The Season of Enchantment began Monday, April 20, 2020 and ended on the Sunday, June 21, 2020, lasting 62 days. It was the fifth Seasonal event in Sky since the game’s global release, and the first Season available following Sky’s launch for Android.

This first-of-its-kind Season introduced a more interactive and narrative-based format for Seasonal events as well as a new area to explore in Golden Wasteland called Forgotten Ark. It was here where all the Season’s Spirits could be found, and where the Season’s magical story slowly unfolded.

Enchantment followed the Season of Rhythm and preceded the Season of Sanctuary.



Sky- Children of the Light - Season of Enchantment Trailer

Welcome to the Season of Enchantment.

Our newest Season follows the story of a group of mysterious Spirits helpless in a desolate land, who have crashed in Golden Wasteland and need your help. Which Spirit will you befriend first?

Forgotten Ark


An enchanted pearl in the Golden Wasteland

–Forgotten Ark opening

A new area called Forgotten Ark was added in Golden Wasteland during the Season of Enchantment in April 2020. When you enter the first area, after youve plunged to the ground, explore the right-hand side of the map--the opposite side from where the Faint Spirit resides. There you will find a pier and a boat. Sit and meditate on the boat, and it will take you to the new area.

For more information, please look at Forgotten Ark page.

Besides the Ark, which is the first thing you see in this new area, there is a maze-like cave structure off to the right, and another cave structure straight ahead beyond the Ark. Both are filled with Dark Creatures (Crabs). Other smaller artefacts can also be found. Previously, the player could also collect candles from four hidden mushrooms, though these were removed in the 0.9.2 patch.

Winged Light

Two new Winged Light can be found in Forgotten Ark. One is easily found on the bow of the Ark. The other is inside a cave structure beyond it.

Season of Enchantment

A new Spirit appears in Forgotten Ark. This is where it appears the new Season begins.

A new addition to this Season is that the Adventure Pass is available as a pre-order, and includes 10 additional Seasonal Candles if you purchase the pre-order.


This Season is also introducing a new format for finding the Spirits and for Quests.

  • At Home you will find the normal Daily Quest-Giver with the same Daily Quests that have been a part of every Season so far. See Quests and Seasonal Quests for specific guide videos.
  • In Forgotten Ark there is another appearance of the Quest Master, called the Guide (in this case, the Enchantment Guide) with a wholly different type of Quests. While all of the Seasonal Spirits are located in the Forgotten Ark area, the Quest that you receive from the Quest Master here will send you off to different Realms to find all Colored Lights. This story will unfold as the weeks go by.

Seasonal Candles


Seasonal Candle bunch

Each day the Quest-Giver stands next to a Realms Portal, indicating where the days Seasonal Candle bunches are found. The chosen Realm will contain four sets/bunches of Seasonal Candles which together perfectly add up to one whole Seasonal Candle. Unlike previous Seasons, the Colored Lights decide the locations rather than the Spirits (as they are all found in the Forgotten Ark). Candle bunch locations:

  • Daylight Prairie: Bird Nest (the right Spirit Gate from Butterfly Fields)
  • Hidden Forest: The Boneyard (last big area, with jellyfish)
  • Valley of Triumph: The Ice Rink
  • Golden Wasteland: The new Seasonal Area, Forgotten Ark. The Candles are scattered on the Ark itself
  • Vault of Knowledge: 2-player area on the first floor

Light Quests from Forgotten Ark

In Forgotten Ark, the Enchantment Guide will give you a series of Quests to find a colored light for a particular Spirit. This is a separate Quest from the Daily Quests given in Home. These Light Quests appear throughout the first eight weeks of the Season. Return to the Forgotten Ark each week to see which Colored Light the Spirit is asking for. Find it in the Realms, then return to Forgotten Ark to return it to the Spirit, and see what happens.

Quest 1 - Red Light

Found in Forgotten Ark in front of the cave beyond the ship

Quest 2 - Blue Light

Found in the Valley of Triumph Ice Rink. It goes under the ice, so it may be hidden from immediate view

Quest 3 - Cyan Light

Found above the clouds in the area of Isle of Dawn just before the exit to Daylight Prairie. The quickest way to find it is by going to Daylight Prairie, and then going back into the Isle of Dawn

Quest 4 - Green Light

Found in the Birds Nest area of Daylight Prairie. When you first enter the area, the Green Light will be high above you, carried by the group of Mantas. Eventually it will drop down toward one of the islands, where it will land

Quest 5 - Purple Light

Found in Vault of Knowledge inside the Archives: the new area added with Season of Belonging that is beyond the two-person door on the bottom floor

Quest 6 - Orange Light

Found in the final area of Hidden Forest, before you enter the Temple. It is not directly in the Broken Bridge area, but in the area just before that, near the treehouse that has a constellation gate around it. At first this Light, too, is high above, but eventually comes down so that it is easier to catch

Story (spoilers)

New find-the-light Quests are made available across the Seasons duration. Retrieving these Colored Lights for the Quest-Giver Spirit at the Forgotten Ark unlocks a special cutscene for each Light returned. Each returned Light will be used to magically enhance or revitalize the area in some way; the background music also changes alongside. This is all part of an unfolding story of transformation throughout the Season.

Week 1 – Red Light

‘A group of Spirits started their voyage towards prosperity. Take the boat and set sail. Follow their path, a new land awaits…’

A boat arrives at the pier in Golden Wasteland. Players are invited to climb aboard and sail to a new area called Forgotten Ark. After docking, players pass over the top of a hill and gaze down upon a vast and desolate landscape, a crashed ark rests in the center of the area. It seems the Spirits who had set out on a voyage did not quite make it; we must help them. One by one, players befriend each Spirit and live their memories. Players are told that the Spirits long for Red Light, and that it is found ‘where darkness prevails’. Upon returning the Light, the Nodding Muralist uses it to illuminate the murals they painted on the ark.

Week 2 – Blue Light

Players are told that the Spirits now seek Blue Light, and that ‘rumours point toward the pure waters of a mountain lake’. Upon returning the Light, the Indifferent Alchemist uses it to purify the sky and the pond water, turning both blue, also summoning the same koi fish we have seen in the little pond at Home and the pool outside the temple in Daylight Prairie.

Week 3 – Cyan Light

Players are told that the Spirits now yearn for Cyan Light, and that it ‘lingers among the early gusts of wind’. Upon returning the Light, the Crab Walk Spirit uses it to create an updraft which forms holes in the clouds above, allowing sunlight to pour through. It also raises half of the Ark’s oars out of the sand, causing them to turn and row gently in the wind.

Week 4 – Green Light

Players are told that the Spirits now need Green Light, and that ‘the fable is they are gifts to the earth from the sky’. Upon returning the Light, the Scare Spirit uses it to fertilize the land around the pond, causing patches of vibrant flowers and grass to bloom out of the gray sand.

Week 5-7 – Purple Light

Players are told that the Spirits now pray for Purple Light, and that ‘it is said they hoard ancient secrets’. Upon returning the Light, the Doze Spirit uses it to decorate the Ark in colorful tassel-adorned tents, draped tapestries, hanging lamps and drifting bunting lines. Day turns into night; a crescent moon now glistens through one of the holes in the clouds, drenching the area in an enchanting moonlit glow.

Week 8 – Orange Light

Players are told that the Spirits now cry for Orange Light, and that ‘they offer warmth in times of cold’. After returning the Light, the Play Fight Spirit sends it blazing through the area, calling together all the Spirits of the Forgotten Ark. The gathered Spirits all look upon you the player, each nodding in farewell and gratitude for your help. They then collectively ascend to the sky and depart. Left behind is the cargo of their voyage, their tools, wisdom, and treasures, that which we can use to forge our own spells. The lamps are lit; birds and butterflies now inhabit the once gloomy wreckage. Thanks to you, the ark no longer sits lost in darkness but is now filled with light and life.

Hopefully you enjoyed participating in the Season of Enchantment. The Forgotten Ark and its story will remain available to experience even after the Season concludes. You can purchase Daily Spells with in-game Currency at the Arks Spell Shop once youve completed its restoration. The Seasonal Spirits and their Cosmetics will be inaccessible after the Season ends on the 21st of June, though they will return in the future as Traveling Spirits.

Spirits and Cosmetics

All of the Spirits for the Season of Enchantment are found in the Forgotten Ark area of Wasteland. There are five new Expressions and one upgrade to the new Play Fight friend action.

Nodding Muralist

This spirit offers a hairstyle and a mask. This spirit is found at the bow of the ark at the top left.

Video Guide


Indifferent Alchemist

This spirit offers a hairstyle, mask, and a cape. This spirit is found at the right top of the caves straight ahead of the ark.

Video Guide


Crab Walker

This spirit offers a hairstyle and a cape. This spirit is found at the entrance of the caves at the right of the ark.

Video Guide


Scarecrow Farmer

This spirit offers a hairstyle and a mask. This spirit is found at the cave structure straight ahead of the ark at the front.

Video Guide


Snoozing Carpenter

This spirit offers a hairstyle and cape. This spirit is found at the left side of the ark at the front.

Video Guide


Playfighting Herbalist

This spirit offers a hairstyle, mask, and a cape. This spirit is found at the bottom of the ruins at the left of the ark.


Sky- Children of the Light- Music Sheet 13 (Season of Enchantment)

Video Guide


Ultimate Gifts

The two ultimate gifts for this season were the Enchantment turban hairstyle and tassels head accessory.

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