DTN Closing Grain Comments

Corn, Soybeans, Bean Oil Tumble Tuesday; Recover Some Late

With expiring September futures first notice day past, grain and soy futures continued to plummet. Recent heavy rains in some key dry areas of the Corn Belt, along with the bearish impact of damaged Gulf export facilities from Hurricane Ida, combined to encourage funds to liquidate more longs. Corn and soy recovered late, but still finished down hard.

DTN Midday Livestock Comments

Losses Sweep Through Livestock Trade Tuesday

Pressure is evident in livestock futures as traders focus on follow-through weakness established Monday in live cattle and lean hog futures. The double-digit losses in corn futures for two consecutive days have not only changed trader interest but have created questions of further short-term support.

DTN Daily Feedstuffs Comments

Corn Starts the Week Lower; DDG Unchanged

December corn closed lower Monday as weekend rains and more expected, may be beneficial for some of the corn crop.

DTN Midday Dairy Comments

Milk Futures Post Gains

Block cheese held and barrels increased, resulting in milk futures moving into positive territory. Butter and nonfat dry milk prices showed strength, providing support for Class IV futures. The July Agricultural Prices report will be released Tuesday afternoon.

DTN Daily Ethanol Comments

Ethanol Futures Start the Week Unchanged

September ethanol futures were unchanged at $2.220 Monday and October ethanol futures were unchanged at $2.207. The September corn market closed down 17 3/4 cents at $5.40 1/4, while December closed down 11 cents at $5.42 3/4.

DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends

No Major Price Increases as Fertilizers Maintain Upward March

While retail fertilizer prices continue to trend higher, its more muted. In the third week of August, no fertilizer price increased by 5% over last month, DTNs threshold of significance.

DTN Closing Cotton Commentary

Cotton Lower Tuesday on Selling

Failing to let Hurricane Ida bullishly motivate prices, the cotton market took a nosedive Tuesday.

Plains Prairies Opening Comments

Canola Finds Independent Strength Overnight

November soybeans are unchanged, November canola is up $4.90/mt, December SRW is down 5 1/4 cents, December HRS is down 4 1/4 cents, December HRW is up 1/4 cent and December corn is 1/2 cent higher. The Canadian dollar has gained 0.00175 cent against the U.S. dollar.

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