FTID V1: In this version, you don’t do any changes on the label, only box. This version is not very recommended, it’s better to use V2 or V3 because they have higher success rate for a lot of companies. Since seller can easily find out that you sent an empty package, I never used this one.

FTID V2: In this version, we’re removing personal infos and order related infos. For his version, I recommend to use prepaid label if you’re able to get one. Once you have label, remove all personal and order related infos from it. By doing this company you’re refunding / SE’ing will not be able to find your package.

FTID V3: In this version, we will change shipping address. On tracking it will say “Delivered”, but package will never be delivered, not even sent to the original destination. How to perform: If you got prepaid label, you don’t have to do anything. If you’re buying label alone, put the address of the company you’re refunding/SE’ing. Then, once you have the label, manually change the shipping address to a different address which is in the same city. You can put any address, best some another companies one. Make sure that they will accept your package.It is very important that you change the address near the original shipping address, because every label has a routing code which automatically ships the package to the near location. Once it arrives, the package will be shipped to the address which is noted on the label.

FTID v4: Here we will use single side print flyers with and advertisement on it and place the label (FTID3 one) on the other side (without AD) You would only use this for international orders, so it gets through customs quicker or if you needed faster shipping with say budget shipping labels.

FTID v5: There are a lot of FTID5 versions, but here is the barcode method: Go to internet and search for barcode generator, paste your tracking number to it and then replace on label. Now create a QR code holding a similar or unreadable tracking number. Completely unnecessary to use this unless you’re doing fake return which you can check down

FTID v5.1: Fake return is process in which you send item of a similar weight and you’re sending it to the actual company. Maybe you heard of dry ice method? That’s it.

FTID v6: In this version, UPS will throw the box away and it’s simple to do. First you have to get your label. Attach to parcel, beat the live fucking shit out of the parcel, send beaten up empty parcel and courier will notice there’s something wrong and throw the package away.

That’s it, now you are able to do FTID yourself! I wish you good luck in Refunding / SE’ing!

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