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COVID-19 information for students

The health, wellness and safety of our students, instructors and staff is most important. We evaluate the national COVID-19 situation and guidance from Maryland and Pennsylvania weekly. Based on local and national COVID-19 conditions, training may be cancelled as late as the Thursday prior to your scheduled arrival on campus.

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Orientation for National Fire Academy students


This video provides NFA students with information about the National Emergency Training Center campus, including amenities, security protocols, policies, and student services. Please watch if you were recently accepted for a course.

If you’re a prospective student who hasn’t trained with us, we invite you to watch the video to learn more about our campus and the NFA training experience!

Instructors and state officials

Information on how to become a contract instructor. Also, sign-in access for contract instructor bids and awards and the NFA’s annual course call for state and regional officials.


Student discussion: community risk reduction


NFA Training Specialist Michael Weller discusses community risk reduction with firefighters from Richland, Washington.




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