Fund Name Ticker Symbol Asset Class Franklin Adjustable U.S. Government Securities Fund FAUZX Fixed Income Franklin Alabama Tax-Free Income Fund FALZX Fixed Income Franklin Arizona Tax-Free Income Fund FAZZX Fixed Income Franklin Biotechnology Discovery Fund FTDZX Equity Franklin California High Yield Municipal Fund FVCAX Fixed Income Franklin California Intermediate-Term Tax-Free Income Fund FRCZX Fixed Income Franklin California Tax-Free Income Fund FCAVX Fixed Income Franklin California Ultra-Short Tax-Free Income Fund FCUZX Equity Franklin Colorado Tax-Free Income Fund FCOZX Fixed Income Franklin Connecticut Tax-Free Income Fund FCNZX Fixed Income Franklin Conservative Allocation Fund FTCZX Multi-Asset Franklin Convertible Securities Fund FCSZX Equity Franklin Corefolio Allocation Fund FCAZX Multi-Asset Franklin DynaTech Fund FDYZX Equity Franklin Equity Income Fund FEIFX Equity Franklin Equity Portfolio Fund FEPFX Equity Franklin Federal Intermediate-Term Tax-Free Income Fund FITZX Fixed Income Franklin Federal Limited-Term Tax-Free Income Fund FTFZX Fixed Income Franklin Federal Tax-Free Income Fund FAFTX Fixed Income Franklin Fixed Income Portfolio Fund FFIQX Fixed Income Franklin Flexible Alpha Bond Fund FZBAX Fixed Income Franklin Floating Rate Daily Access Fund FDAAX Fixed Income Franklin Florida Tax-Free Income Fund FFTZX Fixed Income Franklin Focused Growth Fund FFQZX Equity Franklin Georgia Tax-Free Income Fund FGFZX Fixed Income Franklin Global Allocation Fund FFAAX Multi-Asset Franklin Global Growth Fund - Franklin Global Listed Infrastructure Fund FLGZX Equity Franklin Global Real Estate Fund FVGRX Alternatives Franklin Gold and Precious Metals Fund FGADX Equity Franklin Growth Allocation Fund FGTZX Multi-Asset Franklin Growth Fund FCGAX Equity Franklin Growth Opportunities Fund FRAAX Equity Franklin High Income Fund FVHIX Fixed Income Franklin High Yield Tax-Free Income Fund FHYVX Fixed Income Franklin Income Fund FRIAX Multi-Asset Franklin India Growth Fund FIGZX Equity Franklin International Growth Fund FNGZX Equity Franklin International Small Cap Fund FKSCX Equity Franklin K2 Alternative Strategies Fund FABZX Alternatives Franklin K2 Global Macro Opportunities Fund FKMZX Alternatives Franklin K2 Long Short Credit Fund FKLZX Alternatives Franklin Kentucky Tax-Free Income Fund FKTZX Fixed Income Franklin LifeSmart 2020 Retirement Target Fund FLROX Multi-Asset Franklin LifeSmart 2025 Retirement Target Fund FLRFX Multi-Asset Franklin LifeSmart 2030 Retirement Target Fund FLRZX Multi-Asset Franklin LifeSmart 2035 Retirement Target Fund FLRHX Multi-Asset Franklin LifeSmart 2040 Retirement Target Fund FLSHX Multi-Asset Franklin LifeSmart 2045 Retirement Target Fund FLRLX Multi-Asset Franklin LifeSmart 2050 Retirement Target Fund FLSOX Multi-Asset Franklin LifeSmart 2055 Retirement Target Fund FLTKX Multi-Asset Franklin LifeSmart 2060 Retirement Target Fund FLJSX Multi-Asset Franklin LifeSmart Retirement Income Fund FLRDX Multi-Asset Franklin Louisiana Tax-Free Income Fund FLTZX Fixed Income Franklin Low Duration Total Return Fund FLDZX Fixed Income Franklin Managed Income Fund FBFZX Multi-Asset Franklin Maryland Tax-Free Income Fund FMDZX Fixed Income Franklin Massachusetts Tax-Free Income Fund FMAHX Fixed Income Franklin Michigan Tax-Free Income Fund FMTFX Fixed Income Franklin MicroCap Value Fund FVRMX Equity Franklin Minnesota Tax-Free Income Fund FMNZX Fixed Income Franklin Missouri Tax-Free Income Fund FRMZX Fixed Income Franklin Moderate Allocation Fund FMTZX Multi-Asset Franklin Municipal Green Bond Fund FGBKX Fixed Income Franklin Mutual Beacon Fund BEGRX Equity Franklin Mutual European Fund MEURX Equity Franklin Mutual Financial Services Fund TEFAX Equity Franklin Mutual Global Discovery Fund MDISX Equity Franklin Mutual International Fund FMIZX Equity Franklin Mutual Quest Fund MQIFX Equity Franklin Mutual Shares Fund MUTHX Equity Franklin Mutual U.S. Value Fund FBSAX Equity Franklin Natural Resources Fund FNRAX Equity Franklin New Jersey Tax-Free Income Fund FNJZX Fixed Income Franklin New York Intermediate-Term Tax-Free Income Fund FNYZX Fixed Income Franklin New York Tax-Free Income Fund FNYAX Fixed Income Franklin North Carolina Tax-Free Income Fund FNCZX Fixed Income Franklin Ohio Tax-Free Income Fund FROZX Fixed Income Franklin Oregon Tax-Free Income Fund FOFZX Fixed Income Franklin Pelagos Commodities Strategy Fund FSLPX Alternatives Franklin Pennsylvania Tax-Free Income Fund FPFZX Fixed Income Franklin Real Estate Securities Fund FRLAX Alternatives Franklin Real Return Fund FARRX Fixed Income Franklin Rising Dividends Fund FRDAX Equity Franklin Select U.S. Equity Fund FCEZX Equity Franklin Small Cap Growth Fund FSSAX Equity Franklin Small Cap Value Fund FVADX Equity Franklin Small-Mid Cap Growth Fund FSGAX Equity Franklin Strategic Income Fund FKSAX Fixed Income Franklin Strategic Mortgage Portfolio FSMZX Fixed Income Franklin Technology Fund FRTCX Franklin Tennessee Municipal Bond Fund FTMZX Fixed Income Franklin Total Return Fund FBDAX Fixed Income Franklin U.S. Government Securities Fund FUSAX Fixed Income Franklin Utilities Fund FRUAX Equity Franklin Virginia Tax-Free Income Fund FRVZX Fixed Income Templeton China World Fund TACWX Equity Templeton Developing Markets Trust TDADX Equity Templeton Emerging Markets Balanced Fund TZEMX Multi-Asset Templeton Emerging Markets Bond Fund FEMZX Fixed Income Templeton Emerging Markets Small Cap Fund TEMZX Equity Templeton Foreign Fund TFFAX Equity Templeton Foreign Smaller Companies Fund FTFAX Equity Templeton Frontier Markets Fund FFRZX Equity Templeton Global Balanced Fund TZINX Multi-Asset Templeton Global Bond Fund TGBAX Fixed Income Templeton Global Currency Fund ICHHX Fixed Income Templeton Global Opportunities Trust FGOZX Equity Templeton Global Smaller Companies Fund TGSAX Equity Templeton Global Total Return Fund TTRZX Fixed Income Templeton Growth Fund, Inc. TGADX Equity Templeton International Bond Fund FIBZX Fixed Income Templeton World Fund TWDAX Equity

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