John Cannon and Anne Hargreaves

This authoritative and accessible guide to the British monarchy spans the Romano-British rulers of 55 BC to the present day House of Windsor. Generously illustrated with maps, photos, paintings, and genealogies, it contains a wealth of information on the rulers of Britain, including their policies, personalities, key dates, and legacies. Feature articles throughout the guide provide in-depth information on key royal topics, including Coronations, Regalia, the Tower of London, and - new to this edition - Westminster Abbey and St Pauls Cathedral.

Revised and updated to include recent events, such as the second marriage of Prince Charles, this new edition also contains a topical introductory article (under ‘Preface’) on the changing role of the monarchy. There is also a useful glossary and a list of recommended further reading.

Invaluable for students and teachers of British history, and ideal for anyone with an interest in the monarchy of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

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Anne Hargreaves, author

John Cannon held the chair of Modern History at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne until 1992. He edited several books, including The Oxford Companion to British History, and The Oxford Illustrated History of the British Monarchy.

Anne Hargreaves was formerly at the Welsh National School of Medicine, and at the Universities of Liverpool and Newcastle. She contributed to the Oxford Companion to British History.

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