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International Federation of International Movers

FIDI (Fédrération Internationale des Déménageurs Intenationaux) is the only organization that gathers a network of international professional movers and relocation agents across the globe. 

All FIDI members are FAIM accredited; this is a quality certification developed by FIDI to meet the high standards of professional skills. As a result of this, the same level of high quality is ensured worldwide.

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International moving

This makes up the core business of FIDI France members. This service is provided using a complex supply chain comprising packaging, multi-modal transportation and delivery of furniture and movables all over the world. Read more


Relocation comprises the full range of services aimed at assisting transferees in their move and helping them settling abroad. FIDI France members are able to manage every special aspect of their global mobility program through their relocation services. Read more


Storage services are closely related to international removal, enabling owners to securely store their goods in mainland France throughout their stay abroad. Read more

What we can do?

FAIM Quality Certification

A few years ago, FIDI decided to develop its own quality management program named FAIM and have its international movers get FIDI certified. This came as a result of ISO quality assurance getting systematic in the Anglo-Saxon countries and the NF Service certification developed by AFNOR in France --with a first application dedicated to private individual removals.

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