One of the last big items in Destiny 2s Season of the Hunt is the Harbinger mission, which gives players a chance to earn new versions of the Exotic hand cannon Hawkmoon with different perks and stats from the original. In addition to a cool gun, the mission also packs a quest named Bird of Prey, which requires you to find and earn paracausal feathers to complete it. Get 100 feathers and you unlock an Exotic ship Radiant Accipiter.

Harbinger shifts slightly each week, rotating between different versions of the mission and featuring a different boss and shifting the locations of some enemies and the paracausal feathers. Weve run down where to find all five feathers for the Week 3 rotation of Harbinger below.

Paracausal Feather 1: Crows Nest Near Taken Captain Emissary

After fighting the Taken Captain Emissary, look for a door leading out of his room on the second level.

The early portion of Harbinger sends you into a large, long turbine room, where youll find the three Emissary enemies. After you damage them some, theyll disappear, fleeing deeper into the dam. Youll find the first feather through one of the doors on the upper level of the turbine room, which is blocked by a Taken Blight and which you can access using a metal catwalk. Follow the hallway to get to a room where youll fight the Taken Captain Emissary, and where the floors above are destroyed and populated by snipers.

Clear the room and climb to the top. Youll find a door on the upper level that will let you leave the room and leads to the Crows room. Look for the paracausal feather on his bed.

Paracausal Feather 2: Hallway Near Taken Wizard Emissary

The hallway leading away from the Taken Wizard Emissary hides the second feather.

Find the Taken Wizard Emissary by leaving the turbine room through another door on one of the second-level metal catwalks. Youll find yourself in a narrow hallway as you move away from the turbine room, which will end in a T-junction. To the right is the Wizard; take the left path at the fork instead, going a bit uphill, to find the feather waiting at a dead end.

Paracausal Feather 3: Taken Centurion Emissarys Room

The rusted crate in the corner of the room where you fight the Taken Centurion Emissary has the third feather.

Your final emissary is found through the last door blocked by a Taken Blight, which is down on the main floor of the turbine room. The path from here will actually take you back to where you first entered the dam. Go past the hole in the floor you first climbed out of to find a room with some crates and a fence acting as a barrier. Kill the Taken Centurion Emissary inside and look for the feather, located on a rusty metal box in the corner of the room.

Paracausal Feather 4: Cross The Rusted Pipes

Follow the path of pipes to the end of rusted one, near some snipers. The feather is up above the pipe on a ledge.

After clearing the Emissaries, return to the turbine room and follow the golden hawk to reach a big fight where youll fight and survive waves of enemies. Once youre through that, exit the room to enter the platforming section of the mission, Hallowed Rift. Continue until you hit the first platforming room, which is marked by thin ledges on either side and a bottomless pit in the center. Jump across the room and follow the thin ledge to the left, toward a big rocky outcropping. Take the tunnel past the rock and continue following the path to the right in the next room, then keep climbing as it curves back to the left. You should pass a tree to enter a room with a big rusty pipe running vertically down the far wall. Jump across to the ledge ahead of you, then spin around to find higher ledges behind you that can take you higher.

When you get enough height, leap across to the gray pipe running horizontally along the wall toward the rusted pipe you saw when you first entered. Follow the tunnel and youll enter a room where a sniper waits below, standing in the mouth of a larger rusty pipe. Kill him and jump down, go through the pipe, and use the dangling plumbing ahead to climb around the room and reach another rusty pipe, where a sniper waits. Follow that pipe to its end and youll see a ledge up and to your left where the feather waits.

Paracausal Feather 5: Near The Train Tracks

Near the fourth feather, find a hole in a nearby wall that lets you leap a chasm toward some rusted doors. Through one, youll find a tunnel that sports train tracks, with the feather at the end.

The path to the last feather is right next to the fourth one. Spin around from where you found the fourth feather and look for a hole in the wall just above the rusted pipe you crossed to get here; youll find an Acolyte standing on the ledge there. Kill him and go through the opening to find a room with smooth concrete walls with doors set into them. You can jump across to the upper door, which is pushed in and gives you a little space to land on. From there, jump ahead and to the left to reach an open door.

Through the door, youll fight a couple of Taken Acolytes in a tunnel marked by train tracks on the floor. Follow the tracks to their end and turn right to find the feather sitting on the ledge next to a chasm.

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