Diversify your wealth with our globally integrated advice and international investment opportunities.

Diversify your wealth with expert advice on international opportunities

Why invest internationally?  

Many investors tend to have a home bias – most of their wealth and investments are exposed to the country where they work and live. The reality is that you should always take a global view in determining how to allocate your capital. A portfolio that combines domestic and international assets offers better risk-return characteristics over time than a domestic-only portfolio. By investing globally, you hedge against currency, market concentration and country risks and get access to different investment products, markets, securities and currencies.

The importance of advice

The international investment universe is immense, requiring complex decision-making around how much to invest, where to locate your assets, in which structure to hold your investments, what strategy to follow, and in which currencies and products to invest. Navigating your way through this requires having an advisor with the necessary expertise to guide, facilitate and manage wealth internationally, while still being accessible to you.

How you benefit from choosing us as your international partner

  • Enjoy the support of and advice from an experienced, specialist team who can help you devise and implement the right solution based on your specific wealth needs and goals
  • Structure your wealth optimally including access to trusts, companies and tax-efficient wrappers
  • Access a wide range of international investment opportunities including equities, fixed interest, property, cash, and alternate investments
  • Construct an international investment portfolio tailored to your objectives, risk appetite and time horizon
  • Choose exactly the kind of international investment that is right for you:
    • A managed portfolio, where our expert team takes responsibility for managing your wealth
    • Execution-only investment trading services, where you make your own investment decisions

What we consider when investing your money internationally

  • Your objectives and portfolio requirements – time horizon, income requirements, and capacity and tolerance for risk
  • Implementing and ongoing management and review of the agreed strategy
  • Liability matching - ensuring that your debts are covered by assets of the same value and denominated in the same currency as the debt
  • The investment case for international assets – the risks to your wealth, how much to allocate to which asset classes and where


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