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Everyone is asking us When is PS5 in stock next so frequently that we built a Twitter tracker to send alerts directly to you as soon as the new Sony console is in stock. Its been quiet for March 1, but we expect that to change at stores like Sony Direct, Best Buy, Walmart and Target in the coming weeks. Heres how to get PS5 alerts today.

Miss it? Follow our PS5 restock Twitter tracker to receive alerts. Its the fastest way to get real-time updates of console stock. Itll look something like this:

🚨 PS5 restock – theyre both live now!!!!! 🥳 ♻️ RT + follow @mattswider + @techradar (can I get to 70,000 followers this weekend?!) ❤️ All versions ($399+): https://t.co/B6Pgt2XRRr https://t.co/Wprfgyojjo pic.twitter.com/KlVlh3x1bsFebruary 26, 2021

Monday is almost over, but were staying alert for Sony Direct, which usually has a PS5 restock at the end of the day in the US. The time and date are never set in stone. However, US stores do gravitate toward launching new stock during the same time window, though, according to our PS5 restock Twitter tracker.

PS5 restock stores in the US

Weve been getting the Twitter restock alerts out there faster than PS5 restock apps, – and were doing this for free. Of course, youll still need to be fast to buy the Sony console. For example, the PS5 restock at Target sold out in less than 15 minutes. We saw something similar with the Xbox restock at the same time.

When is PS5 restock in the US?

No, we dont know the exact date and time of the next PS5 restock. But retailers do generally pick the same time for so-called PS5 drops. Target likes to surprise us all with 5am-9am restocks (last week was 8am), while Amazon does it at 3am EST (their midnight in PST). Sony Direct tends to pick anywhere from 5pm-7pm EST, although its been earlier in the past. Best Buy and Walmart have chosen midday before.

Its all quite random, which can be maddening as someone who wants to buy a PS5. Remember, 15 minutes to checkout sounds like a long time, but store websites often crash (Walmart, Costco and GameStop), or youre made to wait in a virtual queue (Sony Direct and Best Buy). Every store in the US has a different way of going about it. Oftentimes, your best opportunity is to scoop up a PS5 thats been canceled when someone elses credit cards is declined. It pops back into the inventory.

If you missed last weeks PS5 drop, then you can always turn your attention to our real-time updates of new PS5 stock on Twitter. Thats where youll find out about the date and time of the next Sony console drop if it gets announced ahead of time.

Happy ending to this PS5 story. Happy to play a part.❤️ https://t.co/WhtMOS2putFebruary 25, 2021

Through Twitter, were tracking the next PS5 stock from more than 12 sources, and weve seen a few PS5 consoles pop up over the last week and, even better news, high success rates for people who have been looking for restock for months. 

Even if you dont get to buy the console for Saturday, there may be a PS5 drop any one of the days in the upcoming week.

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