UTI Equity Fund: Maximising Wealth

UTI Equity Fund growth is one of the oldest funds in the mutual fund industry launched in 1992, which has been formulated by UTI Mutual Fund. It falls under the large-cap equity category as per the CRISIL ranking structure. It is ranked third under the same for the quarter ended in June 2016. UTI equity fund g has maintained its position on the list of top 30 percentile and has outperformed its benchmark and peer group. UTI equity fund manager, i.e., Mr Ajay Tyagi is managing its funds in the most efficient manner to generate high growth in capital.

UTI Equity growth Fund is best suited to those investors who are seeking long-term capital appreciation with a moderate level of risk appetite and want to make investments in equity instruments of companies having high-growth potential. It offers the ‘Growth Plan’ option of investing to create accumulated wealth in the future. Here we have provided an overview of uti equity fund growth strategy to make you understand its nature and other details.

UTI Equity Fund Growth: Investment Details

UTI equity fund growth online scheme has the primary objective of offering substantial returns and capital growth to the investors. It helps in securing the future of unit holders by appreciating capital. UTI equity fund scheme invests the funds in equity shares and convertible and non-convertible bonds/debentures of companies which have substantial growth prospects. In addition, uti equity fund g has made certain investments in the money market instruments.

UTI equity fund is an open-ended scheme falling under the equity assets category. Accordingly, the major investments(around 80%) by the scheme is made in equity and related instruments. UTI equity fund performance is measured against S&P BSE 100. The minimum amount of investment in uti equity fund g plan is Rs.5,000. It offers the SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) as well to make mutual fund investment more conveniently. This fund is best suitable for long-term investments.

UTI Equity Fund Nav: Performance Analysis

The returns on investments are the most important factors for determining the suitability because the ultimate goal of every investor is yielding income. One can easily compute returns of UTI equity fund g online strategy prior to investing using the SIP return calculator. UTI equity fund growth scheme has outperformed its benchmark and category by yielding higher returns since its inception. Its absolute annual returns reached up to 32.0 and 46.8 percent in the years 2012 and 2014.

At present, uti equity fund is offering 20.0 and 16.5 percent returns in the three- and five-year investment. Accordingly, uti equity fund growth is generating high revenues for the current investors and offering the same to the new ones as well. Furthermore, the NAV of UTI Equity Fund as on October 24, 2016, amounted to Rs.111.226, which has made many investors create better wealth. Thus, uti equity fund g scheme has the potential of adding worth to the portfolio and must be considered before making a selection. Further, read the portfolio concentration of uti equity fund growth nav strategy which shall be more helpful for you in gaining knowledge about the same.

UTI Equity Plan G: Portfolio Review

UTI equity fund scheme holds AUM(Asset Under Management) amounting to Rs.5,284 crore as on September 30, 2016. It has invested 98.3 percent of the funds in the equity stocks of various companies and remaining 1.45 percent in the debt instruments. It has a market capitalisation of Rs.80,815.05 crore which is higher than that of its category. UTI equity fund growth has diversified its portfolio so accurately that returns are assured irrespective of the market fluctuations.

The sector allocation graph of this strategy depicts that a major proportion of the total asset size has been invested in the financial sector. Further, it has put money in the healthcare, technology, automobile, FMCG, engineering, and so on. The top holdings of uti equity fund programme include HDFC Bank, Infosys, IndusInd Bank, HDFC, Yes Bank, and Tata Consultancy Services. Accordingly, with investment in majorly all the best-performing corporates, UTI equity fund plan ensures yielding of desired returns.

We have a strong recommendation for uti equity mutual fund plan due to its market-held position and potential of generating better returns. You must consider the UTI Equity Fund Growth before making the selection of any scheme. 

As UTI equity fund g falls under large cap funds category there are other schemes also available under same category so that you can also make investment in these schemes.

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