Big Lots missed earnings in Q2 -- and will keep on missing all year long.

Key Points

  • The retailers quarterly results didnt live up to analysts expectations.
  • Its going to have challenges in Q3, too.

What happened

Shares of Big Lots (NYSE:BIG) are falling today, down by 4% as of 12:41 p.m. EDT, after the discount retailer posted underwhelming earnings for its fiscal second quarter of 2021.

Heading into the report, analysts had forecast that Big Lots would earn $1.13 per share on sales of $1.48 billion. Big Lots, however, missed on both the top and bottom lines, reporting sales of $1.46 billion and earnings of $1.09 per share.  


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So what

Admittedly, that doesnt sound like a huge miss, and the stock isnt down huge in response to it -- just a small handful of percentage points.

Although sales declined 11% year over year, they were up 16% from the pre-pandemic Q2 2019. (This is the kind of double comparison that a lot of retail stocks have been making lately, by the way, given what an asterisk kind of a year 2020 was.)

Earnings fell toward the high end of the range Big Lots had previously guided to, but the company had to admit that there was a steep fall from the $8.54 per share that it had earned in last years Q2. Granted, most of that prior-year profit had come from a one-time, after-tax benefit from sale and leaseback transactions entered into during the pandemic, but even backing that out, Big Lots still would have earned $2.75 a year ago pro forma.

Compared to that, this years second-quarter profit of $1.09 per share seemed an even bigger disappointment.

Now what

But things could still get worse -- and probably will.

Citing continued supply chain and freight headwinds, as well as other inflationary pressures, CEO Bruce Thorn warned that Big Lots is probably looking at a $0.10- to $0.20-per-share loss in the fiscal Q3 currently underway (versus Wall Streets expected profit of $0.09 per share), with a mid-single digit comparable sales decline and gross profit margin down 175 basis points. Big Lots further warned that full-year earnings will probably come in between $5.90 and $6.05 per share, considerably below the $6.74 per share that Wall Street is expecting.

Translation: Big Lots missed earnings in Q2 -- and its going to keep on missing all year long.

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