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PS5 stock UK - live: Latest Smyths, Scan and AO restock dates and console news

Follow live for the latest restock updates from Asda, Argos, Game and more

What PS5 drops will wee see this September?

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What PS5 drops will wee see this September?

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Update: The PS5 could drop at AmazonAO and Smyths Toys today. Read on for more information.

The PS5 launched in November 2020, but supply problems and a global shortage of semiconductors have slowed production of Sony’s next-generation console to a crawl. New stock is hard to find, and when it does appear the PS5 sells out fast.

August has been one of the best months ever for PS5 restocks, seeing multiple drops at VerySmyths ToysBT and EE, as well as restocks at ArgosAmazon and Game. There were around 35 drops in total. The question now is: will September be able to top that incredible figure?

If you’re still on the lookout for a PS5, you’ve come to the right place. Our liveblog is on hand to give you the latest insight on Playstation 5 restocks from all major UK retailers, both online and in-store, as well as providing details on rumoured releases, the latest PS5 games and accessories to snap up.

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Check stock from UK PS5 retailers below:


When will John Lewis PS5 stock drop next?

It appears that the predicted John Lewis & Partners PS5 restock may have been cancelled this week, and it might not even drop for the rest of the month either, according to Twitter stock tracker @PS5StockAlertUK.

The account says that the retailer expects to receive a shipment of consoles around 20 September and that the stock will go live either toward the end of the month, or at the start of October. Like Amazon and Game, John Lewis & Partners may have been impacted by the shipment delay in August. So far, September is looking pretty dire.

Alex Lee1 September 2021 12:31


These are the best PS5 accessories

Managed to secure a PS5 at one of the many drops last week? You’ll be needing some PS5 accessories to go along with it.

The PlayStation 5 dualsense controller (£56.99, is an essential addition for two-player play. Our reviewer said: “Besides looking and feeling good, it also has some useful features such as haptic feedback, which is a form of far superior vibration, and a set of trigger buttons that are much more responsive and tactile than previous PlayStation controllers.”

Or, maybe you’ll want a Sony PlayStation 5 media remote (£24, because “consoles aren’t solely for gaming any more – they’re also highly accomplished media streaming devices,” according to our reviewer.

Check out more of our favourite tried and tested accessories below:

Alex Lee1 September 2021 11:50


When is the PS5 VR headset coming?

Is there a PS VR 2 headset out right now? No. Is one coming? Absolutely! Last month, we reported that Sony had shown off the second-generation PS5 VR headset at a secret developer summit, taking us one step closer to single-corded virtual reality joy.

During the event, Sony revealed not only details about the hardware but also the way it would release games for the sequel to its PSVR headset. The details include the development of new controllers, able to tell where a user’s hands are, and how far away they are from the buttons.

You can read more about the PS5 VR headset in our article below:

Alex Lee1 September 2021 11:10


Is Amazon PS5 stock going to drop today?

We hate to say it, but it’s pretty unlikely that the PS5 is still going to drop at Amazon this morning. The latest it’s ever dropped stock is at around 10:30am. This is the second week that Amazon has missed its usual restock pattern, hinting that there may be some ongoing shipment delays in the system.

Amazon rarely (if ever) drops stock on a Thursday or a Friday, so we’re now looking ahead to next week for the next PS5 drop. We’ll let you know if we hear more.

Alex Lee1 September 2021 10:40


An update from JD Williams on the recent PS5 drop

Last week, on Thursday afternoon, JD Williams restocked the PS5 console, and lots of you managed to snap it up. But since then, we’ve had a few of you get in touch to tell us that your orders had been cancelled without any prior notice.

It appears that the PS5 was listed as being in stock, despite it being sold out. As we understand it, any money which is currently being held should be released by your bank in the timeframe of your bank’s policy, as JD Williams doesn’t take any funds until an item has been dispatched.

We’ve just received an official statement from JD Williams on what went wrong: 

“We are disappointed that we were unable to fulfil a number of customer’s orders [of a PS5] due to an issue with a third party affiliate incorrectly issuing a link to the sale of a limited amount of PS5 stock which we had available for customers to purchase,” a spokesperson says. “We informed customers who placed an order for a PS5 as soon as we were aware that we were unable to fulfil their order and these customers were not charged for the item.”

“We understand how disappointing this is for our customers and have implemented a number of processes internally to ensure that this does not happen again in future,” they add.

Alex Lee1 September 2021 10:13


Could Argos PS5 consoles drop this week?

Argos only had one drop last month, in the early half of August, but could it restock this week? It’s one that we’re keeping our eye on for sure.

Drops used to occur in the dead of the night between 1am and 5am, and go live region by region, but the retailer has since begun dropping consoles at 8am. You might see one city go live before yours and all you can do is refresh the page. Argos’s website isn’t the most reliable, with many gamers finding more success through the Android app.

If the console does drop this week, expect it to drop at around 8am.

Alex Lee1 September 2021 09:40


What is Amazon Smile?

If you’ve been following this live blog for a while now, you’ve probably seen us bang on and on and on about buying your console from Amazon Smile if you’re having issues with the main website. But what even is Amazon Smile?

It’s essentially the exact same thing as the main Amazon website, except the Amazon Foundation will donate 0.5 per cent of every purchase made through the site towards a charity of your choice. We recommend checking out via Amazon Smile if you’re having issues because it gets less traffic than the main Amazon website. A drop at Amazon could take place as late as 10am this morning.

Alex Lee1 September 2021 09:25


PS5 release date

The PS5 launched in the UK on 19 November. That’s a whole 286 days ago, or nine months and 13 days ago, or 6,864 hours ago. Let’s just say that it’s almost been a year since the PS5 first came out. But we’re all still here, struggling as we do to get ourselves Sony’s coveted console.

Things are looking up, however. Let’s hope the restock landscape will continue to improve as we move through September. Who knows... Maybe we’ll get a giant restock on the PS5’s release date. Wouldn’t that be a treat?

Alex Lee1 September 2021 09:08


Could Smyths Toys PS5 stock drop this morning?

Smyths Toys last had a restock on 17 August at 8:30am. The Twitter tipsters are predicting a restock to happen this week. It’s not the easiest retailer to secure consoles from, however. The PS5 is usually available only for pick-up. Its website doesn’t always show the PS5 as being in stock for everyone either, even if someone from the same city as you has managed to buy the console.

The retailer has also begun dropping stock in-store for people to walk in and buy. Last time, Smyths sent out a tweet letting people know that there was a new batch of consoles available at their local shop, so we’d recommend following the retailer on Twitter if you aren’t already doing so.

The tweet below is from 4 August:

Alex Lee1 September 2021 08:50


Amazon could drop in the next hour

Amazon is one of the retailers predicted to drop stock in the next hour. It usually drops sometime between 8:30am and 9:30am. We’d prepare your bodies and do some finger press-ups if we were you. To get ready for the drop, we’d recommend signing up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime if you aren’t already registered.

On 14 July, Amazon made the console exclusively available to Prime members for the first time. It has only ever been available to Prime customers ever since.

Alex Lee1 September 2021 08:31

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