If you are looking for answers for best shares to buy in 2021 in India or which are the best stocks to buy in India 2021, then you have come to right place. We are going to show you best stocks to buy in India for long term investment with highest upside growth potential based on high EPS ratio and low PE ratio. This list will assist you in picking best long term stocks 2021 India and analyzing best performing stocks 2021 India. I can surely tell you, you will give much knowledge after reading this article.

People are only concern about high returns but they really don’t want to invest time on research and analyses. Here we are focusing on list of best Indian stocks for long term investment 2021, this will really narrow down your research. Now from the list given below you have to analyze best sector to invest in Indian stock market 2021 as well as best stock to buy for next 10 years.

Even you can perform research and analyze by your style. Also here we will guide you some of the important things to be considered while researching for best shares to buy for beginners based on high EPS low PE Indian stocks 2021 and more. In this chapter we are going to present you the “Best Stocks to Buy in India 2021”.

Your additional knowledge on stock market skills will itself play a key role of analyzing best stocks to buy now for long term investments. You can also try to grab some of the share market talents with respect to:

When you are into finance or investing mindset, you would tend to like the CEO and Founder of Berkshire Hathaway. We always keep reminding the Warren Buffet quotes to our investors. Four simple rules which Warren Buffet has taught us that:

  • Rule No. 1: Never Lose Money.
  • Rule No. 2: Always keep in mind Rule No. 1.
  • Rule No. 3: Risk comes from not recognizing what you’re doing.
  • Rule No. 4: Buy a stock the way you would buy your house. Understand and like it with the end goal that you’d be content to possess it without any market.

Here are going to present you the “Top 10 – Best Stocks to Buy in India 2021”.The below list is based on High EPS and Low PE Stocks in India.In this below table you can check stock price, Earnings Per Share Ratio (EPS Ratio), Price Earning Ratio (P/E Ratio), Price to Book Value (P/BV Ratio) of stocks which will help you to better analyse with 2021 data.

Read more about what is EPS ratio with examples and what is P/E ratio with examples. One should consider this data for their stock analysis for long term investment. You can also analyze the stocks past performance before investing.

Sr. No.Company NameMarket Cap Net Profit Net Sales Latest EPS Latest P/E Latest P/BV
1Abbott IndiaLarge Cap14.634,093.00310.0149.3114.36
2Bajaj FinservLarge Cap10.9354,833.00221.2940.894.27
3NestleLarge Cap15.9212,369.00214.9281.7159.08
4Ultratech CementLarge Cap13.5242,125.00207.4124.383.58
5P&G HygieneLarge Cap14.743,002.00169.4764.7525.64
6Tata ChemicalsMid Cap27.1510,357.00264.531.920.99
7VST IndustriesMid Cap21.931,239.00204.8618.737.47
8Just DialSmall Cap27.61953.0043.4514.533.35
9Godfrey PhillipsSmall Cap11.432,853.0058.6715.862.19
10NilkamalSmall Cap5.882,257.0055.3426.052.04

Note: Above stock rates, ratios and other data are purely based on January 2021 data. This list will assist you in your research and analysis for evaluating stocks with high EPS ratio, best performing stocks 2021 India, best long term stocks 2021 India, stocks with low P/E ratio, stocks with high EPS and low PE ratio in 2021.

Top 100 – Best Indian Stocks for Long Term Investment 2021

When you are in the mindset of to pick best stocks to buy today for long term investment in India, You should consider this as stock recommendations for long term keeping in mind the Warren Buffet quotes:

Investing isn’t unpredictable, however that is a long way from saying that it is simple. What an investor needs is the capacity to accurately assess the selected companies or businesses. Note that word ‘selected’: You don’t need to be a specialist on each and every company. You just need the capacity to assess or evaluate the businesses effectively.

In the long term, the news flashes in stock market will be good. In the twentieth century, the United States undergo with 2 world wars, a very expensive military clashes, depression, dozens of financial panics and recessions, oil shocks and other horrible troubles. However the Dow still rises from 66 to 12,000.

We are presenting here the list of companies belonging from large cap stocks, mid cap stocks as well as small cap stocks which will assist you in your search towards best stocks to buy and hold.

Sr. No.Company NameMarket Cap Net Profit Net Sales Latest EPS Latest P/E Latest P/BV
1MRFLarge Cap7.7415,991.003,126.9425.432.73
2Oracle Finl. ServiceLarge Cap30.174,861.00185.7916.414.42
3Bajaj AutoLarge Cap16.2229,919.00147.4222.524.05
4Alkem LaboratoriesLarge Cap18.726,677.00128.9022.674.88
5Hero MotoCorpLarge Cap9.9828,836.00125.9425.204.33
6Bajaj Hold & InvestLarge Cap84.432,164.00112.4527.662.87
7HDFCLarge Cap30.2558,739.0091.8425.084.14
8BASF IndiaMid Cap1.007,551.0090.0618.164.04
9Navin Fluorine IntlMid Cap39.381,022.0087.4629.498.55
10Linde IndiaMid Cap7.951,762.0085.3310.633.47
11Muthoot FinanceLarge Cap34.638,715.0083.6014.073.57
12Shriram Trans. FinLarge Cap15.1116,562.0083.5712.721.32
13Ipca LaboratoriesLarge Cap15.104,338.0083.0726.696.33
14Garware Tech. FibresSmall Cap17.49945.0075.7028.615.67
15WockhardtSmall Cap-1.753,325.0074.175.961.42
16Hindustan AeronLarge Cap13.5121,438.0073.2911.822.07
17Galaxy SurfactantsMid Cap8.862,596.0070.2427.185.67
18eClerx ServicesSmall Cap13.411,438.0068.2311.552.08
19CEATSmall Cap4.436,581.0067.6016.941.60
20Birla CorporationMid Cap6.996,916.0066.0511.701.42
21ACCLarge Cap8.5115,658.0065.5525.322.55
22MphasisLarge Cap12.538,844.0065.4120.214.24
23Ratnamani MetalsMid Cap11.142,583.0058.7928.714.35
24Vardhman TextilesMid Cap8.426,325.0054.4317.780.98
25Alembic PharmaLarge Cap17.874,606.0054.1619.024.42
26HDFC BankLarge Cap22.341,22,189.0053.7025.553.94
27MindtreeLarge Cap8.197,764.0052.8127.336.44
28Grasim IndustriesLarge Cap7.6977,847.0050.8618.471.03
29KPR MillMid Cap11.083,353.0050.6016.622.85
30Persistent SystemsMid Cap8.283,566.0047.5925.623.63
31Coromandel Interntl.Large Cap8.7813,137.0045.6417.234.77
32Aurobindo PharmaLarge Cap12.8913,266.0045.4020.063.69
33HCL Tech.Large Cap15.5570,676.0044.9219.044.10
34InfosysLarge Cap17.9390,791.0041.9227.296.86
35Tata MetaliksSmall Cap9.751,301.0041.4314.55
36Tech MahindraLarge Cap9.7436,868.0041.2222.923.85
37HPCLLarge Cap1.582,69,092.0041.125.270.94
38Dhanuka AgritechSmall Cap12.361,120.0039.6319.064.34
39JB Chem & PharmaMid Cap15.171,641.0039.5925.364.75
40Tata SteelLarge Cap11.6360,436.0039.5715.530.93
41Indusind BankLarge Cap15.3528,783.0035.8026.141.84
42Cochin ShipyardSmall Cap18.573,422.0034.6610.671.31
43Kalpataru PowerTransMid Cap5.487,904.0031.7011.041.41
44GNFCSmall Cap9.455,162.0031.587.640.70
45Can Fin HomesMid Cap18.522,030.0031.4715.602.77
46RECLarge Cap16.4029,791.0030.924.220.64
47UPLLarge Cap6.5335,756.0030.5215.591.91
48Deepak NitriteMid Cap24.492,230.0030.3428.037.05
49GHCLSmall Cap11.963,305.0029.386.880.85
50NESCOSmall Cap54.16432.0029.2119.342.77
51CyientMid Cap6.854,427.0028.9916.531.92
52Caplin Point LabSmall Cap22.70863.0028.9417.743.68
53KSBSmall Cap6.591,294.0028.0720.572.38
54CiplaLarge Cap16.9912,659.0027.8127.783.31
55Shilpa MedicareSmall Cap15.79908.0027.1516.852.55
56Care RatingsSmall Cap30.93219.0026.5920.422.79
57KEI IndustriesSmall Cap5.404,888.0026.5816.132.37
58Power Finance CorpLarge Cap16.6034,062.0026.134.520.63
59Finolex IndsMid Cap11.202,986.0026.1025.363.60
60Avanti FeedsMid Cap8.844,115.0025.7121.114.57
61KRBLMid Cap12.304,499.0024.8711.091.91
62KNR ConstructionSmall Cap10.172,452.0024.3112.982.51
63Guj. Alkalies & ChemSmall Cap12.362,725.0023.1614.940.52
64Granules IndiaMid Cap13.962,310.0023.0017.085.14
65Ujjivan FinancialSmall Cap10.442,860.0022.6912.491.15
66Coal IndiaLarge Cap17.3296,474.0022.056.202.27
67KEC InternationalMid Cap4.4010,471.0021.6916.913.02
68Sonata SoftwareSmall Cap21.31877.0020.3317.107.59
69GE Power IndiaSmall Cap3.152,446.0020.1614.212.08
70SBILarge Cap5.632,57,324.0020.0913.431.08
71Finolex CablesMid Cap13.042,877.0019.7418.031.98
72BPCLLarge Cap1.632,84,383.0019.4720.282.26
73RitesMid Cap24.312,474.0019.2613.942.48
74Adani Ports &SpecialLarge Cap43.5111,439.0018.8625.003.45
75FDCMid Cap17.881,331.0018.3419.873.61
76TV Today NetworkSmall Cap16.52856.0018.03212.251.47
77ICICI BankLarge Cap10.6074,798.0017.7128.842.62
78Power Grid Corpn.Large Cap26.9536,186.0017.6410.971.95
79WiproLarge Cap15.3961,138.0016.8621.263.37
80Cadila HealthcareLarge Cap9.9814,253.0016.5428.554.11
81Petronet LNGLarge Cap8.1835,452.0016.5416.133.53
82Security And IntMid Cap2.408,485.0016.3128.154.23
83SobhaSmall Cap7.663,756.0016.1620.061.37
84Chola Invest & Fin.Large Cap12.168,653.0015.7923.093.33
85Radico KhaitanMid Cap9.972,427.0015.7729.843.91
86Sudarshan ChemicalsSmall Cap7.791,709.0015.0434.275.51
87Karnataka BankSmall Cap6.676,475.0015.003.450.27
88Hindustan ZincLarge Cap33.5518,561.0014.8116.192.77
89Gujarat GasLarge Cap11.6010,300.0014.1824.276.34
90Carborundum Univer.Mid Cap9.282,599.0013.7927.393.65
91VA Tech WabagSmall Cap2.312,557.0013.3515.250.96
92GAIL IndiaLarge Cap8.6671,871.0012.789.581.22
93PNC InfratechSmall Cap9.725,603.0012.7714.421.73
94CCL Products (India)Small Cap28.50823.0012.7120.944.26
95Bajaj CorpSmall Cap22.48844.0012.6116.003.93
96Advanced EnzymeSmall Cap29.84444.0012.2128.624.35
97Mah & Mah Finl. ServLarge Cap8.7511,883.0012.0614.641.38
98PTC IndiaSmall Cap1.9516,443.0012.045.110.51
99Laurus LabsMid Cap9.062,832.0011.1529.748.12
100Jindal HisarSmall Cap3.859,379.0011.0011.811.30

From the list of best companies shortlisted bystocks with high EPS and low PE 2021, you can choose which is best suitable for your portfolio. This below list does not include the “Best Stocks to Buy in India” mentioned in the above list.

Note: This would be really informational data for research and analysis purpose. Stock Price, Financial Ratios and related datas are based on data collected in January 2021.

If you are more interested in best sector to invest in Indian stock market for 2021 along with list of companies based on their size then you should also consider reading best large stocks to buy for safety long term investment, best mid stocks to buy for maximizing your returns and best small stocks to buy in India for high returns by considering high risk as well. You can even gain knowledge on best mutual funds to invest in for long term in-case you don’t want to directly play in stock market.


Take a look at it, I am confident that you will figure out your best decision when picking best stocks to buy and hold in India from the article. If you liked our article on best shares to buy in India, then do share with your friends or your clients.

Here we have seen top 10 best stocks to buy for long term investment in India 2021-2022. Here our objective is to provide you the list of best Indian stocks for long term investment 2021 and best stocks to buy now in India 2021 and to watch upon. This should always consider this to be an informational guide for beginners or experts.

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