Phew! What.A.Game. Its been that kind of a tournament for KXIP, again! After that short-run chaos in the first game, they just lost the plot and have been stumbling very badly. They need something really magical if they are to finish in the top four. KKR, on the other hand, are going from strength to strength by scraping these come-from-behind victories. They have done it two in a row now. Thats that folks. We dont want to hold you any further as game between CSK v RCB is underway in Dubai. It is going to be an absolute cracker I promise. Switch tabs and catch all the action from that game. Until next time, its goodbye and good night from Raju Peethala on behalf of Rishi Roy, Nikhil Jadhav, Pradeep Krishnamurthy, Kumar Abhisekh Das and Siva. Cheers!!

Fewest winning margin for KKR (by runs)
2 runs vs KXIP Abu Dhabi 2020 *
2 runs vs RCB Sharjah 2014
5 runs vs RCB Kolkata 2008

Sunit: KL Rahul should be subject to an outright criticism for his statement that the strike rate is an overrated thing for him. It was one of the most selfish statements one can ever make. Lots of posts criticizing KLs captaincy - but youd have to understand its just his first season as captain of a franchise

Sunil Narine - I wanted to bowl wide or go as close to it as possible, for a moment I thought it was a six (explaining his last ball). Its not ideal, but its a job someone has to do (bowling in the death). Ill do as  best as I can, its something Im still looking at, if it comes off, its good for the team and hopefully - we will get many more wins. The pitch was a touch slower than before, the grass was a bit greener as well. The pulse is racing inside, but I think its just how Im, so it doesnt look like Im under any pressure. Its tough (bowling in the death overs), but its something anyone has to do. Today it was me, tomorrow it might be someone else.

Dinesh Karthik | KKR (winning) captain | Man of the Match: McCullum is encouraging me to bat higher, though I always feel I bat better somewhere in the middle. We have had these conversations, but at the end I give him the credit for keeping me in a place where I can contribute to the teams success. Whenever Russell gets injured, my heart is always in my mouth because he is a very key player for us. We need to look up at him and make sure hes okay. Krishna is special, and is close to a spot for the India white-ball team. He has to make some adjustments but the way he bowled in the second spell shows why he is one of the better bowlers in India. I think Narine stands up for us all the time, hes always looking out for the team. A lot of credit goes to Morgan for having the worlds best captain around. He keeps things very positive. As for the Maxwell shot, I was hoping it would land just short, and thats exactly what ended up happening. Not easy to hit a shot over cover under pressure. But credit to the bowlers for finishing it really well with the ball.

KL Rahul | KXIP (losing) captain: We started well, we got close, but honestly I have no answers. Just have to keep coming hard in the next seven and win a few. We bowled well, its the first game on this new strip, but the bowlers adapted well by swinging the ball early and getting wickets in the powerplay, which is the only way to keep them below 180. Even in the death they did well to mix it up, trying to bowl bouncers and bluff the batsmen with wide yorkers. Thats what we asked of them and they executed well. We werent satisfied at any stage during the run-chase, youre only satisfied when you win. Me and Mayank started off well, but if you lose wickets in clusters at the end, its hard to get over the line.

Mahesh A: Kings XI deserved to lose this match. Sending Simran Singh above Maxwell was such a bad move.

17:56 local: Just after the conclusion of the last game, KL Rahul - during the press conference - mentioned that strike rate is over-rated in T20s and went onto add that its only about how I can win games for my team. The other day when Narine was sent ahead of Morgan and DK, there was a lot of criticism regarding KKRs so-called baffling tactics, but eventually they manged to get the result in their favour. And today, when KXIP needed 21 off 16 deliveries they have sent a young and inexperienced Simran Singh who consumed three successive dots and whats even more puzzling is: He took a single off the last ball (off the 18th over) and KL Rahul seemed to be absolutely okay with that. With 20 needed off the final 2, Prasidh Krishna displayed his death bowling skills and bowled a masterful penultimate over which yielded 6 runs and plucked out both the aforementioned batters. KKR had just one option for their final over and as DK said in their previous game, the least that the team can do to a T20 legend like Narine is back him and backed him they did. Narine was hit for a four off the third ball, but he quickly went onto prove why hes rated so highly in this format by unleashing his variations coupled with lack of pace. This is the kind of game that can knock the life out of a team and KXIP, Im afraid, will find it really tough to recover from this loss.

Narine to Maxwell, FOUR, what just happened there? The players are shaking hands as umpire Chris Gaffaney signals four. The ball seem to have landed just inside the boundary hoardings and yes, I can confirm that its a boundary. KKR win by 2 runs. Ah, what a game we have had. Narine fired it wide, aiming for the tramline, but the Big Show reached out and slapped it high - and its landed just inside the rope. Millimeters in and bouncing on the half-volley, into the rope. Maxwell and Narine shake hands after what has been a breathtaking game of cricket. Hard to fathom that KXIP have managed to land on the wrong side of another humdinger - just what KL mentioned at the toss...

Chris Jordan, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Its boom or bust now. A six will take KXIP to a superover and anything beyond that, well I dont have any words left to describe....

Narine to Mandeep, out Caught by (sub)Chris Green!! Mandeep looks to take on the bigger side as he goes for the slogsweep off a floaty delivery. Always a risk against Narine taking on the bigger side of the dimensions. Mandeep miscues it and the top-edge has been gobbled up by the lurking deep square fielder. Anil Kumble is shell-shocked. Mandeep c (sub)Chris Green b Narine 0(1)

Narine to Mandeep, THATS OUT!! Caught!!

Narine to Maxwell, leg byes, 1 run, KKR review as Maxwell missed the swipe. More of a desperate review this. Looks to be sliding down leg. Fair delivery and no bat involved. Impact - umpires call and wickets missing. Not out is the final verdict. Narine loops it up and gets it to drift into the batsman, Maxi rushed to slog on the leg-side and missed it completely, hit him around the thigh in front of leg-stump. Spinning down...

Narine to Maxwell, FOUR, its redemption time for Glenn Maxwell! Switches his stance, turns into a left-hander and smokes it flat over mid-wicket. One bounce and over the ropes

Narine to Maxwell, no run, slower and spinning into the batsman, Maxwell was early into his slog and fails to put bat to ball, thuds him around the thigh pad as he grimaces in pain

Its 12 from 5 balls now

Narine to Maxwell, 2 runs, quicker and straighter, Maxwell makes room and smashes it flat straight down the ground

Mandeep Singh, right handed bat, comes to the crease

Prasidh to Rahul, out Bowled!! Bring it on! Its Karnataka v Karnataka and Prasidh got both his state-mates out in this game. A full dipping delivery just outside off, Rahul shuffles a long way across and looks to hoick it big on the leg-side, the ball thuds the toe-end and crashes into the base of off-stump. Rahul b Prasidh 74(58) [4s-6]

Prasidh to Rahul, THATS OUT!! Bowled!!

Bharat: How many times we have seen KXIP losing match by close margin this year! Hope this wont be one of them!

Prasidh to Rahul, 2 runs, error in judgement from Nagarkoti and DK knew it. This was smashed straight to him at deep cover and the fielder took a little extra time in releasing the ball which led to the second run

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