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I don’t think the Murdaugh family has anything to do with this. It looks as bogus as all get out. Some scammer set up a very similar GFM a few years ago. But I cannot remember who it was for! It had the same we will provide you with continuous email updates BS. The person who set it up had zero relation to the family and the family had no idea it was even out there. Also, comments can only be made if you make a donation so there is no way to ask A Concerned Citizen who they are.

“The purpose of this gofundme is to seek out what really happened to Paul and his mother Maggie as well as Mallory Beach and Stephen Smith. I plan on doing this by raising the money and hiring a hand selected group of private investigators from out of state, and operating them independently of each other to obtain specific reports, details and inside information regarding various aspects of this case. In turn, each donor will be added to an email list and would receive constant updates that would contain the reports and findings of these private investigators. This would include typed reports detailing their findings as well as audio recordings, any security footage, records of any sort, etc. that the investigators obtain. We would also be setting up a tip line dedicated to any information regarding this case which would be monitored 24/7 and all tips received would in turn be shared with law enforcement, our donors via email updates as well as our group of investigators. There have certainly been rumors and even slivers of proof that shine a light on the shady dealings regarding these cases by law enforcement as well as other government officials go so this gofundme would provide the ability to fund and obtain a completely private investigation into this matter as a whole. Every one of these cases are intertwined and none of the victims have had true justice up to this point. Our hope is to be able to have a true investigation free from the potential bias and possible corruption of local and state law enforcement. Another one of our goals is to provide a safe space where people who may know something and are scared to divulge it directly to law enforcement will have the opportunity to be heard without fear of possible retribution of any sort and they will be able to be confident in the fact that their tips will be independently investigated privately, thoroughly and outside the confines of any potential bias.

Someone somewhere knows something and we would encourage all tips big or small to be submitted towards our investigation at our tipline that we will be setting up as the investigation begins. Even if you cant donate in a monetary way any information regarding this case would help tremendously and be appreciated. Knowledge is power and thats what its going to take to solve these cases and bring about true justice and peace for the victims as well as everyone that has been negatively affected by these heinous crimes.

If you can afford to donate monetarily, all donations would be highly appreciated and very valuable in our effort no matter how big or small. The reason that this funding goal has been set so high is because I personally, as do all our donors, want a full-scale, thorough, in-depth investigation completed. I have put a lot of thought into how we could possibly solve these mysteries and i think running a group of private investigators ( maybe 4-6 ) independently of each other ( meaning they would be assigned different tasks and be reporting back regarding different elements of the matter in general ) who were brought in from out of state ( reduces or eliminates the potential for any corruption in seeking and reporting their findings ) would be the best approach.

Each donor would ,as stated above, be added to a mailing list where they would receive continuous updates as they were made available regarding this case. This information would be, but not limited to : full transparency as far as expenditures to facilitate the investigation, full unredacted reports detailing the findings of our investigators, any tips that were submitted to our dedicated tip line, any security footage, documentation or records of any sort obtained by the investigators such as freedom of information act reports etc., links to public updates as well as other information that directly affects or pertains to this situation. Donors would also be able to submit requests for specific information that if approved and deemed relevant or pertinent to the investigation would be given to our investigators and a full report regarding their request would be produced and emailed to the group as soon as it was made available.

There truly is power in numbers. One of us may not be able to make an impact but if we organize, strategize and come together we may be able to not only shed a light on the truth of what happened but ultimately obtain true justice for each of the victims. I would venture to say that time is of the essence in dealing with this in at least the fact that we get the private investigation underway as soon as possible so if you can donate and/ or know others who may be interested in making a donation, help us to get the word out as much as possible and lets get a true search for justice underway immediately.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with so many of you.

As soon as we reach our funding goal, within 72 hours, the investigation will be underway. This includes boots-on-the ground with investigatory powers who report directly to our group, as well as the tip line set up to receive and process information regarding this case from the general public. Immediately, the emails will begin to be sent out with updates to each donor.

When you make your donation you can choose to remain anonymous and just include your email in the comments section when you submit your donation to be added to the mailing list. ( your email will remain private and only the group organizer can see it)


(EDIT) : I spoke to a private investigator that is well known nationally and I lowered the funding goal by a substantial amount to reflect what he said would be approximate cost to bring in five investigators full time for AT LEAST five months. “

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