Turn-key access to Peter Schiffs investment philosophy.

U.S. Investor Wealth Management Program

Our Wealth Management Program provides turn-key access to Peter Schiff’s investment philosophy and is offered exclusively to Euro Pacific Capital clients. Each of the many wealth management strategies that are offered in the program are designed to help our clients diversify their portfolio away from the U.S. Dollar through targeted equity, fixed income and natural resource investments in overseas and domestic markets.

Wealth management accounts differ significantly from traditional brokerage accounts. In a brokerage structure clients direct trades and usually pay a commission for each transaction. Within managed accounts, trades are directed and placed by the portfolio manager, and instead of commissions, clients pay an annual management fee.

Wrap Account ($50,000+)

Wrap Accounts seek to match individual investment objectives and risk tolerance with five managed investment styles that involve varying weightings of Euro Pacific Asset Management’s five mutual funds. The portfolios are dynamically and tactically managed by the Euro Pacific Asset Management Investment Team and led by Peter Schiff and Jim Nelson.

Key Benefits:

  • Tactically managed by Peter Schiff’s investment strategies and diversified across asset class and geography
  • Overseen by a portfolio manager who provides disciplined management and quarterly rebalancing
  • Offers waived mutual fund loads and 2% annual advisory fee
  • Includes six strategies that match various client investment objectives

Separately Managed Account ($250,000+)

Like the Wrap Accounts, Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) provide turn-key access to the investment philosophy of Peter Schiff. Through two different account styles (International Value and Dividend Payers) the program utilizes Euro Pacific’s research to seek long term income and capital appreciation through targeted investments in foreign and domestic equities with minimal exposure to the US Dollar and the US economy. In addition to equities these accounts may include Euro Pacific mutual funds.

Account Types:

Portfolio Models:

Key Benefits:

  • Turn-key access to Peter Schiff’s international equity investment strategy
  • Oversight from Peter Schiff as Chair of the Investment Committee
  • Complete transparency of portfolio holdings
  • Dedicated portfolio manager provides disciplined management and quarterly rebalancing


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