Finding the Right Hedge Plant

With over 100 hedge plant choices in a variety of sizes, best4hedging is proud to cater to every customer’s hedging needs at competitive prices and a quality that can’t be beaten. This page is designed to help you choose the right hedge plant for your garden.

Whether it’s an evergreen hedge you are looking for to fill your garden with rich green foliage through even the frostiest of months, or a popular species such as Laurel hedging that offers foliage in a variety of colours and textures. If you are looking to plant for a garden glow-up and any time of year, pot-grown hedging is the choice for you. Or perhaps you are looking for something more specific such as hedging with blue flowers to complete your garden design. Our available hedge plants are listed in order of popularity to help guide you when making your planting decisions.

We have hedging for all budgets too; supplying a variety of instant hedge plants for those big garden transformations, as well as bare root hedging to keep the costs low.

If you haven’t decided on the type of hedge plant you want or are unsure of what to look for, take a look at our ‘most popular hedge plants’. These species have been carefully chosen and are perfect for an array of planting schemes and conditions. Alternatively, click on the ‘help me choose’ button on the right to narrow down your searches by soil type, growth rate, feature, position and more.

How to Plant Hedge Plants

If you’re unsure on how to correctly plant hedges, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide. Visit our advice section for more information.

Remember, when planting a hedge, ensure the ground is prepared, and the surrounding area has been weeded before digging a series of holes for your plants. Make sure the holes you’re digging are deep enough to hold the full root and twice the width. This will allow space for root development. Use a fork to loosen the soil to support drainage. Make sure the shrubs have space between them, and they receive a sufficient amount of water. Once planted, fill the hole back up and firm the soil around it to prevent air pockets.

More information on how to plant hedge plants can be found on our advice page.

Garden Hedge Plants and Shrubs from best4hedging

best4hedging takes great pride in growing a range of classic and contemporary hedge plants. So, if you’re planning on planting a formal, neatly clipped hedge, a native hedge, a wildlife-friendly hedgerow or a modern, more contrasting feature, we have the hedging plants for the job.

At best4hedging, we have a passion for garden shrubs and excellent customer service, so, we’re available to help you 7 days a week. Speak to one of our hedge plants experts for more information or advice. Call us on 01257 261 243.

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