Richard Browning

Years active2017-present
Known forDaedalus Flight Pack

Richard Browning is a British inventor of a jet suit. He is the founder and chief test pilot of Gravity Industries, a company that designs and builds his invention.


Browning set out in 2016 to experiment with the concept “using the human mind to balance and control the body in flight structure”, adding power in the form of micro gas turbines (jet engines). His development journey, culminating in the first flight in November 2016, was the subject of a 2017 TED talk and the “Taking on Gravity” publication.

Browning received initial investment and launched the company Gravity Industries in April 2017 together with WIRED magazine and Red Bull. Public demonstrations of the invention included over 100 flight events across 33 countries. He was referred to as a real-life Iron Man” by several media outlets.[1][2][3]

TIME magazine featured the jet suit as amongst the best inventions of 2018.[4]

Gravity Industries was recognized by Guinness World Record for the fastest flight in a body-controlled jet suit in November 2019 at 85mph (135kmph).[5]

Gravity Industries received a $640,000 investment from Tim and Adam Draper in San Francisco after the first public demonstration outside Adam’s ‘Boost VC’ firm.[6][7]

Gravity Industries is now a permanent team of seven based in Salisbury, UK and has a support network around the world. The company business model includes TV & media work, commercial events & displays, brand collaborations, STEM initiatives, and public flight training & flight experiences in the UK and US. Gravity also has a wide range of partnerships with the UK, the US and European militaries,[8] and a range of search & rescue organizations.[9]

The company was planning to launch the Gravity Race Series in March 2020 in Bermuda, but this was postponed due to COVID.

Personal life[edit]

Prior to founding Gravity, Browning was a Royal Marines reservist[10] for 6 years and an oil trader with British Petroleum for 16 years. He is married and has 2 children.


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