When you are longing for privacy in your garden or lawn, then there have to be some best plants or privacy shrubs that can be used as fences. These shrubs grow very densely and also require less maintenance. You can choose the bush based on your requirement. If you need greenery all the time, then select the variety that is evergreen all the year long. Some shrubs tend to lose leaves during the fall season.

Consider the Following Points before Selecting the Shrubs for your Yard

1. Location of the shrub :

The location of the hedges plays an essential role in the growth of the plants. Select the plants based on the area where they will be planted. The bigger the plant is, the larger the roots will be. Long-rooted plants cannot be grown in the sideways of the lawn. So you have to choose the perfect plants for the ways, poolside and sidewalks.

2. Shrub Maintenence :

The shrubs have less maintenance and can also be trimmed into the desired shape when needed. Always see that the fences are clean and tidy for the plants or shrubs to grow.

3. Shrub size :

Make sure that you know the correct size of the fully grown shrub. Most of the nurseries selling the plants in New York have the details regarding the growth and maturity of the plants. If you are not sure, take the help of a lawn care expert.

4. Planting zone :

The planting zone also plays a vital role in the growth of the shrubs. Choose the plants that do well in your neighborhood. Go for the plants that fit your space and also your maintenance patterns.

Based on the Growth, the Hedges can be divided into 3 Varieties.

  • Slow growing shrubs
  • Medium growing shrubs
  • Fast growing shrubs

Slow Growing Varieties :

Looking for shrubs that takes enough time to grow then choose the one from the below:

Berckman’s Golden Arborvitae: This is the variety of hedge that grows under 10 feet tall. Yellow in color in the whole year and the main advantage is that this plant does not require pruning.


Camellia Japonica: Camellia is an evergreen flowering shrub that grows from 12 to 20 to feet in height and 10 to 15 feet wide.


Emerald Arborvitae: This is a slow-growing shrub that needs less pruning which grows up to a height of 15 feet and four feet wide.


Japanese Yew: This column-shaped, evergreen shrub can grow to a height of 30 feet or more. It can be planted in areas with a salt spray.


Medium Growing Varieties :

Compared to the slow-growing varieties, the medium growing plants grow at a faster pace and require little maintenance. Some of the plants that come under these varieties are:

Dense Yew: This a variety that can grow up to six feet tall and requires pruning. The branches are widespread and give a good scope for pruning in the desired shape.


French Lilac: This is a plant that grows according to the season. The plant sheds leaves in the fall and grows up to 15 feet tall. The blossoms produced have different colors with a sweet fragrance.


Sweet Olive: This is an evergreen plant that has broad leaves. While growing up to a height of 10 feet, produces white blossoms that have apricot fragrance.


Wax Myrtle: This is also an evergreen plant that grows up to 8 feet tall and 8 feet wide. Pruning can be done to the plant, and you can get the desired shape.


Fast Growing Varieties :

If you want some plants that grow fastly and form a privacy place for you, choose from the shrubs that tend to grow very fast. The fast-growing privacy plants need more maintenance and also pruning is to be done from time to time. Plants that can be classified under the fast-growing varieties are:

Dwarf Pink Almond: The shrub that grows up to five feet tall and four feet wide, produces pink blossoms. The plant should be pruned from time to time and also sheds the leaves in the fall season.


Forsythia: A fast-growing privacy hedge that grows up to a height of 10 feet. The plant has to be pruned from time to time otherwise it can grow up to four feet wide. Produces yellow flowers in the spring and has a beautiful look.


Nikko Blue Hydrangea: Shrub that grows up to 12 feet tall and 12 feet wide. Produces large snowball shaped blue flowers. If you desire you can prune the plant.


Northern Bayberry: A plant that grows up to nine feet tall and can be pruned if desired. This plant spreads several feet wide, and shred leaves in the fall season.


Some Other Varieties of Plants for Privacy from Neighbors are :

Ficus Nitida: Used mainly as a barrier for direct sunlight and dust. The foliage is very thick and provides an excellent space for privacy.

Japanese Blueberry: An evergreen variety is having lust and appealing green foliage. This has become the most opted plant.

Japanese Privet: Suitable for the small area gardens. The plant is evergreen and ideal for small courtyards and pool areas.

Italian Cypress: Mostly used as border plants to create a sense of border. Can be used for formal entrances also.

Timber Bamboo: These plants grow very densely, so they are used for creating shadow place in the lawns. This is one of the best privacy shrubs for shade.

Oleander: These trees are summer flowering plants and an ideal flowering plant for your lawn in the summer season.


There are best shrubs for a privacy hedge. You should be careful in choosing the type of screen shrub that is to be used on your landscaping for privacy. Pruning at the right time is necessary for the shrubs to grow at right pace. For more information regarding the privacy shrubs and their maintenance, Contact Green Gold Landscaping via online or Call at 914-882-5459. We Serve Westchester County, NY and its surrounding areas.

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