Due to my fathers (Mike Mitchell) mis-diagnosis of server spinal cord injury my father is now, after 2 surgeries, is on a ventilator and bed ridden.
Due to the loss of his job in July 2016, we could only afford State of Illinois Health Insurance for my Father.
Since the State of Illinois is not paying well on the insurance and medical bills, not many health care agencies accept Illinois Medicaid.

This all started on Janurary 2017, my father has been away from home for about 5 months and we do not know when he will come home. My father is now about 2 hours from my mother, I, friends, and family. That is the closest we could get him into a transitional care facility that will accept his insurance. He will have to be there until he is weaned off the vent and is able to breath normally on his own and also after getting much needed physical therapy. My Father is bed ridden and can not speak due to his treache that is connected to the vent.

My mother and I try our best to get up and see him. He does not get many visitors and when we see him it may only be 2 times a week after my mother and I both get off work at 3p.m. Money is very tight and we could use some help keeping gas and oil changes on our vehicle, so that we can be by his side more often. Also, help paying off some medical expensises would be amazing.

You do not need to give a lot or give at all, your paryers, love, and support is always highly needed too. Even a surprise visit to my father will give him stronger hope.

Please help and support Mike Mitchell, my father, with his medical expenses. God Bless.

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