Emphasize the emotion your content conveys with the perfect music. Whether it’s exciting or introspective, humorous or humble, scary or sanguine, or anything else — you’ll find a track to match in our vast audio library.



Thousands of high-quality tracks.

Sourced from world-class, award-winning artists and audio contributors Epidemic Sound and Jamendo, Adobe Stock audio libraries put thousands of high-quality music tracks—organized by popular genres and moods—right at your fingertips.


Passion paired with expertise.

We work with top agencies in the stock audio space to bring you unique, high-quality music tracks in every genre, for any project. Search submissions from thousands of artists used by famous YouTubers, filmmakers, corporate brands, and broadcasters.

Uninterrupted creativity.

Search for Adobe Stock audio tracks within Premiere Pro, drag and drop non-watermarked tracks to your timeline to preview, and license your final selection—all without leaving your workflow.

Listen to these top tracks from audio contributor Epidemic Sound.

Fast, easy, intelligent search.

Find the perfect track among thousands quickly and easily. With Adobe Stock audio’s robust set of search features and advanced filtering options, you can set the mood of your story in minutes.




Effortless, worry-free licensing.

Adobe Stock audio’s licensing allows you to use tracks in any online, advertising, social, point-of-sale, or broadcast media project. All tracks are royalty-free, cleared for monetization and commercial use. Once you license a song, you can use it as many times as you need, in perpetuity, anywhere in the world.



Explore our vast collection of high-quality audio tracks.

Talented creatives in every field curate content into inspiring galleries to help you spark creativity and explore the depth of our collections. Across themes, settings, and asset types, our galleries help you reimagine how you use stock.

Develop world-class content quickly and easily. Your organization can access and manage images, graphics, templates, videos, and more — for projects big, small, and everywhere in-between.

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