Anne Dias may launch an assault on the Citadel.

In the years since she shed the Griffin from her name, former first lady of Citadel Anne Dias has more or less disappeared from the public view. This may or may not have been part of her divorce settlement with the man she accused of threatening to destroy her and also maybe threatening her with a bedpost, but it must have been a somewhat unwelcome change of pace. Dias, after all, was by turns a major philanthropist, budding media mogul and successful hedge-fund manager in her own right before she became fodder for the tabloids and for her ex-husband’s rage-induced shopping sprees.

However, the kids are growing up (relatively speaking; the youngest is only six or seven), the prenup held and, as Ken himself helpfully pointed out, Dias could very well make a nice living again as a hedge-fund manager herself if she so chose. And, after five years quietly managing her own not-insubstantial-if-not-Illinois-record-setting fortune, she might be ready to do just that. Be careful what you wish for, Kenny.

She has discussed a potential launch with Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and others in the industry, people familiar with the matter said….

In the years since closing her hedge fund, Ms. Dias has invested her own assets at her family office, gaining investment acumen outside public markets, according to a person who spoke with her…. In conversations with industry executives, Ms. Dias has discussed converting her family office to include money from outside clients, including a potential timeline and fees, people familiar with the matter said. Her family office operates in Chicago and Paris. Ms. Dias is originally from France.

Female Hedge-Fund Veteran Has Contemplated a Comeback [WSJ]

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