europe 22270 RT)/Nonprogression of retinitis in AIDS patients on highly acti 22271 IV-i-infected subjects/ disease status and CMV-specific lym 31180 on of cytomegalovirus ( ) envelope glycoprotein genotypes of 31203 AIDS/Co-infection with and EBV in Indian patients with HIV/A 31204 anciclovir treatment of infection in neutropenic AIDS patient 32146 stant cytomegalovirus ( ) in patients being treated for CMV reti 32233 ciclovir in patients with retinitis and implantation of the ganci 32235 ents after treatment for retinitis (CMVR) with ganciclovir impl 32236 patients with AIDS and retinitis/Rhegmatogenous retinal det 32237 idofovir in patients with retinitis (CMVR)/Prolonged dosing s 32239 Transient self-resolving viremia in responders to highly active 32241 nt and HIV viral load on retinitis treated with an implant/Signif 32243 disease/Importance of load as a risk factor for CMV disease/ 41149 CR be used to target prophylaxis in AIDS patients? Insight 44242 on of cytomegalovirus ( ) DNA among imunocompromised pat 60013 ase/Predictive value of antigenemia for retinitis versus viscer 60191 ur treatment options for retinitis in Swiss AIDS patients/Phar 60374 relapse in patients with retinitis/Protease inhibitor therapy is 60405 ntation in HIV+ patients/ disease and port-a-cath implantation 60478 ents/Cytomegalovirus ( ) DNA detection using Amplicor CMV t 60622 n treating AIDS-related retinitis after long-term treatment with 60659 - Keyword Abstra S patients/Evolution of retinitis in a population of AIDS patien icone oil filled eyes and retinitis/Implantation of ganciclovir d tment for CMV retinitis ( CMVR ) with ganciclovir implants/Cystoid ents with CMV retinitis ( )/Prolonged dosing schedules usin n HIV-infected children ( CNA 3006)/3TC/ZDV +/- abacavir (ABC) 1592, ABC) in protocol CNAB 2002, provides effective, long-term, mentia complex (Study 3001)/Safety and efficacy of abaca ementia complex trial ( 3001)/Viral resistance and viral loa oformans isolated from CNS Fluid of AIDS patients to seven antifu uid (CSF), plasma and involvement in HIV patients/Correlati n/EEG charting data in disorders evaluation in patients with maandHAART/Primary lymphoma and HAART/Primary esumptive diagnosis of mass lesions in patients with AIDS/U he diagnosis of primary lymphoma in HIV patients?/Epsteinminary viral resistance/ Co-administration of indinavir and nelfina vaccine strategy for the co-delivery of multiple HIV CD8+ cytotoxi ast Asia?/Is migration a co-factor for the HIV epidemics in South E pany workers in Kenya/ Co-factors for acquisition of HIV-1 among al and sexual abuse as co-factors for HIV transmission in women ings and psychological /A comparison of HIV+ men an strains in HIV-1 + HIV-2 co-infected patients from India/Unique an progression in subjects with HIV-1 and HTLV-2/CD4+ hepatitis C virus (HCV) patients/Efficacy and hepatic virus infection in HIV patients treated with HAART/ CV viral load in patients with HCV-HIV/Impact of indin V viral load in HCV-HIV- patients treated with protease HCV replication in HIV- patients/Lack of activity of the neage of HIV-1/HTLV-II patients with or without predo V-seropositive patients with HCV/Effect of zidovudine oad in HIV-1 and HIV-2 TB patients before after TB tre dal therapy ineffective/ Co-infection of vervet monkeys with trypa oulasso, Burkina Faso/ with hepatitis B and HIV in pr patients with HIV/AIDS/ with CMV and EBV in Indian deficiency virus (HIV)/ of central nervous system by molecular biology of HIV co-infection with divergent HIV strains/Bi version study/Effect of with HIV and HBV on the prog al history of HIV and TB /Characteristics of HIV-infect oad in HTLV-II and HIV in injection drug users/CD4 c d Pneumocystis carinii: A case-control study in AIDS and Chlamydia: Lack of in homosexual men/Gonorrh in Brazil/Prevalence of by HIV-1 and others sexual/p ents with HIV and HCV /Influence of HIV protease in een HIV and hepatitis C: A case control study/The cor e of HIV-1 subtypes and with HTLV-I/II among IDUs in ople with HCV and HIV and elevated transaminases/ up M and HIV-1 group O co-infections in Cameroon/HIV-1 group VDU patients/Chronical in HIV(+) IVDU patients/Chr I and tissue trafficking/ Co-infusion of autologous HIV-1 specific programs in New York/ Co-locating and integrating comprehensiv t United States?/Does co-morbidity affect HIV risk reduction out DUs)/Health status and of HIV+ and HIV- out-of-tre ethods to assess the co-occurrence of sexual behavior and su vention and treatment/ Co-occurring HIV and methamphetamine ived during pregnancy/ Co-receptor usage of HIV-1 isolates of diff m, characterization, and co-receptor usage of an HIV-1 isolate deri f disease/Tropism and usage of tissue-derived HIV-1 omain with relation to usage/The HIV type-1 V3 do an female genital tract/ Co-receptors and cellular targets for HIVt4 and SupT1/Study of co-receptors used by NSI HIV-1 strains th ation and uses multiple in chimpanzees/SIVcpz-ant pression of chemokine on mucosal versus circulatin se/High prevalence of co-trimoxazole resistant strains in commu to work pilot project/UK coalition back to work pilot project/UK ad: A national advocacy explores its future/Looking ahea nt, using networks and coalitions /Promoting participatory involve APs) on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua, 1991-1997/AIDS rel e teaching force in Ivory /The impact of HIV/AIDS on the teac eds of men at risk in the coastal towns of southern Myanmar/Identi V-1 disease/Increased cobalamin levels are associated with bett HIV antigens/The new Cobas Core Anti-HIV-1/2 EIA DAGS II: A h of HIV-1 subtypes of the COBASAMPLICOR HIV-1 monitor test/S ong STD clinic patients/ Cocaine use and high-risk sexual activity a ndom use/Use of crack cocaine after HIV diagnosis and impact on s associated with crack use: Implications for risk reductio educing HIV risk among users in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/Re of non-harming cutting substances to drug dealers/The h in an endemic region?/ Coccidioidomycosis: An environmental ri stem by gram negative coccobacillis and Mycobacterium tubercu g different risk groups in Cochabamba, Bolivia/Prevalence of HIV vention and treatment/ Cochrane Collaborative Review Group on ct --- 60782 60786 32236 32239 12252 12212 561 */32192 32293 31213 32201 32226 42404 60275 60496 22352 21193 44199 23150 23467 60579 11165 12113 12326 17*/22243 22269 32113 60598 60660 60698 60742 11229 22259 31204 60605 11162 12108 13260 13326 22113 22194 22195 22252 19*/22255 23248 60211 432*/11187 32430 42321 32421 23446 503*/32409 14122 14157 211*/11167 11112 11116 60691 10*/11106 11111 11210 21119 22117 543*/24288 34378 34263 14280 43360 14197 42359 42108 41130 23414 23364 23425 33407 33414 22220 60605 13166 252*/34356

Page  34 34 Cochrane * college 12th World AIDS Conference SKeyword ed assay and the MT2 coculture method for the follow-up o resistance mutation at codon 215, in different proportions, a n rural Uganda/Sexual coercion and HIV risk perception in r of HIV-1(+) individuals/ Coexpression of CD69 and CD28 ar Angeles neighborhood coffee house/Taking it to the streets: nd HIV adherence/ Cognition and HIV adheri haviors/Implicit sexual cognition and activation in HIV risk: F om a survey/Gay men, cognitions and risk: Outcomes from nterventions/Gay men, and risk: A comparative e HIV/Living with HIV - Cognitive-behavioral group prograr ill adults/Outcome of a cognitive-behavioral HIV preventior The cost of delivering a HIV risk reducl s/AIDS and workplace: Cognitive models and learning mod( ses to AIDS education/ frames and cultural respor n anti-retroviral therapy/ function improvements ac MH multisite trial: Social cognitive mediators of behavioral int setting/Application of a escape theory to a high-ris asma viral load predicts function after one year/PlI 3a is associated with impairment in HIV disease ated with the severity of impairments/Volume redL vention strategies/The and social representation c e associated with better function in HIV-1 disease/ ng the Sex you want: A behavioural group for gay r study from Brazil/Early deficits in HIV infection: A f( mentsof HIV-associated impairment/Research on r (IDV) [DMP 266-003, Cohort IV]/Durable clinical anti-HIV Abstr fsync nd co ural U ntigen HIVt ence/ redic a sur valua ns en n inter tion in els in nses t comp erven 3k dru asma /Late uction f AID /Incre nen/ ollowpossi 1 acti uasi s d mar ients.:ually nce o 4+ ce acy tri study )n of v he Sydney Blood Bank ected patients (Predivir atitis C in the EuroSIDA (MSM): The Bela Vista, Brazil: The Bela Vista n the Multicenter AIDS y trials on HIV vaccines/ nt data/Issues of Italian infected with an attenuated qi ): Value of different CMV bloo( of European HIV-infected pat Study, Sao Paulo, Brazil/Sex Study/Prevalence and incide Study (MACS)/HIV RNA, CD Bela Vista: Feasibility of efficE Naive Antiretroviral (ICONA) on/Sydney blood bank cohort virus evolution and quantitatio ical characteristics of a virological markers in a of survival in a Mexican and cause of death in a 996-1997/The PRIMO HIV infection (APHI): A nd adverse events in a )/Impact of HAART in a nhibitors in an HIV clinic 0 patients in the Italian ract infection among a al disease and care in a ociated risk factors in a ow-up in a prospective sease progression in a smosis occurrence in a utations in a US military he Ammor street youth onary tuberculosis in a s control: A prospective ural African population ersion in a male factory o AIDS?/Amsterdam rogression in a Danish d AIDS in the Swiss HIV ongitudinal studies on a ogical factors in a Swiss h care usage in a Swiss York City (NYC)/Aging ssion in a perinatal HIV nd hepatitis C among a ces in a well-motivated en (MSM) enrolled in a e to safer sex rules in a UAVISC)/A multicenter ceived quality of life in a or tuberculosis (TB) in a ces in an urban factory diasis in an HIV patient oplasmosis in a French with immune status in a stance in a prospective ars follow-up in a Greek us (HPV) infections in a pants of the Swiss HIV of patients with advanced HIV infec of LTNPs: Results of 12 months of f of patients with AIDS: A 6-year folio of HIV-1 infected adults in Uganda/: Preliminary results from 55 patient description/Acute primary HIV infe of HIV-infected patients with advan of patients from the Basque countr /Virological response to protease in of persons on antiretroviral therapy of symptomatic HIV-1 infected adul of people with HIV/AIDS antiretrovi of police officers in Dar es Salaam, of injecting drug users (IDUs) in Ba of HIV+ individuals diagnosed in 19 of 1489 HIV-infected patients/Prot of antiretroviral-naive recent seroc: Growing older, not wiser/Eight ye of Southern African gold miners wit study of African patients/The impa with known HIV status/Risk factors /Serial CD4 counts following HIV s study: Presence of the variant man of HIV infected individuals/Chemo study/Work, income and poverty a of Italian long-term non-progressor of asymptomatic long-term survivor of asymptomatic long-term survivor of perinatally HIV-infected children: The women and infants transmissi of non-injecting heroin users/Trans of HIV-infected women/Current co study on HIV incidence in Rio de Ja of HIV infected women/Attitudes to study on health-related quality of lif of tuberculosis patients/The effect of HIV-infected patients in Rio de J in Harare, Zimbabwe/Low prevale study/Introduction of proteinase in of HIV-infected patients between 1 of HIV-1 infected adults in Entebbe, of HIV-infected patients with cytom of 158 (HIV+) haemophilia patients of 121 HIV-positive men/Prevalenc study with and without antiretroviral act - 42192 42200 236*/23351 31181 43125 32387 24152 14184 60346 24355 14279 60215 13449 14214 32255 14267 23113 32190 32211 32215 34239 42359 60353 60602 60804 12359 13350 22248 22261 23140 23367 506*/32167 43551 60929 11143 12122 12134 12137 12143 12187 12192 440*/12266 12276 12294 12312 12407 12452 13108 13127 13167 13184 13215 13233 13254 613*/13259 13267 13316 13321 13327 13336 13353 13355 13358 175*/13363 13368 13382 13567 14106 14111 14352 14363 22132 22197 22221 22234 130*/22236 22247 22298 22314 22346 -Keyword y in a community based or virologic failure in a se from 1988-1998 in a T) in a prospective clinic antiretroviral therapy/A ion of the Frankfurt HIV sk behavior in an open exual men: Prospective, China, 1992-1997/A ue to breastfeeding in a om fifteen prospective sion in a contemporary 2 (HSV-2) infection in a contact networking in a en 1988 and 1997 in a ong bisexual men in a rolled in a high-risk US nts of HIV infection in a spital costs in a French pecific mucosal IgA in a ctive community based g by gynecologists in a eurological patients in a omes/An analysis of a patients: A prospective hibitors (Pis): A clinical use and adherence in a alysis in the Swiss HIV fected IDUs in France ( T) among a Caribbean ssociated in a Hispanic ults of a HIV incidence itiation in a street youth cell recovery in a large HIV-infected paediatric of an early HIV-infected ars of HIV infection in a gression and death in a gnosis in the Aquitaine d body composition in a c B-group vitamins in a gnosis in the Aquitaine women in the Swiss HIV patients: A prospective work: Work history in a ai Army/Evaluation of a mpliance in a population a from a rural Ugandan ly participation in a HIV f a drug-experienced d oral sex practices in a ence of malnutrition in a king in a well-motivated ntiretroviral therapy: A berculosis: A nine year SM) participating in two mplicor CMV test in a Results of the SPESUB atitis C prevalence in a es from the Amsterdam and viral load levels in a ong-term follow-up of a a and condylomata in a rofile in a multicenter oss-sectional study in a /Incidence and predictors of virolog 22349 of HIV patients receiving highly acti 22351 of 120 HIV+ patients/Patterns of a 22355 /Predictors of success of antiretrovi 22363 study of the natural history of undet 22377 /Once-daily therapy (NVP/ddl/3TC 22398 of 600 men who have sex with men 23111 study of trucking company workers 23150 study of HIV infection among IDUs 23244 of babies not infected at enrollment 457*/23270 studies (the International Perinatal 23275 of of high risk men who have sex wi 23350 of Zimbabwean men with high prev 23363 of pregnant women attending pren 23380 of US inner-city injection drug user 23396 for incidence and preparation for HI 23448 /HIV risk behaviors among women 23500 of native Canadian injection drug u 23513 of HIV infected patients: A modelin 24133 of HIV-1 resistant Kenyan prostitut 329*/31101 study/Diarrhea and enteric pathog 32102 of HIV-infected women in Los Ange 32131 of HTLV-I infected people/Oligosy 32205 of 75 HIV infected pregnant women 32230 study/Mucocutaneous problems in 32270 study/HIV genotypic predictors of 229*/32287 of 696 HIV+ pregnant women/Antr 32329 study (SHCS)/Why is highly active 446*/32335 MANIF 2000)/Compliance to multi 32359 of unselected patients/Role of com 32385 with effective adherence and desir 32403 of homo/bisexual men in Belo Horiz 33225 /Predictors of drug injection initiatio 33389 treated with highly active antiretrovi 41179 /Assessment of the Line Probe ass 41220 receiving intermittent out-patient tr 344*/41230 of haemophilic men/The course of 42140 of HIV-infected patients. A compar 42188, France, 1985-1997/Predictive val 42342 of HIV positive and negative injecti 42345 of HIV positive and negative injecti 42352, France, 1985-1997/Weight loss 42360 study/Gynecologic management o 42433 study in Paris, France/Out-patients 42444 of female sex workers in northern T 43257 study of HIV-1 infection in young m 43382 in Uganda/The relationship betwe 43425 /Evaluation of the WHO staging cla 43446 study slows disease progression a 60208 after multiple monotherapy regime 60294 of homosexual men/HIV-related or 60300 of HIV+ men: Seron AIDS Study Gr 60368 of HIV infected women/Pregnancy 60372 study of 626 patients (Bordeaux, Fr 60411 study in Switzerland/Molecular epi 60413 studies in Montreal and Vancouver, 60524 of HIV-positive patients/Cytomega 60622 study of maintenance treatment wit 60656 among men who have sex with me 60753 /T-cell renewal capacity in organ cu 60796 of Caucasians and African-Americ 60870 of 144 nucleosides-experienced pa 60875 of HIV-1 infected women/Cervical 60980 of HIV+ pregnant women in Rio de 61001 of HIV-infected women in Rio de Ja 61004 Abstract-- ral load levels between cohorts infected with HIV-1 subtypes B an n in hepatitis B vaccine in Amsterdam, New York and San tion as observed in two of injection drug users/Selection n the German perinatal /Combining ZVD treatment and el ure composition of HIV /Impact of effective therapy on ret laboration/Community for HIV-1 vaccine trials in northern in HIV vaccine trials in of young men having sex with me pie daily applications of COL-1492, a nonoxynol-9 vaginal gel, amo entions for AIDS/HIV in College Youth, Pune, India/Youth sexualit ations on AIDS among college and school going students in Mani IDS among Taiwanese students/Predictors of condom us n among Puerto Rican students/Understanding the socia Panic of AIDS among all students in China/1997: Panic of f AIDS: A study among youth in Mumbai/Risk taking sexu seroprevalence among students in NDjamena, Chad/Sex 13314 13357 23185 23291 24170 33212 33214 33145 14333 13550 14155 14229 14240 14331 23437

Page  35 college * combination 35 12th World AIDS Conference SKeyword Abstract d threat of AIDS among students: Motivational and person 24155 and value orientation of women: An experience in sustaini 24366 and alcohol use among students/Sexual behaviors and al 60047 ons at historically black and university campuses 1995-96 60511 nts of high schools and colleges /Survey of information sources o 13516 H in secondary training /Peer education on ARH in secon 13554 with men/When worlds collide: Sex, needles, and HIV infection a 23104 o border/When worlds - North meets South: AIDS on the 34369 ainst STD/AIDS among Colombian women/Social and sexual beh 14292 IDS patients treated at Colombo, Sri Lanka/Prevalence of fungal 31215 IV-1 tropism for human colonic cells and astrocytes/The common 11118 a German study group/ Colonisation and dissemination of HIV-rel 60170 etween oropharyngeal colonization with Candida and plasma HI 22214 tion and STDs/Vaginal with lactobacillus species, ab 33148 Staphylococcus aureus related to the clinical parame 60575 gent use/Utilisation of colony stimulating factors (CSF) in an HIV 42436 linical trials laboratory/ Color method validation for HIV+ CD4 anal 42205 nity/Serving people of color in the US: Federal efforts to ensure t 32432 ategies for gay youth of in the house community/HIV/AIDS 43338 portunistic infections: A Doppler echocardiographic study/P 60995 moral immune factors in colostrum of HIV infected and non-infecte 31163 WIHS)/Adherence with colposcopy among women in the Women 22320 CL) in HIV+ women in a clinic in Guadalajara, Mexico 60396 laxis program in British Columbia, Canada/A critical assessment 60162 ated behaviour among Columbian female, male, and transsexual 60258 e uniformly during triple combination-therapy of HIV-1 infection/ 41164 alog during pregnancy/ Combination therapy with nevirapine, zid 463*/12152 oad >5000 copies/ml/ abacavir (1592, ABC)/ampr 286*/12204 r in children with HIV-1/ antiretroviral therapy includi 12259 n HIV-infected children/ therapy with saquinavir soft 12260 dvanced HIV infection/ therapy with a protease inhi 12262 pediatric HIV infection/ antiretroviral therapy with rit 12296 hibitor (+)-calanolide A/ anti-HIV interactions and re 12366 d by a single physician/ therapy with protease-inhibit 22354 mmune reconstitution/ therapy with nelfinavir, stav 22362 ) experienced patients/ therapy with nelfinavir/saqui 22391 e with enzyme activity/ of the multidrug resistance 32300 h care workers (HCW)/ post-exposure prophylaxis ( 33175 ty in the Indian context/ drug therapy: Inaccessibility 44177 stic infection treatment/ therapies including protease 44247 espite other therapies/ therapy with recombinant hu 60389,France, 1992-1997)/ of two nucleoside analogue 60411 d experienced patients/ therapy with nevirapine in tr 60701 ase inhibitor-containing combination therapy through a dissociate 341*/12101 mulation of saquinavir in with two nucleosides in treat 12145 nd virological effects of antiretroviral therapy: Primar 12193 d/or efavirenz (EFV) in with new nucleoside analogs 125*/12203 DLV resistance during therapy with zidovudine (ZD 12206 dy of ritonavir-nelfinavir therapy: An update/Phase II 12207 dy of protease inhibitor in Europe (SPICE): Saquina 290*/12222 iracept (nelfinavir) in with stavudine (d4T) and lam 12224 ne (ddl), and nelfinavir therapy in pretreated HIV-pa 12226 /nucleoside (NVP/nuc) therapy/Retained effectiven 12231 dults/Hydroxyurea in regimens for the treatment of 287*/12235 nient highly active triple for first line antiretroviral ther 12239 valuate the efficacy of antiviral therapy with ZDV 20 12240 oft gel capsule (SGC) in with d4T/DDC/MIKADO: Sa 12244 cted children receiving therapy/Mutation pattern of t 12257 vudine plus zalcitabine therapy versus NAIV childre 12263 dinavir containing triple regimen/Clinical trial compa 12265 le or indinavir as part of triple therapy (CHEESE stud 292*/12267 Salvage therapy with a including nelfinavir in patient 12285 s (q8H) versus q12H in with efavirenz (EFV)/Sixtee 12290 ients treated by a triple therapy with protease inhibit 12297 reatment with Viracept treatment as predictor of res 12300 ft gel capsule (SGC) in with AZT and 3TC in antiretr 12301 men + HIV-infected with nelfinavir, saquinavir, stavud 12305 mm3/lndinavir (IDV) in with zidovudine (ZDV) and la 12311 toxicity of antiretroviral treatment: Data on 4230 pati 12312 ) SGC BID regimens in with 2 nucleosides or nelfina 12314 s of ritonavir/saquinavir salvage therapy/Efficacy an 12316 ildren/Effectiveness of with protease inhibitors in th 12320 vel protease inhibitor, in with zidovudine/3TC/Phase 12321 pon commencement of antiretroviral drug therapy/I 12323 treated with ritonavir in therapy for HIV infection at I 12333 ficacy and safety of the of ritonavir plus saquinavir, 12336 atients/Tolerability of therapy with protease inhibit 12349 Indinavir (Crixivan~) in with two nucleoside reverse t 12350 stration of didanosine in with stavudine/STADI: Sust 12351 592, ABC) alone and in therapy of HIV infection/Saf 12353 Keyword Abstrac efavirenz (DMP 266) in V-1-infected cells/Drug evirapine (NVP) based ring monotherapy or in g stavudine-didanosine Patterns of nausea with of life before and during n a comparative trial of eated with antiretroviral prophylaxis in the era of HIV infection/Access to STIVATM, DMP 266) in Sustivam DMP 266) in nd tolerability of the nd safety of triple drug hibitors/Efficacy of the in Italy: The role of new portunistic disease with le HIV RNA induced by clinical practice/Triple (WIHS)/Penetrance of nts/Same antiretroviral y of nelfinavir (NFV) in wing antiretroviral triple Saquinavir (RTV/SQV) d study of Rescriptor in s in use of antiretroviral ation with saquinavir in iral effect of a four-drug reated with nelfinavir in ell counts/Antiretroviral reatment of ritonavir in tabine zidovudine triple h AIDS after successful with HIV/The impacts of ctors and adherence to eceiving highly active sease progression and patients receiving triple ements accompanying patients receiving triple ns in patients under the n using quadruple drug atients failing tritherapy atients treated with a ts receiving a four-drug eutic failure to d4T/3TC n ZDV/3TC/amprenavir related to adherence to -reported adherence to ected patients receiving Compliance to multiple of non adherence to HIV reatment adherence to /Patient compliance on ily dosing antiretroviral nscriptase inhibitors or A experience: Applying avir in pregnancy/Triple hylaxis/Zidovudine and ibody responses with a he light of advances in antiretroviral mono and tic HIV-infection/Triple non-toxic, inexpensive ents/The effect of triple IV replication in vitro in ct of AZT versus d4T in tion of apoptosis during e to AZT and 3TC after comparison/Uptake of + women/Predictors of ase reports of potential gical analysis of a triple men/The impact of new Scotland/The effect of ra of antiretroviral triple infected patients under ) in patients on antiviral dofovir and ganciclovir with indinavir (IDV) [DMP 26 studies on MKC-442 with RT therapy within the INCAS tria with ritonavir in patients with therapy (QUINTET Trial)/Pe antiretroviral therapy inducti antiretroviral treatment in ant antiretroviral therapy in a Th regimens?/Is it safe to stop anti-retroviral therapy/The r antiretroviral therapy (CART with open-label zidovudine ( with open-label zidovudine ( of efavirenz (EFV, sustivaM, antiretroviral regimens for th stavudine (d4T), didanosine antiretroviral therapies/Incre antiretroviral therapy/Declin antiretroviral therapy/A coh therapy with nevirapine in a antiretroviral therapy into the proves highly or poorly effect with efavirenz (EFV, SUSTI /Reconstitution of lymph nod in protease inhibitor (PI) naiv with zidovudine and two dos therapy are the most likely c with ritonavir and double nuc in plasma and lymph node c with AZT and 3TC for greater therapy in patients with low with zidovudine (ZDV/AZT) a /Experience with saquinavir therapy/Living revisited: Th therapies on the lives of peo therapies: A pilot study/Psyc therapy/Down regulation of antiretroviral therapy upon H therapy/Worsening of HIV-1 anti-retroviral therapy/Cogni therapy/Discrepant immuno therapy (CT)/Skin manifesta therapy in treatment experie /Prevalence of resistance-as of ritonavir and saquinavir (A therapy/Genotypic resistanc /M184V mutation is not predi therapy/Genotypic and phe therapy in HIV-1 positive gay antiretroviral medication (AR anti-retroviral therapy/Evalu therapy with antiprotease in therapies/Predictors of non antiretroviral therapy/Servic HIV anti-retroviral therapies/ therapy/Nevirapine (NVP) + therapy among HIV+ women antiretroviral therapy in a US therapy including nelfinavir i antiretroviral post exposure HIV-1 vaccine regimen/CTL drug treatment/UK ASO pro therapy/Response of HIV vir therapy and change in perip of didanosine plus hydroxyur in HIV-1 experienced patient with other anti-HIV agents/A with 3TC and indinavir in the therapy/Modification of apo treatment with indinavir/Low anti-retroviral therapy during antiretroviral therapy use in therapy using botanical subs pilot study and traditional dru HIV therapies on knowledge therapy on long-term HIV dis therapy/Modelling disease p therapy containing a proteas therapy with a HIV-1 RNA < therapy for treatment of cyto ct 12359 12362 12368 12378 12397 12402 12444 14357 22180 22182 22333 22334 22340 22343 22348 22357 22367 22374 22377 22378 22380 22382 22386 22389 22390 22393 22394 22395 22397 22400 22408 22409 22410 24259 640*/24260 24282 110*/31165 32112 32154 32255 342*/32259 32271 32295 32301 32302 32304 32310 32312 32331 32338 32351 32359 32375 32383 32384 32393 32399 32405 32419 33182 33221 34315 41141 339*/41178 41180 41189 41195 42169 42184 42197 42289 42311 42388 42395 43260 43471 43474 60118 60181 60195

Page  36 36 combination * communities 12th World AIDS Conference Keyword Abstract Keyword Abstract f double and triple drug therapy/Preliminary results hildren with AIDS/Triple therapy in children with AIDS with noncompliance in therapy? The role of patients al load driven triple drug antiretroviral therapy/Modeli reated with aggressive antiretroviral therapy/Impro se/Saquinavir (SQV) in with ritonavir (RTV) and d4T dvanced HIV disease/ Combinations of didanosine (DDI), zidov ction/Effect of different combinations of antiretrovirals (AZT + ddl (d4T) in high/low dose in an antiretroviral therapy in triple and quadruple with zidovudine (ZDV), indi luence of antiretroviral on disease progression an xil (PreveonT, ADV) in with indinavir (IDV), zidovu Novel double protease -combining indinavir (IDV) C to other double NRTI /Virological response in pat ct of anti-viral treatment on the social care needs of T/Anti-HIV-1 activity of and covalent conjugates of hree-protease inhibitor against zidovudine-sensitiv /Effect of two different of antiretrovirals (AZT + 3T advanced HIV disease/ Combined nelfinavir/saquinavir protease i ected seroconverters/ effect of CCR2, CCR5 and SD ~ automated analyser: testing for anti-HIV and HIVAg f abacavir (1592, ABC) combined with protease inhibitors (PI) in t, ritonavir or saquinavir with 3TC and AZT/Disease pro ofiles of KNI 272 when with other protease inhibitors (P eningitis/Amphotericin with itraconazole is superior to osis sarcoma following antiretroviral treatment/Regres ptors expression during anti HIV-1 IL-2 therapy/Chemo entions for sustainable antiretroviral therapy: Key facto IV/AIDS patients under antiretroviral therapy/Oral man t below 50 treated with antiretroviral therapy including e administer of alone or with SF2 gp120 antigen in healt tion (CBOs) leaders/A AIDS situation, social mobilizati ro): Five antiretrovirals during 6 months as first treatme ection/Screening with HIV ELISA (antibody plus p24 a zil: trend and impact of anti-retroviral therapy/AIDS m seroconversion/A new HIV antigen/antibody screening ess AIDS patients with antiretroviral therapy in Rio de J indow/Evaluation of a anti HIV/p24 antigen assay, Vid nterferon (IFN) therapy with HAART for progressive mu E worldwide examples/ Combining AIDS care and prevention in A man perinatal cohorts/ ZVD treatment and elective ce in England and Wales/ sequential HIV prevalence wit protease combinations- combining indinavir (IDV) with ritonavir (R 00 mg TID plus a PI/ CombivirT (lamivudine (3TC) 150 mg/zido 1592), amprenavir, and in subjects with acute and chro ty, Vietnam/Degree of comfort in providing care to clients with HI nt training on childrens in socializing with persons with HI knowledge, skills and in working with HIV positive and hi to HIV/AIDS and STD/ Commercial sex workers in the northern p mparison between two commercial methods for the quantification 60252 60285 60447 60507 60576 60714 12253 12200 12241 12357 22360 22371 22372 32281 34241 41188 41201 60657 12303 13183 163*/41102 12210 12317 12339 22226 22288 22416 22471 24374 32149 33220 34184 41194 42109 43512 60167 60528 60607 60963 13485 23291 43440 22372 12220 32328 63*/22464 24297 34146 24161 11175 13491 14205 401*/14233 23156 23212 23344 23405 83*/23508 23522 23535 23538 23566 23590 23591 24303 33248 33279 33281 33428 33535 78*/33592 34242 34260 41123 42175 43161 43240 43253 43322 43342 tion/awereness among sex workers (CSWs)/Impact f condom use among sex workers in Kampala City/ ogy and social care for sexual exploitation children fo e low- and middle class sex workers (CSW) in Kathm and prevention amongs sex workers/AIDS/STD contr D management among sex workers (CSW) and drive tion and control among sex workers in Oyo State of Ni )/Comparison of three kits for quantification of HIV-1 eking behaviour among sex workers in Tondo Manila, D and HIV/AIDS among commercials sex workers in Kampala/Ris e: Work of the Standing Committee on AIDS and STDs (SCOAS) National Coordinating of People Living with HIV (CO tion under the Swedish Communicable Diseases Act on the highg participatory drama to communicate STD/HIV/AIDS related mes of a great public and to with the public on AIDS/Usi cs in Machakos District/ Communicating dangers of HIV infection UNAIDS framework for communicating HIV/AIDS messages/A n a coped?/Problems of HIV/AIDS prevention and ommunication factors/ Communication about sexual risk betwee rid of HIV positive child/, the key to understand th tant tool in clinical trials/,an important tool in clinic ainst AIDS/O ARPAO: and participation of inmat The use of participatory communication techniques in addressing mportance parent-teen factors/Communication appropriate persuasive strategies in HIV/AIDS pr ategic use of bathhouse rules for unprotected anal he family, by improving in the family. Mussas st mproving attitudes and aspects during STD cons Information-education- (IEC) among prostitutes r ia/Behavioural change through outreach among haviour change/Linking channels for behaviour c ng?/Analysis of family about sex: What are pare of maternal-adolescent /Patterns of condom use m Uganda/Audio-visual as an intervention in prev ut behaviour change:Jisimamie campaign in eas contract workers: A strategy/Data organizing IDS/The department of and fight against AIDS/T are project: Developing skills in the treatment dec rove mother-daughter and reduce adolescent s DS campaigns of public in Chile (1991-1997) and V/AIDS information and /HIV/AIDS information an cess/Mother-Daughter: A two-way process/Mot its of behavior change strategy (BCC) in the pre mation, education and (IEC)/lnnapropriate lang d evaluating prevention programs for adolescent populations/Media and - Specific populations/M mations, education and communications on AIDS among college nd assistential aspects/ Communities for people with AIDS: Evalu adults at the local level/ at risk - Estimating the impa mmission of European AIDS Task Force/Attitude ower risk in lake-island communities in Mwanza region, Tanzania 43356 43365 43368 43369 43371 43372 44204 60504 60990 60977 60700 60760 14268 13456 33442 60155 33487 34225 14161 24265 42250 60747 13529 14161 14172 23520 24298 33305 33310 33349 33452 33463 33465 33472 33482 33501 33503 33520 34175 34227 34343 156*/34347 43161 43569 44312 60426 13550 22439 23546 34211 13119 ry approach for female m usage among female blinding among Filipino valence of HIV amongst zil/Higher frequency of om use among female who frequent public and tion/awareness among assessment of female lated HIV risk in female yphilis among female h seeking behaviour of sage causes by Santos erability by HIV among are sexually abused for atitis B and HIV among ess and rehabilitation of HIV positive persons on mplications of free and peer education among on programme among onourable works to the iation/Rehabilitation of rol of STDs/HIV among ween NASBA and other f STDs/AIDS among omoting condom use in al economic empowers rvention/awareness of ve interventions among sex workers in Mumbai Metro sex workers/Economic factor sex workers and its implicatio sex workers in Kathmandu/P sex among crack smokers in sex workers (CSWs) in Borno sex environments/Sexual be sex worker in Pokhara, Nepal sex workers (CSWs) in a sub sex workers from two US citie sex workers in Guyana/HIV i sex workers in an urban slum sex workers/Qualitative focu sex workers in Santos - a ser purposes/HIV and AIDS: Ide sex workers in an isolated bro sex workers/Awareness and anti-retroviral therapies in two condom distribution for condo sex workers (CSW): The case sex workers (CSW): Results f sex workers (CSWs)/Prevent sex workers as lending to pov sex workers (CSW)/Prevalen assays/Plasma HIV-1 RNA q sex workers (CSWs) and their encounters/Taking care of bu sex workers to reduce reporte sex workers (CSW) and drive sex workers in Joao Pessoa, 4 1 5 mapping/Mobilization of ative North American ention and care in slum tmosphere in marginal in Brazilian high school revention in Peruvian ndence and HIV in slum ug users in the wanting TD among the moslem el for poor under served Itiple language migrant o HIV/AIDS among the o HIV/AIDS among the ity building of male gay served and vulnerable S information for urban of buddhist monks and en positive people and mpact and response of tudy/HIV/AIDS in rural:/HIV/AIDS in rural grammes in developing ting agencies and local ask forces empowers Ds education for prison nal based care in three s about HIV/AIDS in 11 Rio de Janeiro BR poor ion capacity in minority for social change through ris 372*/13408:Assessing geographic and 13410 /Friends-to friends for HIV pr 13411 to prevent the spread of HIV 13432 /Formation of multipliers of i 13523 organisations/Etnopsychol 14291 /Alcohol dependence and HI 23247 of Fortaleza City/AIDS amo 23252 of older people/Alphabetisa 33367 in Sao Paulo, Brazil/BAR& 33430 in the Sydney region/Using 589*/33445 of Quangninh, Binhdinh and 33457 of Quangninh, Binhdinh and 33475 to prevent the transmission 33587 along the beaches of Lake V 33593 through collaboration/Redu 34111 in HIV/AIDS prevention and 34125 /Community response to HI 34155 to counselling/Assessing th 34168 in a developing country: Ho 34170:/HIV/AIDS in rural 34257 /Developing community mo 34284 /Effective collaboration betw 34370 to make informed choices a 34376 in Lagos State, Nigeria/HIV/ 43197; rural vs. sanitary area/Mod 43207 from Jalisco, Mexico/Level 43208 -A prevention strategy rega 43214 in the United States/Evaluat 43221

Page  37 12th World AIDS Conference communities * community 37 Keyword Abstract -- ch/Involving aboriginal in HIV/AIDS surveillance an 44269 prevention with African /Statutory and voluntary sec 44276 S prevention for migrant in Switzerland: An overview 44311 ramme targeting tribal along the National Highway, 60082 ansmission among the of the Lilongwe District in M 60098 of two rural Senegalese /AIDS, sexually transmitted 60138 otion with rural sex work in Rajasthan, India/Implem 60142 n Switzerland: Different,different approaches/AIDS 60199 I assistance in minority /Cultural competence as ca 60392 e impact on the religious /HIV/AIDS and the impact o 60520 ith immigrant African in developed countries/Brid 60592 d and resources in rural: A train the trainers program 60654 act of peer education in /The impact of peer educati 60930 ucturing and respecting /From a self-support group t 60982 n HIV infected patients/ Community-acquired bacteremia in HIV i 22110 ter in Warsaw, Poland/ bacterial and funga 41170 nosis and treatment for community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) a 22116 African NGO initiative/ Community-based home-based care for 12427 n program intervention/ AIDS education for yo 13414 ensive street outreach/ evaluation of intensive 14259 titudes and practices of community-based primary care physician 12107 hange among clients of organizations deliverin 14285 TD symptoms, Rakai finitions and models for on (ARV) regimens in a rthern Thailand/When o AIDS prevention and As and Australian AIDS uating effectiveness of erment: Redesigning a o years later/Building a s of non-governmental etworks of CDC-funded ntres, in West Africa/A Keys to the success of a inical trials for PWAs/A spective, pilot project in study, Uganda/Popul 524*/23372 HIV prevention resear 24179 sample of HIV-infecte 32338 care is impossible: Les 32414 care/Training ethnic m 33527 organisations (CBOs) 34134 programming through 34153 AIDS case manageme 34237 infrastructure for AIDS 34317 organizations (CBOs) 34337 organizations in two hi 34338 study of HIV-2 RNA lo 165*/41135 HIV treatment educati 42232 global information pro 42241 HIV rehabilitation servi 504*/42400 ents/Development of a, capitated managed c health in a young city: A intervention on youth s PSE)/An evaluation of STD/HIV prevention w ers in Hollywood, CA/A HIV intervention progr D prevention/Assisting organizations in HIV/S nto the ongoing work of organizations/HIV/AI Overcoming barriers to research/Politics and f practice/Integrating research in AIDS agen ng volunteer turnover in ASOs/Volunteers as s tic marijuana use in two cannabis buyers coop ng peer educators for a intervention among ga ith HIV infection for a care program in Ho Ch al outcome marker for a community-level STD/HIV prevention pro 42401 39*/43170 43293 43305 43498 44149 44235 44293 60431 60569 60810 60891 14261 th other men (MSM): A AIDS: An experience in m an urban low income olygamy in the muslim ctices in an urban poor ehavior risk factors and men/Effect of the AIDS zole resistant strains in HIV/TB in a semiurban rapy implications in the riple drug therapy in a nfected population in a ome care a challenge to ion for nurses: Forming on of clients referred to ans improving quality of s potential role as a core haviours in a semi-rural HIV-2 in the Gambia/A ds assessment/training t the Hijra (transvestite) of risk behaviours in the abusing youth in Shitta ntion of HIV/AIDS and /Awareness in Mulanda with the gay and lesbian pressed areas of Tondo ning/The articulation of eatment and care at the A case study of the Luo n social science inform ation/AIDS, power and vidence from African n Francisco/Asking for ern/From household to ience from the national oweto HOPE model for r caregivers in a publicpositive mens union in d patients: Prospective nfection/Meningitis in a HIV-1 genotyping for a riences in an inner-city ces target underserved IDS child counselling in ponse of training AIDS nte, Dakar, Senegal/A linic/Research in the iality promotes self and m through inclusion in a social support in a rural Using peer educators & er/Harm reduction and eduction in the Romany t areas (RLAs) through a newsletter/Grassroot st year/A standardised e individual familial and bi/Long-term impact of ons/Peer education in cated young people in on to a whole university th and women in Kinoni e, Kenya/Establishing ducation/To improve omen in the national g the epidemic through prevention and care at a hilippines/Involving the egal/Strengthening the ders women/AIDS and IDS patients/Impact of fair: An approach of the ities/Empowerment of ect/Legacy of the AIDS The best practices for a f SIDA-SERVICE/The roving HIV prevention, se staff team/Creating ative AIDS impact in the Keyword Abstra study/Predisposing risk factor education in Risaralda, Colom in Sri Lanka/Implications of fir in Uganda/The dilemmas of c in the Philippines/Folk beliefs environment surveillance relat demonstration projects on inte acquired bacterial pneumonia in southern Mexico/High case in Africa/The impact of crypto based cohort/Incidence and p based organization (CBO) in nursing/Home care a challen partnerships to achieve effecti nurses from a HIV unit in Sydn care for PWAs/Bridging the g in AIDS spread/Transvestite in Canada/HIV, HBV and HC based study of perinatal trans and migrant centers: Preventi of Peshawar, Pakistan/Sexua /School childrens perception /HIV/AIDS risk related behavi development/Knowledge, atti site/Awareness in Mulanda: Sydney Women and Sexual /Establishment-based STD/HI in AIDS public policy: HIV prev level/The cost of HIV treatme in Kenya/Wife inheritance an and international intervention mobilisation/AIDS, power and based studies/Mortality impa assistance to prepare for larg concern/From household to of women living with HIV/AIDS based support/The Soweto H based integrated model/Psyc based AIDS prevention and c based cohort study/Diarrhea with a high seroprevalence of consortium: Does enhanceme health center (CHC)/Highly a /Serving people of color in the health services/Integrating HI workers (ACWs) of the Nakale based approach on care and s about the needs for the imple care/Encouraging self shared managed child survival projec /The validity of sensitization a influencers to reduce high risk mobilisation with IDUs on Ban in Vilnius/Harm reduction in th participation and peer promoti mobilisation through publicati based sexual behaviour interv taking in charge of persons livi peer interventions on condom centres and at youth groups: centres and youth clubs in Th /Medical students mobilize to /Peer education programme a based peer education progra members knowledge about H of women living with HIV/AIDS organization practice and parti level/Integration of HIV/AIDS in HIV/AIDS/STD prevention a response to the HIV epidemic penetration through leaders w health care in control of opport /Health promotion fair: An app based rural organizations to g demonstration projects: Asse involvement in the fight agains approach in response to probl support and self-esteem/Com workers for under resourced n /Reduction of negative AIDS i ct -- 14217 14228 14231 14245 14246 14260 14266 22117 22159 22223 22349 22366 22446 22461 22469 22470 23147 23219 23284 23294 23342 23385 23424 23432 23434 23492 23548 24104 24130 24168 529*/24178 24182 24192 24215 24218 24284 24349 24354 24358 32102 32216 32307 32334 32432 32446 33262 33312 33324 33326 33334 33357 33359 408*/33386 33396 33426 33480 33498 33511 33515 33534 33538 33568 33581 33593 33597 33598 34105 374*/34109 34113 371*/34120 34122 34124 34126 34128 34133 34135 34136 34138 34144 34151 women/Outcomes of a HIV prevention intervent 239*/43228 on resources through a prioritization process: N 43510 Task Force: A peer-led, intervention in Glasgow, 60491 mmendations from US community-members likely to be targete 43547 n of impact evaluation/ Community-randomized trial of a progra 60993 one: The individual and community-wide impact of empowering w 33556 Improving the quality of community based AIDS health care in Ug 12417 gative TB suspects in a with high HIV seroprevalence 12421 are in Chiringa - a rural in Malawi/Factors affecting ac 12430 ataka, India/HIV/AIDS care services in Kolar District, 12433 upportive therapeutic approach for PLWHAs with ch 12440 d HIV infection in a rural in the Lesotho highlands/Sex 13123 s in a Bronx, New York: A sentinel site for monitoring 13225 populations/Evaluating contribution to effective tuberc 614*/13276 aboration?/Who is the in community collaboration?/ 13401 rolled - A multi-faceted approach that worked/An HIV 13409 cultura tambien cura: A response to HIV/AIDS/La cul 13412 /AIDS education for the /Interactive training technique 13415 S counselling in Butego of Masaka District from 1993 t 13419 /Taxonomy of the Hijda in Mumbai Metro and its implic 13430 nte, Dakar, Senegal/A based approach on care and s 13431 ucation as a vehicle for education: An application with 13455 nd reproductive health services and prevention progr 13528 etween classroom and: Service-learning for HIV prev 13530 s of the reach for health youth service program in redu 13532 isk into the universitary /Not preservative using, a risk 13560 ents attending a model health/STD clinic/Sexual beh 14104 illance/To evaluate the risks of HIV epidemic using se 14127 S young gay men/Gay integration predicts HIV testin 14189 aviours among the Giso /Economic and cultural factors 14206

Page  38 38 community * Complexity 12th World AIDS Conference Keyword Abstr act and response of the mpowering and building w-income Puerto Rican conducted with and by Australia/Constructs of Community response to in American immigrant h male members of the of interventions through ap-between PLWA and mmunities/Developing A) and the founding of a treatment advances on on link: A consortium of /Capacity building of a ce to TASO/The role of rsburg, Russia: Current n order to work whit the 1 positive individuals in ith the sharks: The HIV ted (HIV+) males in the with HIV/AIDS utilizing health care concepts in ction in children and the king behaviours in rural mpact on hospital and into home care for rural on/HIV anti-body test, a the criteria/Maintaining sia/Using participatory nd prevention in native ve years of peer-led gay donesia/Developing a ough research/Building France: A personalised n/Cultural activism and o primary health care: A mbers and the broader y men/Project Zorro: A ators?/Empiricism and pproach to involving the ontrol of STD/HIV in the S is required in the Sindi Model development on es as a comprehensive ortuguese transgender ade sex: Results from a ogramme for fishermen experience/Organizing kers from a low-income h of color in the house s among the fishermen odel for corrections and cerated transgendered n/Mobilizing school and itor the HIV epidemic at data in HIV prevention ss to treatment through es in being a non-profit, zing and coordinating a esource mobilization for prevention by means of prevention by means of nadas blood tragedy, a nutrition in a downtown an national strategy for ogram evaluation at the ions: A comprehensive sclosures in the African Program in therapeutic wi by Patricia C. Amadi ffected persons in the /AIDS awareness in the Provision of innovative in Sydney, Australia, to e Thailand government n and animation among welcoming and healing is infection in an urban /Population health and /Social impact and response o capacity to contain the AIDS e /A neighborhood-based works based organization (CBOs) le in HIV/AIDS health promotion AIDS education by traditional in Geneva/The Projet Parc: in Pakistan/Importance of ed based organisations/Scaling /Bridging the gap-between PL mobilisation strategy and crea based group: REVS+/Experi based AIDS service organisati organizations to improve patie based organisation: Lessons based programmer in the fight status/HIV/AIDS in St. Peters s response facing the VIH/AID based settings/Usefulness of and pharmaceutical industry i programs for clinical research based and AIDS service orga responses to HIV/AIDS in a no /HIV infection in children and t /Treatment seeking behaviour resources/Changes in EEIV h PWAs minimises in-patient ca perception/HIV anti-body test involvement: Establishing the assessments to improve the q settings/Reaching around th action/Stop AIDS London: Fiv based on HIV/AIDS preventio capacity through research/Bu AIDS campaign/Summer 97, mobilization: Rethinking mod based approach/Integration o /The use of a Freirian educatio led assessment of HIV preven action: Competitors or collabo in HIV/AIDs program planning /primary health care settings/ /A change in belief from witch and institutional based care in act - 34154 34164 34175 34184 92*/34186 34189 34190 34197 186*/34210 34240 34284 34305 34310 34320 34328 34342 34382 34385 42156 42238 42333 42361 72*/42398 42426 42428 42450 42461 43148 43154 43157 43168 43171 43172 43173 43175 43178 43180 43185 43189 43193 43198 43199 43203 43207 SKeyword Abstr nput/Provider versus input/Provider versus urce management and mobilization in HIV/AIDS cam itization to HIV/AIDS to health program in rural sector ment practices in a poor, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/DST/A ard-to-reach grassroot at the motor parks in Nigeria to mmunity/The effect of based home care programme ca Remedios in Tondo /Health seeking behavior patt soap opera/Multi-level participation: Script developm iverse gay and lesbian in Cape Town, South Africa/M IDS prevention through support systems/HIV/AIDS pr ung people in the shitta, Lagos State/Counselling in r patients and family and - Present situation and solutio cted by HIV/The role of based self help groups in mobi ongst African Refugee in UK/Community response t igh rate of psychiatric comorbidity in South African HIV/AIDS pa and without psychiatric /Results of HIV prevention int experience with Lonrho Companies, Malawi/The impact of HIV/AI relative to HIV/AIDS in companies, the example of Abidjan (C6te cohort study of trucking company workers in Kenya/Co-factors for ning for HIV prevention, compassion and care/Bridging the gap b A-LED NGOs too need and support for relevance to nce from the European Compassionate Use Programme/Oral ga V patients: The French compassionate use program experience/ cacy data in the French use program/Viracept in t avir/Antiviral benefits of release nelfinavir/Antivir estore viral replication/ Compensatory point mutations in the HIV ommunities/Cultural competence as capacity: Assessing HIV p work; A new paradigm/ Competency in AIDS work; A new paradig ntity is part of culturally competent HIV care for sexual minorities men, using quantitative competitive-polymerase chain reaction ( y reverse transcription/ competitive PCR using a newly construct ysis of TNF-a mRNA by RT-PCR in PBMC of HIV-infe 2 viral load in plasma/A RT-PCR method for the quan nstructed multispecific competitor /Semiquantitation of human ch nd community action: Competitors or collaborators?/Empiricis Cowboys, condoms and complacency /Cowboys, condoms and ected patients/Urologic complaints in relation to indinavir plasma I ession of HIV disease/ Complement-mediated antibody-depend get groups: A valuable complement to standardized general pop ni - Ricerca su Terapie complementari in HIV/AIDS): Patterns of f pocket expenditure/ Complementary therapies for HIV: A signi ong HIV clinic patients/ therapy (CT): Changes i reasing in popularity as complementary therapy in HIV/AIDS/Tra dvantaged/Nutrition as therapy among minority a HIV/AIDS): Patterns of treatments use/SIDART AIDS: Reported use of therapies by PHA volunta ormation on alternative/ therapies for HIV/AIDS/ V/AIDS awareness and complementing government-led initiative or HIV-lymphomas?/ Complete remission of an high-grade lymp ential drug resistance/ HIV pol sequence in plasma an AIDS/HIV Register - A complete patient record from seroconvers al information system/ Completeness of AIDS reporting in Rio de ections in AIDS related complex among high risk groups in Calcutt ntries/HIV prevention in emergency countries/HIV preve ovina/lmplications of emergencies, uprooting and forc nts with AIDS dementia /Molecular and biological charact e CD4/CXCR4 receptor /Signal transduction due to HIV-1 Mycobacterium avium (MAC) in a representative sampl Mycobacterium avium infection in Madrid: Low incidenc Mycobacterium avium (MAC) isolates from AIDS patient um avium intracellulare infection in HIV-infected children reatment of M. avium (MAC) bacteremia/A placebo-co ed with AIDS dementia /The personal meanings and con nts with AIDS dementia (ADC) and dual diagnosis/The e 592) in AIDS dementia (Study CNAB 3001)/Safety and ctors for AIDS dementia (ADC)/Characteristics and prog d risk of AIDS demential /HIV-associated mania and risk o 2) in an AIDS dementia trial (CNAB 3001)/Viral resistanc Mycobacterium avium (MAC) infection taking a twice-da /Adherence barriers to antiretroviral regimen: The perce n program (HRP) in the environment of Rio de Janeiro Cit Mycobacterium avium (MAC) infection prophylaxis in HI r Mycobacterium avium in AIDS/The cost-effectiveness els in the context of the response of society to AIDS chall sk with AIDS dementia /Provision of innovative communi Mycobacterium avium infection-incidence and associat are program to manage HIV drug regimens/HIV Therapy ondom policy in brothel complexes in Indonesia: Lesson learned fr py/Circulating immune in AIDS patients and the ration e to SIV-induced AIDS: Complexity of viral load and tissue tropism act60533 60538 60561 60563 60644 60736 60759 60802 60832 60845 60857 60887 60940 60959 32258 60380 24290 60694 23150 13530 33378 22270 12393 42303 60427 378*/11126 60392 24313 32355 624*/22311 21177 21181 41136 21177 43193 43563 12372 21132 14256 42378 24132 42379 22483 42350 42378 42390 60593 60140 22293 334*/32279 43419 43448 12141 241 */13582 244*/14139 21110 21140 22167 22168 22169 22174 22176 597*/24254 24317 561*/32192 32220 32257 32293 32324 65/32352 411*/33390 43481 479*/44238 60022 60133 60170 60348 43268 60831 11217 prevention program/Needle e 406*/43227:An unknown reality/The Port 573*/43267 intervention trial/Women who 43291 in Sundarban, West Bengal, I 43297 of people living with HIV and A 43300 in Sao Paulo, Brazil/HIV risk b 43327 /HIV/AIDS risk reduction: Stra 43338 /An assessment of sexual hea 43351 health: A Canadian experienc 43404 /The health care issues of the 572*/43417 youth in STD/AIDS prevention 43445 level/Using an HIV register to 43465 planning in the United States, 43501 based legal support/Access t 44102 organisation for children infect 44176 response to the HIV/AIDS epi 44222 HIV/AIDS prevention program 44230 actions/Improve access to tre 44274 actions/Improve access to tre 44280 response: HIV-T Group (Bloo 44281 /HIV, injection drug use, pover 44289 action in STD/AIDS preventio 44297 level/Improving HIV/AIDS pre 256*/44302 model/Developing HIV progra /Overcoming cultural barriers:Integration approach/Progra nurse for St. Johns Hospital in /Bridging the gap between P cites/AIDS awareness in the based housing for people at ri nurses, 1993-1995/Pain in cli support programme in the six: Skills building strategy agains for those affected by HIV/AID in the northeastern United Sta programming for HIV/AIDS/P 60002 60006 60021 60031 60067 60124 60133 60134 60165 60166 60175 60415 60486

Page  39 12th World AIDS Conference Complexity * Condoms 39 - Keyword n a health center of low complexity and limited resources/Pi nent model/Simplifying compliance-adherence to behavior e Cure Erogate in HIV/ COMPLIANCE in HIV - COmportarr Hospital, Mumbai, India/ Compliance of tuberculosis patient, rsity Hospital Antwerp: with universal precauti( n-American drug users/ with HIV antiretroviral t oviral therapy (HAART)/ of HIV positive/PWAs t e (cohort MANIF 2000)/ to multiple combination ns for non-compliance/ with antiretroviral multi en in S.o Paulo, Brazil/ with reverse transcripta adverse reactions and compliance of children treated with Abstra rimary al and ienti d s in HI ons/N herapi o antir i thera idrug t ise inh ritona puter model/Improving with antiretroviral therapy for ganda/Adherence and in tuberculosis preventive the file of HIV patients and to primary prophylaxis therap ary HIV-1 infection/Full sustains viral suppression dur o promote medication /The role of nursing in providi pecimen for monitoring and plasma levels in patients t s prerequisite for good /Bridging the gap between t a ward staff/Furthering with triple antiretroviral therap lications for adherence/ /Patient choice of highly activ retroviral therapy: Drug in IVDU patients/A qualitative cisions/HIV treatment (adherence) and drug resista nt as an assessment of /Validity of patient questionin oviral therapies/Patient on combination HIV anti-retro ected patients/Role of in the efficacy of highly active ampaigns to encourage with anti-HIV treatments/The atient enrollment and /Lessons learned in an HIV/AI supporting adherence/ for PLWHA/Getting the most mortality, migration and in a population cohort in Ugan ssibility, distribution and /The worldwide challenge of tr tarting saquinavir/Drug in patients starting saquinavir ver cirrhosis are crucial complication in long-term survivors of HIV women/Post-operative complications following 191 gynecologic d lymphoma/Infectious in patients with HIV-related hong catheter/Infective in AIDS patients with tunne n HIV/Neurocognitive in HIV/Neurocognitive on (PCR)/Neurological of HIV and cerebrospinal fl ected patients/Surgical in HIV infected patients/Su patients/Post-insertion of maxillary immediate den ion even if only the oral component administered to pregnant wo raining: The essential of train the trainer workshops/ n and counselling: Vital components in a vaccine trial preparation ysis of the intervention of an HIV prevention progra osexual men: Essential of a sexuality-based HIV inte COMPLIANCE in HIV - COmportamenti da Modificare Per La Incr n retention and future composition of HIV cohorts/Impact of effe act - 12437 14309 32386 22151 62*/22459 23123 23250 32359 32371 32399 12333 14305 448*/22129 22156 22384 22472 512*/32330 32332 32340 32356 32361 32363 32373 32384 32385 32394 42208 42235 43425 43558 60151 60675 13391 22296 22451 32208 41156 42448 60462 23326 33364 14254 43283 43318 32386 24170 32169 32177 32181 32183 32186 339*/41178 42328 42335 42345 42347 42351 42354 42364 42367 42329 12370 14305 32297 43545 60637 42419 34323 24343 33240 42207 13528 23107 33102 33105 33108 33113 33115 33119 33433 Shapla Mahila Samity/ promotion success through Peer 33566 DS prevention strategy:?/The no. 1 AIDS prevention strat 34203 low income prostitutes/ use and promotion among the lo 60839 ween men and women/ intervention as a behavioural pre 60905 C6te dlvoire/Profile of condom use by the personnel of a private 13466 s of students/AIDS and - Knowledge and attitudes of stu 13495 /Evaluation of a school availability program: Impact on se 13505 ing HIV prevention and promotion/Attitudes and practice 13568 e of needle-sharing and use among injecting drug users/ 14112 asures of drug use and practices for the study of HIV risk 14113 rstanding of consistent use with casual partners among g 14142 les: Influences on male use/Negative partner reactions a 14151 tudents/Predictors of use intention to prevent HIV/AID 14155 ory based predictors of use intention and behavior amon 14163 ographic influences on use: rural, chronic drug users and 14164 onomic factors affecting usage among female commercial 14205 ed risk/Determinants of use in Turkish students and homo 14244 role-model stories and availability on condom use by fem 14257 ns/Risk perception and use among adolescents during s 153*/14264 k City/HIV knowledge, use self-efficacy and intention to 14265 vention intervention on use with main partners in sample 14274 ombia/Casual sex and use: An impact evaluation study i 14295 n acceptability of male use among female commercial s 23344 iagnosis and impact on use/Use of crack cocaine after HI 23364 TD/AIDS perceptions, use and partner choices among 23376 me periods/Patterns of use reported by HIV infected and 23404 tween sex, drugs, and use among men who have sex wit 23406 ion/Sexual behaviour, use and knowledge of sexually tr 23415 risk women/Barriers to use identified by HIV infected and 23420 o Paulo-Brazil/Female: Exploratory study in Sao Paulo- 23460 e, preventive practices, use and STD prevalence among f 23523 Predictors of consistent use among secondary school stu 23542 driven determinants of use intention and behavior: A cro 24171 C6te dlvoire/Trends in use between 1991 and 1997 and 33101 of the circumstances of use (purchase, proposal, donnin 208*/33103 ge in a clinical trial/Low slippage and breakage in a clinic 33104 omen/Consistency of use for disease prevention amon 33106 ganda)/Constraints to distribution and use in the context 33110 A comparative study of use and attitudes in Moscow and 33111 Overcoming barriers to use - New advances in condom t 33112 rication cycles/Female re-use: Assessing structural integ 33124 Acceptability of female (FC) as a protective device - A pil 33127 Evaluation of the female by African-American and Hispani 33131 les who use the female: Exposure to semen during use/ 33132 h men using the female for anal sex/Experiences of 100 33133 riences with the female /Women substance abusers con 33135 ceptability of the female among women drug users in Braz 33136 eptability of the female among women who exchange se 33139 nan, China/Promoting use among female sex workers in 184*/33332 ing/A controlled trial of provision and health education in 33383 validity/Perceptions of efficacy in US national samples: 33427 of free and commercial distribution for condom use amon 33428 m in northeast Brazil/A revolving fund program in northe 33429 n pricing/The Brazilian market: Positive effects of social 33437 eaking media silence in promotions to adolescents: Succ 33456 munication/Patterns of use among adolescents: The imp 33465 s/Increasing options or substitution? Impact of hierarchic 33479 y peer interventions on use and STI incidence among se 33515 n and monitoring of the use by the sex workers in brothel 532*/33521 n sexual behavior and use among MWM in Brazil/Chan 33548 alers attitudes towards use and implications for family pla 34108 eases and increase in use among female sex workers in 182*/43236 mens role in promoting use in commercial encounters/T 43240 ecreases non-use of and pregnancy rates among HIV i 43243 t Tunggak study/100% policy in brothel complexes in Ind 43268 US/Factors influencing use among gay and bisexual men 43320 wledge and patterns of use among commercial sex work 43365 mplications for effective promotion/Occupational vulnera 43396 alysis of unit costs in 23 social marketing programs 1990- 467*/44240 n and women)/Female acceptability in a group of volunte 60028 site/Comparison of the use by the population that is seen 60095 ment on acceptability of use among sex workers in Borno 60126 lated risk variables and use among psychiatrically diagno 60163 eventive practices, and use among male clients of female 60168 rotection/The female: Cause and effect of protection/T 60221 a/Sexual behavior and use among the youth in Kitwe Cit 60228 prevention/Eroticizing use in France: Putting cinema at t 60466 hallenges of promoting use/The challenges of promoting 60965 f people living with HIV: Condoms are not the only problem/Sexua 24269 Condone or condemn?/: Condone or condemn?/ 33438 -Keyword Abstract 97 (CPCRA 038)/Body bitor treatment on body fection: Regional body ody weight and body ons of weight and body eral blood T-cell subset ercise training on body Balance (N BAL), body ntioxidants and body pon body weight and one on body weight and en/Association of body nal statement and body ce/Load viral and body in HIV-infected men and wo and prevalence of malnutriti measurements by whole bo in HIV+ individuals without w changes in HIV+ patients/E during asymptomatic HIV-inf, immune markers, and viral I and strength in men with AID in a cohort of HIV positive an in HIV-infected subjects with in patients with HIV-associat, measured bioelectrical imp of Mexican children with HIV for electrical bioimpedance/ ot study/Kootikuppala compound : A promising drug for HIV posi me/Novel anti-retroviral compounds that inhibit nuclear localizatio ed patients: A dynamic computer model/Improving compliance w ert artificial intelligence system in treatment experience ehaviors using audio self-interviewing among gay me validation of the AVERT model/Estimating program imp te markers in real time/ Computerization facilitates clinical decisi ort services in Uganda/ Computerized, facility-based, decentraliz in Uganda/Impact of a computerized management information s f the introduction of a management information s als: The experience of a medical record (ADDIS~)/I escents at schools: La comunidad protege a sus jovenes/Linkin io de Janeiro, Brazil/ Condom usage by homosexual and heter ighway/Experience of Bank on the National Highway/ mong the rural set ups/ use as perceived among the rural on through lift-off points/ distribution through lift-off points/ amics - A critical review/ market dynamics - A critical revie ation of Tbilisi, Georgia/ use among young population of T exually diseases clinic/ use in patients attending a sexual /Strategies for change: social marketing for HIV/AIDS pr

Page  40 40 Condoms * control 12th World AIDS Conference Keyword Abstract - SKeyword Abstract me population/Bank of:Guarantee of prevention for lo 34137 he rights of prisoners:, bleach, needles, methadone a 537*/44191 on: Failure vs. success/ for HIV/AIDS prevention: Failur 60740 tion of illegal drugs and condoms use in students of four public hig 13544 and practices related to and awareness of AIDS among 14162 use of male and female among women who use drugs/ 14170 northern Uganda/Free /sold condoms: Which is actually 466*/14263 /Risk behaviour, use of spermicidally lubricated ncrease the demand of ation of practical use of Why do people not use /Sex selling and use of African men/Why male ection/Use of Reality~ s and who uses female hip to distribute female eterosexuals/Using y?/Do women abandon on/Social marketing of ocial marketing of male w Zealand/Trust, love D risk behavior/Use of omplacency/Cowboys, itted diseases/Female and HIV/AIDS awareness amon /Long-term storage stability of s /Dual methodology in the family among young people in Kisumu,? A survey in Adjumani and Moy at one of Kampalas hotels in rel are not popular with African men for anal sex by HIV-seronegativ /US women at risk of HIV/STD: to people at risk for STD, HIV an or microbicides for the first three after exposure to a safer-sex hie at red-light areas (RLAs) throug to flat based sex workers (wome : An HIV education campaign b at last sexual intercourse: An ex and complacency/Cowboys, as effective as male condoms in 24115 33114 33116 33118 33120 33121 33122 33128 33129 33140 33157 33276 33426 33441 43282 43427 43563 60730 Cervical neoplasia and condylomata in a cohort of HIV-1 infected 60980 Iling and testing study/ Confidentiality and couple HIV counsellin 593*/24323 / / 60188 ncouraging self shared confidentiality promotes self and commu 33326 /Shared /Shared 43187 partner notification, and: An end to AIDS exceptio 43216 act of a major HIV/AIDS breach, Florida/Assessme 43421 al divisions, testing and /Legal issues relating to Ab 44167 lemmas of privacy and in the prevention of the furt 44190 care services in armed conflict situation/Strategies for providing 22452 uality of care for PWAs: Conflicting perspectives/Quality of care f 13493 S on heterosexual men/ Conflicts related to sexuality as determina 60822 d women in Vietnam/Is Confucius to blame? - HIV/AIDS and wo 60245 s disease: Case report/ Congenital HIV and Chagas disease: Cas 12159 r laboratory diagnosis?/ syphilis: Epidemiological or la 22198 est in umbilical cords/ syphilis and funisitis: Detectio 60443 omen/Prevalence of congenital CMV in children born to HIV-inf 12161 population in Kinshasa, Congo /Evaluation of STD services accept 13487 Democratic Republic of (DRC), while perception of risk of A 14109 Democratic Republic of (RDC)/HIV/AIDS case manageme 34178 Democratic Republic of /Setting up a geographic informatio 60720 Democratic Republic of (DRC)/What strategies for the HIV 60962 ary angiomatosis of the conjunctiva /Bacillary angiomatosis of the 22123 ami, New York City, and Connecticut /Acceptance of HIV testing a 43142 ual transmission of HIV/ Consensus on strategy to control sexual tr 44234 n Brazil: Searching for consensus /A multi-institutional street-you 43234 nhibitors and the end of /AIDS, virtually normal now? P 637*/44183 e in research/Voluntary consent to participate in research/Volunta 14358 of a prototype informed process for HIV vaccine efficacy t 43544 n practice/Adolescent for HIV testing: Discrepancies bet 44111 y/Obtaining informed for research in a country with ma 44128 risk for AIDS/Informed: The right to unbiased information 44130 ding young injectors in a conservative, suburban environment/Fin 23240 nerable populations in a religious setting/HIV/AIDS 43191 h other men (MSM) in a society/Reaching out to me 60901 ouncils and Title II Care Consortia /Self-assessment modules: Ev 44310 Study (WIHS) Chicago Consortium /Sources of dissatisfaction wi 12442 oma: AIDS Malignancy Study 002/Anti-tumour activit 22276 tudy (WIHS) - Chicago /Neurocognitive function pre 24149 n of Kenya AIDS NGOs (KANCO) Resource Centre u 60218 yping for a community consortium: Does enhancement of physic 32307 IDS information link: A of community organizations t 34320 y: A Kenya AIDS NGOs initiative/HIV/AIDS policy dev 43566 al impact of HIV/AIDS in Constanta, Romania/The reducing of per 43156 ation in Costa Rica wins constitutional challenge/Access to treat 536*/44104 Collaboration between consumers and providers in AIDS pediatri rable population/Chad of alcoholic drinks in drinking ts of street-entrenched on a self-help programme fou ed recipients of a HIV-1 contaminated clotting factor concentrate/ nce of HIV-1 accidental contamination among health care worker s of variants from three continents /HHV-8 Clades in Kaposis sar fected women/Current contraceptive practices and safer sex pra ds a better integration of counselling and HIV preve eropositive women and methods option, Santos, Br e long-acting injectable Depo Provera and integrity omen/Determinants of use and fertility decision-m vaginal microbicides be or non-contraceptive?/Sho s? Predictors of lack of use on first sexual intercour lied methods of barrier contraceptives among young women and sations (CBOs)/Taking control-PLWHAs and Australian AIDS co ease during pregnancy/ Control of maternal HIV-1 disease during L-SCID mouse system/ of HIV-1 proliferation and pathoge rium with viral burden/ of HIV replication requires virus-sp osphate (dTMP) levels/ of zidovudine phosphorylation: Th n of a AIDSCAP (AIDS and Prevention) project of sexuall ng herb medicine (3G)/ of neuropathy, loss of appetite, ski AIDS detected docume/ system of AIDS detected docume ines are involved in the control of HIV replication in vivo/Lack of e fection on tuberculosis: A prospective cohort study of Afric S/STDs prevention and in Tanzania/Alternative IEC interv gen (RemuneTM) on the of nuclear factor kappa-B activatio Mexican women: Case study/Prevalence of squamous int andomized trial of STD during pregnancy in Rakai, Ugand ion of HIV/An infection program to decrease the risk of oc D/AIDS prevention and:Integration of activities/Womens nce is used as a tool of and resistance in the organisation ments in HIV and AIDS, prevention and management: A c e future of randomised trials in the field of STDs: Or... wha of epidemiology and and prevention related articles - 1 HIV/AIDS/Coping and: Variation and relationships with h anisms of HPV-16 long region (LCR)/Modulation of DNA v 998/School-based STD: Three-year trends, 1995-1998/S o be an impact?/STD for HIV prevention in the US: Is the management and STD among female sex workers with as V/AIDS prevention and through creation of awareness by t CSW/Prevention and of STD/HIV transmission through IDS and inculcating the and preventive methods/Enlighte Missing link in HIV/AIDS. A situation analysis in Uganda/Di mmunity health care in of opportunistic infections among artnership in HIV/AIDS,situation analysis in Burkina Faso mes for prevention and of HIV/AIDS/Efficacy of awarenes y in Senegal/HIV/AIDS programm in Africa: A successfull V/AIDS prevention and efforts in Colombia/The impact of V/AIDS prevention and in Nigeria: How has the media cop er education and AIDS and prevention in an urban slum - CSW)/Prevalence and of STDs/HIV among commercial s s as an external quality for blood previously screened for H ELISA reader for quality of anti-HIV test/Evaluation of micr care in Africa/Placebo trials of short-course antiretroviral r ease/The Italian quality study for CD4 evaluation in HIV dis or HIV/AIDS patients to opportunistic infections/Affordabl erian HIV/AIDS and STI and prevention/The role of networ ettings/Prevention and of STD/HIV in the community/prim sex workers/AIDS/STD and prevention amongs commerci ed surveillance to direct toward populations where undetec al therapy vs. other HIV options in developing countries/C of hope: Selected STD approaches in Latin America and t s an strategy for STD /The integration of sexually transm aboration for HIV/AIDS in Uganda/Multi-sectoral collabor olicy for prevention and of HIV/AIDS in India/National polic ework to support AIDS and prevention from a human right S/STIS prevention and among commercial sex workers in onsensus on strategy to sexual transmission of HIV/Conse t: Population and AIDS project (PPLS)/The Multi-sectorial uation of national AIDS programme using prevention indic /Problems of HIV/AIDS in African prisons/Problems of HIV and HIV disease/Case study of gender identity disorder a e for the prevention and of STD/AIDS/Integral health servi ng and intervention on of sexually transmitted disease (S tion mechanism for STI and prevention/A tiered coordinati ive persons/Emotional, pain, sleep, and depression amon /Facial area infection /Facial area infection ng abstinence for AIDS in the Uganda youth/Promoting ab ormation technology in of HIV/AIDS in a developing countr d AIDS prevention and in Honduras, Central America/Co 24356 34182 34252 13380 23337 31193 13567 13569 23438 23462 24197 33160 60788 33126 34134 459*/12151 276*/21102 598*/31130 42264 43386 60259 60262 12109 613*/13259 14287 21212 22316 528*/23276 23340 234*/23451 24162 24168 24176 24187 24305 31223 33227 525*/33238 33254 107*/33256 33552 33594 34110 34124 34127 34160 34161 34180 34225 34316 41123 42102 42132 35*/42201 42203 69*/42425 43167 43199 43371 43442 43492 43528 43530 43540 44118 44121 44204 44234 44254 44317 60036 60177 60303 60347 60401 60558 60664 60848 60954 60973 bitors/Peptidic tongs constrained by a rigid spacer: A novel seri DS (PLWA), in resource and hostile environment/Nee ents/Conformationally pentamidine congeners as a for PLWHA in resource settings: Bridging gap action Mpigi District (Uganda)/ Constraints to condom distribution and us mes in Chinese society: and prospects/Developing c Dakar: Successes and constraints /The experimentation of the p a/Social and individual underlying the emergence of he most unique social /Social determinants of behav return to life via the HIV consumer council/One persons return to I 12289 12424 31212 60111 33110 34200 43188 43337 60912 24271

Page  41 12th World AIDS Conference control * C6te 41 SKeyword Abstract - -Keyword Abstract ry cats/A prospective, controlled study to evaluate the effect of a 11236 RS 070): A randomized trial to evaluate the efficacy and 12227 articipation in a placebo trial -The PENTA I trial/Parent 12261 orked/An HIV outbreak - A multi-faceted community a 13409 on trial: A randomized, trial of a risk reduction intervent 14273 analysis of randomized trials/Isoniazid prophylaxis fort 451*/22124 patients/Randomized, phase II trial of S.C. interleukin- 22420 ositive patient: Placebo trial of methylphenidate and pe 22429 ymptoms/Randomized trial of an innovative coping inte 22458 A double-blind placebo clinical trial/Thalidomide as a tr 32247 crease adherence in a trial of quadruple-drug therapy i 32364 ptability study of female methods of protection against 33130 a randomized, placebo phase I HIV-1 vaccine trial in U 33219 V testers/Randomised trial to evaluate an HIV test-cou 33270 n a high risk setting/A trial of condom provision and h 33383 persons living with HIV for disease staging in Vancouv 42284 s/Double blind placebo trial of oral dehydroepiandroste 42326 icipation in a medically heroin prescription program/R 43302 ne data/A randomised trial of a small-group behaviour 43311 ng females sex workers in STD clinic/Knowledge attitu 43358 acy trials/Randomized, evaluation of a prototype infor 43544 cing the challenges of a environment in New York State 44198 subjects/The effects of ethanol ingestion on HIV RNA I 60159 patitis B and C infection in a Swiss prison for women ov 60493 cells in seronegative controls /Increased expression of chemok 21119 mpared to HIV-negative /Syphilis in HIV infection compar 22202 + individuals and HIV- with and without progressive mult 32210 s and HIV-seronegative /Cytokine and chemokine produc 60787 ction in children is still a controversial issue/Diagnosis of HIV infe 32448 phyria cutanea tarda: A association with HIV infectio 60883 rophylaxis: Community controversies in San Francisco/Post-exp 251*/33179 unselling and testing for convicted people in Buenos Aires, Argenti 43415 erapy: 21 patients from Cook County Hospital, Chicago/Ritonavir 60619 eusing previously-used cookers, cottons, and rinse water and over 60349 s to create strategies to cope with AIDS/The challenge of partners 13429: Helping organizations with AIDS-related loss/Grief at work: 545*/24243 ry/Helping children to with illness or death in the family, by i 24298 How has the household coped? -A Nigerian case study/HIV/AIDS 34170 ria: How has the media?/Problems of communicating HIV/ 34225 sitive bank employee/ Coping with HIV/AIDS as an elite in the wo 13467 n HIV positive patients/ style is associated with mood and 14173 rom a qualitative study/ with HIV/AIDS: Results from a qua 24255 en living with HIV/AIDS/ and control: Variation and relation 24305 ns living with HIV/AIDS/ skills: The effectiveness of one-da 24351 ho-social reactions and coping strategies of patients with HIV/AID 12455 University of Brasilia in with the AIDS epidemic in the Fede 13484 upport, pessimism, and /Quality of life (QOL) in HIV infectio 14353 ed trial of an innovative intervention for HIV-positive individ 22458 r, Ethiopia/Caring and strategies of families living with TB 24212 nxiety, depression, and among HIV+ adolescents/Life stre 24224 DS caregivers: Test of a support model/Work-related stres 24300 e: Understandings and mechanisms learned during HIV pr 24302 ence and strategies for /Long-term HIV health care profes 24312 group and strategies of with HIV +ve patients/Support gro 24318 on quality of life, mood, and CD4 levels/Effects of self-man 42371 Personal experience in with HIV/Personal experience in 60123 ew medications change with HIV and AIDS?/Do new medi 60609 oop of HIV-1 subtype E/ Coreceptor use and MT2 tropism of HIV-1 11113 rved envelope residue/ utilization by divergent human 11115 rimary HIV-2 isolates/ usage by primary HIV-2 isolat 60683 deletion allele of CCR5 coreceptor gene in HIV infected and norm 11108 hild transmission/HIV-1 usage and CCR5 defective all 60834 C and CXC chemokine coreceptors in vivo correlates with HIV-1 8*/21134 ne/Inactivation of HIV-1 by intrakine/Inactivation of H 41242 HPG)/Evaluation of the corneal endothelium in rabbits treated with 11237 f AIDS cases through coroner services in S.o Paulo/lnvestigati 43457 he medical and infantry corps of the Nigerian Army/Comparison of 43388 AIDS education among corpus-based adolescents/Barriers to eff 13537 -49 years diagnosed in correctional facilities, US, 1993-1996/Ch 13265 nd needle distribution in centres in Ontario, Canada/I 43400 n: CDCs experience in health care/Intervening amo 43408 experience/A model for corrections and community health: A Can 43404 al study/Public health/ collaborations in the preventi 43405 se inhibitors and use of corticoids ointment/Buffalo Hump asso 12403 ed tuberculosis: Role of corticosteroids /Severe inflammatory rea 22130 cetate therapy/Severe cortisol deficiency related to high dose me 60367 uth/Using the Internet: Cost-effective way to expand AIDS preve 13342 ounselling programme/ model for developing a blo 33271 ased nursing care: The cost-effective way/Home based nursing c 483*/22466 he Caribbean (LAC): A strategy/Ensuring blood sa 33204 Tanzania and Kenya is nsive, wide, global and f pregnant women: Is it ral therapy (HAART) is n sub-Saharan Africa/ ntion for runaway youth/ ns in HIV-infected men/ f protease inhibitors/ g among blood-donors/ HIV and managed care: uation Working Group/ n developing countries/ ng: A decision analysis/ en in rural South Africa: ng/Breast or bottle? A opment of standards for m complex in AIDS/The atients? Insights from a on programs in the US/ Iling and testing study/ al (project RESPECT)/ esults from Cameroon/ or the HIV/AIDS care/ icacy of anti-HIV drugs/ r the European patient/ on modeling approach/: Results from the voluntary 580*/33277 /Publishing AIDS/STD Mexi 34379 in England? Study for the E 43134 compared to delayed treat 44243 Cost-effectiveness of isoniazid preventiv 450*/13278 of an intervention for r 14272 of screening for anal s 22307 of protease inhibitors/ 24125 of pooling blood samp 33201 of an interdisciplinary 42417 of primary HIV-preve 43220 of antiretroviral therap 43492 of partner notification 44248 cost-effectiveness and capacity/Antiretr 23297 evaluation of formula f 316*/24124 preventive approache 43537 of prophylaxis for Myc 479*/44238 evaluation/Should pla 44242 Cost comparison of alternatively structure to clients and willingness to pay for HI of preventing HIV via counselling: Re effectiveness of a HIV/AIDS peer edu and quality indicators for the analysis and efficacy of anti-HIV drugs/ of HIV infection for the European pati effectiveness of national investment f 13288 24135 33263 578*/33592 42217 42254 44214 44246 75*/12405 ncreased access at low cost in Burkina Faso/Care and treatment: se of the AZT-treatment /Method to decrease of the AZT-treat 12438 S: Results from the HIV and services utilization study (HCSU 13229 86-2002. Medical care estimates of HIV/AIDS patient/Estim 13469 phylaxis result in further savings by decreasing utilization of di 22369 e community level/The of HIV treatment and care at the com 24130 Canada: Utilisation and /Antiretroviral therapy in Ontario, Can 24131 AIDS/Incremental drug and survival between two antiretrovir 24134 -patients/Documented saving with low dose filgrastim for HIV 32147 the Internet at minimal: A guide for ASOs based on experien 33474 n clinical outcomes and in a university-based HIV/AIDS progr 42211 e world, one hope: The of making antiretroviral therapy availa 444*/42283 aid population/Use and of alternative therapies in an HIV-infe 42387 te dlvoire/Minimizing of decentralization of care to AIDS/HI 43519 nd minorities/Impact of saving strategies for access to pharm 44253 Itisite comparison/The of delivering a cognitive-behavioral HI 60215 ng with HIV/AIDS/Low protein diet for people living with HIV/ 60217 erapy/Potential use of of treatment and quality of life data for 60435 gnosticated in 1993, in Costa Rica/Determination of the surviving 13400 national AIDS survey in Rica, 1997/CAP national AIDS surv 23435 STD/HIV prevention in Rica/Bio-psychology and social car 43368 S affected population in Rica wins constitutional challenge/ 536*/44104 S and human rights: The Rican experience/HIV/AIDS and hu 60009 s in female prostitutes, Rica, 1997/Comparison study betw 60329 h and low risk women in Rica, 1997/HIV seroprevalence am 60332 V infection in Morocco/ Costeffectiveness of the strategies for dia 60039 nfected by HIV/CD28 costimulation increases virus replication i 60407 omic research initiative/ Costing HIV/AIDS: The Canadian HIV/AI 480*/24122 bservation database/ HIV using an observation databas 477*/24127 Nairobi, Kenya in 1997/ Costs of care for HIV-positive and HIV-neg 42446 ortality and health care costs for 6,297 AIDS patients in California 441*/12264 suring the net hospital and physician billings for the last thr 24121 omparative health care in a regional HIV/AIDS population/C 24126 alth status and hospital in a French cohort of HIV infected pa 24133 can result in lower total -3 year analysis/Recent advances i 24136 d translate to increased?/The CMA experience: Applying co 32405 ogram/Pharmaceutical associated with managing a populati 33191 ma: Inputs, outputs, unit, coverage, behavioural impact and b 33519 /Translating perceived of volunteerism into personal and col 34147 he economic and social from the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Colo 34150 d testing on outcomes, and patterns of therapy/Impact of dr 42173 s of care and estimated at an urban medical center during th 442*/42430 -1996/Analysis of unit in 23 condom social marketing progr 467*/44240 preliminary analysis of in Brazil/One day clinic (ODC) servi 44255 - How does it affect the for HIV care?/New principals for tre 60546 d healthcare utilization with increased use of protease inhibi 60578 patients in the interior of C6te dlvoire/Distribution of HIV-1 subtype 11182 utopsy data in Abidjan, dlvoire/Clinical manifestations of ad 12146 ban antenatal clinics in dlvoire, 1997/Prevalence of HIV and 13111 sis patients in Abidjan, dlvoire/HIV-1 RNA plasma viral load 13271 V-2 infections, Abidjan, dlvoire/HIV-1 plasma viral load in tu 13328 losis patients, Abidjan, dlvoire/HIV-1 plasma viral load and 13329 2000 - The situation in dlvoire/Strategies of HIV/AIDS prev 13390 rise. An example of the dlvoire/Profile of condom use by the 13466

Page  42 42 C6te * counsellors 12th World AIDS Conference -Keyword Abstract - SKeyword Abstract and at the University of dlvoire/AIDS/IEC in high schools an 13551 a in the west center of dlvoire, 430 km from Abidjan/Preven 13557 sex workers in Abidjan, dlvoire: Determinants of entry into se 14198 HIV infection in Abidjan, dlvoire/Case-control study of cervic 622*/22305 on of HIV-1 in Abidjan, dlvoire/Study drug adherence and to 31*/23280 sex workers in Abidjan, dlvoire/Presence of anti-HIV antibod 23515 king profiles in Bouake, dlvoire/Sex working profiles in Boua 23577 xperience of Abidjan, dlvoire/The impact of AIDS counselli 24346 ex workers in Abidjan, dlvoire/Immune activation markers 31147 kers (FSW) in Abidjan, dlvoire/Trends in condom use betwe 33101? A study from Abidjan, dlvoire/Where do female sex worker 33245 IDS Care NGO in the dlvoire/Attitudes of PWAs to counsel 33300 p HIV/AIDS in western dlvoire/Usage of preservatives in rur 33317 Two columns a week for dlvoire to draw general publics atten 33506 ollective of AIDS in the dlvoire/Community mobilization in A 34176 s of people with AIDS in dlvoire: People with AIDS as social r 34283 1 subtype A in Abidjan, dlvoire/Field evaluation of the HIV-1 41127 atient clinics in Abidjan, dlvoire/Assessment of eligibility for a 445*/42291 ience by an NGO in the dlvoire/HIV/AIDS care and preventi 42413 ry in peripheric areas of dlvoire, West Africa/Care service del 42424 disease unit in Abidjan, dlvoire/Out-patient hospital care of 42445 ex workers in Abidjan, dlvoire, 1992-1997/Decline in preva 182*/43236 em: The example of the dlvoire/AIDS education by peers in t 43412 on the health sector in dlvoire: Implementation of the expan 43518 ategies: Case study of dlvoire/Minimizing cost of decentrali 43519 he example of Abidjan ( dlvoire)/Model of simulation to estim 60694 pulations in Africa: The dlvoire experience/Determinants of 60986 E)/A randomized trial of cotrimoxazole and dapsone-pyrimethami 22181?/Why do people with a cough delay visiting their local health centr 22133 reatment Advocates Council /Swimming with the sharks: The H 42238 min service at the AIDS of New South Wales/The success 42375 rk State AIDS Advisory /Ethical principles to assure acces 44125 C)/The Global Business on HIV/AIDS (GBC)/The Global B 646*/44223 e via the HIV consumer council /One persons return to life via the 24271 or the AIDS prevention in Jalisco, Mexico/Developing the 534*/44145 ction of Title I Planning Councils and Title II Care Consortia/Self- 44310 haracteristics of clients counselled for HIV/AIDS between 1992-1 24341 d people in Lima, Peru/ nd testing (VCT) study/ s on adherence issues/ ng test for HIV infection/ inic at Mulago hospital/ V/AIDS care in Nigeria/ le living with HIV/AIDS/ /AIDS in a rural setting/ n of HIV/AIDS positives/ ntive HIV vaccine trials/ ho have sex with males/ nge for health workers/ mmunity, Lagos State/ uvres sociales/GCOS/ omen attending STD f comprehensive HIV e importance of patient from the voluntary HIV ymous HIV testing and from the voluntary HIV adults from a voluntary 1993 to date/HIV/AIDS ence/Extension of HIV erian experience/AIDS gration of contraceptive from the voluntary HIV ssment, education and couples requesting HIV ability of voluntary HIV zil/Risk perception and and refugees/Personal ex workers/STD/AIDS lingness to pay for HIV efulness, an innovative rom the voluntary HIV orphans/Importance of ntiality and couple HIV s needs/Voluntary HIV ao City/The role of peer rom the voluntary HIV eds for information and methodology/Teaching nt workers of Kerala - A Counselling HIV infected people in Lima, 22475 strategies: they work! Result 592*/24321 PWAs on adherence issues/ 24330 in the screening test for HIV i 33286 services for mothers attendin 33308 and the role of religion in HIV/ 33313 people living with HIV/AIDS/ 33318 and guiding the youth on HIV/ 33325,care and rehabilitation of HI 42459 issues in preventive HIV vacc 43550 /creating awareness about HI 60328 on STD, HIV and AIDS: A ch 60629 in reproductive health among 60857 within the Groupe chretien p 60866 Centre at Government Gener 60890 counselling, testing and care clinics in Indi 12422 and social support groups in a 12454 and testing study (VHCTS)/S 13116 clinics in northern Thailand, 1 13152 and testing study (VHCTS)/S 13165 and testing clinic in Kampala, 13324 in Butego community of Masa 13419 and testing in rural sites: the 13427 clinic outreach to private medi 13479 and HIV prevention: The proj 13569 and testing study/Validation 14107: Vital components in a vaccin 14254 and testing in Uganda/New r 23149 and testing (VCT) and interve 23310: HIV+ women in So Paulo, B 23430: A strong intervention to HIV/ 23585 - A prevention strategy to sex 23594 and testing in Kenya and Tan 24135 approach for entering the mill 24277 and testing (VCT) study/Cou 592*/24321 children/orphans/Importance 24322 encourage client disclosure o 593*/24323 and testing in Zambia and wo 24324 on HIV/AIDS education amon 24326 and testing study/Being teste 24328 on treatments issues/New ne 24332 to healthcare workers in Fran 24333 intervention programme/Inte 24335 nd the role of telephone in AIDS epidemic in Thailand 24337 uate pre- and post-test for HIV in two South African h 24340:Implications on future and training strategies/Patter 24341 nformation system on services at the AIDS Support 24343 re/The impact of AIDS in Africa: The experience of A 24346 egrating HIV/AIDS child in community health services 32446 sure: Opportunities for /Characteristics of individuals 33173 viding syphilis and HIV and testing on a same-day ba 33236 n context/Establishing intervention within governme 33260 els/Readiness for HIV and testing in a country with e 33261 st of preventing HIV via: Results from a randomized tr 33263 IV/AIDS hot-line and center in Egypt/Experience o 33264?/Clients views on HIV and testing - Is it helpful?/Cli 134*/33265 eed assessment for HIV of blood donors/Need assess 33267 es undergoing couples and testing reduce risk behav 33268 g study/Voluntary HIV and testing (VCT) reduces ris 133*/33269 eveloping a blood donor programme/Cost-effective m 33271 ding HIV risk reduction intervention for women/Motiv 33272 ention service use/HIV and testing referrals given to 33273 seeking an anonymous /testing service in Sao Paulo, 33275 g and testing study/HIV and testing in Tanzania and K 580*/33277 ndance at HIV post-test in Ethiopia/Factors associate 33280 ame day HIV voluntary and testing (VCT) improves o 33282 ses subjects/Impact of on HIV risk awareness and pr 33283 ng study/Impact of HIV and testing on married couple 33288 boration/Strengthening services through a governme 33289 n Thailand/Anonymous and testing clinics for HIV/AID 33290 ng for pre- and post test in Poland/Educating for pre- 33298 e/Attitudes of PWAs to: The experience of an AIDS C 33300 ssues/Client-centered and the continuing problem of 33303 al realities of HIV/AIDS in a developing country with h 33306 Nigeria: Implications for /Extent of AIDS awareness a 33309 ural area/Community interventions in a rural area/ 33314 challenge in promoting services - Uganda experienc 33315 kers in pre and post test for HIV tests/Training of healt 33319 /Phone /Phone 33323 entina/HIV testing and at a primary care health cente 33330 adolescents/Outreach by pre-adolescents/Outreac 33361 rketing/Promoting HIV and testing to adolescents: co 33434 IV/AIDS hot-line and center in Egypt/Lessons lear 33459 Unlinked & anonymous to the general public through 139*/33473 onse of communities to /Assessing the social impact 34168 997/Pre- and post test in patients admitted in two me 42455 f HIV/AIDS testing and on patients and clients in a Na 42467 e administration of HIV and testing to young couples i 43114 nd solutions adopted in clients while giving same day 43115 eliminary findings/HIV and testing among parturient 43117 ng for marriage and HIV and testing in Uganda/Planni 43138 ity and outreach-based and testing services: A progra 43139 Clinic/Pre 2nd post test service at the Awanama (Ano 43149 ous HIV screening and centre in Budapest, Hungary/ 43150 xpand information and on AIDS prevention all over th 43215 s Aires, Argentina/HIV and testing for convicted peo 43415 o/Use of HIV-antibody and testing data to estimate ti 43482 garding HIV education, and voluntary testing/A surve 43561 partner notification and and testing: A decision analys 44248 ms/Assessment of HIV and testing services (CTS) for 44306 tive care/end of life and in HIV/AIDS/cancer patients/ 60069 technique in HIV/AIDS training course/The promotio 60077 y HIV testing and model centre - A pilot project/Volunt 60139 S/STD/Pre-marital sex as a preventive strategy for HI 60226 sive assessment of HIV and testing practices among 60526 AIDS)/Psycho-spiritual: An alternative approach to d 60537 esting from prevention at SFGH (San Francisco Gen 60557 el-pre and post-HIV-test multisector strategy for imple 60573 at STD clinics/Intensive at STD clinics/Intensive 60590 cle of care: Beyond HIV and testing/A circle of care: B 60636 AS/Reproductive health among PLWHIV/PWAS/Rep 60711 stics for clients at a HIV and testing (CT) centre in Ug 60726 nce with HIV testing and in Latvia/HIV-positive person 60739 ancy: What happens in /HIV testing in pregnancy: Wh 60815 phone and face to face at an AIDS research centre in 60956 nd/Needs identified by staff in a southern province of 60997 HIV/AIDS educator and counsellor living with HIV in a remote rural 24301 artner?/What should a do if volunteer refuse to share 24325 hallenges a youth peer trained for a high institution of I 33583 Why the participation of counsellors is important/Why the particip 24345 HIV/AIDS peer support /A training program for HIV/AI 24368 IV/AIDS/STD front line: Opportunities and challenge 33329 g medical education for in AIDS service organizations 42234

Page  43 12th World AIDS Conference counsellors * CSF 43 -Keyword Abstract-- Keyword Abstract-- ges/dilemmas faced by in HIV/AIDS/Problems/challe I load, and CD4+ T-cell count /The role of HIV-1 phenotype in viral al AIDS after CD4+ cell falls below 200//zl/Predictive value Viral load and CD4-cell under a triple-therapy with nelfinavir /Changes in CD4+ cell and the risk of opportunistic infectio DS diagnosis by a CD4 of <200 cells/pL/AIDS diagnosis by nfection and CD4+ cell in peripheral blood/HPV DNA in cer Viral load and CD4 cell in injecting drug users (IDUs) newly i on drug users/CD4 cell and viral load in HTLV-II and HIV copatients with <50 CD4 /Impact of indinavir with zidovudine roportional to CD4 cell and plasma HIV RNA copy number/ als with stable CD4 cell above 200/gL/Withdrawal of primar y on viral load and CD4 in HIV infected children <36 months epression and CD4 cell as predictors of quality of life in HIVc neuropathy and CD4 /Sexual dysfunction in patients with patients with CD4 cells below 50 treated with combined anti S)/HIV RNA, CD4+ cell, and immune activation markers pre Significance of CD4 cell and HIV viral load on CMV retinitis tr t questioning versus pill as an assessment of compliance/V Plasma viral load, CD4 and p24 antigenemia in HIV-infecte of the total lymphocyte to accurately predict the CD4+ T-cel nts with >400 CD4 cell /Longitudinal study of CD8 T cell acti and CD4+ lymphocyte as a response to treatment changes viral load (VL) and CD4 /Changing highly active antiretrovira ucosal lesions, CD4, viral load and other covariates in wo according to initial CD4 /Virological response to protease in al load and CD4 T cells /Quadritherapy including RTV/SQV een viral load and CD4 in patients with and without treatme 60227 12126 12133 12256 12331 13214 13293 191*/13302 13326 14339 21165 22179 22364 24223 32125 32149 506*/32167 32243 32373 42180 42187 42190 43473 60178 60299 60812 60966 60991 +;, Tuberculin+ Adults ( CPCRA004 /ACTG177/CDC/PAHO)/A ran 447*/22126 omen in 1996-1997 ( CPCRA 038)/Body composition in HIV-inf 32169 ical research on AIDS ( ) in 1996-1997/Body cell mass (B 42333 CD4 < 200 cells/mm3: 038/Protein intake is associated 42339 d HIV disease from the 039 trial/Serum carnitine levels in 60508 nomes in cell culture by CpG methylation/Inactivation and reactiva 11127 ymphocyte precursors ( CPLp )/Detection of memory T cells in HIV 216*/41103 tudy of sexual norms of crack-using women/Sharing men and HI 23418 V risk reduction among women/Motherhood as an o 43264 ntion for urban and rural crack users/HIV sexual risk reduction: An 14165 al staining, microscopic count nostic value of CD4 cell count V-2/CD4+ lymphocyte roon/CD4+, CD8+ cell ve subjects with CD4+ ral therapy lowers CD8 It population with CD4 tries/Total lymphocyte sma viral load and CD4 tory cohort/Serial CD4 RT) on CD4 lymphocyte s relation to CD4 T-cell sma viral load and CD4 mple in the US/Culture ies in plasma and CD4 ating naive CD8+ T cell ents with CD4+ T cells tients with low CD4 cell ith CD4+T lymphocyte I/CD4+ T lymphocytes IV RNA levels and CD4 nd total lymphocyte cell en helper T-lymphocyte an HIV population/CD4 HIV+ adults with CD4+ V RNA levels and CD4 e of monitored CD4 cell naive patients with CD4 CD8 lymphocyte subset nfection in a discordent ing methods in estimation of periphe 60416 s: The EuroSIDA study/Impact of an 12106 and HIV disease progression in su 12113,CD4/CD8 ratio and clinical feature 12138 >400 cells/p l and viral load >5000 286*/12204 toward the normal range/Early inte 150-350/mm3 and predominantly i as an alternative to CD4 counts in r before and after anti-tuberculosis t following HIV seroconversion in a in France/Impact of highly active a and disease progression in a Danis in surviving and non-surviving HIV-: Understanding the context of unpr to human papillomavirus (HPV) pr /Highly active antiretroviral therapy from 200 to 500//l and plasma RN /Antiretroviral combination therapy and T cell function in long-term AID of HIV infected women seeking an when assessing all-cause mortalit to opportunistic infections in PHIV/ obtained by zymmune and flow cyt as a surrogate marker in Indian HI 200-499/mm3/Effects of aerobic a in HIV positive subjects/The effect: Predictions of the AIDS epidemic i of 20-300/mm3/A randomized stu at different ages among HIV-1 peri couple: A study conducted in Littoral, Cam 12215 12241 12426 13271 13316 13318 13327 13329 14223 22317 22345 22383 22408 31109 33275 42159 42189 42193 42194 42328 60159 60237 60397 60790 22200 ommercial sex among smokers in a sample of injecting dru on condom use/Use of cocaine after HIV diagnosis and imp ment African-American abusers/HIV risk and alcohol use in haviors associated with cocaine use: Implications for risk red nce in male and female users attending a residential drug-fr reduction programs for users/Using perceived status and p V risk reduction among users/Behavioral beliefs and situati f injection drug use and smoking for HIV seroprevalence/Re f HIV transmission/The crime of HIV transmission/The ures in South America/ Criminal laws and their impact on the esta smission in the UK/The criminalization of HIV transmission in the ted patients/Indinavir ( Crixivan ~) in combination with two nucleo are for migrant labors cross-border neighbouring countries Thai w of Chinese-Myanmar drug demand reduction and HIV-1 clade-B infection/ Cross-clade envelope gp160, gag p55 an h Americans and Thais/ cytotoxic T cell response to H fected Ugandan adults/ HIV-1 specific cytotoxic T lym nant gp120 SF2/HIV-1 cross-clade lymphoproliferative response city and sexual health: Cross-cultural experiences in learning ab esistance: A model for cross-cultural treatment education to ena uritius and Sri Lanka/A cross-national analysis of female adolesc tive patients frequently cross-react with different HIV-1 gag subty kocytoclastic vasculitis; cross-reactivity with ritonavir/Indinavir-in enotypic and genotypic cross-resistance among protease inhibito al sequence variability: Cross-sectional study representing all sta en with HIV infection/A cross-sectional descriptive survey of fact ention and behavior: A and prospective design c ical manifestations - A study in a cohort of HIV-in rapine: A retrospective, cross-study analysis/Once-daily dosing o on of HIV/The Thai Red Cross donation campaign to prevent moth tance drivers (LDD) in River State, Nigeria/The impact of a nd confers little NRTI cross resistance/3TC resistance is associ Curbing the menace of border prostitution in the spread of H est Bengal/Developing sectoral networks in India: A case st ntiretroviral therapy/A sectional evaluation of participants e est London/Whos cruising who? A study of the socio-sexual ho have sex with men in areas in downtown Guatemala Ci ront line pioneer ASOs crusade despite resource crunch/Front lin obulin formation/Mixed cryoglobulin emia in HIV-1 infected patien HIV positive patient with cryoglobulinemia /Successful antiretrovir obulin formation/Mixed in HIV-1 infected patien al technique utility in the cryptoccocosis diagnosis in Cuban VIH/ in Africa/The impact of cryptococcal disease and therapy implica o amphotericin alone in meningitis/Amphotericin co dult AIDS patients with meningitis/A pilot study of t V positive patients with infections at Mpilo Central H patients/Asymptomatic meningitis in 2 HIV+ patient -based surveillance for cryptococcosis in the US: 1993-94 vs. 19 factors of mortality from /Conditioning factors of m ects of lanoconazole on Cryptococcus neoformans infection in M eptibility of 23 strains of neoformans isolated from rculosis/Regulation of neoformans infection in M e 2 T cell responses on neoformans infection in M isk of presentation with cryptosporidiosis as an AIDS-defining co ness and importance of cryptosporidium - A 7-year study in Calc e and consequences of oocysts in drinking wate /Waterborne diseases, and water quality laws/ ed patients/Infusion of cryropreserved autologous lymphocytes bacavir (ABC) reduces CSF viral load in HIV-infected children (CN 23212 23364 23421 23425 23560 43241 60741 60850 44113 33397 44117 12350 42427 43194 601 */31122 602*/31128 31139 497*/21201 14224 32363 14124 31149 60274 230*/42195 11158 14187 24171 61004 12360 23278 33373 32299 33355 34374 60465 13424 33365 44256 60655 22330 60655 60066 22223 22226 60231 60282 60452 13240 22225 11235 31213 60313 60314 13242 31222 31226 43559 60771 12252 dy/Confidentiality and HIV counselling encourage client d 593*/24323 tuation/The efforts of a living with AIDS: An useful instrum 34302 mong male homosexual couples: Methodological issues/Level of a 14105 ng serodiscordant male /HAART, attitudes, and risk beha 643*/14136 sexual HIV-discordant /Awareness of PEP and viral supp 14146 mong HIV discordant in northern Thailand/Factors influ 14169 ussion among married and its implications in STD/HIV/AI 205*/14213 Switzerland, 1997/Gay and protection against HIV/AIDS, 23128 cordance rates among requesting HIV counselling and te 23149 of Uganda/Discordant! A silent high risk group in HIV tra 23165 igh risk HIV negative: Preliminary results from a study a 23166 scordant heterosexual /Methodologic issues in outcome 258*/24169 ntercourses among the of HIV infected partners/Awarene 24344 scordant heterosexual (female infected with HIV): Issues 32425 /A prospective study of who use the female condom: Exp 33132 erodiscordant married undergoing couples counselling a 33268 and testing on married in three developing countries: Re 33288 ng and testing to young in rural regions of western Kenya/ 43114 sexual HIV-discordant in northern California is influence 43428 Profile of heterosexual with HIV infection attending in a re 60707 hlamydia trachomatis in Coventry, UK 1992-1996/Socio-demogra 23373 oms and complacency/ Cowboys, condoms and complacency/ 43563 pine (NVP) can reduce the cerebrospinal fluid ( antitation of JC virus in A in cerebrospinal fluid ( n cerebrospinal fluid ( ve disorder/Change in d in cerebrospinal fluid ( s in cerebrospinal fluid ( and cerebrospinal fluid ( es/Cerebrospinal fluid ( od-cerebrospinal fluid ( HIV-1 viral load in pediatric patients wi 12253 ) of AIDS patients without CMV diseas 22262 AND urine prognostic value of CSF JC 22266 ) as predictive value of primary cerebr 22324 ) HIV-RNA levels: Preliminary results/ 32197 RNA level correlates with the effects o 32198 ), plasma and CNS involvement in HIV 32201 ) compartment/Evidence for independ 563*/32284 ) polymerase chain reaction (PCR)/N 41156 ) versus plasma HIV RNA levels in pati 42170 ) barrier/Brain delivery of anti-HIV dru 42270

Page  44 44 CSF e cytokine 12th World AIDS Conference SKeyword Abstract ) in cerebrospinal fluid ( ) using multiple lumbar punctures of fe 42271 ny stimulating factors ( ) in an HIV treatment centre: CSF initia 42436 arr virus (EBV) PCR of:Is it useful in the diagnosis of primary 60496 al lesions: Diagnosis by PCR/Necropsy-proven Toxoplasma 60647 on cerebrospinal fluid ( ) in patients with HIV infection/Prospe 60734 antitation of JC virus in CSFAND urine prognostic value of CSF JC 22266 mmercial sex workers ( CSW ): The case of Malawi/The challenges 33535 eer educators amongst /Prevention and control of STD/HIV tr 33552 mmercial sex workers ( ): Results from Cameroon/Cost effec 578*/33592 mmercial sex workers ( )/Prevalence and control of STDs/HI mmercial sex workers ( ) and drivers at Mamou and Tamagly t homeless adolescent and single homeless mothers in Map mmercial sex workers ( ) in Kathmandu?/Can one organize lo mmercial sex workers ( ) and drivers at Mamou and Tamagly mong truck drivers and CSWS along the National Highway 7 at Ho DS transmission amony and their clients: Lessons from a 7 -mmercial sex workers ( CSWs ) in Borno State, Nigeria/Impact of H mmercial sex workers ( ) in a suburban London low HIV prev nge of sex behaviour in in Red Ligh area, Multan/Change of mmercial sex workers ( )/Prevention of HIV/AIDS and pavin mmercial sex workers ( ) and their clients in Cameroon/The ommercial sex workers ( )/lmpact of DESH intervention/awer ractise and behavior of in North Chennai/Knowledge, attitu IDS scenarios (BMH1- CT 94-1723)/Epidemiological impact of HI CHOP chemotherapy ( ) and highly active antiretroviral therapy nd-line chemotherapy ( ) with CDE (cyclophosphamide, doxoru e combination therapy ( )/Skin manifestations in patients under t omplementary therapy ( ): Changes in patterns of use among HI plastic chemotherapy ( ) in AIDS-related non-Hodgkins lympho ounselling and testing ( ) centre in Uganda/HIV risk characterist DS anonymous testing ( CTA ) - Alternative approach of prevention ia: Recombination and CTL epitope variation/Cloning of full-lengt etics and persistence of response in macaques and mice injec inant canarypox virus/ induction in macaques using intraven t subunit boost/CD8 + induced in AIDS vaccine evaluation gr d MHC class I restricted induction/CD86 confers and directs a 5 and pol specific CD8+ responses early following HIV-1 clade on/Rare occurrence of escape mutations in HIV-1 infection/ ytotoxic T lymphocyte ( ) epitopes identified in studies of Thai us-specific helper and function and levels of CTL activity are i ytotoxic T lymphocytes ( ) in HIV-1 infected children: CTL recog ition of two overlapping epitopes by CTL from a long-term non ytotoxic T lymphocytes ( ) recognition of drug-induced variants i cytotoxic T lymphocyte ( ) activity in HIV-1-infected Ugandan ad ytotoxic T lymphocytes ( ) from HIV-2 positive patients frequentl of HIV-epitope-specific by HIV-peptide pulsed, allogeneic den d IL4, on HIV-1 specific activity/Effect of the Thl and Th2 stim pecific cytotoxic T-cell ( ) activity against HIV-1 proteins is not HIV-1 vaccine regimen/ and neutralizing antibody responses ection/Persisting clonal responses in vertical HIV-1 infection/ ancement of anti-HIV-1 CTLm responses in advanced infection/Pr totoxic T lymphocytes ( CTLs) in Thai exposed uninfected (EU) fe spital)/Hospital-based CTRPN: Uncoupling diagnostic testing fro g and testing services ( CTS ) for women in US Government funded Is diagnosed in 1986 in Cuba /Disease progression in a cohort of H omosexual and AIDS in /Homosexual and AIDS in ive against HIV/AIDS in /New alternative against HIV/AIDS in toccocosis diagnosis in Cuban VIH/AIDS patients/Serological tec HIV infected child/First record of mucormycosis in a HIV inf S prevention in Malawi/ Cultural beliefs; barriers to sex discussion mpact on women/ impact on women/ gay and bisexual men/ activism and community mobilizat d immigrants in Israel/ mediator outreach program incre inority communities/ competence as capacity: Assessi women to HIV infection/ factors contributing to the vulnera essing geographic and cultural distances/HIV education in native mic, political, social and determinants of high risk behavio mmunity/Economic and factors leading to risky behaviours n/Cognitive frames and responses to AIDS education/Co stern Brazil/The role of and social world of MHSM in the ri anda/The dilemmas of reforms in the era of HIV/AIDS: Th Province, Zambia/The dimension as a determinant of be ment: Psychosocial and obstacles for HIV/AIDS preventio ogramme/Considering backgrounds when establishing s HIV prevention through presentation/Mobilizing transgen nheritance and Chira impediments in HIV and AIDS con ess to care for language/ /racial minorities/Improving acces AIDS awareness/Multi peer group project creates effectiv mination of gender and differences/Self-disclosure of HIV ated homophobia? The production of AIDS bodies/Mediat 41123 43322 43343 43369 43372 33107 33601 23344 23522 23570 34242 43161 43356 60071 13182 22289 22297 32271 42379 60487 60726 33322 11194 11242 11243 495*/21192 21195 601*/31122 31125 603*/31127 598*/31130 604*/31132 31135 31137 31139 31149 31150 31153 31155 33221 60383 112*/31124 599*/31120 60557 44306 13167 34172 34307 60066 60863 205*/14213 14242 43178 43243 60392 60846 13410 14199 14206 14214 14239 14245 14248 14289 14328 574*/23530 24168 32422 38*/33517 34198 34223 Keyword Abstract ogrammes/Social and factors that interfere with sex work 34276 k behavior and a socio- study among female sex workers f 43327 h marked linguistic and diversity/Obtaining informed con 44128 ommunity/Overcoming barriers and disclosures in the Afri 60006 mong the adolescents ( and religious)/Community respon 60011 to HIV infection/Social factors that promote female circu 60057 ocio-economic factors, practices and emerging behaviour 60687 n university students?/ Culturally appropriate persuasive commu 14172 ican inner-city women/ specific AIDS prevention needs 14235 a, are in urgent need of culturally specific and feasible AIDS prev 14209 sexual health risks for a diverse group of South African I 14238 social identity is part of competent HIV care for sexual 32355 on program/Creating a appropriate behavioral preventi 33553 prospects/Developing sensitive AIDS programmes in 34200 y, Maputo City, 1995/A acceptable educational approac 43251 rban sample in the US/ Culture counts: Understanding the context 14223 ents and homosexuals:, gender ideology, and perceived ri 14244 ected by passage in cell culture /Isolation of MIP-la-resistant macr 11110 d HIV-1 genomes in cell by CpG methylation/Inactivation a 11127 T inhibitors in long-term of HIV-1-infected cells/Drug combi 12362 anifestations of popular /STD/AIDS prevention on manifest 33485 g of an AIDS preventive /Sexual activities of young people: 33578 ation, gender, sexuality, and risk taking: An analysis of infec 43306 om the end/Calling in a - the beginning from the end/Calli 43378 cy and the dependency /Peer group advocacy and the de 60420 newal capacity in organ is diminished in PBMC of HIV-1 inf 60796 cy and the dependency /Peer group advocacy and the de 60885 nd apoptosis in fresh or cultured lymphocytes from HIV-infected c 12180 adult Simian astrocytes cultures /Chemotactic cytokines and their 21144 d slL-2R in lymphocyte from patients receiving antiretrovi 21191 rom bone marrow cells of AIDS patients/Enhanced of ph 31187 a/Mycobacterial blood to detect disseminated BCG amo 60311 ug users in Amsterdam: Cumulative incidence, determinants and i 12291?/What role for routine curative health services in the detection of 33247 esione Necessaria alle Cure Erogate in HIV/COMPLIANCE in HI 32386 ulosis drugs alternative cure for HIV infected people/Tuberculosis 33258 atients with an STD are cured by health services?/A closer look at 33234 e quality of policies and curricula /School AIDS education: Improvi 13503 nt of an HIV prevention curriculum for gay/lesbian/bisexual youth 13418 erference of traditional customs with HIV/AIDS prevention in a Ug 33311 HIV infection/Porphyria cutanea tarda: A controversial association 60883 n HIV-infected children/ Cutaneous disorders in HIV-infected child 32273 nTM) gel as treatment of cutaneous AIDS-related Kaposis sarcom 618*/22277 D1057, ALRT1057) for AIDS-related Kaposis sarcom 619*/22283 IV infection/Stability of anergy in women with or at risk 31209 ceral KS/Patients with Kaposis sarcoma (KS) have hi 60499 nacea to female genital cutting (FGC) and the associated risks of 23384 bution of non-harming cocaine substances to drug dealer 33414 d CD8+ T-cell killing via CXC-R4/ENV interactions during HIV infec 275*/21164 cuous usage of CC and CXC chemokine coreceptors in vivo correl 8*/21134 I effects and modulates CXCR-4 expression in lymphoid cells/CD3 41234 e for CCR5-, but not for CXCR4-dependent HIV/Thl and Th2 lym 13*/21147 he chemokine receptor CXCR4 and potent inhibitors of HIV/Bicycl 57*/11107 entry/A small molecule inhibitor that blocks T-cell line-tropi 11117 pic HIV strains through stimulation/MIP-la, MIP-1l and R 11119 rone increases CCR5,, and CCR3 expression/Repertoire 335*/21109 eractions with the CD4/ receptor complex/Signal transduc 21140 ovel antagonist of the receptor/Anti-HIV activity of AMD 41183 -1 resistant to modified cyclodextrin sulfate (mCDS) 71 in vitro/D 41198 herapy (CT) with CDE ( cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, etoposi 22297 olipase A2 activation in cynomolgus monkey lymphocytes/CD4/ 11230 shed-SIV/HIV model in monkeys with rapid CD4+ ly 21167 ission of SIVmac251 in Macaques as an animal mod 33156 ccine for HIV-1 protects monkeys from SHIVMN chall 33213 -1 patients/The benign cystic lymphoepithelial lesion (BLL) of the 32137 h ganciclovir implants/ Cystoid macular edema in diabetic patient 32236 of in vivo impairment of cytochrome P450-mediated metabolism b 12390 ors/In vitro inhibition of cytochromes P-450 2D6 and 3A4 by HIV 12382 e PBMC-based assay/ Cytokine and chemokine assays for IL-2, I 21184 ells in HIV+ individuals: -seronegative controls/ omeostasis and type 1 cytokine teration of intracellular y (HAART)/Patterns of appa-B activation and uced /-chemokine and e, chemokine receptor, ent for MAC infection on nine enkephalin: a new TC vs. AZT + ddl) on producing lymphocyte precursor and chemokine production by lu synthesis/Impact of potent antisynthesis in CD4+ and CD8+ cell production analysed at single cell production in primary human T c response in pregnant HIV-1 infec and monokine levels in HIV-1-inf expression in HIV-infected perso inhibits HIV replication in PBMC/ production and apoptosis in asy 216*/41103 60787 219*/21169 217*/21171 221 */21176 21212 23279 60132 60279 60525 60657

Page  45 12th World AIDS Conference cytokine * data 45 SKeyword Abstr s oultures/Chemotactic cytokines and their receptor expression in ntibodies and type-1 IL-2 and IL-12/Glucocorticoid h uction of type-1, type-2 and /-chemokines in HIV+ pati IV RNA and levels of,chemokines and soluble factor duction of chemotactic and immune function in children h1 and Th2 stimulatory, IL-12 and IL4, on HIV-1 specific neurons/Inflammatory and HIV-1 associated neurodeg ction/Pro-inflammatory and insulin resistance in HIV inf els of pro-inflammatory after pneumococcal immunizati h pulmonary infections/ Cytological profile in bronchoalveolar lava: A clinical, histological, cytological and immunohistochemical stu ments of HIV-1-specific cytolytic T lymphocyte activity using froze rence of CMV disease/ Cytomegalovirus (CMV) blood dissemina and laboratory findings/ encephalitis in eight pat s without CMV disease/ (CMV) in the cerebrospi n HIV-infected women/ and herpes simplex viru n HIV-infected patients/ screening in HIV-infect f HIV-positive patients/ (CMV) DNA detection u ar inoculation of human cytomegalovirus (CMV)/Long-term obse sappearance of human (HCMV) in blood of AID RT/Predictive value of (CMV)-PCR and pp-65 f ong lasting remission of retinitis (CMV-R) withou V-infected patients with (CMV) retinitis/Gancicl DS patients/The role of (CMV)-Antigenemia as he detection of plasma (CMV) DNA and CMV re maintenance therapy of (CMV) retinitis: Experie lian AIDS patients with retinitis (CMV-R)/HLA c rization in a patient with retinitis/Extensive optic nts expressing human UL97 genes from GCV-r ovir therapy/Kinetics of in vivo in HIV infected p disease/Distribution of (CMV) envelope glycop s/Incidence of resistant (CMV) in patients being or retinal detachment in retinitis/Laser photocoa ion for the treatment of retinitis (CMV-R) in a da in Tunisia/Detection of (CMV) DNA among imu herapy for treatment of infection/The safety of c mine the prevalence of retinitis in the age of HA zone-derivatives inhibit replication in human cell rted vision measures in retinitis and AIDS/Resp mparison between flow cytometric and manual staining, microsco nses measured by flow cytometry in HIV-1-infected subjects/CM A new approach to flow based CD4 T-cell enumeration Ils phenotyping by flow: A quality assurance programm d by zymmune and flow methods/Comparison between ease may play a role in cytopathogenesis and the development o leucoplakia/Diagnosis cytopathologic of sub-clinical hairy leuco n cell tropism spectrum, cytopathology peculiarities and clinical fe proteins/The role of the cytoskeleton of HIV-infected cells as the tr 1 reverse transcriptase/ Cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL) recognitio ntiretroviral treatment/ T lymphocytes and viral load in nt HIV-1 gag subtypes/ T lymphocytes (CTL) from HIVes: Role of HIV specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes/DNA vaccine en y of multiple HIV CD8+ T cells epitopes/A polytope vac ubtype E/HIV-specific T lymphocytes (CTLs) in Thai ex rrelates/HIV-1 specific T-lymphocyte responses in unin A-A11 HIV-1 subtype E T lymphocyte (CTL) epitopes ide and Thais/Cross-clade T cell response to HIV-1 protein -2 elicits a Gag-specific T-cell response in juvenile but n IV clades/HIV-specific T lymphocytes (CTL) in HIV-1 inf ss-clade HIV-1 specific T lymphocyte (CTL) activity in HI munization/SIV-specific T lymphocytes induced by DNA i eath/Levels of specific T-cell (CTL) activity against HIVositive mothers/Strong T cell responses detected in the 0 cells/jiL/HIV-specific T lymphocytes in asymptomatic Its/Anti-GM2 mediated antibody in HIV-infected adults/ act 21144 21160 220*/21170 21178 21190 31153 32200 32276 60488 60281 41167 31156 22248 22253 22262 32135 42420 60622 11231 14*/22237 22241 22244 22247 22251 22265 22270 22272 22273 31199 31202 31203 32233 32238 32244 60013 60195 60550 60651 60713 60416 31180 41116 42182 42193 21150 60514 21158 11137 31137 31138 31149 11240 21193 599*/31120 600*/31123 603*/31127 602*/31128 31129 604*/31132 31139 31145 31155 31157 31158 60458 - Keyword Abstra ination with stavudine ( ) and lamivudine (3TC) in HIV patients d, comparative study of + ddl + IDV versus ZDV + 3TC + IDV in oing study/Stavudine ( ), didanosine (ddl), and nelfinavir comb ontaining to stavudine ( )-containing regimens in the Pacific Oa double therapy (ZDV/ + 3TC) vs triple therapy (d4T + 3TC + i ine (ddl) ~ stavudine ( ) in high/low dose combinations in an a GC) in combination with /DDC/MIKADO: Saquinavir soft gel ca s RTV/SQV/stavudine ( ) (the Prometheus study): Preliminary r of therapy/Stavudine ( ), nelfinavir (NFV) and nevirapine (NV 3TC), and stavudine ( )-didanosine (ddl) in healthy volunteer ART (saquinavir-SGC, and ddC) initiation in previously untrea es/ml)/Double (3TC + ) vs triple (3TC + d4T + saquinavir) ther ombination stavudine ( ), didanosine (ddl) and nevirapine (NV (3TC), and stavudine ( ) in therapy naive HIV-infected patients ologic efficacy of 3TC + vs. 3TC + d4T + SQV in HIV-1 infected t 72 weeks/Stavudine ( ), didanosine (ddl) and ritonavir as a tri ZT + 3TC + indinavir vs + 3TC + indinavir for HIV infection in pr domised clinical trial of + 3TC + SQV + NFV with or without int s RTV/SQV/stavudine ( ) on cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) HIV-RN esistance to stavudine ( ) after long-term monotherapy/Genoty of therapeutic failure to /3TC combination/M184V mutation is ession after 12 months/ plus 3TC or AZT plus 3TC - Viral load r/stavudine (RTV/SQV/ ) in a randomized clinical trial: Prelimin in patients treated with, ddl ~ hydroxyurea (HU)/Assessment al effect of AZT versus in combination with 3TC and indinavir i with ritonavir (RTV) and in patients with advanced HIV disease nhibitor (PI) regimens ( +3TC+IDV vs. d4T+RTV+SQV) in preed patients treated with + 3TC + indinavir (IDV)/Long-term foil T containing stavudine ( ), lamivudine (3TC) and saquinavir/Fat herapies for HIV/AIDS/ DAAIR project to provide free, comprehen cation (PHE) outreach/ Daily activity form as monitory tool for peer stained efficacy of once daily administration of didanosine in combi ea once daily/DDI once vs twice daily alone and also with hyd s-study analysis/Once- dosing of nevirapine: A retrospective, tween single and twice dosing of ganciclovir/Induction treat kfurt HIV cohort/Once- therapy (NVP/ddl/3TC) for the IVDU nfection taking a twice- clarithromycin regimen/Adherence p experience with a once- dosing antiretroviral combination ther kers/Safety of multiple applications of COL-1492, a nonoxyn ddl and 3TC both once plus indinavir bid/Short-term efficacy h clarithromycin 500 mg /MAC prophylaxis with clarithromycin )/Bacterial vaginosis in Dakar (Senegal)/Bacterial vaginosis in n Senegal. Enda sante,, Senegal/A community based appr enegal: Enda Sante,, Senegal/A community based appr n an illeterate suburb of: Successes and constraints/The ex on among prostitutes in /Experimental activity of reconversi ale population/Project DALIA: Women at workplace - Information Is/Either mithocondrial damage or Fas activation mediate apoptos t. Petersburg/Study of dangerous behavioral patterns in teenage istrict/Communicating dangers of HIV infection among illiterate m sease progression in a Danish cohort of HIV infected individuals/ al of cotrimoxazole and dapsone-pyrimethamine for primary prop hort of police officers in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania/Incidence of HI d probability sample of es Salaam, Tanzania: Results from the al STD clinic for them in es Salaam: A preliminary report/Unus educators experience in es Salaam, Tanzania outreach progra er 1997/HIV-2 in Spain: Data from the National Registry up to Dece ntiretroviral treatment. from the Eurosida study group/Regio ombination treatment: on 4230 patients in the Italian cohort 997/HTLV-I in Spain: from the National Registry up to Dece who have sex with men: from California test sites/HIV risk fact xually active women - from a national (US) survey of reprod mmunication strategy/ organizing and IEC development for r health care providers: from six years experience/HIV telep n HIV-infected children: from Department of Infectious Diseas cal transmission of HIV: from Department of Infectious Diseas he result of an HIV test: from the US National Health Interview ent of HIV/AIDS today/ as a tool in surveillance, programme ce, clinical and autopsy data in Abidjan, C6te dlvoire/Clinical mani S diagnosis in Germany from the German AIDS register/Freq of personal and clinical on HIV patients diagnosed in a hospit al HIV Test Surveillance, 1985-1996/HIV in Canada: National itro and epidemiologic on the role of heroin on CD4+ decline i ty influences on survey /How reliable are sexual behavior self to ensure the quality of /Involving the target population in carr ry and socio-economic on quality of life (QoL) in HIV infected based seroprevalence in California/Estimate of HIV incidenc nfection/EEG charting in CNS disorders evaluation in patient ries using surveillance /Evaluation of STD care based on the client-centred program /Measuring impact and evaluating eff,ct 12224 12225 12226 12228 12238 12241 12244 291*/12274 12275 12374 21123 22344 22357 22371 22376 22401 22403 22414 32197 32285 32310 32321 32362 289*/41142 42169 60714 60791 60875 60998 60593 33591 12351 12352 12360 22267 22398 32324 32393 33145 60678 60716 13285 13431 33312 43188 60265 60494 21166 28*/14258 60155 13327 22181 13108 13116 22203 33351 11207 437*/12272 12312 13300 23121 33106 33501 42406 60304 60305 60354 60594 12146 13188 13201 13228 13334 14102 14349 14351 23490 32226 33233 34153 quired for specific T-cell cytotoxicity /New anti-HIV function: RAN 31148 ody-dependent cellular (ADCC) in HIV-1 infected pati 31152 nsmitted diseases in the Czech Republic/Trends in sexually transm 13287 HIV/AIDS spread in the Republic/Changing patterns of HIV 13354 ducation teachers in the Republic/AIDS related knowledge 13520 g drug users in Prague, Republic 1996-1997/High rate of H 23197 ing sex with men in the Republic/Knowledge and use of saf 43324 populations at risk in the and Slovak Republics/Testing urin 60295 ed HIV prevention in the Republic/Comprehensive and dive 60442 HIV transmission in the Republic/Mother-to-child HIV trans 60454 deoxy-5-fluorocytidine ( D-D4FC )/Anti-HIV activity, biochemistry, a 557*/41174 AZT/3TC vs alternating d4T/ddl and AZT/3TC vs d4T/ddl/ALBI (A 12227 T-naive HIV+ patients?/ plus hydroxyurea: An alternative t 32315 stant HIV infection with d4T /3TC/hydroxyurea/Salvage of multi-dr 288*/12205 d, comparative study of + 3TC + IDV versus ZDV + 3TC + IDV i 12223

Page  46 46 data * decisions 12th World AIDS Conference SKeyword Abstract erns of use and efficacy in the French compassionate use pro 42303 V-antibody surveillance true?/Are Russian HIV-antibody surv 43126 paign based on survey on men in relationships with men in N 43282 nd STD clinic: Baseline /A randomised controlled trial of a sm 43311 Ilance using HIV testing /Towards real-time HIV surveillance u 43437 or HIV infection using from a rural Ugandan cohort/Evaluati 43446 V/AIDS and analysis of /Reporting system, surveillance of HI 43461 on constantly submitted /Lessons learned on trends in HIV/AI 43462 counselling and testing to estimate time trends in HIV inciden 43482 morbidity and mortality to monitor the impact of the epidemic/ 43494 e use of epidemiologic in HIV prevention community plannin 43501 Philippines: Analysis of from the National HIV Sentinel Surveil 521*/43508 IV/AIDS surveillance in the United States/Protection of HIV 44185 mplished using existing sources/Evaluating the economic co 44314 tion of an instrument to collection/Nurse assessment in an Al 60183 nd 1992/Using registry to estimate trends in survival after AID 60253 tment and quality of life for decision making in antiretroviral th 60435 d patients/Preliminary of a pilot study comparing two proteas 60791 A) study and enrollment /Issues of Italian Cohort Naive Antiretr 60929 a linked administrative database /Measuring the net hospital cost 24121 IV using an observation /Costing HIV using an observati 477*/24127 and results/An internet of information on HIV/AIDS drug 42240 nt treatment information /The development of Canadas I 42295 e chorus observational /Patterns of protease inhibitor us 42310 led in an observational /Treating HIV/AIDS: Reported u 42390 HORUS observational /Viral detectability and CD4 level 42403 HIV intervention studies for providers and researchers/D 43242 A European behavioural /A European behavioural 43317 on/HIV, AIDS and STD in use for the Western Pacific re 43460 n HIV/AIDS confidential /Securing confidence in an HIV/ 44184 ors using observational databases /Two methods to identify potent 13360 o choose/Public health: A clients right to choose/Publi 43557 others and adolescent daughters /Setting the stage for a family in 235*/13404 g prostituted women in Davao City/The role of peer counselling on 24326 mission of HIV/AIDS in City/Capability building of male gay 33587 tertainment industry in City, Philippines: An assessment/H 34295 r a nursing group in the day-bed AIDS/HIV unit - Clinical Hospital, 42465 atient caregivers in a day-care unit in Brazil: A qualitative study/ 24310 rence to treatments in a day-nursery /Adherence to treatments in a 34325 ent in an AIDS hospital day-unit in Brazil: Evaluation of an instrum 60183 en living with HIV/AIDS/ Day care house for women living with HIV/ 24280 in Nigeria/World AIDS (WAD) celebration: An organ for colla 34169 nces of the World AIDS campaign in Santos, Brazil/Results a 43211 e correlates at an urban day treatment center/Quality of life correla 14350 occupational risk in the care unit in Brazil/Inhalatory pentamid 22474 he effectiveness of one- workshops for persons living with HIV/ 24351 s retinitis (CMV-R) in a care health center (DCHC)/Intravitreal 32244 and testing on a same- basis using rapid tests, Kampala, Uga 33236 omen in Zambia/Same HIV voluntary counselling and testing ( 33282 E worldwide world AIDS campaign educates 1,200,000 African 33362 ctive patients/Hospital/: An alternative for assistance of HIV re 42468 ting algorithm for same results at the AIDS Information Centre, 135*/43109 ents while giving same HIV test results/Challenges encounter 43115 eople attending a same testing clinic (SDTC) discuss their nee 43144 s of costs in Brazil/One clinic (ODC) service to AIDS patient: A 44255 ion for nurses team on care unit in Brazil, through the problem 60182 socially disadvantaged men in Flanders, Belgium/Tailoring for 60826 ZDV 200 mg TID plus ddC 0.75 mg TID versus ZDV 100 mg TID 12240 quinavir-SGC, d4T and ) initiation in previously untreated patie 21123 enced patients (ZDV + /ddl) with a low baseline HIV-1 viral loa 22344 usly treated with ZDV + /Virologic efficacy of 3TC + d4T vs. 3T 22376 /AZT) and zalcitabine ( ) for HIV/AIDS patients in San Lazaro 22409 g from AZT/3TC or AZT/ to other double NRTI combinations/Vi 32281 mparing AZT/ddltoAZT/ in Thailand/An effectiveness trial com 131*/42244 T and either 3TC, ddl or using LiPA HIV-1 RT assay/Analysis 60854 f transmitted ZDV- and ddl-resistant HIV-1 variants and natural p 41210, AZT/DLV, DDI/AZT or DDI/AZT/DLV /Partial restoration of HIV sp 31108 nations of didanosine ( DDI ), zidovudine (ZDV) and nevirapine (N 12253 ydroxyurea once daily/ once daily vs twice daily alone and als 12352 ne (NVP) + didanosine ( ) + lamivudine (3TC) - First experience 32393 f antiretrovirals (AZT + ddl vs. AZT + 3TC + indinavir) on T-cell fun 12200 ZDV), and didanosine ( )/Relationship between delavirdine (DL 12206 parative study of d4T + + IDV versus ZDV + 3TC + IDV in treat 12225 dine (d4T), didanosine ( ), and nelfinavir combination therapy in 12226 ts enrolled in the alpha trial/Immunologic and virologic marker 12234 efficacy of didanosine ( ) ~ stavudine (d4T) in high/low dose co 12241 dine (d4T)-didanosine ( ) in healthy volunteers/Evaluation of po 12374 d patients (ZDV + ddC/ ) with a low baseline HIV-1 viral load (m 22344 ine (d4T), didanosine ( ) and nevirapine (NVP) as initial antiretr 22357 nce-dailv therapv (NVP/ /3TC) for the IVDU HIV-1 infected popul 22398 -Keyword Abstract dine (d4T), didanosine ( ) and ritonavir as a triple therapy in antir m patients on long-term therapy/Emergence of drug-resistant EG, CIV IL2 with AZT + /IL2 in HIV patients: A randomized trial ess trial comparing AZT/ to AZT/ddC in Thailand/An effectivene s (AZT + 3TC vs. AZT + ) on cytokine production and apoptosis i m efficacy and safety of and 3TC both once daily plus indinavir ng AZT and either 3TC, or ddC using LiPA HIV-1 RT assay/An ublic policy/ Deadly public policy/ ss to health care for the deaf: A necessity and enrichment/An adap ere, Paris/Study of the population using the testing site for HI ne substances to drug dealers /The harm reduction program in th ards for 14 professions dealing with HIV/AIDS/Educational qualit tricken area/Dear Mr. Death : Community bereavement for multi prison workers in Brazil/: A sensitization workshop for prison ble for Vpr-induced cell death /Cell cycle G2 arrest by HIV-1 Vpr is 22401 41224 41229 131*/42244 60657 60678 60854 44233 32424 60677 33414 13583 24246 24253 11141 ogression to AIDS and: Evidence from the HIV-ltalian seroc 12108 Outcome and cause of in a cohort of HIV-1 infected adults in 12143 AIDS defining event or in patients receiving a protease inhib 12282 portunistic infections or after highly active antiretroviral treat 12331 he USA/Higher rates of with non-AIDS-defining cancers am 13235 ogression to AIDS and among HIV seroconverters from Ital 13332 anism of bystander cell of CD8 T cells induced by CD4 cross 274*/21159 inducer of CD4+ T cell in HIV-1-infected subjects: Inhibition 21160 activation-induced cell in primary acute infection/Expressio 21161 he load: Reports of the of AIDS activism have been greatly 24142 s of AIDS as a cause of in Catalonia (Spain): 1985-1995/C 24190 plans for children after among HIV positive women in Sao P 24217 e impact of HIV-related on womens mental health/A grief o 24245 n AIDS-related assisted /The reasons for and timing of an Al 24250 es in AIDS care/Giving: Voices of Canadian nurses in AIDS 24252 n to cope with illness or in the family, by improving communi 24298 t associated with risk of /Levels of specific cytotoxic T-cell (C 31155 ogression to AIDS and in HIV infected patients/HIV-1 RNA, 32195 ning for children before with single mothers in the Slums of 48*/34187 linical progression and in a cohort of HIV-infected patients. 42188 Police concepts on risk, and HIV/AIDS in Colombia/Police c 43383 estigation of cases and s by AIDS from death certificates/Inv 43458 endence of predictors of in HIV-infected patients/Time-depe 43468 ed to programmed cell and accepted markers of disease pr 60393 e of families towards the of an AIDS patient/Attitude of famili 60566 ted with declining AIDS deaths in New York City (NYC)/Protease i 12280 Decline in AIDS-related at a university hospital in Rio de Ja 13176 ty analysis/Increase in due to causes unrelated to HIV infe 13196 n AIDS diagnoses and direct a shift to integrated HIV/AID 13219 ospital admissions and /The impact of highly active antiretr 22373 falling AIDS cases and in Scotland/Changing patterns in u 22394 AIDS in Malawi/Illness,,and social obligations: Peasant fo 24159 of multiple AIDS related on Perths health care professional 24299 uction in the number of among patients of an AIDS referral 42319 estigation of cases and by AIDS from death certificates/Inv 43458 II prevent thousands of and AIDS diagnoses, and is afford 482*/44241 vercoming the unfruitful debates: Toward a comprehensive Christi 34202 CR) on plasma HIV RNA decay /Effect of processing delay, anticoa 42144 p (gams): beginning its decentralization /Groups of mutual help ( 34304 oire/Minimizing cost of of care to AIDS/HIV patie 43519 DS: A multi-disciplinary, decentralized, collaborative project in Wa 24209 uterized, facility-based, reporting systems for monit 34323 antiretroviral treatment: Decision-making in general practice/Initi 60310 oes not affect sexual decision-making among the majority of m 23130 ceptive use and fertility among HIV-1 infected w 24197 ation dissemination and among HIV-positive per 42237 formation seeking and decision making behavior among HIV posi 12456 fluencing reproductive making in women with HIV infecti 14187 ARF)/Potential role for analysis in end-of-life decision m 22436 n skills in the treatment making process/Partners in care 33520 ation facilitates clinical making by integrating medication 42419 r violence and womens to have an HIV test/Partner viole 43110 nment/Inducing pivotal makers in effecting behaviour ch 43301 < 75/mm3: An updated analytic view/Disseminated Myc 43481 ion of a blood exclusion /Implicit valuation of a blood excl 484*/44244 unselling and testing: A analysis/Cost-effectiveness of p 44248 the religious tribal ARs maker on the gross root level/Pr 60005 ed women/Pregnancy making in a well-motivated cohor 60372 nd quality of life data for making in antiretroviral therapy/ 60435 rtner: Perception and decisions related to risk for HIV infection a aviour and reproductive among HIV+ women in Sao Pau egnancy intentions and of African-American women livi ake effective treatment /HIV treatment compliance (adh ople making treatment /Its not just about taking those p nce to inform pragmatic in HIV prevention and to identify 23448 23480 24195 32363 42233 43524..__ - - I I / I -. - / I - 1 1 ** - ,,,, - - - - F -

Page  47 12th World AIDS Conference decisions* Detection 47 -- Keyword Abstract I impact on health care and case management/Patient nfluencing adolescents to be HIV tested/Family, behavi ng AIDS prevention and declandestinizing the epidemic through c riers/Harm reduction - defeating institutional and social barriers/ ally/The homozygous defect in the CCR5 gene gives a high degr iciency aggravates the of natural killer cell activity in AIDS p eptor usage and CCR5 defective allele in mother-to-child transmis d with T-cell functional defects /Peripheral expansion of CD8+CD rk State medicaid/Birth and zidovudine use in HIV+ wome 44175 60778 34105 33401 23255 60325 60834 11220 12376 n the Ugandan peoples defense forces/Risk for HIV-1 seroconver 519*/23507 a, PerO/Promotion and of human rights of people living wi 44141 Suit against ministry of because of discrimination in the m 44182 Association of vitamin A deficiency with cervical dysplasia in the W 621*/22301 t with acquired immune syndrome/Q-fever associated 31224 1 related mortality/Zinc profoundly increases risk for HI 42337 tients/Interleukin (IL-2 aggravates the defect of natura 60325 herapy/Severe cortisol related to high dose megestrol 60367 supplementation in zinc deficient HIV-1 seropositive subjects/Zinc 60460 and the immunological deficit in HIV carrier infants/Relationship b 12167 rs of early neurological in asymptomatic HIV positive subje 32218 m Brazil/Early cognitive deficits in HIV infection: A follow-up study f 60602 bo controlled trial of oral dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in adv 42326 AIDS (FPWA)/Effect of (DHEA) on clini 42373 /Relationship between delavirdine (DLV) plasma levels, HIV RNA 12206 among patients failing a regimen/Retrospective analy ct of nelfinavir/indinavir/ in HIV+ patients with extensiv y of Rescriptor~ (DLV, mesylate) in triple and quadru clinic attendees at New Delhi /Epidemiological co-relates of HIV inf mong street children of /Patterns of risk behaviour among str scents in a slum of New, India/Patterns and determinants of e substance abusers in /Prevention of HIV/AIDS amongst th autorickshaw drivers in - A pilot study/Risk assessment for cement blood donors in /Prevalence of HIV antibodies in repl er educators in slums of /Lessons learnt from the HIV awaren Risk taking behaviour of taxi drivers/Risk taking behaviour of DS risk among juvenile delinquents in detection in Sao Paulo, Bra 1 infection in newborns delivered within one hour of ruptured mem n monoclonal antibody by gene transfer: in vivo in immu men and bisexual men/ Delivering HIV prevention information to y y-based organizations delivering prevention interventions in a lar omparison/The cost of a cognitive-behavioral HIV risk ing and HIV-2 lentivirus delivery /Anti-HIV chemokines: Domain m prehensive health care approach for female commercial wing elective cesarean with zidovudine treatment/Decre al HIV Group)/Mode of and vertical transmission of HIV-1 roviral therapy/Service models for treatment adherence t services in health care system: Uganda experience/Buil s as an effective service model/Creation of HIV/AIDS drop uid (CSF) barrier/Brain of anti-HIV drugs: Rapid screenin p by traditional medical systems/Innovative model for the est Africa/Care service in peripheric areas of C6te dlvoir n the HIV/AIDS service system of Metropolitan Boston/E alised group: The AIDS Dementia and HIV Psychiatry Service (AD rom patients with AIDS dementia complex/Molecular and biologic eing labelled with AIDS complex/The personal meaning aging clients with AIDS complex (ADC) and dual diagno kers for HIV-associated and sensory neuropathy/Predic vir (ABC, 1592) in AIDS complex (Study CNAB 3001)/S HIV brain injury and HIV /In vivo proton MRS studies of H gnostic factors for AIDS complex (ADC)/Characteristics uals in Russia/Cases of as a result of CMV-encephalove ween AZT therapy and free survival in a province-wide ABC, 1592) in an AIDS complex trial (CNAB 3001)/Viral people at risk with AIDS complex/Provision of innovative ania and risk of AIDS demential complex/HIV-associated mani ons/HIV/AIDS and the demobilization in the armed forces the so mong teenagers in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), wh ch perspectives for the Republic of Congo (RDC)/HI AIDS forum of NGOs in Republic of Congo/Setting up an country experience, Republic of Congo (DRC)/W nts of So Paulo, Brazil/ Demographic aspects and risky behavior drug users in Shanghai/ profile and HIV risk behavio IV/AIDS in Guatemala/ characteristics associated il/Correlation between demographic aspects and drug use amon state with African socio- characteristics/HIV-1 subty disciplinary approach to research on HIV/AIDS in Afr graphic measures/The impact of AIDS: Projecting t small city/Changing demographics of HIV infection at a univer practice: Usefulness of, attitudes and knowledge Micro-nutrients asfood!/ Demystifying nutrition: Micro-nutrients as 12236 12329 12357 13290 14166 14317 23207 23436 33202 33575 60127 43299 23305 41243 43329 14285 60215 11104 13491 23272 23275 32383 33316 34123 42270 42312 42424 43525 32429 21110 597*/24254 24317 560*/32191 561*/32192 --Keyword Abstra ptide pulsed, allogeneic dendritic cells/Generation of HIV-epitope ary isolates/Infection of cells with different HIV-1 primary tuation getting better?/ Denial of migration on the basis of HIV stat at high risk for HIV/Risk denial among incarcerated women at high HIV-infected patients in Denmark /Epidemiology of tuberculosis in /Relationship between dental eruption delay and the immunologic ns from the medical and history questionnaire of HIV+/AIDS f maxillary immediate denture service for HIV-infected patients/ ct drugs (MSM-IDU) in Denver /The relationship between sex, dru or HIV transmission in /Men who have sex with men and a e New York City (NYC) Department of Health Retrovirology Labor management in the US of Veterans Affairs/Inversion paign - New York State of Health AIDS Institute (NYS ted children: Data from of Infectious Diseases in Chil ssion of HIV: Data from of Infectious Diseases in Chil n an infectious disease department in northern Italy/Two-year sur fight against AIDS/The of communication and fight ag The hard core of justice against AIDS/The hard core or state and local health HIV prevention providers/Pro contribution of the army to the fight against AIDS/The elfare and social action to fight against AIDS in Chad: nts presenting at a STD /A prospective study of HHV8 Is for NGOs and health departments /Incorporating behavioral sci n five large out-patients in Rome, Italy/Prescriptions athogenic SIVmac251 dependence on route of challenge exposu m communities/Alcohol and HIV in slum communities phine-naloxone opiate /HIV risk assessment outco infected patients/Time- of predictors of death in HIV-i PLWHAs with chemical dependency /Role model of non-discrimin roup advocacy and the culture/Peer group advocac roup advocacy and the culture/Peer group advocac y HIV-1 envelope/Actin dependent dual receptor HIV-1 infection v African-American, drug women/An intervention for ch ent-mediated antibody- enhancement of HIV infection conditions/HIV-1 strain preferences in Thl - and Th2-ty ection levels is robustly upon the rate of epidemic rise/ mal analysis of the time predictive value of HIV load an s is antigen processing- /Inhibition of HIV-1 by CD8+ ce nocytes/macrophages on maturation conditions/Repl es correlates with CD4 depletion and is associated with T-cell fun sm for CD4 lymphocyte in HIV-1 infection/Limited CD4+ njectable contraceptive Depo Provera and integrity of the cervical e antiretroviral therapy/ Depressed responses to mycobacterial an ment establishments in depressed areas of Tondo community/Es epidemic/Overcoming moods after an HIV+ diagnosis ty of life in HIV patients/ Depression, social support, and quality of I s and decreasing trend/ in women living with HIV: High n HIV-positive persons/ and CD4 cell count as predict ledge of diagnosis and depression in children ages 9-12 with HIV nts/Life stress, anxiety,,and coping among HIV+ adol AlL study/Predictors of in lower class injection drug us e women/Treatment of in HIV positive women/Treat control, pain, sleep, and among HIV-positive persons/ mary care/Evolution of depressive symptoms in HIV-infected pati s in general practices in deprived and non-deprived areas in Amst ation of HIV-associated dermatoses during the time course of HIV ection (APHI): A cohort description /Acute primary HIV infection ( ustralia, 1993-1995/A of clients referred to communi ction/A cross-sectional descriptive survey of factors influencing r coming adolescents: A study of older children in New suit of the CISAI study/ Desensitisation vs. rechallenge in HIV pat urticaria and successful desensitization /Nelfinavir-induced urtica prostitutes in the Tenere desert, Niger/HIV-1 seropositity among pr kers (CSWs)/Impact of DESH intervention/awereness among comrn p: Only bridge between despair and regain of hope/Autosupport g hegmatogenous retinal detachment associated with the ganciclov ocoagulation for retinal in cytomegalovirus retinitis/L reverse transcriptase to detect AZT-resistant mutations/Genotypi cterial blood cultures to disseminated BCG among hospitali ational database/Viral detectability and CD4 levels in patients re otoxic T cell responses detected in the majority of uninfected infan case as been officially in Mauritius/Creation of the first ions in HIV-1 genomes in plasma and blood mononuclea Control system of AIDS docume/Control system of AIDS oor virologic outcomes/ Detection of HIV RNA in plasma below qu eto, Sao Paulo, Brazil/ of HIV-1 infection in individuals t neurological diseases/ by nPCR of Treponema pallidu rganization, Uganda/ of tuberculosis at the AIDS servi antages and questions/ of Pneumocystis carinii-DNA by or analysis of infection/ of GB virus-C/hepatitis G virus (,ct31150 60404 44110 60861 60876 12167 60248 60462 23406 23550 42116 443*/42429 60209 60304 60305 32261 33503 44194 44307 60417 60418 60519 14154 22396 548*/21200 23247 42325 43468 12440 60420 60885 11120 13402 21132 21146 33257 42146 60414 60795 11220 270*/21103 23462 31175 23548 24279 14343 23475 24223 14269 24224 24227 24229 60558 24231 32431 32264 12192 22469 14187 23529 60674 60967 43564 43356 60024 32237 32238 41143 60311 42403 31157 34183 41217 60262 12128 13394 22101 22153 22184 22250 32204 32220 32225 32254 32293 60133 32257 60035 14109 34178 60720 60962 14325 23576 42456 13153 13169 24113 43493 24114 32337 42365

Page  48 48 Detection * developing 12th World AIDS Conference - Keyword Abstr V-1 in peripheral blood/ Malaysia, and Thailand/ ncephalopathy (PML)/ iral therapy (HAART)/ f antiretroviral therapy/ ur confirmatory assays/ yte precursors (CPLp)/ ochromatographic test/ y-negative pooled sera/ d ImmunoSpot) assay/ herapeutic response/ IDS patients in Tunisia/ sed patients in Tunisia/ t screening kit in Brazil/ al syphilis and funisitis: -1 infected individuals/ od and the genital tract/ of HIV-1 in the female genital tra of IgG antibodies to HHV-8 in HI of JC virus (JCV) DNA in blood c of genotypic drug resistance to of mutations in the HIV-1 revers of antibodies to HIV-1 group O b of memory T cells in HIV+ indivi of HIV-1 subtypes by a new rapi of HIV-1 seroconvertors by PC and enumeration of HIV-1-prod in untreated patients of HIV-1 st of papillomavirus (HPV) DNA a of cytomegalovirus (CMV) DNA of HIV antibodies in saliva using of T. pallidum using immunohist of HIV-1 infection by immunolog of HIV-1 in the oral cavity of infe PCR) in Taiwan/Rapid detection of HIV-1 subtype E infection by y infected infants/Virus, virus load, and disease progres molecular methods for and transmission analysis of dru erase chain reaction for of microsporidia in clinical stool -PCR and pp-65 for the of CMV-disease in AIDS-patient almologic screening for of asymptomatic CMV retinitis/ lationship between the of plasma cytomegalovirus (CM TI)/HIV DNA and RNA in cervicovaginal (CV) secretion ected individuals/High rate of HGV in blood plasma, but method for HIV antibody in whole unstimulated saliva/Si isk assessment in the of gonococcal/chlamydial cervic e health services in the of asymptomatic sexually trans y/Universal peptide for of HIV-1 group M and group O in agglutination assay for of antibodies to HIV-1/Evaluatio hput assay for sensitive of HIV-1 RNA of diverse origins, CR)/Ultrasensitive HIV and quantitation by multi-target r od (Mega-PCR) for the of HIV-1 DNA/A high input PCR sted PCR assay for the of six clinically important herpes DNA PCR assay for the of HIV-1 DNA in blood samples f ubtype on HIV antibody in Burkina Faso/Impact of huma vity/Rapid phenotypic of HIV-1 resistance to lamivudin on assay (LiPA) for the of mutations in the RT gene of H -based sequencing for of resistance mutations in HIV-1 Line Probe assay in the of nucleoside analogue resistan LiPA HIV-1 RT mutation assay/Novel clinical application or dual rapid tests in the of HIV in pregnant women, Keny antigen) increases the rate of primary HIV infection/Scr assay evaluation for the of antibodies anti-HIV-1/2: Capil antigen and antibodies during HIV-primary infection/A ys with improved lower limits/Evaluation of two second s and failures/Early HIV: Successes and failures/Early men collection for early of HIV: Feasibility and acceptabi uvenile delinquents in in Sio Paulo, Brazil/AIDS risk a echnique/Quantitative of viral RNA of HIV-1 subtypes b UO for the simultaneous of p24 Ag, HIV-1 and HIV-2 anti d cardiomyopathy and of HIV in the myocardial cells in A case report/Delayed of maternal transmission of HIVegalovirus (CMV) DNA using Amplicor CMV test in a co e diagnostic role of the of JC virus DNA by nested poly on/Motivations for HIV in French centers of anonymous st for the simultaneous of antibodies HIV 1/2 and p24 a troviral drug resistance by LiPA HIV1-RT: A useful tool f udes of staff at juvenile detention facilities towards AIDS preventi globin polymorphism as determinant of the HIV-1 viral load/Hapto cultural dimension as a of behaviour among the Tong us on truckers - A major in HIV prevention programm viral therapy (HAART)/ Determinants of failure of highly active ant bidjan, C6te dlvoire: of entry into sex work and p n (MASM) in Montreal/ of changes in patterns of un ogy, and perceived risk/ of condom use in Turkish st nfected men in Brazil/ of safe sexual behavior am an injection drug users/ of HIV infection in a cohort o HIV-1 infected women/ of contraceptive use and fer n HIV-infected women/ of increased energy expen en: A pilot investigation/ of medication adherence in Targets for intervention/ of STDs among Nigerian yo rug treatment program/ of hospitalization in a popul rug treatment program/ of geographic mobility in a p 6te dlvoire experience/ of HIV transmission in incar The common molecular determinants of HIV-1 tropism for human umulative incidence, and impact/Protease inhibit gton DC/Psychosocial of HIV preventive behavior ical, social and cultural of high risk behaviour amon act 23488 31192 32210 233*/32282 32311 33200 216*/41103 41107 42107 42131 42200 60012 60013 60114 60443 60529 60608 13146 13369 22144 22230 22241 22249 22265 23450 32101 32249 80*/33230 33247 41104 41105 343*/41129 41139 41150 41151 41155 41173 41209 41216 41219 41220 41223 42104 42109 42113 42126 42158 43104 43132 43299 60230 60402 60434 60597 60622 60734 60769 60945 60968 43262 12115 14248 43357 12271 14198 14204 14244 14326 23513 24197 337*/32162 32342 33239 42435 60556 60986 11118 12291 14167 14199 SKeyword Abstract -- enya/Social-cultural of sexual behaviour: A case 14211 safer sex campaigns on of safe sex/Effects of three 14284 Ihi, India/Patterns and of sexual behavior of adoles 14317 parison/Theory driven of condom use intention an 24171 WIHS)/Prevalence and of non-use of antiretroviral t 42288 ments for HIV infection: and impact on recommende 42382 and testing: Rates and among women at public hea 43111 V/An exploration of the of sexual behavior in rural y 60061 V/AIDS in Malawi/The and impact of early sexual a 60225 s related to sexuality as of vulnerability to HIV/AIDS 60822 cial constraints/Social of behaviour/Indian society 60912 rs from the slums/Drug detoxification amongst IDUs and heroin u 12413 AIDS vulnerability/The detribalisation of the Zambian youth and i 14203 s, Joginis, Bagiselis and Devadasis /Rehabilitation of Mathammas, 23423 ople: are they bound to develop AIDS?/Long-term non-progresso 13352 d using such findings to efforts to prevent HIV/STD infecti 13517 ositive mothers fail to a BCG scar/HIV negative infants 21210 in northern Thailand to their own indigenous approach to 33527 ng of peer educators to educational and STD/HIV/AIDS p 33584 anges in HIV RT which during PreveonT (adefovir dipivo 41218 s, Canada and Mexico joint initiatives on HIV affected fa 44259 V-1 replication by newly developed polymeric adamantane analog 41205 ution of the skin lesions through HIV infection in childre 60080 n of a quality of life scale for HIV disease/Validation of a 60141 African communities in countries/Bridging the gap wit 60592 or PHA empowerment/ Developing appropriate quality of life moni 12458 workplace for truckers/ mme for the work place/ V testing in pregnancy/ th involved in sex work/ ural population in India/ persons with HIV/AIDS/ g addicts in Yugoslavia/ ation across discplines/ enter in Angeles City/ ng on STD syndromes/ to reach young people/ Partners in care project: straints and prospects/ s about male sexuality/ veloping communities/ udy from West Bengal/ ers group in Indonesia/ ntion in Bombay, India/ en in England/CHAPS: ing with HIV and AIDS/ HIV/AIDS surveillance/ hics and human rights/ uncil in Jalisco, Mexico/ methodological issues/ sive community model/ sexual health services/ changing environment/ e to the Indian ethnicity/ a multi-sectoral approach to S 13447 AIDS prevention programme f 13462 a training initiative to support 13566 a comprehensive reproductiv 13570 an appropriate methodology t 14301 symptom indices to assess he 22465 preventive HIV/AIDS program 23251 family-centred care for HIV/AI 24203 a one-stop shop reproductive 33431 a nationwide public service ad 588*/33450 innovative information strateg 33454 communication skills in the tre 33520 culturally sensitive AIDS progr 34200 a TV campaign to debunk trad 34221 community mobilisation strate 34284 cross sectoral networks in Indi 34374 a community based on HIV/AI 43172 strong and committed group o 43174 a nationally co-ordinated, res 43309 the UK approach to safer sex 43314 a national framework of HIV/A 43521 policies on HIV/AIDS and pre 473*/44101 the human rights program fort 534*/44145 indicators for assessing AIDS 44315 HIV programs within immigra 60002 standards to improve sexual h 60662 an HIV and AIDS volunteer he 60663 therapeutic intervention sensi 60926 rofessional team in the developing world/Avoidance of breast fee 12404 HIV-infected children in countries: An agenda for clinic 12416 r HIV/AIDS/How can a country and its people find the 12434 I in a public service in a country/Strategies to a ration 12436 eropositivity and risk of Kaposis sarcoma (KS) and ot 13310 at to HIV+ individuals in countries?/Helicobacter pylor 22115 nsmission of HIV in the world: In vitro release studies/ 23267 V and its implications in countries: From research to pr 23300 ur and substance use in countries: Rapid assessment 23417 exual sex workers from countries: A review of six year 570*/23534 chotic patients and HIV/ a psychiatric mobil team: Exp 24241 tive life events in three countries: Results from the vol 24328 e in a high risk group for tuberculosis/Follow-up of PP 31207 ACTG 076 regimen in a country - Porto Alegre, Brazil/ 32401 educes risk behavior in countries: Results from the vol 133*/33269 Cost-effective model for a blood donor counselling pro 33271 arried couples in three countries: Results from the vol 33288 V/AIDS counselling in a country with high prevalence I 33306 m reduction project in a country/Outreach workers: A 33421 information base in the world: experiences from Ugan 33470 ural communities in a country: How has the househo 34170 service programmes in communities/Developing com 34284 HIV antibodies, useful in countries/Rapid, third-genera 41120 us/A new approach for a selectable live-attenuated h 41251 roviral (ARV) therapy in countries/Towards safe and e 42306 mproved access in the countries/Adaptation of the tri 42308

Page  49 12th World AIDS Conference developing *diagnosis 49 Keyword Abstract - -Keyword Abstract o AIDS prophylactics in countries/A global AIDS relat 42320 venues: An example of an HIV prevention strategy in 43271 er HIV control options in countries/Cost-effectiveness 43492 I supply for HIV/AIDS in countries: Thailand experienc 358*/43506 cines from field trials in countries/Estimation of vacci 43552 IV/AIDS/Challenges of national legal frameworks in r 44120 transmission studies in countries/Additional unethical 471*/44123 o fight HIV/AIDS in the countries and improved surviv 44228 sponse to HIV/AIDS in countries, 1996-1997/Amoun 647*/44232 antiretroviral therapy in countries: What policymakers 481*/44245 ancing sustainability for country NGOs through extern 44263 ogram effectiveness in countries: Conceptual and me 44315 etroviral drugs (ARV) in countries/Benefit and limits of 60184 alternative approach to and organizing people living w 60537 uths and adolescents in countries/Setting up STD clini 60643 he AIDS program in a country/Impact of the profile o 60750 ontrol of HIV/AIDS in a country: A case study from Ug 60954 mphs and tribulations of an AIDS service organization ( 60955 /AIDS in Nepal and the world/The health belief model 60976 ality of out-patient care/ Development of the HIV treatment satisfa 12445 s of the UNDP/HIV and Programme Warsaw, Polan 13489 nst sexual exploitation: of a guardian programme in 13533 of molecular adjuvants/ of rationally designed vacci 21208 persons with HIV/AIDS/ of self-care model for perso 22447 s the problem?/Malawi: and AIDS- Whats the probl 24294 ervices in Bangladesh/ of national guidelines of ST 33251 ry schools in Tanzania/ of a district peer health educ 33522 bs in The Netherlands/, content and evaluation of a 33538 ate (mCDS) 71 in vitro/ and characterization of HIV- 41198 5 nuclease technology/ of quantitative assays using 42160 say for HIV genotyping/ of a new DNA-array based 42196 or HIV/AIDS patients/ of a community-based, capi 42401 omen/Sisters of Sheba Network (SOSDN): HIV pre 43232 iders and researchers/ of an HIV intervention studi 43242 ex workers in Thailand/ of effective intervention for 43330 HIV/AIDS patients care/ of a follow-up system with re 43464 and AIDS in Honduras/ of standards for cost-effecti 43537 rug users perspective/ and dissemination of an HIV 44271 ent care on caregivers/ of a questionnaire to measu 60345 AIDS herbal formulary/ of nationwide HIV/AIDS her 60381 urope/EUROVIHTA - of a new concept for second 60718 ility role in HIV infection development /Nef gene variability role in 11149 d specific gravity in the of indinavir induced renal st 12394 unity collaboration: The of an HIV prevention curricul 13418 opathogenesis and the of cancer/Cleavage of vime 21150 teristics influencing the of progressive multifocal leu 22322 /AIDS and community /Knowledge, attitudes, pract 23432 al sex workers/Role of activities in the programme 24118 dicators/The AIDS and indicators/The AIDS and 24119 ds and neighbors/The of students as HIV/AIDS ed 24287 Workshops on HIV and: Lessons learned through p 24296 dence for independent of RT inhibitor (RTI) resistan 563*/32284 ndan HIV-1 variants for of VLP-based anti-HIV-1 va nity participation: Script and approval process for a t A in commissioning and of HIV services/Involvemen he HIV epidemic/Using developmental evaluation to build nationa in low-income housing developments /Rates and predictors of HI imited countries/New in the treatment of HIV/AID A/Effect of intrauterine device use on cervical shedding of HIV-1 ganciclovir intra-ocular /Clinical resistance to ganciclovir in pact of the ALRTm alarm on antiretroviral (AR) adherence a om (FC) as a protective - A pilot study/Acceptability of fem lantation of ganciclovir in patients with silicone oil filled eye blic sex environment in Dhaka of Bangladesh/Risky sexual practic blic sex environment in of Bangladesh/Risky sexual amon ic/Injecting drug use in,Bangladesh: Potential for ignitable y/The street walkers of City: STD/HIV risk among street ba hydroepiandrosterone ( DHEA) in advanced HIV-infected patients/ hydroepiandrosterone ( ) on clinical and laboratory paramete onjunctival ganciclovir ( DHPG )/Evaluation of the corneal endothel e of protease inhibitors/ Diabetes and use of protease inhibitors/ nhibitor therapy/Onset diabetes mellitus associated with proteas atients/Risk factors for mellitus in HIV positive patients/ ncreased prevalence of mellitus in patients with HIV infec stoid macular edema in diabetic patients after treatment for CMV r e of protease inhibitors/ Diabets, HIV infection, and the use of prot nergy panel and PPD to diagnose tuberculosis (TB) infection/Lack hort of HIV+ individuals diagnosed in 1986 in Cuba/Disease progr 60715 60802 60983 60366 14192 42315 23453 32235 32325 33127 60786 23144 23148 23215 43347 42326 42373 11237 12327 12308 12377 32277 32236 60148 13257 13167 13201 13265 14298 453*/22154 24239 24240 42317 42402 60163 60253 13219 13317 13325 23531 482*/44241 60400 60635 22116 32448 41162 41170 60073 60514 60647 13188 ribing efficacy?/Policy nti-HIV treatments/The nti-HIV agents for the h living with HIV/Career e as a basic tool for the ata organizing and IEC S in rural Zambia from a rough integrated social I collaboration of hotline am experience HIV and ies associated with the rmation database/The ractice guidelines/The s. sanitary area/Model and logistics: Software f political and structural e program/Towards the ram management and iative/HIV/AIDS policy uman rights protection, S/Support and service ctor involvement in the policy and programme er-centered leadership scourse analysis of the of HIV infection and the ional level and strategy actors influencing the regarding the use of HIV-1 g of effective media campaign of vaginal microbicides/Scr among youth living with HIV of educational materials on i for overseas contract worke perspective/Tackling HIV/A issues for rural unorganised /Technology transfer: Intern of UNDP with ICASO in fight of HIV special needs plans i of Canadas largest HIV pati of a strategic plan for the dis on community and institutio to answer the NGOs and the on HIV/AIDS programmes/I of a child-focused HIV/AIDS of national and regional min and advocacy: A Kenya AID and openness in Africa/H for young people affected by of strategies for HIV prevent /The involvement of people I program for people living wit of AIDS social work models i of AIDS among women in M for intervention/NGO - Net of HIV health promotion proj 32307 32394 33144 33302 33453 33501 33502 34297 34361 34383 42225 42295 42411 43207 43225 43226 43505 43513 43566 44132 44216 44276 44285 44292 60022 60032 60101 60441 al data on HIV patients ents Aged 20-49 years Action Study/Recently atients to be accurately nd intervention in newly hanges in minds of the ease inhibitors in newly y health care of clients e among psychiatrically agnosis in Switzerland, ates: Declines in AIDS diagnoses alence by AIDS defining nd subsequent AIDS ntal illness/Psychiatric ds of deaths and AIDS 997/Temporal trends in changing spectrum and mpact of HIV-infection/ Diagnosis II a controversial issue/ n reaction assay (LCR)/ nts hospitalized in AIDS gement in HIV patients: inical hairy leucoplakia/ ut evident focal lesions: al therapy before AIDS diagnosis of <200 cells/[tL/AIDS e Janeiro/Tuberculosis erapy and year of AIDS revalent/Time to AIDS ed to gender and age at oration of knowledge of odology (RAM) for fast ective algorithm for the miological or laboratory ium-201 SPECT in the crack cocaine after HIV closure of HIV infection ct of disclosure of HIV+ n be provided/Sex after ns on reactions to HIV+ ed moods after an HIV+ delines for disclosure of omplex (ADC) and dual sitive patients of recent disease and differential g compared to PCR for specificity of syndromic linic - A model clinic for cal practitioners in early lo, Brazil/Disclosure of (Hivsav~) for serologic ction as adjuncts to the ral RNA: Feasibility for and DNA PCR for early by an opportunistic illness: A dis 13214 in HIV+/AIDS patients in the Cit 13262 on survival/The effects of antire 13303 increased in 1996, when use of 13307 among California AIDS cases/ 13387 and depression in children ages 14269 of the injecting drug use and its 14302 of pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) i 22146?/Congenital syphilis: Epidemio 22198 of primary central nervous syst 22291 and impact on condom use/Us 23364 to their children/Parents needs 24175 and other social circumstances 24240:What support services can be 262*/24256 /The effects of HIV testing patte 24266:Voices from the epidemic/Ov 24279 to HIV infected child/Italian gui 24283 /The experiences of managing 24317 /Hepatitis C in HIV positive pati 32115 /Thoracic lymphadenopathy (L 32144 of pediatric HIV-1 infection and 32442 of some STDs among sex work 79*/33235,care and health education for w 33255 and syndromic management of 33410,social support and spirituality a 34194 of HIV-1 and 2/Evaluation of a f 41125 of sputum negative pulmonary t 41152 of acute primary HIV infection a 42105 of infants born to HIV-infected 166*/42106 in a hospital testing clinic and o in correctional facilities, US, 19 HIV-infected patients: Outcom in urban health centres in Lusa HIV+ women/Acute stress dis people/The effect of disclosur AIDS-related infections in Braz with HIV by Ryan White CARE adolescents/HIV-related risk v between 1988 and 1992/Usin and deaths direct a shift to inte /Definition of T-cell lymphocyte in the Tricontinental Seroconve and symptomatology as predic,and is affordable/Expansion o of homosexually-acquired HIV /HIV-associated diarrhea: The and treatment for community-a of HIV infection in children is stil of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Therapy Center in Warsaw by fine-needle aspiration (FNA) cytopathologic of sub-clinical h by CSF PCR/Necropsy-proven in Germany data from the Germ

Page  50 50 diagnosis *discontinuation 12th World AIDS Conference Keyword Abstr n and HIV-IgA for early of perinatal HIV infection in Bra ated p24 antigen in the of HIV vertically exposed infant f HIV-1 RNA assays for and quantitation of perinatal HI razil/Circumstances of of HIV infection in Belo Horizont ndex on AIDS defining in the Aquitaine cohort, France, s of survival after AIDS in the Aquitaine cohort, France, opositivity before AIDS in Europe/Unawareness of HIV ed opportunities for HIV at an inner city hospital in the U DH level as a clue to the of histoplasmosis/Serum LDH I ess of the strategies for and epidemiological surveillanc ty in the cryptoccocosis in Cuban VIH/AIDS patients/Se haviors and psychiatric /HIV-related attitudes and beha s in survival after AIDS in Switzerland, diagnosed betw rology for presumptive of CNS mass lesions in patients linical and laboratory for STDs in female prostitutes, nst HIV infection/Early - A program involving the whole f CSF: Is it useful in the of primary CNS lymphoma in HI uestionable utility in the of TB/Anergy testing: Question virologic assays/Early of HIV-1 and HIV-2 infection in i f a protocol for the early of HIV-related neurologic dysfu smitted disease (STD) and transmission risk factors for ents with HIV infection/ Diagnostic use of tuberculin tests in patien n HIV-infected patients/ utility of bone marrow aspiratio ecreasing utilization of diagnostic lab/HAART and prophylaxis re unohistochemistry as a modality and its role in studyin esting simple, low-cost tests for STD among low incom ed CTRPN: Uncoupling testing from prevention counse ctive evaluation of the role of the detection of JC virus d of patients with AIDS, diagnosticated in 1993, in Costa Rica/De es/HIV infection expert diagnostics problems in the Russian milit ntiretroviral therapy in a dialysis-dependent patient: A case report ity based cohort study/ Diarrhea and enteric pathogens in HIV infe elfinavir (NFV) induced diarrhea (NFVID)/The treatment (TX) of n idence and severity of in HIV+ patients from a large, urb s/Nelfinavir-associated is manageable with nonprescripti dia/Stool pathogens in associated with HIV illness and i ted pathogen-negative?/Small bowel bacterial overgrow logical study of chronic among HIV infected adults in Rw ent for AIDS-associated /SP-303: A new treatment for AID in patients with chronic /Stool weight is associated with w V+ patients with chronic /Preliminary investigation of ente noses/HIV-associated: The changing spectrum and diag act 42114 42117 42124 414*/42228 42342 42360 137*/43105 43131 60008 60039 60066 60164 60253 60275 60329 60468 60496 60632 60667 60697 60892 22160 60915 22369 33246 33253 60557 60734 13400 60964 60541 32102 12383 12392 12401 31222 32104 32105 32106 32184 60391 60635 12206 12226 12239 12241 12253 12351 12374 12397 22357 22401 32306 32393 41180 42281 24248 44212 32166 60217 42345 42348 11206 218*/21174 27*/23132 32144 334*/32279 60317 24191 43441 12189 60649 14290 42186 33562 24311 42442 60074 23311 60220 SKeyword Abstr DS campaign/Turning into opportunity: Resource ma ale (VAS) to assess the difficulty to highly active antiretroviral trea e rural south: Direct and diffusion effects (1-year post)/STAND - A es from Turkey/Human dignity promotion and civil society building city studies of (-)-2-(S)- dihydroxyphosphinoyl -5-(guanin-9-yl)m ollow-up/Incidence of dilated cardiomyopathy and detection of H V transmission: Ethical dilemma of a scientifically sound multi-mic ntion education/Ethical of modernization in Chinese soci s/HIV clinical trials: The of female drug users/HIV clinical ge of HIV/The Lazarus: Shifting dynamics of relationship munity in Uganda/The dilemmas of cultural reforms in the era of nd ethical aspects/The of counseling children infected read of HIV/AIDS/The of privacy and confidentiality in t a broad response to the of access to treatment in resour /Problems/challenges/ faced by counsellors in HIV/AID py anti-HIV: A Brazilian dillema /Double or triple therapy anti-HIV: e, Zambia/The cultural dimension as a determinant of behaviour STDs in Ghana - A new /Syndromic management of S ights legal and ethical dimensions regarding HIV related researc ces the socio-economic /HIV/AIDS and the demobiliz h the non-homologous dimer initiation sequence found in different eletion mutations in the dimerization initiation site can restore viral pacer: A novel series of HIV-1 protease inhibitors/Pe esistance to zidovudine diminish the virologic response to stavudi acity in organ culture is diminished in PBMC of HIV-1 infected indi s in northern California diminishes over time/Choice of female-co egnant women in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso/Co-infection wit f prostitution in Bobo, Burkina Faso and vulnerability f-D-2,6-diaminopurine dioxolane is a pro-drug of dioxolane guan ction/Safety of adefovir dipivoxil in the treatment of HIV infection/ label study of adefovir (PreveonT, ADV) in combination ng Preveon~ (adefovir ) therapy do not decrease suscep ith Preveon (adefovir ) added to existing regimens/Gen d Baltimore, MD, USA/ Direct comparison of progression to AIDS act 60538 60535 33525 44134 60291 60434 44124 44127 44165 60925 14245 24205 44190 44268 60227 12245 14248 22204 44162 60035 11161 378*/11126 12289 32306 60796 33126 22259 531*/43290 12358 12386 22371 41218 60706 13332 22463 33525 13219 419*/13373 31211 41209 43442 43475 60443 331 */31104 31110 599*/31120 14270 22430 60582 42230 60750 60827 21195 60512 13171 23449 42350 43181 60826 34233 32140 14*/22237 22273 22209 60847 pital Antwerp, Belgium/ ourse in the rural south: diagnoses and deaths direct upport/AIDS orphans in otease inhibitors have a nd nevirapine (NVP) by er based surveillance to ence in Canada: Using unohistochemistry and nursing time with AIDS and non-AID and diffusion effects (1-year post)/S a shift to integrated HIV/AIDS case s support/AIDS orphans in anti-Candida effect by inhibition of C analysis of plasma reverse transcrip control toward populations where un and indirect methods with Monte Ca fluorescent antibody test in umbilical zidovudine (ZDV), and didanosine (ddl)/Relationship between d tudy/Stavudine (d4T), (ddl), and nelfinavir combinati iral therapy/Stavudine- -nevirapine: A convenient high e safety and efficacy of (ddl) ~ stavudine (d4T) in high ease/Combinations of (DDI), zidovudine (ZDV) and n e daily administration of in combination with stavudine ), and stavudine (d4T)- (ddl) in healthy volunteers/Ev pathy during stavudine- combination therapy (QUINT nation stavudine (d4T), (ddl) and nevirapine (NVP) as eeks/Stavudine (d4T), (ddl) and ritonavir as a triple th ponse to stavudine plus therapy/Mutations conferring py/Nevirapine (NVP) + (DDI) + lamivudine (3TC) - Fir pensive combination of plus hydroxyurea/Long-term heus study/Nelfinavir, and stavudine in HIV-infected nt to/Its my body and Ill die when I want to/Its my body and Ill nse in HIV-1 infection is directed against viral debris rather than viri ates by HIV patient IgG to a viral-associated epitope/Im ex workers (FSWs) are to multiple regions of HIV-1 subty ent perspectives/future directions /Interventions to reduce hetero tients about advanced directives (AD) in a teaching hospital inner and tuberculosis (TB)/ Directly observed therapy (DOT) of highly nt workshops for people directly affected by HIV/National program national AIDS program director on the eficience of the AIDS progr d approach/Treatment Directory France: A concerted approach/ tion/CD86 confers and directs and MHC class I restricted CTL ind tic clinic/Symptom and disability profiles of HIV positive patients i zil/HIV infection among disadvantaged youth of Sao Paulo, Brazil nerability to HIV among women in Kenya: Implicati apy among minority and /Nutrition as complementa n strategies among the rural adolescence in north vention amidst socially day men in Flanders, Belgi media: Advantages and disadvantages /HIV/AIDS struggle withou and nutritional support/ Disappearance of severe wasting and cac ing HAART/Sustained disappearance of human cytomegaloviru etinitis/Extensive optic disc neovascularization in a patient with cy he treatment of genital discharge with Erythromycin tablets, on Y orks to assist parents in disclosing HIV status/Mobilising resource en whose mothers have died of AIDS/Child care arrangements of c /Effect of a high protein diet upon protein metabolism in HIV-infect AIDS/Low cost protein for people living with HIV/AIDS/Low c ve injection drug users/ Dietary intake of antioxidants and body co attitudinal influences on dietary quality in HIV infected adults/Ecol envelope glycoprotein/ Differential humoral response to linear epi d disease progression/ effects of IL-4 on HIV-1 expres d behavior in gay men/ effects of multiple loss on safe pectrum of disease and differential diagnosis/Thoracic lymphade n: Genital reservoir and drug resistance/Complete HIV anscriptase gene using hybridization/Genotypic analy a/Regional and gender differentials in patterns of HIV/AIDS hospi o we know about HIV?/Low and stable HIV epidem ns/Human CD8+ T-cell differentiation in acute viral and chronic H ges in markers of T-cell and function during progre y the prevention works differently among men and women? Effec -1 infected people with differing clinical status/Decreasing levels h. What can we learn?/ Difficult-to-reach population groups in Sw V/AIDS epidemics/The difficult condition of widowed women and retroviral medications: Difficulties related and proposition of atte services in Azerbaijan/ in integration of STD and HIV/ de Janeiro, Brazil/Main difficulties in the reduction of HIV vertical t social care and support facing HIV+ donors at the Nati 1 1 r patients living with HIV/ Disclosure model for pediatric patients livi 14255 o antiretroviral therapy/ in health care experiences of H 32428 en in Sao Paulo, Brazil/ of diagnosis, social support an 34194 eatments, intimacy and disclosure in the sexual practice of HIV-inf 641*/23402 eds and feelings about of HIV infection diagnosis to th 24175 d people/The effect of of HIV+ diagnosis and other so 24240 Id/Italian guidelines for of diagnosis to HIV infected chi 24283 elling encourage client of serostatus and risk behavior 593*/24323 t to tell: A review of HIV patterns at a London teaching 24329 redictors of serostatus by HIV+ men who have sex wit 60193 he role of patients self and trust in physicians/How to 60447 ng cultural barriers and disclosures in the African community/Ov 60006 easons and risk factors/ Discontinuation (D/C) of protease inhibito 180*/12443 equency and causes of discontinuation of protease inhibitor (PI) t 12325 in HIV-1 viral load after of oral AZT given to preg 23391

Page  51 12th World AIDS Conference discontinuation * DMP 51 -Keyword Abstract Keyword Abstract ) and phase angle after of human growth hormon 32182 cal survey/Reasons for of protease inhibitor treat 32353 n/Low rate of nelfinavir in a clinic population/Lo 60273 viremia despite antiviral for 14 months/Long-term 61000 ts treated with HAART/ Discontinue primary prophylaxis regimen 31225 xoplasmosis be safely discontinued in HIV-infected patients suc 12268 rescribed or why is it -A prospective analysis in t 446*/32335 w relationships and HIV discordance rates among couples reques 23149 ubtype B from non-B/ Discordances between peptide serotypin 11193 sion, a case of Uganda/ Discordant couples! A silent high risk grou 23165 d through a case study/ heterosexual couples (female 32425 cuss those differences/ partnerships: Production of vid 33467 ital stability among HIV discordant couples in northern Thailand/ 14169 partners/HIV+ MSM in relationships report sexual risk 14176 ne reconstitution of HIV monozygotic twins: Insight into 272*/22411 Kampala, Uganda/HIV and high risk HIV negative cou 23166 at the HIV infection in a couple: A study conducted in L 22200 ety to AIDS challenge/ Discourse analysis of the development of 60022 o drugs fail people: The discourse of adherence/Do people fail d 638*/34212 ent HIV/STD infection/ Discovering what schools in China are doi 13517 A collaboration across discplines /Developing family-centred car 24203 consent for HIV testing: Discrepancies between policy on the boo 44111 e combination therapy/ Discrepant immunologic and virologic res 342*/32259 cs/Relentless rises and discrete declines of the world HIV epidemi 13102 ensitive parameter to discriminate between HIV1-positive and 42110 m. Working to reduce it/ Discrimination: A drug related harm. Wor 33416 ouble reactive samples/ between HIV-1 and HIV-2 41160 eople and HIV/AIDS:,jurisdictional divisions, te 44167 tion, PLWHA response/ and stigmatization, PLWH 44168 in relation to HIV/AIDS/ and stigmatisation in relati 60136 Challenging stigma and discrimination: Promoting a positive atmo 13432 IV infection and related: Findings from three intern 13510 chool: Information vs. /Primary school: Informati 13556 vernment answer to the in HIV/AIDS in Brazil/Net 44138 Switzerland/HIV/AIDS in an industrialised country 44170 workplace/Combating faced by HIV infected at th 44178 y of defense because of in the military force/Suit ag 44182 -AIDS, in Chile/Laboral to persons living with HIV- 60751 olivia: Transform the discriminatory actors in potential subjects 44180 f video which leads to discuss those differences/Discordant part 33467 y testing clinic (SDTC) their need for an HIV test with thei 43144 ans in New York State/ Discussion of the process and activities a 42225 eliefs; barriers to sex discussion among married couples and it 205*/14213 xposure to AIDS and with friends or family in Bomba 33446 DS through focus group for factory workers/Behavior c 33544 Formation of a tripartite group comprised of the Chilea 60760 hips, sexuality and STD discussions in a sport club/Me and my te 13581 on/Parent-adolescent about sexual initiation: Redu 14138 anda/Promoting open about sexuality to enable beh 14316 search opportunities for disenfranchised populations/Providing a 42358 + women/Acute stress disorder assessment and intervention in n 24239 ociated neurocognitive /Change in CSF RNA level correl 32198 study of gender identity and HIV disease/Case control st 60177 s/Antisocial personality and HIV behavior risk in drug use 60278 podystrophy metabolic disorders due to protease inhibitor contain 12299 ological and psychiatric in HIV-positive individuals -The 12449 V infection/Psychiatric in patients with HIV infection/Ps 24221 G charting data in CNS evaluation in patients with HIV i 32226 ed children/Cutaneous in HIV-infected children/Cutane 32273 -1 proteins among HLA disparate North Americans and Thais/Cro 602*/31128 growing a life that is not dispensable: The perspective of five HIV+ 34131 DS in Brazil/Preventing displacement of children orphaned by AID 421*/24220 lizes HIV-1 infection by displacing envelope gp120 from the virion 21143 ifabutin absorption and disposition in HIV-infected patients with o 32171 DS as signal-mediated disruption of T-cell homeostasis: Activatio 21117 Consortium/Sources of dissatisfaction with health care among HI 12442 tudy in the HAART era/ Disseminated Mycobacterium avium com 22168 mosis in AIDS patients/ histoplasmosis in AIDS pati 22224 decision analytic view/ Mycobacterium avium com 43481 ment in an AIDS patient/ Kaposis sarcoma with pleu 60914 DS patients treated for disseminated tuberculosis: Role of cortico 22130 rom AIDS patients with MAC disease/Clinical corre 22169 rsons with and without MAC and highly active antir 22171 atient with AIDS/Acute histoplasmosis and Pneum 22228 blood cultures to detect BCG among hospitalized c 60311 Mycobacterium causing infections in Brazil/Prelimin 60412 groups in Bangladesh/ Disseminating knowledge on AIDS preve 33348 Worldwide-Web site for disseminating information about evaluati 44305 alternative therapy for AIDS knowledge to memb 60214 ogram and information for hemophilics living with 13397 n in Buenos Aires/HIV among several subgroups 14319 galovirus (CMV) blood in HIV-infected patients (Pr 22248 e PCP/Extrapulmonary of Pneumocystis carinii in i 31220 r worldwide information /Monitoring the AIDS pand 33444 re for AIDS information on the net: Two years later 34317 /Treatment information and decision-making amo 42237 strategic plan for the and implementation of the 42411 tive/Development and of an HIV/AIDS policy resp 44271 roup/Colonisation and of HIV-related Mycobacteri 60170 ation therapy through a dissociated viremia-CD4 T-cell response 341*/12101 HIV gag region that are distal from deletion mutations in the dimeri 378*/11126 g use prevention/Long distance training of elementary and first gr 13514 awareness among long truck drivers in India/Risk behavi 24115 on project among long drivers (LDD) in Cross River Stat 33373 ale sex partners of long drivers (LDDs) on HIV/AIDS/STD 43176 orld health organisation learning material on safe blood a 60485 geographic and cultural distances /HIV education in native North A 13410 hic characteristics that distinguish participants in HIV/AIDS prev 24186 measurement: How to primo-infected from old infect 41110 nd anti-HIV-2 assays to between HIV-1 and HIV-2 infe 42121 and HMA genotyping in distinguishing HIV-1 subtype B from non- 11193 HIV disease/Symptom distress and self-care burden among wom 22462 ve/Reducing emotional in individuals who are HIV-positiv 42374 en/Predictors of mental and poor physical health among h 60583 y care services in Kolar District, Karnataka, India/HIV/AIDS com 12433 o community of Masaka from 1993 to date/HIV/AIDS coun epidemic in the Federal -Brazil/The role of the University o programme in Masaka, Uganda: Practicalities, problems DS prevention in Mpigi (Uganda)/Constraints to condom ommunity in Masaka /The impact and response of traini on analysis in Uganda/ expanded response initiative (DRI alysis in Burkina Faso/ response initiative (DRI): Fosterin e refugees in Adjumani,northern Uganda/AIDS preventio AIDS in the Manikganj of Bangladesh/Adolescents and A munities of the Lilongwe in Malawi/Contributing factors to h alcoholics in Machakos /Communicating dangers of HIV in ood handlers in Kajiado, Kenya/HIV, syphilis and HTLV pr nsion project in the First of Zambales/STD, HIV/AIDS awar evalence in rural Rakai,Uganda: Results from a populatio V/AIDS transmission in district health structures: Impact of preven uth in school in Kajiado, Kenya/Knowledge, attitudes and om the field in a remote of northern Uganda/Free condom st demarcated red light in the in the world/The qualitative a th HIV in a remote rural of northern Uganda/My experienc ania/Development of a peer health educator programme i n Adjumani and Moyo Districts, northern Uganda/Why do peopl h care setting in redlight districts /STD/AIDS prevention in primary ent and action by health /Getting things done on AIDS: To tients with neurological disturbances during advanced HIV-1 infe oreceptor utilization by divergent human immunodeficiency virus of HIV co-infection with HIV strains/Biology and molecu 93-1997/Increasingly HIV-1 seroprevalence in male a alth risks for a culturally diverse group of South African lesbians/M high risk populations in locations: Puerto Ricans in New Y ection of HIV-1 RNA of origins, including type O strains/Hi ucation to an ethnically population in a large urban setting elated research among patient populations/HIV-Related r roups-working with a gay and lesbian community in Cap r clonal HIV-1 infection/ Diversification of nef and vpu in six hemo Os/HIV-1 intrasubtype diversification originates from the momen c/Comprehensive and diversified HIV prevention in the Czech R ent stages of infection/ Diversity of HIV-1 long terminal repeat seq p immunoreactivity and diversity among HIV-1 isolates from the P ir infants/V3 sequence of HIV-1 subtype E in infected mo ative analysis of genetic among seropositive populations i /Analysis of the genetic of HIV-1 group O/Analysis of the V-1 subtyping/Genetic of HIV-1 in Tanzania: Use of hete ers in Thailand/Genetic of HIV-1 subtype E from recent s in Europe: Geographic and time trends/The HIV/AIDS e 985-1996)/Increasing of HIV-1 serotypes in French blo monitoring HIV genetic in the United States/Prevalence d linguistic and cultural /Obtaining informed consent fo m, subtype, nucleotide and drug resistance of HIV-1 in s 13419 13484 13543 33110 33262 34110 34127 43339 43353 60098 60155 60210 60539 60932 13490 13546 466*/14263 14288 24301 33522 33120 43348 43536 32222 11115 11162 23560 14238 14297 343*/41129 42229 42248 60832 11146 11197 60442 11148 11172 11184 11188 11195 13110 13155 13181 13204 13225 44128 60171 44167 12206 129*/12219 12357 31108 12359 22334 mination, jurisdictional divisions,testing and confidentiality/Lega p between delavirdine ( DLV) plasma levels, HIV RNA responses a atients with Rescriptor ( ) + Retrovir (ZDV) + Epivir (3TC)/Interi d study of Rescriptor~ (, delavirdine mesylate) in triple and qu rapy: DDI/delaviridine ( ), AZT/DLV, DDI/AZT or DDI/AZT/DLV lerability for efavirenz ( DMP 266) in combination with indinavir (ID enz (EFV, SUSTIVAT, 266) in combination with open-label z

Page  52 52 DMP e drama 12th World AIDS Conference S Keyword Abstract-- S Keyword Abstract V + 3TC at 24 weeks [ 266-006]/A phase II, multicenter, ran virenz (EFV, Sustiva 266) in combination with open-label z irenz (EFV, sustivaT, 266) and indinavir (IDV) versus indin enz (EFV, SUSTIVATM, 266) in antiretroviral therapy naive or /Development of a new DNA-array based GeneChip~ assay for HI specimens/A powerful DNA-extraction method and polymerase herapy/Slow proviral DNA reduction in patients on triple drug the totoxic T lymphocytes/ vaccine encoding an HIV epitope fus nimal levels of proviral and to immune recovery/Suppressio of cervicovaginal HIV-1 during pregnancy/HIV-1 subtype and peripheral blood/HPV in cervical secretion in women in relat btype envelope-based and protein immunization strategies f by a consecutive HIV-1 and avipox vaccine regimen/Protecti bution and fate of HIV-1 vaccine in BALB/c mice/Tissue distri containing plasmids for immunization against HIV-1/Three ty munizing route for HIV-1 vaccine/Intranasal administration ma of Treponema pallidum in cerebrospinal fluid from HIV patient of Pneumocystis carinii- by nested-PCR in bronchoalveolar la ytomegalovirus (CMV) and CMV retinitis in AIDS patients/R he amount of HPV 16 in cervicovaginal secretions of HIV-in or HIV-1 infection using based vaccines/Immunotherapy for dia/Shedding of HIV-1 subtypes C and A in genital ulcers in p flammation (GTI)/HIV and RNA detection in cervicovaginal ( vical shedding of HIV-1 /Effect of intrauterine device use on c ymphocytes induced by immunization/SIV-specific cytotoxic on (LCR)/Modulation of viruses regulatory regions by HIV-1 T ction of JC virus (JCV) in blood cell sub-populations and plas n of a gag-pol facilitated vaccine for HIV-1 prevention/AVEG construction of a gp120 vaccine/Determination of prevalent ndinavir/HIV-1 proviral and plasma RNA changes in advance Comparison of proviral in HIV-1 and HIV-2 infected babies in r the detection of HIV-1 /A high input PCR method (Mega-PC experimental Amplicor PCR assay for the detection of HIV-1 or amplification of HIV-2 /Highly sensitive method for amplifica -stranded, subgenomic probes/Fluorescent in situ hybridizati ers, Thailand/RNA and PCR for early diagnosis of infants bor -1 RNA using branched technology/Performance a semi-aut ication of HIV-1 proviral /Quantification of HIV-1 proviral hange of HIV-1 proviral copy number in peripheral mononucl mples of HIV-1 proviral from treated patients/LiPA evaluatio els modulated in vivo by vaccines/Chemokine levels modulat of papillomavirus (HPV) among STD/AIDS patients in Tunisia cytomegalovirus (CMV) among imunocompromised patients i a PCR and a branched technique/Quantitative detection of v ytomegalovirus (CMV) detection using Amplicor CMV test in e detection of JC virus by nested polymerase chain reaction /Activity of TaxotereT ( docetaxel ) as therapy for pretreated HIV-a rom other drug users/ Doctors and Patients- Risk behaviors a elines to clinical reality: and patients view of health care Romanian experience/ and volunteers working with HIV c proposal to train Aimag doctors in Mongolia in HIV/STD preventio HIV and AIDS/Medical attitudes towards selected ethical ystem of AIDS detected docume /Control system of AIDS detected g HIV positive people to document human rights violations in Asia: ort mechanisms/Using documentary films on life stories of people of the pan-African AIDS documentation centres network to the fig stim for HIV in-patients/ Documented cost saving with low dose filg nt and rationalization of documents production about AIDS on fren /Anti-HIV chemokines: Domain mapping and HIV-2 lentivirus deli cation of the C terminal domain of SIVmac251 nef protein in the vir ssing the native V1/V2 of gpl20/Potent neutralization of age/The HIV type-1 V3 with relation to co-receptor usage/ male migrant workers ( domestic helpers) to HIV/AIDS/Factors th rojects of therapeutical domicile assistance-TDA to AIDS patients n Brazil/Therapeutical assistance (TDA) - An alternativ eficiary of therapeutical assistance (TDA) of the Brazilian nd patterns of pausing/ Dominance of the E89G substitution in HI rns of CD8 T cell clonal dominance identified in HIV-infected child equence of HIV-1 gp41 dominantly interferes with wild-type virus i e sex industry in Santo Domingo /A gay paradise revisited: Perc he AIDS epidemic in the Dominican Republic/Recent trends of the Tourism and AIDS in the Republic/Protecting paradise: HIV/AIDS patients in the Republic/Prevalence of STDs V/AIDS for prisoners of Republic/Prevention program ar supply of voluntarily donated blood/Formation of blood donor c nd media ethics/Sperm donation and HIV: A case study in medical V/The Thai Red Cross campaign to prevent mother-to-c nding: Who gets what?/ Donor funding: Who gets what?/ /HIV and HBV positive donor s: Implications for blood safety and d he formation of a blood club/Co-operation with the AIDS su 22336 22340 22343 22386 42196 22230 266*/11152 11240 12371 13117 13293 551*/21196 549*/21198 21203 21211 21213 22101 22184 22265 624*/22311 22418 23353 23450 23453 31145 31223 32210 33216 33218 41140 41147 41150 41155 41158 41159 166*/42106 42168 42172 42174 42198 42324 60012 60013 60230 60622 60734 60934 23189 42293 60610 13480 60585 60262 535*/44133 34230 33493 32147 33495 11104 11213 550*/21194 60691 23567 22455 60616 60617 11125 212*/21106 11121 44205 13161 542*/44239 60115 60755 23261 23161 23278 34344 23254 23260 od/Formation of blood 93 and 1997/Impact of I for developing a blood d/Sustainability beyond ncy codificator in blood donor s derived from Mexican aive HIV-positive blood egnant women & blood nce among male blood rotypes in French blood ons among family blood /HIV and HBV positive s/Risk factors for blood evalence among blood halassemics and blood IV positive male blood duals and normal blood es in replacement blood diseases among blood evalence among blood al material on the blood HIV counselling of blood ong professional blood MC from healthy blood pparently healthy blood ecial reference to blood V in 740 Brazilian blood nfection among blood difficulties facing HIV+ A/A population-based, door-t istic infections: A color Doppl AART/Treatment of dorsoc ce treatment with high dosag V)/Ritonavir (RTV) low dosag esign/Selection of FTC dose udine (d4T) in high/low acy of ritonavir/Effect of tiretroviral effect of two I) and high (6.6 mg/ml) HIV infection/A phase I d, placebo-controlled, th zidovudine and two ted cost saving with low hase 1/11 study of single eficiency related to high and efficacy of reduced doses after single and multiple (RIT) after multiple oral parison of BID and TID dosinc oach to alter suboptimal dy analysis/Once-daily prescriber education on n single and twice daily tis (CMVR)/Prolonged ence with a once-daily study/Indinavir 12 hour fety and efficacy of BID ctly observed therapy ( DOT) nce profile and safety of dOTC ng the tuberculosis unit, Doual T 001: A randomized doubl hancroid/Randomized, P 266-005]/A phase II, ents [DMP 266-004]/A 266-020]/A phase III, V-related oral ulcers: A ng female sex workers/ Douch ness Study of HIVNET/ nal substance use and douch /Interleukin-8 receptor downAboriginal people in the downt men in cruising areas in overty and nutrition in a ales and treatment with doxaz E (cyclophosphamide, doxor s of CD69, CD25, HLA- DR ar xpression of CD38 and ar HIV disease/T cell HLA- su nce/Using participatory drama rt organisation (TASO) clubs in order to maintain a regular s 23261 selection on HIV-prevalence among 33209 counselling programme/Cost-effect 33271 aid/Sustainability beyond 645*/44220 s in Sao Paulo City (Brazil)/Prevale 11123 at different stages of infection/Div 11148 in Sao Paulo/Brazil/Prevalence of 11168 in Tanzania/Age specific change o 13113 in northern Thailand from 1990 to 1 13139 (1985-1996)/Increasing diversity 13204 in Karachi, Pakistan/Prevalence o 23253: Implications for blood safety and d 23254 with serological markers for the hu 23256 in Cameroon from 1990 to 1996/H 23257 during window period in Mumbai 23263 to their regular female partners/Th 23378 from USA, India, Jamaica, Malaysi 31192 in Delhi/Prevalence of HIV antibod 33202 at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Mala 33206 at the CNTS of Bujumbura in Buru 33209 knowledge about AIDS/The impac 33211 /Need assessment for HIV counsel 33267 with Western Blot indeterminate re 41109 and PBMC from HIV-Infected indiv 41249 in Saudi Arabia (1985-1997)/Incid 42120 /Prevalence of HIV-2 infection in C 42130 by multi-target reverse transcriptio 42134 in West Bengal/Increasing trends i 42137 at the National Blood Transfusion 60220 o-door survey of HIV, STD and risk 23458 er echocardiographic study/Pattern 60995 cervical fat pads and truncal adiposi 32164 e buprenorphine/Care of drug users 60656 es increases dramatically the saqui 42257 based on viral kinetics and pharmaco 12208 combinations in an antiretroviral ther 12241 escalation on the safety, tolerability a 12283 regimens of ritonavir and saquinavir 12307 fomivirsen for the treatment of CMV r 22245 escalation study of 2-/-fluoro-2,3-d 22281 ranging study to assess the antiretro 22334 levels of indinavir compared to zidov 22393 filgrastim for HIV in-patients/Docum 32147 nevirapine in HIV infected pregnant 41131 megestrol acetate therapy/Severe c 60367 of ritonavir (RTV) plus saquinavir (S 12114 /Stavudine entry into cerebrospinal 12355 in healthy volunteers/Pharmacokin 42269 g Viracept (nelfinavir) in combination 12224 of indinavir/Effectiveness of a syst 12292 of nevirapine: A retrospective, cros 12360 strategies/Managing the indinavir/ 12396 of ganciclovir/Induction treatment 22267 schedules using cidofovir in patient 32239 antiretroviral combination therapy/ 32393 an alternative to 8 hourly dosing re 60484 of ViraceptTM (nelfinavir mesylate) 60631 of highly active antiretroviral therapy 60582 (2-deoxy-3-oxa-4 thiocytidine)/Ch 41196 a Central Hospital/Seroepidemiolog 13120 e-blind, comparative trial to evaluat 12240, placebo-controlled trial of er 22189, placebo-controlled, dose ra 22334, placebo-controlled study to 22340, placebo-controlled, multice 22343 placebo controlled clinical tri 32247 ling /vaginal cleaning habits among f 43359 practices among US women at 60350 ling practices among sex workers in 23419 -regulation on polymorphonuclear n 31167 town Eastside of Vancouver/Challe 24267 Guatemala City/Informal educ 33365 community/HIV, injection drug 44289 osin /Increased urinary frequency ( 32126 ubicin, etoposide) in patients (pts) w 22297 id CD45RO expression, Interleukin-2 12180 re markers of immune activation and 213*/31166 irface expression as a surrogate mar 60864 Sto communicate STD/HIV/AIDS rel 13456 group to assist in the formation of a 23260

Page  53 12th World AIDS Conference drama* Early 53 Abstract-- SKeyword eenagers through radio /HIV prevention in African-An reness through popular in secondary schools/HIV/AI nal testimonies, music, dramas, role plays by NAPHAM/AID Echinacea angustifolia/ Dramatic increase in immune media IV-infected population/ Dramatically declining morbidity anc ow dosages increases dramatically the saquinavir (SQV-H( Uganda/Feasibility and drawbacks of HIV home testing in ru tic Republic of Congo ( DRC ), while perception of risk of AID tic Republic of Congo ( )/What strategies for the HIV te zed groups: Tailors and dressmakers /Sensitizing and peer ded response initiative ( DRI): Missing link in HIV/AIDS contro rict response initiative ( ): Fostering partnership in HIV/AI erapy causes a genetic drift in the env quasi-species/Humai Improvement in sexual drive and a falling viral load are asso gn comparison/Theory driven determinants of condom use plication of a genotypic rule-based expert artificial intE mpact results of a peer- intervention to combat HIV ai mic impact of viral load triple drug combination antirel read of infection/Truck drivers in Brazil: Prevalence of HIV, Abstract -- nerica 33432 DS pr 33481 Soutr 42251 ted HI 32309 d mort 12343 GC) bi 42257 ral Ug 43141 Sislo 14109 sting i 60962 educa 33571 l. A sit 34110 DS co 34127 n imm 11185 ciated 32343 intenti 24171 elligen 32297 mong 409*/33335 trovira 60507 and ot 13452 Keyword _ ~ __~ ~~ ~ ~~~ ~ A r%^F- A sexual practices of taxi and truck drivers/helpers/Knowled 23341 e among autorickshaw in Delhi - A pilot study/Risk asses 23436 nagement among truck along the highways/Referral syste 23565 ong long distance truck in India/Risk behaviour, use of con 24115 tervention among truck and CSWS along the National Hig 33107 rogramme among truck in South India/Intervention progra 33369 t among long distance (LDD) in Cross River State, Nigeria 33373 f road haullers and taxi of Kumba town on STD/AIDS prev 33557 artners of long distance (LDDs) on HIV/AIDS/STD/Educati 43176 TD/HIV among truck in the City of Sao Paulo - Brazil/Pe 43255 ong long-distance lorry and inn girls working along highwa 43281 ex workers (CSW) and at Mamou and Tamagly stop sites ( 43322 ex workers (CSW) and at Mamou and Tamagly stop sites ( 43372 and international truck /AIDS on wheels project: A KAB st 43377 g behaviour of Delhi taxi /Risk taking behaviour of Delhi taxi 60127 LWHA)/Establishing a drop-in-centre with self-help projects for p 24363 n to the AIDS epidemic/ Drop-in centers in Montreal: Adaptation to 34288 I/Creation of HIV/AIDS drop-in centers as an effective service deli 34123 nal study/Predictors of dropout and burnout in volunteers - A long 34330 Nevirapine/lamivudine drug-drug interaction study in HIV infecte 12217 d children: Analysis of a drug-experienced cohort after multiple m 60294 ttending a residential drug-free treatment facility in New York Cit 23560 es (CTL) recognition of drug-induced variants in HIV-1 reverse tr 31137 sexual risk reduction by drug-injecting men and women/Psychos 23205 al microbicides among drug-involved women: Results of product 33150 al microbicides among women: Results of focus gr 33154 rt-time pretreated and drug-naive HIV-1 infected patients as pre 233*/32282 higher risks for HIV and drug-related harm in San Francisco/Youn 23202 io de Janeiro, Brazil/ Drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculos 22163 ency of transmission of drug-resistant variants in individuals with 228*/32280 therapy/Emergence of HIV-1 strains from patients 41224 teristics and survival of pulmonary tuberculosis in 60437 derstanding HIV risks of drug-using men who have sex with men/ 23129 /HIV risk factors among male sex workers in Houston, 23134 atives of sex and drugs/ Druggies, junkies and sex: Towards an un 23539 ctors/Two antiretroviral drugs regime efficacy followed by the use 12182 ffecting accessibility to and care in Chiringa - a rural comm 12430 ts people find the best for HIV/AIDS/How can a developing 12434 /Consumption of illegal and condoms use in students of four 13544 nces risk/Antiretroviral and sexual behavior in gay and bise 14137 mong women who use /Safer sex: The use of male and fem 14170 riple therapy/Are three enough? Baseline plasma viral load 22359 PI) antiretroviral (AR): Patterns in five large out-patients d 22396 nditure for antiretroviral: Are there any advantages?/Increa 22405 n Russia/Home-made as an active factor of HIV transmissi 23186 capacity/Antiretroviral for pregnant women in rural South A 23297 ationship between sex,,and condom use among men who h 23406 d narratives of sex and /Druggies, junkies and sex: Toward 23539 ith men and also inject (MSM-IDU): A profile of the group at 23550 /The journey back from: One step at a time/The journey bac 24278 nts to seven antifungal in Brazil/The susceptibility of 23 str 31213 ffective antiretroviral and nutritional support/Disappeara 32140 bitors and recreational: a group approach to harm minimisa 32391 ed with multiple antiviral /Protease inhibitor therapy in HIV-in 32440 n who exchange sex for or money/Acceptability of the femal 33139 d people/Tuberculosis alternative cure for HIV infected peo 33258 /Reducing the harms of and HIV: Policies and practices arou 33388 revention of HIV/AIDS, /alcohol abuse among early adolesc 33565 utions in the absence of /Finding creative solutions in the ab 34165 erence/Do people fail, or do drugs fail people: The discour 638*/34212 s against antiretroviral in serial samples of HIV-1 proviral D 42198 and efficacy of anti-HIV /Cost and efficacy of anti-HIV 42254 ain delivery of anti-HIV: Rapid screening using an in vitro m 42270 ializing in antiretroviral /Experiences addressing the issue 42297 Sao Paulo, Brazil/AIDS logistics management - Sao Paulo, 42304 Utilization of prescribed by HIV infected individuals: A qualit 42307 f the triple antiretroviral therapy: Progress towards improve 42308 upplement with antiviral /L-carnitine and magnesium (Carne 42384 ot study and traditional in HIV-1 infected patients in South I 42395 erial about STD/AIDS,, and other health aspects for the pri 43416 ght/Reciving the latest and therapy is our human right/Reci 44160 id system to cover HIV will prevent thousands of deaths an 482*/44241 nd limits of antiretroviral (ARV) in developing countries/Ben 60184 herapies and approved for HIV infection/International index 60379 erability of anti-retroviral /Tolerability of anti-retroviral 60479 hol, and currently illegal in women with HIV infection/Use of 60516 ng test-counselling for drugusers on a national level/Training t 24327 als/Modifications in the DTH reaction in HIV-infected individuals/M 41124 dine monophosphate ( dTMP ) levels/Control of zidovudine phosp 42264 ombinants of HIV-1 in a dual-infected transfusion recipient/Escap 11183 e demand of condoms/ Dual methodology in the family planning pr 33116 n Vancouver, Canada/ epidemics of HIV and injection drug u 42449 elope/Actin dependent dual receptor HIV-1 infection vs. single rec 11120 pidemic in Brazil/HIV-1 infections and recombinants are an in 13156 e United States using a EIA testing strategy/HIV seroinciden 13216 ts with single HIV-1 and HIV-1/HIV-2 infections, Abidjan, Cbte 13328 imbabwe/Promoting protection for HIV/STI and pregnancy 13562 el/Ritonavir-containing protease inhibitor regimens may have 22350 tia complex (ADC) and diagnosis/The experiences of manag 24317 of immune activation in infection with HIV and Mycobacterium 31184 ng services/Promoting protection: Integrating HIV, STI and fa 33137 enya/Utility of single or rapid tests in the detection of HIV in pr 42104, B/F recombinants and infections in Argentina/Identification 60727 ombinants of HIV-1 in a dually-infected transfusion recipient/Esc 11199 Evaluation of Vidas HIV DUO for the simultaneous detection of p24 60402 tigen assay, Vidas HIV, that narrows the seroconversion wi 60607 d virologic parameters/ Durability of undetectable viral load (VL) i 42154 A copies/ml/Two-year durability of HIV-1 load suppression in pat 12279 ) regimen/Efficacy and of ritonavir/saquinavir (RTV/SQ 12330 P 266-003, Cohort IV]/ Durable clinical anti-HIV-1 activity (72 wee 12359 oside inhibitor therapy/ suppression of virus replication wi 22395 IV eradication?/Can durable viral suppression in patients with p 12188 ddl/NVP/Predictors of duration of virologic suppression in a meta 12365 n/Reduced fertility and of HIV 1-infection in American wo 24198 th AIDS/Incidence and of in-patient hospitalizations amo 42443 genital ulcer disease in Durban, South Africa/Increasing incidenc 60030 and viruses specific for Dutch drug users in heterosexually infecte 13195 afe sex/Effects of three safer sex campaigns on determinan 14284 ommunity care for slum dwellers with HIV/AIDS in the slums of Nai 22481 by whole body MRI and DXA scans/Altered body fat distribution in 32181 hanges/Living with and dying of AIDS: Todays changes/Living wit 24249 viral therapy (HAART)/ Dynamic changes in naive and activated T 269*/21112 HIV-infected patients: A dynamic computer model/Improving com 14305 lation of chimpanzees/ Dynamics of HIV-1 subtype B and E strain 11223 ostasis during HAART/ of mean TRF and T cell homeo 22341 stages of HIV disease/ of CD4+ T cell recovery in a larg 41179 virological failure/Viral dynamics in HIV infected patients: Correla 265*/11154 erapy (HAART) on viral man transmission/Viral AART/T lymphocyte twins: Insight into T cell eview/Condom market changes/Modeling the zarus dilemma: Shifting arkers/Endothelial cell s in children with thymic onkeys/Anergy and and CD4 count/Sexual ection/Taste and smell HIV-related neurologic during primary HIV-1 infection/I 11155 in neonatal macaques after oral 209*/11214 in primary HIV infected patients 12194 /Immune reconstitution of HIV d 272*/22411 - A critical review/Condom mar 33113 in plasma viral load and CD4+ ly 43473 of relationships in the age of HI 60925 dysfunction in HIV infection: relationship 12139 - Immunodeficiency or tolera 31116 of CD4+ and Vy2VA2+ lymp 31169 in patients with HIV infection 32125 in HIV infection/Taste and s 42353 /Evaluation of a protocol for t 60697 Macaques/Early T cell dysfunctions during acute infection of SIV deficiency with cervical dysplasia in the Womens Interagency HI revalence and cervical /Relationship of HIV-1 RNA copi os Angeles/Cervical progression rates over 1 year a en/Incidence of cervical among HIV-infected women/In py (HAART) on cervical and HPV infection among HIV-i NDER-AIDS, the global e-mail network on HIV/AIDS/GENDER-AI 51 infected Macaques/ Early T cell dysfunctions during acute infec r (ABC) and PI therapy/ and sustained changes in lymphocty ward the normal range/ intervention with maximally suppress erapy in HIV-1 infection: results/ADAM study. Induction-main 11224 621 */22301 22317 32131 60158 60289 34199 11224 12213 12215 12229

Page  54 54 Early o educating 12th World AIDS Conference arly stages (Spanish vices at the local level/ n of risk of AIDS is low/ ent anti-HIV therapies/ al treatments (HAART)/ V infection and spread/ n HIV infected patients/ Successes and failures/ d to delayed treatment/ and improves survival/ t against HIV infection/ w-up study from Brazil/ sing 3 virologic assays/ d Fas Ag expression in nction and apoptosis in ected patients in very mpact on peer norms on without interleukin-2 in rus isolates/Sera from nses to HIV-1 envelope c CD8+ CTL responses achexia in HIV patients ests (NT) as markers of (HAART)/The value of medical practitioners in s/alcohol abuse among ng-term follow-up of an RNA and DNA PCR for Keyword Abstr, Antiretroviral Therapy in HIV: Spanis intervention demonstration projects ( sexual activity is common among tee up-regulation of TNF-a in naive patie regression of cervical lesions in HIVwidowhood as a sustaining and a faci initiation of antiretroviral therapy nor HIV detection: Successes and failure treatment with highly active antiretro participation in a HIV cohort study slo diagnosis - A program involving the cognitive deficits in HIV infection: A f diagnosis of HIV-1 and HIV-2 infectio early phase of SIVmac infection/Apoptosi HIV infection/Effect of different comb stages (Spanish Early Antiretroviral sexual initiation/Parent-adolescent d HIV infection: Preliminary results/A r seroconvertors have high neutralizin in infection and subsequent disease act -- 12238 13444 14109 21180 22312 23470 32320 43104 44243 60208 60468 60602 60667 11227 12200 12238 14138 22414 31105 31107 Keyword Abstract-- ychological profile and with HIV/AIDS-political/ he Canadian HIV/AIDS iretroviral therapy/The in Ontario, Canada/An people in Canada/The IV/AIDS/STDs through demic in Colombia/The men face the social and ions/Psychosocial and ck rate of STDs/Social arios/Estimated future improve the social and ources/Evaluating the among IDUs: The role of /Modeling the potential oduction function is an aspects of the advanced HIV inf impact/Women with HIV/AIDSresearch initiative/Costing HIV/ impact of the change in prescrib evaluation of changing HIV trea impact of HIV on Aboriginal peo and social empowerment/Com and social costs from the HIV/AI consequences of HIV/AIDS in support through womens asso empowers commercial sex wor impact of HIV/AIDS in the Euro condition of older people caring consequences of substance ab incentives/Vaccination among impact of viral load driven triple tool that can inform the design o 22392 23487 480*/24122 24123 24129 32413 34142 34150 34271 34274 43253 43488 44211 44314 60276 60507 60785 23569 24295 44247 23375 34115 32236 13197 23469 43120 33339 34261 43185 33538 33362 33298 43176 33295 following HIV-1 clade-B infection/Cr 601*/31122 treated with effective antiretroviral dr 32140 neurological deficit in asymptomatic 32218 parameters of adherence in predictin 32388 diagnosis and syndromic manageme 33410 adolescents of copper mining towns/ 33565 HIV-infected cohort receiving intermit 344*/41230 diagnosis of infants born to HIV-infec 166*/42106 nst HIV/AIDS and STD/ Economical support to needy women and ening of AIDS situation/ policies a contributor to wors protease inhibitors (PI): economical impact on opportunistic infecti m for HIV prevention: An ecopsychosocial perspective/Toward a g prevention and care in Ecuador /Moving beyond awareness-raisi lants/Cystoid macular edema in diabetic patients after treatment f childbearing women in Edinburgh 1982-1997/The incidence and risk pregnant women in 1993-1997/Prevalence of HIV ake and acceptability in, Scotland/Comparison of opt-i ation of hair-dressers to educate sex workers on safe sex practices novative approaches to safe sex to people associated wi merican immigrants to extended family members and th ckage targeting poorly educated young people in community cent rid AIDS day campaign educates 1,200,000 Africans/HOPE worl t counselling in Poland/ Educating for pre- and post test counsellin Ds) on HIV/AIDS/STD/ female sex partners of long dist DS Hotline/A decade of educating anonymous about HIV/AIDS: antigen and HIV-lgA for diagnosis of perinatal HIV infection in py trials in patients with HIV infection/Application of novel d t viral load and STDs in HIV infection/Plasma and genital tra or panel for monitoring T-lymphocyte responses in clinical tri /Serum RANTES as an prognostic marker of HIV-1 disease p specimen collection for detection of HIV: Feasibility and acce rminants and impact of sexual activity among adolescents in or HIV education in the elementary grades: A review of US p s syndrome (SLAS) in stage HIV infection treated with HAA tion of a protocol for the diagnosis of HIV-related neurologic d erapy in HIV: Spanish EARTH-2 Study)/An open randomized stu length sequencing of 4 East African HIV-1 reveals 2 recombinants h and quality of life in an London out-patient HIV clinic populati womens sexual risk in Harlem, NYC: An event analysis/The ng with TB and AIDS in Hararghe and Harar, Ethiopia/Caring mation on the Internet in Asian languages - Chinese, Japanes ducators in the Middle /HIV/AIDS as a uniting factor in a host AIDS NGOS Network in Africa (ANNEA) experience/Establis HIV epidemics in South Asia?/Is migration a co-factor for the youngs in schools in the east province in Cameroon/STDs/AIDS pr ealth of young people in Hararghe and Harar, Ethiopia/Sexual population suggests an Eastern European Ashkenazi origin of CC ehavioral research in Shan State, Myanmar/Communit uction for drug users in Europe/International networking and STD rising trends in Europe/Challenge of HIV/AIDS a ng a STD clinic in north eastern state of India/A study on sexual b HIV-infected woman in Uganda/Motives for having babie al staff (nursing staff) in Rajasthan State of India/A survey tworking in countries of and southern Africa/Enhancing tr people in the downtown Eastside of Vancouver/Challenges of pro sian back-calculation ( EBBC): European Union (EU) action on m a HIV-related: Update/ EBV-DNA in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) as p infection with CMV and EBV in Indian patients with HIV/AIDS/Co-i s?/Epstein-Barr virus ( ) PCR of CSF: Is it useful in the diagno multicenter study of the EC Network on HIV-Hepatitis Prevention in sy-proven Toxoplasma ecephalitis without evident focal lesions: Iling activity induced by Echinacea angustifolia/Dramatic increase A long-term clinical and echocardiographic follow-up/Incidence o ctions: A color Doppler study/Patterns of hea 42114 42118 164*/42141 42206 43101 43132 60225 60335 60611 60697 12238 11186 14360 23493 24212 33484 34351 34353 44199 13531 43160 13312 14232 34362 60107 22201 24201 33545 359*/43391 24267 43484 22324 31204 60496 23527 60647 32309 60434 60995 action via US prescriber cultural distances/HIV ommunity-based AIDS es to assist in HIV/AIDS n HIV/AIDS prevention ementing an STD/AIDS with results/Workplace e-based peer-led AIDS sed strategies for AIDS n experiential HIV/AIDS in HIV/STD prevention/ secondary school AIDS m for adolescents/Sex n school AIDS/life skills nd students/Why AIDS curricula/School AIDS w and think about AIDS and a guideline of AIDS n HIV/AIDS prevention or AIDS/STD/safer sex nowledge among sex or AIDS/STD/safer sex ssessment of HIV/AIDS s to effective STD/AIDS ujarat, India/HIV/AIDS /A school-based AIDS and middle school/Sex erience)/Informations, on of the plan of sexual raining colleges/Peer /A school-based AIDS ory AIDS and sexuality ural responses to AIDS perience in community behaviour assessment, f a model of school HIV n establishing sexuality mary providers of sexual uerto Rico/Sexuality tion with lower levels of gap in multidisciplinary e outcomes/HIV/AIDS sing in providing patient o State, Brazil/AIDS & ement in HIV/AIDS peer n Pokhara, Nepal/Peer on dosing strategies/Managing 12396 in native North American comm 13410 for young adults in rural China: 13414 for the community/Interactive tr 13415 through experimental theater/ 13423 program among the dock worke 13441 as a vehicle for community edu 13455 program in Harare: The Zimbab 13459 and prevention/Workbased str 13464 for nurses in China/Pilot progra 13477 /social marketing/A proposal to 13480 /Interdisciplinary teaching cont 13497 and HIV/STD prevention progr 36*/13498: Selected case studies/Best pr 13499 did not work in schools: The im 13501: Improving the quality of policie 13503?/What do Brazilian teachers k 13506 /Survey on sexual behaviour of 13509 /Level of risk continuum as a to 13511 among first year medical stude 13519 teachers in the Czech Republic 13520 among first year medical stude 13521 for students two years after inte 13535 among corpus-based adolesce 13537 in the school system: Project in 13542 programme in Masaka District, 13543 among students of primary and 13549 and communications on AIDS a 13550 for adolescent scholars of the ci 13552 on ARH in secondary training c 13554 programme for secondary scho 13558 into a reproductive rural health 13561 /Cognitive frames and cultural r 14214 in Risaralda, Colombia/Learnin 14228 and counselling: Vital compone 14254 implemented by teachers and h 14277 programme/Considering cultur 14328 within the family/Mothers role a 14335 needs: Results from focus grou 14336: A preliminary report/Prevalen 22211 and training/Bridging the gap 22434 for nurses: Forming community 22461 materials to promote medicatio 22472 in metropolitan area and inner c 23127 - Ugandan experience/Wome 23501 /awareness among commercial 183*/23508 k and risk reduction as echoed in survey responses/Power echoe 207*, y in HIV infected adults/ Ecological and attitudinal influences on di ig picture: A qualitative ecological perspective on HIV+ patients a ent analysis/The social ecology of drug using womens sexual risk ion of the HIV infection/ Economic resources, survival and progre k of STD/HIV infection/, political, social and cultural det ommercial sex workers/ factors affecting condom usage ng the Giso community/ and cultural factors leading to ri medical care in Mexico/ impact of AIDS medical care in cial Action) in Bouake/ support to people living with HI g the criteria of the BMJ Evaluation Working Group/Co ilian Ministry of Health/ profile of patients beneficiary of (Calcutta)/Some socio economic analysis of first two hundred cas /14182 42348 32365 23493 13343 14199 14205 14206 24140 34185 43220 60617 13232

Page  55 12th World AIDS Conference educating * educators 55 Keyword Abstract Keyword Abstra raphy and intervention/ /AIDS surveillance and n region in Brazil/AIDS exuality) and HIV/AIDS es in the programme of uistic approach to AIDS enitentiary/Continuous of Russian politics/Sex unselling on HIV/AIDS et as an adjunct to AIDS ith HIV/AIDS through ce in sustaining a peeross-cultural treatment Community partnership tudy Group/Treatment gnosis, care and health ramme/Impact of AIDS TD) center/Informationnity outreach and AIDS ective tool in sex/AIDS uatemala City/Informal wareness creation and m provision and health ngthen the information /Videotape in a vaccine s of the media for AIDS dcasters manual/AIDS entina/Information and ntion intervention/Peer utare, Zimbabwe/Peer of a school-based peer medical impact/A peer /Effectiveness of peer e contradictions of peer n Lusaka, Zambia/Peer mises venues/Outreach t children through peer cation for gay men/Sex tion plan on AIDS peer vioural intentions/Peer The challenges of peer ucation/Workers AIDS ricans in Vietnam/Peer s living in England/Peer n AIDS prevention peer/AIDS/STD peer health orthern Italy using peer ators in STD/HIV/AIDS Is/Sensitizing and peer rs/Sensitizing and peer kers at work place/Peer o HOPE model for peer uania/Introducing peer y school students/Peer galore, India/HIV/AIDS ucation/Workers AIDS Kinoni community/Peer olescents through peer tory tool for peer health ess of a HIV/AIDS peer community based peer tion in a project of peer infections through peer roject/Peer ntegration of HIV/AIDS zed PLWH/As: Popular nse to community AIDS Pakistan/Importance of nd mass media in AIDS nt/Peer run programs = erience/Primary school e with sex workers peer ultation exercises/Peer assessment/HIV/AIDS nyan experience/Peer ervices and prevention o/AIDS prevention and ng HIV/AIDS treatment uidelines/Worldwide y-based HIV treatment project/Vulnerability of sexual project among RFSW and MS in remote areas of the amazon r in two major prisons in Nigeria/ and prevention in regard of HIV/: The challenges of multicultulis and constructive actions inside and HIV prevention in the conte among prostituted women in D /Using the Internet as an adjunc /Empower of women living with program for HIV/AIDS/STD pre to enable HIV positive people to programs for frontline workers i, activism and advocacy for pare for women/Well womans clinic and awareness programme/Im -communication (IEC) among pr through the post test club of the: The Ghanaian experience/Par for men who have sex with men for HIV/AIDS prevention amon in a high risk setting/A controlle of a great public and to commu initiative/Videotape in a vaccin in Mali/Power and weakness of broadcasters manual/AIDS through mass media for the pre among factory workers in Zimb to reduce STI/HIV transmission programme in Zimbabwe/Base project evaluation schema: Inp and monitoring of the condom u as employment for poor people to reduce STI/HIV transmission in sex on premises venues/Out and empowerment/Reducing ri before safe sex education for g to reach young people in and o in community centres and at yo among commercial sex worker programme: Peer education/W: Professional to professional, A and support for African PWAs li programme in Budapest, Hung: The experience with secondar methods: A videoclip and a cale programme for truckdrivers in in organized groups: Schools/ in organized groups: Tailors an among industrial workers at wo and support/The Soweto HOP strategies for AIDS prevention i as an effective HIV/AIDS preve programme among youth hoste programme: Peer education/W programme among the youth a /Preventing STD/HIV/AIDS am (PHE) outreach/Daily activity f programme among commercial programs for the under-served among female sex workers in Li /To improve community memb project/Peer into family planning: Bridging th, PINOY PLUS, and its power ov by traditional healers in THETA regarding sexual health with m efforts/Collaboration between and empowerment/Peer run pr support for HIV/AIDS vulnerabi programmes/Social and cultur and empowerment is achievabl program of Lawig Bubai, the or and AIDS control and preventio for the HIV-positive, asymptom programs on the Internet: New to an ethnically diverse populati of primary care providers: New programme/Keys to the succes 23533 23558 23581 23586 24118 24166 24281 24289 24326 24331 24361 24366 32363 32423 32441 33255 33294 33310 33344 33363 33365 33377 33383 33442 33455 33492 33497 33509 540*/33514 533*/33516 41*/33518 33519 532*/33521 33523 33524 33526 33529 33530 33533 33534 33535 33537 33542 33543 33546 33547 33560 33563 33570 33571 33572 33573 33574 33577 33579 33580 33581 33590 33591 578*/33592 33593 33595 33597 33602 34114 34171 34189 34197 34224 34266 34267 34276 34282 34295 34316 34327 34372 42229 42231 42232 e for continuing medical internet/HIV treatment PHAM/AIDS outreach ants enhanced nutrition ting/Integration of peer ach to HIV primary care ved therapies, clinician Sustainable HIV/AIDS /Carnival AIDS, AIDS y/The use of a Freirian gious setting/HIV/AIDS igeria/HIV/AIDS/STDs V/AIDS prevention and Criteria for evaluation of ia/Experiences in peer ity/HIV prevention/sex ove condoms: An HIV ncouver, Canada/AIDS ASOs)/HIV prevention /Phoenix - Sex worker Philippines/Preventive on of HIV/AIDS/Art and the C6te dlvoire/AIDS practice regarding HIV ge as a barrier to health nces in HIV prevention w York State/Treatment epal/HIV/AIDS/STD rovision of training and ex workers at risk/Skills s/Preventive HIV/AIDS ss media for HIV clinical against HIV/AIDS/Peer e work/The continuing ainer-facilitators in HIV DS/Adapting treatment ommendations for HIV aboration on HIV/AIDS V transmission/Nurses a: Models of prevention ung women/Prevention mation on AIDS. A peer onal illiteracy and AIDS rrounding areas/AIDS arks in Nigeria to AIDS uth groups/NGOS/Peer ong Kong/HIV/AIDS years of prevention and ties/The impact of peer mparative study of AIDS dealing with HIV/AIDS/ en living with HIV/AIDS/ viral therapy (HAART)/ AIDS affected children/ x workers in rural areas/ veness of a systematic ation of the impact of an DS/Effectiveness of an safety/The effect of HIV out AIDS/The impact of d patients for HIV/AIDS revention/An outreach for the development of er educators to develop tion/Community based or the design of graphic IV/Utilization of an HIV I supplementation and A culturally acceptable ally transmitted disease enge of adherence: An V/AIDS awareness and xico: Assessment of the for counsellors in AIDS service and critical thinking in the intern targeting 15-49 age groups thr /Limited knowledge of more ag into HIV care in a clinic setting/I in smaller centres/A collaborati and case management in the U and prevention in native comm utilizing carnival street bands/ model to train Latin American i among vulnerable populations i for prison communities in Lago /Sustaining the spirit of volunte given to clients of sex workers/ approach for intervention amon among immigrant Latino gay an campaign based on survey dat, gender, sexuality, culture and r and support services: A marria and support project/Phoenix - on STD, HIV/AIDS for womens in the prevention of HIV/AIDS/ by peers in the African prison sy,counselling and voluntary testi: Its possible impact on STD/HI /Ethical dilemma of modernizati in prison: Facing the challenges and prevention for military pers to the religious tribal ARs decisi /safe sex negotiation with isolat for prisons/Preventive HIV/AID /Telemedicine: A timeless medi a weapon against HIV/AIDS/P for nurses team on day care un /Network provides opportunity f trainings for three populations o in the early elementary grades:, research, policy and treatment in occupational HIV transmissio programs/Empowering youth t on HIV/AIDS for young women/ program focused on improving:The marginalisation of the mar program for illegal Burmese mi: An 8 years experience/Sustai for youth groups/NGOS/Peer program for medical students at regarding HIV-AIDS and sexual in communities/The impact of p materials from Germany, Thaila Educational quality standards for 14 profe resource on sexuality for wo and support needs of people I support for HIV/AIDS affecte program for sex workers in ru educational approach to alter suboptimal program for AIDS prevention course on HIV/AIDS/Effectiv programmes on blood safety/ material on the blood donors programs: Meet Sophia Alvar programme for adolescents o materials on information and and STD/HIV/AIDS preventio programme: Most effective w materials addressed to HIV/A booklet to enhance caregiver outreach for lower income pe approach to reach women wit program to incarcerated wom model for non-medical HIV se program in expansion project material/Rural migration and Ict 42234 42243 42251 42341 42408 42409 443*/42429 43168 43182 43185 43191 43197 43205 185*/43229 43249 43252 43282 43306 43325 43336 43362 43376 43412 43561 43569 44127 44198 60003 60005 60076 60100 60152 60156 60182 60261 60292 60335 60351 60359 60377 60422 60494 60522 60625 60644 60763 60917 60919 60930 60987 13583 14324 32333 34245 60143 12292 14281 24309 33210 33211 33296 33353 33453 33584 34181 34206 42242 42361 43251 60223 60362 60539 60774 33566 24301 33522 33525 24287 33351 33359 n success through Peer Educator: An effective strategy in Faridpur rience as an HIV/AIDS educator and counsellor living with HIV in f a district peer health programme in primary schools in /STAND - A teen peer course in the rural south: Direct a tudents as HIV/AIDS educators reaching out to their peers in sc gramme/PLWHAs peer experience in Dar es Salaam, T in Calcutta/Using peer & community influencers to red

Page  56 56 educators * Empowering 12th World AIDS Conference ~alcutta/Role of peer ng adolescents as peer t brought about by peer nsmission through peer ase of involving female ogramme through peer chools/Training of peer /Model of the school for gional network of AIDS al students as HIV/AIDS w literacy levels as peerith HIV/AIDS and peer yms/Recruiting peer ents with HIV infection/ EEG c esources/Changes in EEIV 1 nelfinavir (NFV) and/or efavire 2H in combination with eks) and tolerability for al activity and safety of vity and tolerability of antiretroviral activity of f the combination of V) in combination with d HIV-1 RNA levels and /Virologic resistance to s/Pharmacokinetics of etic interaction between tanding/Collaborative effort xpand AIDS prevention efforts uch findings to develop reatment system and ctiveness of prevention rriers in HIV prevention valuation of prevention color in the US: Federal revention and control thening HIV prevention edia in AIDS education he same situation/The ning in the US to inform d States/Evaluation of HIV transmission/State alignant lymphomatous effusic rogram director on the eficien NFV) and/or efavirenz ( EFV ) i bination with efavirenz ( )/ nd safety of efavirenz (, erability of efavirenz ( ) al activity of efavirenz (, bination of efavirenz (, nation with efavirenz ( cokinetics of efavirenz ( ion between efavirenz ( ug users in Alexandria, Egypt nd counselling center in nd counselling center in pulation at risk for HIV?/ Egypti mployers initiative (NAT El )/Th or rapid confirmation of EIA-ba ed States using a dual EIA te e of calypte HIV-1 urine in obas Core Anti-HIV-1/2 D, of novel detuned HIV to emonstration projects ( EIDPs nd practice in UK and Eire // nal intercourse without ejacul; demic (AKS), endemic ( EKS), tease inhibitor therapy/ Elderl! han: AIDS and the rural elderly /Women, children and /HIV screening with the Elecsy HIV-screening with the ransmission following electiv ing ZVD treatment and nd body composition for electri eocapsid protein p7/An electr< hts and law/Increasing electr V/AIDS information via nder stavudine therapy/ Electr anda/The media - Vital eleme Keyword Abstract in social marketing of male con 33441 in Argentina/Evaluation of an in 33539 /Behaviour change among sex 33540 amongst CSW/Prevention and 33552 in STD/HIV/AIDS education pro 33563 in slums of Delhi/Lessons learn 33575 to develop educational and ST 33584 on HIV/AIDS/Model of the scho 33603 in the Middle East/HIV/AIDS as 34351 /Medical students as HIV/AIDS 60283 in the Washington, DC area/Te 60531 programmes on knowledge, atti 60736 for a community-based interve 60810,harting data in CNS disorders evalu 32226 hospitalizations since the introductio 42450;nz (EFV) in combination with new n 125*/12203 (EFV)/Sixteen week follow-up o 12290 (DMP 266) in combination with i 12359 (EFV, SUSTIVAW, DMP 266) in 22334 (EFV) + indinavir (IDV), versus E 22336 (EFV, SustivaT DMP 266) in co 22340 (EFV, sustivaT, DMP 266) and i 22343 (EFV, SUSTIVA, DMP 266) in 22386 concentrations in patients enroll 32202 /Virologic resistance to 41213 (EFV) and ritonavir (RIT) after m 42269 (EFV) and rifampin (RIF) in healt 42280 successful in addressing and imple 34258 for youth/Using the Internet: Cost- 13342 to prevent HIV/STD infection/Disc 13517 to improve access to primary and s 13586 /Injector network embeddedness in 14140:Findings from ICRWs women and 203*/14262 in 4 states/Prevention of perinatal t 23282 to ensure that HIV services target u 32432 in Colombia/The impact of HIV/AID 34180 of US Catholic Social Service Agen 34191 /Collaboration between AIDS NGO 34224 of a couple living with AIDS: An use 34302 in Argentina/Planning to change a 43177 to build HIV prevention capacity in 43221 to reduce perinatal HIV transmissio 44105 )ns /HIV-associated primary malign 60506 ice of the AIDS program in a develo 60750 n combination with new nucleoside a 125*/12203 Sixteen week follow-up of indinavir s 12290 SUSTIVATM, DMP 266) in combinatio 22334 + indinavir (IDV), versus EFV + zidov 22336 SustivaT DMP 266) in combination wi 22340 sustiva T, DMP 266) and indinavir (ID 22343 SUSTIVAT, DMP 266) in antiretrovira 22386 and ritonavir (RIT) after multiple oral 42269 and rifampin (RIF) in healthy volunte 42280 /Sentinel surveillance for HIV and hi 13124 /Experience of the establishment of 33264 /Lessons learned from the establis 33459 ian university students: 2A populatio 60627 ie National AIDS Trust employers ini 44171 ised HIV positive screen result/Med 42122 sting strategy/HIV seroincidence am 13216 three US populations/Performance 41114 AGS II: A highly sensitive assay base 42108 iqualify and monitor anti-retroviral th 42118 ) in the US: Linking HIV care and pre 13444 A national survey of antenatal HIV scr 43136 ation as a safe sex strategy: Resear 14313 and classical (CKS) Kaposis sarco 620*/22282 y HIV-infected patients in the era of p 60704 y in Africa/One life time, twice orpha 14348 support project of the church of Chr 34256 ~s ~ automated analyser: Combined 163*/41102 ~ automated analyser: Testing for 41118 re cesarean delivery with zidovudine 23272 cesarean section reduces the vert 23291 cal bioimpedance/Load viral and bo 42367 ochemiluminescence based immu 42129 onic access to instruments/literature 44122 mail/International accessibility 60297 ophysiological examinations of the 60023 nt in HIV/AIDS prevention in Ugand 33259 -Keyword Abstract -- st AIDS in Chad: A key for taking care/The contribution o 60418 ong distance training of elementary and first grade school teacher 13514 V education in the early grades: A review of US policy 60335 ns in Ontario, Canada/ Elements of the HIV test experience, and 24334 avioral explanations for elevated prevalence of HIV in St. James P 14171 r, Canada/Evidence of HIV incidence and relapse to uns 23118 nd HIV co-infection and transaminases/Acupuncture tre 60211 udy of the treatment of intracranial pressure in Ugandan 60231 mphetamine injectors at risk for HIV? Results from a US m 60254 I inoculation with HIV-2 elicits a Gag-specific cytotoxic T-cell resp 31129 ol (RST) to determine eligibility for HIV clinical research treatme 42247 dlvoire/Assessment of for antiretroviral therapy among 445*/42291 White CARE Act Title I eligible metropolitan areas/Responding t 42415 ential pitfalls of anti-HIV ELISA using saliva/Interactions of secreto 162*/41101 cted patients using one test adapted to AXSYM automate/ 41110 ing with combined HIV (antibody plus p24 antigen) increas 42109 valuation of microplate reader for quality control of anti-HIV 42132 IV-1-producing cells by ELISPOT (Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSpot) a 42131 g with HIV/AIDS as an elite in the workplace without any interventi 13467 and involvement of the in understanding and containing HIV/ 33599 blood donors at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Malawi/Sero-prevalen 33206 have sex with men: An elusive notion/Regular partnerships and p 14190 ervices in Philadelphia EMA /Methodology for improving HIV/AID 60542 an adults/Ethambutol ( ) in the continuation phase of tubercul 454*/22140 efforts/Injector network embeddedness inhibits effectiveness of p 14140 s from an HIV+ woman/ Emergence of fluconazole resistance amo 31216 n long-term ddl therapy/ of drug-resistant HIV-1 strains 41224 ease in viral RNA level/ of syncytium-inducing HIV-1 v 60568 h B cell activation/The emergence of AIDS-associated lymphom 22290 nstraints underlying the of gay identity and gay sup 43337 mplications of complex emergencies, uprooting and forced migrat 244*/14139 children evaluated in a emergency room of an inner city hospital i 13163 ndividuals treated in an service of a University Hospita 13394 V prevention in complex countries/HIV prevention in c 241*/13582 rnal morbidity following lower segment caesarean sec 32229 -infected patients on an room/Evaluation of HIV-infect 42441 tina)/Drug users at the room of public hospital in the C 42458 olicies in post-complex conditions: The case of Bosni 44236 eases in post-complex conditions: The case of Bosni 60910 sers in southern China/ Emerging HIV infections with two distinct s 13131 nd clinical significance/ gram-negative bacterial pathog 22107 sons and public health: issues in HIV treatment adhere 501*/32408 ed hospitals in Nairobi/ psycho-social needs for HIV po 33281 Ryan White CARE Act/ care/treatment issues and trend 34380 lis, review of a decade/ trends of HIV infections in urban 60937 egins with taking a risk/ into our life story: Transformatio 60981 IDS/HIV (PWHs) as an emerging social phenomena in Chile/The 34365 ency programming: An model of practice/Integrating co 44293, cultural practices and behaviours/Sexuality in the era 60687 urveillance method for HIV infection in immigrant and e 60895 f Infectious Diseases Emilio Ribas (IIER), Sao Paulo, SP, Brazi 60580 vention among youngs/ Emotional envolvment, love, and commit 14289 -seropositive mothers/ needs and behavioral problem 24147 AIDS and assistance - issues interfering in the relation 24228 g HIV-positive persons/ control, pain, sleep, and depres 60558 study/Assistential and emotional aspects of AIDS patient caregiv 24310 HIV-positive/Reducing distress in individuals who are 42374 with HIV in Poland, with emphasis on housing/Psycho-social nee 44181 e definition change into empirical Bayesian back-calculation (EBB 43484 mic in Italy/Joint use of Bayesian back-calculation and 43487 exual risk reduction: An empirically derived intervention for urban 14165 titors or collaborators?/ Empiricism and community action: Comp 43193 avellers and temporary employed workers in high AIDS risk countr 23339 HIV/AIDS information in and unemployed minorities in H 33466 HIV/AIDS/Adolescent children in Chandigarh, North In 60041 of an HIV positive bank employee /Coping with HIV/AIDS as an eli 13467 sponse to the needs of employees with HIV/AIDS/A unique Zulul 651*/44221 survey/AIDS situation, employers opinion and prevention activiti 13440 The National AIDS Trust initiative (NAT EI)/The Nation 44171 nitive function predicts employment status in HIV-seropositive w 24149 ns of peer education as for poor people with HIV/AID 33523 creation/HIV/AIDS and creation/HIV/AIDS and 263*/43159 nt initiative/Creating an opportunity for PLWHIV/AID 44300 IDS through education/ Empower of women living with HIV/AIDS t 24361 ng, an sharing your self- empower ment to empower others/Finding 60153 hallenge of partnership: Empowering professionals to create strat 13429 ternational workshops/ the Worlds Teachers Union 13510 ngladesh/India border/ young women being trafficke 23557 management of STDs/ rural medical practitioners in 33410 eaders and volunteers/ and building community cap 34164

Page  57 12th World AIDS Conference Empowering * Enterocytozoon 57 Keyword Abstract - nteragency HIV Study/ stories of women and HIV: T 44264 nteragency HIV study/ stories of women and HIV: T 44278 n education programs/ youth to confront HIV/AIDS i 60377 mmunity-wide impact of empowering women with HIV/Each one t 33556 rs program: Sustaining care and support as partners 34262 E (Tools for Health and Empowerment) Course on medication ad 14271 lity of life of all of them/ of patients HIV positive, fa 24268 S prevention activities/ of community based rural 34128 HE (Tools for Health and ) course: A unique disease 639*/34236 bout their human rights/ to the people living with HI 34272 ith HIV/AIDS (PWA)/ processes to improve the 43366 ong women in Malawi/ an effective strategy to the 60032 GA group processes/ of needy HIV infected wo 60157 tool - An issue for PHA empowerment /Developing appropriate q 12458 /Posit(HIV)e Life/Self- of people living with HIV/AI 24273 men/Evaluating a group model for HIV+ gay Puerto 24276 gh peer education and /Reducing risk taking beha 33529 ome care and womens /Community based home c 264*/34102 gh economic and social /Community response to H 34142 esigning and facilitating with organized PLWH/As: 34171 es/The partnership for:Redesigning a community 34237 grams = education and /Peer run programs = educ 34266 es/Peer education and is achievable via consultati 34282 HIV/AIDS and womens /Socio-economic burdens 42460 ces through literacy and /AIDS prevention practices 43350 land, USA/LUCES: An model for Latinos in Maryla 60865 health fraud task forces empowers communities to make informed 34376 STDs/Social economic commercial sex workers to red 43253 usative agent of pleural empyema in a patient with HIV infection/A 32263 sions about sexuality to enable behavior change among the youth i 14316 reatment education to HIV positive people to make effecti 32363 UK ASO programme to people living with HIV to explore th 34315 e preparedness study/ Enabling women to participate in HIV vacc 33215 ut HIV drug treatments/ an informed personal choice abo 42227 capacity building for of enabling environment, using networks an 34263 women/Creation of an and gender just legal environme 539*/44164 nd anti-HIV activity of enantiomeric oxaselenolane nucleosides 41200 f SCID mice with HIV-1 encephalitis /Abacavir (1592, ABC) preve 556*/11233 ain barrier during HIV-1 /Microglia secrete chemoattr 21138 PCP) and toxoplasmic (TE)/A randomized trial of co 22181 ings/Cytomegalovirus in eight patients with AIDS: C 22253 eated children with HIV encephalopathy /Efficacy of switching to c 12177 hocytes/DNA vaccine encoding an HIV epitope fused with HBV s 11240 ypox vectors (ALVAC) multiple HIV gene products (vC 495*/21192 of the HLA-A28 antigen alleles by sequence based typin 21202 reement for last sexual encounter among male homosexual coupl 14105 s/New sharing partners places among needle exchang 23187 est results/Challenges encountered and solutions adopted in cou 43115 afe and unsafe sexual encounters of bisexual men in Ontario, Ca 14179 aradox/Serodiscordant reveal a prevention paradox/ 14322 dom use in commercial /Taking care of business: Wo 43240 e course of new sexual: A general population study in 60733 couple HIV counselling encourage client disclosure of serostatus 593*/24323 ve media campaigns to compliance with anti-HIV treat 32394 ainst hepatitis B/How to youth to get vaccinated agains 33567 elf and community care/ Encouraging self shared confidentiality pr 33326 IV/AIDS in Mongolia/ a multisectoral response to 60110 for decision analysis in end-of-life decision making in HIV: AIDS-r 22436 th AIDS at risk for CMV end-organ disease/A comparison of four 22246 The Road to Geneva/ End of Life issues - The Road to Geneva 44*/22438 s in HIV-1 infection until end stage disease/Increased turnover of b 268*/21108 nd confidentiality: An to AIDS exceptionalism?/HIV testin 43216 - the beginning from the /Calling in a culture - the beginning fro 43378 roconversion to clinical points/The Scottish National AIDS/HI 43419 Keyword Abstract -- valuation of the corneal endothelium in rabbits treated with sub-co 11237 c mechanism of action/ Energy balance studies during growth hor 32188 erminants of increased energy expenditure in HIV-infected wome 337*/32162 RNA/Increased resting expenditure (REE) is associated wi 32168 Mexico, Arbol de la Vida Enfermos en Superaci6n, I.A.P. Mexico Ci 34335 IV-positive men who engage in sex with men/Predictors of high 23122 other natural helpers to substance abusers in treatment/P 33604 njecting drug users in England and Wales, 1991-97: Possibilties 23199 k factors in prisoners in and Wales in 1997: Results of a n 23510 r African PWAs living in /Peer education and support for A 33543 en: Is it cost-effective in? Study for the EU Concerted Acti 43134 V prevention strategy in /Interventions in public sex venue 43271 ct targetting gay men in /CHAPS: Developing a nationally 43309 recent HIV incidence in and Wales/Combining sequentia 43440 exual/bisexual group in and Wales/A simulation model to 43469 tion on HIV/AIDS in the English speaking Caribbean/Analysis of t 13164 PWAs going public in enhacing HIV/AIDS awareness among sc 43361 /NSI and not SI viruses enhance cell proliferation and beta-chemo 21175 avioral group programs the process of adaptation to livin 24355 /Support intervention to medication adherence/Support i 32349 g Stop Sida kiosks to and strengthen the information e 33442 ntervention strategy to support mechanisms/Using doc 34230 V educational booklet to caregivers knowledge of HIV/Uti 42242 testing technologies to HIV prevention: Evaluation of ora 43106 event HIV infection and reproductive health among adole 60993 in Macaca nemestrina/ Enhanced pathogenicity of SHIV HXBc2 f 11218 ected (EU) individuals/ production of monocyte-derive 31140 tures of AIDS patients/ of phagocytosis and germicidal 31187 of hydroxyurea in vitro/ activation of nucleoside analog 42262 emokine RANTES with enhanced HIV-suppressive and reduced p 11101 STDs: A mechanism for HIV-1 transmission?/Increased 13280 aqManT-based product reverse transcriptase assay/Q 41137 HIV+ patients warrants nutrition education/Limited kno 42341 ed antibody-dependent enhancement of HIV infection correlates t 21132 ect of mycobacteria on of HIV replication is mainly 21145 h to self care/Wellness through creativity: Art thera 24314 rofound but incomplete of anti-HIV-1 CTLm respon 112*/31124 unity consortium: Does of physician knowledge of a 32307 Medication adherence after viral genotyping in HIV 32357 men using motivational and behavioral skills trainin 33274 al men: When optimism enhances risk/Antiretroviral drugs and se 14137 es/Triggering of CD30 HIV-1 replication in acutely infe 21153 s in mice/Nonoxynol-9 rectal infection by herpes simpl 33143 -NGO exchange visits/ Enhancing quality of AIDS programs throu 34352 rn and southern Africa/ training capacities through reg 359*/43391 tions capacity building/ sustainability for developing c 44263 or women/Motivational enhancing and skills building HIV risk redu 33272 vertising strategies for referrals of urban and rural ma 33494 n in PBMC/Methionine enkephalin: a new cytokine inhibits HIV re 60525 on (FNA)/Lymph node enlargement in HIV patients: Diagnosis by 60073 nd preventive methods/ Enlightenment of the existence of HIV/AI 33594 ia/Impact of HIV/AIDS enlightenment on acceptability of male co 23344 al/Impact of HIV/AIDS on acceptability of condom 60126 work Male Prostitution ( ENMP )/European Network Male Prostituti 60904 e deaf: A necessity and enrichment /An adapted access to health 32424 esults from 55 patients enrolled during primary infection in France 12187 cal outcome in patients nfected (HIV+) women e sex with men (MSM) ections among women HIV-) high-risk women x with women (WSWs) ncentrations in patients n HIV-infected patients IV-infected drug users pies by PHA voluntarily disease among women er covariates in women in the alpha ddl trial/Immunologic in the Womens Interagency HIV in a cohort study on HIV incidenc in the Womens Interagency HIV in the HIVNET vaccine preparedn in a high-risk US cohort/HIV risk in clinical trials/Cerebrospinal flui in a phase III clinical trial/Populati in opiate substitution programs at in an observational database/Tre in the Womens Interagency HIV in the Womens Interagency HIV IV/AIDS clinical trials tease inhibitors and the /Ethical vs. moral duties when HIV/AID 475*/44126 of consensus/AIDS, virtually normal n 637*/44183 patients/Palliative care/ of life and counselling in HIV/AIDS/can ase 6 months after the of chemotherapy: First report/Prolong and support in Senegal. Enda sante, Dakar, Senegal/A community and support in Senegal: Sante, Dakar, Senegal/A communit HIV patients living in an endemic region?/Coccidioidomycosis: An oidy in epidemic (AKS), (EKS), and classical (CKS) Kapo rcoma in an African KS area/Immune status of HIV-infec /Increased IL-10 in the endocervix of women with STDs: A mech /Amantidine and other endocytic pathway blockers inhibit HIV inf plication/HIV-1 Vif is an endogenous inhibitor of HIV-1 protease a xpression of the human retrovirus HERV-K/A Rev/R atients/Gastrointestinal endoscopy in HIV-1 infected patients/Ga ent prognosis markers/ Endothelial cell dysfunction in HIV infectio man blood-brain barrier endothelial cell receptors by HIV/Modulat 60069 60510 13431 33312 22220 620*/22282 60970 13280 32212 377*/11130 11208 60949 12139 60794 of babies not infected at enrollment /HIV infection due to breastfee ~)/Improving patients into clinical trials: The experien I trial to improve patient and compliance/Lessons lear -related treatment and in clinical trials for persons livin viral (ICONA) study and data/Issues of Italian Cohort N HIV-1 infected adults in Entebbe, Uganda/Falciparum malaria an n in peri-urban areas of, Uganda/Promoting HIV/AIDS a DS prevention adopting enter-education strategies/Youth mobiliz minary investigation of enteric-coated pancrelipase therapy in HI ort study/Diarrhea and enteric pathogens in HIV infected patients: ations of mycobacterial infection in patients with AIDS/Clin illin for the treatment of Enterocytozoon bieneusi infections in pati 12234 13309 14106 22191 23447 23500 32202 42267 42281 42390 60269 60299 457*/23270 42207 42208 44166 60929 130*/22236 60046 33559 60391 32102 32110 22232

Page  58 58 Enterocytozoon * epidemiologic 12th World AIDS Conference Keyword Abstrz ination of genotypes of enterocytozoon bieneusi strains isolated f itive patients/Intestinal enteropathogens as factor of reduced sur e personnel of a private enterprise. An example of the C6te dlvoir rk/European AIDS and network/European AIDS and s and illegally operating entertainment establishments in depress ong women working in services in southern Vietna ization of women in the industry in Davao City, Phili York State (NYS) prison entrants, 1987-1997/Trends in HIV infecti g healthcare workers in Enugu State of Nigeria/A survey of knowle metry based CD4 T-cell enumeration for absolute and percentage t) assay/Detection and of HIV-1-producing cells by CD8 immunoassay for of the CD4+ and CD8+ perip ne/Parallel evolution of env-V 3 in six patients iatrogenically infecte ral vectors with SIVagm Env and selective transduction of primary ses a genetic drift in the env quasi-species/Human immunodeficie meroon/Study of HIV-1 variability in Cameroon/Study of HIVques/Adenovirus-SIV priming and boosting with a synthetic p a by use of V3 and gp4l peptides/Improved specificity for serot nd/Distribution of HIV-1 subtypes in patients in Switzerland/Di Phase I trial of vaccinia- /gag/pol (TBC-3B) given by alternative st HIV-1/Three types of and gag-containing plasmids for DNA i odeficiency virus type 1 subtypes B and A in French West Indie ecombination events in of SIVcpz over 8 years in a naturally inf to HIV-1/Multi-subtype envelope-based DNA and protein immuni chimeric clones having envelope V3 loop of HIV-1 subtype E/Cor ves a highly conserved residue/Coreceptor utilization b axis induction by HIV-1 /Actin dependent dual receptor epitopes of HIV-2 gp36 glycoprotein/Differential humor ciency virus in vivo: The gene/Evolutionary fate of a mol m the C4 region of SIV induces strong cellular immune r cid signatures of HIV-1 sequences in human brain/Regi macrophage-tropic HIV /Induction of phosphorylation an nsduction due to HIV-1 interactions with the CD4/CXCR 1 infection by displacing gp120 from the virion/Saliva ne r/Antigenicity of HIV-1 glycoproteins from either primar oral responses to HIV-1 early in infection and subsequen nfection/Cross-clade gp160, gag p55 and pol specific g a recombinant gp160 vaccine: contributions of host fac ytomegalovirus (CMV) glycoprotein genotypes of CMV ruction of gp41 of HIV-1 by its catalytic antibody/Destruc TV) using a sendai virus derived adjuvant/Studies with a onomers in retroviral oligomer during membrane fusio reventing infection by enveloped viruses/Carrageenan based fo ng of HIV-1 in Mexico by envHMA and gagPCR-FLP/Subtyping of constrained and hostile environment /Needs assessment and car act - 22235 32117 13466 44224 23548 23582 34295 23516 14132 41116 42131 60818 60483 41245 11185 11191 11241 13121 13198 496*/21199 21211 60425 60552 551*/21196 11113 11115 11120 11206 11219 11241 21122 55*/21135 21140 21143 21207 31107 601 */31122 31152 31203 41190 60312 60445 33155 11198 12424 14260 23144 23148 23240 32452 411*/33390 34263 34351 43293 539*/44164 44179 44198 60207 60663 23535 12399 22220 23112 13424 23405 24177 34290 44169 31179 14289 42131 41168 32300 42368 41113 60641 452*/22131 583*/23198 72*/42398 13129 Keyword Abstract sex behavior in the HIV among northern Thai men/The r 13136 subtype E HIV-1 strains in Shenzhen/Molecular epidemi 13149 n and trend of HIV/AIDS in Indonesia/Current situation a 13150 ntegral part of the HIV in Brazil/HIV-1 dual infections a 13156 vention/The HIV/AIDS in Honduras is getting worse: A 13160 cent trends of the AIDS in the Dominican Republic/Rec 13161 se of Peru/Is the AIDS expanding to inner cities in Latin 13168 New trends in the AIDS in Brazil/New trends in the AIDS 13170 patients/Trends in HIV in Buenos Aires: Analysis of 501 13178 Ilenges/The HIV/AIDS in Europe: Changing trends and 522*/13179 e trends/The HIV/AIDS among women in Europe: Geogr 13181 AIDS frontier/Possible spread of HIV by syringe-based 13186 using an explosive IDU in Kaliningrad/HIV-1 genetic su 13190 Europe/The male IDU is closely linked to its secondary 13200 tabilization/Analysis of situation concerning HIV-infecti 13210 nt trends in an evolving /Epidemiology of HIV-1 serocon 518*/13212 pital: Impact of the HIV on supply of health care/Increas 611*/13246 n coping with the AIDS in the Federal District-Brazil/Th 13484 community risks of HIV using sentinel behavioural surve 14127 apoptosis and ploidy in (AKS), endemic (EKS), and clas 620*/22282 otential for ignitable HIV /Injecting drug use in Dhaka, Ba 23215 dine in a very large HIV: Injecting drug users in New Yor 584*/23216 tus of the perinatal HIV in the United States: Success in 23306 d vulnerability/The HIV in Ukraine: Assessing susceptibi 23366 g the impact of the HIV upon adolescents and young ad 23546 e in Thailand/HIV/AIDS and health care reform initiative i 24143 istoricization with the /Medico-politics and HIV related 24146 ality impact of the AIDS: Evidence from African commun 24192 nosis: Voices from the /Overcoming depressed moods 24279 ne counselling in AIDS in Thailand/National AIDS hotlin 24337 ea/Potential for an HIV and prevention among men who 33109 endent upon the rate of rise/The effect of HIV treatment 33257 d declandestinizing the through community organization 34105 nity response to the HIV in Senegal/Strengthening the c 371*/34120 osts from the HIV/AIDS in Colombia/The economic and 34150 city to contain the AIDS by involving community leaders 34164 s response to the AIDS,Hong Kong experience/A churc 34201 Adaptation to the AIDS /Drop-in centers in Montreal: Ad 34288 he wake of HIV/AIDS in Myanmar/The expansion of H 42119 frica/Impact of the HIV on demand for hospital care in K 42431 o combat a evermoving of HIV/AIDS/Extraordinary resp 43219 ralian responses to the: The Australian Graphic AIDS pr 43250 ace with an unrelenting /Lessons learned from the CDC 43279 n the context of the HIV /Situation analysis of prostitution 531*/43290 onfront an expanding /The armed forces of Latin Ameri 43384 onitoring the HIV/AIDS in Belgium in the era of new treat 43450 ister to monitor the HIV at community level/Using an HI 43465 ng the impact of the HIV in Malawi/Tackling the impact of 43479 he size of the HIV/AIDS in Italy/Joint use of empirical Ba 43487 monitor the impact of the /Using morbidity and mortality d 43494 nsequences of the HIV on the health sector in C6te dlvo 43518 act of the new trends of of AIDS on AP-HP, a large hospi 43565 mic impact of HIV/AIDS among truckers on Indian trucki 44201 context of the HIV/AIDS /Immigrants in Japan in the cont 44203 ponse to the HIV/AIDS /The HIV action initiative: A colla 44222 prevention of HIV/AIDS in Ukraine/Resource mobilisatio 44231 nd ASOs and the global /Bridging the gap: US-based NG 44273 w similar trends to AIDS /Salmonella serotypes which sh 60059 Predictions of the AIDS in Bulgaria/Use of monitored C 60237 ent trends of HIV/AIDS in the Republic of Armenia/Curr 60239 inic/Characterizing an: 10 years of patient attendance a 60246 ty to respond to the HIV /Using developmental evaluatio 60366 7/THE increase of HIV in Chad from 1986 to 1997/THE 60423 prevalence of the AIDS in Australia/Assessing the curre 60473 New injectors in the HIV among injecting drug users in Ba 60570 spond to the HIV/AIDS /Identifying best practices, as th 60577 ing of the New Zealand of AIDS and HIV infection/Monit 60603 he first decade of AIDS /Premature mortality in Italy duri 60813 eclines of the world HIV epidemics /Relentless rises and discrete d 13102 change in Zambia/HIV and behaviours: Evidence of fa 14108 nd methamphetamine: Results of a US multi-site rapid 14157 n affected by HIV/AIDS /The difficult condition of widow 24311 ncouver, Canada/Dual of HIV and injection drug use le 42449 s?/Low and stable HIV in general population in Seneg 43441 n a co-factor for the HIV in South East Asia?/ls migratio 44199 eiro State, Brazil/AIDS among adolescents in Rio de J 60284 erventions/Many small - Implications for planning and 60432 actors and community surveillance related STD/HI ngst MSM in public sex in Dhaka of Bangladesh/Ris ngst MSM in public sex in Dhaka of Bangladesh/Ris conservative, suburban /Finding young injectors in a a multi-ethnic/religious /Holistic approach to manag m (HRP) in the complex of Rio de Janeiro City/Imple building for of enabling, using networks and coalitio niting factor in a hostile: The success story of a regio ion work in a public sex (PSE)/An evaluation of com g and gender just legal as a prevention strategy for t f MSMs in public sex /A study on the levels of phys allenges of a controlled in New York State/Treatmen oting supportive social and strategies for sexual hea e to a rapidly changing /Developing an HIV and AID kers from two US cities/ Environmental factors in injection-related hiasis is associated with environmental temperature/Indinavir-rela occidioidomycosis: An risk for HIV patients living i rograms must address influences to reduce risk b of men using public sex environments (PSE) in North West Londo lic and commercial sex /Sexual behavior among HI prevention in public sex /Imaginative research for H IV-infected/Conducive to establishment and propa young people in hostile /Creating positive attitudes herapeutic follow-up is envisaged in Yaounde (Cameroon)/Immu ong youngs/Emotional envolvment, love, and commitment: Psyc cing cells by ELISPOT ( Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSpot) assay/Det ulinemia/False positive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for ase is compatible with enzyme activity/Combination of the multid Argentina/Antioxidants enzymes level in human blood mononucle f the evaluation of the Enzymun-Tests ~ HIV combi/A new gener (LAC)/HIV/AIDS/STD Epi Fact Sheets: a new tool for surveillanc ug resistance in an HIV epicenter in northern Thailand, 1989-199 ng drug users in an HIV in northern Thailand, 1989-199 S in a northern Thai HIV /Evolution of primary health care -term course of the HIV epidemic among injecting drug users in Ba ation of women/Clinical epidemiologic and serologic aspects of HI o reconcile in vitro and data on the role of heroin o edictors and molecular assessment/An isolation r 13158 13334 22137

Page  59 12th World AIDS Conference epidemiologic * estimate 59 Keyword Abstract udy of participants of an seroprevalence study of int 97/Trends in the use of data in HIV prevention corn ers/The association of risk factors and HIV-1 subt nfection. in Lima-Peru/ Epidemiological and clinical characteristi s (BMH1-CT94-1723)/ impact of HIV/AIDS in th ttendees at New Delhi/ co-relates of HIV infecte s?/Congenital syphilis: or laboratory diagnosis? n rates/Work accidents: analysis and seroconver uary-December 1996/ profile of women over ag HIV-1 infected women/ and clinical features in 1 da AIDS) in Sao Paulo/ profile of the population Western Pacific region/ surveillance systems for ng female adolescents/ features and trends of Al m 1986 to 1977 (July)/ survey of HIV/AIDS at th eiro, Brazil/DST/AIDS: profile, spacial distributio es A and H, found in an epidemiological cluster in Norway/A uniq nd young adults/The background for new prev V-infected patients - An and clinical study/Bacilla DS in Bangladesh - An mystery/HIV/AIDS in Ba egies for diagnosis and surveillance of HIV infect?/Improving HIV/AIDS surveillance in Liberia: D V and AIDS in Bahrain/ Epidemiology of HIV and AIDS in Bahrain 24109 43501 60908 12122 13182 13290 22198 23334 23483 23496 33278 43444 43455 60050 60563 11196 13392 42256 43568 60039 60330 13154 /Community sites in the f cultural reforms in the ve study in the HAART idine prophylaxis in the in AIDS-patients in the k of CMV disease in the ssessment study in the among gay youth in the um/HIV/AIDS psychoth dism and wasting in the potestosteronism in the d Swiss gay men in the d to HIV infection in the edical center during the demic in Belgium in the nts without AIDS in the eeding in the HIV/AIDS viours/Sexuality in the -infected patients in the d adolescents/In an - Keyword Abstract of HIV/AIDS: Butagaya sub-county, Ug 13416 of HIV/AIDS: The case of polygamy in t 14245 /Disseminated Mycobacterium avium c 22168 of combination anti-retroviral therapy/ 22182 of HAART/Predictive value of cytomeg 22241 of protease inhibitors/Risk of CMV dis 22258 of protease inhibitors/AIDS and palliati 22435 of AIDS: A suggestion for a model/The 24110 py in an era of hopefulness, an innovati 24277 of HAART in HIV-infected patients/Hy 32174 of HAART/Hypotestosteronism in the 32275 of new treatments: A comparison of tw 642*/34107 of highly active antiretroviral therapy (H 42412 of heart/Changes in HIV/AIDS pattern 442*/42430 of new treatments/Monitoring the HIV/ 43450 of antiretroviral triple combination thera 43474 in Zimbabwe/Breast feeding in the HIV 313*/44266 of HIV/AIDS in Zambia: Socio-economi 60687 of protease inhibitor therapy/Elderly HI 60704 of constant change, the use of technolo 60922 n an evolving epidemic/ n the US, 1993-1996/ ers in Valencia (Spain)/ elated research issues/ (Vietnam), 1996-1997/ mong indigent patients/ mong women in the HIV mong women in the HIV lence in the workplace/ ed patients in Denmark/ et children of Calcutta/ entral Africa/Molecular epidemiology Uganda/The molecular South Africa/Molecular ion in China/Molecular 5-1997/The molecular with HIV-1 B/Molecular n Shenzhen/Molecular Switzerland/Molecular ustralia/The molecular /Clinical and molecular area/A pilot study of the cal individualism in HIV ic literature: Trends of Switzerland/Molecular Mozambique/Molecular cine therapies/On the uthern Brazil/Molecular of HIV-1 seroconversion a 518*/13212 of extrapulmonary tubercul of the children born to HIV-i of drug abuse-related HIV i of HPV-infected women in of HIV infection among indi Research Study (HERS): Research Study (HERS) a of HIV prevalence in the wo of tuberculosis in HIV-infec and the problem of STDs le Sof HIV-1 genetic subtypes i of HIV-1 in Uganda/The mo of HIV-1 in KwaZulu-Natal, of HIV infection in China/M of HIV-1 infection in the Phil of HIV-1 in Taiwan: Heteros analysis of subtype E HIV-1 of HIV-1 in Switzerland/Mol of long-term asymptomatic of oropharyngeal candidias of HIV in a rural area/A pilot /The questions not asked: T and control and preventio of HIV-associated tubercul of HIV-1 in Maputo, Mozam of slow viruses: New finding of HIV/AIDS in southern Br 13269 13372 23184 23494 23595 32314 32347 60642 60876 60902 430*/11163 431*/13109 13125 13132 13137 13148 13149 13207 13348 22215 23559 24157 24187 60413 60722 60738 61003 y: Implications for virus eradication /Latent viral reservoirs in patie ing HAART lead to HIV?/Can durable viral suppressi e Necessaria alle Cure Erogate in HIV/COMPLIANCE in HIV - C e service of prevention/ Eroticizing condom use in France: Putting onship between dental eruption delay and the immunological defi irus and HIV-viral load/ Erythema of the proximal nailfold in HIV-in Sequential changes in erythrocyte bound HIV antibody and plas f genital discharge with Erythromycin tablets, on Yaoundes sexu acebo-controlled trial of erythromycin versus ciprofloxacin for the t efficacy of recombinant erythropoietin in AIDS patients with anem of recombinant human (r-Hu-EPO) in children with mbolic events and alpha use/A retrospective chart r ritonavir/Effect of dose escalation on the safety, tolerability and ef fection/A phase I dose study of 2-/-fluoro-2,3-dideo d transfusion recipient/ Escape recombinants of HIV-1 in a dual-inf d transfusion recipient/ recombinants of HIV-1 in a dually-i pplication of a cognitive escape theory to a high-risk drug use and s Rare occurrence of CTL mutations in HIV-1 infection/Rare exposed seronegative ( ESN ) partners of HIV-seropositive individu e extract spring of life ( ESOL ) - A report of 65 cases/Treat AIDS a isease in AIDS/ Esophageal disease in AIDS/ he prevention of STDs especially HIV/AIDS/A multifactorial appr IV prevention among vulnerable young people (EVY n HIV/AIDS to villagers, the young female/Giving infor ampaign/Summer 97, Espiguette beach in southern France: A p The Five-to-None Trial ( Essai Cinq-a-Zero): Five antiretrovirals co with heterosexual men: Essential components of a sexuality-base ork Practices Manual - in the prevention of transmission valuate the effect of an essential sterol and sterolin formulation as nuation of training: The component of train the trainer wo d HIV transmission are to establish standard of care in A PHI) vs asymptomatic, established infection (AEI)/Immunologica alysis of Fas/FasL in an -SIV/HIV model in cynomolgu bodies on the course of infection with HIV-1 primary is me/Results from newly WOFAK home care and clinic 273*/11150 12188 32386 60466 12167 32268 31102 22209 22189 32141 60150 60894 12283 22281 11183 11199 23113 31125 21124 41238 32119 43166 43244 60026 43175 41194 43318 60244 11236 33364 35*/42201 12193 21167 330*/31103 33356 42136 13420 13442 14101 24363 33260 33593 34353 43154 43217 14328 23548 41163 33264 33397 33459 34169 34290 23548 34182 13299 23490 43482 43487 60197 artners, Venezuela/An epidemological approach to human retro 23561 ussian IVDUs/A recent epidemy of HIV infection in Russian IVDU 13191 oach to follow-up using epiluminescent light microscopy/Kaposi 22286?/Multiple tuberculosis episodes in HIV infected individuals: Is the 612*/13277 tein (MBP) in infectious in pediatric AIDS/Role of manno 31164 e prophylaxis (PEP) for episodic high-risk sexual behavior by men 576*/33183 optosis of renal tubular epithelial cells involving Fas sensitization 21137 apy/The trophoblastic barrier is not infected in full-term 23286 V transmission through cell barriers/Mechanisms of HIV 278*/32124 ntegrity of the cervical epithelium /Use of the long-acting injectab 23462 ecombination and CTL epitope variation/Cloning of full-length HI 11194 ccine encoding an HIV fused with HBV surface antigen in 11240 ed to a viral-associated /Immunoprecipitation and neutrali 31110 a new virus-associated inducing antibody responsible fort 41111 ng conserved antigenic epitopes shared by HIV-1 virions of differe 11178 moral response to linear of HIV-2 gp36 envelope glycopro 11206 D8+ cytotoxic T cells /A polytope vaccine strategy for t 21193 xic T lymphocyte (CTL) identified in studies of Thai HIV-i 603*/31127 of two overlapping CTL by CTL from a long-term non-pro 31135 cells/Shared antigenic on the V3 loop of HIV-1 gp120 an 32217 carriers of HIV-1/gpl20 of different HIV-1 subtypes/Poly 60824 LV) + Retrovir (ZDV) + Epivir (3TC)/Interim analysis of plasma vir 129*/12219 homa in HIV patients?/ Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) PCR of CSF: Is it 60496 El study/Rhodococcus equi infection in AIDS patients - GESEDA 22111 Is of CTL activity are in equilibrium with viral burden/Control of HI 598*/31130 agement of finance and equipment /Effective and equitable distrib 60018 ase inhibitors/Ensuring equitable access to protease inhibitors/E 42226 quipment/Effective and distribution management of fina 60018 sing whole blood are equivalent to the PBMC-based assay/Cyt 21184 f HIV infections in the era of highly active antiretroviral treatment 12345 nfection among newly evention interventions: Establishing ani province, Thailand/ ur surveillance system/ th HIV/AIDS (PLWHA)/ e in the Indian context/ anza Province, Kenya/ a (ANNEA) experience/ ommunity involvement: e Zambian experience/ Bulgarian seropositives/Adv trust/Recruiting African-Am HIV/AIDS programs in the w an HIV-related risk behaviou a drop-in-centre with self-hel counselling intervention with community based peer educ an AIDS NGOs network: AID the criteria/Maintaining com a national blood transfusion ural backgrounds when establishing sexuality education program s of Tondo community/ Establishment-based STD/HIV-IEC Inter on and cloning of virus/ Establishment of HeLa/CD4-LTR-P-Gal s gypt/Experience of the establishment of an HIV/AIDS hot-line an and their impact on the of harm reduction measure ssons learned from the of an HIV/AIDS hot-line an organ for collaboration/ of networks on AIDS in Nig ducive environments to and propagation of self-hel perating entertainment establishments in depressed areas of To oholic drinks in drinking, a vulnerable population/ nfection among sugar estate residents in Ethiopia/Effect of HIV i ence data in California/ Estimate of HIV incidence in women of chil Iling and testing data to estimate time trends in HIV incidence in S Mover-Stayer model to the size of the HIV/AIDS epidemi Mathematical model to the probability of being infected b

Page  60 60 estimate * events 12th World AIDS Conference -Keyword Abstract Keyword Abstract-- /Using registry data to trends in survival after AIDS diag in Italy, 1990-1994/An of pregnancy outcome in HIV infe /Model of simulation to productivity losses relative to HIV es of HIV/AIDS patient/ Estimated prevalence of HIV-infected per ional AIDS Scenarios/ future economic impact of HIV/ c region/Reported and estimated HIV and AIDS in the WHO West DS patterns of care and costs at an urban medical cente ate, Brazil, 1995-2000/ Estimates and projections of mother to inf 2002. Medical care cost estimates of HIV/AIDS patient/Estimated ses give highly variable of HIV-1 RNA undetectability an evalence with mortality to measure recent HIV incidenc 60253 60436 60694 13469 43488 13128 442*/42430 43495 13469 42204 43440 s) on HIV transmission/ Estimating the effect of treating sexually tr 526*/23369 /Communities at risk - the impact of the HIV epidemic 23546 twork-based sampling/ characteristics of hidden popul 24181 Monte Carlo simulation/ HIV prevalence and incidence 43475 S incidence in Australia/ the effect of treatments on AID 188*/43477 VERT computer model/ program impact on HIV transm 60637 natural history studies/ of date of HIV-seroconversion 43472 n Vietnam, 1996-2000/ and projection of HIV/AIDS in 43489 n developing countries/ of vaccine efficacy for prophyl 43552 mary HIV infection and estimation of HIV incidence rates/Pooling 42105 ic and non-parametric of the mean ages of the vertical 43485 ic counting methods in of peripheral T-lymphocyte su 60416 /The first HIV+ group in Estonia /The first HIV+ group in 60092 IV+ movement/ Estonian HIV+ movement/ 34289 /Preventive work of the Anti-AIDS Association during 7 y 60001 ected Ugandan adults/ Ethambutol (EMB) in the continuation pha 454*/22140 n of clarithromycin and ethambutol in the treatment of M. avium c 22176 he effects of controlled ethanol ingestion on HIV RNA levels and 60159 natal HIV transmission: Ethical dilemma of a scientifically sound m 44124 ean Union study for the EU concerted action on multinational AIDS 13182 ai exposed uninfected ( ) female sex workers (FSWs) are direct 599*/31120 V exposed, uninfected ( ) individuals/Enhanced production of m 31140 England? Study for the Concerted Action on Multinational AID 43134 commission in Brazil: A initiative to support key prevention proj 43209 BC): European Union ( ) action on multinational AIDS scenario 43484 ean Union study for the Concerted Action on Multinational AID 43488 es construction/Use of eubiotics and carbohydrate-containing ba 31219 mong eunuchs during Eunuch festival/High risk behaviour of eu 43352 al population of Central Europe /Frequency of the A32 deletion all 11108 duced mortality across in patients infected with HIV: Resul 12104 nhibitor combination in (SPICE): Saquinavir soft gelatin c 290*/12222 ival differences across in HIV positive patients reflect diffe 437*/12272 e HIV/AIDS epidemic in:Changing trends and new challen 522*/13179 oring HIV prevalence in using sentinel networks of sexuall 13180 demic among women in: Geographic diversity and time tre 13181 g injecting drug users in /HIV and hepatitis B/C infection a 13192 heterosexual women in /The male IDU epidemic is closely I 13200 d injecting drug users in?/Geographic variation in disease 192*/13338 care for HIV patients in - Results from the EuroSIDA stud 13339 onal differences within in incidence of Mycobacterium tub 22127 a compared to the US- -Australia/Molecular and clinical e 22177 al therapy in regions of over time: The EuroSIDA study/C 22335 ontext of HIV/AIDS in /The non-existent gender: The nee 23443 ers between Africa and against AIDS/HIV/Video letters be 34118 or drug users in Eastern /International networking on HIV p 34362 HIV-infected children in /A survey of policy and practice of t 42253 physician relationship in /The HIV positive patient-physicia 42439 efore AIDS diagnosis in /Unawareness of HIV seropositivit 137*/43105 practices/HIV testing in: Marked differences in policies an 43119 ICR) of HIV infection in: An evolving surveillance tool/Indi 43434 rising trends in Eastern /Challenge of HIV/AIDS and STD r 60107 network of therapists in /EUROVIHTA- Development of a 60718 pact of HIV/AIDS in the European Union study for the EU concerte 13182 AIDS Advisory Council/ principles to assure access to HIV t AIDS clinical trials end/ vs. moral duties when HIV/AIDS cli V prevention education/ dilemma of modernization in Chine antiretroviral therapies/ implications of the medical and exi V/AIDS: The moral and ethical aspects/The dilemmas of counseli s/Models of practice for review of HIV clinical trials/Models n drug users: Legal and issues/Providing care, support and integration of legal and issues into the ongoing work of co Human rights legal and dimensions regarding HIV related r tudes towards selected aspects of HIV and AIDS/Medical sis (WDDS treatment)/ Ethics in HIV/AIDS research in Kenya: Th edical, legal and media ethics /Sperm donation and HIV: A case st esearch/Improving the of HIV clinical research/Improving t nancy that respect law, and human rights/Developing polici terature on HIV-related, human rights and law/Increasing el nst HIV/AIDS/Religious and struggle campaigns against HI V stage in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia /Clinical/Viro/Immunological para ugar estate residents in /Effect of HIV infection on Schisto st Hararghe and Harar, /Caring and coping strategies of f post-test counselling in /Factors associated with attenda st Hararghe and Harar, /Sexual health of young people in 1 subtype C isolates of Ethiopian AIDS patients/Phenotypic char SI) phenotype among AIDS patients/Low frequency o nexposed seronegative Ethiopians /HIV specific immunity in HIV u nce ranges for adult HIV: Effects of HIV-1 infection/Im e for HIV progression in /Immunological markers with p EuroSIDA study group/ Ethnic origin and provision of health care f ong women of different ethnic groups/Theory based predictors of mixing patterns among groups in Amsterdam, The Netherla m an AIDS hospice for minority women and children in nort e Sydney region/Using media to reach multiple language m y-based care/Training minorities living in northern Thailan working with migrants, minorities and mobile groups/The exual behavior in two minority samples: The role of family ection in immigrant and minority groups in the UK/A surveill atment education to an ethnically diverse population in a large urb nd lifestyles/Exploring ethnicity and sexual health: Cross-cultural n sensitive to the Indian /Developing therapeutic interven ytotherapics and AIDS/ Ethnobotanics - Phytotherapics and AID n in Mahabalipuram/An ethnographic research on prostitution in social organisation: An study in the AIDS voluntary have sex with men/An study of factors associated men/Mortal secrets: An study of patterns of self-disc HIV/AIDS infection: An ethnography and intervention/education p n drug use/Integrating and virology in the study of vi Rwanda/Case-control etiological study of chronic diarrhea amon failure in HIV+ patients/ Etiology of acute renal failure in HIV+ pati t/Genital ulcer disease etiology by M-PCR in STD patients in Pun ous pneumothorax (SP) in patients with HIV infection/Spo phamide, doxorubicin, etoposide ) in patients (pts) with resistant h 44125 475*/44126 44127 44129 24205 42224 476*/44135 44149 44162 60585 474*/44140 23161 42223 473*/44101 44122 60187 12135 13299 24212 33280 43160 60692 60879 31144 31183 60880 13339 14163 23518 32414 589*/33445 33527 34360 44217 60895 42229 14224 60926 60147 14310 24102 24105 44186 23533 24101 32105 32127 22199 32260 22297 on suggests an Eastern ntroduction of the 1993 of partner notification - he EuroSIDA Cohort of s: Experience from the e Programs in Southern eroprevalence among chosocial differences in patients/A multicentre s to HIV/Survey of pant spread of HIV among ide the school system/ d by the Commission of nd mobile groups/The s and HIV-1 subtypes in V/AIDS program of the ehavioural database/A atients/Evaluation of a ck-calculation (EBBC): pact of HIV/AIDS in the d problems: Situation in t of HIV infection for the and enterprise network/ vention for youth in the S prevention in different le Prostitution (ENMP)/ Ashkenazi origin of CCR5-A32 AIDS case definition on progres Concerted Action Study/Recen HIV-infected patients. Prevalen Compassionate Use Programm Countries (PESESUD)/Structu prisoners: A multicenter study o and African HIV-positive wome,randomised, single-blind, phas attitudes to HIV/Survey of panand Caucasian heterosexuals/ joint action plan on AIDS peer e Communities AIDS Task Force Project AIDS & Mobility: A netw clinical trials/Viral load assays commission in Brazil: A EU initi behavioural database/A project on monitoring HIV in sen Union (EU) action on multinatio Union study for the EU Concert prisons/Management of HIV/AI patient/Cost of HIV infection for AIDS and enterprise network/ Union/The process of policy ma states - A comparison/Border c Network Male Prostitution (EN 13312 13383 14298 22261 22270 23174 23527 594*/24150 32146 32345 33157 33533 34211 34360 42155 43209 43317 43426 43484 43488 44193 44214 44224 44283 243*/44308 60904 hanasia: The opinion of Europeans with HIV infection/Euthanasia: 46*/22426 h HIV: Results from the EUROSIDA study/Reduced mortality acro 12104 of CD4 cell counts: The EuroSIDA study/Impact of antiretroviral th 12106 ated with HAART? The Study/Can prophylaxis for PCP 12268 1749 patients from the study/Preliminary comparison 12273 ope - Results from the study group/Ethnic origin and p 13339 V-positive patients: The study/Changes in regional diffe 22127 value/Hepatitis C in the Cohort of European HIV-infecte 22261 urope over time: The study/Changes in use of antiret 22335 eatment. Data from the Eurosida study group/Regional survival di 437*/12272 of therapists in Europe/ EUROVIHTA - Development of a new conc 60718 eans with HIV infection/ Euthanasia: The opinion of Europeans wit 46*/22426, new issues/AIDS and euthanasia: old problems, new issues/Al 43*/24244 oviders/Morphine as a euthanatic: Subjective experiences from c 45*/24247 study on patients at the Eva Per6n Teaching Hospital (HEEP)/HI 43153 n Ontario, Canada: An event-based analysis/Feelings of attachm 14179 HIV disease/Latency of event-related brain potential P3a is associ 32211 to a new AIDS defining event or death in patients receiving a prote 12282 ast Harlem, NYC: An analysis/The social ecology of drug 23493 ogression and adverse events in a cohort of HIV-infected patients 440*/12266

Page  61 12th World AIDS Conference events* Expanded 61 SKeyword Abstract Keyword Abstra idence of negative life in three developing countries: Res anzee/Recombination in env of SIVcpz over 8 years in a n s with thromboembolic and alpha erythropoietin use/A retr overnment to combat a evermoving epidemic of HIV/AIDS/Extrao nts receiving HAART - Evidence for a drug sanctuary compartme ion to AIDS and death: tion of HIV-1 in Russia: Francisco 1984-1997/ igin of CCR5-A32A32/ emics and behaviours: estinal mucosa in vivo/ g primary HIV infection/ s is immune mediated/ g HIV infected patients: n Vancouver, Canada/ uantification in semen: rs population, Senegal/ V on mortality in Africa: t of the AIDS epidemic: HIV on fertility in Africa/ d (CSF) compartment/ se among adolescents: th injecting drug users/ rojects for gay men/ from the HIV-Italian seroconver of increasing infection with subty for evolution of HIV-1 within beh from the Australian Ashkenazi J of favourable change in Zambia that beta-chemokines stimulate of histologic changes in the tonsi that HAART induced immune re of HGV sexual transmission/Pr of elevated HIV incidence and re for a group at higher risk for sexu for increasing of HIV infection in from national surveys and censu from African community based s of the impact of HIV on fertility in for independent development of from Cameroon/Implications of suggests a social change-orient,what evidence? An exploration plication in vivo/Lack of evidence that /-chemokines are involved i ing drug users/Lack of ecting drug users/New ng HIV seroconversion rventions with credible ction and treatment/No IV-1 infection/In vitro /Molecular and clinical m S.o Paulo, Brazil/No vices/Examining how ymphnodes provide no HV/Lack of serological hese years: Increasing ntion indicators provide 1996-1997: An indirect ch gaps/Gathering the /Preliminary molecular en/Evidence, what sma ecephalitis without eral Hospital Yaounde/ 94 to September 1997/ inkage to primary care/ ncephalopathy in AIDS: IDS - Hong Kong case/ ern Thai HIV epicenter/ ergoing AZT treatment/ viral therapy (HAART)/ drid area (1986-1998)/ n study in Switzerland/ lation of AIDS patients/ for a role of the CCR5A32 deleti to reconcile in vitro and epidemio of a recent change?/Survival foil of effectiveness to meet local ne for proliferation in blood CD4+ T of HIV-2 protection from subseq for Pneumocystis carinii strains of vertical transmission of HTLVis used as a tool of control and r for increased CD4+ T-cell produ for heterosexual transmission of of needle exchange program (N of successes and failures of HIV through a back-calculation mode to inform pragmatic decisions in for a novel Mycobacterium causi? An exploration of the factors in evident focal lesions: Diagnosis by CSF P Evolution of HIV seroprevalence in the Ge 24328 60552 60894 43219 267*/11153 12108 13194 13217 13312 14108 21120 21128 15*/22240 22264 23118 23394 23575 24189 24192 24196 563*/32284 33428 43275 60441 12109 13304 13334 189*/13335 13507 21121 21136 22177 23307 24162 271*/31168 31188 33403 43439 43480 43524 60412 60441 60647 13126 22385 24231 32194 34243 72*/42398 60080 60180 60315 60733 60782 11143 11173 11177 11190 13217 22164 22192 23201 42382 60094 60483 11219 518*/13212 17*/22243 43434 43244 12121 60528 11243 21149 60831 24142 60209 34198 32132 60023 f HIV/AIDS services/ Examining howevidence is used as a too and patient outcomes: Example of guidelines for antiretroviral the n sub-Saharan Africa. of the GTZ Regional AIDS Progr a private enterprise. An example of the C6te dlvoire/Profile of con tion of HIV/AIDS: Case of Kenya/Fundamental obstacle osed by HIV/AIDS: The of SIDA-SERVICE/The commun s/The TRT-5 group: An of how treatment activism can im n public sex venues: An of developing an HIV prevention can prison system: The of the C6te dlvoire/AIDS educati sexual intercourse: An of advantages and pitfalls of stan AIDS in companies, the of Abidjan (C6te dlvoire)/Model s to prevent STD/AIDS: Examples from Turkey/Human dignity pro frica: HOPE worldwide examples /Combining AIDS care and prev adolescents: Success from the prevention marketing i girls: The Reaching for Excellence in Adolescent Care and Health ovirals/Nevirapine has excellent blood brain barrier permeability AIDS in the US: Still an exceptional disease needing exceptional ntiality: An end to AIDS exceptionalism ?/HIV testing, reporting, tributable mortality and excess of hospital stay/Nosocomial blood ention program/Needle exchange-based health services as a co y the Baltimore Needle Exchange Program/From exchanger to n aracteristics of Syringe Programs in Southern Europea n the Baltimore Syringe Program/Two-year follow-up of e Rhode Island Needle Program/Reducing risk behavi at the Baltimore Needle Program/Physical characteristi ecruited at 11 syringe exchange programmes in Canada/The S of a van-based syringe toward pharmacy-based syring d of HCV among needle attenders with low HIV prevalen ers attending a needle program (NEP) and participatin Selection bias in needle participation as observed in two er places among needle attenders/New sharing partner EACH I study)/Needle use and HIV risk behaviors amo work formation/Syringe not associated with social netw city with a legal needle program (NEP) and non-prescri s at a storefront needle program in Hollywood, CA/HIV oints: Creating a needle program for HIV/Life points: Cr om among women who sex for drugs or money/Accept k?/Maximizing needle coverage among injection drug arm production: Needle does not promote HIV transmis an works after a needle is shut down/Scoring clean wor r participation in needle program/Lower risk of HIV infec users attending needle and methadone maintenance pr iation between syringe,drug use, and drug treatment in current state of syringe in the UK? A national survey/W rs of the Seattle syringe /Reduction in injection risk beha Shooting gallery needle site for drug injectors at highest ing evidence of needle program (NEP) effectiveness in uced drug use in needle participants/Reduced drug use s through NGO-to-NGO visits/Enhancing quality of AID /An innovative needle program exclusively for women res: More than a needle site/Point de Reperes: More th n of a storefront needle program in Hollywood, CA/Adol change Program/From exchanger to non-exchanger: Secondary HIV+ people/Favouring exchanges between northern activists and grammes in Zimbabwe/ Exclusion of homosexuals from HIV/AIDS ases and against social exclusion /An internet web site fighting Al ssues of conformity and in self help organisations/Issue licit valuation of a blood decision/Implicit valuation of a cted and in noncirrhotic exclusively HCV-infected out-patients/De die exchange program for women is well accepted by ents with AIDS/Urinary excretion of retinol, a-tocopherol and mal olic steroids, resistance exercise and protein supplementation effe of aerobic and resistive training on body composition, im e (OX) plus resistance (RE) on Unitrogen Balance (N BA evable via consultation exercises /Peer education and empowerm e International Biennial Exhibition of Humour - No AIDS, with lov g a pornographic video exhibition in Paris/Behaviours and practic s/Enlightenment of the existence of HIV/AIDS and inculcating the ions of the medical and existential uncertainty related to new antir en in prostitution (WIP)/ Existing facts, need for negotiation skills & utreach amongst MSM/ laws: Impediment to intervention HIV/AIDS services into existing family planning programs/Integra aking gay men from an risk-reduction program/Creating be accomplished using data sources/Evaluating the eco ovir dipivoxil) added to regimens/Genotypic characteriz of HLA-A28 in Africans exists also in Caucasians: Analysis of the mphoid cells/Effects of exogenous Nef and Tat proteins on HIV-1 t: Cost-effective way to expand AIDS prevention efforts for youth/ Ao Paulo: Strategies to information and counselling on Al ents with HIV infection/ Expanded nutritional evaluation in patient act24162 22379 43224 13466 14207 34136 42236 43271 43412 43427 60694 44134 13485 33456 13283 60086 60899 43216 22102 406*/43227 23170 23174 23229 23236 23241 23172 23173 23175 23182 23185 23187 23191 23195 23200 23204 23237 33139 33196 33379 33381 33384 33385 33387 33392 33400 33402 33403 33408 34352 43261 60017 60545 23170 44291 14247 33460 34294 484*/44244 42343 43261 32187 32185 42328 42335 34282 33507 60467 33594 44129 60455 60918 13572 33553 44314 60706 21202 60872 13342 43215 42349 blood bank cohort virus evolution e progression/Genetic ant role on global HIV-1 based analysis of HIV-1 84-1997/Evidence for k factor in HIV infection ct of HAART on clinical nd HCV infections and herapies and disease nfection seroprevalency an HIV-1 clone/Parallel of the antiretroviral prescription i of depressive symptoms in HIVwith antiretroviral treatment incl of support services on HIV/AID of primary health care concepts of the skin lesions developed thr of CMV-PCR in the first 6 month of HIV seroprevalence in intrave of HIV/AIDS protection in the co of CMV retinitis in a population o and quantitation of virus attenua of HIV-1 subtype A in African chi /Full-length sequences of HIV-1 in vivo/Phylogeny-based analys of HIV-1 within behavioral risk gr upon a lot of children from a chil of genital warts in HIV positive p of care among injecting drug use /Unorthodox treatments for HIV i in Niamey, Niger/HIV-2 infectio of env-V3 in six patients iatrogen vo: The envelope gene/ Evolutionary fate of a molecularly cloned 96: Current trends in an evolving epidemic/Epidemiology of HIV-1 d with HAART/Rapidly hepatitis C virus infection in HIV c infection in Europe: An surveillance tool/Individual case Inerable young people ( EVYP )/Substance use and HIV prevention lasma levels in HIV+ ex-homeless subjects living in a support h ow-up of homeless and AIDS patients with combine f autologous PBMCs ex vivo infected with a recombinant canary ced immunodeficiency vivo: Role of viral tropism in pathogenes culating immune compl es in AIDS patients and the rationale for vism have been greatly exaggerated /Spreading the load: Reports e (NYSDOH/AI)/Pelvic exam performance improvement campaig o significant others: An examination of gender and cultural differe herence to gynecologic examinations among HIV positive women y/Electrophysiological of the peripheral nerve in HI

Page  62 62 Expanded * experience 12th World AIDS Conference SKeyword Abstr 1 infection: Persistently expanded memory populations/Human C ons for UNESCO in an and multi-sectorial response to es (STD) in Morocco by P16 and P17/Baseline evaluati ysis in Uganda/District response initiative (DRI): Missin Implementation of the response to AIDS requires oper -induced lipodistrophy/ Expanding the spectrum of protease inhibi u/ls the AIDS epidemic expanding to inner cities in Latin American tin America confront an epidemic/The armed forces of oses, and is affordable/ Expansion of US Medicaid system to cove nal defects/Peripheral expansion of CD8+CD28- lymphocytes i on/Benign monoclonal of CD8 lymphocytes in HIV infe fected individuals after in vitro/Conserved function of emic in Myanmar/The of HIV safe blood supply syste educational program in project in the First District of Za haracterisation of T-cell expansions in HIV infection/Phenotypic c gulation of CD8+ T-cell in HIV patients receiving highl I person/From survival expectancy to planning a future: Adopting S and the impact on life in Chicago, Illinois, USA/AID HIV partner notification/ Expecting the unexpected: Identifying and tages?/Increase in the expenditure for antiretroviral drugs: Are th ant part of out of pocket /Complementary therapies fo nts of increased energy in HIV-infected women/Deter creased resting energy (REE) is associated with incr spitalisation/AIDS care expenditures /Ambulatory care vs. hospita HIV+ pediatric patients/ Experience with ritonavir in HIV+ pediatric s in HIV/AIDS patients/ ention in the workplace: alovirus (CMV) retinitis: dine triple combination/ n HIV-infected patients/ ritance in HIV infection: mily structure, orphans/ ymphocytopenia (ICL): VP) in clinical practice: sing patient adherence: n the National Highway/ Sharps injuries and HIV: selling center in Egypt/ preventing HIV spread: AIDS/TB in Cameroon/ ased group: REVS+/ r HIV testing strategies: r receiving an HIV test: ntervention programs: dren with HIV infection: ation in-patient service/ of care for HIV disease: O) on orphans support/ atric HIV-1 infection/UK experience ated with indinavir who ith extensive antiviral 00 copies/ml/Ongoing assionate use program s a continuum: Uganda s a policy option: The further spread it (TASO rural sites: the Uganda ttings - The Tanzanian vention Project (ZAPP) HIV infection: Ugandas ntervention - 10 years al centres: The Nigerian AIDS: The Venezuelan Manipur, India (Manipur Worries, concerns and Learning from AIDS: An exuality in Pakistan/An ers in Porto Alegre - An 990-1997 - A Mexican hed women - An Indian er education - Ugandan ntos/The health agents I context: The Brazilian I therapy: The Parisian esponsibility Botswana py/Living revisited: The HIV positive women an persons/Whole person IDS on production: The f northern Uganda/My with protease inhibitors in HIV from Jakarta (1994-1998)/Pr from the European Compassi with saquinavir zalcitabine zid with proleukin (rlL2) in HIV-inf in rural Uganda/Widow inherit in will writing and impact of H in the West Midlands, UK/Idio in over 500 patients in the UK/ with the HIV medication guid of Condom Bank on the Nati with a rapid response system/ of the establishment of an HIV from Uganda/Audio-visual co press service for fight against of a widow (PWA) and the fou of Mozambique/WHO recom in a regional population serop of intervention on youth at hig on an Argentinean population in the restorative care of patie makes a difference/Communi of an NGO (ASO) on orphans Sof nelfinavir in paediatric HIVvirus load declines to <500 vR /Effect of nelfinavir/indinavir/d with nelfinavir substitution for i /Safety profile of Viracept in th /Comprehensive care across of a South African NGO initiati )/United we prevent HIV/AIDS, /Extension of HIV counselling /Using participatory drama to c /Challenges in implementing a /Vulnerability of women secret of an HIV positive bank emplo /AIDS counselling clinic outrea /The role of National Commiss )/Informations, education and of AIDS singled positive wome in community education in Ris of focus groups with adult men report/Harm reduction progra /HIV in heterosexuals: 1990-1 /Reaching unreached women /Womens involvement in HIV/ with sex workers in Santos/Th among indigenous people/Ch /Changes in HIV psychiatric n /AIDS orphans - A shared res of men living with AIDS after s from the national community o and recognition of different wa with Lonrho Companies, Mala as an HIV/AIDS educator and act 12189 13518 33226 34110 43518 12398 13168 43384 482*/44241 11220 32148 41249 42119 60539 31136 110*/31165 24263 60135 60364 22405 24132 337*/32162 32168 24137 12173 12346 13437 22270 22410 22413 23167 24213 32151 32248 32369 33102 33190 33264 33472 33499 34305 41166 43112 43538 60150 60724 60779 60838 12258 12279 12329 12332 12393 70*/12411 12427 13406 13427 13456 13459 13460 13467 13479 13518 13550 14201 14228 14241 23230 23387 23463 23501 23578 24108 24154 24202 24259 24284 24285 24290 24301 ssionals: Learning from lements of the HIV test post test club/Personal unselling in Africa: The ganda: A 5 years PWAs andemic: A youth alive n of college women: An mivudine (3TC) - First ased costs?/The CMA s of HIV+ children: The cide acceptability/Real on? The North Carolina xual exposures to HIV: Bangalore - An NGOs WAs to counselling: The ling services - Uganda livery system: Uganda LWHAs peer educators ucation: The Ghanaian Brazil/Sex workers: An reduction in Santos/An niversity of Puerto Rico ide for ASOs based on radio program series r health education: The essons from a 7-year IV/AIDS: Samrakshas evention in Africa: The S epidemic, Hong Kong wspaper: A successful ren with HIV/AIDS: The DS: The meeting point S in North Uganda: Our ble children: The TASO els in Paris: Three years /AIDS in India/Sharing urban slum - A Kenyan rogram in Uganda - An o AIDS: The Hong Kong gainst AIDS: Ugandas n East Africa (ANNEA) DS/STD/AIDS program nt into clinical trials: The n-hospital TB and PBP care - its effect on the rometheus study/Prior rs: Data from six years nd prevention: 7 years northern Uganda/The ram planning: Zambian sario, 1997 - 6 years of en NGO and GO - The on service the Zambian d AIDS: The Philippine ntion of HIV/AIDS: The dolescents Ugandan aces uncovered: The nity health: A Canadian sible population: CDCs ing countries: Thailand ation process: National on (NBA) annual dinner HIV/AIDS: Five years of review: The PHANSuP rights: The Costa Rican IV infection: A personal prevention: KADINET+ ping with HIV/Personal n clinic - TASO Mulago place - The Hong Kong eron AIDS Study Group cal practice/Two years hildren: The Romanian ducation: An 8 years STDs/AIDS: 4 years of g on clinical trials - The esearch method: The Ngoya is still alive/Life ums: A Latin-American a/HIV-positive persons Keyword Abstract -- and strategies for coping/Lon 24312,and evaluations of HIV test pr 24334 in managing clinical problems 24342 of Abidjan, C6te dlvoire/The i 24346 /Networking among HIV positi 24353 in Uganda/The response of yo 24362 in sustaining a peer-education 24366 with a once-daily dosing antire 32393:Applying combination antiretr 32405 of the Pediatric Study Group/ 32441: The key to vaginal microbicid 33152 1993-1997/Can zidovudine 33162 in a London hospital/Post-exp 247*/33176 in the Indian context/Establish 33260 of an AIDS Care NGO in the C 33300 /Psychosocial care as a challe 33315 /Building from the past to creat 33316 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania o 33351 /Participatory and interactive s 33363 of prevention to HIV/AIDS in th 33376 on harm reduction in Santos/ 33424 /Social marketing principles a 33435 /Setting up a quality Web site o 33474 /Life in the times of AIDS: a rad 33512 with secondary school student 33547 /Prevention of STD/AIDS tran 33601 /Issues confronting children liv 34156 of a collective of AIDS in the C 34176 /A churchs response to the Al 34201 of collaboration/Media impact 586*/34219 of a national network/Working 34235 in Uganda/A trial for a global a 34244 with the meeting point/Facin 34254 /Primary school education sup 34267 /Meals on wheels in Paris: Thr 34269 from a network for women livin 34280 /Peer education and AIDS con 34316 of 11 years of care in Nsamby 34326 /Community based responses 34336 with special reference to TAS 34342 /Establishing an AIDS NGOs n 34353 HIV and development of UND 34383 of a computerized medical rec 42207 and quality of HIV-related tube 42216 and outcome of HIV positive w 42218 with HIV/AIDS therapy among 42290 /HIV telephone consulting ser 42406 by an NGO in the C6te dlvoire 42413 of participatory approach to HI 43181 /A new approach to involving t 43198 /Training young leaders aimin 43200 of the State Comission on AID 43201 /Establishing a national blood t 43217 /Organizing community of peo 43300 of Club des Amis (CDA), RCI 43323 /Effectiveness of PWAs going 43361 of U.B.S./The impact in Came 43375 /A model for corrections and c 43404 in correctional health care/Int 43408 /Medical supply for HIV/AIDS i 358*/43506 in USA, 1993-1996/Allocatin 43510 /Lawyers for legal sector invol 44153 /A global alliance helping scho 44288 /On project review: The PHAN 44313 /HIV/AIDS and human rights: 60009 of five years (1993-to date)/N 60040 /PHA can play a big role in HIV 60053 in coping with HIV/Personal 60123 /Treating tuberculosis patients 60146 /An alternative therapy for di 60214 /Prevalence of malnutrition in 60368 with protease inhibitor (PI) use 60547 /Doctors and volunteers worki 60610 /Sustaining responsiveness of 60644 and lessons learned/Educatio 60645 of AIDS organizations/Acting 60653 of the PSI/Romania social mar 60705: Thanks to God Joly Ngoya is 60725 /Prevention of AIDS among bl 60735 with HIV testing and counselli 60739

Page  63 12th World AIDS Conference experience *expression 63 Keyword Abstract SKeyword Abstr es in victims of rape the at St. Gabriels hospital in Mal /Mobilising resources, and support networks to assist dicines logistic - Santos /STD: Medicines logistic - San viours: Harm reduction of Villa Marainis Street Unit/O gning an individualized /Mini-residency/mini-precepto Central-African country, Democratic Republic of Cong frica: The C6te dlvoire /Determinants of HIV transmis eatment-naive or AZT - Experienced HIV-1 infected adult patients nalogs in nucleoside experienced subjects/ACTG 364: Virologi s sequential therapy in HIV patients: The MASTER s promised, antiretroviral children with perinatal HIV-1 ine alone in zidovudine, HIV-infected patients/Indin and seek games in the of people living with HIV/AID atment with cidofovir in patients: Results of the Germ navir) therapy in HIV-1 patients (ZDV + ddC/ddl) wit ucleoside analogue HIV-1 infected patients: Char n protease inhibitor (PI) patients/Combination therap on therapy in treatment HIV/AIDS patients, following er system in treatment HIV-infected patients. Immu le combination in HIV-1 patients/The effect of triple c naive and antiretroviral HIV+ patients/Zidovudine (Z escue therapy in highly patients/Hour drug therapy i e in treatment naive and patients/Combination therap ranscriptase inhibitors/ Experiences in protease inhibitor use in p 60803 60847 60855 60867 60931 60962 60986 22382 125*/12203 12232 12254 12335 12459 22256 22344 22386 22391 32295 32297 41189 509*/42260 60480 60701 12340 13489 22197 24241 32334 33133 42297 43249 14224 22152 22457 45*/24247 24317 32395 32428 33135 248*/33192 33375 33470 108*/34309 43211 60308 pressive factors by HIV,uninfected (EU) individuals/Enh unological profile in HIV seronegative subjects/Study of i R5) genotype in highly but persistently seronegative fem ylaxis of occupationally health care workers at two large o health care workers to HIV in an university hospital in gnosis of HIV vertically infants in Belo Horizonte, Brazil/ V infection in perinatally children/Serum y-globulin level V infection in perinatally children/Serum y-globulin level replication/CD8+ cells to B7.2 but not B7.1 during activa thers to HIV/Knowingly exposing others to HIV/Knowingly vis infection and risk of exposition among West African people w se the female condom: Exposure to semen during use/A prospec medicalpersoneltoHIV/ of medical personel to HIV/ trarectal or intravaginal exposure of macaques/Genetic character e on route of challenge /Recombinant vaccine-induced es/Health care workers (HCWE): Analysis of 113 cases kers after occupational /Risk of HIV infection in health c als presenting for post- prophylaxis (PEP) following hig al assault/Post-sexual prophylaxis (PSEP) with HAAR s after an occupational to HIV: A no show/Follow-up of ation antiretroviral post prophylaxis/Zidovudine and co sure/Feasibility of post- prevention research among wo body fluid occupational in Rio de Janeiro City/Implemen may benefit?/Post HIV prophylaxis: Who may benefit?/ n-based HIV accidental program/Pharmaceutical costs abandon condoms after to a safer-sex hierarchy?/Do wo g about AIDS? - Media to AIDS and discussion with frie tner notification for HIV /Now is the time to re-examine p nt of the HIV accidental prophylaxis program in British C risk comparison for HIV /New and long-term injection dr act31140 31146 31147 33178 33195 42117 42399 42407 60406 60562 22143 33132 60852 11221 548*/21200 23335 23336 33173 250*/33174 33177 33182 33186 33187 33188 33191 33276 33446 43556 60162 60271 ttitudes towards HIV. e and incidence of HIV: psychiatric mobil team: ART) in the real world: e condom for anal sex/ g in antiretroviral drugs/ workers in Pune, India/ I health: Cross-cultural experiences TB) - Urban and rural h HIV infection/Nurses uthanatic: Subjective nd dual diagnosis/The erapy/The health care isclosure in health care rs concerns about and EP)/French physicians The impact of personal n the developing world: st HIV/AIDS: Ugandas tos, Brazil/Results and s and adherence/Poor of the UNDP/HIV and Develo in an urban factory cohort in in the south of France (Mars in an inner-city community h of 100 men who have sex wit addressing the issue of acce in peer education approach f in learning about sex and its i of different perspectives, We caring for children with HIV in from care providers/Morphin of managing clients with AID of HIV-positive transgendere of HIV-positive bisexual men with the female condom/Wo and attitudes about non-occu with HIV/AIDS on behaviours from Uganda/Building an HI and the way forward/The rol of the World AIDS Day camp of health care leads to avoida HIV-positive individuals experiencing symptoms/Randomized co 22458 WA/The importance of solidarity: Specific support f 60320 China/Pilot program in experiential HIV/AIDS education for nurse 13477 of male sex workers: An experiment in planned action/HIV-preven 29*/43367 mangabey to Macaque/ Experimental transmission of SIVrcm isol 11232 pe for SAIDS treatment/ research on traditional Chin 60048 ng prostitutes in Dakar/ activity of reconversion amo 60265 ated gene expression in experimental AIDS-related simian lympho 11216 ntion education through theater/Mobilizing and invol 13423 orkers in France - An training methodology/Teac 24333 adults/Evaluation of an Amplicor DNA PCR assay f 41155 children in Calcutta/An attempt to create awarenes 43313 s and constraints/The experimentation of the participative appro 43188 S Public Health Service Expert Panel on clinical practices: A public 42292 ypic driven rule-based expert artificial intelligence computer syst 32297 ary forces/HIV infection diagnostics problems in the Russia 60964 ween viewing sexually explicit and violent television, pregnancy a 34226 patients/Acquisition of and implicit long-term-memory an 60450 hool girls against sexual exploitation: Development of a guardian p 13533 WHA/Advocacy against of PLWHA/Advocacy against 34287 or commercial sexual children for the STD/HIV prev 43368 9-12 with HIV infection/ Exploration of knowledge of diagnosis an 14269 ransmission of HIV/An exploration of the determinants of sexual 60061 e, what evidence? An of the factors influencing the d 60441 Brazil/Female condom: Exploratory study in Sao Paulo-Brazil/Fe 23460 eople living with HIV to explore their options for the future in the lig 34315 onal advocacy coalition explores its future/Looking ahead: A natio 34378 attitudes and lifestyles/ Exploring ethnicity and sexual health: Cro 14224 se to HIV/AIDS in India: the gap between positive peopl 34155 binant strain causing an explosive IDU epidemic in Kaliningrad/HI 13190 ors in why people today expose themselves to the risk of being infe 60849 lizing activity and IgA in exposed seronegative (ESN) partners of 21124 infections in perinatally infants/Viral and host genetic ch 23312 hocytes (CTLs) in Thai uninfected (EU) female sex work 599*/31120 ell proliferation in HIV-2 non-infected individuals in Guine 605*/31133 luation of occupational exposures to HIV, HBV and HCV notified i 13471 d States/Occupational resulting in HIV infection in hea 23329 ntability of occupational resulting in human immunodefi 23330 Profile of occupational to blood and body fluids among 23332 impact of occupational to blood and body fluids on hea 24307 (PEP) for occupational to HIV/Tolerability of antiretrov 246*/33171 ccupational and sexual to HIV: experience in a London 247*/33176 s team for occupational to blood-borne pathogens/Effi 33181 ffected by HIV/AIDS/ Express yourself... the art as a therapy wo 42397 g-V3 chimeric particles expressed by a recombinant vaccinia viru 21204 ell lines adapted strains using a Semliki forest virus vec 21207 haracterization of T cell chimeric receptors with antibod 41233 y antisense sequences in CD4+ cells/Broad spectrum 60375 recombinant protein expressing the native V1/V2 domain of gp 550*/21194 nia virus recombinants human cytomegalovirus UL97 31199 CD4-LTR-/3-Gal stably CCR5 suitable for infectivity a 41163 capacity in vitro/HIV-1 the 3TC-associated M184V m 41214 primary acute infection/ Expression of molecules responsible for I 21161 and during treatment/ of CD28 and CD38 by CD8+ T 116*/31170 and HIV-1(-) patients/ of adhesion molecules in recu 32250 e like particles (CLP) by expression of the HIV-1 gag gene in a Bac 11136 cular analysis of mRNA of HIV-infected T cell using hig 380*/11139 echanism regulates the of the human endogenous retr 11208 apoptosis-related gene in experimental AIDS-related 11216 CCR1, IFNy, RANTES in lymphoid tissues/Simian im 11222 mphocytes and Fas Ag in early phase of SIVmac infec 11227 HLA-DR and CD45RO, Interleukin-2 synthesis and a 12180 of chemokine receptor in the female genital tract: Pro 335*/21109 ive controls/Increased of chemokine co-receptors on 21119 kines and their receptor in adult Simian astrocytes cult 21144 erations in cellular gene: High density cDNA analysis o 21152 effects of IL-4 on HIV-1 suggest a role in viral phenoty 218*/21174 Prevalence and clinical of herpes simplex virus infecti 22191 s preceded by the over- of molecules associated with 22290 neoplasia/Local HIV-1 in the female genital tract folio 22310 d chemokine receptors during combined anti HIV-1 IL 22416 on chemokine receptor in CD4+ tetanus toxoid specifi 31141 n in HIV+ children/The of CD38 and DR are markers 213*/31166 tients/Increased CD69 in non-stimulated CD8+ T-cell 31171 ponses/T lymphocytes of CD28 in HIV-1 infected chil 31173 tions of CD45 isoforms in paediatric HIV-1 infection pr 31176 etroviral therapy on the of Fas antigen in patients with 31178 HIV infection affects the of fructose-6-phosphate, 2-kin 32175 rapy/Alterations in HIV in AIDS patients with psoriasis 32265 and activation markers before and after anti-retroviral 41193 nd modulates CXCR-4 in lymphoid cells/CD38 stimul 41234 IL-7) gene transfer and in HIV gpl60-specificT cells fr 41244 AC infection on cytokine in HIV-infected persons/ACT 60279 MSH peptides on HIV-1 in monocytic cells/Inhibitory in 60685 /T cell HLA-DR surface as a surrogate marker for HIV 60864

Page  64 64 expression* family 12th World AIDS Conference SKeyword Abstract mozygosity/Phenotypic expressions of CCR5-A2/A32 homozygo 22415 a-CD4 T-cell response/ Extended benefit of protease inhibitor-con 341*/12101 ted by HIV/Addressing extended life issues among older adults af 13398 immigrants to educate family members and the broader 43185 edication adherence extends to opportunistic infection prophyla 32376 he Uganda experience/ Extension of HIV counselling and testing i 13427 HBV vaccination study. of an ongoing multicenter study 23169 tomegalovirus retinitis/ Extensive optic disc neovascularization in 22273 ne in HIV+ patients with extensive antiviral experience/Effect of ne 12329 each other but not with extra-marital partners/Serodiscordant ma 33268 eletion on cerebral or extracerebral toxoplasmosis occurrence i 13184 e traditional medicine Extract Spring of Life - a report of 56 case 60062 e traditional medicine extract spring of life (ESOL) -A report of 41238 ARL-1, an polycassine extracted from a kind of plants, Indocalam 41207 a lipid-arabinomannan from Mycobacterium tuberculosi 60313 epidemic of HIV/AIDS/ Extraordinary response from a governme 43219 rats during acute PCP/ Extrapulmonary dissemination of Pneum 31220 -1996/Epidemiology of extrapulmonary tuberculosis among HIV 13269 erved in pulmonary and TB/AIDS patients/Cellul 31206 esting in a country with extremely high HIV prevalence levels/Re 33261 anterior segment of the eye in HIV-infected patients/The viral dise 32245 nts with silicone oil filled eyes and CMV retinitis/Implantation of gan 60786 ucidal properties of the F-5~ gel, a potentially new vaginal microbi 60370,3-dideoxyadenosine ( F-DDA, lodenosine) in patients with sympt 22281 ailability of lodenosine ( F-ddA ), a uniquely stable anti-HIV drug, in 42263 ide more than a human face /Listening to a patients perspective m 12457 ase of the center Faire /Problematic of a screening center in 33328 th Africa/Faces - The of HIV/AIDS in South Africa/Faces - 34152 do HIV infected women the social and economic consequenc 34271 Helpline telephone and to face counselling at an AIDS resear 60956 sity hospital/Problems faced during follow-up and treatment of HI 12431 lives: Current problems by HIV-infected physicians/Double I 24304 mbating discrimination by HIV infected at the workplace/Co 44178 ments, to the problems by men having sex with men (MSM)/ 44237 s/challenges/dilemmas by counsellors in HIV/AIDS/Proble 60227 port given to volunteers with a moving illness/Support given 60606 grants/Conducts logics with HIV-AIDS among first- and seco 60943 V/AIDS in South Africa/ Faces - The face of HIV/AIDS in South Afr 34152 h institution of learning faces as she/he adjusts to meet the deman 33583 eneral public with their uncovered: The experience of U.B.S 43375 Outreach and the many of the sex industry in Metro Manila/ 60819 rea infection control/ Facial area infection control/ 60664 s/Indinavir-associated facial atrophy in HIV positive patients/Indi 12391 protocol (GARBTTP) to facilitate access to AIDS prophylactics in d 42320 ng tourist city, hoteliers sex trade/AIDS Outreach Progra 60082 valuation of a gag-pol facilitated DNA vaccine for HIV-1 preventi 33216 ing Group/Community access to free viral load assays: 60699 IV/AIDS) package that facilitates women for better health seekin 13575 time/Computerization clinical decision making by inte 42419 ng to HIV/AIDS in India/ Facilitating strategic planning with NGOs 34149 nnai/Common factors facilitating individuals to have access to S 13482 d as a sustaining and a factor in HIV infection and spre 23470 s future/Designing and empowerment with organized 34171 agnosed in correctional facilities, US, 1993-1996/Characteristics 13265 e/Appropriate hospital for the care of HIV/AIDS patients 22488 t in primary health care in Uganda/Baseline survey of ind 33229 ally funded health care in the United States/Adherence t 42212 aff at juvenile detention towards AIDS prevention progra 43262 ualitative survey of STD in Hanoi, Laocai, Ninhbinh Provin 60307 ce in Liberia: Do health have the capacity?/lmproving HI 60330 ganda/Computerized, facility-based, decentralized reporting sys 34323 ction in a skilled nursing facility /Palliative care for HIV infection in a 505*/22427 tial drug-free treatment in New York City, 1993-1997/Incre 23560 workplace: Outreach to factories in Pathum Thani province, Thaila 13442 tivity in a group of male factory workers in Harare, Zimbabwe/The 13301 eroconversion in a male cohort/Serial CD4 counts followin 13316 xperiences in an urban cohort in Harare, Zimbabwe/Low 22197 d mortality among male workers and their spouses in north 23152 emale partners of male workers in Zimbabwe/High incide 23441 Peer education among workers in Zimbabwe; providing a 540*/33514 us group discussion for workers/Behavior change and livi 33544 ers/Cambodian female garment workers/Cambodian fem 34148 HIV-2 positive mothers fail to develop a BCG scar/HIV negative in 21210 nd itraconazole solution /Treatment of HIV-related oral candido 22218 adherence/Do people drugs, or do drugs fail people: The disc 638*/34212 y in patients who have failed prior protease inhibitors (PIs): A clini 229*/32287 efficacy among patients failing a delavirdine regimen/Retrospectiv 12236 ng nelfinavir in patients treatment including a protease inhib 12285 n HIV-infected patients to saquinavir therapy: importance o 12306 plasma HIV of patients tritherapy combination/Prevalence 32301 Keyword Abstract typing in HIV+ patients protease inhibitor-based highly acti typing in HIV+ patients highly active antiretroviral therapy ( cue therapy for patients protease inhibitor based therapy/N nfected adolescent with failure-to-thrive and wasting/Growth hor entional triple therapy/ Failure of double protease inhibitor therap r HIV/AIDS prevention: vs. success/Condoms for HIV/AID IV-infected individuals/ of prophylaxis for Pneumocystis ca c factors and virological failure /Viral dynamics in HIV infected pati AART)/Determinants of of highly active antiretroviral therap ficacy of nelfinavir after of other protease inhibitors (PI)/Lim e therapy after indinavir /Ritonavir + saquinavir as a rescue t s salvage therapy after of initial protease inhibitor (PI) regi wasting syndrome and to thrive among perinatally HIV-infe dentity and reproductive /Vulnerability to HIV, identity and re of a multisystem organ (MSOF) score for pneumocystis car d predictors of virologic of antiretroviral triple drug therapy i Risk factors for virologic in a cohort of HIV patients receiving resistance in treatment /Long-term effectiveness of HAAR herapy for antiretroviral in HIV+ patients/Salvage therapy f ) and acute respiratory (ARF)/Potential role for decision an /Etiology of acute renal in HIV+ patients/Etiology of acute r redictor of treatment in high acting antiretroviral therapy ( ollowing initial protease /Long-term viral suppression using nhibitor after prolonged with indinavir or ritonavir/Salvage t redictive of therapeutic to d4T/3TC combination/M184V m rd enough - Virological after 12 months of treatment in ART ed patients/Virological and adherence to antiretroviral ther of virological treatment in patients using IDV-containing trip vir (1592, ABC) in renal /Single-dose plasma profiles of aba s a prognosis marker of in triple antiretroviral therapies/Rap and T-cell homeostasis /Changes in markers of T-cell differ ritherapy including IDV: Results on RNA viral load and CD4 32305 32357 60365 32179 22375 60740 60797 265*/11154 12271 12281 12324 12330 13237 13576 22188 22349 22351 22353 22402 22436 32127 233*/32282 32295 32308 32310 32319 32350 42275 42278 60448 60649 60966 ciated with therapeutic failures in patients on a saquinavir/ritonavi 32294 tection: Successes and /Early HIV detection: Successes a 43104 ence of successes and of HIV prevention in San Francisc 43439 e?/Solutions to system:Abort, retry, ignore?/Solutions to 60131 The case of the center Faire face/Problematic of a screening cen 33328 ts in Entebbe, Uganda/ Falciparum malaria and its association wit 130*/22236 n between Plasmodium falciparum malaria illness and HIV-1 RNA 13297 nd macroglobulinemia/ False positive enzyme-linked immunosorb 41168 cal HIV1-transmission/ negative HIV1-PCR in the first two m 42125 ulation on the individual familial and community taking in charge of 33511 g resources available to families affected by HIV/AIDS in northern 12420 in Bangkok - Involving and optimising the use of hospital 67*/22442 grating labour and their /Mobile AIDS booths (MABs) - A 242*/23343 12-25 years) in broken in Yaounde/Street children and A 23431 pact of HIV infection on with one/several infected children 24165 cy planning services for affected by HIV/AIDS: A multi-dis 24209 nd coping strategies of living with TB and AIDS in East Ha 24212 sychological support to of HIV+ children and adolescents 24235 V/AIDS by training their in integral home care (Mexico)/S 260*/24257 ues from providers and /Monitoring treatment adherence i 32438 revention of stresses in of HIV-infected patients/Preventi 261*/33266 anagment of children in affected by HIV/AIDS: Communit 34119 with HIV/AIDS and their in northern Thailand/Community 34167 ected children and their in the Veneto region in Italy/Orga 34314 ith HIV/Stability in with HIV/Stability in 34318 of care for children and affected by HIV/AIDS in Romania 34339 ort for PLWAS and their /ASASSFAs contribution in the pr 34384 iatives on HIV affected /Model for bridging the gap: Unite 44259 d/affected children and /An agenda for a more effective re 44279 e HIV patients and their /Christian psycho-spiritual strateg 60145 AIDS patient/Attitude of towards the death of an AIDS pati 60566 try for women and their /A national Canadian HIV healthli 60669 discplines/Developing family-centred care for HIV/AIDS orphans 24203 S orphans in Zimbabwe/ Family caregivers of AIDS orphans in Zim 24207 ents in rural Zimbabwe/ caregivers of HIV/AIDS patients in r 24319 isions to be HIV tested/, behavioral, and policy factors influ 60778 nfection/The impact of family support on outcome of hospitalizati 74*/12412 ng AIDS prevention into planning program in southern Yunn 360*/13403 /Setting the stage for a intervention: Results from focus gro 235*/13404 S services into existing planning programs/Integrating HIV/ 13572 mportance of social and networks on safer sex practices bas 14177 ual education within the /Mothers role as primary providers o 14335 d HIV infections among blood donors in Karachi, Pakistan/ 23253 es in Nairobi, Kenya/A study among relatives of HIV-1 pers 23354 es in Nairobi, Kenya/A study among relatives of HIV-1 pers 23362 ected by HIV/Trends in structure in African populations affe 24211 AIDS on the household, structure, orphans/Experience in 24213 f patients HIV positive, and social networks for better assist 24268

Page  65 12th World AIDS Conference family o female 65 Keyword Abstract hool, members of their,relatives, friends and neighbors/Th 24287 h illness or death in the, by improving communication in the 24298 edge by their partner or of their serostatus/Problems and n 24320 Changing behaviour of members of PWAs through home b 24338 rs in AIDS pediatric and programs/Collaboration between c 24356 ual methodology in the planning programs, increase the de 33116 ntegrating HIV, STI and planning services/Promoting dual p 33137 nts to record important history and personal information for 33360 scussion with friends or in Bombay, India/Are married wom 33446 s listening?/Analysis of communication about sex: What ar 33463 HIV/AIDS by mobilizing members and other natural helpers 33604 use and implications for planning in rural Uganda/Traditiona 34108 IV/AIDS education into planning: Bridging the need for an ef 34114 DS/Reintegration into a network for people affected by HIV/ 34132 s to educate extended members and the broader communi 43185 s of PLWA/HIV by their members by Syed Abdul Mujeeb an 44152 aring for PLWAs in their /Pilot project in Thailand to improve 44211 ity samples: The role of variables/Adolescent sexual behav 44217 a/HIV primary-care and medicine in Toronto, Canada/HIV p 60121 IV/AIDS? 1st nations -based support model/Who invited 60376 nts and asymptomatic planning clients in Guyana/Genital 60783 S acquired patients and and community - Present situation 60887 An effective strategy in Faridpur brothels by Shapla Mahila Samit 33566 sis of lymphocytes and Fas Ag expression in early phase of SIVma 11227 epithelial cells involving sensitization and ice-protease activati 21137 HIV RNA copy number/ mediated apoptosis of CD4 T cells fro 21165 ithocondrial damage or activation mediate apoptosis in HIV-gp 21166 mphopenia/Analysis of /FasL in an established-SIV/HIV model 21167 py on the expression of antigen in patients with HIV1 infection/ 31178 tment of dorsocervical fat pads and truncal adiposity with serosti 32164 men/Alterations in body distribution in HIV-infected men and wo 336*/32173 XA scans/Altered body distribution in HIV infection: Regional b 32181 e (3TC) and saquinavir/ Fatal lactic acidosis following HAART cont 60998 hern Mexico/High case fatality rates of HIV/TB in a semiurban co 22159 with processed sperm/ Fatherhood in seropositive men - medical 23155 iving with HIV/ living with HIV/ 60564 d contact issues for gay fathers with HIV/AIDS and their children/P 60198 e/Psychostimulants for fatigue in the HIV positive patient: Placebo 22429 ar HIV-1 subtype strain favor vertical transmission?/Does a partic 23302 marker levels compare favorably with and add to viral load and C 42181 ehaviours: Evidence of favourable change in Zambia/HIV epidem 14108 outhern HIV+ people/ Favouring exchanges between northern a 44291 bility of female condom ( FC ) as a protective device - A pilot study/A 33127 s of the States of Santa Fe, Argentina/HIV/AIDS in prisoners of the 32434 ario (Province of Santa, Argentina)/Drug users at the emergen 42458 en in New Orleans, LA/ Fear, low risk perception and lack of knowl 23298 rs: The SerT/TB study/ Feasibility of screening and preventive th 13251 ubjects - GISTA Study/ of preventive therapy of tuberc 449*/13261 eterosexual exposure/ of post-exposure prevention re 33186 ion drug users (IDUs)/ and willingness to participate in 33214 AIDS vaccines in Brazil/ of clinical trials with candidate 33217 he project Horizonte/ and results of a HIV incidence c 33225 ique: Technical aspect/ of HIV rapid test in Mozambiqu 41171 sera for HIV viral RNA: for diagnosis of acute primary 42105 ive resistance training/ of increasing lean body mass in 42357 r early detection of HIV: and acceptability among those 43132 testing in rural Uganda/ and drawbacks of HIV home te 43141 aredness Study (VPS)/ of conducting HIV-1 vaccine tri 43543 nes/Cohort Bela Vista: of efficacy trials on HIV vaccine 43551 n Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/ of AZT use to reduce HIV vertic 61002 weto, South Africa/The feasibility of short-course antiretroviral the 23322 ction drug use: A model program/Post-exposure preve 249*/33172 f culturally specific and feasible AIDS prevention programs/Male 14209 o prevent HIV/STI are in Zimbabwe/Clinical trials of vagi 33125 4/CD8 ratio and clinical features in HIV seropositive patients in Ya 12138 ata, Argentina/Clinical of acute retroviral syndrome in La 12202 Clinico-epidemiological of the acquired immunodeficienc 13177 eculiarities and clinical for Russian HIV-1 isolates/Relati 21158 emiological and clinical in 125 HIV-1 infected women/Epi 23496 cents/Epidemiological and trends of AIDS cases among 43455 akia: Histopathological /Sub-clinical oral hairy leukoplaki 60515 and mycobacteremia in febrile adults admitted to Mulago hospital i 22109 fessors and staff at the Fed. University of M. Gerais, Brazil/Evalua 14120 e AIDS epidemic in the Federal District-Brazil/The role of the Uni 13484 eople of color in the US: efforts to ensure that HIV services 32432 ng for HIV services/US federal strategies for increasing involveme 12453 ical assistance (TA) for federally-funded HIV care planning in the 43527 revention guidelines in federally funded health care facilities in th 42212 ading in IDU in Russian Federation /HIV-antibody testing policy an 23225 infection in the Russian military forces/HIV-infection in 43397 --Keyword Abstract -- within the International of Medical Students Associati 60700 es for men with AIDS in fee-for-service vs. managed care system 14345 y and strategies/Within feed analysis of HIV ABs in human breast 23325 d/Avoidance of breast feeding by HIV infected women: Strategy 12404 s evaluation of formula for the prevention of post-natal tra 316*/24124 ra in Zimbabwe/Breast in the HIV/AIDS era in Zimbabwe/ 313*/44266 event-based analysis/ Feelings of attachment, alcohol and drug u 14179 en/Parents needs and feelings about disclosure of HIV infection 24175 une modulator in FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) infected lab 11236 hermoresistant strain of immunodeficiency virus (FIV): Evalu 60780 g use, in New York city/ Fellatio continues to be associated with HI 23407 he choir: Preference for female-controlled methods and HIV/STD 14147 es over time/Choice of methods of barrier cont 33126 erspectives for leaving/ Female sex workers in Abidjan, COte dlvoi 14198 udy in Sao Paulo-Brazil/ condom: Exploratory study in Sao 23460 urveillance 1990-1997/ sex workers in Mexico: Sentinel su 23547 d re-lubrication cycles/ condom re-use: Assessing structu 33124 eers (men and women)/ condom acceptability in a group of 60028 n Kenya: a case study/ sex workers (FSWs) AIDS orphan 60116 y transmitted diseases/ condoms as effective as male con 60730 s for HIV-1 in the human female genital tract/Co-receptors and cell 10*/11106 FV) in healthy male and volunteers/A pharmacokinetic inte 12380 ity among HIV-infected sex workers in northern Thailand/ 13135 cs of adult HIV-infected tuberculosis patients, US, 1993-19 13250 e delivery approach for commercial sex workers in Mumbai 13491 ract infections among sex workers and ordinary housewiv 13577 oss-national analysis of adolescent sexual risk: Comparativ 14124 ex: The use of male and condoms among women who use d 14170 tion and vulnerability in adolescents from Argentina/Risk p 14196 ondom usage among commercial sex workers/Economi 14205 sex among adolescent university students/Love, romance 14234 n among Puerto Rican university students/Understanding 14237 bility on condom use by sex workers/Influence of role-mod 14257 sexual behavior among partners of HIV infected men in Bra 14326 eptor expression in the genital tract: Progesterone increas 335*/21109 HIV-1 expression in the genital tract following treatment of c 22310 ks for frequent visits to sex workers (FSWs) among male s 23158 an Francisco/Younger injection drug users report higher ri 23202 HIV prevalence among injecting drug users (IDU) in Londo 585*/23214 ifferences for male and intravenous drug users/HIV-1 and 23231 le condom use among commercial sex workers (CSWs) in 23344 donors to their regular partners/The association of active 23378 odel be the panacea to genital cutting (FGC) and the assoc 23384 d/Viral load and male to sexual transmission of HIV in north 23388 h HIV infection among,street-based sex workers with no h 23407 practices of adolescent hawkers in bus and truck stations in 23439 of HIV infection among partners of male factory workers in 23441 oduction of HIV-1 in the genital tract/Active production of H 23442 easing the risks for the partner: Perception and decisions r 23448 Detection of HIV-1 in the genital tract: Association with HIV- 23488 d risk behaviors among sex workers in Roadside Inns in Ha 23497 s seropositivity among sex workers in Bangkok, Thailand/ 23509 id of HIV-seronegative sex workers in Abidjan, C6te dlvoir 23515 eeds assessment of commercial sex workers (CSWs) in 23522 TD prevalence among sex workers in Bali, Indonesia/AID 23523 ction-related HIV risk in commercial sex workers from two 23535 ion and syphilis among commercial sex workers in Guyana 23538 nce among low income sex workers in the city of SAo Paulo 23554 prevalence in male and crack users attending a residential 23560 te to the vulnerability of migrant workers (domestic helpers 23567 HCV and syphilis among prisoners in Brazil/Seroprevalence 23574 IV risk behavior among drug users in Shanghai/Demograp 23576 posed uninfected (EU) sex workers (FSWs) are directed to 599*/31120 es of Thai HIV-infected sex workers/New HLA-A11 HIV-1 603*/31127 sistently seronegative sex workers in Abidjan, C6te dlvoir 31147 e-drug therapy in HIV+ patients/Use of medication manag 32364 eterosexual couples ( infected with HIV): Issues raised thr 32425 o 100% condom use in sex workers (FSW) in Abidjan, C6t 33101 t study/Acceptability of condom (FC) as a protective devic 33127 ho wants and who uses condoms/US women at risk of HIV/ 33129 n acceptability study of controlled methods of protection ag 33130 omen/Evaluation of the condom by African-American and 33131 of couples who use the condom: Exposure to semen durin 33132 sex with men using the condom for anal sex/Experiences 33133 nd experiences with the condom/Women substance abuse 33135 azil/Acceptability of the condom among women drug users 33136 ey/Acceptability of the condom among women who excha 33139 artnership to distribute condoms to people at risk for STD, 33140 ol-9 vaginal gel, among sex workers/Safety of multiple dail 33145 ss to health services for sex workers reduces sexually trans 33228

Page  66 66 female fluid C6te dlvoire/Where do a problem?/STD/HIV in nd STD control among IDS awareness among ng condom use among i/The case of involving peer education among training programme for nt workers/Cambodian xual risk-taking among nts commonly used for boratory parameters in /AIDS/STD/Educating in condom use among ork history in a cohort of men is well accepted by behavior among urban ervention trial in foreign cidence of HIV among o-cultural study among leaning habits among s of AIDS cases among revention strategy for al trials: The dilemma of s, especially the young ral factors that promote e among male clients of effect of protection/The iour among Columbian y diagnosis for STDs in donesia/Risk profile of risk perception among Sentinel surveillance in ction and AIDS among D/AIDS and drug use in 12th World AIDS Conference - Keyword Abstract -Keyword Abstr sex workers go for sexual health ca patients in Nepal: How much is it a sex workers with asymptomatic ST undergraduates in Jos City, Nigeria sex workers in natural settings in Y educators in STD/HIV/AIDS educat sex workers in Lima, Peru/A new s orphans in an area with high HIV se factory garment workers/Cambodi adolescents/The association betw genital hygiene may contribute to t patients with AIDS (FPWA)/Effect sex partners of long distance driver sex workers in Abidjan, C6te dlvoir sex workers in northern Thailand/L injection drug users in San Francis sex workers: Missed opportunities f prostitutes (FFPs) in Japan/HIV ris, street-based sex workers in New Y sex workers from a low-income co sex workers/Douching/vaginal cle adolescents/Epidemiological featu population/AIDS prevention strate drug users/HIV clinical trials: The d /Giving information on HIV/AIDS to circumcision and how this predispo sex workers in Bali, Indonesia/AID condom: Cause and effect of prote, male, and transsexual sex worker prostitutes, Costa Rica, 1997/Com sex workers who participate in a ro population/Project DALIA: Women sex workers 1992-1997/Sentinel s sex workers in six Brazilian informa HIV infected prisoners of Rio de Ja 33245 33252 33254 33309 184*/33332 33563 33595 34143 34148 34226 42370 42373 43176 182*/43236 43257 43261 43269 43270 43284 43327 43359 43455 43542 44165 60026 60057 60168 60221 60258 60329 60355 60494 60749 60877 60903 nfection among young females /Drug abuse and sexual behaviou 23465 munity care and support/ living with HIV/AIDS/Community 34291 regarding AIDS among sex workers controlled in STD clin 43358 to allow for the effect of fertility /A method of adjusting HIV prevale 23459 e of the impact of HIV on in Africa/Evidence of the impact of 24196 f contraceptive use and decision-making among HIV-1 infe 24197 rican women/Reduced and duration of HIV 1-infection in A 24198 unuchs during Eunuch festival /High risk behaviour of eunuchs a 43352 Dry alcohol days during festivals to prevent HIV/AIDS/Dry alcohol 60767 n India through religious festivities and programs/AIDS prevention 13426 midine in maternal and fetal peripheral blood mononuclear cells at 508*/42258 pation of inmates in the against AIDS/O ARPAO: Communic nistrative officials in the against AIDS in rural areas/Implicatio tigmatisation/ Fighting stigmatisation/ y useless laws (HULs)/ a new virus: Highly useless law an alternate strategy in fighting STD without speculum/Women p Motivations to continue and plans for children after death on/An internet web site AIDS, other diseases and against nfected by HIV/AIDS to campaigns against MST and Al of UNDP with ICASO in against HIV/AIDS/STD/AIDS pro nfected by HIV/AIDS to campaigns against MST and AID rkshop for physicians in Fiji Islands/HIV/AIDS training workshop fo ns/ACTG 285: G-CSF ( Filgrastim ) for mobilization of CD34+ cells ost saving with low dose filgrastim for HIV in-patients/Documente sia/HIV vulnerability of Filipina house maids in Malaysia/HIV vuln STD/HIV/AIDS among Filipino seafarers/Assessing the needs fo Gender blinding among commercial sex workers and its im P) of first time departing migrant workers/A knowledge, att manifestations among HIV-infected individuals at San La I tolerance of a vaginal film (VF) of nonoxynol-9 (N-9) in women at ms/Using documentary films on life stories of people living with HI antibodies/The use of filter paper blood spots as an external qual Solving the problems in finance and logistics: Software developme ibution management of and equipment/Effective and equi r people with HIV/AIDS/ Financial problems for people with HIV/AI Os in Thailand in 1995/ support on AIDS activity for NG port, methodology, and financial system in order to work whit the c ional and international financing of the response to HIV/AIDS in d privatizing government for health care services for low i V patients: Diagnosis by fine-needle aspiration (FNA)/Lymph node ut affecting cellular zinc finger proteins/Targeting anti-HIV agents FLP IS6110 and PGRS fingerprinting in the investigation of an ou aving sex with men in Finland /Methodological issues in socio-s e HIV sub-community: Firewalls of seropositives as a protective al partners of deep-sea fisherman in General Santos, Philippines t bility in southeast Asia/ Fishermen and HIV/AIDS vulnerability in s ention among deep-sea fishermen in the Philippines/AIDS interve tion among Macanaos and their partners, Venezuela/ gement programme for community in Sundarban, West ealth status among the community/An assessment of rtugal/HIV/AIDS in the population of Galicia (Spain) an tion of HIV/AIDS in the population of Galicia (Spain) an d women/Rectovaginal fistula in HIV infected women/Rectovagin ehabilitation/Positively fit: Community organizing for HIV and reha abilitation services/Poz, positively fit: A prospective, pilot project s ratchet operational?/ Fitness of HIV-1 RT mutants: Is MOllers ra e for gay men/Health & fitness programme for gay men/Health & ent-naive patients/The Five-to-None Trial (Essai Cinq-a-Zero): Fi Igium/Buddy system in Flanders - Belgium/Buddy system in advantaged day men in, Belgium/Tailoring for the margi nt (HAART)/Hepatitis B flare after highly active antiretroviral treatm : Promoting choice for Flemish gay men in steady relationships/ mportance of molecular flexibility for the resistance of HIV-1 prote ogamous partnerships/ Flexible parametric regression for retrosp ecies, abnormal vaginal flora, and risk of HIV-1 infection and STDs S confidentiality breach, Florida /Assessment of the impact of a maj esponses measured by flow cytometry in HIV-1-infected subjects/ ues/A new approach to cytometry based CD4 T-cell enumera cells phenotyping by cytometry: A quality assurance progra ained by zymmune and cytometry methods/Comparison bet ction on the quality and of saliva/The effects of HIV infection o /Comparison between cytometric and manual staining, micro razil/AIDS information in private health services in the State n of serum fluconazole ( FLU ) levels with susceptibility testing and c ed oral candidosis when fluconazole and itraconazole solution fail/ h/Correlation of serum (FLU) levels with susceptibilit woman/Emergence of resistance among vaginal ca ans isolated from CNS Fluid of AIDS patients to seven antifungal -RNA in cerebral spinal fluid /Neurological symptoms during prima entry into cerebrospinal of HIV-infected subjects after single a els in the cerebrospinal of HIV-infected patients/High prolacti rom blood and genital /Genotypic and biotypic characterizat m DNA in cerebrospinal from HIV patients with neurological di MV) in the cerebrospinal (CSF) of AIDS patients without CMV V-DNA in cerebrospinal (CSF) as predictive value of primary c on viral load in seminal and plasma compartments/The impa ontal disease/Gingival (GF): Possible role in transmission of odies in cervicovaginal of HIV-seronegative female sex work lasma, but not seminal plasma of HIV-1 infected individuals/ (d4T) on cerebrospinal (CSF) HIV-RNA levels: Preliminary re al load in cerebrospinal (CSF), plasma and CNS involvement act60747 60936 24360 44114 81*/22193 24217 33460 34345 34383 60088 60352 42323 32147 60106 13445 401*/14233 23583 32253 33138 34230 42102 43225 60018 44227 60600 34385 647*/44232 60339 60073 41187 13203 60688 43486 23533 23573 13454 23561 43297 43351 60190 60213 32136 24183 504*/42400 11157 34259 41194 34250 60826 60323 60825 12277 60298 33148 43421 31180 41116 42182 42193 60084 60416 60974 22219 22218 22219 31216 31213 12195 12355 21133 21157 22101 22262 22324 23397 23401 23515 32101 32197 32201 rs and protection of the fetus in pregnant women/Treatment of HI n HIV infected children/ Fever of unknown origin in HIV infected chi HIV-1-infected patients/ of unknown origin and granulomato s: A prospective study/ of unknown origin (FUO) in HIV infec 9 HIV-infected persons/ of unknown origin in 69 HIV-infected patients with prolonged fever /Prediction of mycobacterium tuberc rate in the evaluation of of undetermined origin in HIV-1 infect eign female prostitutes ( FFPs ) in Japan/HIV risk behavior intervent female genital cutting ( FGC ) and the associated risks of HIV infect Abidjan, Cote dlvoire/ Field evaluation of the HIV-1 Amplicor Mon sed? Lessons from the field in a remote district of northern Ugand ised control trials in the of STDs: Or... what after Mwanza, Ma taking behaviour in the of HIV/AIDS among street children thr GO working in the AIDS ten years after the first HIV case as be on assistance program staff/HIV counseling and testing of co udes: A lesson from the /The challenge is to change prevailing actic HIV vaccines from trials in developing countries/Estimati am involving the whole of fight against HIV infection/Early dia programme managers, workers and policy makers/Making s n centres network to the fight against HIV/AIDS/Contribution of the 60369 12165 22134 22326 31214 22138 22329 43270 23384 41127 466*/14263 24176 33529 34183 43124 43235 43552 60468 60693 33493 33499 33503 33585 34135 108*/34309 34342 43195 44119 44228 60137 60202 60417 60418 60468 rience press service for t of communication and outh associations in the nity involvement in the propriate policies in the sed programmer in the nd involvement in the The role of the law in the as an alternative tool to h AIDS to integrate and anizational proposal to army department to the al action department to olving the whole field of against HIV/AIDS/TB in Cameroon/E against AIDS/The department of com against STDs/AIDS/lmplication of rur against AIDS: Illustration with a progr against HIV/AIDS: Ugandas experie against AIDS: Ugandas experience against AIDS/Community participati against HIV/AIDS: The case of Ugan HIV/AIDS in the developing countries their problems/Positive cafe: An effici AIDS in Mexico/Letra S is an organiz against AIDS/The contribution of the against AIDS in Chad: A key element against HIV infection/Early diagnosis

Page  67 12th World AIDS Conference fluid * framework 67 Keyword Abstract al trials/Cerebrospinal IV-1 in cerebrospinal atterns in cerebrospinal HIV-1 RNA levels and efavirenz conc 32202 in patients with neurological disturban 32222 (CSF) compartment/Evidence for ind 563*/32284 ram for blood and body occupational exposure in Rio de Jane IV and cerebrospinal (CSF) polymerase chain reaction (PC seases/Cerebrospinal (CSF) versus plasma HIV RNA levels HIV-1 in cerebrospinal /Comparative evaluation of NASBA a he blood-cerebrospinal (CSF) barrier/Brain delivery of anti-HI 2 U89) in cerebrospinal (CSF) using multiple lumbar puncture oalveolar lavage (BAL) of HIV positive patients with pulmonar PCR) on cerebrospinal (CSF) in patients with HIV infection/P or tissue and biological fluids of HIV-related malignancies/AIDS ures to blood and body among health care workers in Rio de vaginal and menstrual as compared to peripheral blood lev ures to blood and body on health care workers (HCW) in a g even human mucosal /Evaluation of the HIV-inhibitory acti -1 acid glycoprotein/A fluorescence quenching assay for determ bgenomic DNA probes/ Fluorescent in situ hybridization to HIV-1 stochemistry and direct fluorescent antibody test in umbilical cord fine-needle aspiration ( FNA )/Lymph node enlargement in HIV pati unity in the Philippines/ Folk beliefs and womens reproductive he ients through viral load/ Follow-up of HIV positive patients through tion in HAART patients/ of antigen-specific CD4 cell fun eveloping tuberculosis/ of PPD skin test and cellular im n HIV/AIDS in Hungary/ of oral manifestations in HIV/AI sure to HIV: A no show/ of health care workers (HCWs) he trainer workshops/ and continuation of training: Th periphery of Sao Paulo/ in a AIDS clinic at the periphery io de Janeiro, Brazil/ of homeless and ex-homeless ANT70 during a ten year follow-up /Intrapatient variability of HIV-1 Results of 12 months of /HIV virological markers in a coh nts with AIDS: A 6-year analysis/Analysis of survival in ed children: Long-term of pediatric AIDS Clinical Trials population: 12 years of /Pediatric AIDS in a Brazilian po z (EFV)/Sixteen week of indinavir sulfate (IDV) adminis se inhibitor/Virological of HIV infected patients treated INCAS trial/Long-term of patients treated with nevirapin Problems faced during and treatment of HIV-infected p V reactive patients with in an ambulatory care center/HI cidence, subtypes, and in a prospective cohort of injecti ors through 18 years of /Long-term non-progressors (LT emia as predictive and marker of CMV retinitis in AIDS rs therapy: A long-term in 30 patients/Low CMV diseas ma: A new approach to using epiluminescent light micro atients/NHL - 17 years in a Greek cohort of 158 (HIV+) e men/Prevalence and of anogenital oncogenic human of HIV disease (8 years )/Effect of holistic approach on t ge Program/Two-year of HIV risk behaviors among par t the time therapeutic is envisaged in Yaounde (Came nfection: Three years of /The key role of stress hormone /Prevention of losses to during clinical trials/Prevention eroon/Influence of the of people living with AIDS, by tra management and client model to link HIV and primary he apy/HIV people: Social since the outcome of highly activ d subjects: A four-year /Evaluation of lymphocyte functi n-2 (sclL-2)/Long-term of an early HIV-infected cohort r oculture method for the of syncytium inducing strains in rsons otherwise lost to by traditional medical delivery sy ram increases medical and decreases non-use of cond care/Development of a system with regard to HIV/AIDS nd echocardiographic /Incidence of dilated cardiomyo ficits in HIV infection: A study from Brazil/Early cognitiv ng for street youth as a process of the outreach progra navir (IDV)/Long-term of a cohort of 144 nucleosides-e iral therapy: 12 months /Opportunistic infections in AID d high (6.6 mg/ml) dose fomivirsen for the treatment of CMV retinit al obligations: Peasant food security in the context of AIDS in Mala ition: Micro-nutrients as!/Demystifying nutrition: Micro-nutrie ence and risk factors in handlers in Kajiado District, Kenya/H mmunities AIDS Task Force /Attitude change through soap oper otland/Gay Mens Task: A peer-led, community-level interve V/AIDS on the teaching force in Ivory Coast/The impact of HIV/AI imination in the military /Suit against ministry of defense bec e living with HIV/Labour participation for people living with HI gencies, uprooting and forced migration on risk of HIV/AIDS: The g Cameroonian Armed Forces /The evaluation of a AIDSCAP (Al Moroccan Royal Armed /Interpersonal IEC as a long-term s andan peoples defense forces /Risk for HIV-1 seroconversion in th AIDS health fraud task empowers communities to make inf g epidemic/The armed of Latin America confront an expan 33187 41156 42170 42177 42270 42271 60281 60734 22292 23332 23477 24307 31106 42268 41159 60443 60073 14246 12136 12341 31207 32251 33177 33364 42466 60528 11174 12134 12137 12160 12179 12290 12297 12368 12431 13105 13127 190*/13347 22251 22257 22286 22298 22314 22484 23229 31179 32178 32402 34129 34209 34251 41193 344*/41230 42192 42312 43243 43464 60434 60602 60833 60875 60947 22245 24159 42365 60210 34211 60491 43360 44182 60378 244*/14139 43386 43398 519*/23507 34376 43384 -- Keyword Abstra sian Federation military /HIV-infection in the Russian Feder obilization in the armed the socio-economic dimensions/HI practices, as the armed and other uniformed services respo s in the Russian military /HIV infection expert diagnostics pr d children/Probabilistic forecasting of AIDS onset in HIV-infected cted children/Canadas foreign policy with a focus on AIDS affecte avior intervention trial in female prostitutes (FFPs) in Japan ressed using a Semliki forest virus vector/Antigenicity of HIV-1 en STDs and hepatitis may foretell the HIV seroconversion in heteros drug injection partners/ Forgetting in the recall of sexual and drug i ease progression rate/ Formal analysis of the time dependent pre elf-reports? Instrument format and social desirability influences on gh school communities/ Formation of multipliers of information in B untarily donated blood/ of blood donor clubs in order to h HIV (COORNAVIH)/ of a tripartite discussion group on multiplies teenagers/ project of STD/AIDS formation HIV-1 Gag proteins and formation of O-shaped virion particles ass ated with social network /Syringe exchange not associat ma group to assist in the of a blood donor club/Co-opera tal organizations in the of a net of AIDS institutions/Inv no influence on particle,processing nor maturation/Vif: or HIV-1 in cryoglobulin /Mixed cryoglobulinemia in HIVon project of STD/AIDS multiplies teenagers/Formation ng program/Innovative formative research using the WHO narrati ctiveness evaluation of formula feeding for the prevention of posttudy on Chinese herbal XQ-9302 treatment for AIDS patie nwide HIV/AIDS herbal formulary /Development of nationwide HI HIV/AIDS in Honduras/ Formulation of a normative body on HIV/A ntial sterol and sterolin formulation as a putative immune modulat y of soft gelatin capsule of saquinavir in combination eases/Efficacy of a gel to prevent the transmission of /Effect of unique herbal in Indian HIV patients: A pilot and behaviours for the of policies in post-complex e ities/Acceptability of formulations and application methods for es/Carrageenan based for preventing infection by e wanting communities of Fortaleza City/AIDS among drug users in t seases (STD) clinics in, Ceara, northeast Brazil/Profile HIV-1 infected patients/ FortovaseT (saquinavir; SQV) soft gel cap Potent and convenient (SQV) SGC BID regimens in c response to HIV/AIDS/ Forum of Bangladeshi overseas migrant w rs/Program evaluation forum for state and local health departmen (GIS) for FOSI, AIDS of NGOs in Democratic Republic of esults of treatment with foscarnet /Acyclovir-resistant herpes zost tion systems (GIS) for FOSI , AIDS forum of NGOs in Democratic n/Evaluation criteria of foster care of HIV affected children/Evalu sponse initiative (DRI): Fostering partnership in HIV/AIDS control f the current practice of fostering of HIV affected children in the Ve mer initiation sequence found in different subtypes of HIV-1 can re f HIV-1 are frequently among new full length sequences/I xing subtypes A and H, in an epidemiological cluster in Nor syncytia are commonly in the peripheral blood of HIV infecte s/Need assessment: A foundation for strengthening capacity of H a self-help programme founded by HIV+ gay men/Cashmere to c P. Mexico City, Mexico/ Founding of the firs hospice for people livi a widow (PWA) and the founding of a community based group: RE ation of a standardized four-color panel for monitoring early T-lym rial/Antiviral effect of a four-drug combination in plasma and lymp ive patients receiving a combination therapy/Genotypic -1-infected subjects: A four-year follow-up/Evaluation of lymphoc pies awareness of risk/ Four HIV/AIDS campaigns of public comm ario, Argentina/At least four HIV-1 genotypes circulate in Rosario, doms use in students of public high scool from Venado Tuerto, pils (form one and form ), their teachers and their parents as fa ease/A comparison of assays for CMV viremia in patients wit une reconstitution over years after thymic transplantation in a ginal microbicide trial in countries: Women and men speak/Ac by eight screening and confirmatory assays/Detection of anti ubstitution programs at out-patient clinics- The Zurich Prome arturients sampled at US sites: Preliminary findings/HIV co nti-retroviral therapy: A country comparison/Adherence to an coeconomic analysis of treatment options for CMV retinitis in HIV patients: Report of cases/Mycobacterium xenopi infectio ale patients with AIDS ( FPWA )/Effect of dehydroepiandrosterone ositive drug addicts in FR Yugoslavia/Characteristics of HIV posi e conducted within the frame of the project of HIV prevention amo reness program/Legal work and how does it effecting youth the problem resolution work/The continuing education for n DS education/Cognitive frames and cultural responses to AIDS ed IV and mental health/A framework for action: HIV and mental heal ssages/A new UNAIDS for communicating HIV/AIDS Ict 43397 60035 60577 60964 60695 24208 43270 21207 60737 60051 42146 14102 13523 23261 60760 60889 11138 23195 23260 34371 60551 60655 60889 60705 316*/24124 60010 60381 60555 11236 12145 33123 42385 44236 33150 33155 23252 23498 12301 12314 44286 44307 60720 32269 60720 418*/34238 34127 34265 11161 435*/11170 11196 21111 43522 34252 34335 34305 42206 22397 32304 41193 34227 13175 13544 13559 22246 22421 33147 33200 42281 43117 60129 60374 60696 42373 60884 43467 44131 60182 14214 24232 33487

Page  68 68 framework functionality 12th World AIDS Conference Keyword Abstr tudents in Guyana: A to design prevention strategies /Developing a national of HIV/AIDS surveillance/Dev g a national AIDS policy in Kenya/Building political com onstruction of a legal to support AIDS control and pr DS and human rights: A for understanding and change eveloping national legal frameworks in response to HIV/AIDS/Cha -2 from patients living in France /Variability of HIV-2 from patients li ing primary infection in since 1996-1997/The PRIMO coh I treatment (HAART) in /Clinical manifestations of HIV infe istribution in southern /HIV-1 clade distribution in souther nce of HIV-1 subtypes in,1996-1997/Prevalence of HIV-1 s ral therapy (HAART) in: Is AIDS incidence still decreasing 4 lymphocyte counts in /Impact of highly active antiretrovir erm non-progressors in /Hosts genetic background of HIVed patients, Aquitaine ( ), 1988-97/Influence of antiretrovir etroviral prescription in,from June 1994 to September 199 ehabilitation Centres in, 1993-97/HIV and HCV infections c surgeon to a patient in /HIV transmission from an orthope eriences in the south of (Marseille)/Psychotic patients and o healthcare workers in - An experimental training method ng HIV-infected IDUs in (cohort MANIF 2000)/Compliance IV and other viruses) in /Residual risk of transfusion-trans V-infected drug users in /Impact of drug maintenance treat African people living in: Actions and survey to promote pre n the Aquitaine cohort,,1985-1997/Predictive value of w n the Aquitaine cohort,,1985-1997/Weight loss >10% an e cohort study in Paris, /Out-patients care of uninsured HI HIV positive patients in,between June 1995 and June 199 uette beach in southern: A personalised community AIDS c ention: Cites-Rock in /The radio medium as an instrume HIVinfection: Aquitaine( ), 1985-1997/Temporal trends in d HIV infected persons in: Results of a 1996 survey/Health i 26 patients (Bordeaux,,1992-1997)/Combination of two oticizing condom use in: Putting cinema at the service of pr omen in the Paris area, /HIV screening practices towards p V in women in southern /Talking about the body: Small-gro ch/Treatment Directory: A concerted approach/Treatment receiving HAART in the Frankfurt HIV-Cohort/Prognostic value of ected population of the HIV cohort/Once-daily therapy ( network of AIDS health fraud task forces empowers communities t ct of northern Uganda/ Free condoms/sold condoms: Which is act act - 34239 43521 43570 44121 44151 44120 433*/11205 12187 12345 13193 13199 13202 13318 12*/13346 22360 22385 23201 23524 24241 24333 32359 33199 33413 105*/34101 42342 42360 42444 42451 43175 43184 60400 60409 60411 60466 60500 60673 60827 12129 22398 34376 466*/14263 42185 13362 31109 32254 33428 33490 41239 60593 60699 60769 24371 43185 12393 12450 13204 13330 13568 14359 22217 22234 24128 24133 32396 248*/33192 33476 642*/34107 34213 42303 43402 43411 43418 60318 60338 60425 60769 24112 33495 11108 12325 SKeyword Abstract - German AIDS register/ of antiretroviral therapy before 13188 casians descendance/ of CKR5-gene allele mutants i 13331 n HIV-infected patients:, relation to hepatitis C virus an 32268 primary HIV-1 infection/ of transmission of drug-resista 228*/32280 health care/Increasing frequency of TB among staff in a South Afr 611*/13246 setting of HIV disease: and clinical significance/Emerg 22107 Janeiro, Brazil/Higher of commercial sex among crac 23212 osin/Increased urinary (UF) secondary to urinary reten 32126 on-compliance and the of viral load testing on outcome 42173 ment with indinavir/Low of genotypic mutations associat 42197 ian AIDS patients/Low of HIV-1 subtype C syncytium i 60879 TD status and risks for frequent visits to female sex workers (FS 23158 ave-sex-with-men who public and commercial sex enviro 23405 atients: A prominent, and multi informative finding/Acq 60125 ant strains of HIV-1 are frequently found among new full length se 435*/11170 I population that attend to Limas pornographic cinema 23141 HIV-2 positive patients cross-react with different HIV-1 31149 owledge and attitude of freshmen students of Liceo de Cagayan U 13536 mong Nairobi university /Sexual practices among Nairob 60079 ents reactions toward a friend with AIDS/An attributional analysis 60104 e in slum communities/ Friends-to friends for HIV prevention and 13411 f their family, relatives, friends and neighbors/The development o 24287 DS and discussion with or family in Bombay, India/Are mar 33446 espite resource crunch/ Front line pioneer ASOs crusade despite r 44256 d by HIV/AIDS/National front of people affected by HIV/AIDS/Nati 24138 eparing HIV/AIDS/STD line counsellors: Opportunities and c 33329 adigm for the new AIDS frontier /Possible epidemic spread of HIV 13186 education programs for frontline workers in HIV, drug use and me 32423 mphocyte activity using frozen PBMC and correlation with disease 31156 ubstance from Perilla frutescens Britton, mint plant/Purification 41197 n female sex workers ( FSW) in Abidjan, C6te dlvoire/Trends in c 33101 o female sex workers ( FSWs ) among male sexually transmitted di 23158 U) female sex workers ( ) are directed to multiple regions of H 599*/31120 y/Female sex workers ( ) AIDS orphans multi prolonged prob 60116 ial design/Selection of FTC dose based on viral kinetics and phar 12208 orked with HIV/AIDS in Fukuoka, Japan/Progress over 6 years on 60851 global HIV-1 evolution/ Full-length sequences of HIV-1 subtypes 11177 uster within subtype A/ sequencing of 4 East African H 11186 t of women/Analysis of full-length HIV-1 RNA genomic sequence 11169 pe variation/Cloning of HIV-1 genomes from recent inf 11194 barrier is not infected in full-term placenta of HIV-seropositive mot 23286 preventive measures in pregnancies/Mother-to-child tra 23301 primary HIV-1 infection/ Full compliance sustains viral suppression 22384 ently found among new full length sequences/Inter-subtype reco 435*/11170 fety of intermittent oral fumagillin for the treatment of Enterocytoz 22232 /SMDS and FUNCI /SMDS and 60063 dinavir/Change in renal function associated with indinavir/Chang 12102 C + indinavir) on T-cell and apoptosis in early HIV infecti 12200 eutrophil and monocyte /Effect of highly active antiretrovir 12322 ntigen-specific CD4 cell in HAART patients/Follow-up of 12341 ble impairment of renal in indinavir treated patients/Steril 12379 cytokines and immune in children with HIV/The associat 21190 ortium/Neurocognitive predicts employment status in HI 24149 ocyte counts and T cell in long-term AIDS-free HIV-1 infe 31109 pecific helper and CTL and levels of CTL activity are in e 598*/31130 otoxicity/New anti-HIV: RANTES activity via CCR3 is req 31148 -induced B lymphocyte /Role of /-chemokines and chem 31159 ged HAART on immune and on viral load in lymph tissue/ 31160 ated with impaired cell /Interleukin-8 receptor down-reg 31167 HAART)/Immunologic and reconstitution in HIV-infected 338*/31186 oad predicts cognitive after one year/Plasma viral load 32190 viral therapy/Cognitive improvements accompanying co 32255 ype 1 activity/Structure/ relationship of trichosanthin (TC 41206 ion in vitro/Conserved of PBMC from healthy blood don 41249 ed with better cognitive in HIV-1 disease/Increased coba 42359 ng tools to improve the of Title I Planning Councils and Ti 44310 -cell differentiation and during progression of HIV-1 infec 60649 ) administration on liver of HIV-seropositive patients co-in 60698 tegies/The production is an economic tool that can infor 60785 structure and promoter /IL-16: Gene structure and promo 60830 viral therapy (HAART)/ Functional lymphocyte reconstitution and 113*/31134 f CD28 in HIV infection/ consequences of loss of CD28 60340 in Vancouver, Canada/ illiteracy and AIDS education: 60522 -cell apoptosis through functional upregulation of the CD95/CD9 11145 ssociated with T-cell defects/Peripheral expansion 11220 ymphocyte subsets and changes in HIV-1 infected patie 12302 ESUD)/Structural and characteristics of Syringe Exch 23174 NF-a and HIV-specific immune responses after treatm 41237 aluation of lymphocyte functionality and activation markers expr 41193 ed status and personal to inform risk-reduction progr 43241 for T-cell subsets in the /Increase based AIDS- free tion in long-term AIDST therapy and dementia meroon/Implications of tervention strategy/Toll ed in species pathogen AAIR project to provide ity facilitated access to ters of anonymous and State region of South Africa/Normal v survival among children with recent pe HIV-1 infected individuals/Neutralizin survival in a province-wide drug treat and commercial condom distribution f hotline as a preventive intervention str chickens/Induction of specific anti-HI,comprehensive and balanced inform viral load assays: VLAP (the Viral Loa detection/Motivations for HIV detectio he arts/The conquest of freedom through the arts/The conquest of mmunity/The use of a Freirian education model to train Latin Am ent of HIV patients: The French compassionate use program exper atients perspective/ national study Life with treatments ty of HIV-1 serotypes in blood donors (1985-1996)/Increa Guiana/AIDS survival in Guiana/AIDS survival in titudes and practices of obstetricians-gynecologists regard ction: Properties of the SF-36/Quality of life assessment i stoplasmosis survival in Guiana I/Histoplasmosis survival i s of toxoplasmosis in a cohort of HIV-infected patients bet analysis on a subset of patients included in the Caesar tria nd hospital costs in a cohort of HIV infected patients: A iretroviral therapy: The Ministry of Health policy/Adherenc ure prophylaxis (PEP)/ physicians experiences and attitud ention is covered by the press?/How primary AIDS prevent udes and behaviour of and Swiss gay men in the era of ne ulations initiated by the Ministry of Health/Impact of preve and efficacy data in the compassionate use program/Vira haviour of inmates in a prison: Analysis by number of incar ctions in a prison in the part of Switzerland: A pilot study/B sgendered inmates in 4 prisons/AIDS support program tar 8 sequence variability in HIV-1 infected patients/HHV-8 se DU patients/Attitude of GPs towards care for HIV infected I nv subtypes B and A in West Indies/Identification of huma ons for HIV detection in centers of anonymous and free det ary risks the case of the french homosexual milieu/Imaginary prot oduction about AIDS on ministry for healths initiative/Impro tion of Central Europe/ Frequency of the A32 deletion allele of CC outine clinical practice/ and causes of discontinuation

Page  69 functionality gay 69 12th World AIDS Conference SKeyword Abstra n/Social support, social functioning and health status in HIV positi Is/rlL-2 rescues in vitro functions of lymphocytes from HIV-infecte ase example of Kenya/ Fundamental obstacles to behaviour chan ernational in Vietnam: Funded by the Commission of European C ative networks of CDC- funded community-based organizations in n guidelines in federally health care facilities in the United S men in US Government programs/Assessment of HIV cou services in Ryan White services in Philadelphia EMA/Met creating self sustaining funding for HIV service programmes in de Who gets what?/Donor: Who gets what?/Donor patients/Opportunistic fungal infections in HIV/AIDS patients/Op i Lanka/Prevalence of infections and the response to treat -acquired bacterial and infections in HIV-positive patients h Congenital syphilis and funisitis: Detection of T. pallidum using im ever of unknown origin ( FUO ) in HIV infected patients: A prospectiv coding an HIV epitope fused with HBV surface antigen in rhesus g retroviral therapy/Cell fusion infectivity assay in patients receivin omer during membrane process/Interaction between mono p (TAVEG) in Thailand/ Future planning for HIV vaccine evaluation S: Current practice and future action/Psychoactive substance use n: Current perspectives/ directions/Interventions to reduce h herapy on retention and composition of HIV cohorts/Impact asaka and Rakai?/The of randomised control trials in the fie pectancy to planning a: Adopting the identity of a chronicall nd AIDS sufferers: What?/Seropositives women and AIDS s -1995: Implications on counselling and training strategies/ previous and planning studies/Nonoxynol-9 in preventing om the past to create a for counseling services in health car S, and its power over its /Designing and facilitating empower ore their options for the in the light of advances in combinati omatic population/The integration of care services and pre the past, visions for the /Capacity building of a community b cy coalition explores its /Looking ahead: A national advocac exual men/Connecting outcomes with present actions: Pre cenarios/Estimated economic impact of HIV/AIDS in the IV/AIDS/Back to the: Return to work programming issue HIV and preparing their /Prevention of abandonment childre exual men/Connecting outcomes with present actions: Pre /Possible restrictions of G-A hypermutation on HIV-1 genome/P predict the response to G-CSF /Evaluation of granulocyte reserve i d persons/ACTG 285: (Filgrastim) for mobilization of CD3 atients - GESEDA and GAEI study/Rhodococcus equi infection in derivatives of Vif inhibit Gag-Pol processing and HIV-1 replication/ hase I evaluation of a gag-pol facilitated DNA vaccine for HIV-1 bitors/Accumulation of polyprotein intermediates in HIV-i ation with HIV-2 elicits a Gag-specific cytotoxic T-cell response in j ntigenicity of HIV-1-like Gag-V 3 chimeric particles expressed by a r al localizations of HIV-1 Gag proteins and formation of O-shaped vi ecific incorporation into particles, and no influence on particle f nt mutations in the HIV gag region that are distal from deletion mut I....... ct - 14356 31185 14207 34211 34338 42212 44306 60542 34284 34344 22229 31215 41170 60443 22326 11240 22407 60445 33222 13341 14270 24170 24176 24263 24336 24341 33142 33316 34171 34315 34327 34328 34378 42396 43488 60521 60548 60553 11200 32153 42323 22111 377*/11130 33216 41184 31129 21204 11138 60551 378*/11126 SKeyword Abstr d with sub-conjunctival ganciclovir (DHPG)/Evaluation of the cor etinitis treated with oral (OGCV)/The impact of baseli pen trial of intravenous three times or five times a wee nd twice daily dosing of /Induction treatment of CMV: se Programme/Oral (GCV) for maintenance therap -CSF) to allow optimal treatment of CMV infection in y?/Replacement of the implant - Is it always necessar e/Clinical resistance to in patients with CMV retinitis a V retinitis (CMVR) with implants/Cystoid macular ede ent associated with the implant in patients with AIDSa vitreal followed by oral (GCV) as an option for the trea e safety of cidofovir and combination therapy for treat ng-term treatment with /Ineffectivity of cidofovir in trea etinitis/Implantation of device in patients with silicone a ct --- 11237 12347 22254 22267 22270 32146 32234 32235 32236 32237 32244 60195 60659 60786 31112 34240 12432 monoclonal antibody to ganglioside GM2 as an anti-HIV-1 agent/ ommunity/Bridging the gap-between PLWA and community/Brid Bridging the home care gap with improvised material/Bridging the hilippines/Bridging the in STD case management utilizing ST 13483 n and care/Bridging the between classroom and community: S 13530 d training/Bridging the in multidisciplinary education and trai 22434 for PWAs/Bridging the: Collaboration of nurses and physician 22470 revention/Bridging the between low-income women and HIV i 23502 d railroad: Bridging the between South America and North Am 24293 mpliance/Bridging the between the world of medicine and pe 32332 g system/Bridging the between STD management and STD 33254 S in India: Exploring the between positive people and communi 34155 pave path-bridging the between science and policy/Evaluatin 42252 o CBOs/Bridging the between science and service: A rando 43155 al therapy/Bridging the: A southern governmental policy on an 44109 /Model for bridging the: United States, Canada and Mexico de 44259 pidemic/Bridging the: US-based NGOs and ASOs and the g 44273 d/affected/Bridging the between infected/affected/Bridging th 60014 ines: Bridging the AIDS /Homoeopathic medicines: Bridging th 60055 ommunity/Bridging the between PWAs and affected persons i 60067 treatment: Bridging the for clients/Advances in HIV/substanc 60072 ained settings: Bridging action of SWAA-BURUNDI/Medical c 60111 ountries/Bridging the with immigrant African communities in 60592 Kentucky/Bridging the between need and resources in rural c 60654 d/How to survive till the gaps are bridged/How to survive till the 12419 able group/Identifying in an behavioural intervention progra 33297 rticipation: Bridging the in HIV/AIDS prevention/Community 43179 and to identify research /Gathering the evidence to inform pra 43524 HIV/AIDS - Bridging the /Sex, sexuality and HIV/AIDS - Bridg 60204 mbodian female factory garment workers/Cambodian female fact 34148 tive patients with antral gastritis /Helicobacter pylori infection in HI 32122 ca/The effect of HIV on gastro-enteritis in children admitted to a I 12174 HIV-1 infected patients/ Gastrointestinal endoscopy in HIV-1 infec 60949 h HIV-associated upper gastrointestinal symptoms/Self-prescrib 60634 py: Reference values to gauge effectiveness of antiretrovirals/HIV 12127 IV-1 in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and the Western Cape provinces 13125 utcomes from a survey/ Gay men, cognitions and risk: Outcomes fr 14184 ng US young gay men/ community integration predicts HIV te 14189 DS, Switzerland, 1997/ couples and protection against HIV/AI 23128 r unprotected anal sex/ mens strategic use of bathhouse com 23520 on of two interventions/ men, cognitions and risk: A comparati 60346 mpacton HIVand AIDS/ and lesbian legal issues: Impact on HI 60446 n in Glasgow, Scotland/ Mens Task Force: A peer-led, commu 60491 ase sexual risk-taking?/ identification: Does it reduce or increa 60503 ty of the St. Petersburg and Lesbian Association Krilija/Anti- 60595 ever in contact with the gay scene (bars, saunas, parks) where Ser 13413 evention curriculum for /lesbian/bisexual youth/Evaluation of a 13418 en/Self-acceptance of identity decreases sexual risk behavio 154*/14135 and sexual behavior in and bisexual men: When optimism en 14137 casual partners among men/Relapse-prevention theory incre 14142 reational drug use, and venues use among gay men/Long-ter 14144 ps and other stories by and bisexual men: Results from the M 14153 V testing history among men in the UK/Treatment advances, ri 14159 al risk factors for young men and young immigrant women/A c 14174 tional drug use among men in Sydney, Australia: The normati 14180 sting among US young men/Gay community integration predi 14189 ntercourse in Londons backrooms and saunas/Anonymous u 14218 ng to the needs of Maori men and transsexuals who live in Sydn 402*/14220 DS transmission/Being or what? Gender blinding among Filipi 401*/14233 ays in the lives of young men/Sex is more than HIV risk: The m 14314 Making a difference for PWAs/The Rio Buddy Project: Making 22454 I risk behaviour among men in London, UK/New therapies for 644*/23106 artners) among Sydney men in 1996-97/Increase in UAIC (un 23109 son of HIV risk between men in Singapore and Sydney/A com 23110 among San Francisco men include high UAI rates with a part 23116 anal intercourse among men and their regular partners in Lond 23119 ion of a minimum HIV-1 sequence required tor particle assemb 111 4 expression of the HIV-1 gene in a Baculovirus system/Product 11136 se I trial of vaccinia-env/ /pol (TBC-3B) given by alternative rout 496*/21199 /Three types of env and -containing plasmids for DNA immuniz 21211 clade envelope gpl60, p55 and pol specific CD8+ CTL respon 601*/31122 act with different HIV-1 subtypes/Cytotoxic T lymphocytes (C 31149 1 monitor test with new primers, and a prototype automated v 41145 age of unspliced HIV-1 mRNA by the antisense oligonucleotid 41246 Mexico by envHMA and gagPCR-FLP /Subtyping of HIV-1 in Mexic 11198 nce of maternal weight gain on vertical transmission and pregnan 32232: Comparison of weight in children infected or not with HIV/M 32443 personal and collective in AIDS interventions in Africa/Transl 34147 birthweight and weight during pregnancy/Impact of HIV and 42334 plementation promotes in body cell mass in HIV patients with 42336 d prevention of sex risk gains importance/Residual injecting risk i 23193 ishermen population of Galicia (Spain) and north region of Portug 60190 shermen population of (Spain) and the north region of Port 60213 t to the street: Shooting gallery needle exchange site for drug injec 33402 V on Mutual Aid Group ( GAM )/Integration program of people who li 60216 HIV-2 on child survival in Gambia /Influence of maternal HIV-1 and 214*/12153 n HIV-1 and HIV-2 in the, West Africa/A comparison of sur 13294 pregnant women in the: Risk factors/HIV-1 and HIV-2 inf 23164 f HIV-1 and HIV-2 in the /A community based study of peri 23284 V/AIDS of women in the /Socio-economic factors influenci 34208 with protease inhibitors gambling with high risk sex?/Russian roul 14143 /AIDS/Hide and seek games in the experienced of people living 12459 strategy based on open for AIDS prevention/An interactive 33589 alovirus (CMV) retinitis/ Ganciclovir resistance in a prospective co 22247 es from AIDS patients/ (GCV) phosphorylation levels 31199 splant recipients under therapy/Kinetics of cytomega 31202

Page  70 70 gay * general entions and behavior in factors among German sk taking among young mong HIV-seropositive IDS programme for the ors/Sexual practices of ger age and HIV risk in er sex practices among ctice among Australian Sexual behavior among men in contact with the ing out process among erment model for HIV+ vention intervention for erapy in HIV-1 positive es research to improve y HIV-seronegative US e safe sex education for prevention paradigm for n for Spanish speaking pability building of male ur of French and Swiss 12th World AIDS Conference r- Keyword Abstr men/Differential effects of multiple los men?/Are youth and drug use risk fact men in Norway/Factors influencing se men/Substance use and sexual beha and transsexuals/Unique STDs HIV/A men in third class movie houses and b /bisexual men in the US/Social-normat and bisexual men/AIDS treatment adv men 1986-1997: A rational response t men attending sauna clubs in northeas and lesbian community: Sydney Wom youth in the era of AIDS: A suggestion Puerto Rican men/Evaluating a group Latino youth/Socio-cultural considerat men/Attitudes and age are related to a youths access to HIV/STD services in /bisexual men at increased risk of HIV i men/Sex education before safe sex e men/Shifting the prevention paradigm men from an existing risk-reduction pr communities to prevent the transmissi act 27*/23132 26*/23133 23136 23137 23143 23145 24*/23349 23403 23413 23426 23492 24110 24276 24352 32331 32433 33128 33530 33551 33553 33587 SKeyword Abstract men in the era of new treatments: A co 642*/34107 mme founded by HIV+ men/Cashmere to can openers: Affect & fitness programme for men/Health & fitness programme for an intervention for HIV+ Puerto Rican men/Issues of recruitme ies among HIV-positive men/Changes in treatment strategies he sexual risk-taking of and bisexual men/Connecting future o services: Why?/Young men attending a dedicated service are n: Five years of peer-led community action/Stop AIDS London: IV/AIDS prevention for and bisexual men/Cultural activism an HIV prevention among men/Project Zorro: A community led a HBV infection in young men despite effective vaccine and con mong immigrant Latino and bisexual men in New York City/HI aviors among Chicago men/The impact of new combination ion campaign for young /bi men/Victor Vancouver: A multi-med ng unsafe sex in young men: Strategies to prevent relapse/Un ion program for young men/The whole is greater than the su ntion project targetting men in England/CHAPS: Developing ervention with high risk men attending and STD clinic: Baselin ion and care project for men in Bogota, Colombia/Project Lam e MSM in Hong Kongs saunas/HIV intervention among Chin ng condom use among and bisexual men in a predominantly r on information to young men and bisexual men/Delivering HIV ves from AIDS/Helping men in a provincial Vietnamese town t ying the emergence of identity and gay support groups in In eduction: Strategies for youth of color in the house communit STD/HIV/AIDS in young men in Bogota, Colombia/Prevention elf-interviewing among men and injection drug users/Assess icacy trial?/How would men decide whether or not to participat ex workers and other men in Guatemala/Human rights advo sitive and HIV-negative men/Mortal secrets: An ethnographic y in Santo Domingo/A paradise revisited: Perceived HIV/AI child contact issues for fathers with HIV/AIDS and their childre changing among young and bisexual men in Taiwan, Kaohsiun dance by HIV-positive men in youth, ages 18 to 27, and can in e behavioural group for men/Getting the Sex you want: A co romotion projects for men/Evidence, what evidence? An e AIDS/Tissues affecting health care workers caring for people duction art program for and bisexual male drug users in Holly he sexual risk-taking of and bisexual men/Connecting future o ed intervention among men in central London gyms/Recruitin cting behaviour among men using anabolic steroids in central ting choice for Flemish men in steady relationships/Have saf -working with a diverse and lesbian community in Cape Town, S prevention for young gays who havent come out yet/A participa HIV/AIDS prevention in Gaza: The first steps/Community HIV/AID f infection/Detection of GB virus-C/hepatitis G virus (GBV-C/HGV) s Council on HIV/AIDS ( GBC )/The Global Business Council on HI virus UL97 genes from GCV-resistant clinical isolates from AIDS mme/Oral ganciclovir ( GCV ) for maintenance therapy of cytomeg S patients/Ganciclovir ( ) phosphorylation levels using vaccini wed by oral ganciclovir ( ) as an option for the treatment of cyto KADO: Saquinavir soft gel capsule (SGC) in combination with d4T (saquinavir; SQV) soft capsule (SGC) in combination with AZ etinoic acid (PanretinT) as treatment of cutaneous AIDS-relate 1057T-31) of PanretinT (LGD1057, ALRT1057) for cutaneous iseases/Efficacy of a formulation to prevent the transmission nonoxynol-9 vaginal,among female sex workers/Safety of pathogens/PRO 2000, a potential topical microbicide for HIV I properties of the F-5~,a potentially new vaginal microbicide f 34252 34259 42209 42294 42396 43130 43171 43178 43189 43233 43252 43260 43263 43274 43283 43309 43311 43312 403*/43316 43320 43329 43334 43337 43338 43370 43545 43546 404*/44146 44186 44205 60198 60206 60308 60353 60441 60472 60482 60553 60810 60811 60825 60832 43254 43164 22250 646*/44223 31199 22270 31199 32244 12244 12301 618*/22277 619*/22283 33123 33145 33146 60370 persons/Activity of soft gelatin capsule formulation of saquinavir i 12145 SPICE): Saquinavir soft capsule (SQV-SGC) plus nelfinavir 290*/12222 hildren/Saquinavir soft capsules (SQV-SGC) + nelfinavir ( 12248 apy with saquinavir soft capsules plus nucleoside antiretro 12260 sense oligonucleotides GEM 91~ and GEM 92~/Sequence specifi 41246 A, as measured by the Gen-Probe TMA assay, predicts neurocog 32195 I network on HIV/AIDS/ GENDER-AIDS, the global e-mail network 34199 rch program/Reducing gender-related barriers in HIV prevention 203*/14262 IV-1 seroconverters/ Gender-specific differences in HIV-1 RNA 13379 ong adults in California/ risk of pneumocystis cari 22185 nd progression to AIDS/ Gender differences in the relationship bet 13384 an of good character/ and STD/HIV risk in nine populatio 206*/14227 on/Being gay or what? blinding among Filipino commerci 401*/14233 ors/Women and AIDS: relations and risk behaviors/Wom 14236 s (the REACH I study)/ differences in the risk of HIV infecti 23168 tions for risk reduction/ differences in sexual risk behavior 23425 of infection in the USA/,power and HIV: The impact of par 23466 w much women differ)/ differences and risk factors for HIV 23468 f viral load differences/ differences in antiretroviral therap 42145 n for heterosexual men/ issues in HIV prevention for hetero 204*/43381 ated immunodeficiency/ and progression of HIV-associate 60844 ces over time related to gender and age at diagnosis among Califo 13387 nia/HIV/AIDS/STIs and issues in Tanzania/HIV/AIDS/STI 14216 ntexts of sexuality and roles in sexual negotiation for HIV/ 14237 homosexuals: Culture, ideology, and perceived risk/Deter 14244 rope/The non-existent: The need for women-specific appr 23443 earch and programs on and vulnerability to HIV/AIDS/An a 23474 Women, HIV/AIDS and /Women, HIV/AIDS and 23486 ngal, India/Addressing issues in sexual health interventio 23503 Canada/Regional and differentials in patterns of HIV/AID 24191 Australia: The effects of, medical advice and beliefs about 32318 dherence?/Are there differences in HIV adherence?/Ar 32339,proposal, donning) by /Whose turn tonight? An appropria 208*/33103 hers: An examination of and cultural differences/Self-discl 34198 uberculosis/Race, age,, and risk-group difference in rates 42215 nada/AIDS education,,sexuality, culture and risk taking: 43306 tion of an enabling and just legal environment as a prevent 539*/44164 e/Case control study of identity disorder and HIV disease/ 60177 e shadow of AIDS/Sex and power: Young womens sexua 60236 ate marker efficacy by in a study of indinavir (IDV) alone a 60358 choes: The impact of gendered power relations on HIV/AIDS ris 207*/14182 ologous HIV-1 specific gene-modified CD4 and CD8T cells leads 42321 romoter function/IL-16: Gene structure and promoter function/IL-1 60830 le of CCR5 coreceptor gene in HIV infected and normal populatio 11108 ence of the CCR5-A32 deletion and CCR-5 M303 mutation i 11122 ession of the HIV-1 gag in a Baculovirus system/Production 11136 ction development/Nef variability role in HIV infection develo 11149 n and apoptosis-related expression in experimental AIDS-rel 11216 s in vivo: The envelope /Evolutionary fate of a molecularly cl 11219 kine receptor 5 (CCR5) in an HIV-1-infected patient/Homozy 12105 R5 chemokine receptor in vertical HIV-1 transmission and dis 12162 e/Frequency of CKR5- allele mutants in Mexican population: 13331 es alterations in cellular expression: High density cDNA analy 21152 encoding multiple HIV products (vCP125, vCP205, vCP300 495*/21192 ous defect in the CCR5 gives a high degree of protection aga 23255 ons of the HIV protease were associated with therapeutic fail 32294 utations in HIV-1 pol of patients treated with a combination 32302 erse transcriptase (RT) and its predictive value at the start of 32311 n of mutations in the RT of HIV-1/A comparison of sequencin 41216 avir/Impact of protease mutations on virological response to 41222 Clinical trials of stem cell therapy for HIV-1/Clinical trials of ste 41241 ntibody delivered by transfer: in vivo in immunodeficient m 41243 s of interleukin-7 (IL-7) transfer and expression in HIV gp160 41244 c ribozymes/Anti-HIV-1 therapy using packageable multimeri 41247 in the SIV model/AIDS therapy based on antiviral properties 41248 d by HIV infection after transfert/In vitro and in vivo antiviral 41250 1 reverse transcriptase using differential hybridization/Geno 60317 ew DNA-array based GeneChip ~ assay for HIV genotyping/De 42196 V seroprevalence in the General atment at Government deep-sea fisherman in mes lessons learned at FGH (San Francisco entre at Government ces acceptability in the general sexual behaviour of the ire in Rosario about the rs/Evaluation of a brief ement to standardized uberculosis (MTB) in a Hospital Yaounde/Evolution of HI Hospital (GGH), Chennai/Comm Santos, Philippines to HIV/AIDS i Motors, Kenya/AIDS and the wor Hospital)/Hospital-based CTRPN Hospital (GGH), Chennai/Profile population in Kinshasa, Congo/E population of Slovenia/HIV/STD p knowledge in HIV/AIDS infection/ practice-based intervention to red population surveys/Behavioral su hospital, AIDS reference in Rio de 13126 13482 23533 60085 60557 60890 13487 14126 14200 40*/14253 14256 22163

Page  71 12th World AIDS Conference general Germany 71 are workers (HCW) in a HIV-infected patients in d practises of allopathic mous counselling to the or C6te dlvoire to draw tiretroviral (ARV) use in sons who speak to the table HIV epidemics in apeutic optimism in the ent: Decision-making in w sexual encounters: A Keyword hospital/Pyschosocial impa practices in deprived and nc practitioners in the provision public through an interactive publics attention to AIDS/T practice in urban Zambia: pr public with their faces uncov population in Senegal: Wha public?/Does safer sex sun practice/Initiation of antiretr population study in Switzerl Abstract - ct of o 24307 )n-dep 32431 I of ST 33243 Svoice 139*/33473 wo col 33506 oblem 42318,ered: 43375 it do w 43441 vive th 43514 oviral t 60310 and/E 60733 nporta 43166 ort gro 43212 H/A on 34278 es oft 11101 CTLb 31150 transc 12214 s to in 34144: Resu 41113 and a 42126 vith im 42158 iving c 12257 olates 31199 -Keyword Itifactorial approach to generate male involvement as an ir supervision of income - Generatiing projects by PWA supp( LWH/A project/Income generating activities amongst PLWF o-inflammatory activity/ Generation of recombinant analogu ogeneic dendritic cells/ of HIV-epitope-specific hase I study/A second generation non-nucleoside reverse d nations using income programmes as subsidie ests~ HIV combi/A new of HIV-diagnostic assay rimary infection/A new test associating antigen valuation of two second HIV-1 viral load assays / of the RT and protease genes in HIV-infected children recei cytomegalovirus UL97 from GCV-resistant clinical is( Abstract-- isease associated with mycoplasma and streptococci spe 60882 n San Martino Hospital, Genoa,Italy/Evaluation of occupational ex 13471 hypermutation on HIV-1 genome /Possible restrictions of G--A hy 11200 ear localization of HIV-1 /Novel anti-retroviral compounds 12370 tion of integrated HIV-1 genomes in cell culture by CpG methylatio 11127 ning of full-length HIV-1 from recent infections in India: R 11194 mportant herpesvirus /A multiplex nested PCR assay f 41151 ase mutations in HIV-1 detected in plasma and blood m 41217 f full-length HIV-1 RNA genomic sequences in the genital tract of 11169 apy upon HIV mucosal and mRNA/Different effects of di 32112 exposed infants/CCR5 genotype and HIV-1 infection in perinatall 215*/13365 1 transmission/CCR-5 may confer resistance to mother 11*/21107 kine receptor 5 (CCR5) in long-term survivors of HIV-1 i 31114 age: Influence of CCR5 and antiretroviral treatment/Cyt 31138 ine receptor 5 (CCR5) in highly exposed but persistentl 31147 ican-Americans/MHC predicts disease progression an 60870 A, C and D recombinant genotypes from perinatally infected infant 13115 tina/At least four HIV-1 circulate in Rosario, Argentina 13175 Hepatitis C virus (HCV) and progression of HIV infectio 13306 s/Chemokine receptor and HIV disease progression: 13311 5, and/or CCR2-+/641 /Longitudinal studies on a coho 13353 iosis/Determination of of enterocytozoon bieneusi str 22235 ssion/Prevalence and of hepatitis G virus and hepatiti 22264 envelope glycoprotein of CMV strains isolated from sa 31203 scriptase and protease in patients with HIV-1 symptom 60316 uth African gold mines/ Genotypic and phenotypic characterizatio 13122 lood and genital fluid/ and biotypic characterization of 21157 ng-term monotherapy/ and phenotypic resistance to st 32285 retrospective analysis/ analysis for resistance testing ( 32292 r AZT and 3TC therapy/ and phenotypic resistance in H 32298 g combination therapy/ resistance patterns in HIV-infe 32304 ir combination therapy/ and phenotypic analysis of HIV 32312 eatment-naive patients/ resistance in treatment-naive p 32313 ciency virus in Ukraine/ analysis of human immunodefi 41161 gion of seroconverters/ prevalence of transmitted ZDV 41210 susceptibility to PMPA/ changes in HIV RT which devel 41218 fferential hybridization/ analysis of the HIV-1 reverse tr 60317 d to existing regimens/ characterization of HIV-1 isolat 60706 HAART)/Detection of genotypic drug resistance to antiviral nucl 233*/32282 nical cohort study/HIV predictors of antiviral response 229*/32287 D4+ outcome following antiretroviral resistance testing 32291 ponse/Application of a driven rule-based expert artifici 32297 resistance-associated mutations in plasma HIV of pati 32301 erns of phenotypic and cross-resistance among protea 230*/42195 navir/Low frequency of mutations associated with resis 42197 w disease progression/ Genetic evolution of HIV-1 subtype A in Afr ains identified in China/ recombination of HIV-1 strains ide e with unusual V3 loop/ and biological characterization of exposure of macaques/ characteristics of SIV after intrave MA)forHIV-1 subtyping/ diversity of HIV-1 in Tanzania: Us 1 in Myanmar (Burma)/ and serologic characterization of ) in Bangkok, Thailand/ characterization of incident HIV-1 converters in Thailand/ diversity of HIV-1 subtype E from r ovel A/B recombinant/ characterization of HIV-1 in Russi osis sarcoma tumours/ abnormalities in Kaposis sarcom HIV-2 infected women/ characterization of viral quasi-spe r epidemiology of HIV-1 genetic subtypes in West and Central Afric mary isolates of different subtypes/Chemokine receptor us IV-1 virions of different subtypes (clades) by a new virus-b navir therapy causes a drift in the env quasi-species/Hum Comparative analysis of diversity among seropositive popu group O/Analysis of the diversity of HIV-1 group O/Analysi AIDS/Determination of subtypes of HIV-1 from Korean pat resence of two distinct subtypes/Molecular characterizati ic in Kaliningrad/HIV-1 subtype A/B recombinant strain ca site for monitoring HIV diversity in the United States/Prev ssors in France/Hosts background of HIV-1 infected long d infants/Viral and host characterization of possible transi V-1 RNA from different subtypes/Efficiency of three versi ue of HIV load and host factor on disease progression rate Island/Serological and characterization of HIV-1 subtype ulating HIV-1 and HIV-2 subtypes in Spain/Circulating HIV s/In vivo persistence of genetically modified, HIV-1-specific syng e issues - The Road to Geneva /End of Life issues - The Road to 11173 429*/11179 11204 11221 13110 13130 13133 13155 13194 22284 60652 430*/11163 9*/11166 11178 11185 11188 11195 11201 12178 13190 13225 12*/13346 23312 41145 42146 60543 60681 346*/42322 44*/22438 evention among IDU in mmigrant community in g migrant sex workers in intenance treatment in ndromic management/ IV counseling in Brazil/ genital tract of women: te vaginal microbicide/ ning clients in Guyana/ V-1 in the human female nomic sequences in the isks of HIV infection - xpression in the female solated from blood and T on clinical evolution of fast on the treatment of xpression in the female NA subtypes C and A in /Socio-demography of the panacea to female n of HIV-1 in the female omen with and without n of HIV-1 in the female equence in plasma and V infection/Plasma and mmonly used for female Increasing incidence of eripheral blood and the /The role of the police and penitent 33411 /The Projet Parc: AIDS preventio 34190 /AIDS prevention among migrant 245*/43379 between 1988 and 1995/HIV, hep 60440 Genital ulcer disease etiology by M-PCR i 22199 tract diseases in women undergoi 23464 reservoir and differential drug resis 334*/32279 transmission of SIVmac251 in cyn 33156 N. gonorrhoeae and C. trachomati 60783 genital tract/Co-receptors and cellular tar tract of women/Analysis of full-len tract infections among female sex tract: Progesterone increases CC fluid/Genotypic and biotypic chara warts in HIV positive patients/Impa discharge with Erythromycin tablet tract following treatment of cervical ulcers in patients attending STD Cli infection with Chlamydia trachoma cutting (FGC) and the associated ri tract/Active production of HIV-1 in t tract inflammation (GTI)/HIV DNA tract: Association with HIV-1 in peri 10*/11106 11169 13577 335*/21109 21157 22192 22209 22310 23353 23373 23384 23442 23450 23488 ZT-resistant mutations/ Genotyping HIV-1 reverse transcriptase t de serotyping and HMA genotyping in distinguishing HIV-1 subtyp rmer USSR/Sero- and of HIV-1 variants circulating o ities/HIV-1 sero- and of HIV/AIDS outbreak in Ukrai he clinical utility of viral in HIV+ patients failing protea arding the use of HIV-1 for a community consortium: nhancement after viral in HIV+ patients failing highly of response by protease /Nelfinavir in HAART-experie neChip~ assay for HIV /Development of a new DNAmong women in Europe: Geographic diversity and time trends/The drug users in Europe?/ variation in disease progressi are for HIV-related PLP/ variations in quality of care for s 2 recombinants and a geographic sub-cluster within subtype A/ ommunities: Assessing and cultural distances/HIV ed vention studies/Using information systems to asses o model the social and spread of HIV and STD/Meth ogram/Determinants of mobility in a population-based f Congo/Setting up a information systems (GIS) for anza region, Tanzania/ Geographical variations in the prevalence hool students in Tibilisi, Georgia /Knowledge, attitudes and practic care settings in Atlanta, /Viral load and CD4+ outcome foil ng population of Tbilisi, /Condom use among young popul e Fed. University of M. Gerais, Brazil/Evaluation of knowledge, at on in the United States/ Geriatric AIDS population study (GAPS) o e antiretroviral therapy/ AIDS population study (GAPS): efore AIDS diagnosis in German y data from the German AIDS regi patients: Results of the Cidofovir Study Group/Clinical pr multicenter evaluation ( AIDS Study Group GASG Protoc se risk factors among gay men?/Are youth and drug us IV-1 below 3% in the perinatal cohorts/Combining ZV py-naive HIV-1 positive seroconvertors irrespective of vir est and Central Africa ( Technical Corporation)/Added va ssociated factors in a study group/Colonisation and dis and AIDS network/The women and AIDS network/The childbearing women in Germany - Unlinked anonymous testing o 41143 11193 13205 13209 32305 32307 32357 41215 42196 13181 192*/13338 60475 11186 13410 23217 43470 60556 60720 13119 14116 32291 33115 14120 23526 32417 13188 22256 22368 26*/23133 23291 41208 43224 60170 60708 13187 tract of women: Genital reservoir a 334*/32279 tract viral load and STDs in early HI 164*/42141 hygiene may contribute to the vagi 42370 ulcer disease in Durban, South Afri 60030 tract/Detection of HIV-1 in the oral 60608

Page  72 72 Germany * Group 12th World AIDS Conference -- Ke Syword Abstract - Keyword Abstr efore AIDS diagnosis in data from the German AIDS regi prevention campaign in /Time-ordered indicators: Useful nal seminars of PWAs in /National seminars of PWAs in en, prospective study in (ART 96)/Comparison of three c ducation materials from, Thailand and the Philippines/C ed of phagocytosis and germicidal activity in originating neutrophil ction in AIDS patients - GESEDA and GAEI study/Rhodococcus e destinations: Check-in Gesundheit at Zurich airport (second phas S prevention program in Ghana?/lmpediments to successful AIDS management of STDs in - A new dimension/Syndromic man isk perception of HIV in /Professional mens attitude and ris ence/HIV-1 viral load in (West Africa): No HIV-2 interferenc ection in sexually active Ghanaian women/Trends in human immu x/AIDS education: The experience/Participatory and in fections in Jailmates of Ghaziabad, North India/HIV and hepatitised periodontal disease/ Gingival fluid (GF): Possible role in transm evention program with girl-attendants of roadside restaurants in ilot intervention among at road-side restaurants in /Target the woman and girl child; reduce on the transmission/Targ al) awareness of minor children who are sexually abused for c and committed group of students for AIDS prevention in Bomba IV status in adolescent girls: The Reaching for Excellence in Adol e people teach boys and /School project: HIV-positive people t ania/Protecting school against sexual exploitation: Develop DS for rural adolescent /Reproductive health teaching AIDS f ilis and HIV/Are parlor at risk? Assessment of risk related se circumcision on young in Tanzania/The impact of obsolete tr edy women and young: a powerful strategy to struggle efficie ealth for out of school in Makoko Riverine Community, Nige ung HIV/AIDS widowed have little choice of survival in Africa/ ce lorry drivers and inn working along highways connecting ehaviours among the Giso community/Economic and cultural fa HIV-infected subjects - GISTA Study/Feasibility of preventive ther ion (BLL) of the parotid gland is a viral reservoir in HIV-1 patients/ nity-level intervention in Glasgow, Scotland/Gay Mens Task Forc ica and the Caribbean/ Glimmers of hope: Selected STD control a es/The legacy of AIDS: Global media coverage of infectious disea n HIV/AIDS (GBC)/The Business Council on HIV/AIDS (GB ays a significant role on global HIV-1 evolution/Full-length sequen ecombinant HIV-1/The eople with HIV/AIDS/A /Partner studies: A first S/GENDER-AIDS, the e in Uganda/A trial for a net: inexpensive, wide, As/A community-based eveloping countries/A GOs and ASOs and the ears of experience/A spread of subtypes and intersubtyp approach to assessing the quality of approach carried out at two north B e-mail network on HIV/AIDS/GEN approach to AIDS: The meeting po and cost-effective/Publishing AIDS information program on clinical trial AIDS related biotechnology transfe epidemic/Bridging the gap: US-bas alliance helping school personnel a tiretroviral treatment of glomerulonephritis in a HIV positive patie tokines IL-2 and IL-12/ Glucocorticoid hormone is the major indu Pls) on serum lipids and glucose in HIV-infected patients/The effe nce leading to impaired tolerance in HIV-1 infected patien )/Requirement of each glycan in the gp120 for maintaining the inf of HIV-2 gp36 envelope glycoprotein /Differential humoral respon ovirus (CMV) envelope genotypes of CMV strains is se inhibitors to a-1 acid /A fluorescence quenching a -cardiolipin and anti-/2 I in HIV positive patients/Ant icity of HIV-1 envelope glycoproteins from either primary isolates in HIV infection/Role of glycosylation in HIV infection/Role of MAIDS mice/Effects of glycyrrhizin on opportunistic Candida albi antibody to ganglioside GM 2 as an anti-HIV-1 agent/Human IgM al agencies/Promoting GO-NGO-CBO-PHA Co-operation in HIV/ ew York City/Project GOAL: Prevention intervention in the Mexi n an isolated brothel in Goalanda, Rajbari/Behavioral risk assess nitiative: Rationale and goals /The Midwest AIDS Training and Ed ips to achieve common for the person living with AIDS/Partn DS (RCMA)/The main of Russian Civil-Military Alliance to c f West Bohemia and its in the prevention and treatment of HI and meet health related /A protease inhibitor support group h experience: Thanks to God Joly Ngoya is still alive/Life experien arriors/ Golden warriors/ on trial in South Africas goldmining industry/An intervention trial i amongst women in Old Golimar, Karachi, Pakistan/Prevalence of e town of Svetlogorsk, Gomel region, Belarus/Sentinel surveillan against P. carinii and T. gondii in adult HIV-1 infected individuals w ntibiotic resistance in gonococci in the WHO Western Pacific R on in homosexual men/ Gonorrhea and Chlamydia: Lack of co-inf ne-based screening for gonorrhea and Chlamydia in an MV prima s in Guyana/Genital N. gonorrhoeae and C. trachomatis infection 13188 259*/33443 34281 60504 60987 31187 22111 60470 14226 22204 60712 60773 23593 33363 23519 23401 33340 44316 23484 24303 43174 13283 13496 13533 13571 23410 23473 23569 33370 34207 43281 14206 449*/13261 32137 60491 43528 34231 646*/44223 11177 11181 14340 23159 34199 34244 34379 42241 42320 44273 44288 22330 21160 12381 179*/41177 11212 11206 31203 42268 60761 21207 332*/21131 11234 31112 43509 43326 33248 32381 34340 34346 60194 60574 60725 34373 33536 22208 43467 22179 84*/33231 22194 60296 60783 o HIV/AIDS prevention gouvenamental and no gouvernamental ss and complementing government-led initiatives in drug prevent D care and treatment at Government General Hospital (GGH), Ch (CTS) for women in US funded programs/Assessme mproving quality of life/ participation in improving qu mprised of the Chilean officials, clinicians, and mem D Counselling Centre at General Hospital (GGH), Ch center of Manila/Local government response: Homeward Haven ling intervention within STD clinics in Bangalore - A Iling services through a -non-government collaborati and their adherence to guidelines to reduce perinata dinary response from a to combat a evermoving epid /Net of human rights: A answer to the discrimination i in activism/Influencing policy in Israel: A case study i ollective influencing the to change the policy/Sex wor r PLWHIV/AIDS a local initiative/Creating an employ ssment of the Thailand community support program revention of privatizing financing for health care servi nformation workshop at governmental agencies in Mexico City/HI 33541 ing the gap: A southern policy on antiretroviral ther 44109 bureaucrats, within city governments, to the problems faced by m 44237 key lymphocytes/CD4/ GP 120mac251 and phospholipase A2 acti 11230 or an HIV test with their?/Do people attending a same day testi 43144 nated by interactions of gp 120 with both CD4 and V3 loop binding 11114 peat sequence of HIV-1 41 dominantly interferes with wild-type v 11121 inear epitopes of HIV-2 36 envelope glycoprotein/Differential h 11206 nt of each glycan in the 120 for maintaining the infectivity of simi 11212 ganda by use of V3 and 41 env peptides/Improved specificity for 13121 by displacing envelope 120 from the virion/Saliva neutralizes HI 21143 native V1/V2 domain of 120/Potent neutralization of primary HI 550*/21194 zation with recombinant 120 SF2/HIV-1 cross-clade lymphoproli 497*/21201 man T cells/Effect of a 120-depleted inactivated HIV-1 immuno 21212 /Cross-clade envelope 160, gag p55 and pol specific CD8+ CTL 601*/31122 ment with an inactivated 120-depleted HIV-1 immunogen (REM 31151 eceiving a recombinant 160 envelope vaccine: contributions of h 31152 on the V3 loop of HIV-1 120 and neuronal cells/Shared antigeni 32217 nd the construction of a 120 DNA vaccine/Determination of prev 33218 e or combined with SF2 120 antigen in healthy volunteers/Clinic 33220 ecretory IgA with HIV-1 120: Potential pitfalls of anti-HIV ELISA 162*/41101 antibody/Destruction of 41 of HIV-1 envelope by its catalytic anti 41190 D4 binding site of HIV-1 120/Characterization of T cell expresse 41233 s after treatment with a 120-depleted, inactivated HIV-1 in inco 41237 r and expression in HIV 160-specific T cells from HIV-infected in 41244 entapeptide from HIV-1 120 V3 region is reducing PC12 neuron 60334 les as carriers of HIV-1/ 120 epitopes of different HIV-1 subtypes 60824 ents/Attitude of French GPs towards care for HIV infected IDU pati 60338 rs with HIV followed by: Results of the SPESUB cohort study 60656 tory of a woman named grace /A double tragedy - A story of a wom 24206 f elementary and first grade school teachers: Sexuality, STD/Ald 13514 us groups with seventh graders in Puerto Rico/Sexuality educatio 14336 in the early elementary grades: A review of US policy and evaluati 60335 significance/Emerging gram-negative bacterial pathogens in the 22107 k factors and outcomes/ Gram negative bacteremia in HIV-infected 22118 tral nervous system by gram negative coccobacillis and Mycobact 60605 /AIDS/Trickle up micro grants and positive living with HIV/AIDS/T 24291 ng HIV infection/Large granular lymphocyte proliferation during H 60871 o G-CSF/Evaluation of granulocyte reserve in AIDS neutropenia 32153 HIV patient/Plasma cell granuloma presenting as transverse myeli 60176 r of unknown origin and granulomatous hepatitis in HIV-1-infecte 22134 me/Q-fever associated skin lesions in a patient wi 31224 pidemic: The Australian Graphic AIDS project/Australian respons 43250 aining for the design of graphic educational materials addressed t 34206 eas migrant workers: A grass-root response to HIV/AIDS/Forum 44286 ction of HIV/AIDS in the grassfield zone of Cameroon/Practices ri 60953 lication of a newsletter/ Grassroot community mobilisation throug 33480 nce) the hard-to-reach grassroot community at the motor parks in 60644 ntion to millions through grassroots womens groups in Banglades 33348 urinary pH and specific gravity in the development of indinavir ind 12394 HIV/AIDS care issues in Greece: A comprehensive country survey/ 42452 17 years follow-up in a Greek cohort of 158 (HIV+) haemophilia p 22298 anisations (ASO) on the society/The impact of AIDS service 34313 evels in haemophiliacs ( Grehco Study)/Retrospective and long-ter 42151 with AIDS-related loss/ Grief at work: Helping organizations cope 545*/24243 mens mental health/A grief observed: The impact of HIV-related 24245 S patients with tunneled Groshong catheter/Infective complication 22451 tric AIDS Clinical Trials Group (PACTG) participants (PACTG 219 12160 (Italian ISS-IP1 Study )/A multicenter randomised study c 132*/12237 erman Cidofovir Study /Clinical practice of CMV retinitis tre 22256 German AIDS Study GASG Protocol 022)/The impact of 22368 rnational Perinatal HIV )/Mode of delivery and vertical trans 23275 act 34206 60140 13482 44306 60128 60760 60890 22486 33260 33289 460*/42210 43219 44138 104*/44257 44258 44300 60165 60339

Page  73 12th World AIDS Conference Group *Guatemala 73 SKeyword Abstr e of the Pediatric Study /Treatment education, activism and tric AIDS Clinical Trials (PACTG)/Protease inhibitor (PI) us DS Vaccine Evaluation (TAVEG) in Thailand/Future planni e Collaborative Review on HIV infection and AIDS: System mic Evaluation Working /Cost-effectiveness of primary HIVmunity response: HIV-T (Blood Transfused)/Canadas bloo ith HIV on Mutual Aid (GAM)/lntegration program of peo men: Seron AIDS Study experience/Prevalence of malnutrit s Project) and Working /Community facilitated access to fre op amino acids of HIV-1 group O strains in Cameroun/Variability of act 32441 32444 33222 252*/34356 43220 44281 60216 60368 60699 11171 SKeyword f a tripartite discussion comprised of the Chilean Go) endency culture/Peer advocacy and the dependen( sitive Club - A self help of people with HIV in Russia/F es/From a self-support to an associations structure: Counselling within the Groupe chretien pour les oeuvres sc earching hard to reach groups-working with a diverse gay ing its decentralization/ Groups of mutual help (gams): begii s into current AIDS risk groups in the 1960s and 1970s/HIV Abstrag vernm cy cult Positiv Mana )ciales and le nning i /-1 intr tient variability of HIV-1 ons in Cameroon/HIV-1 enetic diversity of HIV-1 om the Eurosida study -1997/Surveillance for s/Prevalence of HIV-1 d HIV seropositivity in a m the EuroSIDA study on: Results from focus nd learning models in a sexual behaviour in the s sexual behavior in this s for a culturally diverse DS vaccine evaluation AART in a large clinical uples! A silent high risk nisation (TASO) drama d transmission of HIV-1 dents in the health care emen: Evidence for a M-IDU): A profile of the DS - A new concept for ican men/Evaluating a V +ve patients/Support - Cognitive-behavioral sed caregivers support ts in a multidisciplinary 1 isolates belonging to esponse in a high risk /Bereavement support nd recreational drugs: a eeds of a marginalised about HIV/AIDS from a n of antibodies to HIV-1 haviour of a vulnerable n Colombia/The focus ness/Multi cultural peer with AIDS through focus ru/Living within support g of a community based e for detection of HIV-1 HIV-1, HIV-2 and HIV-1 ria/Sensitivity of HIV-1 uence analysis of HIV-1 n resistance profile in a on-B subtypes of HIV-1 D4+ T-cell count in a ch process/The TRT-5 by HIV positive support e process for a nursing m for alternative healers g strong and committed ontrolled trial of a smalletween a marginalised e homosexual/bisexual ory/Newham womens nitiatives/Youth in peer n of hope/Autosupport ndom acceptability in a n Estonia/The first HIV+ n different populations f Nairobi through IGA tors in a German study on a mother to high risk A cognitive behavioural endency culture/Peer h HIV/The influence of otease inhibitor support bout the body: Smallantibodies in a high risk 0 ANT70 during a ten year follow-u 11174 M and HIV-1 group 0 co-infections i 432*/11187 0/Analysis of the genetic diversity o 11195 /Regional survival differences acros 437*/12272 0 HIV-1 infections among African-b 13103 M, non-B subtypes in a Bronx, New 13225 of male factory workers in Harare, Zi 13301 /Ethnic origin and provision of healt 13339 studies of Puerto Rican mothers an 235*/13404 of opinion leaders/AIDS and workpl 13449 of people asking for anti-HIV antibo 13472 /AIDS prevention program targeting 14131 of South African lesbians/Men, mor 14238 phase I trials using canarypox vecto 495*/21192 and the role of viral resistance in tre 22353 in HIV transmission, a case of Ugan 23165 to assist in the formation of a blood d 23260 0 infection in Yaounde, Cameroon/ 23318 /Harm prevention for infectious occ 23346 at higher risk for sexual transmissio 23394 at highest risk for HIV transmission i 23550 programs/Living with HIV/AIDS- A 24261 empowerment model for HIV+ gay 24276 and strategies of coping with HIV +v 24318 programs enhance the process of a 24355: A broadened definition/Hospital ba 24369 of AIDS at a Universitary Hospital in 24372 M (A-H) and group O/Characterizati 31113 for developing tuberculosis/Follow- 31207 intervention for HIV+ and at risk wo 32256 approach to harm minimisation and 32391:The AIDS Dementia and HIV Psych 32429 of medical students on their pediatri 32447 0 by eight screening and four confir 33200 /Identifying gaps in an behavioural i 33297 technique as a basic tool for the dev 33453 project creates effective AIDS awar 38*/33517 discussion for factory workers/Beh 33544 in Peru/Living within support 34296: REVS+/Experience of a widow (P 34305 M and group 0 infections in rapid im 41104 0 immunoassay on the Abbott Archi 41115 M Western Blot for the confirmation 41122 M isolates belonging to different sub 41211 of drug naive patients in Argentina/ 41227 M in specimens submitted to the Ne 42116 of HIV-1-infected South African pati 42187: An example of how treatment activi 42236 leaders/Meeting the needs of clinic 42249 in the day-bed AIDS/HIV unit - Clini 42465 in Indonesia/Developing a commun 43172 of girl students for AIDS prevention i 43174 behavioural intervention with high ri 43311,a CBO and a regional university/HI 93*/43380 in England and Wales/A simulation 43469 -A success story/Newham women 44265 HIV/AIDS care and prevention initia 60007: Only bridge between despair and r 60024 of volunteers (men and women)/Fe 60028 in Estonia/The first HIV+ 60092 in Tunisia/Prevalence of HTLV-I/II i 60108 processes/Empowerment of needy 60157 /Colonisation and dissemination of 60170 at Ukrainian women/Correlation bet 60247 for gay men/Getting the Sex you w 60353 advocacy and the dependency cult 60420 therapy on mortality in women who li 60501 helps patients increase knowledge 60574 interventions and womens barrier 60673 for HIV infection in Belem, North Bra 60745 mplex among high risk Iling and social support HIV among different risk 1 within behavioral risk omen of different ethnic sk behaviour amongst An experience of focus BSS) on specific target nd for populations, age eds: Results from focus different risk behaviour ) belonging to support atterns among ethnic IDS/Womens support AIDS/Impact of support ource use between subomen: Results of focus n prostitution and allied gh grassroots womens ention by informal youth o reach those specific ty centres and at youth ult-to-reach population education in organized ducation in organized (NACWOLA)/Formed IV/AIDS and mobile stern Africa?/Self-help propagation of self-help f-help in mutual helping s plans for self-support c minorities and mobile on targeting 15-49 age viral drug use between on/The role of network LWHA through support pie of Colombia/Focal ojects by PWA support ntity and gay support V infection in some risk rability of marginalized alth care workers in risk ative model for support Peer education for youth troviral therapy in three ant and ethnic minority on program for high-risk munity based self help in Calcutta, India - 10 years study/ in anti-retroviral treatment effectiv in Cochabamba, Bolivia/Prevalen in San Francisco 1984-1997/Evid /Theory based predictors of condo at heightened risk of STD/HIV infe with adult men and women on sex: A valuable complement to standar,and settings/Effects of US-based with seventh graders in Puerto Ric in Latvia/Prevalence of HIV, hepat in the prevention of HIV/AIDS and in Amsterdam, The Netherlands/H and their psychosocial issues livin on people living with HIV/AIDS/lm of persons living with HIV in Vanco in three cities/Factors affecting ac in Salem, Tamil Nadu, India/HIV/A in Bangladesh/Disseminating kno in the slums/AIDS prevention by in vulnerable to HIV/AIDS/Radio sho: Higher level of knowledge and saf in Switzerland: The mediator appr: Schools/Sensitizing and peer edu:Tailors and dressmakers/Sensitiz among HIV positive women in the in the print media of Bangladesh: C of people with AIDS in C6te dlvoir of the HIV-infected/Conducive en /The role of the self-help in mutual of people living with HIV/AIDS in P /The European Project AIDS & Mo through personal testimonies, mus of persons living with HIV controlle in Nigerian HIV/AIDS and STI cont /Protection of women and their chil: A technique to design metodologi in West Africa/The supervision of i in India/Social and individual cons: 1987-1996, West Bengal, India/ /Privatization of health care servic /Capacitation to health care worke for health care workers (HCW) inv /NGOS/Peer education for youth of HIV +ve drug addicted patients/ in the UK/A surveillance method fo in a suburban region/Out-reach pr in mobilsation and prevention of HI ct-- 60760 60885 60960 60982 60866 60832 34304 11197 12141 12454 13166 13217 14163 14199 14241 14256 14283 14336 23379 23432 23518 24359 24365 32415 33154 33250 33348 33372 33508 33534 33562 33570 33571 33598 591*/34215 34283 34290 34298 34306 34360 42251 42284 43167 43169 43210 43212 43337 43491 60105 60554 60676 60763 60868 60895 60935 60940 60752 13233 34173 34131 32179 32164 32182 32188 41169 60361 60389 60489 60495 23450 43224 60396 60291 12358 34137 13533 23289 23376 33365 42456 Being aware is a base to grow /Being aware is a base to mor street youth cohort: Growing older, not wiser/Eight year analy ggle against HIV/AIDS/ youth in the struggle against HIV/ erishing, repairing and growing a life that is not dispensable: The e-to-thrive and wasting/ Growth hormone produces striking anabol m (recombinant human growth hormone] in patients with AIDS ma continuation of human hormone (r-hGH; Serostim~)/Pres balance studies during hormone therapy support a metab arison of mycobacteria indicator tube and Lowenstein-Jen avir promotes increased in HIV-infected children/Ritonavir th recombinant human hormone (rhGH) in HIV-infected (H th recombinant human hormone/Increases in body cell m ral loads/Homeopathic factors support survival and mainta ital tract inflammation ( GTI )/HIV DNA and RNA detection in cervic Africa. Example of the GTZ Regional AIDS Programme for West a n a colposcopy clinic in Guadalajara, Mexico/Pre-malignant cervi etrahydrofuran, a novel guanine phosphonate analogue/Anticyto a pro-drug of dioxolane guanosine a novel inhibitor of HIV-1 replic ion/Bank of Condoms: Guarantee of prevention for low income po ation: Development of a guardian programme in Tanzania/Protecti en (PAG+) in the City of Guaruja, Brazil/Assessment of the Progra ng a public STD clinic in Guatemala City/STD/AIDS perceptions, c ing areas in downtown City/Informal education for me tients with HIV/AIDS in /Demographic characteristics

Page  74 74 Guatemala * haemophiliacs 12th World AIDS Conference -Keyword Abstract marginal precary area of /The STD/HIV/AIDS clinic wor 43202 rs and other gay men in /Human rights advocacy: Ensu 404*/44146 ng Mayan youths in the Guatemalan highlands/Consciousness ra 13524 Involvement of the non gubernamental organizations in the forma 34371 AIDS survival in French Guiana /AIDS survival in French 13330 mosis survival in French I/Histoplasmosis survival in Frenc 22217 ugh AIDS hotline and a guideline of AIDS education/Survey on se 13509 Implementation of new guidelines for treatment of HIV infection/A 22333 of adherence to clinical and patient outcomes: Exampl 22379 an practices/Treatment in HIV: Self reported physician 24120 IV infected child/Italian for disclosure of diagnosis to HI 24283 borative approach with for care/Adherence to antiretro 32378 d medical management (ATMMGs) of pediatric HIV inf 32439 evelopment of national of STD case management and 33251 erence to government to reduce perinatal transmissio 460*/42210 ctions (Ols) prevention in federally funded health care f 42212 antiretroviral treatment /Worldwide education of prima 42231 treatment in HIV/From to clinical reality: Doctors and 42293 he HIV clinical practice /The development of a strategi 42411 g new STD surveillance /Designing new STD surveillan 60120 n/International index of on antiretroviral therapies and 60379 phylaxis: Application of /MAC prophylaxis: Application 60471 e presentation of the for the use of antiretroviral age 60922 n-infected individuals in Guinea-Bissau /Increased levels of P-che 605*/31133 d HIV risk in Papua New Guinea /Love magic and HIV risk in Papua 96*/14318 nd Tamagly stop sites ( )/STD and HIV intervention/aware 43322 nd Tamagly stop sites ( )/Prevention and STD manageme 43372 chool system: Project in Gujarat, India/HIV/AIDS education in the s 13542 men and women in rural, India/Use of repeat interviews to 14304 HIV infected patients in, India/Pattern of tuberculosis (TB) 22162 ors among rural men in,India/Perceptions of sexually tran 33342 mmercial sex workers in Guyana /HIV infection and syphilis among 23538 STD clinic attenders in /Performance of a rapid RPR met 33241 IDS among students in: A framework to design prevention 34239 mily planning clients in /Genital N. gonorrhoeae and C. tr 60783 en in central London gyms /Recruiting peer educators for a com 60810 roids in central London /Injecting behaviour among gay men 60811 Swiss HIV cohort study/ Gynecologic management of women in th 42433 e women/Adherence to gynecologic examinations among HIV po 32132 plications following 191 gynecological and obstetrical surgical int 13391, Brazil/STD and other manifestations - A cross-s 61004 year and HIV testing by gynecologists in a cohort of HIV-infected 32131 enotyping/Nelfinavir in HAART-experienced HIV-1 infected patie 41215 ad in patients receiving HAART - Evidence for a drug sanctuary co 267*/11153 e antiretroviral therapy ( ) on viral dynamics during primary 11155 els in patients receiving in the Frankfurt HIV-Cohort/Progn 12129 ary HIV infection using lead to HIV eradication?/Can dura 12188 anti-retroviral therapy ( )/Naive T cell subsets during acute 12190 ed patients treated with /T lymphocyte dynamics in primar 12194 ccessfully treated with? The EuroSIDA Study/Can proph 12268 e antiretroviral therapy ( )/Determinants of failure of highly 12271 untry (Spain)/lmpact of in a cohort of patients from the Bas 12276 e antiretroviral therapy ( )/Hepatotoxicity after introduction 12288 1 infected patient during /Lymphocyte subsets and function 12302 antiretroviral treatment ( ) on neutrophil and monocyte funct 12322 cific CD4 cell function in patients/Follow-up of antigen-spe 12341 ntiretroviral treatment ( )in France/Clinical manifestations 12345 e antiretroviral therapy ( ) in France: Is AIDS incidence still d 13202 e antiretroviral therapy ( )/Decreases in HIV-related morbid 13239 active antiviral therapy ( ) became prevalent/Time to AIDS 13307 e antiretroviral therapy ( ) on CD4 Ivmphocvte counts in Fra 13318 ntirretroviral treatment ( antiretroviral treatment ( e antiretroviral therapy ( mphoma obtained with ntiretroviral treatments ( cell homeostasis during e antiretroviral therapy ( e antiretroviral therapy ( e antiretroviral therapy ( g-term effectiveness of nd children receiving vudine and lamivudine ( ntiretroviral therapy ( zation of diagnostic lab/ 5000 copies ml during sts in patients receiving anti-retroviral therapy ( e antiretroviral therapy ( o antiretroviral therapy ( cted patients receiving e antiretroviral therapy ( antiretroviral treatment ( ue/Effect of prolonged e antiretroviral therapy ( ed patients treated with e antiretroviral therapy ( th AIDS maintained on and wasting in the era of e antiretroviral therapy ( e antiretroviral therapy ( e antiretroviral therapy ( osteronism in the era of antiretroviral therapy ( e antiretroviral therapy ( e antiretroviral therapy ( T-naive HIV+ patients/ e antiretroviral therapy ( e antiretroviral therapy ( antiretroviral therapy ( e antiretroviral therapy ( e antiretroviral therapy ( tiretroviral treatments ( antiretroviral therapy( e antiretroviral therapy ( e antiretroviral therapy ( anti-retroviral therapy ( rophylaxis (PSEP) with T) and blood/Effects of cted patients/Effect of mia in patients ongoing ary CNS lymphoma and ntiretroviral therapy ( irologic outcomes after ba, Canada/Impact of ness of new therapies/ e antiretroviral therapy ( e antiretroviral therapy ( e antiretroviral therapy ( e antiretroviral therapy ( e antiretroviral therapy ( antiretroviral treatment ( e antiretroviral therapy ( e setting/Adherence to S patients treated with /Viral load response to of virologic response to ntiretroviral treatments ( us retinitis in the age of e antiretroviral therapy ( V infection treated with ir + 2 NRTIs as first line ximising the benefits of dgkins lymphoma with therapy combined with actic acidosis following Keyword Abstract )/Nonprogression of CMV retinitis i 22271 ) in patients with AIDS-associated 617*/22275 ) in patients with HIV-related non-H 22289 and with interleukin-2 after relapse 22293 )/Early regression of cervical lesio 22312 /Dynamics of mean TRF and T cell 22341 )/Sustained immunologic improve 22342 ) increases circulating naive CD8+ 22345 )/Risk factors for virologic failure in 22351 in a large clinical group and the rol 22353 /Switch in HIV phenotype and iden 22358 ) in HIV-1 infected children: Kinetic 22362 ) and predictors of undetectable pi 22365 and prophylaxis result in further co 22369 (AZT, 3TC, Ind)/Quantitation of HI 22383 despite undetectable plasma virus 22388 )/Changes in lymphocyte subsets 345*/22412 ) era/Home care in the highly activ 22449 )/Compliance of HIV positive/PWA 23250 /Sequential changes in erythrocyt 31102 )/Functional lymphocyte reconstit 113*/31134 )/Specific T-cell responses in HIV-i 111*/31142 on immune function and on viral lo 31160 )/Immunologic function and recon 338*/31186 /Discontinue primary prophylaxis r 31225 )/Hematological parameters correl 32139 /Treatment of dorsocervical fat pa 32164 in HIV-infected patients/Hypogon 32174 )/The occurrence of progressive m 32199 ) and acyclovir therapy/Regressio 32209 )/Transient self-resolving CMV vir 32241 /Hypotestosteronism in the era of 32275 )/Detection of genotypic drug resis 233*/32282 )/Virologic findings in patients with 32286 ) leads to significant but delayed in 32317 is not hard enough - Virological fai 32319 )/Educational and support needs o 32333 ) in the real world: Experiences in 32334 ) not prescribed or why is it disconti 446*/32335 ): implications for adherence/comp 32356 )/Medication adherence enhance 32357 ): levels in the clinical practice and 32367 )in patients infected with human im 32380 ) among a Caribbean cohort of uns 32385 )/The value of early parameters of 32388 ) for HIV infection/A multi-disciplin 32397 after sexual assault/Post-sexual e 250*/33174 on HIV viral load and CD4 T cells i 41185 +/- IL-2 on viral kinetics and T cell 41228 /Significance and therapeutic impli 42165 /Primary CNS lymphoma and 42404 )/A survey of the practice of prophy 42412 in private practice/Clinical and vir 42422 on health care utilization by HIV pa 42432 in clinical practice: The improveme 42437 ) on the HIV/AIDS service delivery 43525 )is cost-effective compared to dela 44243 ) and its effects on viral load (VL) a 60178 )/Evolution of CMV-PCR in the first 60180 ) on cervical dysplasia and HPV inf 60289 )/Hepatitis B flare after highly activ 60323 ): Who are they and why?/Patients 60336 in clinical trials vs. clinical care sett 60356 including antiprotease 6 months af 60510 is an unpredictable indicator of BC 60517 - A case study presentation/Com 60518 ) adherence/Visual analogue scal 60535 /Community screening program to 60550 ) in patients with HIV and tuberculo 60582 /The steatosis-lactic acidosis syn 60611 therapy: 21 patients from Cook Co 60619 in the real world: The role of a phar 60621 /Spontaneous regressions of an A 60817 for progressive multifocal leucoen 60963 containing stavudine (d4T), lamivu 60998 scordant male couples/, attitudes, and risk behavior amon ntiretroviral therapy ( )/Dynamic changes in naive and a une reconstitution after (saquinavir-SGC, d4T and ddC) ini + patients: Influence of /Production of type-1, type-2 cytok e antiretroviral therapy ( )/Patterns of cytokine production a e antiretroviral therapy ( )/Bacillary angiomatosis in the sett tion (SIR) after starting in AIDS patients treated for disse rospective study in the era/Disseminated Mycobacterium ntiretroviral therapy ( )/Skin test reactivity to Mycobacter e antiretroviral therapy ( )/Manifestation of mycobacterial in PCP) prophylaxis after in patients with AIDS/Withdrawal tive patients/Impact of on clinical evolution of genital wart AIDS patients following /Sustained disappearance of hum ck of effect of long-term on hepatitis C (HCV) viremia/Lack ediated/Evidence that induced immune recovery vitritis in S-patients in the era of /Predictive value of cytomegalovir ed patients treated with /Rapidly evolving hepatitis C virus nt of CMV retinitis under despite termination of anti-CMV th herapy after initiation of in 4 AIDS patients/Long-lasting re 643*/14136 269*/21112 21123 220*/21170 221*/21176 22114 22130 22168 22171 22172 22186 22192 14*/22237 18*/22238 15*/22240 22241 17*/22243 22260 22268 oplasia syndrome after haart initiation/Accelerated opportunistic i e antiretroviral therapy ( HAAT ) on the incidence of oral candidosis/ ek cohort of 158 (HIV+) haemophilia patients/NHL - 17 years foil Unaddressed needs of haemophiliacs with HIV in an area with lo and HCV RNA levels in (Grehco Study)/Retrospe 60999 31217 22298 32437 42151

Page  75 haemophiliacs * healthy 75 12th World AIDS Conference Keyword Abstract - -Keyword Abstra V infection in a cohort of haemophilic men/The course of HIV RNA ers in Roadside Inns in Hainan, China/Knowledge on reproductiv oadside restaurants in Province, China/Evaluation of a pil oad-side restaurants in Province, China/Results of a pilot i actices/Mobilization of hair-dressers to educate sex workers on s ntion program targeting hairdressers & mens sexual behavior in t ated with travel back to Haiti in Montrealers of Haitian origin/HIV i th an national NGO for handicapped people/STOP AIDS media diatric mortality at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital (CHBH), Sout rvey of STD facilities in Hanoi, Laocai, Ninhbinh Provinces of Viet t of the HIV-1 viral load/ Haptoglobin polymorphism as determina th TB and AIDS in East Harar ghe and Harar, Ethiopia/Caring and of young people in east ghe and Harar, Ethiopia/Sexual heal male factory workers in Harare, Zimbabwe/The relationship of hep S education program in:The Zimbabwe AIDS Prevention P urban factory cohort in,Zimbabwe/Low prevalence of acti ction on tuberculosis in /The effect of HIV infection on tuber th TB and AIDS in East Hararghe and Harar, Ethiopia/Caring and of young people in east and Harar, Ethiopia/Sexual heal s of physical and verbal harassment of MSMs in public sex enviro HIV-infected persons in Harlem /Changes in attitude regarding anti ens sexual risk in East, NYC: An event analysis/The soci infected out-patients in /The impact of the ALRT alarm dev pitalized for HIV care at Hospital in New York City/Charact ading among women in methadone clinics/High-risk drug ults/Yaroslavl (Russia) harm-reduction project for drug injectors: - An experience report/ Harm reduction programmes for injectable n the health care group/ prevention for infectious occupation n Vancouver, Canada/ reduction, not harm production: Nee ngladesh/India border/ reduction and community mobilisati or injecting drug users/ reduction needle kits: A HIV preventi y community in Vilnius/ reduction in the Romany community onal and social barriers/ reduction - defeating institutional an substance-using youth/ reduction: A realistic alternative for s g users/Latin American Reduction Network: Preventing HIV er project for prisoners/ reduction peer project for prisoners/ at Toronto bathhouses/ reduction among south asian men w n with risky behaviours: reduction experience of Villa Maraini or HIV and drug-related harm in San Francisco/Younger female inj 42140 23497 33340 44316 33339 14131 23368 33462 172*/12166 60307 12115 24212 43160 13301 13459 22197 60540 24212 43160 44179 12446 23493 32325 32418 60559 33404 23230 23346 33379 408*/33386 33393 33396 33401 33415 34357 44195 60709 60867 23202 32391 33379 33380 238*/33382 411*/33390 577*/33391 alence of HIV, HTLV-1,, HCV and syphilis among female pris isk/High prevalence of infection in young gay men despite eff factors for hepatitis B ( ), hepatitis C (HCV) and HIV infections hepatitis B and C virus (, HCV) during HIV infection/Practical imultanity of HIV, and,HCV and syphilis among the addicte smission of HIV, H and HC in the clinical setting/Work Practices M nce in Ho Chi Minh City ( HCMC ), Vietnam/HIV sentinel surveillanc se in Ho Chi Minh City ( ), Vietnam - A report from two mater IV in Ho Chi Minh City ( ), Vietnam: A report from one hospit am in Ho Chi Minh City ( ), Vietnam/Training of people with H ng in Ho Chi Minh City ( ), Vietnam/The use of sexually tran uman cytomegalovirus ( HCMV ) in blood of AIDS patients following home care programme ( HCP ) for HIV patients and care givers in Si rvices utilization study ( HCSUS )/Characteristics of HIV-infected p epresentative sample ( ) of HIV-infected persons in care/Li States: Results from the study/Variations in care for HIV/AI atients co-infected with HCV-HIV /Impact of indinavir (protease inhi bitors/HCV viral load in -co-infected patients treated with noncirrhotic exclusively HCV-infected out-patients/Decrease in bl patients/Prevalence of HCV-infection compares to HBV-infection ease in ALT values and HCV-RNA by use of protease inhibitors/No V and hepatitis C virus ( HCV ) co-infected patients/Efficacy and he liacs/Hepatitis C virus ( ) genotypes and progression of HIV inf osures to HIV, HBV and notified in San Martino Hospital, Gen AART on hepatitis C ( ) viremia/Lack of effect of long-term H ors on hepatitis C viral ( ) load and serum alamine aminotransf r (protease inhibitor) on viral load in patients co-infected with e/Continued spread of among needle exchange attenders wi nce, 1993-97/HIV and infections and evolution of care amon Canada/HIV, HBV and and risk behaviours in a semi-rural co an/Prevalence of HBV, and HIV infections among family bloo ig University hospitals/ and HIV transmitted by repeated bloo titis B and C (HBV and ) infection with HIV transmission from iour and HIV, HBV and inside a Canadian prison/A look behi e of HIV, HTLV-1, HBV, and syphilis among female prisoners i ected with both HIV and /Antiviral effect of interferon a-2a (IFN ion on hepatitis C virus ( )-infection in hemophiliacs and i.v. dru bitors/No difference in viraemia between HIV positive and ne with protease inhibitors/ viral load in HCV-HIV-co-infected pati t in chronic hepatitis C ( ) in HIV infected patients/Response a g-term study of HIV and RNA levels in haemophiliacs (Grehco s B (HBV), hepatitis C ( ) and HIV infections in a prison in the F nce of HIV, HBsAg, and infection among Hungarian drug user reatment in people with and HIV co-infection and elevated tra otease inhibitors on the replication in HIV-co-infected patients atients co-infected with /Effect of zidovudine (ZDV) administr ) and hepatitis C virus ( ) - Implications for drug and vaccine t itis B and C virus (HBV, ) during HIV infection/Practical outco Itanity of HIV, and HBV, and syphilis among the addicted priso vention with traditional healers in rural Uganda/Community outco ral Uganda/Traditional attitudes towards condom use an education by traditional in THETA Program: Kiboga, Ugan IDS by the traditional in an urban area of Cameroon/Ma program for alternative group in Indonesia/Developing a c ventions with traditional in Uganda/Using participatory eva arish as welcoming and healing community for those affected by H elated to HIV/AIDS of health-care workers in rural towns of Boya troviral agents used by workers (HCWs) as post-expo ong radio listeners of a health-oriented radio program/Knowledg /stavudine on patients health-related quality of life: Preliminary r icenter cohort study on quality of life in HIV+ patien V/Nutritional status and quality of life in patients infe BP) about AIDS among healthcare workers in Enugu State of Nige Teaching counselling to workers in France - An experi erence: Assessment of provider assumptions and impl mitment as perceived by workers/The institutional actio otease inhibitor use by coverage in the US: Results fro V+ patients/Decreased utilization costs with increased ention that promotes a healthier sex life for the HIV+ man who ha national Canadian HIV healthline and registry for women and thei 4T)-didanosine (ddl) in healthy volunteers/Evaluation of potential Ic t 23574 43233 43411 60806 60835 60244 23370 23479 44249 60891 60892 14*/22237 34247 13229 13238 42296 22269 32113 42343 12123 32111 12326 gs: a group approach to da/Harm reduction, not ograms/Church based sk reduction/Reducing o City/Implementing a e effects of two years of on the establishment of il/The relevance of the eness/Methadone and es to drug dealers/The mination: A drug related drug users (IDUs)/The s: An important key to a ntos/An experience on n HIV prevention and utrition and HIV within a e network/Reduction of ers in Hollywood, CA/A f the Brazilian model of ce of supervision for the eduction of drug related minimisation and medication adhere production: Needle exchange does n reduction programs/Church based:The effects of childhood abuse on n reduction program (HRP) in the com reduction in Rome/The effects of tw reduction measures in South Americ reduction program for injecting drug reduction: The changing meaning of reduction program in the City of Rio SWorking to reduce it/Discrimination: reduction cards system: A new way t reduction project in a developing cou reduction in Santos/An experience o reduction for drug users in Eastern E reduction paradigm/Teaching parap by HIV/AIDS care network/Reductio reduction art program for gay and bis reduction: From the health promotio reduction projects team/The import /The school and young people facing he world/Reducing the harms of drugs and HIV: Policies and pract ject/Education of road haullers and taxi drivers of Kumba town on t response: Homeward Haven at Ospital ng Maynila Medical Cent s of adolescent female hawkers in bus and truck stations in Ibada nue medical treatment/ Hazards for HIV infected patients to contin perceived occupational hazards in HIV partner notification/Expect spicion of HIV infection/ HBS antigen in children with suspicion of H ning anti-HIV regimen/ HBs seroconversion of a precore hepatitis ers/Prevalence of HIV, HBsAg, and HCV infection among Hungari V-infection compares to HBV-infection among Ukrainian HIV-infec -1 and hepatitis B virus ( HBV ) in mixed infection/Interaction of HIV 33397 33399 33406 33414 33416 33418 33421 33424 34362 42356 60102 60482 60612 60765 60920 33388 33557 22486 23439 60666 60364 22274 32118 60099 12123 11160 11240 12108 13471 23169 23219 23253 23254 23378 23528 13306 13471 18*/22238 22252 22269 23175 23201 23219 23253 23264 23378 23528 23574 32103 32107 32111 32113 32116 42151 43411 60099 60211 60598 60698 60738 60806 60835 13407 34108 34189 42372 43172 44309 60175 13174 246*/33171 34228 14338 14352 42338 14132 24333 32358 34166 42310 60578 43265 60669 12374 12380 13324 13540 33220 41249 42120 42257 42269 42280 HIV epitope fused with -infection with HIV and onal exposures to HIV, users participating in a munity in Canada/HIV, Pakistan/Prevalence of erral in Kenya/HIV and tive hepatitis B and C ( isk behaviour and HIV, surface antigen in rhesus macaques: on the progression to AIDS and death and HCV notified in San Martino Hos vaccination study. Extension of an on and HCV and risk behaviours in a se,HCV and HIV infections among famil positive donors: Implications for bloo and HCV) infection with HIV transmis and HCV inside a Canadian prison/A nd nelfinavir (NFV) in la, Uganda/Survival of mong adolescents/A h SF2 gp120 antigen in function of PBMC from ction among apparently ailability: A PK study in er multiple oral doses in V) and rifampin (RIF) in male and female volunteers/A ph HIV-infected skin-test anergic and perspective towards sex and sexu volunteers/Clinical response to HI blood donors and PBMC from HIV blood donors in Saudi Arabia (198 volunteers (HV)/Ritonavir (RTV) I volunteers/Pharmacokinetics of e volunteers/Pharmacokinetic inter

Page  76 76 healthy * heterosexual 12th World AIDS Conference SKeyword Abstract -- aking truckers safe and lovers/Making truckers safe and 43272 ormalities in otherwise adult HIV-1 infected individuals/C 60648 provider (HIP)/Uganda healtnet project - a health information prov 34375 e antiretroviral therapy ( HEART )/Adherence to proteinase inhibitor 12298 ediatric HIV-1 disease/ Heart, lung, and immune abnormalities an 12171 ased on instantaneous heart rate histogram in HIV positive individ 12112 center during the era of /Changes in HIV/AIDS patterns of ca 442*/42430 phic study/Patterns of disease in HIV infected patients with 60995 ntification of virus load/ Heat-denatured p24 antigen testing comp 32442 the level of infection as heat-killed organisms mediate significantl 21145 ation of HIV-1 infection/ Heat shock modulation of HIV-1 infection/ 11129 ntervening to address heat of the moment thinking that leads to u 43295 inhibitor use in patients heavily pretreated with reverse transcripta 12340 6n Teaching Hospital ( HEEP )/HIV infection study on patients at t 43153 our amongst groups at heightened risk of STD/HIV infection/Eco 14199 developing countries?/ Helicobacter pylori: A potentially unrecog 22115 nts with antral gastritis/ pylori infection in HIV positiv 32122 patients/Prevalence of helicobacter pylori infection in HIV-infecte 32109 he Italian National AIDS Help-Line 167-861061/The Italian Nation 33299 shop: an original tool/A help-with-housing workshop: an original t 60837 training programmes/ Help the Helpers - Promoting AIDS awar 13580 vate nursing homes: A help based programme in suburbs of Mum 12425 ve with HIV through self /Learning to live with HIV through self 14346 ity and exclusion in self organisations/Issues of conformity a 34294 ation/Groups of mutual (gams): beginning its decentralizatio 34304 ommunity based self groups in mobilsation and prevention 60940 a/Positive Club - A self group of people with HIV in Russia/P 60960 nt anti-HIV therapy on T helper cell homeostasis and type 1 cytokin 219*/21169 requires virus-specific and CTL function and levels of CTL 598*/31130 /Comparison between T-lymphocyte counts obtained by z 42193 rogrammes/Help the Helpers - Promoting AIDS awareness am 13580 rivers and truck drivers/ helpers /Knowledge, attitudes and sexual 23341 rant workers (domestic ) to HIV/AIDS/Factors that contrib 23567 mbers and other natural to engage substance abusers in tr 33604 selling and testing - Is it helpful?/Clients views on HIV counselling 134*/33265 ated loss/Grief at work: Helping organizations cope with AIDS-rel 545*/24243 amily. Mussas story/ children to cope with illness or dea 24298 hemselves from AIDS/ gay men in a provincial Vietnames 43334 f the self-help in mutual helping groups/The role of the self-help in 34298 ience/A global alliance school personnel address HIV/AI 44288 n efficient alternative people with AIDS to integrate and 60137 arch centre in Uganda/ Helpline telephone and face to face couns 60956 HIV and AIDS volunteer helpline training programme in response t 60663 strategies for NGOS to helps women and youth to have an effect a 14202 inhibitor support group patients increase knowledge and m 60574 mia and MAC infection/ Hematocrit, symptoms and quality of life in 60149 viral therapy (HAART)/ Hematological parameters correlate with 32139 se activity impairment in hematopoietic progenitor cells (CD34+) o 21118 ion of nef and vpu in six hemophilia B patients after clonal HIV-1 in 11146 ositive adolescents with /Sexual behavior change amo 43286 ssion of HIV infection in hemophiliacs /Hepatitis C virus (HCV) ge 13306 virus (HCV)-infection in and i.v. drug users/Effect of 32107 HIV infected Japanese hemophilic patients/Natural protease mut 60444 ation dissemination for hemophilics living with HIV in India/Using 13397 d patients/Incidence of hemorrhagic syndrome in HIV-infected pa 32157 nts with AIDS/Acquired hemostatic inhibitors (AHI) in patients with 32143 IV infection/Bartonella henselae serostatus is not correlated with 32189 HIV infection and AIDS/ Hepatic histopathology in HIV infection an 60015 d patients/Efficacy and hepatic tolerance of treatment with protea 12326 d, North India/HIV and hepatitis-B viral infections in Jailmates of 23519 tbreak of HIV infection/ Hepatitis C prevalence and incidence in V 13296 ection in hemophiliacs/ C virus (HCV) genotypes and pr 13306 e and prognostic value/ C in the EuroSIDA Cohort of Eur 22261 n of prevalence of HIV, and STDs in gate prisons of Rio 23562 nts of recent diagnosis/ C in HIV positive patients of rece 32115 ral treatment (HAART)/ B flare after highly active antiretr 60323 hort, Sao Paulo, Brazil/ C prevalence in a cohort among 60753 nteraction of HIV-1 and hepatitis B virus (HBV) in mixed infection/ 11160 Vertical transmission of C in children born to HIV-infected 12168 se inhibitors in HIV and C virus (HCV) co-infected patient 12326 sers in Europe/HIV and B/C infection among injecting dru 13192 prevalence of HIV and B and C virus among injecting dr 13224 we/The relationship of B virus and HIV seropositivity in 13301 val after HIV infection in B vaccine cohorts in Amsterdam, 13357 roconversions for HIV, B and hepatitis C among a cohort 13382 ell immune response to C virus antigens/HIV-infection al 21182 gin and granulomatous in HIV-1-infected patients/Fever 22134 of long-term HAART on C (HCV) viremia/Lack of effect o 18*/22238 ed patients with chronic C/Long-term response to interfe 20*/22242 AART/Rapidly evolving C virus infection in HIV co-infecte 17*/22243 Keyword Abstr, Detection of GB virus-C/ G virus (GBV-C/HGV) among ho rotease inhibitors on C viral (HCV) load and serum ala ation between HIV and C co-infection: A case control stu Faso/Co-infection with B and HIV in pregnant women in nic/Seroprevalence of C antibody and hepatitis B surfac ence and genotypes of G virus and hepatitis C virus amo nts/Immunogenicity of B vaccine against in HIV seropos B treatment for chronic in the AIDS spectrum: Concomit rsion rate of HIV and of A virus infection during an intrave dia/Spread of HIV and viruses through the use of injecti ant transmission of HIV, C and hepatitis G virus in women lence and incidence of B among men who have sex with e association of active B and C (HBV and HCV) infectio via/Prevalence of HIV, B and C and syphilis infection in Paulo, Brazil/Syphilis, and HIV prevalence among low i ffect of HIV-infection on C virus (HCV)-infection in hemop with concurrent chronic C and HIV infection: A case contr 2a treatment in chronic C (HCV) in HIV infected patients conversion of a precore B virus mutant infection with lami ural course of chronic C /Evaluation of HIV infections infl: Frequency, relation to C virus and HIV-viral load/Erythe d serology for syphilis, B and HIV among commercial se et vaccinated against B/How to encourage youth to get nt/The effectiveness of B vaccine in the HIV-infected pati s/Immunisation against B in HIV positive patients/Immun avioural risk factors for B (HBV), hepatitis C (HCV) and users in Japan/HIV and virus infection among drug users en 1988 and 1995/HIV, B and C among drug users in met er two years/HIV- and B and C infection controlled in a fection/Chronic active and liver cirrhosis are crucial co als/Tests for STDs and may foretell the HIV seroconvers ciency virus (HIV) and C virus (HCV) - Implications for d /Practical outcomes of B and C virus (HBV, HCV) during s/Polyhistidine-tagged B core particles as carriers of HI viral therapy (HAART)/ Hepatotoxicity after introduction of highly n the leucine zipper-like heptad repeat sequence of HIV-1 gp41 do IV/AIDS patients using herb medicine (3G)/Control of neuropathy WA perspective/Use of herbal and holistic therapy for treatment a tudy/Effect of unique formulation in Indian HIV patients: DS patients/The role of supplementation in the lives of HIV nd safety of a new poly drug in the management of HIV infe nts/A study on Chinese formula XQ-9302 treatment for AID n vitro activity/Multiple therapy: A new approach into antivi of nationwide HIV/AIDS formulary/Development of nationwi tients Through Tibetan medicines & care/Improving the qu d persons with Chinese herbs:A randomized, placebo-controlled t tion amongst IDUs and heroin users from the slums/Drug detoxifi ogic data on the role of on CD4+ decline in injecting drug u ohort of non-injecting users/Transitions to injecting and s tices/Viability of HIV in preparation: A two-city comparison n a medically controlled prescription program/Reduction of I Tanzania/Antibody to Herpes simplex virus type 2 as a marker of edictor of HIV infection/ zoster as a predictor of HIV infectio d clinical expression of herpes simplex virus infections among wo e of HIV/Acquisition of simplex type 2 (HSV-2) infection in e of infection by human virus type 8 in the US and Africa/C /Cytomegalovirus and simplex virus are not associated wi net/Acyclovir-resistant zoster in 18 HIV-infected patients: nces rectal infection by simplex virus in mice/Nonoxynol-9 h HIV infection/Human herpesvirus-8 seroprevalence in children or acquisition of human herpesvirus 8 infection/A population-bas V Study: WIHS/Human 8 (HHV8) infection of periphe pidemiology of human 8 (HHV-8) among clients atte mary infection of human 6 in children with perinatal HI f six clinically important genomes/A multiplex nested endogenous retrovirus HERV-K /A Rev/RRE-like mechanism regu The case of Bosnia and Herzegovina /Implications of complex e 2 The case of Bosnia and /Implications of HIV/AIDS pe The case of Bosnia and /Surveillance of HIV/AIDS an V-1 in Tanzania: Use of heteroduplex mobility assay (HMA) for HI subtypes in Senegal by mobility assay (HMA)/Char networks of drug users/ Heterogeneity of risk: Variability in social opriate delineation of a heterogenous target population into homo y and efficacy following heterologous challenge/Attenuated SIVv f ted to homophobia and heterosexism in health care settings/Self ogy of HIV-1 in Taiwan: Heterosexual males with HIV-1 E had sign acterial vaginosis (BV)/ and perinatal transmission 5 ndary epidemic among heterosexual women in Europe/The male exual risk behavior in HIV-discordant couples/Aw Interventions to reduce HIV risk for women: Current act 22250 22252 19*/22255 22259 22263 22264 22327 23146 23211 23243 23293 23367 23378 23379 23554 32107 32114 32116 32118 32120 32268 33248 33567 42405 42418 43411 60087 60440 60493 60675 60737 60738 60806 60824 12288 11121 60259 22487 42385 42392 42394 60010 60205 60381 60781 42381 12413 13334 13382 23196 43302 14117 42127 22191 23363 31189 32135 32269 33143 31191 13295 31196 31197 31201 41151 11208 244*/14139 44236 60910 13110 13112 23177 33373 546*/11238 60743 13148 i27*/23347 13200 14146 14270

Page  77 12th World AIDS Conference heterosexual * high 77 SKeyword Abstract Keyword Abstract ge by homosexual and relationships by bisexual me 23107 f HIV-infected patients/ prolactin levels in the cerebrospinal fl 21133 uisition of HIV-1 among men: Prospective cohort stu 23150 Ilular gene expression: density cDNA analysis of HIV-1 infect 21152 ntervention research for populations/Synthesis of HI 23157 advanced HIV disease/ prevalence of co-trimoxazole resista 22117 types in Uganda/HIV-1 transmission: relationship w 23357 nity in southern Mexico/ case fatality rates of HIV/TB in a semi 22159 actors associated with transmission of HIV to indivi 23374 n/Tuberculosis (TB) - risk factor in HIV infection evolution u 22164 HIV in Uganda/Risks for transmission of HIV in Ugan 23382 who have sex with men/ incidence of high-grade anal squamo 22302 nduras/Risk factors for transmission of HIV-1 infecti 23506 h Republic 1996-1997/ rate of HIV risk behaviors among dru 23197 viors of serodiscordant couples/Methodologic issu 258*/24169 ex poses greatest risk/ rate of HIV infection in homeless you 23233 serological evidence for transmission of HHV-8/KSH 31188 aive Brazilian subjects/ correlation between plasma and semi 23399 n (HIVPW) in a minority,,drug using population/A ca 32228 orkers in Zimbabwe/ incidence and prevalence of HIV infe 23441 case study/Discordant couples (female infected wit 32425 omen living with HIV: rates and decreasing trend/Depressi 23475 oxynol-9 in preventing transmission of HIV - Using 33142 s in southern Vietnam/ risk sexual behavior related to HIV inf 23582 men at HIV risk though exposure/Feasibility of post 33186 -1 infected individuals/ detection rate of HGV in blood plasm 32101 on in African-American women/Sisters of Sheba De 43232 herence in HIV+ youth/ risk behaviors are not predictive of an 32372 on/HIV prevention with men: Essential components 43318 an STD clinic in Kenya/ prevalence of urethral infection in me 33242 es in HIV prevention for men/Gender issues in HIV 204*/43381 Community based HIV/ transmission area intervention projec 33423 ex among partners in HIV-discordant couples in n 43428 ncluding type O strains/ throughput assay for sensitive detecti 343*/41129 in rural youth at risk for transmission of HIV/An expl 60061 pective of viral subtype/ prevalence of protease resistance m 41208 Vit6ria, Brazil/Profile of couples with HIV infection at 60707 ich Prometheus study/ refusal rates for serological re-testing 43135 erability to HIV/AIDS on men/Conflicts related to sex 60822 nd concurrent HIV risk/ prevalence of HBV infection in young 43233 n (ASO) by PHAs with a perspective in Toronto, Can 60955 uring Eunuch festival/ risk behaviour of eunuchs and innova 43352 for Dutch drug users in heterosexually infected individuals in The 13195 surveys through 1996/ prevalence of HIV among young child 60549 interventions with adult active men/A review of HI 254*/44303 ganda and Tunisia - and low risk African regions for HIV in 60723 hrough 1996/Trends in acquired AIDS in the Unite 60201 Rio de Janeiro - Brazil/ prevalence of HIV infection in low inc 60913 dence among high risk heterosexuals and men who have sex wit 13216 IV-infected T cell using high density oligonucleotide arrays/Quant 380*/11139 ed with HIV infection in attending anonymous test 23359 elated complex among risk groups in Calcutta, India - 10 yea 12141 ican experience/HIV in: 1990-1997 - A Mexican e 23387 mune abnormalities and viral burden in rapid pediatric HIV-1 di 12171 opean and Caucasian /Using condoms or microbi 33157 infection correlate with levels of HIV-RNA in cerebral spinal fl 12195 aviours and practices of attending a pornographic v 60467 I) ~ stavudine (d4T) in /low dose combinations in an antiretro 12241 e HIV seroconversion in /Tests for STDs and hepati 60737 cts in a community with HIV seroprevalence really have TB?/ 12421 CR5A32 and CCR2-64i heterozygosities in the pathogenesis of H 12110 urveillance for HIV and risk behaviors among injection drug u 13124 5 homozygote and A32 heterozygote long-term non-progressors ( 13351 seroincidence among risk heterosexuals and men who have 13216 ts/Positive influence of heterozygous chemokine receptor 5 muta 12116 hould be considered risk for tuberculosis (TB)?/Which HI 13252 V-1-infected individuals for CCR5A32/Increased C 22419 ican gold miners with a prevalence of HIV infection/Drug resi 13254 s/Prevalence of CCR5 deletion in long-term non pr 60250 contributing to reported defaulter rates among patients on TB 13275 epatitis G virus (GBV-C/ HGV ) among homosexual male HIV-patien 22250 ive tuberculosis care in HIV prevalence populations/Evaluati 614*/13276 d patients: Evidence of sexual transmission/Prevalence and 22264 in a male population at risk for HIV infection/Prevalence of m 13289 /High detection rate of in blood plasma, but not seminal fluid 32101 d risk behaviors among school students in Chaing-mai, Thaila 13513 n of CD8+Tcellsinvivo/ HHV-6-independent HIV-1-infection of C 21130 Petersburg students of schools and colleges/Survey of infor 13516 osexual transmission of HHV-8/KSHV /Lack of serological evidenc 31188 information in Brazilian school communities/Formation of mu 13523 of HIV seroconversion/ HHV-8 seropositivity and risk of developing 13310 n students of four public scool from Venado Tuerto, Argentina 13544 Kaposis sarcoma (KS)/,proliferation, apoptosis and ploidy i 620*/22282 te dlvoire/AIDS/IEC in schools and at the University of C6te 13551 e of and risk factors for infection among women participant 31190 S and sexuality among school students in Tibilisi, Georgia/K 14116 on of IgG antibodies to in HIV-1 positive individuals and nor 31192 n sex and sexuality and risk behaviour patterns in Hosur, Tiru 14123 s from three continents/ Clades in Kaposis sarcoma lesions 31193 nhibitors gambling with risk sex?/Russian roulette: Are perso 14143 body response against by immunofluorescence assay (IFA 31195 viors among women at risk for HIV infection/Childhood sexu 14160 uman herpesvirus 8 ( ) among clients attending sexually tr 31197 ultural determinants of risk behaviour amongst groups at hei 14199 KS) patients in Russia/ antibodies in AIDS-related Kaposis 31198 tervention program for school students/Evaluation results fr 37*/14249 HIV-1 infected patients/ sequence variability in French HIV- 60318 Rico/Issues in studying risk populations in diverse locations: 14297 V disease/Influence of infection on the course of HIV disea 60646 S transmission among school students in a megacity from th 14311 exual men/Presence of HHV 8 antibodies correlates with sexual be 31194 ual intercourse among school students in the United States/ 14329 Human herpesvirus 8 ( 8) infection of peripheral blood cells (P 31196 den of tuberculosis and rate of drug resistance in an HIV epic 452*/22131 /A prospective study of 8 prevalence in patients presenting at 60519 ource-poor setting with HIV prevalence/A simple, effective al 22146 alysis regarding KSHV/ 8 infection in populations from Ugand 60723 ilis in a population with prevalence and incidence of HIV: Exp 22197 substitution? Impact of hierarchical messages on womens evalu 33479 f low (3.0 mg/ml) and (6.6 mg/ml) dose fomivirsen for the tr 22245 womens risk reduction hierarchy /Reduced STD reinfection and 33153 Paulo, Brazil/Trends in risk behavior in an open cohort of 600 23111 exposure to a safer-sex?/Do women abandon condoms 33276 cisco gay men include UAI rates with a partner of unknown o 23116 S multisite sample/Are high-frequency amphetamine injectors at 60254 jority of men who have risk sex with men/Improved antiretro 23130 mplete remission of an high-grade lymphoma obtained with HAA 22293 ordant couples! A silent risk group in HIV transmission, a case 23165 men/High incidence of anal squamous intraepithelial I 22302 da/HIV discordant and risk HIV negative couples: Preliminar 23166 ions of an AIDS-related non-Hodgkins lymphoma with 60817 he CCR5 gene gives a degree of protection against HIV infec 23255 artial herd immunity in a high-prevalence HIV sub-community: Fir 43486 r to HIV testing among risk pregnant women in New Orleans, 23298 em methadone clinics/ High-risk drug use and sex trading among 60559 nd HTLV-II in children at risk for HIV-1 infection from Sao Paul 23307 tervention for changing high-risk HIV behaviors of African-Americ 13402 V-1 isolates related to a viral load under AZT treatment/Moth 23308 ble Diseases Act on the behaviour of HIV-infected individ 14268 ry employed workers in AIDS risk countries/Monitoring knowl 23339 itive escape theory to a drug use and sexual setting/App 23113 ambulatory setting with HIV-1 seroprevalence/Pelvic inflam 23348 with men/Predictors of sexual behavior in a sample of H 23122 ntemporary cohort of of risk men who have sex with men (MS 23350 associated risk among, young men who have sex with 23138 Zimbabwean men with prevalence and incidence of HIV/Acq 23363 ients/Cocaine use and sexual activity among STD clinic 23414 evalence of HIV among and low risk pregnant women in Edin 23469 dy/Retention of (HIV-) women enrolled in the HIVNET v 23447 roprevalence in spite of risk behaviour in nine Swedish prison 23552 n (WSWs) enrolled in a US cohort/HIV risk behaviors a 23500 IV: An intervention in a seroprevalence neighborhood/The i 24297 axis (PEP) for episodic sexual behavior by men who hav 576*/33183 y seroconvertors have neutralizing activities with respect to t 31105 esting referrals given to negatives increase prevention s 33273 mmune response in a risk group for developing tuberculosis 31207 g with HIV positive and adolescents and young adults/T 34146 g HIV-seropositive and risk HIV seronegative women/Tricho 32130 mong men who have sex with men in San Francisco/ 43107 and women/Effect of a protein diet upon protein metabolism i 32166 mong men who have sex with men in San Francisco, 60386 s in a community with a seroprevalence of HIV infection/Meni 32216 s shelter among men at for HIV/Tuberculosis outbreak a 60924 n HIV/AIDS patients/A rate of psychiatric comorbidity in Sout 32258 prevention program for groups in a suburban region/Out 60935 r of treatment failure in acting antiretroviral therapy (HAART) 233*/32282 ologic characterization/ High viral load in in children long-term non 13356 ationin HIV+ and HIV- risk women/Continuity of medical car 502*/32411 y students in Colombia/ risk sexual practices among universit 14129 obicides in Zimbabwe is /Acceptability of vaginal microbicides 33134

Page  78 78 high* history vention (PEP) following 12th World AIDS Conference -- Keyword Abstract risk sexual or injection drug use: A mo 249*/33172 hylaxis (PEP) following risk sexual exposure: Opportunities f des and interest among risk HIV-negative US populations/Or country with extremely HIV prevalence levels/Readiness for developing country with prevalence levels/Critical realities of y influencers to reduce risk behaviour among street children i nd health education in a risk setting/A controlled trial of condo counsellor trained for a institution of learning faces as she/he orphans in an area with HIV seroprevalence/A residential trai ed organizations in two HIV prevalence areas/Collaborative ection of HIV-1 DNA/A input PCR method (Mega-PCR) forth nce a semi-automated, sensitivity, quantitative assay for HIVoural intervention with risk gay men attending and STD clinic S among a middle class school and a police academy in Rosa an inner-city hospital of HIV seroprevalence/A novel HIV trac HIV/STD prevention in risk, low prevalence Asian nations: B ntervention on youth at risk in Bali, Indonesia/lmplementatio /Contributing factors to rate of HIV transmission among the c building in a state with a incidence of perinatal HIV infection/C and relation a mother to risk group at Ukrainian women/Correl migrant workers/Do all risk behaviors come from abroad? A uce HIV among youth in risk situations/Implementing progra seroprevalence among and low risk women in Costa Rica, 19 es among US women at risk of HIV infection, Vaccine Prepare sol deficiency related to dose megestrol acetate therapy/Sev a Spanish region with a incidence of tuberculosis/Transmissi enance treatment with dosage buprenorphine/Care of drug d non-progressors with virus load/Virological and immunolog 1 and 11 antibodies in a risk group for HIV infection in Belem, incarcerated women at risk for HIV/Risk denial among incarc mmunity in the Lesotho highlands /Sexually transmitted diseases uths in the Guatemalan /Consciousness raising schoolive CD8+ T cell counts/ Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR cd45ra+ t-helper cells/ active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR y health center (CHC)/ active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR s and lymphoid tissues/ sensitive HIV RNA quantitation fro lification of HIV-2 DNA/ sensitive method for amplification o /Fighting a new virus: useless laws (HULs)/Fighting a ne ency viruses involves a highly conserved envelope residue/Corec eservoirs in patients on active antiretroviral therapy: Implica -1 infection/Impact of a active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR rom India/Unique and novel HIV-1 strains in HIV-1 + HIV-2 th HIV and response to active anti-retroviral therapy (HAAR evirapine: A convenient active triple combination for first line eterminants of failure of active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR city after introduction of active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR oteinase inhibitor based effective antiretroviral therapy (HEA ocyte function/Effect of active antiretroviral treatment (HAA nfections or death after active antiretroviral treatment/Cha V infections in the era of active antiretroviral treatment (HAA decreasing?/Impact of active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR are utilization related to active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR ed in 1996, when use of active antiviral therapy (HAART) be nts in France/Impact of active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 33173 33193 33261 33306 33359 33383 33583 34143 34338 41150 42168 43311 43399 43429 43523 43538 60098 60169 60247 60268 60290 60332 60350 60367 60544 60656 60702 60745 60861 13123 13524 22345 32317 32334 41133 41158 44114 11115 273*/11150 11155 11165 12190 12239 12271 12288 12298 12322 12331 12345 13202 13239 13307 13318 SKeyword Abstract -- ndidosis/The impact of aggressive antiretroviral therapy (H 31217 ad and are improved by active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 32139 nfected persons taking active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 32199 tabilization of PML by active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 32209 iremia in responders to active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 32241 herapy in responders to active antiretroviral therapy/Uneve 32242 radoxical responses to active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 32286 otease inhibitor-based active antiretroviral therapy/The cli 32305 o optimise adherence to active antiretroviral treatment/Strat 388*/32322 mprove adherence to active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 32333 study (SHCS)/Why is active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 446*/32335 ance/Patient choice of active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 32356 n HIV+ patients failing active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 32357 ve them/Adherence to active antiretroviral treatments (HA 32367 etroviral responses to active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 32380 liance in the efficacy of active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 32385 successful response to active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 32388 nner city/Adherence to active antiretroviral therapy among 32389 patients adherence to active anti-retroviral therapy (HAAR 32397 udy (GAPS): The use of active antiretroviral therapy/Geriatr 32417 up since the outcome of active antiretroviral therapy/HIV pe 34251 2/Murex HIV-1.2.0 is a sensitive and specific assay for anti 41106 rge cohort treated with active antiretroviral therapies at adv 41179 HIV-1/2 EIA DAGS II: A sensitive assay based entirely on c 42108 Different analyses give variable estimates of HIV-1 RNA un 42204 Is of indinavir (IDV) are predictive of virological treatment fa 42275 V infection in the era of active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 42412 valuating the impact of active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 43525 nt/Early treatment with active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 44243 d CD4 count/Changing active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 60178 R in the first 6 months of active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 60180 d women/The effect of active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 60289 T)/Hepatitis B flare after active antiretroviral treatment (HAA 60323 hy?/Patients declining active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 60336 edication adherence to active antiretroviral therapy/A cros 60465 vir as rescue therapy in experienced patients/Hour drug th 60480 dy mass index/Effect of active antiretroviral therapy on patie 60509 o assess the difficulty to active antiretroviral treatments (HA 60535 erved therapy (DOT) of active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 60582 m Bank on the National Highway /Experience of Condom Bank o 33102 SWS along the National 7 at Hosur, Tamilnadu/Interventi 33107 ties along the National,migration of menfolk to big cities 60082 S prevention program in highway rural area of Nepal/AIDS prevent 33117 g truckers on a national /Needs assessment design amo 43346 g truck drivers along the highways /Referral system for STD mana 23565 ruckers on north Indian /Prevention of HIV/AIDS/STDs 33374 nn girls working along connecting China and Vietnam/ 43281 ations/Taxonomy of the Hijda community in Mumbai Metro and its i 13430 h outreach amongst the Hijra (transvestite) community of Peshawa 23342 HIV/AIDS in Cameroon/ Hindrances from religion and traditional m 60951 th information provider ( HIP )/Uganda healtnet project - a health inf 34375 nts with HIV infection in Hiroshima area, Japan/Isolation and anal 60586 tegies by Asian, Black, Hispanic, and White young men, age 18 to 14212 es among Asian, Black,, and White women, age 18-25 y 14219 s among Asian, Black,, and White US women, age 18 to 14330 Factors associated in a cohort with effective adherence 32403 y African-American and women/Evaluation of the female 33131 human lymphoid tissue histoculture /HIV-induced immunodeficie 21149 stantaneous heart rate histogram in HIV positive individuals/Late 12112 V infection/Evidence of histologic changes in the tonsil during pri 21128 y leukoplakia: A clinical, histological, cytological and immunohisto 41167 al oral hairy leukoplakia: Histopathological features/Sub-clinical o 60515 ase control study/Liver histopathology and virological findings in 32114 ction and AIDS/Hepatic in HIV infection and AIDS 60015 vival in French Guiana I/ Histoplasmosis survival in French Guian 22217 stics of HIV-associated histoplasmosis in Argentina/Characterist 13243 patients/Disseminated in AIDS patients/Dissemi 22224 ion of AIDS-associated in Uruguay/Clinical manif 22227 S/Acute disseminated and Pneumocystis carinii 22228 clue to the diagnosis of /Serum LDH level as a clu 60008 of HIV positive youth: A historical perspective of Bay area young p 34246 eer-led presentations at historically black college and university c 60511 Impact as a product of historicization with the epidemic/Medico- 24146 rence in HIV+ persons/ History of drug use and adherence in HIV+ 391*/32366 patients and the natural history of HIV and TB co-infection/Charac 13260 aking a sexual and drug as part of HIV prevention/Training 13481 k taking and HIV testing among gay men in the UK/Treatm 14159 sease in patients with a of CMV retinitis receiving protease 16*/22239 hort study of the natural of undetectable HIV RNA induced 22377 infection on the natural of anal human papillomavirus infec 23114 served effectiveness of es in patients receiving t single cell level during d protection against the h montanide ISA720 is HIV+ patients/Effect of g of clarithromycin and isseminated MAC and fection after initiating of nitis in AIDS patients on sarcoma (KS)/Effect of hemotherapy (CT) and sitive women receiving se in patients receiving IV patients receiving en in care/The effect of d deaths/The impact of ral combination proves vanced HIV disease on T) era/Home care in the T cell responses during V-infected patients after (CCR5) genotype in n HIV patients receiving ation within 6 months of HIV-infected patients on active antiretroviral therapy/Long-t 187*/13349 active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 269*/21112 active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 221*/21176 pathogenic SIVmac251 dependenc 548*/21200 immunogenic and induces neutraliz 21216 aggressive antiretroviral therapy on 22103 active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 22114 active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 22171 active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 22172 active antirretroviral treatment (HA 22271 active antiretroviral treatment (HAA 617*/22275 active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 22289 active antiretroviral treatments (HA 22312 active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 22342 active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 22351 active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 22365 active antiretroviral therapy on HIV- 22373 or poorly effective in treatment-naiv 22382 active anti-retroviral therapy (HAAR 345*/22412 active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 22449 active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 113*/31134 active antiretroviral treatment (HAA 111*/31142 exposed but persistently seronegati 31147 active combination therapy/Down r 110*/31165 active antiretroviral therapy/Partial 31174 active antiretroviral therapy (HAAR 338*/31186

Page  79 history * HIV-1 79 12th World AIDS Conference - Keyword Abstract -- mong IDUs and natural of HIV infection in Ruili, China, 199 23244 ecombinant strains of ed sex workers with no of injecting drug use, in New York c 23407 V3-loop amino acids of /AIDS in prisons - The of life in prison as an indicator of ris 23555 ity and diversity among e aetiology and natural of neutropenia in HIV disease/The 32152 n/Genetic evolution of record important family and personal information for their c 33360 ntrapatient variability of ited States/HIV testing among adults in the United States/ 43140 for the quantification of eaving sex work: Work in a cohort of female sex workers in 43257 ization of South African h application to natural studies/Estimation of date of HIV- 43472 ull-length sequences of the medical and dental questionnaire of HIV+/AIDS patien 60248 nic epitopes shared by mbai, India/The natural of HIV-1/2 in Mumbai, India/The n 60331 enetic recombination of ngeneic lymphocytes in HIV-1-discordant identical twins/In vivo p 346*/42322 ces in Mexico between or 5 (CCR5) gene in an HIV-1-infected patient/Homozygous 32 b 12105 ersubtype recombinant antiretroviral therapy in patients/Positive influence 12116 dlvoire/Distribution of of disease among 2261 patients at a hospital in Ba 12144 scape recombinants of s in long-term culture of cells/Drug combination stu 12362 3 sequence diversity of of CD4+ T cell death in subjects: Inhibition by anti- 21160 encing of 4 East African n by TNF-a produced by macrophages/Stimulation 21168 nfections in Cameroon/ nulomatous hepatitis in patients/Fever of unknown 22134 netic characterization of ponse to IL-2 therapy in individuals heterozygous f 22419 geny-based analysis of hocyte (CTL) activity in Ugandan adults/Cross-cla 31139 y in Cameroon/Study of ne antibodies in sera of patients/Anti-chemokine a 31161 munological evaluation/ red by flow cytometry in subjects/CMV disease stat 31180 typing in distinguishing d after anti-retroviral in subjects: A four-year follow 41193 n/Cloning of full-length -cell count in a group of South African patients/Abil 42187 f the genetic diversity of he peripheral nerve in individuals under stavudin 60023 /A unique recombinant and monokine levels in patients with CD4+ T lymp 60132 he 1960s and 1970s/ ctivity of nitric oxide in cells/Apoptotic activity of n 60255 PCR-FLP/Subtyping of o/HHV-6-independent HIV-1-infection of CD8+ T cells in vivo/HH 21130 scape recombinants of system/Antigenicity of HIV-1-like Gag-V3 chimeric particles expre 21204 G-A hypermutation on ion and enumeration of HIV-1-producing cells by ELISPOT (Enzy 42131 n of genetic subtypes of n therapy/Worsening of HIV-1-related immune thrombocytopenia i 32154 Brazil/Seroreactivity to kits for quantification of HIV-1-RNA in an open, prospective study i 60504 ariability in Morocco/ ous primers to quantify in clinical plasma samples/Ultr 60886 acterization of Russian des in treatment-naive HIV-1-seropositive persons/Activity of sof 12145 e phenotype of primary Bulk measurements of HIV-1-specific cytolytic T lymphocyte activ 31156 Vaginal transmission of of genetically modified, syngeneic lymphocytes in 346*/42322 mpanzees/Dynamics of agonists/Modulation of HIV-1 infection by CCR5 antagonists/Mod 56*/11103 BC) prevents spread of f tion of CCR5-mediated s and cellular targets for ant macrophage-tropic -receptors used by NSI o-receptor usage of an use and MT2 tropism of usage of tissue-derived blocks T-cell line-tropic lecular determinants of ependent dual receptor ad repeat sequence of S therapy/Inhibition of he E89G substitution in activation of integrated 66 during the course of eat shock modulation of g and HIV-1 replication/ al RNA and protease of nsmission of immature ntification of a minimum n viral infection/Role of P) by expression of the hemical localizations of /Cell cycle G2 arrest by s in mice transgenic for lecular mechanisms of 5/CD95L pathway/The a B patients after clonal of infection/Diversity of ines in the shedding of ynamics during primary mproved suppression of operational?/Fitness of II stages of infection/ ersistently infected with infection/Interaction of n different subtypes of ecular epidemiology of onoclonal antibodies to Unique and highly novel okine receptor usage of y/Co-receptor usage of /Analysis of full-length infection by ccr5A32/Mechanism of 54*/11105 s in the pathogenesis of in the human female genital tract/Co 10*/11106 ubjects co-infected with selected by passage in cell culture/I 11110 m as determinant of the strains that infect CD4+ T-cell lines, 11111 copper, and mortality in isolate derived from HIV +ve person 11112 T-cell count/The role of chimeric clones having envelope V3 11113 Uganda/Progression of primary isolates obtained from patie 11116 e of death in a cohort of entry/A small molecule CXCR4 inhib 11117 ncy/Control of maternal tropism for human colonic cells and a 11118 a/Influence of maternal infection vs. single receptor chemota 11120 n reduction of perinatal gp41 dominantly interferes with wild- 11121 tality and neoplasms of reverse transcription by actinomycin 376*/11124 eceptor gene in vertical reverse transcriptase in regard to inc 11125 ty and mortality among genomes in cell culture by CpG meth 11127 nization does not affect infection/Potential protective effect 11128 urden in rapid pediatric infection/Heat shock modulation of 11129 n one year after primary Vif is an endogenous inhibitor of HIV- 377*/11130 mbasa, Kenya/Primary on infectious virion assembly/The im 379*/11131 cute viral and chronic during protease inhibitor treatment o 11132 inistered since primary gag sequence required for particle a 11134 ir (141W94) therapy in capsid phosphorylation in viral infecti 11135 s and CD4 increases in gag gene in a Baculovirus system/Pr 11136 maintenance therapy in Gag proteins and formation of O-sha 11138 DV) to reduce perinatal Vpr is not responsible for Vpr-induce 11141 rogression of chronic Vpr/T cell apoptosis in mice transge 11142 D for the treatment of nuclear import: matrix antigen and V 381*/11144 minantly infected with Nef protein induces CD4+ T-cell apo 11145 NVP) can reduce CSF infection/Diversification of nef and v 11146 d children with perinatal long terminal repeat sequences deri 11148 f nelfinavir in paediatric in semen/Seminal cell-associated vi 279*/11151 ritonavir in children with infection/Impact of a highly active an 11155 of HIV-1 protease/Antireplication over triple therapy/Altern 11156 (NVP): Suppression of RT mutants: Is MOllers ratchet opera 11157 lity for the resistance of cellular RNA load arise in late stage 11158 /Two-year durability of /Characterization of a new long-term 11159 el series of dimerization and hepatitis B virus (HBV) in mixed i 11160 C in antiretroviral-naive can recombine and initiate a spreadi 11161 d functional changes in genetic subtypes in West and Centra 430*/11163 V) plus 1 nucleoside in /Immunologically-defined subgroups 11164 nd lamivudine (3TC) in strains in HIV-1 + HIV-2 co-infected 11165 sine a novel inhibitor of primary isolates of different genetic s 9*/11166 t nuclear localization of isolates of different subtypes derived 211*/11167 cohort of symptomatic RNA genomic sequences in the geni 11169 urveillance for group O - Keyword Abstract are frequently found among new full I 435*/11170 group O strains in Cameroun/Variab 11171 isolates from the Philippines/V3 Loo 11172 subtype A in African children present 11173 group O ANT70 during a ten year foil 11174 viral load in plasma: Influence of the 11175 isolates/Neutralization of South Afri 11176 subtypes A-J: Inter-subtype recombi 11177 virions of different genetic subtypes ( 11178 strains identified in China/Genetic re 429*/11179 subtype B, sexual preferences and r 11180 /The global spread of subtypes and i 11181 subtypes among HIV-1 positive tube 11182 in a dual-infected transfusion recipie 11183 subtype E in infected mothers and th 11184 reveals 2 recombinants and a geogr 11186 group M and HIV-1 group O co-infect 432*/11187 subtypes in Cameroon/Serologic an 11189 evolution in vivo/Phylogeny-based a 11190 env variability in Cameroon/Study of 11191 subtype D infection in Brazil: Molecul 11192 subtype B from non-B/Discordances 11193 genomes from recent infections in In 11194 group 0/Analysis of the genetic dive 11195,mixing subtypes A and H, found in a 11196 intrasubtype diversification originate 11197 in Mexico by envHMA and gagPCR- 11198 in a dually-infected transfusion recipi 11199 genome/Possible restrictions of G- 11200 from Korean patients with advanced 11201 peptides in pregnant women in Porto 11202 variability in Morocco/ 11203 subtype B isolate with unusual V3 lo 11204 isolates and their susceptibility to ne 11211 in Hu-PBL-SCID mice/Vaginal trans 11215 subtype B and E strains after simulta 11223 in brain tissue of SCID mice with HIV 556*/11233 infection/Role of CCR5A32 and CC 12110 and HTLV-2/CD4+ lymphocyte coun 12113 viral load/Haptoglobin polymorphis 12115 infected homosexual men/Plasma zi 12118 phenotype in viral pathogenesis and 12126 disease in rural Uganda/Progressio 12131 infected adults in Uganda/Outcome 12143 disease during pregnancy/Control o 459*/12151 and HIV-2 on child survival in Gambi 214*/12153 transmission/The potential role of int 12156 infected children: Long-term follow-u 12160 transmission and disease progressio 12162 infected and uninfected Kenyan chil 12163 progression in perinatally infected ch 12170 disease/Heart, lung, and immune ab 12171 infection with a zidovudine-resistant 12184 infection: Clinical manifestations am 333*/12186 infection: Persistently expanded me 12189 infection (PHI)/Long-term evaluatio 12199 infected antiretroviral naive subjects 286*/12204 infected patients with Rescriptor (DL 129*/12219 infection: Early results/ADAM study. 12229 transmission in PACTG 076/Lack of 12233 infected patients in very early stages 12238 infection in a Thai study population/ 12240 clade E/Study HIV-NAT 002: The sa 12241 viral load in pediatric patients with ad 12253 infection/Response to ritonavir in se 12254 infection/UK experience of nelfinavir 12258 /Combination antiretroviral therapy i 12259 activity of and HIV-1 resistance profil 12270 RNA to fewer than 50 copies/ml duri 12275 protease inhibitors/Importance of m 12277 load suppression in patients treated 12279 protease inhibitors/Peptidic tongs 12289 infected patients/Fortovase (saqui 12301 infected patient during HAART/Lym 12302 infected patients/Potent and conven 12314 infected individuals/An open-label r 12357 replication/(-)-/-D-2,6-diaminopuri 12358 genome/Novel anti-retroviral compo 12370 infected adults in Nairobi, Kenya/Ev 12407 infections among African-born HIV in 13103

Page  80 80 HIV-1 * HIV-1 n/7-year trends in adult of SIV and the origin of Tanzania/Incidence of lecular epidemiology of ng/Genetic diversity of A)/Characterization of alence and incidence of ants in Tanzania/V3 of DNA during pregnancy/ I/Seroepidemiology of pecificity for serotyping ypic characterization of ecular epidemiology of n Bangkok, Thailand/ ogic characterization of wo distinct subtypes of acterization of incident /Surveillance trends of ecular epidemiology of mple method for typing pines/V3 serotyping of ning seroprevalence of s for new infection with wan/Rapid detection of pes in young Thai men/ ecular epidemiology of y analysis of subtype E nd/Genetic diversity of HIV epidemic in Brazil/ from Sao Paulo, Brazil/ ng in Sao Paulo, Brazil/ graphic characteristics/ Argentina/At least four pidemic in Kaliningrad/ ion in southern France/ etic characterization of als in The Netherlands/ tzerland/Distribution of 96-1997/Prevalence of /Increasing diversity of ero- and genotyping of infection in Russia and lecular epidemiology of types in different cities/ demic/Epidemiology of nvertors/Prevalence of vidence for evolution of tates/Prevalence of Abidjan, C6te dlvoire/ ala, Uganda/Trends of echanism for enhanced son of survival between rum malaria illness and Us) newly infected with I-associated infectious en cohorts infected with nfection as compared to ectin variant alleles on Patterns of longitudinal bidjan, C6te dlvoire/ bidjan, C6te dlvoire/ DS up to 1996 in 13,000 ase progression in 664 disease progression in s genetic background of nuated quasi species of r verically infected with ted children/Pattern of en with recent perinatal ts/CCR5 genotype and ssociated with perinatal progression in perinatal r-specific differences in infected recipients of a e relationship between ulo, Brazil/Detection of es differ in time to AIDS/ ouse system/Control of ymphocyte depletion in /Infection with different 12th World AIDS Conference -Keyword Abstract -Keyword Abstract prevalence, incidence and mortality i 13106 ance to mother-to-child and HIV-2 in Africa: The role of unste 13107 CD4 and CD8 T-cells in infection and associated risk factors i 13108 ogical characteristics of in Uganda/The molecular epidemiol 431*/13109 al therapy/Induction of in Tanzania: Use of heteroduplex mo 13110 markers/Symptomatic subtypes in Senegal by heteroduple 13112 genitor cells (CD34+) of infection in population-based studies 13114 mino acid signatures of subtype C is over-represented in inte 13115 D4 Thl cells specific for subtype and shedding of cervicovagi 13117 ransition to progressive /2 infections among patients attendin 13120 s in vivo correlates with in Uganda by use of V3 and gp41 env 13121 ection from subsequent from migrant workers on three South 13122 ood-brain barrier during in KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and the 13125 okines/Upregulation of incidence, subtypes, and follow-up in 13127 nal transduction due to in Myanmar (Burma)/Genetic and se 13130 r by human monocytes/ among injecting drug users in southe 13131 rion/Saliva neutralizes subtype B and E strains from injectin 13133 diate significantly less subtypes B and E throughout Thaila 13134 nd Th2-type conditions/ infection in the Philippines, 1985-19 13137 nd inhibits apoptosis/ (B, E) by PCR: Chronological shift of 13138 tus (NuMA) protein by infection in the Philippines/V3 seroty 13140 se activity/The effect of among child-bearing women in uppe 13143 of HIV-1 infected cells/ subtypes B and E among injecting dr 13144 ring of CD30 enhances subtype E infection by polymerase c 13146 ix with a primary isolate seroprevalence and distribution of se 13147 reased susceptibility to in Taiwan: Heterosexual males with 13148 ypic characterization of strains epidemic in Shenzhen/Molec 13149 al features for Russian subtype E from recent seroconverter 13155 duction of interferon by dual infections and recombinants are 13156 lecules during primary subtypes B and F circulating in childr 13157 ential effects of IL-4 on subtypes circulating in Sao Paulo, Br 434*/13162 els during the course of subtyping in Bahia, Brazil: A state wit 13169 eutralization of primary genotypes circulate in Rosario, Arge 13175 g immune responses to genetic subtype A/B recombinant str 13190 ects with other subtype clade distribution in southern France 13193 duced by a consecutive in Russia: Evidence of increasing inf 13194 combinant gp120 SF2/ subtypes and viruses specific for Dut 13195 e distribution and fate of env subtypes in patients in Switzerla 13198 cid vaccination against subtypes in France, 1996-1997/Pre 13199 ctored vaccine against serotypes in French blood donors (1 13204 s vector/Antigenicity of variants circulating on the territory of 13205 y designed vaccines for subtypes isolated in Russia in 1994- 436*/13206 negative infants born to in Switzerland/Molecular epidemiolo 13207 A immunization against sero- and genotyping of HIV/AIDS o 13209 0-depleted inactivated seroconversion among young adults 518*/13212 al immunizing route for resistance mutations in a US military 13215 munization with a novel within behavioral risk groups in San 13217 uberculosis infection in group M, non-B subtypes in a Bronx, 13225 ulosis (TB) treatment in RNA plasma viral load and CD4 cou 13271 nii and T. gondii in adult infection among pulmonary tubercul 610*/13273 lence of co-infection by transmission?/lncreased IL-10 in th 13280 une status in a cohort of and HIV-2 in the Gambia, West Afric 13294 thelial neoplasia/Local RNA viral burden/The association b 13297 plasia/Relationship of subtypes B and E, Bangkok/Viral lo 191*/13302 undetermined origin in viral load beneficial in predicting HIV 13308 nd lamivudine (3TC) in subtypes B and C/Comparison of vir 13314 DV) versus indinavir in infection/Incidence of disease after 13319 saquinavir) therapy in disease progression in 426 patients 13320 ollowing treatment with viral load after seroconversion assoc 13322 tification of reservoir of plasma viral load in tuberculosis pati 13328 amivudine (HAART) in plasma viral load and CD4 counts in 13329 vs. 3TC + d4T + SQV in seroconverters/Survival and progre 13337 e or AZT - Experienced seroconverted injecting drug users in 192*/13338 apy initiated at primary infection/Psychological and neurops 595*/13345 nalogue experienced infected long-term non-progressors i 12*/13346 udine, and indinavir in: Long-term non-progression/The Sy 13350 P/ddl/3TC) for the IVDU: Immunologic characterization/High 13356 ariable suppression of RNA load from birth to school-age in 13361 n during combined anti infection/Increase based AIDS-free 13362 nes/Immunotherapy for infection in perinatally-exposed infan 215*/13365 IG for the prevention of subtype E infection, Bangkok, Thaila 13366 murabutide/Inhibition of infection/Disease progression in per 13371 actors for acquisition of RNA level in a longitudinal study of H 13379 ya/Serodiscordance of contaminated clotting factor concent 13380 e Gambia: Risk factors/ load and progression to AIDS/Gend 13384 mples in Quebec City/ infection in individuals treated in an e 13394 ntravenous drug users/ subtypes differ in time to AIDS/ 277*/21101 o, Brazil/Prevalence of proliferation and pathogenesis with h 276*/21102 d transmission (LPT) of infection/Limited CD4+ T-cell renew 270*/21103 o-infant transmission of subtypes (B or C) result in similar im 21105 nt/Decreased perinatal transmission/CCR-5 genotype may 11*/21107 infection until end stage disease/Inc 268*/21108 strains from patients with AIDS dem 21110 replication by influenza vaccination (I 21113 seroconversion correlates with clinic 21116 infected patients/Telomerase activit 21118 envelope sequences in human brain 21122 antigens are associated with long-ter 21126 Infection: Attenuating sequences/Lo 21127 disease progression/Adaptation to p 8*/21134 infection/In vitro evidence of HIV-2 p 21136 encephalitis/Microglia secrete chem 21138 replication by /-chemokines/Upreg 21139 envelope interactions with the CD4/ 21140 Tat protein promotes the synthesis o 21141 infection by displacing envelope gpl 21143 upregulation/The effect of mycobact 21145 strain dependent preferences in Thl 21146 Nef associates with the tumour supp 21148 protease may play a role in cytopath 21150 infection on CD45 phosphatase activ 21151 infection induces alterations in cellul 21152 replication in acutely infected primar 21153 subtype E/lnfection of human cervix 21155 infection of peripheral blood mononu 21156 subtype E isolated from blood and ge 21157 isolates/Relationships between cell 21158 /Involvement of chemokine receptor 21172 infection. Relationship with HIV-1 R 21173 expression suggest a role in viral phe 218*/21174 infection/Changes in serum interleu 21187 isolates by antisera induced upon im 550*/21194 /Multi-subtype envelope-based DNA 551*/21196 infection in Thailand: One year interi 21197 DNA and avipox vaccine regimen/Pr 549*/21198 cross-clade lymphoproliferative resp 497*/21201 DNA vaccine in BALB/c mice/Tissue 21203 toward strong systemic and mucosal 21205 clade E strain/Construction and char 21206 envelope glycoproteins from either p 21207 through the use of molecular adjuva 21208 but not HIV-2 positive mothers fail to 21210 /Three types of env and gag-containi 21211 immunogen (RemuneT) on the contr 21212 DNA vaccine/Intranasal administrati 21213 V3 recombinant multi-epitope polype 21215 infected patients with prolonged feve 22138 infected Ugandan adults/Ethambuto 454*/22140 infected individuals with stable CD4 22179 and others sexual/parenteral transmi 22195 infected adults in Entebbe, Uganda/ 130*/22236 expression in the female genital tract 22310 RNA copies in plasma and CD4 coun 22317 infected patients/Usefulness of bon 22329 infected patients [DMP 266-004]/A d 22340 infected patients receiving nucleosid 22343 experienced patients (ZDV + ddC/dd 22344 protease inhibitors/Efficacy of the co 22357 in CD4 cells in infants and children re 22358 infected children: Kinetics of immune 22362 infected patients previously treated 22376 infected adult patients/Same antiretr 22382 infection/Full compliance sustains vi 22384 infected patients: Characterization in 22386 infected individuals/Plasma viral loa 22393 infected population of the Frankfurt 22398 replication in patients treated with ne 22400 IL-2 therapy/Chemokines and chem 22416 infection using DNA based vaccines 22418 vertical transmission in Uganda/Pha 22422 replication in reservoir cells by the sa 22424 among heterosexual men: Prospecti 23150 among pregnancy women in Nairobi, 23153 and HIV-2 infection in pregnant wom 23164 infection among drug users attendin 23182 and HTLV infection in northeast Braz 23231 subtypes and co-infection with HTLV 23248:International multicentre pooled ana 456*/23266 in western Kenya/Association betwe 461*/23268 transmission following elective cesar 23272

Page  81 12th World AIDS Conference HIV-1 e HIV-1 81 - Keyword Abstract - Keyword Abstract vertical transmission of ro/Placenta infection in e response in pregnant o-child transmission of erinatal transmission of etric factors for vertical vertical transmission of to-child transmission of sion?/Does a particular rophylactic zidovudine/ in preventing perinatal hildren at high risk for on of Pol mutant T215Y Vertical transmission of o-child transmission of isease among lactating d/Zidovudine reduces, Brazil/Surveillance of erinatal transmission of ulatory setting with high une, India/Shedding of udy among relatives of ganda/Risk factors for -1 subtypes in Uganda/ udy among relatives of Uganda/Prevalence of pe E infected Thai men/ an women/Changes in ntiretroviral therapy and y than subtype B-Thai/ en plasma and seminal e role in transmission of ct/Active production of on cervical shedding of eral blood/Detection of d clinical features in 125 osexual transmission of defense forces/Risk for Increasingly divergent ecision-making among ant Kenyan prostitutes/ ablished infection with e antibody response in n humoral responses to zing antibodies against aracterization of potent vors of HIV-1 infection/ s infected with different ation of salivary derived d to multiple regions of ponses early following mmunologic correlates/ olonged suppression of TL escape mutations in S-mediated inhibition of workers/New HLA-A11 toxic T cell response to ism and mother to child T lymphocytes (CTL) in cyte reconstitution and -term non-progressing rug-induced variants in dan adults/Cross-clade pecific T cells/Effect of oss-react with different ivated gpl20-depleted cytotoxicity (ADCC) in kines, IL-12 and IL4, on with macrophage tropic II (CTL) activity against dividuals infected with D4+ T-cell production in s expression of CD28 in xpression in paediatric Ilular immunity in acute ens in T lymphocytes of V Ethiopians: Effects of antibodies to HHV-8 in n children with perinatal espiratory conditions in:A meta-analysis from fifteen prospe 23275 al mycobacteria (AM) in transmission in utero/Placenta infec 23277 s regulatory regions by infected women and risk of perinatal 23279 seminal fluid plasma of in Abidjan, C6te dlvoire/Study drug 31*/23280 helial neoplasia (CIN) in and HIV-2 in the Gambia/A commun 23284 nd is a viral reservoir in transmission in Malawi and Brazil/C 23285 ameters correlate with below 3% in the German perinatal co 23291 nd malondialdehyde in:Effect of preventive measures in full 23301 IV infected patients/ subtype strain favor vertical transmis 23302 mmatory cytokines and vertical transmission in the time of pr 23303 als/Cerebrospinal fluid infection in newborns delivered withi 23305 topes on the V3 loop of infection from S.o Paulo, Brazil/No 23307 1 infection/Antigen p24 isolates related to a high viral load un 23308 ear period/Meningitis in in the north of Portugal/Vertical trans 23316 SCS) in asymptomatic group O infection in Yaounde, Came 23318 assess the association/ infected women/Nipple disease am 23319 rent aphthous ulcers in perinatal transmission even if only th 23326 ndividuals with primary accidental contamination among he 23337 reated and drug-naive:Associations with bacterial vaginosi 527*/23347 ease inhibitor resistant seroprevalence/Pelvic inflammatory 23348 utations on different DNA subtypes C and A in genital ulc 23353 n T215Y/F in the same persistently seronegative prostitutes 23354 ce related mutations in infection in a rural population of 15,0 23356 nt regarding the use of heterosexual transmission: relations 23357 tion of mutations in the persistently seronegative prostitutes 23362 with acute and chronic and syphilis among women in Ugand 23383 combination therapy in viral load in blood and semen of subt 23390 r diagnosis of pediatric viral load after discontinuation of oral 23391 eful in reducing vertical shedding from anorectal mucosa/An 23393 vaginal flora, and risk of subtype RNA levels in semen of HIV- 23395 ulticenter evaluation of viral load in antiretroviral-naive Brazil 23399 tection of antibodies to in advanced HIV disease and advan 23401 wi/Sero-prevalence of in the female genital tract/Active pro 23442 Community cohorts for DNA/Effect of intrauterine device us 23453 binant BCG vaccine for in the female genital tract: Associatio 23488 litated DNA vaccine for infected women/Epidemiological an 23496 ermination of prevalent infection among women in Honduras 23506 cebo controlled phase I seroconversion in the Ugandan peop 519*/23507 ses with a combination seroprevalence in male and female c 23560 ant for vaccination with infected women/Determinants of co 24197 el of sexual behavior of specific mucosal IgA in a cohort of HI 329*/31101 ns of secretory IgA with primary isolates in the hu-PBL-SCID 330*/31103 peptide for detection of infection is directed against viral deb 331*/31104 tection of antibodies to envelope early in infection and subs 31107 V-1/O and HIV-2/Murex primary isolates positively correlate 31109 aphic test/Detection of sera able to neutralize 17 primary HI 31113 he Shiloov tube/In vitro specific immune responses and CC- 31114 Performance of calypte strains/Humoral immune response i 31117 zer/Performance of an specific IgA antibodies/Characteriza 31119 n criteria/Sensitivity of subtype E/HIV-specific cytotoxic T ly 599*/31120 r serologic diagnosis of clade-B infection/Cross-clade envel 601*/31122 /Field evaluation of the specific cytotoxic T-lymphocyte resp 600*/31123 evaluation of Amplicor viremia results in profound but incom 112*/31124 r sensitive detection of infection/Rare occurrence of CTL es 31125 nge and performance of infection of macrophages: p38 MAP 31126 asurement by Amplicor subtype E cytotoxic T lymphocyte (C 603*/31127 e assay/Quantitation of proteins among HLA disparate North 602*/31128 apy including indinavir/ transmission in Kenya/Class I MHC 210*/31131 mutations/Genotyping infected children: CTL recognition of 604*/31132 ersions of the Amplicor specific T cell responses during highl 113*/31134 nge of Roche Amplicor infected individual/Recognition of tw 31135 rison of proviral DNA in reverse transcriptase/Cytotoxic T ly 31137 CR) for the detection of specific cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL 31139 plasma RNA for non-B infection on chemokine receptor exp 31141 say for the detection of gag subtypes/Cytotoxic T lymphocyt 31149 nt in situ hybridization to immunogen (REMUNETM) in HIV-1 s 31151 Discrimination between infected patients receiving a recombi 31152 ssay of T- and M-tropic specific CTL activity/Effect of the Th 31153 combination-therapy of BaL/Peripheral blood mononuclear c 31154 deficiency virus type 1 ( proteins is not associated with risk of 31155 ed glucose tolerance in and Mycobacterium tuberculosis is a 31167 ranscriptase inhibitor of infection/Telomere length and telom 271*/31168 f triple combination in infected children: Correlation with pr 31173 /Destruction of gp41 of infection predicts disease progressio 31176 esponse to treatment of infection following antiretroviral thera 115*/31177 st treatment course for (+) individuals/Coexpression of CD6 31181 and characterization of infection/lmmunohaematological ref 31183 nd zidovudine-resistant positive individuals and normal blood 31192 e analogue/Inhibition of infection/Primary infection of human 31201 ations in therapy-naive seropositive adults in Kenya/Clinical 31208 henotypic detection of + patients/Infection by atypical myco 31210 Tat: Transactivation mechanisms of 31223 infected individuals/High detection r 32101 + women/Immunological parameters 32134 patients/The benign cystic lymphoe 32137 plasma viral load and are improved b 32139 infected individuals and patients with 32187 RNA, as measured by the Gen-Prob 32195 associated neurodegeneration: Onc 32200 RNA levels and efavirenz concentrat 32202 gp120 and neuronal cells/Shared an 32217 in cerebrospinal fluid in patients with 32222 infected patients: Results from a sev 32224 infection in Mulago hospital/Materna 32229 infection and miscarriage: A retrospe 32231 (+) and HIV-1(-) patients/Expressio 32250 infection/Frequency of transmission 228*/32280 infected patients as predictor of treat 233*/32282 to a recently infected antiretroviral-n 32288 quasi-species/Patients harbouring b 32296 reverse transcriptase is compatible 32300 pol gene of patients treated with a co 32302 genotyping for a community consorti 32307 reverse transcriptase (RT) gene and 32311 infection/Adherence to quadruple th 32328 positive gay men/Attitudes and age 32331 infection and quantification of virus lo 32442 transmission?/ls incomplete 076 AC 32450 infection and STDs/Vaginal coloniza 33148 RNA levels in dried plasma and whol 33166 group 0 by eight screening and four 33200 and other blood borne diseases amo 33206 vaccine trials in northern Thailand; th 33212 protects cynomolgus monkeys from 33213 prevention/AVEG 031: Phase I eval 33216 subtypes in South Africa and the con 33218 vaccine trial in Uganda/Recruitment 33219 vaccine regimen/CTL and neutralizi 33221 derived multi-epitope polypeptides ( 33224 seropositive Brazilian women/A beli 33320 gp120: Potential pitfalls of anti-HIV E 162*/41101 group M and group 0 infections in ra 41104 /Evaluation of a locally produced part 41105.2.0 is a highly sensitive and specific 41106 subtypes by a new rapid immunochr 41107 antibody induction: Testing of the Shi 41112 urine EIA in three US populations/P 41114, HIV-2 and HIV-1 group 0 immunoas 41115 group M Western Blot for the confirm 41122 and 2/Evaluation of a fast method (H 41125 Amplicor Monitor and NucliSens qua 41127 Monitor with added primer set with q 41128 RNA of diverse origins, including typ 343*/41129 subtypes of the COBASAMPLICOR 41130 Monitor: Analysis of within-lot and be 41134 virus load by a TaqMan -based prod 41137 proviral DNA and plasma RNA chan 41140 reverse transcriptase to detect AZT-r 41143 monitor test with new gag primers, a 41145 Monitor assay using ultra sensitive s 41146 and HIV-2 infected babies in relation 41147 DNA/A high input PCR method (Meg 41150 subtypes using the HIV-1 MonitorTM w 41154 DNA in blood samples from Tanzani 41155 using PCR-generated, single-strand 41159 and HIV-2 by PCR of serologically do 41160, and its application to clinical isolatio 41163 infection/Plasma concentrations of I 41164 ) subtype on HIV antibody detection i 41173 infected patients treated with proteas 179*/41177 /S-1153, a new nonnucleoside rever 553*/41181 experienced patients/The effect of tr 41189 envelope by its catalytic antibody/D 41190 infected children with the protease in 41191 infected treatment-naive patients/Th 41194 resistant to modified cyclodextrin sulf 41198 isolates in vitro/Two- and three-prot 41201 replication by newly developed poly 41205 positive German seroconvertors irre 41208 resistance to lamivudine (3TC) and n 41209

Page  82 82 HIV-1. HIV-1 12th World AIDS Conference SKeyword Abstract SKeyword Abstract ZDV- and ddl-resistant d sequence analysis of ype and new analogs of cation capacity in vitro/ n HAART-experienced ations in the RT gene of f protease mutations in esistance mutations in applications of the LiPA gence of drug-resistant ssay/Semi-quantitative ogramTM) of 945 clinical ssues of asymptomatic RANTES as inhibitor of the CD4 binding site of ssive immunotherapy/ 0-depleted, inactivated em cell gene therapy for ntrakine/Inactivation of c cleavage of unspliced iland/Determination of ooled sera/Detection of ection of antibodies antision of HIV-1 infection/ and non-B subtypes of o distinguish between ing and confirmation of Thailand/Evaluation of noassay to quantify the rmance in determining nsitive Roche Amplicor al load/Cervicovaginal ntiretroviral therapy for aintenance of stable s/Viral load assays and NA levels for monitoring two second generation oche Monitor assays for are/The prevalence of y, quantitative assay for children/Correlation of I DNA/Quantification of erapies/The change of mercial assays/Plasma NA levels in plasma/ ays for quantification of atric cases/Analyzes of f the chemotherapy for ncreasing viral loads in rs in over 1,000 clinical ugs in serial samples of resistance mutations in n untreated patients of ly variable estimates of a/The rate of decline of navir (SQV) determine infusion of autologous om the bone marrow of undly increases risk for nese concentrations in ter cognitive function in and traditional drugs in ly prognostic marker of tion of a cohort study of 0-1997/Surveillance of r plasmatic viral load of easibility of conducting e Tenere desert, Niger/ epharanthine inhibits IV seroprevalence and relation between basal bodies/Role of T-tropic nd drug resistance of netic characterization of bination therapy with a ivudine in South Indian, 1993-1997/Trends in d for the identification of etection of viral RNA of ) + lamivudine (3TC) in variants and natural polymorphism in 41210 ections in patients with group M isolates belonging to differe 41211 ral load in patients with protease/A resistance surmountabl 555*/41212 osocomial outbreak of expressing the 3TC-associated M18 41214 tiretroviral treatment in infected patients: Prediction of respo 41215 ublics/Testing urine for /A comparison of sequencing and a r 41216 A for monitoring plasma genomes detected in plasma and blo 41217 notypes in patients with RT/Line Probe assay compared with 41219 enotypic analysis of the RT mutation detection assay/Novel 41223 nce variability in French strains from patients on long-term dd 41224 a/The natural history of mutation analysis using the Murex-ln 41225 y/A pentapeptide from isolates to abacavir/Susceptibility pr 41226 ariation?/Differences in infected patients/Effect of HAART +/ 41228 DV) in treatment-naive infectivity without impairment of cellu 59*/41231 nhibitor adherence and gpl20/Characterization of T cell exp 41233 spectrum resistance to polymerase chain reaction does not 41236 ar immune responses in in incomplete freunds adjuvant (Re 41237 TL responses in vertical /Clinical trials of stem cell gene thera 41241 us detection of p24 Ag, coreceptors by intrakine/Inactivation 41242 dritic cells with different gag mRNA by the antisense oligonu 41246 dependent/Inhibition of subtypes using dried blood spots (D 161*/42101 ce in language tests by seroconvertors by PCR in antibody-n 42107 entation in zinc deficient /2: Capillus HIV-1/HIV-2/Rapid assa 42113 enically infected with an reverse transcriptase inhibition asso 42115 coccal immunization in group M in specimens submitted to t 42116 rent aphthous ulcers in and HIV-2 infections/Use of Murex H 42121 dividuals/Detection of antibodies in Honduras/Alternative s 42123 etic characterization of RNA assays for diagnosis and quanti 42124 f syncytium-inducing nucleocapsid protein p7/An electroc 42129 aternal transmission of RNA levels present in CDC performa 42142 nital tract/Detection of MonitorTM assay/Multi-center evaluat 42143 otherwise healthy adult RNA levels and plasma viral load/Ce 42148 n during progression of infection: Modeling when to change t 42150 d cervical secretions of RNA in HIV-1 infection prior to AIDS/ 42152 xed cryoglobulinemia in subtypes in European clinical trials/ 42155 macrophages lineage of positive individuals in community ba 42156 ays/Early diagnosis of viral load assays with improved lowe 42158 clisens) for quantifying RNA quantitation/Comparison of Nu 42162 es in Spain/Circulating non-B subtypes in a London HIV/AID 42167 /Multitropism of primary RNA using branched DNA technolog 42168 s of a-MSH peptides on subtype and quantitative PCR RNA 42171 unosuppression in vitro/ proviral DNA/Quantification of 42172 nsible for differences in proviral DNA copy number in periphe 42174 ypic characterization of RNA quantification: Comparative ev 42175 cterization of Ugandan cellular infectious load in peripheral 42176 lecular epidemiology of in cerebrospinal fluid/Comparative e 42177 entina/Identification of viral load (bDNA) in plasma samples 42178 ent/Plasma viral load in infection by an in-house nested RT- 42179 o HIV-2 interference/ infected people with differing clinical 42186 ogressors infected with isolates/Patterns of phenotypic and 230*/42195 t different ages among proviral DNA from treated patients/L 42198 Replication potential of strains from treatment-naive patients 42199 diminished in PBMC of strains with a ZDV-resistance mutati 42200 e particles as carriers of RNA undetectability and log reductio 42204 r-to-child transmission/ RNA in plasma correlates with nelfin 510*/42259, ddl or ddC using LiPA RNA response over a 48-week perio 511*/42261 Nef and Tat proteins on specific gene-modified CD4 and CD 42321 ents/Low frequency of infected persons/ACTG 285: G-CSF 42323 amples/Ultra-sensitive related mortality/Zinc deficiency prof 42337 perinatal tranmission of infected and in noncirrhotic exclusive 42343 miologic risk factors and disease/Increased cobalamin levels 42359 ucation attainment and infected patients in South India/Imm 42395 0 patients infected with disease progression/Serum RANTE 43101 intestinal endoscopy in infection in young men in the Royal T 43382 ral therapy/Viral load in among young Thai men, 1990-1997/ 43422 ndylomata in a cohort of by NASBA technology in 32 laborato 43463 s: Domain mapping and vaccine trials in the United States: R 43543 HIV-1 strains in HIV-1 + seropositity among prostitutes in the 43564 n France/Variability of replication in chronically infected cell 60049 nse to linear epitopes of subtype E among pregnant women i 60058 p to December 1997/ viral load and CD4+ T cell subset in A 60122 ter oral inoculation with V3 loop in viral entry into cells analyz 60161 e of maternal HIV-1 and in saliva and blood/Cell tropism, sub 60171 the origin of HIV-1 and subtypes in Romania/Serologic and 60172 val between HIV-1 and RNA < 400 cps/ml/Switch from indin 60181 cidence of disease after infected patients/Evaluation of the ef 60189 e HIV-1 and dual HIV-1/ seroprevalence and HIV-related risk 60206 ion/In vitro evidence of subtypes (B or E) by RT-PCR/A sim 60229 IV-2 Iberian project)/ subtypes by a PCR and a branched 60230 ts born to HIV-1 but not infected people in Bulgaria/Effects o 60238 Risk factors/HIV-1 and disease/Incidence, type and influen 60263 disease/Influence of toxic factors on 60264 infection in children in Russia: Morbi 60266 infected children: Analysis of a drug- 60294 in five different populations at risk in t 60295 RNA levels/The use of NASBA for m 60306 symptomatic primary infection on ant 60316 reverse transcriptase gene using diff 60317 infected patients/HHV-8 sequence v 60318 /2 in Mumbai, India/The natural histo 60331 gp120 V3 region is reducing PC12 n 60334 p24 antigen production - A phenotyp 60344 patients with 50-250 CD4 cells/mm3 60358 RNA response/Protease inhibitor ad 60363 strains by antisense sequences expr 60375 infected Ugandans/Cellular immune 60382 infection/Persisting clonal CTL resp 60383 and HIV-2 antibodies/Evaluation of 60402 primary isolates/Infection of dendriti 60404 by CD8+ cells from seropositive indiv 60414 seropositive patients/Acquisition of 60450 seropositive subjects/Zinc supplem 60460 clone/Parallel evolution of env-V3 in 60483 infected patients/Plasma levels of pr 60488 + and HIV-1 - patients/Study of lymp 60502 infection by immunologycal and mol 60529 subtypes in La Reunion Island/Serol 60543 variants coincides with a transient in 60568 to preterm twins by respiratory syncy 60597 in the oral cavity of infected women: 60608 infected individuals/Chronic use of p 60648 infection and T-cell homeostasis fail 60649 and HIV-2 infected women/Genetic 60652 infected patients: A role for HIV-1 in c 60655 /HTLV-II co-infected patients with or 60660 and HIV-2 infection in infants born to 60667 plasma viral load/Usefulness of the 60679 and HIV-2 genetic subtypes in Spain 60681 isolates/Multitropism of primary 60684 expression in monocytic cells/Inhibit 60685 Vpr mediated immunosuppression in 60689 susceptibility/Host factors responsib 60690 isolated from AIDS patients after prol 60706 variants for development of VLP-bas 60715 in Maputo, Mozambique/Molecular 60722 subtypes B and F, B/F recombinants 60727 and HIV-2 co-infected TB patients be 60742 viral load in Ghana (West Africa): No 60773 via blood transfusion: Health status, 60789 perinatally and post-natally infected 60790 in human monocytes/macrophages 60795 infected individuals: Longitudinal an 60796 /gp120 epitopes of different HIV-1 su 60824 coreceptor usage and CCR5 defecti 60834 RT assay/Analysis of the HIV RT res 60854 infected or uninfected lymphoid cells 60872 subtype C syncytium inducing (SI) p 60879 MonitorTM Including ubiquitous primer 60886 /Impact of treatment with zidovudine 60900 subtype in recent military seroconver 60908 seroprevalence in rural Rakai District 60932 evaluated in Belo Horizonte, Brazil - 60941 infected patients/Gastrointestinal en 60949 +/AIDS patients: Distribution and corr 60979 infected women/Cervical neoplasia 60980 lentivirus delivery/Anti-HIV chemoki 11104 co-infected patients from India/Uniq 11165 from patients living in France/Variab 433*/11205 gp36 envelope glycoprotein/Differe 11206 in Spain: Data from the National Regi 11207 287: Implications for human transmiss 209*/11214 on child survival in Gambia/lnfluenc 214*/12153 in Africa: The role of unsterile injectio 13107 in the Gambia, West Africa/A compa 13294 infection as compared to HIV-1 infect 13319 infections, Abidjan, C6te dlvoire/HI 13328 protection from subsequent HIV-1 inf 21136 in Portugal: Circulating subtypes, vir 21154 positive mothers fail to develop a BC 21210 infection in pregnant women in the G 23164

Page  83 12th World AIDS Conference HIV-1 * HIV-primary 83 F - Keyword Abstract nsmission of HIV-1 and in the Gambia/A community based s s/Oral inoculation with elicits a Gag-specific cytotoxic T-cell ic T-cell proliferation in exposed non-infected individuals in mphocytes (CTL) from positive patients frequently cross-re ear cells (PBMCs) from + individuals resist in vitro infection wi o HIV-1/M, HIV-1/O and /Murex HIV-1.2.0 is a highly sensitiv rformance of an HIV-1, and HIV-1 group O immunoassay on mmunity-based study of RNA load in pregnant women attendi d for the quantitation of viral load in plasma/A competitive R viral DNA in HIV-1 and infected babies in relation to the mod thod for amplification of DNA/Highly sensitive method for am ion between HIV-1 and by PCR of serologically double reacti HIV-1/2: Capillus HIV-1/ /Rapid assay evaluation for the dete atory from 1993-1997/ and non-B subtypes of HIV-1 group V recombinant and anti- assays to distinguish between HIV-1 characterization of two strains from Pune, India/Isolation an onors/Prevalence of infection in Calcutta (India) with a sp lution in Niamey, Niger/ infection seroprevalency evolution in /In vitro anti-HIV-1 and virucidal properties of the F-5~ gel, a on of p24 Ag, HIV-1 and antibodies/Evaluation of Vidas HIV secretions of HIV-1 and infected women/Genetic characteriz diagnosis of HIV-1 and infection in infants born to seropositi n/Circulating HIV-1 and genetic subtypes in Spain/Circulatin eptor usage by primary isolates/Coreceptor usage by prima a viral load in HIV-1 and co-infected TB patients before after Ghana (West Africa): No interference/HIV-1 viral load in Gha n the HCV replication in HIV- co-infected patients/Lack of activity of training model for STD/ HIV-AIDS prevention amongst low-income )/On Board Ship STD/ intervention program (Sakay Bar d the reduction of risk of infection/The Afro-Brazilian reli n Klaipeda (Lithuania)/ prevention activity among intrav nalysis/Methodology of policy analysis/Methodology of an say to Venezuelan in messages prevention/What do t to the people living with about their human rights/Empo antiretroviral therapy in infected patients/Protease inhib on to persons living with, in Chile/Laboral discrimination t dge and attitudes about: A comparative study/Knowledg nd education regarding and sexuality in the Mexican soc nducts logics faced with among first- and second-genera in Russian Federation/ HIV-antibody testing policy and HIV-infecti data true?/Are Russian surveillance data true?/Are an Francisco/Use of counselling and testing data ntina/Characteristics of HIV-associated histoplasmosis in Argenti mococcal vaccine (PV)/ pneumonias: The efficacy ntiretroviral therapy on hospital admissions and d ania/HIV incidence and mortality among male fact wth: A cause of chronic pathogen-negative diarrh gression and survival in immune thrombocytopeni alidomide in adults with wasting (Protocol W-002) /Predictive markers for dementia and sensory ne urvival of a patient with progressive multifocal leu DS demential complex/ mania and risk of AIDS de tern?/Manifestation of dermatoses during the tim position in patients with weight loss/The effects of ecular epidemiology of tuberculosis: A nine year c mphomatous effusions/ primary malignant lympho ana use in patients with upper gastrointestinal sy ectrum and diagnoses/ diarrhea: The changing sp n possible treatments of cognitive impairment/Res nder and progression of immunodeficiency/Gend s therapy for pretreated kaposis sarcoma (KS). A HAART in the Frankfurt HIV-Cohort /Prognostic value of virus load Cs) in HIV+ women and HIV-controls at risk: Womens Interagenc bi/A new generation of HIV-diagnostic assay: Results of the eval ehavior in heterosexual HIV-discordant couples/Awareness of PE artners in heterosexual couples in northern Califor ad arise in late stage of HIV-disease but do not correlate with the p g the progression of the in homosexual men/Psychos k program in restricting HIV-epidemics among intravenous drug u ritic cells/Generation of HIV-epitope-specific CTL by HIV-peptide or the medical care of HIV-exposed infants in the first year of life, esponse/Protection of uninfected individuals appea are of HIV-infected and children/Medical care of HIV: A prospective study of health care workers (HCW)/ on mediate apoptosis in HIV-gp 120-treated CD4+ T cells/Either mit y of the EC Network on HIV-Hepatitis Prevention in Prison/HIV ris ic bacterial infections in HIV-hospitalized patients/Non-opportuni CR, p24 antigen and HIV-IgA for early diagnosis of perinatal HIV ce-protease activation/ HIV-Induced apoptosis of renal tubular epi oid tissue histoculture/ immunodeficiency ex vivo: R 23284 31129 605*/31133 31149 31154 41106 41115 165*/41135 41136 41147 41158 41160 42113 42116 42121 42128 42130 60094 60370 60402 60652 60667 60681 60683 60742 60773 60598 13425 13461 106*/14215 407*/23220 24188 33440 34272 60321 60751 60764 60919 60943 23225 43126 43482 13243 22108 22373 23152 32104 32145 32170 560*/32191 32221 32257 32264 42351 60413 60506 60634 60635 60804 60844 60934 12129 31196 41113 14146 43428 11158 13340 33420 31150 171 */23269 31143 32451 33175 21166 23527 22119 42114 21137 21149 Keyword Abstract aine/Clinical patterns of HIV-infection /AIDS in Ukraine/Clinical pat 12149 between risk factors for in Russia and HIV-1 subtype 436*/13206 mic situation concerning /AIDS in Ukraine and attemp 13210 patitis C virus antigens/ alters T cell immune respon 21182 actors defining speed of progress/Factors defining s 21186 andan adults: Impact of /Diagnosis and treatment for 22116 body testing policy and spreading in IDU in Russian 23225.v. drug users/Effect of on hepatitis C virus (HCV)-in 32107 Anemia associated with in children/Anemia associat 32161 nowlege and attitude to in journalists in Russia/Kno 33478 unological monitoring in /Immunological monitoring i 41126 n during asymptomatic /Triple combination therapy 339*/41178 medicinal plants used in: A bibliographic search/The 42393 deration military forces/ in the Russian Federation mi 43397 fluids/Evaluation of the HIV-inhibitory activity of seven human mu 31106 ath: Evidence from the HIV-Italian seroconversion study/Effect of 12108 gression to AIDS in the seroconversion study (ISS)/Te 13323 nstitution in therapy for HIV-lymphomas?/Complete remission of 22293 dy population/Study HIV-NAT 001: A randomized double-blind, 12240 IV-1 clade E/Study 002: The safety and efficacy of di 12241 V infection compared to HIV-negative controls/Syphilis in HIV infe 22202 mong HIV positive and men who have sex with men 22302 tion in HIV-positive and women/Persistence of hum 22303 PV) in HIV-positive and Mexican women: Case contr 22316 nterest among high risk US populations/Oral chemo 33193 re for HIV-positive and adult patients in Kenyatta Na 42446 ers by HIV-positive and gay men/Mortal secrets: An 44186 -Hodgkins lymphoma ( HIV-NHL )/Concomitant CHOP chemother 22289 -Hodgkins lymphoma ( )/Second-line chemotherapy (CT 22297 n therapy in pretreated HIV-patients: Antiviral effect and safety in 12226 virologic parameters in /Correlation between plasma 12286 mong homosexual male: Risk factor analysis of infecti 22250 epitope-specific CTL by HIV-peptide pulsed, allogeneic dendritic c 31150 tors among drug naive HIV-positive blood donors in Sao Paulo/Br 11168 psychiatric disorders in 996/Characteristics of nd girls/School project: e on the quality of life of losis infections among d prevalence of STD in virus (HPV) infection in ctions in a cohort of 121 apiloma virus (HPV) in oping intervention for behavior in a sample of nd sexual risk among n European and African psychosocial aspects in ictors of quality of life in ion in the psychic life of ns of African-American infected infants born to etroviral therapy among Ith care experiences of Ith care experiences of nd spirituality among self support-groups for ention education for the and fungal infections in ecision-making among V/AIDS therapy among ment strategies among s in individuals who are 1997/Costs of care for upport and treatment to s to sexual partners by eads to avoidance by ntity and self-concept of n a large population of itive people/Support to and depression among MV test in a cohort of d counselling in Latvia/ n/Psycho-social care of CA/Names reporting of ct of donor selection on individuals -The subjective p health care workers reported people teach boys and girls/ patients with <50 CD4 count patients: The EuroSIDA stud individuals in Honduras, Cent and HIV-negative women/Pe men/Prevalence and followand HIV-negative Mexican w individuals experiencing sym men who engage in sex with men with undetectable plasm women/Psychosocial differe women/Psychopathological persons/Depression and CD pregnant women/Some cons women/Life transformations mothers/Strong cytotoxic T c women/Adherence to antiret transgendered persons can i bisexual men can influence a women in Sao Paulo, Brazil/ people/How we in Sweden b,asymptomatic population/T patients hospitalized in AIDS persons is a regional and loc clients in opiate substitution c gay men/Changes in treatm /Reducing emotional distress and HIV-negative adult patie injection drug users: Legal an and HIV-negative gay men/ gay men in youth, ages 18 to transgendered persons inter subjects: A long-term clinical people given by HIV-positive persons/Emotional control, p patients/Cytomegalovirus (C persons experience with HIV immigrant women/Psycho-s HIV-positives would reduce HIV testing a HIV-prevalence among blood donors at th 12449 13253 13496 14339 22127 22206 22303 22314 22316 22458 23122 23389 594*/24150 24151 24223 24234 24264 31157 32374 32395 32428 34194 34286 34327 41170 42237 42290 42294 42374 42446 476*/44135 44186 60308 60309 60434 60532 60558 60622 60739 60942 60386 33209 or steering the national HIV-prevention campaign in Germany/Ti 259*/33443 ffectiveness of primary - A systematic review usin 43220 ment in planned action/ for clients of male sex wor 29*/43367 bodies detection during HIV-primary infection/A new generation te 42126

Page  84 84 HIV-primary * Homoeopathic 12th World AIDS Conference SKeyword Abstract ce based typing (SBT)/ HIV-protective effect of HLA-A28 in Africa 21202 rse patient populations/ HIV-Related research among diverse patie 42248 HAART)/Decreases in HIV-related morbidity, mortality, and healt 13239 e and characteristics of conditions in distinct South Afri 13381 system/Establishing an risk behaviour surveillance sy 14101 lution fail/Treatment of oral candidosis when fluconaz 22218 HAART) in patients with non-Hodgkins lymphoma (HI 22289 e and biological fluids of malignancies/AIDS Malignan 22292 ications in patients with lymphoma/Infectious complic 22296 ary cerebral lymphoma:Update/EBV-DNA in cerebro 22324 nd viral load in women/ symptoms by injection drug us 23456 s/Longitudinal study of risk factors for young adolesce 23499 bserved: The impact of death on womens mental heal 24245 of protease inhibitors in thrombocytopenia/Effects of p 32138 vation markers predict wasting prior to AIDS in the Mu 506*/32167 omide as a treatment of oral ulcers: A double-blind pla 32247 ntenance treatment on risk behaviours among HIV-inf 33413 estigations of access to treatments in Asia through NG 34104 vestigation of access to treatments in Asia through NG 199*/34141 care for three common symptoms in a nationally repre 42213 in rates of suspicion for tuberculosis/Race, age, gend 42215 perience and quality of tuberculosis care/The relation 42216 nequalities in declining mortality: Chicago, Illinois, US 94*/43433 /Patients who travel for care: Shaping local care mana 43517 struments/literature on ethics, human rights and law/I 44122 rvey/AIDS stigma and beliefs in the United States: R 416*/44173 iagnosed adolescents/ risk variables and condom use 60163 d psychiatric diagnosis/ attitudes and behaviors and ps 60164 n and dissemination of Mycobacterium avium comple 60170 V-1 seroprevalence and risky behaviors changing amo 60206 ort of homosexual men/ oral manifestations and oral se 60300 and virologic findings in cardiomyopathy/Immunologic 60433 ons in quality of care for PLP/Geographic variations in 60475 or the early diagnosis of neurologic dysfunction/Evalu 60697 ggest AIDS campaign/ behavioural risk prevalence in 60933 ns/Providing access to HIV-research opportunities for disenfranc 42358 side treatment settings/ HIV-risk and prevention needs for young a 23232 e women more at risk?/ behaviour and prevention for injec 23239 ed interventions reduce behaviors among out-of-treatmen 33555 eness of antiretrovirals/ HIV-RNA and CD4+ decline without therap 12127 elate with high levels of in cerebral spinal fluid/Neurologi 12195 rebrospinal fluid (CSF) levels: Preliminary results/Effect 32197 luation of a new test for quantitation in plasma/Compara 41132 yte-derived and plasma viral loads in patients with HIV inf 41144 settings/Usefulness of levels for monitoring HIV-1 positi 42156 sensitivity of 3 pg/ml/ HIV-screening with the Elecsys~ automat 41118 sion/When and where in pregnant women is a rea 43571 s/Estimation of date of HIV-seroconversion for prevalent cases b 43472 n cervicovaginal fluid of HIV-seronegative female sex workers in A 23515 ondoms for anal sex by US gay/bisexual men at 33128 ropositive patients and controls/Cytokine and 60787 al risk behavior among HIV-seropositive Latino men who have se 14145 ative (ESN) partners of individuals/Serum HIV 21124 olar macrophages from patients is modulated thr 21179 on of cervical lesions in women receiving highly 22312 sexual behavior among gay men/Substance us 23137 n full-term placenta of mothers undergoing anti 23286 mission of HIV to others/ mens perceived respon 23361 nfected children born of mothers/Emotional nee 24147 s employment status in women: The Womens I 24149 t memory is impaired in drug users/Implicit mem 24153 Trichomoniasis among and high risk HIV serone 32130 ansmission risk among men who have sex with 60384 ation on liver function of patients co-infected with 60698 ng and blood cells from patients and HIV-serone 60787 93-1997/Monitoring of HIV-seroprevalence in childbearing wome 13187 ng and management in HIV-specialty care in Ontario, Canada/Tu 13270 im report/The effect of HIV-specific immunization in subjects with 21197 avage of HIV+ women/ antibody in serum and cervic 31111 ns of HIV-1 subtype E/ cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CT 599*/31120 n of various HIV clades/ cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CT 604*/31132 phocyte >500 cells/CpL/ cytotoxic T lymphocytes in as 31158 e subjects/TNF-a and functional immune response 41237 razil/The prevention of HIV-STD with transvestites sex workers in 44174 man rlL-16 exerts potent HIV-suppressing activity in acutely infecte 21185 ANTES with enhanced HIV-suppressive and reduced pro-inflam 11101 a community response: HIV-T Group (Blood Transfused)/Canada 44281 to hepatitis C virus and HIV-viral load/Erythema of the proximal n 32268 esting for anti-HIV and HIVAg within 18 minutes/HIV screening wi 163*/41102 ed analyser: Testing for within 18 minutes with a sensitivity o 41118 SKeyword Abstract ganda/Phase I/11 trial of HIVIG for the prevention of HIV-1 vertical tr 22422 se: A study of nurses in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam/Degree of comf 63*/22464 sentinel surveillance in Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam/HIV s 23370 men with HIV disease in Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam - A rep 23479 HPV-infected women in Chi Minh City (Vietnam), 1996-1997/E 23494 nts infected with HIV in Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam: A repo 44249 based care program in Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam/Traini 60891 or HIV test screening in Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam/The u 60892 religious environment/ Holistic approach to management of healt 32452 hat have sex with men/ workshops - Prevention of sexual 405*/43277 ars follow-up)/Effect of holistic approach on the progression of HI 22484 tive/Use of herbal and therapy for treatment and care for 22487 eling: An integral part of care/Pastoral counseling: An inte 60065 e exchange program in Hollywood, CA/HIV prevention for adoles 23204 o MtF transgenders in,CA/A community-based HIV i 43305 xual male drug users in,CA/A harm reduction art prog 60482 e exchange program in,CA/Adolescent IDUs pattern 60545 ase study of Mwingi and Homa Bay, Kenya/Social-cultural determi 14211 are by PWAs/ Home-based care by PWAs/ 22441 ve/Community-based home-based care for PWA as a policy opti 12427 ransmission in Russia/ Home-made drugs as an active factor of H 23186 ted medical resources/ Home care as an alternative to limited med 12428 ected women in Kenya/ care programme for HIV infected wo 13486 persons with HIV/AIDS/ care skills training for informal carer 22440 e of hospital resources/ care for people living with AIDS in B 67*/22442 e to community nursing/ care a challenge to community nursi 22446 I therapy (HAART) era/ care in the highly active antiretrovira 22449 d care: The partnership/ based care: The partnership/ 22450 The cost-effective way/ based nursing care: The cost-effecti 483*/22466 e, Osun State, Nigeria/ care of AIDS patients from the medi 42423 ed to use are not using/ collection HIV tests in the US: Thos 43116 d States: The first year/ collection for HIV testing in the Unite 43123 ity among those at risk/ specimen collection for early detecti 43132 ng of people with AIDS/ care and nursing of people with AID 43374 r an AIDS patient (HIV)/ care and nursing for an AIDS patient 60019 za villages: Community home based care programme for the termi 12415 d material/Bridging the care gap with improvised material/B 12432 chool-age children with nutritional support/Quality of life of 14347 hallenges of nutritional care for PLWHA and HIV positive pe 22443 pie with AIDS receiving health care on Brazil/Neurologic dis 22444 DS and the new roles of care assistance/Impact of the new a 22445 n initiative to strengthen based care/An initiative to strengthe 22448 Brazil/Oral health in the care for HIV/AIDS patients: A pionee 22453 their families in integral care (Mexico)/Support for patients 260*/24257 mbers of PWAs through based care services in one Kenyan 24338 esting: Public health vs. test kits/Medical problems associat 33291 wly established WOFAK care and clinic programme/Results f 33356 ment/Community based care and womens empowerment/C 264*/34102 vers in Singapore/The care programme (HCP) for HIV patie 34247 f out-patient care into care for rural community PWAs mini 42461 nd solutions/The use of collection HIV tests in the US: Barrie 43133 y and drawbacks of HIV testing in rural Uganda/Feasibility a 43141 vices/Comparison of a HIV test system to public health HIV 43143 DS clients/Setting up a based care programme in Zambia m 43163 artners/Benefits of the care skills training course for caregiv 44208 and needs of children in care for their bed ridden parents/Th 44213 e living with HIV/AIDS at /Take care psychologique of people 60083 AIDS/Changing role of care nursing in care for people living 60256 nxiety: Public health vs. test kits/HIV test anxiety: Public hea 60343 DS patients referred to care service in metropolitan area of 60439 ct of community based care programmes for people living w 60736 h rate of HIV infection in homeless young injectors: Sex poses gre ual risk/Context affects ad suppression in HIV+ hibitors (PI) in the HIV+ /Mobilisation to protect esearch back to young ro, Brazil/Follow-up of hysical health among berculosis outbreak at a /runaway youths HIV sexual ris and marginally housed (H/M) a and marginally housed (H/M): G adolescent CSW and single ho people/Are you going to believ and ex-homeless AIDS patients women/Predictors of mental di shelter among men at high-risk f maintain low viral loads/ Homeopathic growth factors support survi n of HIV disease/Use of homeopathy for delaying progression of H ated disruption of T-cell homeostasis: Activation-mediated negati herapy on T helper cell and type 1 cytokine synthesi of mean TRF and T cell during HAART/Dynamics of V-1 infection and T-cell failure/Changes in markers ents by private nursing homes:A help based programme in subur government response: Homeward Haven at Ospital ng Maynila M ridging the AIDS gap/ Homoeopathic medicines: Bridging the Al mptomatic HIV patients/ approach in improving qu 23233 23517 32390 389*/32406 43343 44260 60528 60583 60924 60495 42377 21117 219*/21169 22341 60649 12425 22486 60055 60179

Page  85 12th World AIDS Conference Homoeopathic * hospital 85 SKeyword Abstr s target population into homogenous subgroups on HIV/STD inte x with men/Internalized homophobia and unsafe sex in men who AIDS bodies/Mediated? The cultural production of A ating barriers related to and heterosexism in health c nd AIDS in Cuba/ Homosexual and AIDS in Cuba/ ortality in HIV-1 infected homosexual men/Plasma zinc, copper, a on of the HIV-disease in men/Psychosocial factors af encounter among male couples: Methodological issu ual behaviour amongst men in London - Results ove a: Lack of co-infection in men/Gonorrhea and Chlamy s (GBV-C/HGV) among male HIV-patients: Risk facto azil/Condom usage by and heterosexual relationshi ctors for HIV infection in men in Sydney, Australia/Ri risk profile among male attendees to a STD clinic/Co cinemas/Research on population that attend freque s the case of the french milieu/Imaginary protections exual behavior in young men/Presence of HHV8 anti n AIDS incidence in the /bisexual group in England an ractices in a cohort of men/HIV-related oral manife ntravenous drug users, /bisexual males and prostitut prevention/Varieties of homosexuality in Bangladesh: Implicatio udy of sexual practices ( ) and HIV/AIDS education i aining on sexuality and with public health workers al trends in diagnoses of homosexually-acquired HIV infection: Aq hose male partners are homosexually active/Working with wome n Turkish students and homosexuals: Culture, gender ideology, a Zimbabwe/Exclusion of from HIV/AIDS programme rgency/Education for is of great urgency/Educati sions of CCR5-A2/A32 homozygosity /Phenotypic expressions o I parameters in CCR-5 homozygote and A32 heterozygote long-t HIV-1-infected patient/ Homozygous 32 basepair deletion in the ed from HIV +ve person homozygous for CCR5A32/Tropism, cha ated parenterally/The defect in the CCR5 gene giv he University Hospital, Honduras /HIV/AIDS infection characteriz e HIV/AIDS epidemic in V-positive individuals in ection among women in n of HIV-1 antibodies in s for STDs and AIDS in an rights perspective in ve body on HIV/AIDS in evention and control in is getting worse: A priority, Central America, 1996/H /Risk factors for heterosex /Alternative strategies for /Development of standard, Central America/The cor /Formulation of a normativ, Central America/Constru for int IV su Kual tr scree Is for istruc e bod ction situat act 33373 23125 34223 60743 34172 12118 13340 14105 14118 22194 22250 23107 23124 23135 23141 24112 31194 43469 60300 60315 155*/14312 23586 43192 60400 237*/43256 14244 14247 33307 22415 13351 12105 11112 23255 12183 13160 22206 23506 42123 43537 44121 60555 60973 13151 13580 14194 34121 34201 34243 34279 34336 403*/43316 44290 60214 60917 34242 13485 24349 33362 33573 43307 42255 444*/42283 42315 43528 60024 24277 13390 33504 34366 60613 22139 22141 22156 23448 23483 33225 42117 414*/42228 60941 12176 - Keyword Abstract itors is associated with abnormalities in otherwise healt 60648 d IL-12/Glucocorticoid hormone is the major inducer of CD4+ T c 21160 mbinant human growth ] in patients with AIDS maintaine 32164 ve and wasting/Growth produces striking anabolic effect 32179 ation of human growth (r-hGH; Serostim~)/Preservatio 32182 e studies during growth therapy support a metabolic mec 32188 edical care/The HIV bridge: Connecting impoverishe 571*/44225 mbinant human growth (rhGH) in HIV-infected (HIV+) m 60389 mbinant human growth /Increases in body cell mass of p 60489 p/The key role of stress hormones during paediatic HIV infection: 32178 by HIV/AIDS/The Blue Horse, a book for children affected by HIV/ 60469 S management/Role of hospice care with spiritual intervention in t 12439 Lessons from an AIDS for ethnic minority women and chil 32414 co/Founding of the firs for people living with HIV/AIDS in 34335 ends in the Israeli AIDS, 1993-1997/Temporal trends in t 60799 sco General Hospital)/ Hospital-based CTRPN: Uncoupling diag 60557 atient care/Tracking of hospital-based in-patient HIV/AIDS popul 43431 nam: A report from one clinic/Sexually transmitte 44249 hris Hani Baragwanath Hospital (CHBH), South Africa/The impac 172*/12166 attending the University, Honduras/HIV/AIDS infection c 12183 sis unit, Douala Central /Seroepidemiology of HIV-1/2 inf 13120 evalence in the General Yaounde/Evolution of HIV seropr 13126 ervice of a University, Ribeirao Preto, S.o Paulo, Brazi 13394 otified in San Martino, Genoa, Italy/Evaluation of occu 13471 t Government General (GGH), Chennai/Common factor 13482 n HIV/AIDS clinic G.T., Mumbai, India/Compliance of tu 22151 patients in San Lazaro /Efficacy and safety profile of anti 22409 ection at the University Antwerp: Compliance with univer 62*/22459 d ward of the University Antwerp, Belgium/Direct nursing 22463 A broadened definition/ based caregivers support group: 24369 IDS at a Universitary in Rio de Janeiro/Psychosocial c 24372 dividuals at San Lazaro, Manila, Philippines: A 3-year revi 32253 d for HIV care at Harlem in New York City/Characteristics 32418 ors at Queen Elizabeth, Malawi/Sero-prevalence of HIV- 33206 ars of care in Nsambya /Integrated AIDS care program in 34326 eases at the University Antwerp, Belgium/Degree of sati 42219 S in Kenyatta National (KNH), Nairobi, Kenya, from 198 68*/42434 ts in Kenyatta National (KNH), Nairobi, Kenya in 1997/C 42446 ds in Kenyatta National between May 1996 and July 1997 42455 AIDS/HIV unit - Clinical, Unicamp/Selective process for 42465 of HIV reactive patients/ /day: An alternative for assistance 42468 e Eva Peron Teaching (HEEP)/HIV infection study on p 43153 nity nurse for St. Johns in Malawi/Care of widows in the n 60031 AIDS at the University of Kuala Lumpur (UHKL)-analys 60050 ections at Mpilo Central, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe/Prevalen 60282 sco General Hospital)/ -based CTRPN: Uncoupling diag 60557 are at Bamrasnaradura, Thailand/Satisfaction of HIV/AI 60599 ents from Cook County, Chicago/Ritonavir + saquinavir 60619 nts at Wellesley Central /Chiropractic care for HIV/AIDS p 60661 96 to December 1997, La Salpetriere, Paris/Study of the 60677 at Government General (GGH), Chennai/Profile of wome 60890 1-infected patients at a hospital in Bangkok/Clinical and immunol 12144 ced HIV disease using surveillance, clinical and autopsy 12146 dmitted to a large urban in South Africa/The effect of HIV 12174 IV infection at IMIPs, Recife, Brazil/Tolerance, advers 12333 f HIV/AIDS on an urban in Tanzania during 1994-1996/T 12423 s in a Turkish University /Problems faced during follow-up 12431 cy room of an inner city in Rio de Janeiro/Prevalence of 13163 d deaths at a university in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/Decline i 13176 patients diagnosed in a testing clinic and other situations/ 13201 osis in a central Lisbon /Comparing RFLP IS6110 and P 13203 nited States/Trends in utilization by patients with sympto 13227 staff in a South African: Impact of the HIV epidemic on su 611*/13246 nsmission in a teaching in India/Prevention of HIV transm 13488 mortality and excess of stay/Nosocomial bloodstream inf 22102 ults admitted to Mulago in Kampala, Uganda/Community 22109 osis (MTB) in a general, AIDS reference in Rio de Janeiro 22163 apy on HIV-associated admissions and deaths/The impa 22373 ives (AD) in a teaching inner city HIV/AIDS clinic/Survey 22430 d optimising the use of resources/Home care for people I 67*/22442 Singapore/Appropriate facilities for the care of HIV/AIDS 22488 /AIDS transmission in a setting in Yaounde, Cameroon/R 23331 iversity medical center in a small city/Changing demogra 24114 ase/Measuring the net costs and physician billings for th 24121 es on health status and costs in a French cohort of HIV inf 24133 ers (HCW) in a general /Pyschosocial impact of occupati 24307 ns at a London teaching /To tell or not to tell: A review of HI 24329 V-1 infection in Mulago /Maternal morbidity following em 32229 cted patients in a public population/Knowledge and attitu 32316 experience in a London /Post-exposure prophylaxis for oc 247*/33176 on of the HIV situation in Hong Kong/An evaluation of the HIV al welfare personnel in DS of marginal youth in tion of AIDS services in e to the AIDS epidemic, services on HIV/AIDS - eople with HIV/AIDS: A esponses to AIDS: The among Chinese MSM in e living with HIV/AIDS in of the workplace - The ents at the University of Kong through the use of training pro Kong/Knowledge, attitude and risk-t Kong: A study on social welfare pers Kong experience/A churchs respon Kong case/Evolution of support serv Kong perspective/Treatment advoc Kong experience/Community based Kongs gay saunas/HIV interventi Kong/Mobilizing people living with H Kong experience/An alternative the Kong/HIV/AIDS education program IDS and pavingway for honourable works to the commercial sex nd prevention in Africa: HOPE worldwide examples/Combining Al ed support/The Soweto model for community based support tes 1,200,000 Africans/ worldwide world AIDS day campaig nd support/The Soweto model for peer education and suppo d on KAP assessment/ worldwide Prison Program: Support ained/One world, one hope , an aim yet to be attained/One worl ations/One world, one: The cost of making antiretroviral ther reatment of HIV/AIDS,,caution and options for resource limi Caribbean/Glimmers of: Selected STD control approaches in en despair and regain of /Autosupport group: Only bridge bet chotherapy in an era of hopefulness, an innovative counselling a in subsaharean Africa: Horizon 2000 -The situation in C6te dlvoi DS and children/AIDS horizons : A magazine that talks about Al S reviewed/Top-down, horizontal or bottom-up? Two years of SE e Caribbean/HIV/AIDS technical cooperation in Latin A ut-patient clinic in Belo Horizonte - June 1995 to July 1996/Evalu cted individuals in Belo,Brazil: A case-control study, 19 ut-patient clinic in Belo,Brazil, July 95 June 97/Profile e clinical trials in Belo,Brazil/Increasing the risks fort fected with HIV in Belo,Brazil-January-December 19 o/bisexual men in Belo,Brazil-3-year report of the proj exposed infants in Belo, Brazil/The utility of immune-co f HIV infection in Belo, Brazil/Circumstances of diagn HIV-1 evaluated in Belo,Brazil - July-November 1997/ d children/The 24-Hour hormonal profile in HIV-lnfected children/

Page  86 86 hospital *Human 12th World AIDS Conference chemoprophylaxis in a d to HIV in an university search clinic at Mulago quality of life/From the pidemic on demand for ation by HIV patients in ement in parameters of te dlvoire/Out-patient ces/Changes in EEIV anges in the pattern of ergency room of public atients in an Brazilian and clients in a Nairobi agnosis at an inner city system for an inner-city e system of cases and AIDS on AP-HP, a large assessment in an AIDS s in an urban university IV positive patients in a nts at an urban teaching erience at St. Gabriels HIV/AIDS in a maternity SKeyword for infectious diseases/Oc in southeastern Brazil/Ass /Counselling services for m( to shelter for AIDS patients: care in KwaZulu-Natal, Sou based clinic providing in/out activity confirms effectivene care of AIDS patients: An ei( izations since the introducti services used by HIV positiv in the City of Rosario (Provir /Nosocomial infections (NI) /The effects of HIV/AIDS tes in the United States/Missed of high HIV seroprevalence information system/Compl organisation/Impact of the I day-unit in Brazil: Evaluatio setting/The PEP Team: A r based chiropractic clinic/S /Non-Kaposis cancers in HI in Malawi/Sexually transmil in Calcutta/KAP study amor Abstri cupati istanc others Meth th Afri:-patie rss of ght-ye on of je pati nce of in HIV;ting a loppo /A no etene new tr In of a nultidi ympto V infe tted di ng nur es/Ambulatory care vs. hospitalisation /AIDS care expenditures/ n patterns of HIV/AIDS and mortality in Canada/ upport on outcome of hospitalization for symptomatic HIV infect ogram/Determinants of in a population-based HIV -patient and out-patient in Ontario for HIV/AIDS (1 TDA) - An alternative of to AIDS patients in Brazil/ nd duration of in-patient hospitalizations among persons with AID ces/Changes in EEIV since the introduction of n/Prognostic factors of hospitalized patients with HIV infection/P al load characteristics of HIV+ patients/Viral load char AIDS/Palliative care for patients with terminal AIDS/ of HIV-infected patients for HIV care at Harlem Hospit n HIV-positive patients in AIDS Diagnosis and Thera ot resuscitate status of African-American adult patie eminated BCG among children with HIV infection in on/Nutricional status in patients with HIV infection/N sitive patients in private hospitals in Nairobi, Kenya/Opportunistic cted patients in sentinel in the United States, 1994-1995 management/Christian in Nigeria provide integrated pos os Aires neighborhood /Partner studies: A first global ap nitoring blood supply to /The use of statistics for evaluati n in Zagazig University /HCV and HIV transmitted by re estick injuries in referal for HIV diseases in Japan/Need port from two maternity /Pregnant women with HIV dise HIV in two South African /Inadequate pre- and post-test c erapies in two selected in Nairobi/Emerging psycho-so echnologies into rural in Zambia/Evaluation of the intr i-retroviral in provincial from Rosario City, Argentina/Sy eillance system at some /Evaluation of the AIDS surveilla atients: Correlation with host-specific factors and virological failur -progressors in France/ Hosts genetic background of HIV-1 infect s in HIV-1 susceptibility/ factors responsible for differences in reen monkeys/Natural host resistance to SIV-induced AIDS: Comn and pathogenesis with factors in the hu-PBL-SCID mouse sy posed infants/Viral and genetic characterization of possible tr accine: contributions of factors and vaccine/Antibody-depen e value of HIV load and genetic factor on disease progression ogramme among youth hostels in Bangalore, India/HIV/AIDS edu source constrained and hostile environment/Needs assessment a S as a uniting factor in a environment: The success story of among young people in environments/Creating positive att k behaviour patterns in Hosur, Tirupur and Thiruchengode, Tamil e National Highway 7 at, Tamilnadu/lntervention among tru shment of an HIV/AIDS hot-line and counselling center in Egypt/E shment of an HIV/AIDS and counselling center in Egypt/ Supporting AIDS local hot-lines system in Sao Paulo: Strategies t aipur being tourist city, hoteliers facilitate sex trade/AIDS Outrea ndividuals living in SRO hotels /Results of a clinical outreach to HI ms at one of Kampalas in relation to AIDS/STDs/Sex sellin he CDC National AIDS Hotline /A decade of educating anonymo obtained through AIDS hotline and a guideline of AIDS education/ hailand/National AIDS (non-charged) and the role of telep t-exposure prophylaxis (PEPLine)/National clinicians pos ndemic in China/AIDS is an effective means to prevent th ention strategy/Toll free as a preventive intervention strate evaluation at California supports volunteer-driven, client-c national collaboration of development/Technology transfer act 33194 33195 33308 42220 42431 42432 42437 42445 42450 42451 42458 42463 42467 43131 43429 43448 43565 60183 60200 60512 60567 60803 60842 24137 24191 74*/12412 42435 42454 60616 42443 42450 12130 12132 22433 32418 41170 60287 60311 60399 13244 13248 13474 23159 23262 23264 23333 23479 24340 33281 42133 43541 60748 265*/11154 12*/13346 60690 11217 276*/21102 23312 31152 42146 33579 12424 34351 44169 14123 33107 33264 33459 43215 60082 12447 33121 33295 13509 24337 33185 33301 33490 33550 34361 - Keyword ghts and status through technique in HIV/AIDS counselling terns of Remedios AID s clients availing STD syndromic c ects living in a support house in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/Analysis of ith HIV/AIDS/Day care for women living with HIV/AIDS/Da s neighborhood coffee /Taking it to the streets: HIV testing, ay youth of color in the community/HIV/AIDS risk reductio V vulnerability of Filipina maids in Malaysia/HIV vulnerability pie with AIDS/Support: A matter of human rights and redee meless and marginally housed (H/M) adults/Protease inhibitors ( meless and marginally (H/M): Good adherence but rarely titudes and practices of housegirls on HIV/STDs transmission an /A method for taking a household-based probability sample of m pact of HIV/AIDS on the household, family structure, orphans/Exp mmunity concern/From to community concern/From g country: How has the coped? - A Nigerian case stud cts of HIV/AIDS care on resources in Uganda/The effe uberculosis in Ugandan households /The impact of HIV on transmi rtality and morbidity on in Urban Zambia/The socio-e seas work/Cambodian housemaids trained for overseas work/C men in third class movie houses and beauty parlors/Sexual practic vention to identified fun and illegally operating entertainm x workers and ordinary housewives /Implications on risks of HIV i h stabilization services/ Housing permanency through stabilizatio en living in low-income housing developments/Rates and predict land, with emphasis on /Psycho-social needs of people li ative community based for people at risk with AIDS deme ing male sex workers in Houston, Texas, US/HIV risk factors amo nemployed minorities in,Texas/Perception of reliability of V Internet information/ AIDS information link: A consorti tivation mechanisms of HPV-16 long control region (LCR)/Modulat -1997/Epidemiology of HPV-infected women in Ho Chi Minh City ( Human papillomavirus ( HPV ) infection and HIV status in adolescen 60077 60759 12121 24280 43125 43338 60106 60589 32390 389*/32406 60103 24172 24213 24218 34170 34273 609*/13258 44206 33417 23145 23548 13577 34253 14192 44181 60133 23134 33466 34320 31223 23494 13283 Abstract unt in peripheral blood/ DNA in cervical secretion in women in 13293 human papilloma virus ( ) infection in HIV-positive and HIV-neg 22303 human papillomavirus ( ) 16 and 18 in serum and cervicovagin 22304 arison of the amount of 16 DNA in cervicovaginal secretions o 624*/22311 human papillomavirus ( ) infections in a cohort of 121 HIV-posi 22314 Human papilloma virus ( ) in HIV+ women: An assessment of in 22315 human papiloma virus ( ) in HIV-positive and HIV-negative Me 22316 human papillomavirus ( ) prevalence and cervical dysplasia/R 22317 human papillomavirus ( ) infections in Africa/Short term cours 22319 ction of papillomavirus ( ) DNA among STD/AIDS patients in T 60012 ervical dysplasia and infection among HIV-infected women 60289 Human papilloma virus ( ) lesions in HIV+ and AIDS patients/H 60560 rm reduction program ( HRP ) in the complex environment of Rio de 411*/33390 herpes simplex type 2 ( HSV-2 ) infection in a cohort of Zimbabwea 23363 Seroprevalence of HIV, HTLV-1, HBV, HCV and syphilis among fe 23574 nfected with HIV-1 and /CD4+ lymphocyte counts and HIV 12113 p to December 1997/ HTLV-I in Spain: Data from the National Re 13300 es and co-infection with /11 among IDUs in Rio de Janeiro, Br 23248 vertical transmission of and HTLV-II in children at high risk f 23307 al patients in a cohort of infected people/Oligosymptomatic 32205 unisia/Prevalence of /II infections in different populations 60108 ensory polyneuropathy/ HTLV-II-DNA in the monocyte/macrophag 60660 Increasing incidence of HTLV-II infection in Spain/Increasing incid 11209 I count and viral load in and HIV co-infection in injection dr 13326 smission of HTLV-I and in children at high risk for HIV-1 inf 23307 ensory polyneuropathy/ -DNA in the monocyte/macrophag 60660 s drug users/HIV-1 and HTLV infection in northeast Brazil: Differen 23231 enya/HIV, syphilis and prevalence and risk factors in food h 60210 h Brazil/Prevalence of 1 and 11 antibodies in a high risk gro 60745 IV Therapy Scheduler ( HTS ): An interactive software program to 60348 ent satisfaction survey ( HTSS ) to improve adherence and quality of 12445 ransmission of HIV-1 in Hu-PBL-SCID mice/Vaginal transmission 11215 s with host factors in the hu-PBL-SCID mouse system/Control of H 276*/21102 rimary isolates in the mouse model/Study of the i 330*/31103 4T, ddl ~ hydroxyurea ( HU )/Assessment of viral load and CD4/CD 289*/41142 the env quasi-species/ Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 pop 11185 d memory populations/ CD8+ T-cell differentiation in acute 12189 ealth (REACH) project/ papillomavirus (HPV) infection an 13283 nfected-reservoir cells/ rlL-16 exerts potent HIV-suppressi 21185 d treatment outcomes/ papilloma virus (HPV) in HIV+ wo 22315 as an anti-HIV-1 agent/ IgM monoclonal antibody to gangli 31112 hers with HIV infection/ herpesvirus-8 seroprevalence in c 31191 ency HIV Study: WIHS/ herpesvirus 8 (HHV8) infection of 31196 nd openness in Africa/ rights protection, development an 44132 Examples from Turkey/ dignity promotion and civil society 44134 gay men in Guatemala/ rights advocacy: Ensuring HIV/AI 404*/44146 Mujeeband Shouket Ali/ rights violations of PLWA/HIV by th 44152 on-government sector/ rights and HIV/AIDS: The non-gov 44159

Page  87 12th World AIDS Conference Human * Identification 87 SKeyword Abstract Keyword Abstract olves human subjects/ rights legal and ethical dimensions ights and HIV/AIDS/ rights and HIV/AIDS/ cts protect themselves/ subjects protect themselves/ pe 1 replication in vitro/ lactoferrin inhibits human immuno IV+ and AIDS patients/ papilloma virus (HPV) lesions in HI r targets for HIV-1 in the human female genital tract/Co-receptors tilization by divergent nts of HIV-1 tropism for sitive selection of Vpr in roup M identified with es the expression of the V-2287: Implications for traocular inoculation of I-infant transmission of ular characterization of itors in the presence of ay provide more than a od 1950 to 1970/Serial actors for acquisition of of women infected with envelope sequences in elet-activating factor by P)/Characterisation of pism in pathogenesis in 1 subtype E/Infection of or/Semiquantitation of e patients infected with e production in primary nd not infected with the ained disappearance of atients/Production of ents (pts) with resistant women/Persistence of al immune response to evel and cervicovaginal f anogenital oncogenic helial lesions (SIL) and sma and CD4 counts to: Relation with HIV and e natural history of anal ological markers for the atal transmission of the d analysis of HIV ABs in I exposures resulting in /Transmission ways of emological approach to aian women/Trends in hibitory activity of seven evalence of infection by e seroepidemiology of ombinants expressing on/Primary infection of serostim (recombinant after discontinuation of atients infected with h HIV-AIDS about their ion for the protection of e/Genotypic analysis of Burkina Faso/Impact of erapy using anti-gp41 ransduction of primary n vivo antiviral effect of ectable live-attenuated (RTI) concentrations in dants enzymes level in respect law, ethics and /Access to treatment a nd prevention from a e on HIV-related ethics, ve people to document ddressing violations on a/Womens health and V/AIDS in Brazil/Net of omotion and defense of action and promotion in Mexico/Developing the erability to HIV/AIDS/A zations/HIV/AIDS and tory/AIDS: A hange/Islam, AIDS and immunodeficiency viruses involves colonic cells and astrocytes/The c immunodeficiency virus type 1 infe monoclonal antibodies to HIV-1/I endogenous retrovirus HERV-K/A transmission/Viral dynamics in ne cytomegalovirus (CMV)/Long-ter immunodeficiency virus type 1 with inmunodeficiency virus type 1 - Inf serum/Synergistic anti-HIV activit face/Listening to a patients persp passage of SIV and the origin of HI herpesvirus 8 infection/A populati immunodeficiency virus/Site speci brain/Regional quasi-species and monocytes/HIV-1 Tat protein pro immunodeficiency virus type 1 Nef lymphoid tissue histoculture/HIV-i cervix with a primary isolate HIV-1 chemokine mRNAs by reverse tran immunodeficiency virus/Productio T cells/Effect of a gpl20-depleted i immunodeficiency virus (HIV)/Tub cytomegalovirus (HCMV) in blood P-chemokines in AIDS-Kaposis sa immunodeficiency virus-related no papilloma virus (HPV) infection in papillomavirus (HPV) 16 and 18 in papillomavirus infection in HIV+ wo papillomavirus (HPV) infections in papiloma virus (HPV) in HIV-positi papillomavirus (HPV) prevalence a papillomavirus (HPV) infections in papillomavirus infection/Effect of inmunodeficiency virus/Risk factor immunodeficiency virus/A Bloodl breast milk: Implication for breastfe immunodeficiency virus (HIV) post immunodeficiency virus in Chilean retroviral and syphilis infection am immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infec mucosal fluids/Evaluation of the HI herpes virus type 8 in the US and A herpesvirus 8 (HHV-8) among die cytomegalovirus UL97 genes from herpesvirus 6 in children with perin growth hormone] in patients with Al growth hormone (r-hGH; Serostim immunodeficiency virus (HIV): Co rights/Empowerment to the people rights of PHA the challenge of natio immunodeficiency virus in Ukraine immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HI monoclonal antibody delivered by CD4+ T-cells/Effective pseudotypi interferon-/ induced by HIV infecti immunodeficiency virus/A new ap plasma/Methods to measure prote blood mononuclear cells from HIV i rights/Developing policies on HIV/ rights: The case of Mexico/Access rights perspective in Honduras, Ce rights and law/Increasing electroni 44162 44163 44188 60342 60560 10*/11106 11115 11118 11147 11164 11208 209*/11214 11231 12155 12178 12315 12457 13107 13295 13385 21122 21141 21142 21149 21155 21177 21188 21212 22147 14*/22237 22285 22297 22303 22304 22313 22314 22316 22317 22319 23114 23256 23274 23325 23330 23478 23561 23593 31106 31189 31197 31199 31201 32164 32182 32380 34272 34358 41161 41173 41243 41245 41250 41251 42277 42368 473*/44101 44108 44121 44122 n in Panama/AIDS and rights situation in Panama/AIDS a 44155 ences of the violation of rights of infected persones with Al 44158 drugs and therapy is our right/Reciving the latest drugs and 44160 commendations from a rights perspective/Care for people 44161 esearch which involves subjects/Human rights legal and et 44162 erience/HIV/AIDS and rights: The Costa Rican experienc 60009 The use of recombinant erythropoietin (r-Hu-EPO) in childr 60150 n/A model for improved subjects protection/A model for im 60174 man lactoferrin inhibits immunodeficiency virus type 1 repl 60342 rs of progression of the immunodeficiency virus (HIV) to fir 60360 erapy with recombinant growth hormone (rhGH) in HIV-infe 60389 Indies/Identification of immunodeficiency virus type 1 env 60425 ment with recombinant growth hormone/Increases in bod 60489 port house: A matter of rights and redeeming the citizenshi 60589 patient infected with immunodeficiency virus (HIV)/Co-i 60605 egalovirus replication in cells/Thiosemicarbazone-derivati 60651 otypic characteristics of immunodeficiency virus type 1 sub 60692 uses: New findings on immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and 60738 s by HIV/Modulation of blood-brain barrier endothelial cell 60794 ion potential of HIV-1 in monocytes/macrophages dependi 60795 al solutions that protect rights/AIDS in the US: Still an exce 60899 nd uninfected women/ Humoral immune response to human papi 22304 ifferent HIV-1 strains/ immune response in Brazilian ind 31117 ycoprotein/Differential humoral response to linear epitopes of HI 11206 n/Correlation between responses to HIV-1 envelope earl 31107 s/Study of cellular and immune factors in colostrum of HI 31163 ursing care is no taboo!/ Humour in AIDS nursing care is no taboo!/ 64*/22485 al Biennial Exhibition of - No AIDS, with love/The Intern 33507 oids ointment/Buffalo Hump associated with protease inhibitors 12403 mic analysis of first two hundred cases of HIV/AIDS in West Beng 13232 d HCV infection among Hungarian drug users/Prevalence of HIV, 60099 I students in Budapest, Hungary /Predictors of consistent condom 23542 estations in HIV/AIDS in /Follow-up of oral manifestations 32251 ogramme in Budapest, /Evaluation of an AIDS preventio 33546 ing centre in Budapest, /Evaluation of an anonymous HI 43150 V transmission between husband and wife/Post-exposure prophyl 33189 y in healthy volunteers ( HV )/Ritonavir (RTV) low dosages increase 42257 d pathogenicity of SHIV HXBc 2 following whole blood passage in 11218 quencing and a reverse hybridisation assay (LiPA) for the detecti 41216 bes/Fluorescent in situ hybridization to HIV-1 using PCR-generat 41159 e gene using differential /Genotypic analysis of the H 60317 ve, HIV-infected adults/ Hydroxyurea in combination regimens for 287*/12235 infection with d4T/3TC/ hydroxyurea /Salvage of multi-drug resist 288*/12205 aily alone and also with once daily/DDI once daily vs 12352 patients?/d4T/ddl plus: An alternative to a PI contai 32315 treated with d4T, ddl ~ (HU)/Assessment of viral lo 289*/41142 ation of didanosine plus /Long-term suppression of H 41180 gues in the presence of in vitro/Enhanced activation 42262 used for female genital hygiene may contribute to the vaginal tran 42370 e finding/Acquired oral hyper-pigmentation (AOP) in HIV +ve pat 60125 ted with indinavir (IDV)/ Hyperbilirubinemia in patients treated wit 60808 se inhibitor-associated hyperglycemia in a university-based HIV 12395 se inhibitor-associated: Results of switching from 32172 o nelfinavir/Reversal of hyperlipidaemia and lipodystrophy in pati 12287 ble restrictions of G->A hypermutation on HIV-1 genome/Possibl 11200 nge in HIV patients with hypersensitivity to trimethoprim-sulfamet 60674 n HIV-infected patients/ Hypogonadism and wasting in the era of 32174 n the era of HAART/ Hypotestosteronism in the era of HAART 32275 s after adoption of 1996 IAS-USA recommendations/Improved out 12158 of env-V3 in six patients iatrogenically infected with an HIV-1 clon 60483 dary school students in Ibadan, Nigeria: A review of effectiveness/ 13558 us and truck stations in, Nigeria/Knowledge of AIDS and ri 23439 dary school students in /AIDS/STD peer health education: 33547 mplished response/VII Ibero-American Summit and HIV/AIDS: A 34368 elopment of UNDP with ICASO in fighting against HIV/AIDS/STD/ 34383 g Fas sensitization and ice-protease activation/HIV-Induced apo 21137 -cell lymphocytopenia ( ICL ): Experience in the West Midlands, UK 32151 ort Naive Antiretroviral ( ICONA ) study and enrollment data/Issues 60929 L) patients: Pilot study/ Idarubicin contained regimen in AIDS-rela 22294 tes in HIV-1-discordant identical twins/In vivo persistence of gene 346*/42322 d for particle assembly/ Identification of a minimum HIV-1 gag seq 11134 term non-progressors/ and characterisation of nef 11140 of injection drug users: of HIV risk-behavior pattern 23227 rposes/HIV and AIDS:, stigmatisation (personal an 24303 n-progression to AIDS/ of a new virus-associated e 41111 in French West Indies/ of human immunodeficienc 60425 infections in Argentina/ of HIV-1 subtypes B and F, 60727 tion in Brazil: Molecular and clinical and immunologi 11192 h in HIV phenotype and of reservoir of HIV-1 in CD4 22358 A simple method for the of HIV-1 subtypes (B or E) b 60229 rights violations in Asia: The APN+ 535*/44133 rights/Education: Addressing viola 44136 rights in Russia/Womens health a 44137 rights: A government answer to the 44138 rights of people living with AIDS (P 44141 rights and AIDS/Creation of progra 44144 rights program for the AIDS preven 534*/44145 rights approach to reducing wome 538*/44148 rights networking activities: Towar 44149 story/AIDS: A 44150 rights: A framework for understand 44151

Page  88 88 Identification o IL-10 12th World AIDS Conference Keyword Abstract -Keyword Abstract exual risk-taking?/Gay: Does it reduce or increase 60503 bgroups within group M identified with human monoclonal antibod 11164 bination of HIV-1 strains in China/Genetic recombination 429*/11179 ventions with non-gay men who have sex with men/Eff 14266 ell clonal dominance in HIV-infected children by CDR 212*/21106 Barriers to condom use by HIV infected and at-risk wom 23420 HIV-IEC Intervention to fun houses and illegally operatin 23548 phocyte (CTL) epitopes in studies of Thai HIV-infected fe 603*/31127 nce of Thailand/Needs by counselling staff in a souther 60997 m/Evaluation of unique identifiers:The Maryland non-named bas 60387 bases/Two methods to identify potential long-term non-progresso 13360 n HIV prevention and to research gaps/Gathering the evid 43524 of southern Myanmar/ Identifying HIV risk factors and informatio 14197 erence in pediatric HIV: the issues from providers and f 32438 r of a vulnerable group/ gaps in an behavioural interve 33297 ecting the unexpected: and reducing perceived occup 60364 he HIV/AIDS epidemic/ best practices, as the armed fo 60577 io de Janeiro, Brazil/ Identities and social organisation: An ethn 24102 ure/Vulnerability to HIV, identity and reproductive failure/Vulnerab 13576 Self-acceptance of gay decreases sexual risk behavior an 154*/14135 n gay social and sexual /Recreational drug use among ga 14180 g a future: Adopting the of a chronically ill person/From su 24263 dherence/Adult social is part of culturally competent HIV 32355 inal two-spirited sexual and HIV/AIDS/North American ab 34196 he emergence of gay and gay support groups in India/ 43337 control study of gender disorder and HIV disease/Case c 60177 n HIV care/The social and self-concept of HIV-positive tr 60309 exuals: Culture, gender ideology, and perceived risk/Determinant 14244 atment with cefixime on ideopathic mouth ulcers on patients with 22331 he West Midlands, UK/ Idiopathic CD4+ T-cell lymphocytopenia (I 32151 evalence monitoring in IDU, MSM, STD patients, and pregnancies 13189 n causing an explosive epidemic in Kaliningrad/HIV-1 genetic 13190 en in Europe/The male epidemic is closely linked to its second 13200 IV surveillance among recruited at 11 syringe exchange progr 23172 ntravenous drug users ( )/Implantation of public health strateg ailure in patients using IDV-containing triple therapy/Low plasma e study of d4T + 3TC + IDV versus ZDV + 3TC + IDV in treatment n ve study of d4T + ddl + versus ZDV + 3TC + IDV in treatment n -up of indinavir sulfate ( ) administered q 8 hours (q8H) versus q 4 cells/mm3/Indinavir ( ) in combination with zidovudine (ZDV) navir with stavudine vs. alone vs. stavudine alone in zidovudin udine (ZDV), indinavir ( ) and lamivudine (3TC) in HIV-1 infecte bination with indinavir ( ) [DMP 266-003, Cohort IV]/Durable cli enz (EFV) + indinavir ( ), versus EFV + zidovudine (ZDV) + la apine (NVP), indinavir ( ), and lamivudine (3TC)/Sequence ana MP 266) and indinavir ( ) versus indinavir in HIV-1 infected pati nations with indinavir ( ), zidovudine (ZDV), lamivudine (3TC), ns-combining indinavir ( ) with ritonavir (RTV): Results from first s treated with indinavir ( )/Saliva as a possible specimen for mo hips between indinavir ( ) pharmacokinetics and antiviral activit sma levels of indinavir ( ) are highly predictive of virological trea /Switch from indinavir ( ) to nelfinavir (NFV) in patients on antivi n a study of indinavir ( ) alone and with zidovudine (ZDV) in tre ) regimens (d4T+3TC+ vs. d4T+RTV+SQV) in pre-treated pati s treated with indinavir ( )/Hyperbilirubinemia in patients treate 4T + 3TC + indinavir ( )/Long-term follow-up of a cohort of 14 ng tritherapy including failure: Results on RNA viral load and y of C6te dlvoire/AIDS/ IEC in high schools and at the University of n Tanzania/Alternative interventions for promoting behaviour hment-based STD/HIV- Intervention to identified fun houses an cation-communication ( ) among prostitutes registered with an stern Nigeria/Impact of /Outreach programs on the prevention ania/Outlining of a new strategy for Tanzania/Outlining of a ne gy/Data organizing and development for overseas contract wo d Forces/Interpersonal as a long-term strategy for the preventi n and communication ( )/Innapropriate language as a barrier t viewpoint - A project in Ife-ljesa zone, Osun State, Nigeria/Home ums of Nairobi through IGA group processes/Empowerment of ne neutralizing activity and IgA in exposed seronegative (ESN) partne HIV-1 specific mucosal in a cohort of HIV-1 resistant Kenyan p y derived HIV-1 specific antibodies/Characterization of salivar nteractions of secretory with HIV-1 gp120: Potential pitfalls of a tion/Characteristics of anti-HIV antibodies in plasma and saliv izing effect of secretory to HIV in parotid saliva of HIV-infected infected mothers/Total IgE levels in infants born from HIV infected solates by HIV patient IgG directed to a viral-associated epitope/I hailand/Detection of antibodies to HHV-8 in HIV-1 positive i HIV1-negative children/ antibodies binding to CD4+ T-cells are nti-HIV-1 agent/Human IgM monoclonal antibody to ganglioside G angladesh: Potential for ignitable HIV epidemic/Injecting drug use HIV/AIDS/Poverty and ignorance as principal factors in prevalenc em failures: Abort, retry, ignore?/Solutions to system failures: Abor on of specific anti-HIV-1 IgY produced in species pathogen free chi perinatal transmission: IHO-Wadia model/Prevention of perinatal apy: An update/Phase II study of ritonavir-nelfinavir combination t 60630 42275 12223 12225 12290 12311 12335 12357 12359 22336 22337 22343 22371 22372 512*/32330 42266 42275 60181 60358 60791 60808 60875 60966 13551 14287 23548 33310 33371 33471 33501 43398 43569 42423 60157 21124 329*/31101 31119 162*/41101 60587 60770 42112 31110 31192 42110 31112 23215 60757 60131 41239 23309 12207 le injecting drug users ( V-infection spreading in y injection drug users ( s by injection drug use ( IDS prevention among ds care for HIV infected ) in London, 1990 to 1996/HIV prevale in Russian Federation/HIV-antibody t )/Initial viral load (VL) soon after seroc ) after accounting for CD4+ count and v in Geneva/The role of the police and p patients/Attitude of French GPs towar ction between women/ IDUS mens sexual risk behavior contributi detoxification amongst IDUs and heroin users from the slums/Dru of injecting drug users ( m injecting drug users ( ng injecting drug users ( ncidence in Vancouver in injecting drug users ( by injecting drug users ( ntravenous drug users ( of injection drug users ( Risk behaviors among two-city comparison of se and discard among evention for adolescent ng injecting drug users ( try injecting drug users ( of HIV infection among n with HTLV-I/II among ng injecting drug users ( The AIDS cases among rs among HIV-infected nt injection drug users ( n perceptions of HIV(+) with low infection rate in ng injection drug users ( d injection drug users ( ng injecting drug users ( rough outreach among munity mobilisation with nt injection drug users ( to injecting drug users ( S in long-term surviving - injection drug users ( HIV prevention among ng injecting drug users ( HIV prevention among AIDS prevention among es/Vaccination among ywood, CA/Adolescent ion to the treatment for ) in Bangkok, Thailand/HIV-1 inciden ) in Bangkok, Thailand/Genetic chara ) in Bangkok, Thailand/Similar risk fa during an outbreak of HIV infection/H ) newly infected with HIV-1 subtypes ) based on the analysis of blood trace )against HIV infection?/Do A32 CCR ) in preparation for HIV vaccine effica who give injections to or receive injec preparation practices/Viability of HI in a city with a legal needle exchange at a storefront needle exchange prog )/Projeto Brasil-Rio De Janeiro, prev ): 1992-1996/Behaviours changes a and natural history of HIV infection in in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/Prevalence ) along the US-Mexico border/The rol in Brazil/The AIDS cases among in France (cohort MANIF 2000)/Com )/Health status and co-morbidity of HI as barriers to treatment/Physician pe and sex-workers/Unaddressed need ): Do mobile programs attract those at )/Feasibility and willingness to partici )- Creating a setting/Phase II: Atte of Calcutta, India/Behavioural modifi on Bangladesh/India border/Harm re ) into drug treatment: Effects on reduc )/The harm reduction cards system: /The CD38 subset of CD8 cells predi )/A comparison of the Unmet service in the town of Svetlogorsk, Gomel reg )in Bangkok, Thailand/Willingness to in Belarus/Mobilization of organizati in Belarus/HIV/AIDS prevention amo: The role of economic incentives/Vac patterns of utilization of a storefront n /The construction of the Brazilian mo 585*/23214 23225 23396 23456 33411 60338 23249 12413 13127 13133 13144 13296 191*/13302 14114 23180 23181 23189 23196 23200 23204 23208 23224 23244 23248 24103 24216 32359 503*/32409 32412 32437 33196 33214 33293 33338 408*/33386 33398 33418 42191 43304 43467 43548 44261 44299 60276 60545 60612 ected patients (START )/An open-label, randomized, comparativ 12225 ss I antigens and class alleles in Brazilian AIDS patients with cyt 22272 sarcoma (KS)/A phase study of oral thalidomide in patients with 22280 MP 266-005]/A phase,double-blind, placebo-controlled, dose r 22334 MP 266-006]/A phase, multicenter, randomized, open-label stu 22336 cted patients/A phase randomized open label study of adefovir 22371 acterization in a phase, open-label, multicenter study at 24 week 22386 dulator WF10 (A phase pathogenesis study)/Immunological par 22417 mized, controlled phase trial of S.C. interleukin-2 in HIV patients/ 22420 ion in Uganda/Phase I/ trial of HIVIG for the prevention of HIV-1 v 22422 o-infection with HTLV-I/ among IDUs in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/Pre 23248 ating a setting/Phase: Attending injecting drug users (IDUs) - 33293 Health Study (REACH )/Changing patterns in injection practices 33394 of Vironostika Uni-Form plus O with samples from Thailand/Sensi 41117 d their infants/Phase I/ study of single dose nevirapine in HIV inf 41131 se inhibitor, in a phase I/ study/The safety, tolerance, pharmacoki 293*/41176 Anti-HIV-1/2 EIA DAGS: A highly sensitive assay based entirely o 42108 tiviral activity in phase I/ trials/Relationships between indinavir (I 42266 ning Councils and Title Care Consortia/Self-assessment modul 44310 a/Prevalence of HTLV-I/ infections in different populations group i 60108 ed, single-blind, phase Ila study of lenograstim (rHuG-CSF) to allo 32146 seases Emilio Ribas ( IIER ), Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil/AIDS mortalit 60580 n relationship in Phase III study of nelfinavir mesylate (Viracept~)/ 12304 MP 266-020]/A phase,double-blind, placebo-controlled, multic 22343 n PACTG 316: A phase randomized, blinded study of single-dos 23281 y of abacavir in a phase pediatric study/Correlation of phenotypi 232*/32283 ents enrolled in a phase clinical trial/Population pharmacokinetic 42267 ent outcome in a phase trial of buprenorphine-naloxone opiate d 42325 nsmission?/Increased IL-10 in the endocervix of women with STD 13280

Page  89 12th World AIDS Conference IL-10 * Immunodeficiency 89 e-1 cytokines IL-2 and 2 stimulatory cytokines, n serum interleukin-16 ( asma concentrations of nd promoter function/ s and type-1 cytokines hemokine assays for viral therapy/Levels of ng combined anti HIV-1 CD4+ T cell response to s/Effect of HAART +/patients/Interleukin-2 ( S patients/Interleukin ( n/Differential effects of effects of interleukin-7 ( S Keyword /Glucocorticoid hormone is the and IL4, on HIV-1 specific CTL ) levels during the course of HI,but not of /-chemokines chang: Gene structure and promoter f IL-2 and IL-12/Glucocorticoid hormo,IFNy, TNFa, and RANTES, usi and slL-2R in lymphocyte cultur therapy/Chemokines and chem therapy in HIV-1-infected individ on viral kinetics and T cell recons ) treatment reduces soluble CD3 deficiency aggravates the defect on HIV-1 expression suggest a r ) gene transfer and expression in Abstri major activit V-1 inf )e unif unctio ne is t ng wh res fro okine uals h 3titutio 30 (sC of nat ole in HIVg ry cytokines, IL-12 and IL4, on HIV-1 specific CTL activity/Effect o CIV IL2 with AZT + ddl/ IL 2 in HIV patients: A randomized trial com ds of seriously mentally ill adults/Outcome of a cognitive-behavior identity of a chronically person/From survival expectancy to pla sion of HIV in a severely patient/Slow seroconversion of HIV in a ategies for the mentally /HIV risk and prevention strategies for th entina/Consumption of illegal drugs and condoms use in students I/STDs, HIV/AIDS and drug consumption in prison system,alcohol, and currently drugs in women with HIV infection/ ducation program for Burmese migrant workers in Bangk entified fun houses and illegally operating entertainment establish ntion of HIV/AIDS in an illeterate suburb of Dakar: Successes and rch at the University of Illinois at Chicago/Secondary traumatic st ated mortality: Chicago,, USA- 1996/Inequalities in declini expectancy in Chicago,, USA/AIDS and the impact on life e er, Canada/Functional illiteracy and AIDS education: The margin of HIV infection among illiterate male alcoholics in Machakos Dist text of AIDS in Malawi/ Illness, deaths, and social obligations: Pe sis by an opportunistic: A distinct population with shorter s ium falciparum malaria and HIV-1 RNA viral burden/The a ults with serious mental /Psychiatric diagnoses and sympto e and persistent mental /Prevalence of HIV risk behavior a act 21160 31153 21187 41164 60830 21160 21184 21191 22416 22419 41228 41235 60325 218*/21174 41244 31153 41229 14279 24263 42138 60390 13544 23592 60516 60625 23548 43188 24302 94*/43433 60135 60522 60155 24159 13214 13297 23531 23544 Keyword Abstra causes non-escalating activation and uses multiple co-re mulation as a putative modulator in FIV (feline immunod nduces strong cellular responses in Macaques/Adenovi sease/Heart, lung, and abnormalities and high viral burd pression of viremia and reconstitution in seroconverting p s of proviral DNA and to recovery/Suppression of HIV repl (B or C) result in similar activation, progression and respo gitudinal analysis of the reconstitution after HAART (saqui ar cells from chronically activated individuals/Increased s IV-infection alters T cell response to hepatitis C virus antig motactic cytokines and function in children with HIV/The rategies for broadening responses to HIV-1/Multi-subtyp and its association with status in a cohort of HIV-1 infecte ce that HAART induced recovery vitritis in CMV retinitis pa ter relapse. Role of the reconstitution in therapy for HIV-I cted women/Humoral response to human papillomaviru ted children: Kinetics of reconstitution/Combination thera DS patient/Successful reconstitution over four years afte nfection/HIV-1 specific responses and CC-chemokine re nce?/Effects of HIV on responses in children with thymic HIV-1 strains/Humoral response in Brazilian individuals i P24 antigen stimulated responses after treatment with an f prolonged HAART on function and on viral load in lymph of cellular and humoral factors in colostrum of HIV infecte and DR are markers of activation and disease progressio troviral therapy/Partial restoration within 6 months of hig Cell surface markers of activation in dual infection with HI AIDS patients/Cellular responses to mycobacterial antig D skin test and cellular response in a high risk group for d patient with acquired deficiency syndrome/Q-fever ass vival in HIV-associated thrombocytopenia/Long-term ev sening of HIV-1-related thrombocytopenia in patients rec A, CD4+ cell count, and activation markers predict HIV-rel a/Dramatic increase in mediated HIV killing activity induc enous drug use and the system/Intravenous drug use an HIV-specific functional responses after treatment with a stic indicators/Plasma activation marker levels compare g on body composition, markers, and viral load in HIV+ ad atients/CD4 marker of restoration in associated antiviral ted Ugandans/Cellular responses in HIV-1 infected Ugan on therapy/Circulating complexes in AIDS patients and t in Kenya: The cases of Immunex, Kemron, Pearl Omega and Poly n HIV positive patients/ Immunisation against hepatitis B in HIV p emokines in protective immunity against intrarectal SIVsm challe tective T-cell mediated induced by a consecutive HIV-1 ystemic and mucosal /Improvement of nucleic acid va e nef-specific secretory in HIV-infected patients/Analysi Ethiopians/HIV specific in HIV unexposed seronegative rapy/Improved cellular in acute HIV-1 infection followin work factor/Partial herd in a high-prevalence HIV sub-co cted children/Pertussis immunization does not affect HIV-1 progr Jersey/Serious mental ng children to cope with ea associated with HIV men with severe mental ciation between mental ers faced with a moving among HIV-infected medicaid patie 596*/24222 or death in the family, by improving 24298 and importance of cryptosporidium 31222 /HIV prevention among men with s 43278 and HIV risk among incarcerated w 43406 /Support given to volunteers faced 60606 ct 11210 11236 11241 12171 12191 12371 21105 21123 21156 21182 21190 551*/21196 130*/22236 15*/22240 22293 22304 22362 22421 31114 31116 31117 31151 31160 31163 213*/31166 31174 31184 31206 31207 31224 32145 32154 506*/32167 32309 32427 41237 42181 42328 60235 60382 60831 474*/44140 42418 547*/11239 549*/21198 21205 31115 31144 115*/31177 43486 12170 550*/21194 551 */21196 21197 497*/21201 21211 21215 31145 32449 60488 21213 60369 60831 41104 41115 41120 42129 60818 41107 60771 12254 13266 11138 31116 11115 11147 11185 11212 11219 11222 the fight against AIDS: Illustration with a program in Burkina Fas 34135 e living with HIV/AIDS: with the SAS Centre (for Solid 34185 e an ally in altering the image of AIDS?/Trends of reporting on HI 591*/34215 nch homosexual milieu/ Imaginary protections and imaginary risks bout STDs: Reality and /Womens perception about ST aginary protections and risks the case of the french hom ublic sex environments/ Imaginative research for HIV prevention in tease/Transmission of immature HIV-1 during protease inhibitor t ng gay men and young immigrant women/A comparison of HIV b mission for sex worker, and refugees/Personal counse olunteerism withing the population/Volunteerism withi ong the Latin American community in Geneva/The Pr n/sex education among Latino gay and bisexual men in rvention in the Mexican population in New York City/Pr ng HIV programs within populations: A comprehensive s/Bridging the gap with African communities in develop merging HIV infection in and ethnic minority groups in th cial care of HIV-positive women/Psycho-social care of he HIV/AIDS epidemic/ Immigrants in Japan in the context of the tion in SFI (Swedish for ) schools/STDs and HIV/AIDS ention for refugees and /Education on HIV prevention rception among African living in New York City/Religi owledge among African living in New York City/Religi to train Latin American to educate extended family m es among HIV infected in Israel/Cultural mediator out al and South American in the Washington DC area/C n recent Latin American with low literacy levels as peer eneration North African /Conducts logics faced with HI nte, Brazil/The utility of immune-complex-dissociated p24 antig 24112 23386 24112 24177 11132 14174 23585 24367 34190 43252 43326 60002 60592 60895 60942 44203 13502 13534 33333 33336 43185 43243 43413 60531 60943 42117 12147 antisera induced upon with a recombinant protein based DNA and protein strategies for broadening i he effect of HIV-specific in subjects with other subty ve responses following with recombinant gp120 SF ining plasmids for DNA against HIV-1/Three types tive response following with a novel HIV-1 V3 reco ocytes induced by DNA /SIV-specific cytotoxic T ly f pre-exposure rabies in HIV-infected children/Sa es after pneumococcal in HIV-1 infected patients/ ion may be one of ideal immunizing route for HIV-1 DNA vaccine/ of HIV/AIDS cases with Immuno-potentiators and protection of th ationale for an ex vivo immunoadsorption therapy/Circulating i up O infections in rapid immunoassay /Universal peptide for dete V-2 and HIV-1 group 0 on the Abbott ArchitectfT i2 rd-generation one-step for HIV antibodies, useful i miluminescence based to quantify the HIV-1 nude d Capcellia~ CD4/CD8 for enumeration of the CD4 subtypes by a new rapid immunochromatographic test/Detection mphocytes can improve immunocompetence and decrease viral I e to ritonavir in severely immunocompromised, antiretroviral exp mpact of tuberculosis on immunocompromized HIV-infected pers les associate with p17/ Immunocytochemical localizations of HI th thymic dysfunction - Immunodeficiency or tolerance?/Effects on by divergent human viruses involves a hig lection of Vpr in human virus type 1 infection a quasi-species/Human virus type 1 populatio the infectivity of simian virus (SIV)/Requirem y cloned simian-human virus in vivo: The enve mphoid tissues/Simian virus acute infection a and virologic analyses/ y HIV-infected children/ nti-retroviral therapy/ ht into T cell dynamics/ Abidjan, C6te dlvoire/ n the Quadri-96 trial/ n HIV-infected children/ ican KS endemic area/ Immune activation in HIV-infected African i reconstitution and role of thymus 114*/12247 restoration disease after treatme 340*/22323 reconstitution of HIV discordant 272*/22411 activation markers and chemokin 31147 reconstitution in the Quadri-96 tri 31172 thrombocytopenic purpura in HIV 32150 status of HIV-infected patients wit 60970

Page  90 90 Immunodeficiency * Impact 12th World AIDS Conference SKeyword Abstract nic and non-pathogenic virus-host systems/L 11226 modulator in FIV (feline virus) infected laborat 11236 transmission of human virus type 1 with zidov 12155 patients with advanced started on protease in 440*/12266 n the murine model of disease - MAIDS/Inhi 12356 eatures of the acquired syndrome in Benin Cit 13177 with long-lasting severe /Triple antiretroviral th 13359 en infected with human virus/Site specific viru 13385 aracterisation of human virus type 1 Nef protei 21142 toculture/HIV-induced ex vivo: Role of viral tr 21149 ts infected with human virus/Production of m 21188 ial infection in acquired syndrome/Neutropen 22121 nfected with the human virus (HIV)/Tuberculo 22147 s) with resistant human virus-related non-Hod 22297 nsmission of the human virus/A Bloodless ce 23274 ures resulting in human virus (HIV) post-expo 23330 mission ways of human virus in Chilean wome 23478 omen/Trends in human virus (HIV) infection in 23593 s infected with human virus (HIV): Comparis 32380 typic analysis of human virus in Ukraine/Geno 41161 Faso/Impact of human virus type 1 (HIV-1) su 41173 s of plants/Anti-human virus type 1 activities o 41203 n (TCS) on anti-human virus type 1 activity/St 41206 us, in vitro/Anti-human virus (HIV) activity, of 41207 live-attenuated human virus/A new approach 41251 ctoferrin inhibits human virus type 1 replication 60342 ogression of the human virus (HIV) to first opp 60360 Identification of human virus type 1 env subty 60425 nt infected with human virus (HIV)/Co-infecti 60605 haracteristics of human virus type 1 subtype C 60692 ew findings on human virus (HIV) and hepatit 60738 resistant strain of feline virus (FIV): Evaluation 60780 ssion of HIV-associated /Gender and progress 60844 sease after treatment of immunodeficient HIV-infected patients wi 340*/22323 ene transfer: in vivo in mice (SCID) implanted 41243 onse against HHV-8 by immunofluorescence assay (IFA) using 31195 eted inactivated HIV-1 immunogen (RemuneTM) on the control of 21212 gpl20-depleted HIV-1 (REMUNET) in HIV-1 seropo 31151 tanide ISA720 is highly immunogenic and induces neutralizing an 21216 opositive adult patients/ Immunogenicity of hepatitis B vaccine ag 22327 ed children/Safety and of pre-exposure rabies i 32449 fects of HIV-1 infection/ Immunohaematological reference range 31183 ological, cytological and immunohistochemical study/Hairy leuko 41167 athogenesis of syphilis/ Immunohistochemistry as a diagnostic 33246 ion of T. pallidum using and direct fluore 60443 cted African individuals: Immunologic, phenotypic and virologic an 12147 ed in the alpha ddl trial/ and virologic markers as ind 12234 ally infected with HIV-1: characterization/High viral I 13356 viral therapy (HAART)/ function and reconstitution i 338*/31186 IV-infected patients. and virologic response/App 32297 elated cardiomyopathy/ and virologic findings in HIV 60433 n Bangkok/Clinical and spectrum of disease among 12144 76/Lack of clinical or disease progression with tra 12233 udy (WITS)/Virologic, and clinical indicators of dis 13368 orrelates with clinical,, and virologic markers/Sym 21116 /Correlations between indices and thymic mass in 21129 py (HAART)/Sustained improvement after virologic 22342 itutes: Behavioural and correlates/HIV-1 specific cy 600*/31123 on therapy/Discrepant and virologic responses in H 342*/32259 apy: An assessment of and virologic parameters/D 42154 ation with virologic and parameters/Indinavir phar 42276, Ethiopia/Clinical/Viro/ Immunological parameters by HIV stage i 12135 blished infection (AEI)/ and virological effects of c 12193 I pathogenesis study)/ parameters modified in HI 22417 Yaounde (Cameroon)/ profile of HIV infected pati 31179 CIN) in HIV-1+ women/ parameters and cervical i 32134 nitoring in HIV-infection/ monitoring in HIV-infectio 41126 patients in South India/ and virological analysis of 42395 gression in Ethiopians/ markers with prognostic v 60880 fication and clinical and evaluation/HIV-1 subtype 11192 ruption delay and the deficit in HIV carrier infant 12167 n signs, symptoms and abnormalities predict peri 174*/12169 atients/Virological and effectiveness of protease i 12338 and standardization for measures relevant to HIV/ 13101 variants on clinical and disease progression in 41 13183 ssion and predictivity of and virological parameter 13351 ative subjects/Study of profile in HIV exposed ser 31146 ed children/Clinical and prognostic criteria in HIV i 60117 ffect on virological and parameters of concomitan 60487 us load/Virological and characterization of HIV-inf 60702 - Keyword Abstract ng-term virological and response to protease inhi 60703 nal antibodies to HIV-1/ Immunologically-defined subgroups with 11164 on of HIV-1 infection by immunologycal and molecular methods i 60529 he macrophage activity immunomodulator WF10 (A phase II path 22417 servoir cells by the safe murabutide/Inhibition 22424 V-infected individuals/ Immunomodulatory effects of interleukin- 41244 nterferon/Anti-HIV and effects of interferon- 41186 al-associated epitope/ Immunoprecipitation and neutralization o 31110 he Philippines/V3 Loop immunoreactivity and diversity among HI 11172 positive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for HIV in persons 41168 SPOT (Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSpot) assay/Detection and enum 42131 servation of normal and immunosuppressed rabbits after intraocu 11231 Pneumocystis carinii in rats during acute PC 31220 tro/HIV-1 Vpr mediated immunosuppression in vitro/HIV-1 Vpr 60689 g DNA based vaccines/ Immunotherapy for HIV-1 infection using 22418 s in patients on passive /HIV-1 polymerase chain 41236 ed with HIV1/Passive using anti-gp41 human 41243 rimary HIV-1 infection/ Impact of a highly active antiretroviral ther 11155: The EuroSIDA study/ of antiretroviral therapy on the prog 12106 asque country (Spain)/ of HAART in a cohort of patients fro 12276 ence still decreasing?/ of highly active antiretroviral therap 13202 South African hospital: of the HIV epidemic on supply of he 611*/13246 k City (NYC), 1991-97/ of tuberculosis on immunocompro 13266 ected Ugandan adults/ of pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) on 13315 ocyte counts in France/ of highly active antiretroviral therap 13318 amil Nadu, South India/ of training in sexually transmitted di 13475 nd child health centres/ evaluation of targeted training in pr 13478 strict health structures: of preventive strategy with health w 13490 m availability program: on sexual behavior and condom us 13505 herence - A pilot study/ of THE (Tools for Health and Empo 14271 middle school students/ of an HIV/STD prevention intervent 14286 fe: Preliminary results/ of ritonavir/saquinavir versus riton 14338 ts with <50 CD4 count/ of indinavir with zidovudine and la 14339 V infected out-patients/ of risk factor, clinical category and 14351 e 1 cytokine synthesis/ of potent anti-HIV therapy on T hel 219*/21169 mong Ugandan adults: of HIV-infection/Diagnosis and tre 22116 n HIV positive patients/ of HAART on clinical evolution of g 22192 nfected with HCV-HIV/ of indinavir (protease inhibitor) on 22269 home care assistance/ of the new antiviral therapies in per 22445 ancy in Rakai, Uganda: on maternal and infant health/A ra 528*/23276 Mallorca Island, Spain/ of zidovudine on perinatal HIV tran 23314 n Borno State, Nigeria/ of HIV/AIDS enlightenment on acc 23344 n Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/ of religious beliefs on HIV/AIDS pre 23587 ed populations: Social and methodological considerations 24107 ed responses in India - as a product of historicization with t 24146 position of HIV cohorts/ of effective therapy on retention an 24170 ganization, in Uganda/ of a computerized management inf 24343 le living with HIV/AIDS/ of support groups on people living 24365 V positive out-patients/ of protease inhibitor treatment on b 32177 tween 1993 and 1997/ of donor selection on HIV-prevalen 33209 Organization, Uganda/ of the introduction of a computerize 33240 tted diseases subjects/ of counselling on HIV risk awarene 33283 Iling and testing study/ of HIV counselling and testing on m 33288 wareness programme/ of AIDS education and awareness 33294 outhwestern Nigeria/ of IEC/Outreach programs on the p 33371 roject for drug injectors: results/Yaroslavl (Russia) harm-re 33404 d drug users in France/ of drug maintenance treatment on 33413 r condom substitution? of hierarchical messages on wome 33479 ong HIV/AIDS patients/ of community health care in control 34124 ench Ministry of Health/ of prevention campaigns targetted 34213 AIDS Internet resource/ of HIV/AIDS Internet resource/ 34214 ection in Burkina Faso/ of human immunodeficiency virus t 41173 I response to nelfinavir/ of protease gene mutations on virol 41222 nteragency HIV study/ of plasma HIV RNA on CD4 chang 42153 nd patterns of therapy/ of drug non-compliance and the fre 42173 ted infections in Brazil/ of the use of protease inhibitors in n 42317 gain during pregnancy/ of HIV and substance use on infant 42334 HIV service utilization: of improved therapies, clinician ed 443*/42429 ulu-Natal, South Africa/ of the HIV epidemic on demand for 42431 s in Manitoba, Canada/ of HAART on health care utilization 42432 ry HIV referral centre - on hospital and community resourc 42450 HIV/AIDS programmes/ of political and structural developm 43226 on of Rajasthan, India/ of HIV intervention programme am 43354 al sex workers (CSWs)/ of DESH intervention/awereness a 43356 e hospital organisation/ of the new trends of epidemic of Al 43565 women and minorities/ of cost saving strategies for access 44253 a: An intervention trial/ of HIV/AIDS enlightenment on acc 60126 nd lesbian legal issues: on HIV and AIDS/Gay and lesbian 60446 ns on adherence rates/ of interventions on adherence rate 60588 developing country/ of the profile of the national AIDS pr 60750

Page  91 12th World AIDS Conference Impact * implemented 91 al tranmission of HIV-1/ s virion assembly/The BH), South Africa/The HIV total breastfeeding ence, determinants and nciclovir (OGCV)/The matic HIV infection/The during 1994-1996/The 1723)/Epidemiological cago: 1988-1995/The andan households/The of African patients/The n drug users/Notable nitiation: Reducing the es/Power echoes: The rning about sex and its n women/Cultural /A meta-analysis of the ntion/Evaluation of the ex and condom use: An ommunity in Africa/The SG Protocol 022)/The ssions and deaths/The I/Neurologic diseases after HIV diagnosis and ma compartments/The er, power and HIV: The g girls in Tanzania/The AIDS-political/economic at risk - Estimating the therapy/The economic re in Mexico/Economic I infected children/The eys and censuses/The ased studies/Mortality frica/Evidence of the nce in will writing and ancy/The psychosocial A grief observed: The n returning to work/The ompanies, Malawi/The ce neighborhood/The care professionals/The hospital/Pyschosocial djan, C6te dlvoire/The ople in Cameroon/The se model/Study of the of oral candidosis/The patients in Harlem/The Canada/The economic Potential public health ledge about AIDS/The S: Is there likely to be an n Masaka District/The ong drug injectors/The ver State, Nigeria/The rs and HIV testing/The Criminal laws and their mong adolescents: The s in Nairobi/Long-term coverage, behavioural al and community-wide s to care/HIV infection projects: Assessing the uction of negative AIDS ogram data/Measuring f the community/Social g/Assessing the social efforts in Colombia/The of collaboration/Media of people with HIV/The vice organisations/The the Greek society/The analysis/The potential tion: determinants and to 1997/The changing nitiation modalities and g of personal and social nd their children from Chicago gay men/The Keyword Abstract of treatment with zidovudine during 60900 of interactions between nucleocap 379*/11131 of HIV infection on in-hospital paed 172*/12166 /Seroconversion in infants of positi 12175 /Protease inhibitors among injectin 12291 of baseline antiretroviral therapy in 12347 of family support on outcome of ho 74*/12412 of HIV/AIDS on an urban hospital i 12423 of HIV/AIDS in the European Union 13182 of AIDS on mortality among drug in 13226 of HIV on transmission of tuberculo 609*/13258 of HIV infection on tuberculosis con 613*/13259 of the introduction of the 1993 Euro 13383 on peer norms on early sexual initi 14138 of gendered power relations on HI 207*/14182 on subsequent attitudes and lifesty 14224 on women/Cultural 14242 of HIV risk reduction interventions 253*/14250 of an educational program for AIDS 14281 evaluation study in Bogota, Colom 14295 of cryptococcal disease and therap 22223 of viral load (VL) nadir on the chang 22368 of highly active antiretroviral therap 22373 in people with AIDS receiving hom 22444 on condom use/Use of crack cocai 23364 of ritonavir/saquinavir/stavudine o 23397 of partner violence in the context of 23466 of obsolete traditions on HIV/AIDS 23473 /Women with HIV/AIDS-political/ec 23487 of the HIV epidemic upon adolesce 23546 of the change in prescribing antiretr 24123 of AIDS medical care in Mexico/Ec 24140 of HIV infection on families with on 24165 of HIV on mortality in Africa: Eviden 24189 of the AIDS epidemic: Evidence fro 24192 of HIV on fertility in Africa/Evidenc 24196 of HIV/AIDS on the household, fam 24213 of HIV and pregnancy/The psycho 24237 of HIV-related death on womens m 24245 of health improvements for people I 24274 of HIV/AIDS on production: The ex 24290 of a parent training on childrens co 24297 of multiple AIDS related deaths on 24299 of occupational exposures to blood 24307 of AIDS counselling in Africa: The e 24346 of the involment of HIV/AIDS peopl 24350 of neutralizing antibodies on the co 330*/31103 of highly aggressive antiretroviral t 31217 of the ALRTm alarm device on antiret 32325 of HIV on Aboriginal people in Can 32413 of offering post-exposure prophyla 576*/33183 of educational material on the bloo 33211?/STD control for HIV prevention in 525*/33238 and response of training AIDS com 33262 results of a peer-driven interventio 409*/33335 of appropriate delineation of a hete 33373 of personal experiences with HIV/A 33375 on the establishment of harm reduc 33397 of maternal-adolescent communic 33465 of community peer interventions on 33515 and biomedical impact/A peer edu 33519 of empowering women with HIV/E 33556 among North African people living i 105*/34101 and sustainability of an HIV preven 34133 in the community/Reduction of neg 34151 and evaluating effectiveness of co 34153 and response of the community/S 34154 and response of communities to co 34168 of HIV/AIDS prevention and control 34180 /agreement between a NGO and a 586*/34219 of anti-viral treatment combination 34241 of HIV/AIDS treatment advances o 34310 of AIDS service organisations (AS 34313 of oral liquid nutritional supplement 42355 on recommended therapies and di 42382 of HIV/AIDS in Kenyatta National H 68*/42434 on anti-infective agent use/Utilisati 42436 of HIV/AIDS in Constanta, Romani 43156 of AIDS among PLWHA through su 43169 of new combination HIV therapies 43260 Keyword Abstr orce in Ivory Coast/The erience of U.B.S./The ida/Assessment of the del-aided evaluation of n Malawi/Tackling the mated future economic e model STDSIM/The ures/The demographic ality data to monitor the h sector in Uganda/The Paulo, Brazil: trend and Boston/Evaluating the education: Its possible at risk and its potential ment of socio-economic d: Perceived HIV/AIDS a/The socio-economic bitors (PI): economical ach to reduce the social ois, USA/AIDS and the /The determinants and estionnaire to measure e, Brazil/AIDS mortality the potential economic ities/HIV/AIDS and the c response to HIV/AIDS el/Estimating program or the evaluation of the on in communities/The ans living in Britain/The al Tanzania: Design of of HIV/AIDS on the teaching force i in Cameroon of testimonies from P of a major HIV/AIDS confidentiality on HIV incidence/Patterns of partic of the HIV epidemic in Malawi/Tac of HIV/AIDS in the European Union of partner referral of STD patients o of AIDS: Projecting the impact of Al of the epidemic/Using morbidity an of HIV/AIDS on the health sector in of combined anti-retroviral therapy of highly active antiretroviral therap on STD/HIV/AIDS information, edu on health care decisions and case of HIV/AIDS epidemic among truck on the male sex industry in Santo D of adult mortality and morbidity on on opportunistic infection treatmen of HIV/AIDS in a rural area/An inter on life expectancy in Chicago, Illino of early sexual activity among adol of HIV patient care on caregivers/ in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil/AID of viral load driven triple drug comb on the religious communities/HIV/ in Indonesia/Islamic response to H on HIV transmission: a validation of of HIV/STD prevention programme of peer education in communities/ of anti-retroviral therapies on black evaluation/Community-randomize of people with HIV/The impacts of combination therapies on the li ce of HIV infection/The of a laboratory reporting system o DS/Evaluating the legal of and responses to AIDS/Evalua response on the social of HIV/AIDS among the adolesce sers/Implicit memory is impaired in HIV-seropositive drug users/I osis is associated with cell function/Interleukin-8 recept n resistance leading to glucose tolerance in HIV-1 infect ocyturia and reversible impairment of renal function in indinavir tr ors/Prediction of in vivo of cytochrome P450-mediate nts/Telomerase activity in hematopoietic progenitor c /Neurological sensitive in HIV infected patients/Neur ssion of neurocognitive with protease inhibitors based sociated with cognitive in HIV disease/Latency of eve HIV-1 infectivity without of cellular proliferation/Effica V-associated cognitive /Research on possible treatm he severity of cognitive impairments /Volume reductions of sub-c measured bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), nutritional stat gst MSM/Existing laws: Impediment to intervention and outreach on program in Ghana?/ Impediments to successful AIDS preventi nce and Chira cultural in HIV and AIDS control, pre ement of the ganciclovir implant - Is it always necessary?/Replace ted with the ganciclovir in patients with AIDS and CMV reti retinitis treated with an /Significance of CD4 cell count an ous drug users (IDUs)/ Implantation of public health strategies for eyes and CMV retinitis/ of ganciclovir device in patie s with CMV retinitis and of the ganciclovir intra-ocula disease and port-a-cath in HIV+ patients/CMV disea kin-4 toxin in nude mice implanted with AIDS-associated Kaposis odeficient mice (SCID) with human CD4+ cells and cha ained release antiviral implants for the prevention of maternal tra CMVR) with ganciclovir /Cystoid macular edema in diabe g different populations: Implementation of new guidelines for trea e first year of life, USA/ of recommendations for t e in Rio de Janeiro City/ of a surveillance and prev he State of Sao Paulo/ of inter-institutional team sector in C6te dlvoire: of the expanded respons e programmes in Brazil/ strategies of AIDS care p isk in Bali, Indonesia/ of pre and post survey on erculosis (TB) after the of universal TB prophylax actors influencing the of AIDS policy in South Af es/Barriers towards the /utilization of HIV counseli about the needs for the of a HIV/AIDS counseling he dissemination and of the HIV clinical practic res health care reform strategies: Case study of io-cultural obstacles to of an association of peopl multisector strategy for /Community level-pre an n of HIV/Evaluating the of three programmes for center before and after of triple therapy with prot f school HIV education implemented by teachers and health work act 43360 43375 43421 575*/43476 43479 43488 43490 43493 43494 478*/43497 43512 43525 43569 44175 44201 44205 44206 44247 60075 60135 60225 60345 60430 60507 60520 60628 60637 60668 60930 60957 60993 640*/24260 43454 44112 60011 24153 31167 179*/41177 12379 12390 21118 22328 32196 32211 59*/41231 60804 32215 42354 60918 14226 24168 32234 32237 32243 60630 60786 32235 60478 22279 41243 23267 32236 22333 171*/23269 33187 43335 43518 43535 43538 22155 24141 24339 33324 42411 43519 60234 60573 60784 60992 14277

Page  92 92 implemented * incentives 12th World AIDS Conference f Keyword Abstract -- he Manila harbor area/ Implementing an STD/AIDS education pr 13441 t of Rio de Janeiro City/ a harm reduction program ( 411*/33390 ies in Rajasthan, India/ sexual health promotion wit 60142 h in high risk situations/ programs to reduce HIV am 60290 erience/Challenges in a workplace-based peer-le 13459 to support midwives in policy on universal choice o 13566 du, Nepal/Challenge in HIV/AIDS/STD in the priso 33586 ssful in addressing and adherence understanding/ 34258 tion between countries, agencies and local commu 34370 NG capacity building of agencies in the AIDSCAP 43503 the viral pathogenesis/ Implication of the C terminal domain of SI 11213 ase definition for AIDS/ of a modified case definition fo 12148 s in human breast milk: for breastfeeding policy and st 23325 e sex with men (MSM): for prevention intervention/Ri 33180 ht against STDs/AIDS/ of rural youth associations in t 33585 nst AIDS in rural areas/ of administrative officials in th 60936 e antiretroviral therapy: Implications for virus eradication/Latent v 273*/11150 oculation with HIV-2287: for human transmission/Vira 209*/11214 d ordinary housewives/ on risks of HIV infection - ge 13577 nia and Herzegovina/ of complex emergencies, upr 244*/14139 ng transsexual woman/ of living with HIV/AIDS as a tr 569*/14208 ommunity in Sri Lanka/ of first sexual intimacy for lat 14231 exuality in Bangladesh: for HIV prevention/Varieties 155*/14312 patients in Pune, India: for syndromic management/ 22199 d HBV positive donors: for blood safety and donor de 23254 workers in South Africa: for microbicide use/Intravagi 23419 with crack cocaine use: for risk reduction/Gender diff 23425 aged women in Kenya: for interventions/Vulnerabilit 23449 S between 1992-1995: on future counselling and trai 24341 hylaxis for sexual risks: for behavioral prevention int 33184 tes in Jos City, Nigeria: for counselling/Extent of AID 33309 dence from Cameroon/ of free and commercial cond 33428 ve sex with other men: for outreach and prevention/ 34158 oldiers to HIV infection: for effective condom promoti 43396 snia and Herzegovina/ of HIV/AIDS perceptions and 44236 e services in Malaysia: with regards HIV vulnerabilit 60105 V/AIDS related issues: for training/Community healt 60319 Many small epidemics - for planning and intervention 60432 patitis C virus (HCV) - for drug and vaccine therapie 60738 n workers in Botswana: for prevention/AIDS preventi 60896 n Mumbai Metro and its /Taxonomy of the Hijda com 13430 rapid assessment and for prevention and treatment 14157 married couples and its in STD/HIV/AIDS prevention 205*/14213 cial sex workers and its on HIV/AIDS transmission/B 401*/14233 al disease and therapy in the community in Africa/T 22223 -behavior patterns and for behavioral interventions/ 23227 smission of HIV and its in developing countries: Fro 23300 viral therapy (HAART): for adherence/compliance/P 32356 vider assumptions and for clinical practice/Treatme 32358 wards condom use and for family planning in rural Ug 34108 icance and therapeutic of residual viremia in patien 42165 AIDS out-patients: The for clinical care/The prevale 42167 oviral therapies/Ethical of the medical and existential 44129 ring the workforce/The of new treatments on PLWH 44189 HIV/AIDS: Benefits and /Residential summer camp f 44210 /Window period and its in HIV antibody testing/Wind 60185 vatizing Medicaid: The for HIV prevention of privatizi 60339 drug abuse behaviors/ Implicit sexual cognition and activation in 24152 eropositive drug users/ memory is impaired in HIV-seropo 24153 ood exclusion decision/ valuation of a blood exclusion deci 484*/44244 ot work in schools: The rules and paradoxal powers of tea 13501 quisition of explicit and long-term-memory and performan 60450 nisms of HIV-1 nuclear import: matrix antigen and Vpr are the key 381*/11144 one bridge: Connecting impoverished HIV+ transsexual sex work 571*/44225 nfection among women imprisoned for drug trafficking and prostit 60421 s of community actions/ Improve access to treatment and preventi 44274 Keyword Abstract - ing quality standards to the service of an NGO/Using qua 34324 HIV/AIDS clinical trial to patient enrollment and complianc 42208 treatment activism can the patient place in the research p 42236 alternative therapies to quality of life for people with HIV/ 42380 munity assessments to the quality of NGO prevention pro 43157 a regional approach to the respond to the HIV pandemic 43224 owerment processes to the quality of life of people living w 43366 ot project in Thailand to the social and economic conditio 44211 nd skill-building tools to the function of Title I Planning Co 44310 ive model programs to medication adherence to highly a 60465 Developing standards to sexual health services/Developin 60662 ogous lymphocytes can immunocompetence and decrea 60771 and evaluation: A key to sexual health programme perfor 60972 SA recommendations/ Improved outcome of patients with CMV r 12158 e antiretroviral therapy/ survival among men and wome 12278 and gp41 env peptides/ specificity for serotyping HIV-1 i 13121 high risk sex with men/ antiretroviral treatment does not 23130 g antiretroviral therapy/ cellular immunity in acute HIV-1 115*/31177 with additional primers/ quantification of plasma RNA for 41154 n antiretroviral therapy/ survival in HIV/AIDS patients tre 60576 idrug regimen provides suppression of HIV-1 replication 11156 survival/Life and living, survival/Life and living, 14362 ounde: The need for an prevention and strategies/Prev 23360 asma viral load and are by highly active antiretroviral the 32139 sistance translate into prescribing efficacy?/Policy dev 32307 rug users/The need for reporting of HIV prevention inter 33395 1 viral load assays with lower detection limits/Evaluatio 42158 apy: Progress towards access in the developing countri 42308 nd CD8 T cells leads to T cell survival and tissue trafficki 42321 ce utilization: Impact of therapies, clinician education an 443*/42429 veloping countries and survival/Advocacy for poverty al 44228 rotection/A model for human subjects protection/A m 60174 and mucosal immunity/ Improvement of nucleic acid vaccination a 21205 anti-retroviral therapy/ in sexual drive and a falling 32343 ry for healths initiative/ and rationalization of docu 33495 g for HIV in pregnancy: in rates of testing in an area 60596 Sustained immunologic after virologic relapse in pati 22342 in clinical practice: The in parameters of hospital act 42437 one surveys/Room for:Informing and evaluating pr 44312 ative therapy for health and maintenance/NGC 891 60044 Ivic exam performance campaign - New York State 60209 rk/The impact of health improvements for people living with HIV/A 24274 apy/Cognitive function accompanying combinatio 32255 elling and testing (VCT) improves overall acceptability among pre 33282 sease progression and survival/Early participation in a 60208 the home care gap with improvised material/Bridging the home c 12432 rus (CMV) DNA among imunocompromised patients in Tunisia/ 60013 pact of HIV infection on in-hospital paediatric mortality at Chris Ha 172*/12166 e/The relation between TB and PBP experience and q 42216 or HIV-1 infection by an in-house nested RT-PCR and measurem 42179 996/The profile of AIDS in-patient care covered by SUS in Brazil, 1 12429 ns Affairs/Inversion of /out-patient HIV service utilizatio 443*/42429 cidence and duration of hospitalizations among persons 42443 munity PWAs minimises care/Integration of out-patient c 42461 cking of hospital-based HIV/AIDS population demonstr 43431 ues in patients requiring HIV care/Medication adherenc 60490 AIDS on a rehabilitation service/Experience in the restor 60724 DS intervention among in-school youths in Calabar, Nigeria/HIV/ 33576 mbination drug therapy: Inaccessibility in the Indian context/Com 44177 ct of a gpl20-depleted inactivated HIV-1 immunogen (RemuneT) 21212 fter treatment with an gpl20-depleted HIV-1 immun 31151 with a gp 120-depleted, HIV-1 in incomplete freunds a 41237 re by CpG methylation/ Inactivation and reactivation of integrated 11127 oreceptors by intrakine/ of HIV-1 coreceptors by intrak 41242 South African hospitals/ Inadequate pre- and post-test counselling 24340 f HIV infection among incarcerated women in Vit6ria, Brazil/Cor 23551 e in AIDS prevention for and post-incarcerated wome 43401 ess and HIV risk among women/Association betwee 43406 pneumonia of the HIV+ population/Knowledge and 43409 atment video project for women by incarcerated wom 43414 s of the HIV+ and HIV- transgendered community/ 572*/43417 educational program to women/HIV and sexually tra 60223 carinii pneumonia: The /Prevention of Pneumocystis 60357 HIV/Risk denial among women at high risk for HIV/R 60861 s of HIV transmission in populations in Africa: The C6 60986 drug users in Bangkok/ Incarceration as a continuing HIV risk fact 23209 medical care and risk of incarcerationin HIV+ and HIV- high risk 502*/32411 nalysis by number of incarcerations /Socio-demographic chara 43402 ation therapy within the INCAS trial/Long-term follow-up of patient 12368 s: The role of economic incentives /Vaccination among IDUs: The 60276 s of community actions/ ction survey (HTSS) to nt system and efforts to providers and PWAs to ing with HIV (PLWH) to ultifaceted approach to ice and suggestions to th services research to s/A voucher scheme to ductive health services ugh peer education/To d workshop program to D 97/Using the media to munity organizations to access to treatment and preventi adherence and quality of out-pati access to primary and secondary care in an advancing pandemic: T adherence to highly active antiret adherence/Multiple reasons for n them/Adherence to highly active gay youths access to HIV/STD s access to health services for fem clients particularly womens acce community members knowledge mother-daughter communication the social climate - WAD 97/Usin patient and caregiver access to H 44280 12445 13586 22479 32333 32360 32367 32433 33228 83*/33237 33597 34175 34222 34320

Page  93 12th World AIDS Conference incentives * India 93 Keyword Abstract-- Keyword Abstract-- r es Salaam, Tanzania/ I 0-1996 (NISDA study)/ ared to HIV-1 infection/ perinatal HIV infection/ ca patient populations/ etween 1988 and 1995/ n HIV-infected women/ mmunity based cohort/ g users in Philadelphia/ bank in Jodhpur, India/ n HIV-Infected women/ etween 1988 and 1996/ n HIV-infected patients/ eated for CMV retinitis/ di Arabia (1985-1997)/ ong persons with AIDS/ allogenic transfusions/ g HIV-infected women/ nts with HIV-1 disease/ rdiographic follow-up/ nfected/AIDS patients/ e subjects: 1988-1997/ ion in Spain/Increasing 96/Markedly declining msterdam: Cumulative st twelve months/The read progression: 1997 adult HIV-1 prevalence, e in the prevalence and ngkok, Thailand/HIV-1 1997/HIV and syphilis burgh 1982-1997/The ART) in France: Is AIDS d States/Trends in HIV -1996/Trends in AIDS ntiviral therapies on the nd 1994/Annual HIV atitis C prevalence and cohort study on HIV etroviral therapy on the ns - United States/The ences within Europe in V+ patients/Decreasing nfection in Madrid: Low se and STD prevalence/ h high prevalence and mitted diseases (STDs) s results in decreasing ave sex with men/High as not led to higher HIV idence of elevated HIV STD) and HIV infection orthwest Tanzania/HIV ow HIV prevalence and 89-1997/Trend of HIV th high prevalence and Study/Prevalence and n attributable risk of HIV 96/Birthplace and AIDS ers in Zimbabwe/High ual men in a cohort for fornia/Estimate of HIV ospective study of HIV g increased pregnancy oes not increase the DS patients reduces the herapy (HAAT) on the ity and results of a HIV n condom use and STI n and estimation of HIV for more, reducing the ationship between HIV to measure recent HIV 996-97 decline in AIDS ng HIV prevalence and uation of impact on HIV t of treatments on AIDS mate time trends in HIV r to infant HIV infection South Africa/Increasing Incidence of HIV-1 infection and associate and prevalence trends of HIV a of disease after HIV-2 infection and risk factors for Pneumocyst and characteristics of HIV-relat and risk factors of toxoplasmosi of squamous intraepithelial lesi and predictors of virologic failur of HIV infection among injection of HIV seropositivity at the bloo and outcome of pregnancies in of pregnancies in HIV-infected of hemorrhagic syndrome in HI of resistant cytomegalovirus (C of HIV infection among apparen and duration of in-patient hospit of post-transfusion HIV (PT-HIV of cervical dysplasia among HI, type and influence on viremia o of dilated cardiomyopathy and d of nosocomial infections in HIV i of mycobacterial infections amo of HTLV-II infection in Spain/In of AIDS in persons treated with, determinants and impact/Prot and severity of diarrhea in HIV+ over 1997 prevalence/Recency and mortality in a rural Ugandan of HIV-1 infection in population-, subtypes, and follow-up in a pr in men attending sexually trans and prevalence of HIV infection still decreasing?/lmpact of high among adolescents and young among black persons - United of Kaposis sarcoma and trends decreased among persons with in Vancouver IDUs during an ou in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/Sexual of bacteremia in HIV+ patients/ and risk factors for bacterial pne of Mycobacterium tuberculosis i of mycobacterial diseases in HI in a prospective study in the HA among women with HIV infectio of HIV: Experiences in an urban in women in Mexico City/Sexua of oropharyngeal candidiasis in of high-grade anal squamous in rates in the San Francisco Youn and relapse to unsafe sex amon among men who have sex with and HIV-associated mortality a /Continued spread of HCV amo 623* 520 13108 artography of trends in of HIV in India and the States/M 13185 ng in a state with a high of perinatal HIV infection/Colla 13319 /Assessing the current and prevalence of the AIDS epi 13367 anish region with a high of tuberculosis/Transmission of 13381 omen from a low HIV area of Spain/Seroprevalence 22234 etic characterization of incident HIV-1 subtype B and E strains fro /22306 risk behavior with STD rates: Results from the voluntary 22349 haviors associated with HIV infection in San Francisco/O 23192 tenance treatment and HIV infection among persistently i 23259 d with prevalent versus HIV infection among sex workers 24194 ative - PLWH/A project/ Income generating activities amongst PL 24200 HIV cohort study/Work, and poverty among people with HI 32157 suits from an urban low community in Sri Lanka/Implicatio 32233 prevalence among low female sex workers in the city of S 42120 ests for STD among low women attending both urban and r 42443 ee of prevention for low population/Bank of Condoms: Gu 42464 esourced nations using generation programmes as subsid 60158 onal outreach for lower people with HIV/AIDS utilizing co 60263 k of HIV infection in low, urban women: A case control stud 60434 rica/The supervision of - Generatiing projects by PWA su 60438 th care services for low populations/Privatizing Medicaid: 60859 omotion among the low prostitutes/Condom use and pro 11209 e of HIV infection in low pregnant women in Rio de Janeiro 12142 tment in New York City/ Inconsistencies in insurance coverage to 12291 ation/Vif: Non-specific incorporation into Gag particles, and no in 12392 reatment of HIV/AIDS/ Incremental drug cost and survival betwe 13104 ti da Modificare Per La Incrementazione dellaAdesione Necessa 13106 modification of the AIDS incubation period in 1996-1997: An indire 13114 tence of HIV/AIDS and inculcating the control and preventive met 13127 us 3TC plus indinavir ( IND )/A comparison between seminal plas 13152 ng HAART (AZT, 3TC, Ind )/Quantitation of HIV biomolecular para 13197 ool/The use of program indentifiers as a social networking tool/Th 13202 partment/Evidence for independent development of RT inhibitor ( 13222 ment reverses wasting of virologic response to HAA 13230 fection/Viral load: Risk factor for anergy in HIV infect 13241 onors with Western Blot indeterminate results/Predictors of HIV in */13281 kers/Rights Promotion Index for HIV/AIDS workers/Rights Promo 13296 HIV disease/The PCP: An access and quality of care indica 14106 > 10% and body mass on AIDS defining diagnosis in the Aq 22103 10% and body mass as predictors of survival after AIDS d 22104 infection/International of guidelines on antiretroviral therapi 22127 eight and body mass /Effect of highly active antiretroviral t 22166 o-infected patients from India /Unique and highly novel HIV-1 strain 22168 rom recent infections in: Recombination and CTL epitope var 22196 risk groups in Calcutta, - 10 years study/Spectrum of opport 22197 g perinatal HIV study in /Modified ACTG-076 protocol and its 22210 AIDS clinic in Bombay, /Clinical profile of 1800 HIV/AIDS pati 22221 sting and care clinics in /Success of comprehensive HIV cou 22302 olar District, Karnataka, /HIV/AIDS community care services i 23115 /HIV/STDs risk map for /HIV/STDs risk map for 23118 ce system/HIV/AIDS in - Need for a national STD surveillanc 23140 philics living with HIV in /Using care cum available - Support 23152 ms/AIDS prevention in through religious festivities and progr 23175 s in Tamil Nadu, South /Impact of training in sexually transmi */23198 in a teaching hospital in /Prevention of HIV transmission in a t 23363 tem: Project in Gujarat, /HIV/AIDS education in the school sy 23367 ng students in Manipur, (Manipur experience)/Informations, */23372 chengode, Tamil Nadu, /Research on sex and sexuality and 23377 ied women in Bombay, /Perceptions and practices related to 23441 TD patients in Mumbai,, are in urgent need of culturally specif 23448 r of a rural population in /Developing an appropriate methodo 23490 women in rural Gujarat, /Use of repeat interviews to understa 23525 in a slum of New Delhi, /Patterns and determinants of sexual 24199 IV infection in Mumbai, /Adolescent sexuality and vulnerabili 24328 n College Youth, Pune, /Youth sexuality study for behaviour 31205 ive individuals in Pune, /Clinical presentation of tuberculosis 31217 G.T. Hospital, Mumbai, /Compliance of tuberculosis patients 33225 pectives, West Bengal, /Spectrum of HIV infection in tubercul 33515 cted patients in Gujarat, /Pattern of tuberculosis (TB) in HIV in 42105 n STD patients in Pune,: Implications for syndromic manage 43284 n north eastern state of /A study on sexual behaviour and HI 43425 ng STD clinics in Pune, /Cervical intraepithelial changes and 43440 ndividuals in Mumbai, /Scenario of anti-retroviral therapy (A 43469 n HIV/AIDS in Manipur, /Nursing interventions in HIV/AIDS in 43475 or Kala-azar therapy, in /Spread of HIV and hepatitis viruses t /43476 lood bank in Jodhpur, /Incidence of HIV seropositivity at the /43477 ng STD Clinics in Pune, /Shedding of HIV-1 DNA subtypes C 43482 ustrial workers in South /Sexual practices and HIV risk amon 43495 A case of West Bengal, /Addressing gender issues in sexual 60030 es of Ghaziabad, North /HIV and hepatitis-B viral infections in 60033 60169 60473 60544 60944 13133 14107 23101 23179 60373 34278 13336 14231 23554 33253 34137 34144 42361 43158 43212 60339 60839 60913 60640 60551 24134 32386 43480 33594 22339 22383 60337 563*/32284 60518 60816 41109 44154 24185 42342 42360 60379 60509 11165 11194 12141 12408 71*/12409 12422 12433 12435 13292 13397 13426 13475 13488 13542 13550 14123 14162 14209 14301 14304 14317 14321 14333 22150 22151 22152 22162 22199 22201 22318 22406 22473 23243 23259 23353 23416 23503 23519 among drug users in an HIV epi 583 of HIV/Acquisition of herpes si of hepatitis B among men who h associated with STD symptoms 524 in Australia, 1992-1996/Birthpl and prevalence of HIV infection and preparation for HIV vaccine in women of childbearing age fr and behaviors in young men ha in women living with HIV?/Is an of negative life events in three d of treatment-emergent respirat of oral candidosis/The impact o cohort of homo/bisexual men in among sex workers in Nairobi/L rates/Pooling of sera for HIV vir of HIV among female, street-ba, prevalence, mortality, migratio in England and Wales/Combini in the homosexual/bisexual gro in Canada: Using direct and indi /Patterns of participation in mas 575 in Australia/Estimating the effe 188 in San Francisco/Use of HIV-an, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil, 19 of genital ulcer disease in Durba

Page  94 94 India * Indinavir 12th World AIDS Conference -Keyword Abstract-- -Keyword Abstract across the Bangladesh/ an urban slum of South distance truck drivers in V related responses in HIV/Marriage: A risk in lood donors from USA, year study in Calcutta, eurotoxoplasmosis in ex work - Bangalore, ctivism/Blood safety in afer blood transfusion!/ s in Salem, Tamil Nadu, mong IDUs of Calcutta, ng rural men in Gujarat, g drug users in Manipur, ng truck drivers in South h IDUs on Bangladesh/ ds or family in Bombay, project in West Bengal, ern Rajasthan State of h hostels in Bangalore, ponding to HIV/AIDS in esponse to HIV/AIDS in iving with HIV/AIDS in n UK ASO and NGOs in ss sectoral networks in IV-2 strains from Pune, -2 infection in Calcutta ( S in Chennai (Madras), ected patients in South prevention in Bombay, ng sex workers in Pune, ndarban, West Bengal, gay support groups in ostitution of Rajasthan, ance study in Mizoram, 87-1996, West Bengal, d control of HIV/AIDS in rucking industry/AIDS, icators: A case study in ds in incidence of HIV in n in Chandigarh, North OPD clinic, Bangalore, DS patients in Manipur, ted individuals in Pune, mmunities in Rajasthan, ant recepients in South y of HIV-1/2 in Mumbai, n in rural Maharashtra, al students in Jodhpur, n in Mumbai (Bombay), border/Empowering young women b /Health awareness and health seekin /Risk behaviour, use of condoms and - Impact as a product of historicizatio for acquiring HIV/Marriage: A risk in,Jamaica, Malaysia, and Thailand/D /Stool pathogens in diarrhea associat /Serodiagnosis of neurotoxoplasmos /Medical care and HIV/AIDS preventi through judicial and NGO activism/BI marches towards safer blood transfu /HIV/AIDS awareness and interventi /Behavioural modification through ou /Perceptions of sexually transmitted /Behavioural change communication /Intervention programme among truc border/Harm reduction and commun /Are married women talking about Al /Young peoples sexual health projec /A survey of knowledge of AIDS in pa /HIV/AIDS education programme am /Facilitating strategic planning with N: Exploring the gap between positive /Sharing experience from a network f,Caribbean, Romania, Ukraine and R: A case study from West Bengal/Dev /Isolation and preliminary characteriz ) with a special reference to blood don /Correlation between CD4/CD8 and t /Immunological and virological analy /Developing strong and committed gr /Experiences in peer education appr /Sexual health management progra /Social and individual constraints und /Impact of HIV intervention program /An HIV surveillance study in Mizora /Changing pattern of HIV infection in /National policy for prevention and co 23557 23566 24115 24146 24315 31192 31222 32223 32420 33205 33208 33250 33338 33342 33349 33369 408*/33386 33446 33491 33545 33579 34149 34155 34280 34331 34374 42128 42130 42189 42395 43174 43249 43297 43337 43354 43447 43491 44118 nda/Baseline survey of ermany/Time-ordered 4 T cells as prognostic S care/Cost and quality ifornia/HIV prevention cal issues/Developing amme using prevention between immunologic indices for STD case management in p 33229:Useful and efficient tools for st 259*/33443 /Plasma immune activation mar 42181 for the analysis of a program for 42217 provide evidence of successes 43439 for assessing AIDS program eff 44315: A case study in India/Evaluati 44317 and thymic mass in HIV infected p 21129 and the trucking industry/AIDS, 541*/44200 /Evaluation of national AIDS control p 44317 and the States/Meta-analysis and th 60033: Their knowledge and attitude toward 60041 /Out patient management of 745 HIV 60054 /Survival of AIDS patients in Manipur, 60078 /Seroprevalence of toxoplasma amo 60091 /Implementing sexual health promoti 60142 /HIV infection in renal transplant rece 60233 /The natural history of HIV-1/2 in Mu 60331 /Effect of counseling and intervention 60347 /Collaboration on HIV/AIDS educatio 60351 /Risk factors associated with child pr 60457 S/Developing symptom to assess health outcomes in pers B and A in French West Indies /Identification of human immunodefi lian experience among indigenous people/Challenge to prevent vention/The role of the languages in HIV/AIDS preve nd to develop their own approach to AIDS prevention f HIV infection among indigent patients/Epidemiology of HIV inf n HIV positive patients/ Indinavir-associated facial atrophy in HIV nging from nelfinavir- to indinavir-containing regimens and assoc reactivity with ritonavir/ Indinavir-induced urticaria and leukocyto onmental temperature/ Indinavir-related nephrolithiasis is associ ing either ritonavir (R), Indinavir or saquinavir (S) in 1749 patients 500 CD4 cells/mm3/ (IDV) in combination with zidovu rvival on triple therapy:, ritonavir or saquinavir combined, HIV-infected patients/ with stavudine vs. IDV alone vs. n HIV infected patients/ (Crixivan~) in combination with t inistered with ritonavir/ can be taken with regular meals munologic parameters/ pharmacokinetics and their corre egimen: A pilot study/ 12 hour dosing an alternative to 8 ation bottleneck during therapy causes a genetic drift in t unction associated with /Change in renal function associ T + ddl vs. AZT + 3TC + ) on T-cell function and apoptosis y than either ritonavir or in HIV infected antiretroviral naiv omparing ritonavir and in 1251 previously treated patien herapy (d4T + 3TC + ) in the progression of chronic HI ir-saquinavir versus an containing triple combination reg avir soft-gel-capsule or as part of combination triple ther in patients treated with who experience virus load declin een plasmatic levels of and inmunologic and virologic pa teen week follow-up of sulfate (IDV) administered q 8 ho er suboptimal dosing of /Effectiveness of a systematic ed viral load/Response to in HIV-infected patients failing to s a rescue therapy after failure/Ritonavir + saquinavir as of nephrolithiasis due to /Urine acidification and the risk of nce/Effect of nelfinavir/ /delavirdine in HIV+ patients with elfinavir substitution for or ritonavir/saquinavir in HIV+ su herapy/Saquinavir vs in triple drug therapy/Saquinavir with zidovudine (ZDV), (IDV) and lamivudine (3TC) in HI 66) in combination with (IDV) [DMP 266-003, Cohort IV]/ complaints in relation to plasma levels in HIV-infected pat ment of renal function in treated patients/Sterile leucocyt quone suspension and have minimal pharmacokinetic in r therapy/The loin pain/ syndrome and urolithiasis associ y in the development of induced renal stones/Evaluation rategies/Managing the /nevirapine interaction via US pre 0 CD4 count/Impact of with zidovudine and lamivudine ith HCV-HIV/lmpact of (protease inhibitor) on HCV viral I y of efavirenz (EFV) + (IDV), versus EFV + zidovudine ( with nevirapine (NVP), (IDV), and lamivudine (3TC)/Se r ZDV plus 3TC plus (IND)/A comparison between se stivaTM, DMP 266) and (IDV) versus indinavir in HIV-1 in e/Co-administration of and nelfinavir: Pharmacokinetics s a salvage regimen for or ritonavir resistance/Ritonavir, V) in combinations with (IDV), zidovudine (ZDV), lamivu mbinations-combining (IDV) with ritonavir (RTV): Result and two dose levels of compared to zidovudine, lamivu D4/mm3/AZT + 3TC + vs d4T + 3TC + indinavir for HIV i etween nevirapine and and correlation with antiviral acti esults of switching from to nelfinavir/Protease inhibitor-a triple therapy including /Clinical remission and prolongu r prolonged failure with or ritonavir/Salvage therapy usin in patients treated with (IDV)/Saliva as a possible speci triple therapy including /HIV-1 proviral DNA and plasma mbination with 3TC and in the context of a population-bas bination treatment with /Low frequency of genotypic mut Relationships between (IDV) pharmacokinetics and anti ected patients receiving /Therapeutic drug monitoring in y/Low plasma levels of (IDV) are highly predictive of virol 00 cps/ml/Switch from (IDV) to nelfinavir (NFV) in patien by gender in a study of (IDV) alone and with zidovudine ( TC both once daily plus bid/Short-term efficacy and safe a in patients treated with (IDV)/Hyperbilirubinemia in pati eated with d4T + 3TC + (IDV)/Long-term follow-up of a c 22465 60425 24108 33505 33527 23595 12391 12342 60274 12399 12273 12311 12317 12335 12350 22361 42276 60484 11185 12102 12200 126*/12221 132*/12237 12238 12265 292*/12267 12279 12286 12290 12292 12306 12324 12328 12329 12332 12337 12357 12359 12372 12379 12384 12388 12394 12396 14339 22269 22336 22337 22339 22343 22352 22356 22371 22372 22393 22403 22404 32172 32221 32308 512*/32330 41140 42169 42197 42266 42272 42275 60181 60358 60678 60808 60875 IDS at the workplace in Indian industry confederation of Indian ind unreached women - An experience/Reaching unreached w Psycho-social profile in HIV seropositive women/Psycho-s t AIDS case in Brazilian populations/Surveillance of first Al n with CMV and EBV in patients with HIV/AIDS/Co-infectio Cardiac involvement in HIV population/Cardiac involveme GOs experience in the context/Establishing counselling in mong truckers on north highways/Prevention of HIV/AIDS/ s a surrogate marker in HIV population/CD4 counts as a su ue herbal formulation in HIV patients: A pilot study/Effect of ention in a rural Arizona tribe/HIV/AIDS and STD preventio e role of Shamans and leaderships from de State of Sao P ulnerability among the population of the State of Sao Paulo py: Inaccessibility in the context/Combination drug therapy: mic among truckers on trucking industry/An assessment of nd lamivudine in South HIV-1 infected patients/Evaluation erminants of behaviour/ society has some of the most uniqu vention sensitive to the ethnicity/Developing therapeutic in g oral candidiasis as an indicator of HIV disease in children/Persis monia as an initial AIDS disease among adults in Californ ry of life in prison as an of risk from HIV infection/AIDS i cess and quality of care for HIV disease/The PCP index: f mycobacteria growth tube and Lowenstein-Jensen me ART is an unpredictable of BCM anabolism or catabolism S prevention programs/ Indicators for evaluating the AIDS prevent nd virologic markers as of clinical outcome in patients e munologic and clinical of disease progression in a peri a/HIV/STD prevention and sexual behaviour of the ge AIDS and development /The AIDS and development 13439 23463 23482 23579 31204 32278 33260 33374 42194 42385 43162 43296 43335 44177 44201 60189 60912 60926 12196 22185 23555 24185 41169 60517 43531 12234 13368 14126 24119

Page  95 Indinavir * Infant 95 12th World AIDS Conference Keyword Abstract-- Keyword Abstract-- ng (XL) of CD4 T cells/ Indirect mechanism of bystander cell deat 274*/21159 eyond needle sharing: sharing and viral infections amon 23352 nada: Using direct and methods with Monte Carlo simulat 43475 eriod in 1996-1997: An evidence through a back-calculati 43480 olving surveillance tool/ Individual case reporting (ICR) of HIV infe 43434 dents/Sexual behavior, STD prevention, and self report 13500 gressing HIV-1 infected /Recognition of two overlapping 31135 g the population on the familial and community taking i 33511 ach one teach one: The and community-wide impact of 33556 ups in India/Social and constraints underlying the emer 43337 tfalls of methodological individualism in HIV epidemiology/The q 24157 HIV/AIDS: Designing an individualized experience/Mini-residency 60931 stogram in HIV positive individuals /Late potentials based on insta 12112 e/HIV infection among from North African attending a ells from seropositive is antigen processing-depend rtners of HIV-1 infected /Detection of HIV-1 infection b hy adult HIV-1 infected /Chronic use of protease inhibi BMC of HIV-1 infected: Longitudinal analyses from th a (PCP) in HIV-infected /Failure of prophylaxis for Pne rculosis in HIV positive: Isoniazid vs. rifabutin/Multina ed from a kind of plants, Indocalamus, in vitro/Anti-human immun n HIV-infected African y virus type 1 - Infected r (NFV) in HIV-infected CFU-Cs in HIV-infected 3TC) in HIV-1 infected utreach to HIV infected sorders in HIV-positive nsmission among male sion in a cohort of HIV+ heterosexually infected pisodes in HIV infected elated diseases among h cohort of HIV infected on of HIV-1 infection in mon factors facilitating haviour of HIV-infected al blood of HIV infected ers of HIV-seropositive g T cells of HIV infected cally immune activated hocytes of HIV-infected ed health threat to HIV+ sis among HIV-infected e and HIV seronegative cessary in HIV positive i in adult HIV-1 infected e of STD in HIV-positive navir in HIV-1 infected RT) in 25,000 HIV/AIDS erapy in HIV-1-infected vention for HIV-positive I transmission of HIV to ection in transgendered ion to care HIV infected DS-free HIV-1 infected ne response in Brazilian 2 exposed non-infected posed, uninfected (EU) IV-exposed uninfected s (PBMCs) from HIV-2+ onuclear neutrophils of mphocytes of HIV-1(+) cytes from HIV-infected HHV-8 in HIV-1 positive asma of HIV-1 infected dy composition in HIV+ ehyde in HIV-1 infected ells from HIV-1 infected ns and plasma of HIV+ triculitis in HIV-infected ng Filipino HIV-infected ug-resistant variants in ling/Characteristics of the effects of providing ve of five HIV+ affected memory T cells in HIV+ reaction in HIV-infected cells from HIV-infected BMC from HIV-Infected onitoring HIV-1 positive d drugs by HIV infected ng emotional distress in eral neuropathy in HIV+ in Puerto Rico?/Which ng among HIV infected nerve in HIV-1-infected a amongst HIV infected: Immunologic, phenotypic and from Bolivia reveals presence /Study of protease inhibitor co upon commencement of comb /An open-label randomized st living in SRO hotels/Results o -The subjective perception/N aged 17, in Brazil/Knowledge diagnosed in 1986 in Cuba/Di in The Netherlands/HIV-1 sub: Is there a need for secondary with known dates of HIV seroc /Chemokine receptor CCR2b treated in an emergency servi to have access to STD care an /Effects of isolation under the /HIV infected CD4+ syncytia a /Serum HIV neutralizing activit /CD80 and CD86 adhesion m /Increased susceptibility to HI 12147 12178 290*/12222 12323 12357 12447 12449 13159 13167 13195 612*/13277 13310 13327 13394 13482 14268 21111 21124 21125 21156 f HIV/AIDS epidemic in Indonesia ransvestites in Jakarta, ale sex workers in Bali, ong sex workers in Bali, are and prevention in native healers group in in brothel complexes in outh at high risk in Bali, ale sex workers in Bali, s program in Surabaya, e to HIV/AIDS impact in S/Current situation and trend of H /HIV prevalence and risk behavi /AIDS/STD knowledge, prevent /Sensitivity and specificity of sy /Role of people living with HIV/A /Developing a community base: Lesson learned from the Kram /Implementation of pre and post /AIDS/STD knowledge, prevent /Risk profile of female sex work /Islamic response to HIV/AIDS i 60257 60414 60529 60648 60796 60797 60858 41207 13150 23131 23523 79*/33235 34249 43172 43268 43538 60168 60355 60628: Comparison with interleukins- 280*/21162 in developing countries?/Heli 22115 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil: A ca 22141 in Pune, India/Clinical present 22150 responding to antiretroviral th 22175 with stable CD4 cell count abo 22179 in Honduras, Central America, 22206 /Plasma viral load reduction in 22393 in Mumbai, India/Scenario of 22406 heterozygous for CCR5A32/I 22419 experiencing symptoms/Ran 22458 without risk factors within the 23374 in San Francisco/Prevalence 23536 at workplace/Apprehension to 24308 /Neutralizing antibodies again 31109 infected with different HIV-1 st 31117 in Guinea-Bissau/Increased I 605*/31133 /Enhanced production of mon 31140 appears to be mediated by a C 31143 resist in vitro infection with ma 31154 infected with HIV-1 and Mycob 31167 /Coexpression of CD69 and C 31181 /rlL-2 rescues in vitro function 31185 and normal blood donors from 31192 /High detection rate of HGV in 32101 without wasting who initiate m 32183 and patients with AIDS/Urinar 32187 induce apoptosis of primary n 32200 and HIV- controls with and wit 32210 in Russia/Cases of dementia 32225 at San Lazaro Hospital, Manil 32253 with primary HIV-1 infection/F 228*/32280 and sexual networks of Indonesian migrant workers in Malaysia/ 23580 V-1 infected individuals induce apoptosis of primary neurons/Infla 32200 perinatal transmission/ Induced P-chemokine and cytokine respo 23279 (TX) of nelfinavir (NFV) diarrhea (NFVID)/The treatment 12383 evelopment of indinavir renal stones/Evaluation of urinar 12394 ell death of CD8 T cells by CD4 crosslinking (XL) of CD4 274*/21159 tion markers/Therapy reduction in plasma virus load lea 21163 unit boost/CD8 + CTL in AIDS vaccine evaluation group 495*/21192 V-1 isolates by antisera upon immunization with a recomb 550*/21194 cell mediated immunity by a consecutive HIV-1 DNA and 549*/21198 /Evidence that HAART immune recovery vitritis in CMV r 15*/22240 undetectable HIV RNA by combination antiretroviral ther 22377 ytotoxic T lymphocytes by DNA immunization/SIV-specif 31145 eceptor on HIV rgpl20- B lymphocyte function/Role of p- 31159 iated HIV killing activity by Echinacea angustifolia/Dram 32309 t of human interferon-P by HIV infection after gene transf 41250 d hormone is the major inducer of CD4+ T cell death in HIV-1-infe 21160 /The HIV-1 Nef protein induces CD4+ T-cell apoptosis through fu 11145 egion of SIV envelope strong cellular immune response 11241 ed cells/HIV-1 infection alterations in cellular gene expres 21152 ghly immunogenic and neutralizing antibodies in macaqu 21216 e through infotainment/ Inducing pivotal decision makers in effecti 43301 rus-associated epitope antibody responsible for the non- 41111 follow-up of syncytium strains in HIV patients under anti 42192 1 subtype C syncytium (SI) phenotype among Ethiopian 60879 ly results/ADAM study. Induction-maintenance therapy in HIV-1 i 12229 t antiretroviral therapy/ Induction of HIV-1 replication by influenza 21113 e-tropic HIV envelope/ of phosphorylation and associat 55*/21135 y dosing of ganciclovir/ treatment of CMV: A compariso 22267 athogen free chickens/ of specific anti-HIV-1 IgY produ 41239 le receptor chemotaxis by HIV-1 envelope/Actin depen 11120 t canarypox virus/CTL in macaques using intravenous i 11243 osal inoculations/AIDS in rhesus monkeys with a mutan 11244 on antiretroviral therapy /Patterns of nausea with combin 12402 mokine receptors in the of interferon by HIV-1/Involvem 21172 C class I restricted CTL /CD86 confers and directs and 21195 /In vitro HIV-1 antibody: Testing of the Shiloov tube/In v 41112 y tuberculosis/Sputum and ligase chain reaction as adj 41152 ces and HIV risk among industrial workers in South India/Sexual p 23416 ruckers in a port based zone/STD/HIV/AIDS interventi 33422 Peer education among workers at work place/Peer edu 33572 DS discrimination in an industrialised country, the case of Switzer 44170 the workplace in Indian industry confederation of Indian industry ( 13439 presenting for post-exposure with risky behaviours with a ne /Cherishing, repairing and gro: Cytokine producing lymphocy /Modifications in the DTH reac /Immunomodulatory effects of after expansion in vitro/Conse in community based settings/: A qualitative approach/Utiliza who are HIV-positive/Reducin /Massage therapy for the treat undergo voluntary HIV serolo in Uganda/Awareness, perce under stavudine therapy/Elec in Pune, India/Seroprevalenc 33173 33285 34131 216*/41103 41124 41244 41249 42156 42307 42374 42376 138*/43121 43344 60023 60091 ntervention in trucking outh Africas goldmining en in the entertainment ty and pharmaceutical he Philippines maritime S, India and the trucking kers on Indian trucking impact on the male sex DS/A unique Zululand many faces of the sex /Workplace intervention in truckin 13451 /An intervention trial in South Afri 33536 in Davao City, Philippines: An ass 34295 in Canada working in partnership 42238 /Prospects for HIV/AIDS/STD pre 44192 /AIDS, India and the trucking 541*/44200 /An assessment of socio-econom 44201 in Santo Domingo/A gay paradi 44205 joint venture response to the nee 651*/44221 in Metro Manila/Outreach and th 60819 s trypanocidal therapy ineffective /Co-infection of vervet monkey atment with ganciclovir/ Ineffectivity of cidofovir in treating AIDS-r go, Illinois, USA- 1996/ Inequalities in declining HIV-related morta s living with HIV/Racial in the receipt of HIV/AIDS-rel ns working to overcome /Progress through partnershi Journal on the Internet: inexpensive, wide, global and cost-effecti with a simple, non-toxic, combination of didanosine pl ices in the Women and Infant Transmission Study (WITS): Pre an 11229 60659 94*/43433 44166 44267 34379 41180 13565

Page  96 96 Infant * infection 12th World AIDS Conference Keyword Abstract-- -Keyword Abstract mpact on maternal and health/A randomized trial of STD co ne to reduce mother to HIV transmission/Antiretroviral use in preventing maternal HIV transmission/The relative impo hina/Risk of mother to transmission of HIV among attende V and substance use on birthweight and weight gain during p projections of mother to HIV infection incidence, Rio de Jane evention from mother to /Pre and post-natal HIV/STDs preve among the medical and infantry corps of the Nigerian Army/Comp ected mothers and their infants /V3 sequence diversity of HIV-1 su 528*/23276 23281 23292 23313 42334 43495 60070 43388 11184 oad studies in untreated from Africa/Viral load studies in un 12154 cal deficit in HIV carrier /Relationship between dental erupt 12167 IV infection in Brazilian?/How often can signs, symptoms 174*/12169 pact/Seroconversion in of positive mothers to HIV total bre 12175 om perinatally infected in Tanzania/V3 of HIV-1 subtype C 13115 n in perinatally-exposed /CCR5 genotype and HIV-1 infecti 215*/13365 tis carinii pneumonia in with perinatal HIV infection/Incide 13367 ohort: The women and transmission study (WITS)/Virolog 13368 n in perinatally infected /Virus detection, virus load, and dis 13369 BCG scar/HIV negative born to HIV-1 but not HIV-2 positiv 21210 of HIV-1 in CD4 cells in and children receiving HAART/Sw 22358 ransmission in women/ receiving standard zidovudine (ZD 462*/23265 al care of HIV-exposed in the first year of life, USA/Implem 171*/23269 mission from mothers to in Ontario 1994 to 1996: A missed 23288 s in perinatally exposed /Viral and host genetic characteriz 23312 e majority of uninfected born to HIV-positive mothers/Stro 31157 andan women and their /Phase 1/11 study of single dose nev 41131 R for early diagnosis of born to HIV-infected mothers, Thail 166*/42106 hers/Total IgE levels in born from HIV infected mothers/To 42112 IV infection in Brazilian /A comparative study of PCR, p24 42114 HIV vertically exposed in Belo Horizonte, Brazil/The utility 42117 ategies for HIV infected and children/Preliminary results of 42344 1 and HIV-2 infection in born to seropositive mothers: A pro 60667 y NSI HIV-1 strains that infect CD4+ T-cell lines, Molt4 and SupT1 11111 ssing activity in acutely infected-reservoir cells/Human rlL-16 ex 21185 oridia including species infecting HIV-infected patients/Molecular 31221 cterium avium complex infection-incidence and associated factor 60170 sts/Modulation of HIV-1 infection by CCR5 antagonists/Modulatio 56*/11103 CCR5-mediated HIV-1 by ccr5A32/Mechanism of trans 54*/11105 ent dual receptor HIV-1 vs. single receptor chemotaxis in 11120 ing the course of HIV-1 /Potential protective effect of anti 11128 ock modulation of HIV-1 /Heat shock modulation of HIV-1 11129 phosphorylation in viral /Role of HIV-1 capsid phosphoryl 11135 ients after clonal HIV-1 /Diversification of nef and vpu in 11146 odeficiency virus type 1 and disease progression/Positiv 11147 rs at different stages of /Diversity of HIV-1 long terminal r 11148 ne variability role in HIV development/Nef gene variabilit 11149 cs during primary HIV-1 /Impact of a highly active antiretr 11155 presenting all stages of /HIV-1 cellular RNA load arise in I 11158 s B virus (HBV) in mixed /Interaction of HIV-1 and hepatiti 11160 and initiate a spreading /Infectious molecular clones with 11161 ation/HIV-1 subtype D in Brazil: Molecular identification 11192 ng incidence of HTLV-II in Spain/Increasing incidence of 11209 odeficiency virus acute and CCR5, CCR1, IFNy, RANT 11222 sfunctions during acute of SIVmac251 infected Macaque 11224 early phase of SIVmac /Apoptosis of lymphocytes and F 11227 nistic Candida albicans in MAIDS mice/Effects of glycyrr 11234 ptococcus neoformans in MAIDS mice/Antifungal effect 11235 athogenesis of HIV-1 /Role of CCR5A32 and CCR2-6 12110 ents with advanced HIV. in Lima-Peru/Epidemiological a 12122 alized patients with HIV /Prognostic factors of hospitalize 12130 I cell dysfunction in HIV: relationship with different progn 12139 tal transmission of HIV in the Washington metropolitan a 12157 rica/The impact of HIV on in-hospital paediatric mortalit 172*/12166 es predict perinatal HIV in Brazilian infants?/How often c 174*/12169 tors in children with HIV /Protease inhibitors in children wi 12172 I, Honduras/HIV/AIDS characterization of the pediatric 12183 ear after primary HIV-1 with a zidovudine-resistant strai 12184 ment during primary HIV /Rapid reconstitution of the T-cell 12185, Kenya/Primary HIV-1:Clinical manifestations among w 333*/12186 enrolled during primary in France since 1996-1997/The 12187 tients with primary HIV using HAART lead to HIV eradic 12188 viral and chronic HIV-1: Persistently expanded memory 12189 II subsets during acute (Al) with HIV and response to hig 12190 tion/Acute primary HIV (APHI): A cohort description/Ac 12192 al therapy: Primary HIV (PHI) vs asymptomatic, establish 12193 oms during primary HIV correlate with high levels of HIV- 12195 eatment of primary HIV with nelfinavir, zidovudine, and I 12197 with acute/primary HIV /Double nucleoside analog thera 12198 ed since primary HIV-1 (PHI)/Long-term evaluation of tri 12199 poptosis in early HIV /Effect of different combinations 12200 ts at the time of primary multi-drug resistant HIV or the treatment of HIV enance therapy in HIV-1 he treatment of HIV-1 en with perinatal HIV-1 navir in paediatric HIV-1 ents with advanced HIV itonavir in pediatric HIV n 19 children with HIV 1 ination therapy for HIV bination therapy of HIV I in the treatment of HIV hm for respiratory tract on for symptomatic HIV nia/Incidence of HIV-1 and incidence of HIV-1 itted diseases and HIV lar epidemiology of HIV r epidemiology of HIV-1 /V3 serotyping of HIV-1 ilar risk factors for new tion of HIV-1 subtype E f Sao Paulo, Brazil/HIV A recent epidemy of HIV e/HIV and hepatitis B/C Evidence of increasing auses unrelated to HIV nd prevalence of HIV Reported AIDS and HIV ordetella bronchiseptica s with symptomatic HIV high prevalence of HIV nose tuberculosis (TB) ents/The impact of HIV d its interaction with HIV ganda/Trends of HIV-1 rculosis associated with n papillomavirus (HPV) erial vaginosis and HIV ation at high risk for HIV omen in relation to HIV of human herpesvirus 8 ring an outbreak of HIV n Ethiopia/Effect of HIV of /-chemokines in HIV and progression of HIV ing newly acquired HIV e of disease after HIV-2 ts with a known date of d progression of the HIV se progression in HIV-1 erm asymptomatic HIV -term survival after HIV h recent perinatal HIV-1 R5 genotype and HIV-1 rinatal HIV-1 subtype E ants with perinatal HIV ssion in perinatal HIV-1 ctor in the stage of HIV azil/Detection of HIV-1 event the spread of HIV d potential for spread of omen secretaries to HIV Unions to prevent HIV rts to prevent HIV/STD ications on risks of HIV f vulnerability to HIV men at high risk for HIV king in women with HIV erception of risk for HIV substance use and HIV htened risk of STD/HIV knowledge in HIV/AIDS tion of risk of HIV-AIDS hetamine use and HIV ren ages 9-12 with HIV and vulnerability to HIV ent in patients with HIV ality of life (QOL) in HIV /Mutations conferring resistance 12201 with d4T/3TC/hydroxyurea/Salv 288*/12205:A phase I study/A second gener 12214: Early results/ADAM study. Indu 12229 in a Thai study population/Study 12240 /Response to ritonavir in severel 12254 /UK experience of nelfinavir in pa 12258 /Combination therapy with a prot 12262 /Combination antiretroviral thera 12296 /Protease inhibitor therapy in 19 12309 at IMIPs hospital, Recife, Brazil/ 12333 /Safety and tolerance of abacavir 12353 /Safety of adefovir dipivoxil in the 12386 among a cohort of symptomatic 12407 /The impact of family support on 74*/12412 and associated risk factors in a c 13108 in population-based studies in B 13114 in a rural community in the Lesot 13123 in China/Molecular epidemiolog 13132 in the Philippines, 1985-1997/T 13137 in the Philippines/V3 serotyping 13140 with HIV-1 subtypes B and E am 13144 by polymerase chain reaction (P 13146 among disadvantaged youth of S 13171 in Russian IVDUs/A recent epid 13191 among injecting drug users in Eu 13192 with subtype A, subtype B, and n 13194: A proportional mortality analysis 13196 among childbearing women in E 13197 cases in Slovenia/Reported AID 13208 in HIV-infected persons/Bordete 13223 in the United States/Trends in h 13227 /Drug resistant pulmonary tuberc 13254 /Lack of usefulness of anergy pa 13257 on tuberculosis control: A prospe 613*/13259 /BCG vaccine effectiveness in pr 13263 among pulmonary tuberculous a 610*/13273 /Tuberculosis associated with 13279 and HIV status in adolescent girl 13283 among STD patients in Central A 13284 /Prevalence of markers for sexu 13289 and CD4+ cell count in periphera 13293 /A population-based study of spe 13295 /Hepatitis C prevalence and incid 13296 on Schistosoma mansoni infecti 13299: Levels of MIP-1 i are predictive t 13305 in hemophiliacs/Hepatitis C viru 13306 in Australia, 1991-1997/HIV dis 13313 as compared to HIV-1 infection/I 13319 /Effect of mannose-binding lectin 13320 /Economic resources, survival a 13343 /Psychological and neuropsycho 595*/13345 in Australia/The molecular epide 13348 in hepatitis B vaccine cohorts in 13357 /Increase based AIDS-free survi 13362 in perinatally-exposed infants/C 215*/13365,Bangkok, Thailand/Clinical outc 13366 /Incidence and risk factors for Pn 13367 /Disease progression in perinatal 13371 at first visit to an HIV clinic in Mad 13388 in individuals treated in an emerg 13394 /Challenging stigma and discrimi 13432 /Truck drivers in Brazil: Prevalen 13452: Ugandas experience/Vulnerabi 13460 and related discrimination: Findi 13510 /Discovering what schools in Chi 13517 - genital tract infections among f 13577 in men who have sex with men ( 14106 /Childhood sexual abuse and ris 14160 /A cross-sectional descriptive su 14187 among men who have sex with m 14190 on mother-child separation/The 14193 /Economic, political, social and c 14199 /Population inquire in Rosario ab 14200 /The Afro-Brazilian religions and 106*/14215 among men who have sex with ot 14217 /Exploration of knowledge of dia 14269 in Mumbai, India/Adolescent se 14321 in Argentina/Quality of life asses 14341: Role of social support, pessimis 14353

Page  97 12th World AIDS Conference infection * infection 97 SKeyword Abstract SKeyword Abstract ent in persons with HIV ocyte depletion in HIV-1 ssion to disease in SIV nd CD8 T-cells in HIV-1 us load in pediatric HIV CD4+ T cells during HIV nsil during primary HIV e of glycosylation in HIV nt enhancement of HIV from subsequent HIV-1 Saliva neutralizes HIV-1 is mainly at the level of vity/The effect of HIV-1 -1 infected cells/HIV-1 d susceptibility to HIV-1 eath in primary acute interactions during HIV s during primary HIV-1 ring the course of HIV-1 ulmonary tuberculosis ith other subtype HIV-1 udy/Rhodococcus equi onella species and HIV utropenia and bacterial Ilosis in the clinic of HIV s for tuberculosis in HIV bacterium tuberculosis f Mycobacterium bovis bacterium tuberculosis India/Spectrum of HIV ests in patients with HIV redictive factor of a HIV - High risk factor in HIV associated with the HIV cterium avium complex tation of mycobacterial rapy predictive of MAC m intracellulare complex among women with HIV eropositivity at the HIV controls/Syphilis in HIV matic patients with HIV volving hepatitis C virus: Risk factor analysis of en with suspicion of HIV s with symptomatic HIV cies in children with HIV n papilloma virus (HPV) ervical cancer and HIV uman papillomavirus men: An assessment of helial changes and HIV 96) in Liguria, Italy/HIV The initial opportunistic es for treatment of HIV or the treatment of HIV itiated at primary HIV-1 ts of the advanced HIV 3TC + indinavir for HIV erleukin-2 in early HIV munotherapy for HIV-1 n of Europeans with HIV y/Palliative care for HIV ng for children with HIV ns with and without HIV ciated with incident HIV /Risk behaviors for HIV Sex, needles, and HIV nfection/Effect of HIV alia/Risk factors for HIV seases (STD) and HIV actors/HIV-1 and HIV-2 idow inheritance in HIV ences in the risk of HIV tment and incident HIV sers (IDUs) against HIV n Quebec City/HIV-1 nd responding to HIV elphia/lncidence of HIV and of hepatitis A virus: Properties of the French SF-36/ 14359 /Limited CD4+ T-cell renewal as 270*/21103 /Perturbations in the CD4+ TCR 21104 until end stage disease/Increase 268*/21108 /Plasma L-selectin level correlat 21115 and treatment/No evidence for p 21121 /Evidence of histologic changes i 21128 /Role of glycosylation in HIV 332*/21131 correlates to viral load and predic 21132 /In vitro evidence of HIV-2 protec 21136 by displacing envelope gp120 fro 21143 as heat-killed organisms mediat 21145 on CD45 phosphatase activity/T 21151 induces alterations in cellular ge 21152 of peripheral blood mononuclear 21156 /Expression of molecules respon 21161 /Macrophages-mediated CD8+ 275*/21164. Relationship with HIV-1 RNA, T 21173 /Changes in serum interleukin-1 21187 /Regulation of macrophage infla 21189 in Thailand: One year interim rep 21197 in AIDS patients - GESEDA and 22111 /Invasive Salmonella species an 22112 in acquired immunodeficiency sy 22121 /Legionellosis in the clinic of HIV 22122:A meta-analysis of randomized 451*/22124 in HIV-1 infected patients with pr 22138 and risk of exposition among We 22143 in HIV infected patients, a radiolo 22148 in tuberculosis (TB) - Urban and 22152 /Diagnostic use of tuberculin test 22160 /The serosal tuberculous (STB) 22161 evolution upon a lot of children fr 22164 /Broncho-pulmonary tuberculosi 22165 in Madrid: Low incidence in a pro 22168 after initiating of highly active anti 22172?/ls a response to amikacin thera 22173 in HIV-infected children/Mycoba 22174 /Drug use and STD prevalence/i 22196 in a discordent couple: A study c 22200 compared to HIV-negative contr 22202 /Correlation between oropharyn 22214 in HIV co-infected patients treate 17*/22243 /Detection of GB virus-C/hepatiti 22250 /HBS antigen in children with sus 22274 /A phase I dose escalation study 22281 /Malignancies in children with HI 22300 in HIV-positive and HIV-negative 22303 in Abidjan, C6te dlvoire/Case-c 622*/22305 haviours related to HIV icago, 1997-1998/HIV users/HIV-1 and HTLV st risk/High rate of HIV 7/A cohort study of HIV ease the spread of HIV protection against HIV ween placental malaria cted at enrollment/HIV ssion in utero/Placenta rus in women with triple venting perinatal HIV-1 en at high risk for HIV-1 ission of HIV-1 group O e on maternal-child HIV osures resulting in HIV I exposure/Risk of HIV ransmission of HIV/An a/Risk factors for HIV-1 ehaviour and risk to HIV ors associated with HIV simplex type 2 (HSV-2) rs of Haitian origin/HIV -demography of genital and C (HBV and HCV) tis B and C and syphilis associated risks of HIV be associated with HIV nd prevalence of HIV elated to risk for HIV les: A risk factor of HIV erty on womens risk of facilitating factor in HIV a/Analysis of HIV/AIDS al transmission of HIV-1 s/Determinants of HIV 87-1997/Trends in HIV hilippines to HIV/AIDS ce center in Rome/HIV sco/Prevalence of HIV workers in Guyana/HIV avioural aspects of HIV Brazil/Correlates of HIV dicator of risk from HIV n retroviral and syphilis 997/Prevalence of HIV ce for increasing of HIV behavior related to HIV odeficiency virus (HIV) ts/Epidemiology of HIV g demographics of HIV dren/The impact of HIV about disclosure of HIV y and duration of HIV 1 -ders in patients with HIV tions of changes in HIV e course of established body response in HIV-1 ties with respect to the HIV-1 envelope early in term survivors of HIV-1 apy during primary HIV ollowing HIV-1 clade-B esponses in advanced cape mutations in HIV-1 ated inhibition of HIV-1 T-cell expansions in HIV c T cells/Effect of HIV-1 ndividuals resist in vitro cell production in HIV-1 by CD8+ T cells in HIV sion in paediatric HIV-1 mmunity in acute HIV-1 en in patients with HIV1 opians: Effects of HIV-1 mune activation in dual mparative prevalence of d risk factors for HHV-8 orn to mothers with HIV erpesvirus 8 (HHV8) among injecting drug users in Vi 23213 among younger drug injectors in 23226 in northeast Brazil: Differences f 23231 in homeless young injectors: Sex 23233 among IDUs and natural history 23244 between women/IDUS mens se 23249 also when inoculated parenterall 23255 and increased risk of mother-to-i 461*/23268 due to breastfeeding in a cohort 457*/23270 in HIV-1 transmission in utero/PI 23277 /Maternal-infant transmission of 23293 in newborns delivered within one 23305 from Sio Paulo, Brazil/No evide 23307 in Yaounde, Cameroon/Mother-t 23318 and its prevention among wome 23320 in health care workers - United S 23329 in health care workers after occu 23336 control program to decrease the 23340 in a rural population of 15,000 ad 23356 /Travel, sexual behaviour and ris 23358 in heterosexuals attending anon 23359 in a cohort of Zimbabwean men 23363 is associated with travel back to 23368 with Chlamydia trachomatis in C 23373 with HIV transmission from HIV p 23378 in a different risk behaviour grou 23379?/Could the REACH model be th 23384 among female, street-based sex 23407 among female partners of male f 23441 among bisexual men in a cohort f 23448 among young females/Drug abu 23465 in the USA/Gender, power and 23466 and spread/Early widowhood as 23470 risk in young women living in Bue 23504 among women in Honduras/Ris 23506 in a cohort of native Canadian inj 23513 rates among New York State (N 23516:An ethnography and interventio 23533 among transsexual sex workers f 570*/23534 in transgendered individuals in S 23536 and syphilis among female com 23538 amongst the sex workers of Agra 23549 among incarcerated women in Vi 23551 /AIDS in prisons- The history of I 23555 among Macanaos fishermen an 23561 in prison system of Rio de Janeir 23563 in a prisoners population, Seneg 23575 among women working in entert 23582 in sexually active Ghanaian wom 23593 among indigent patients/Epide 23595 at a university medical center ho 24114 on families with one/several infe 24165 diagnosis to their children/Paren 24175 in American women/Reduced fe 24198 /Psychiatric disorders in patients 24221 /Health care workers perception 24357 with HIV-1 primary isolates in the 330*/31103 is directed against viral debris rat 331*/31104 of primary macrophages with aut 31105 and subsequent disease progres 31107 /HIV-1 specific immune respons 31114 is associated with rapid stabilizat 109*/31121 /Cross-clade envelope gp160, g 601*/31122 /Prolonged suppression of HIV-1 112*/31124 /Rare occurrence of CTL escape 31125 of macrophages: p38 MAPK is th 31126 /Phenotypic characterisation of T 31136 on chemokine receptor expressi 31141 with macrophage tropic HIV-1 BaL 31154 /Telomere length and telomeras 271*/31168 correlates with viral load and CD 116*/31170 predicts disease progression/Alt 31176 following antiretroviral therapy/I 115*/31177 /Effects of triple antiretroviral the 31178 /Immunohaematological referen 31183 with HIV and Mycobacterium tub 31184 by human herpes virus type 8 in t 31189 among women participants of th 31190 /Human herpesvirus-8 seroprev 31191 of peripheral blood cells (PBMCs 31196 in HIV+ women/Relationship bet rates and treatment outcomes/H in women attending STD clinics i and visceral leishmaniasis in a M (01) among Singaporean AIDS p /Access to combination antiretro /OZCOMBO 1: A randomised, o /Full compliance sustains viral su /Effect of the new antiviral therap in pretreated patients with less th: Preliminary results/A randomis using DNA based vaccines/Imm /Euthanasia: The opinion of Euro 22313 22315 22318 22325 22332 22333 22348 22384 22392 22403 22414 22418 46*/22426 in a skilled nursing facility/Palliat 505*/22427 /Nurses experiences caring for c 22457 at the University Hospital Antwer 62*/22459 in San Francisco/Objective: To c 23101 among men who have sex with m 23103 among young injection drug usin 23104 on the natural history of anal hum 23114 in homosexual men in Sydney, A 23124 incidence among men who have 23140 in pregnant women in the Gambi 23164: Experience in rural Uganda/Wi 23167 among young adult recently initia 23168 among persistently injecting dru 23179?/Do A32 CCR-5 deletions prote 23180 among drug users attending a ne 23182 associated with injecting drug us 23188 among injection drug users in Ph 23192 during an intravenous opiate mai 23211

Page  98 98 infection * infection 12th World AIDS Conference -Keyword Abstract HIV-1 infection/Primary en with or at risk for HIV rug users/Effect of HIVce of helicobacter pylori f mycobacterial enteric nic hepatitis C and HIV hepatitis B virus mutant atitis/Evaluation of HIV itis/Helicobacter pylori ion in patients with HIV s with anemia and MAC lovir treatment of CMV CD8 lymphocytes in HIV osis in patients with HIV openia in paediatric HIV 6-bisphosphatase/HIV es during paediatic HIV y fat distribution in HIV cognitive decline in HIV way blockers inhibit HIV Central nervous system eroprevalence of HIV during advanced HIV-1 tion in patients with HIV in asymptomatic HIV-1 s the association/HIV-1 ogy in patients with HIV ma in a patient with HIV ons as predictors of HIV ons associated with HIV nsulin resistance in HIV itus in patients with HIV uals with primary HIV-1 current therapy for HIV avium complex (MAC) cute and chronic HIV-1 extends to opportunistic erapy (HAART) for HIV revalence surveys/HIV HIV in an area with low MMGs) of pediatric HIV nosis of pediatric HIV-1 ssue/Diagnosis of HIV at increased risk of HIV ynol-9 enhances rectal V prevention, can block I flora, and risk of HIV-1 mulations for preventing phylaxis to prevent HIV ccupational risk for HIV emia and the risk of HIV revalence of urethral eatment on population e screening test for HIV ex workers at risk of HIV gram/Lower risk of HIV prevention of HIV/AIDS ter access to care/HIV ork in the context of HIV e Review Group on HIV suits/Predictors of HIV Seroprevalence of HIV ads in patients with HIV ons in patients with HIV ues of patients with HIV nation-therapy of HIV-1 and lymphoid cells/HIV etroviral therapy in HIV eron-f induced by HIV is of acute primary HIV tion rate of primary HIV gnosis of perinatal HIV se progression of HIV-1 patients with early HIV 1997)/Incidence of HIV ion during HIV-primary ter as a predictor of HIV rs/Prevalence of HIV-2 Advanced stage of HIV n the prevalence of HIV of human herpesvirus 6 in childre /Stability of cutaneous anergy in on hepatitis C virus (HCV)-infecti in HIV-infected patients/Prevale in patients with AIDS/Clinical ma: A case control study/Liver histo with lamivudine-containing antis influence on natural course of c in HIV positive patients with antr and its association with autonom /The efficacy of recombinant eryt in neutropenic AIDS patients/A /Benign monoclonal expansion o: After zidovudine/Macrocytosis i /Thrombocytopenia in paediatric affects the expression of fructos: Three years of follow-up/The ke: Regional body composition mea /Bartonella henselae serostatus i of astrocytes/Amantidine and ot by prototheca wickerhamii in an /Meningitis in a community with a /Antigen p24 HIV-1 in cerebrospi /EEG charting data in CNS disor in Mulago hospital/Maternal mor and miscarriage: A retrospective /Spontaneous pneumothorax (S /Aerococcus viridans as a causat in Malawi/Skin manifestations a in Romania/Mucocutaneous ma /Pro-inflammatory cytokines and /Increased prevalence of diabete 31201 31209 32107 32109 32110 32114 32118 32120 32122 32125 32141 32146 32148 32156 32160 32175 32178 32181 32189 32212 32213 32216 32222 32226 32229 32231 32260 32263 32272 32274 32276 32277 /Frequency of transmission of dr 228*/32280 /Viral resistance in a randomised 32303 taking a twice-daily clarithromyci 32324 /Adherence to quadruple therap 32328 prophylaxis/Poor medication ad 32376 /A multi-disciplinary approach to 32397 and AIDS in prison: Prevalence s 32435 rate in IDUs and sex-workers/Un 32437 /Antiretroviral therapy and medic 32439 and quantification of virus load/ 32442 in children is still a controversial i 32448 /Use of Reality~ condoms for an 33128 by herpes simplex virus in mice/ 33143 by other sexually transmitted dis 33146 and STDs/Vaginal colonization 33148 by enveloped viruses/Carragee 33155: Attitudes and interest among hig 33193 and post-exposure chemoproph 33194 in Lagos, Nigeria/Sickle cell ana 33207 in men with non-specific sympto 33242 levels is robustly dependent upo 33257 /Counselling in the screening tes 33286 /Safe sex practices among sex w 33287 with continued regular participati 33384 in Argentina/Information and ed 33509 impact among North African peo 105*/34101 /Guiding principles of vocational 34145 and AIDS: Systematic reviews of 252*/34356 among professional blood donor 41109 among street children in Maidug 41121 /Lymphocyte-derived and plasm 41144 /Viral load and clinical manifestat 41148 /Mycobacterial nucleic acids in ti 41157 /Plasma concentrations of IL-16, 41164 inhibitors: Carbohydrate-contain 41204 /The use sub-cutaneous recombi 41240 after gene transfert/In vitro and i 41250 and estimation of HIV incidence r 42105 /Screening with combined HIV E 42109 in Brazilian infants/A comparativ 42114 /HIV-1 reverse transcriptase inhi 42115 /Application of novel detuned H 42118 among apparently healthy blood 42120 /A new generation test associati 42126 /Herpes zoster as a predictor of 42127 in Calcutta (India) with a special r 42130 among newly established Bulgar 42136 among blood donors in West Be 42137 els over 17 years of HIV d and STDs in early HIV oviral therapy for HIV-1 ble HIV-1 RNA in HIV-1 during acute respiratory g PHI but not in chronic hemotherapy for HIV-1 nces of diagnosis of HIV ith symptomatic HIV tion in patients with HIV smell dysfunction in HIV xican children with HIV he progression of HIV dox treatments for HIV he management of HIV vel as a predictor of HIV vel as a predictor of HIV s against opportunistic and the community/HIV f perceived risk for HIV erceptions of risk of HIV g Hospital (HEEP)/HIV d with lower risk of HIV High prevalence of HBV e in prevalence of HIV es for intervention/HIV sk taking: An analysis of or the prevention of HIV a cohort study of HIV-1 ability of soldiers to HIV e reporting (ICR) of HIV Status and trend of HIV ng classification for HIV n in Togo/Trends of HIV asing prevalence of HIV m on surveillance of HIV 997/Prevalence of HIV avium complex (MAC) Changing pattern of HIV f mother to infant HIV injection drug use/HIV sociated with HIV virus ee women to HIV/AIDS ean patient/Cost of HIV mpact on opportunistic c histopathology in HIV o the prevention of HIV of soldiers wives to HIV ical surveillance of HIV utritional therapy in HIV or the prevention of HIV Multidrug regime in HIV disposes women to HIV developed through HIV aliva/The effects of HIV /HIV and hepatitis virus in Niamey, Niger/HIV-2 f HIV, HBsAg, and HCV inhibitors/Diabets, HIV s with anemia and MAC PO) in children with HIV nicating dangers of HIV ow period between HIV dence of perinatal HIV ent of cytomegalovirus pan/Prevalence of HIV ents in South India/HIV non progression of HIV ce center in Rome/HIV x workers in Rome/HIV hy, loss of appetite, skin mial outbreak of HIV-1 y/Varicella zoster virus ts of treatment for MAC cal dysplasia and HPV alized children with HIV ptococcus neoformans ptococcus neoformans 1 symptomatic primary s of loss of CD28 in HIV SKeyword Abstra in a cohort of haemophilic men/T /Plasma and genital tract viral loa: Modeling when to change thera prior to AIDS/CD4+ cell decline s in HIV infection/Changes in vira leads to long-term suppression ( by an in-house nested RT-PCR a in Belo Horizonte, Brazil/Circum /The pharmacokinetics and oral /Expanded nutritional evaluation /Taste and smell dysfunction in H /Nutritional statement and body c in pediatric population/Nutritiona: determinants and impact on rec /Clinical evaluation of efficacy an in perinatally exposed children/ in perinatally exposed children/ s (01) related to HIV infection in th in children and the community/H and self-reports of HIV antibody t in US national samples: Trends, study on patients at the Eva Per in low income, urban women: A c in young gay men despite effecti and sexually transmitted disease and risk behavior among urban f prevention materials in Vancouv associated with Injecting drug us in young men in the Royal Thai A: Implications for effective condo in Europe: An evolving surveillan in Vietnam/Status and trend of H using data from a rural Ugandan among pregnant women in Togo in Nigeria/Increasing prevalence /The impacts of a laboratory repo in people who were attended in a prophylaxis in HIV-infected patie in some risk groups: 1987-1996, incidence, Rio de Janeiro State, in young men in northern Thailan /Admission criteria, treatment an in refugee camps in northern Ug for the European patient/Cost of treatment/Combination therapie and AIDS/Hepatic histopatholog and the development of AIDS am /Vulnerability of of soldiers wive in Morocco/Costeffectiveness of: A personal experience of five ye /Modifying knowledge, beliefs, a as an alternative thera