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Ive worked with PAH for about four years, and it has been great; I love my store and most of the people who work there. But it isnt Pets before profit, and they couldnt really care less as a company about it. However, the staff always go above and beyond with them and care so much! If you get some good people, it can be amazing!Theres a good range of career advancements, but Ive been trying to upgrade for three years. The discount for colleagues should be higher personally. And the appreciation could be way better!


long hours sometimes, low discount, as a company not great

Official response from Pets at Home

7 June 2021

Thank you for your feedback I am really glad to hear that you love your store and the Team. I am concerned about your comments on Pet Welfare and also that you have not been able to develop as you would like. Please could you email me via so that I can understand your concerns in more detail and how we can resolve them. - Hannah, People Business Partner

best job ever

Sadly my time was cut short but the best lot of people ever o work with good balance on everything nice management. if you love animals and only want the best for them this is the place.


long lunch, discount, good for mental helth


can get bit hard trying to talk to higher up when trying to improve the place

Kpi driven

Always told failings but never given support or praise. Make kpis unattainable and then conference calls to demean you. Found that area managers are biased and protect other misogynistic males. Very unhealthy working environment.

Boring workplace

Long, unsociable hours, expected to know everything straight away, very boring and 80% of the time horrible nasty customers. Unfair treatment of staff - new starters expected to work every single weekend shift, despite it being busy and not knowing anything


pay had risen to £9.06 but not enough to stay


long hours, unpaid lunch, boring, unfair treatment

I enjoyed my time there, mostly.

I worked there for 5 years. Started on a 16 hour contract and quickly made my way up to 32. I loved my team. My Manager looked out for everyone and everyone mostly got along.I was always given oportunities to go towards Vets4Pets and the Groom Room, and eventually management.The company care far too much about swipe rate though. All about pushing the VIP app, when there are no benefits to owning the app. Yes its on your phone, but the loading time is terrible, as well as the online vouchers that have no relation to the pets you own.


Always more hours available if needed, room for growth.


If youre 18 - 25, youll more than likely be working every weekend.

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Fun place to work with customers and colleague’s

I worked at the Riverside Retail Park, Warrington branch for just seven months Aug 2020 to March 2021, and I have to say, it was one of the best places to work with management and colleagues always having your back. So different to the other jobs that I have done. The whole team are very professional and I made a few of great friends there, (they know who they are).I loved the whole environment and was really sad to leave but the draw of a much greater salary took me away. Whatever I requested from the managers, I got and they helped me no end as it was my first experience in retail. I would always consider going back if there were more hours available and more responsibilities.


Great colleagues, great managers. Every day was different and fun.


Covid but I will not elaborate on that, 16hrs per week

Good place to work if they want you there

Pets at home is great for the wage and advancement in your career however its got a very cliqy environment and is rife for bullying and backstabbing!!

Official response from Pets at Home

22 February 2021

We appreciate you taking the time to leave us some feedback.It’s great to hear that you found our career progression good. We pride ourselves on having inclusive teams and open door polices and it is disappointing to hear that you have not had this experience. Our People Services team and Regional People Business Partners are readily available to offer support and guidance and to talk through your concerns around bullying and backstabbing. We also have a whistleblowing line as a way of raising concerns, details of which are in every colleague room or available on the Kennel.The contact number for our People Services Team is available on the Kennel. You can also call the main switchboard number for any of these contact details if you currently do not have access to the Kennel. John Turley, People Business Partner.

Good first job

Working at Pets at Home is a good first job for anyone fresh out of education or who is attending university. You must have a passion for animal welfare and customer service.After working with the company for almost 4 years since I left education I can honestly say I enjoyed some parts and hated others. I met some life-long friends there and its also how I met my partner. On the whole the colleagues are lovely people who have a passion for animals however some people always let the side down through attitude or effort levels.The benefits and bonuses on top of the salary are solely based on targets such as loyalty card swipe rate and new sign-ups so you heavily require a team effort to get any bonus. In my opinion this is unfair as it is the type of job where not many people other than managers will devote their life to the job.I would recommend this job to anyone looking for work but with a warning of dont have it as an end goal unless you want to be working in retail your whole life.


Animal Welfare law enforcements when selling animals


Days drag, mediocre pay, poor bonuses

Great place to work

Lots to learn and you can progress into management if you like. Very much a team environment. Hours from 6am-10pm depending on store. You can work delivers in the evening or morning


No extra pay for working weekends

Hard work!

I did love my job as I loved the people I worked with, however it is hard work, you definitely get underpaid, overtime was rarely paid out I didn’t have much of a life when I worked there as I was there 6 days plus a week! Oh and it’s definitely not all about the animals at all! It’s very customer centric and all the managers are always to make sure a loyalty card is swiped every time because it looks good on them not you! It’s a fun job but it’s extremely hard and you don’t get many benefits!


People I worked with, talking about animals and seeing the animals that came into the store


No work life balance, underpaid, rarely aloud holidays, stressful, some managers aren’t very fair!

Depends on your store!

I’ve worked for the business for nearly 7 years now and in that time I’ve worked in 3 different stores. I can say 100% that the company will so anything to ensure animals are safe and healthy. In some stores you might just find the management don’t care about the animals as much as they should. Biggest downfall for me was that I was lied to about my salary - and it really screwed me over financially. I stepped down from management because of it.


Friendly atmosphere, amazing training provided


Work/life balance, they offer a shocking salary for people promoted within the business

Competitive work environment

Excellent training given to ensure colleagues are trained to the highest standards lots of colleague benefits including holiday/sick pay / pension scheme

Fun and massive on teamwork

Loved every second here. You are given the opportunity to progress here, with a variety of paths you can take. Good staff benefits. Management are really welcoming and friendly.

Interactive and Enjoyable

Staff are good to work with and friendly, always there to help you when you need it. Store is easy to go around and finding what you need doesnt seem to be dificult.

unsupportive management

the company is very target driven and the management unsupportive if you are struggle to meet those targets, for the salary given, too much pressure is placed on sales targets, and Animas do not come first

Great team but stressful

I worked for pets at home for a number of years. The team I worked with were great and the managers at my store were fantastic but the managers higher up were the problem. Unrealistic targets, under staffed and over worked. All the ones higher up wanted was money. I enjoyed my job but at times it was very stressful, I don’t remember a single month I got paid my correct pay (this was always raised with my managers who then raised it further for me but I never did get what I was owed from over the years. Generally short staffed which meant a lot more work was put onto individuals which caused a lot of stress for everyone in the team..


Managers at the top don’t care, you are simply a number

Horrible company.

The worst company to work for. They make many promises they can’t keep. Expect you to pass grooming assessments in a certain amount of time whilst not being given the training your supposed to, then blame you for it. Management are nothing but bullies and will always knock you down for anything but never praise you. Expected to hit x amount of dogs a week, whilst also hitting spa sales. Unrealistic targets and your constantly shouted at if you don’t hit the targets. The will drop you in the dirt without a second thought for you or your well-being. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Cruel, nasty company.

All their animals are overbred/ inbred. Deformed guinea pigs with weird growths on their stomachs. Most of the pets are sick, snuffles, infections etc. Colleagues try to do their best which is ignored. Only praise you get is by vip card sign ups. If u dont get them prepare to be scolded. Say you dont want to sell a rabbit because you dont think their living conditions are wrong. Management will proceed with the sell anyway for the cash.

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